Going back, in time, via some photos
By Tom Avenengo

Page 3
Ok, what is it? It is Bill Randall in the Ken Brenn # 24 "Pusher" Midget
Rodger Ward is pictured in the Ken Brenn # 24 Offy the day he won the Formula Libre race on the mile and a half road coarse at Lime Rock, Ct. in 1959. The midget was 12 years old, at that time.
The black # 33 Midget was owned and driven by Joe Barzda. Later on, Barzda "stretched" the Midget, in length, and made a Sprint Car out of it.
This photo shows Gordon Reid atop the fence, just prior to his being fatally injured, along with some spectators. It was said that prior to his accident, he was seen holidng the steering wheel in his hands, as if it had come of the steering column. A close look at this photo shows what appears to be Reid holding on the the steering wheel while it was still attached to the steering column.
The great Ray Brown, in action, on the dirt
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