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                                         Volume # 90





Ah, where to begin?  OK, not racing related, in a way, but did you happen to watch the football game this past Sunday between the Giants and Packers?  Yes, I’m a Giant fan.  Jets, too.  But it seems I wasn’t the only one that happened to see a couple of bad calls by the refs in the game.  First one was what sure looked like a fumble, to me, but it was rules the Packer player was down.  Next, when the Packers really needed to score, and it was 4th and 10, there was an incomplete pass.  A flag was thrown for a “helmet to helmet” hit on the quarterback.  No way was it a hit as it was ruled.  Keep in mind, in both cases, the announcers were not in agreement with those calls.

Now, had that been a NASCAR race, and the announcers were at odds with a “call”, how long do you think they’d be on the announcing team?

As of this past Monday, I see that the NFL has yet to comment on those two calls.  I wonder if they will?





Look for some additional articles from me here on the New England Tractor website, and also on Dirt Track Digest.  And, it looks like I’ll also have some on OWR3, too. 

As of now, and thanks to the following people: John DaDalt, Jerry Santibanes, Gordon White, Stephen Bubb, Jim Chini, Tom Motter, Ed Hitze, Keith Herbst and about 20 other historians, I’ve been fortunate to get some midget racing results for quite a few tracks here in the northeast, and also some win records of various drivers, with the possibility of getting even more of both.  A good portion of the names above were mentioned to me by Jerry Santibanes.


For the drivers, I now have lists of wins for:

Charlie Miller, Ed “Dutch” Schaefer, George Rice, Johnny Ritter, George Fonder, Bill Holmes, Wes Saegesser, Ronney Householder, Len Duncan, Ted Tappett, Johnny Coy, Bill Schindler, Duane Carter, Henry Banks, Mel Kenyon, Sleepy Tripp and Nick Fornoro.  Also, George Rice “Big car” results for 1934 & 35.


I have race results (mostly top three in some cases) from the following tracks:


Yellow Jacket (1935-1942),

Yellow Jacket (Post War – 1945 - 1950),

West Haven (1935-1941 & 1945-1949)

Stafford (1948-1952)

Some PA and NJ tracks (1946-1949)

Middletown (1945 – 1949)

Hinchliffe Stadium (1939)

Hinchliffe Stadium (Post War 1945 - 1950),

Menands (1947 – 1949)

Kingsbridge Armory (1946 – 1949)

Dorney Park (1947 – 1951)

ARDC (Southern – VA & Md 1946 – 1950)

Bay State 1st part (1938, 39, 40 & 41 and 1946-1949)

Bay State 2nd part (1945 to 1951)

Bridgeport (1935 – 1940 and 1947 – 1950)

Castle Hill (1938 – 1941)

Cedarhurst (1938 – 1941)

Cherry Park (1946 – 1950)

Danbury (1940 – 1942, 1945 – 1949 & 1951)

West Springfield (Pre war – 1939, 40 & 42)),

West Springfield (Post war – 1945 through 1950),

Rhinebeck (1947 – 1951)

Mineola (1946 – 1 race),

NASCAR Midget winners (1953 – 1968)

Deer Park (1947)

Polo Grounds (1948 – wood track)

Mineola (1946 1 race only)

Freeport – (ARDC - 1948, 49 & 50)

Islip (ARDC – 1947 & 48)

When and if they come out, it would be just one track or one driver win list a week.  More than likely, on a Monday.  It’s quite interesting to see how they traveled “Back in the day”, with no Interstate Highway system and no large enclosed trailers where parts could be carried, if needed.  Some teams had as many as five cars, too – like Roscoe “Pappy” Hough.  Yep, all five on one trailer, too




Here are the latest to be inducted into the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame:





Fourteen more individuals were announced today as inductees into the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame. Induction ceremonies are set for January 13 in Tulsa, Okla. and enshrinement will take place at the Hall of Fame exhibit at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie, Wisc., current home of the Hall of Fame.


The induction ceremonies and luncheon (hosted by Suburban Chevrolet in Claremore, Okla.), will be held in the Central Park Hall at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds as part of the Oil capital’s exciting Chili Bowl Week.


Most of the inductees competed as drivers at one time, while the list includes car owners, designers, builders and safety equipment manufacturers.


Four of the inductees are “traditionals” while the other 10 were selected from a pool of the sport’s pioneers and early participants.


Indianapolis 500 veteran and 1995 USAC Western Midget Champion Billy Boat, eight-time “Turkey Night Grand Prix” winner Ron Shuman, six-time Rocky Mountain Champion Eddie Jackson and two-time Arizona Midget Champion Bobby Ball were the 2011 “traditional” inductees. Those selected as “historical” inductees included (alphabetically) Bob Barker, Jimmy Bryan, Marvin Burke, Edgar Elder, Ted Halibrand, Earl Motter, Ed Normi, Alex Pabst, Bob Pankratz and Gordy Youngstrom.


Boat, a three-time “Turkey Night” winner, holds the all-time record for consecutive single-series victories (11 in the 1995 Western Midgets) and earned the pole starting position for the 1998 Indianapolis 500. Shuman added the 1982 “Hut Hundred” to his “Turkey Night” successes. Jackson won the inaugural Belleville Midget Nationals in Kansas. Ball’s career included a fifth-place finish in the 1951 Indianapolis 500 and a victory in the 1952 AAA Championship race at San Jose, Calif. Barker was both a driver and designer. Bryan won the 1958 Indianapolis 500. Burke was the 1949 BCRA Midget Champion. Elder won the 1956 “Turkey Night Grand Prix.” Halibrand was a pioneer in the field of safety equipment for the sport. Motter won the 1956 “Hut Hundred.” Normi was a National Midget participant in the 1950s and competed in selected NASCAR races in the mid-1950s. Pankratz, a driver and builder, is the father of former USAC Champion Wally Pankratz. Youngstrom won the 1945 Northwest Racing Association title.


Pabst is probably the most compelling of the inductees, having built the first Midget “copy” of the #8 Earl Cooper Stutz in 1914 and demonstrating it in exhibition races before the sport of Midget racing officially debuted in the 1930s. He then claimed a car owner title in the 1948 Southern California Midget Racing Association.


Note:  For the first time in a while, there is no one being inducted from here in the northeast, that I know of, anyway.  And, sad to say, but on the HoF’s website, those that were inducted in January 2009, and after, do not appear on the list of those inducted – however, their names are listed when one gets things from the HoF via the US Post Office.


Their website:  http://www.worthyofhonor.com/





Congrats to the following for having their schedules out on their websites and on the Internet:

OCFS, Big Diamond, Lincoln Speedway, Stafford Speedway, Grandview Speedway, Williams Grove, Oswego Speedway, ARDC, NEMA, OVRP’s Dirt Oval and Tobias with the Slingshots and SpeedSTR’s.

Note:  NEMA & Oswego have August 25th listed.  If so, that might very well be the only full midget race in New York State for 2012.  There were none in 2011 – first time since WW II that’s happened.



The new racing season is fast approaching, race teams.  Don’t believe me, huh?  Before you know it, you’ll be rushing to get your racecar and everything else ready for the new season and wonder where the time went.

One thing that might be overlooked – insurance.  Again, here’s a link to someone that has insurance available.  The restrictions:  The race vehicle must have a roll cage and safety belts.  No, I don’t get a thing from them, just passing the word along.







At times they have some pretty good commercials on TV.  One that I got a kick out of is the one with the (former?) girlfriend calling up the (former?) boyfriend, and giving him the “Silent treatment”.

Or how about the college age young man that challenges the female senior citizen to a game of ping-pong, and says:  “Ow!” when she mashes a drive that hits him.





OK, I’m “Old School”.  Dunno why, but I think that when a couple (man & woman) get married, the wife should take her husbands name – or if she’s a professional, maybe hyphenated names.

Here’s a rather disturbing trend:  In my local paper this past Tuesday; they had a list of recent births at two local hospitals.  Sixty-eight were listed.  Of those, twenty-eight showed that the parents had different last names, or in some cases, only mentioned the mother.  I wonder how many of those parents, with different last names, are actually married?





It is official, now – no more Sail Panels at the Accord Speedway.  Damn!  I kinda like those things.





Some info has come out of OCFS – like a new class – Rookie Sportsman and the WoO Sprint Cars will be making a return, on May 19th.  Since that’s a Saturday night, I wonder what will also be on the card for that night, since the WoO is the only thing listed – so far.  The Fair will now last 17 days, going from July 13th to the 29th.  Still no news on what a lot of race fans and race teams want to hear – what’s up with the ¼ mile track that’s supposed to be in the infield?  Lord knows the weather sure has been agreeable as far as having work done.  One thing I’d love to see done at OC, for safety, – some kind of handrails on the ½ covered stands.

I know of someone that wants to take over where JP’s was.  Unfortunately, it isn’t for the same purpose, though.  Damn!





While checking out various racetracks and seeing of their schedules are up yet, I came across this, on one of the tracks:

“No outside food, drinks or coolers allowed in the grandstands.”

So now I’m thinking – that has got to hurt the attendance, it seems.  Somehow, if that rule were to be relaxed, I think that they might draw more fans, and in turn actually increase the intake of monies, via sales of food and novelties.  My thoughts, of course.



There’s a new thing out there now for sponsorship – Champions “Search for a Champion” contest.  Quite a few drivers are making mention of this of Facebook, and asking for their fans, and anyone else to vote for them.  I wonder just how many drivers are trying to win sponsorship via that contest?




Since I have already posted something in “I get e-mails”, below, I figured I’d post this e-mail here.  The e-mail also had a lot of photos included – photos of veterans, etc etc.  It seems to me that, yes, they will soon be gone and forgotten, and in a way, our own government is partially to blame.


The e-mail:



By Capt. Steven Ellison, MD



This should be required reading in every school and college in our country. This Captain, an Army doctor, deserves a medal himself for putting this together. If you choose not to pass it on, fine, but I think you will want to, after you read it.


I am a doctor specializing in the Emergency Departments of the only two military Level One-Trauma Centers, both in San Antonio , TX and they care for civilian Emergencies as well as military personnel. San Antonio has the largest military retiree population in the world living here. As a military doctor, I work long hours and the pay is less than glamorous. One tends to become jaded by the long hours, lack of sleep, food, family contact and the endless parade of human suffering passing before you. The arrival of another ambulance does not mean more pay, only more work. Most often, it is a victim from a motor vehicle crash.


Often it is a person of dubious character who has been shot or stabbed. With our large military retiree population, it is often a nursing home patient. Even with my enlisted service and minimal combat experience in Panama , I have caught myself groaning when the ambulance brought in yet another sick, elderly person from one of the local retirement centers that cater to military retirees. I had not stopped to think of what citizens of this age group represented.


I saw 'Saving Private Ryan.' I was touched deeply. Not so much by the carnage, but by the sacrifices of so many. I was touched most by the scene of the elderly survivor at the graveside, asking his wife if he'd been a good man. I realized that I had seen these same men and women coming through my Emergency Dept.. and had not realized what magnificent sacrifices they had made. The things they did for me and everyone else that has lived on this planet since the end of that conflict are priceless.


Situation permitting, I now try to ask my patients about their experiences. They would never bring up the subject without the inquiry. I have been privileged to an amazing array of experiences, recounted in the brief minutes allowed in an Emergency Dept encounter. These experiences have revealed the incredible individuals I have had the honor of serving in a medical capacity, many on their last admission to the hospital.


There was a frail, elderly woman who reassured my young enlisted medic, trying to start an IV line in her arm. She remained calm and poised, despite her illness and the multiple needle-sticks into her fragile veins. She was what we call a 'hard stick.' As the medic made another attempt, I noticed a number tattooed across her forearm. I touched it with one finger and looked into her eyes. She simply said, ' Auschwitz ..' Many of later generations would have loudly and openly berated the young medic in his many attempts. How different was the response from this person who'd seen unspeakable suffering.


Also, there was this long retired Colonel, who as a young officer had parachuted from his burning plane over a Pacific Island held by the Japanese. Now an octogenarian, he had a minor cut on his head from a fall at his home where he lived alone. His CT scan and suturing had been delayed until after midnight by the usual parade of high priority ambulance patients. Still spry for his age, he asked to use the phone to call a taxi, to take him home, then he realized his ambulance had brought him without his wallet. He asked if he could use the phone to make a long distance call to his daughter who lived 7 miles away. With great pride we told him that he could not, as he'd done enough for his country and the least we could do was get him a taxi home, even if we had to pay for it ourselves. My only regret was that my shift wouldn't end for several hours, and I couldn't drive him myself.


I was there the night M/Sgt Roy Benavidez came through the Emergency Dept. for the last time. He was very sick. I was not the doctor taking care of him, but I walked to his bedside and took his hand. I said nothing. He was so sick, he didn't know I was there. I'd read his Congressional Medal of Honor citation and wanted to shake his hand. He died a few days later.


The gentleman who served with Merrill's Marauders, the survivor of the Bataan Death March, the survivor of Omaha Beach, the 101 year old World War I veteran.


The former POW held in frozen North Korea.


The former Special Forces medic - now with non-operable liver cancer and

the former Viet Nam Corps Commander..


I may still groan when yet another ambulance comes in, but now I am much more aware of what an honor it is to serve these particular men and women.


I have seen a Congress who would turn their back on these individuals who've sacrificed so much to protect our liberty. I see later generations that seem to be totally engrossed in abusing these same liberties, won with such sacrifice


It has become my personal endeavor to make the nurses and young enlisted medics aware of these amazing individuals when I encounter them in our Emergency Dept. Their response to these particular citizens has made me think that perhaps all is not lost in the next generation.


My experiences have solidified my belief that we are losing an incredible generation, and this nation knows not what it is losing. We should all remember that we must 'Earn this.'


Written By CAPT. Stephen R. Ellison, M.D. US Army

My own personal note: If it were not for these faithful, loyal, strong persons, there would not be a United States of America.

I ask that you pray for these aging and dying service members. I also think every American citizen should read this. So, if you agree, send it on.




After reading the above, I got to thinking.  Not only are the veterans a dieing breed, but also some historians, as well.  Maybe, in a way, I’m considered to be an “Historian” – for auto racing.  I was fortunate to have been brought up when the “Midget racing craze” was in effect, in the mid to late 1940’s.  Later, Sprint Car and Champ Car/Indy Car racing was popular.  Then Stock Car racing took over, and continues to rule, today.

Without writers such as me, and God knows how many before me, and those doing it in present day times -  telling our stories and reporting on what went on “Back in the day”, slowly, that history would disappear.  It’s bad enough that already some of that history is gone – possibly lost, forever – and believe it or not, not from so very long ago, either.






A possible new sponsor in racing?  Would be nice.


Sarah Fisher/Hartman Racing






Press Releases:

News from BD Motorsports Media - No BS. No Politics. Real Racing.


Media Contact: Brett Deyo - Deyo99H@aol.com or 845.728.2781



For Immediate Release/January 15, 2012


BD Motorsports Media Kicks Off Exciting 2012 Season At Motorsports With Expansive & Interactive Display; Record-Setting Season Ahead


BOYERTOWN, PA - BD Motorsports Media is ready to kick off the 2012 season in style.


The Boyertown, Pa.-based special events company will anchor an expansive 600-square-foot display at Motorsports 2012 presented by Small Engine Fuel at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa. this weekend (Jan. 20-22).


The BD Motorsports Media compound, found in Booths No,. 216-218, 316-318 will be dedicated to the promotion of the recently announced '2012 Tour' presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. and VP Racing Fuels.


Events planned for '12 include the record-setting $10,000-to-win 'Clash at the Can' at Penn Can Speedway June 12 (Susquehanna, Pa.), fifth anniversary of the Short Track SuperNationals at Five Mile Point Speedway (Kirkwood, N.Y.) Oct. 5-6 and traditional 'King of the Can' at Penn Can Oct. 12.


"We have a lot to be excited about this season," Brett Deyo of BD Motorsports Media said. "Our 'Clash at the Can' will offer the highest payday ever at Penn Can, the SuperNationals at Five Mile Point turns five years old and last year's 'King of the Can' left the crowd buzzing waiting to see what will happen this year!"


A schedule, special-event postcard and other '2012 Tour' information can be obtained at Motorsports.


'Interactive' is the best description of the BD Motorsports Media presence at Motorsports.


Hot off the press from Bob Hilbert Sportswear, the edgy 'Promoters Hate Us. Racers Love Us.' 2012 apparel will be on sale at the show.  The artwork has already created a buzz on the internet auto racing forums and social media sites! Shirts are sure to go quickly.


And there will be extra incentive to purchase new BD gear at the show.  Any fan purchasing a 2012 BD Motorsports Media tee shirt, long sleeve shirt, or hooded sweatshirt will be entered into a drawing for two grandstand tickets to a BD Motorsports Media event of your choice.


Any driver or crew member purchasing a BD Motorsports Media tee shirt, long sleeve shirt or hooded sweatshirt will be entered into a drawing for two pit passes to a BD Motorsports Media event of your choice.


To be eligible, simply fill out an information form and put it into the draw box following a shirt purchase. The shirts are $18 (tees), $22 (3X and above tees), $22 (long sleeves) and $25 (hoodies). The award winners will be drawn Sunday afternoon in the BD Motorsports Media display. You do not need to be present to win.


Lap sponsorships will be available for the three aforementioned events at $25 per lap, per event or $60 for a package offer that includes laps in all three '2012 Tour' blockbuster programs. All lap money goes back to the drivers putting on the shows.


The Clearview Farms No. 62 big-block of Matt Jester and Ollie's Bargain Outlet No. 3A Kevin Albert Jr.-driven small-block Modified will be featured in the BD display.


Jester, 26, of Milford, Del., won the 2011 Delaware International Speedway Modified championship - the first of his career - while posting eight victories including the prestigious Camp Barnes Benefit in July. The 24-year-old Albert, from Lebanon, Pa., is an up-and-coming talent at Big Diamond Speedway (Minersville, Pa.), where he is a feature winner.


BD Motorsports Media led the special-events promotion industry with season-high car counts at Penn Can June 7 (66 cars, midweek show) and Five Mile Point Oct. 8 ( 79 cars, single day event). The 'Clash at the Can' and Short Track SuperNationals topped all other events, speedways and sanctions for '11.


To learn more about BD Motorsports Media, contact Brett Deyo by e-mail at Deyo99H@aol.com or call 845.728.2781. BD Motorsports Media is online at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com and can also be found on Facebook.




The Dream at the Green


A Nunzio Allegrucci Promotion in Association with Gerry & Cindy Creveling


 Race Organizer: Nunzio Allegrucci


Contact Info:


Nunzio Allegrucci: 570.499.0238 OR nunzi@shopnunzis.com


Gerry Creveling:   570.458.5142


 Media Contact:


Barry Angstadt:   484.256.4429 or bwa39@comcast.net




 The Dream at the Green, Nunzio Allegrucci's second promotional adventure, will take place on March 31st and April 1st at the Greenwood Valley Action Track in Millville, Pa.


The event will be highlighted by 40-lap features for the 270cc and 600cc Micro-Sprints, and each of the two A-Mains will pay $2,000 to win, $200 for tenth, and $75 to take the green flag.


About a year ago Nunzio Allegrucci, a successful 270cc wheel-twister, decided to give back to the division that had given him so much enjoyment and satisfaction. Allegrucci put on a race organizer's hat as he teamed up with GVAT promoter Gerry Creveling and produced a whopper of an event - the RTS Chassis 10k Front Row Challenge for the 270cc Class.


Nunzi came up with all sorts of creative ideas for his race. To avoid conflicts with other tracks (and their big races), he smartly chose an early season date; the show was held on April 9, 2011.


He worked the phones and pounded the pavement to secure plenty of cash and contingency sponsors, insuring a solid payout and prize list, thereby enabling just about everyone to go home with something. And his entry fee was pretty modest, too.


And here's the clincher...Allegrucci said he'd pay the winner a hefty $1,000, but that amount would increase - tenfold - if one of the front row starters accepted the challenge of dropping to the back of the pack for the initial green, then ended up as the victor.


His reward was a terrific car count of 54, and that number included many of the best 270cc gassers in the northeast. Some great racing action took place on the GVAT oval on a cool but clear Saturday night in early April, and one driver almost pulled off the $10,000 miracle.


Allegrucci put together a fantastic event, especially considering that it was his first venture in the "Oh my gosh, what else can go wrong?" world of promoting auto races. He and Creveling were happy; the racers were happy; and the fans were happy at the end of the night. How many times does that happen at any speedway?


Now that you've had your brief history lesson, let's get into more of Allegrucci's (2nd) great adventure as a race organizer...


Not wanting to simply duplicate something he'd already done, even though it was a big success, Nunzio got his creative juices flowing once more.


Gone for this year are the one-on-one match races and the Front Row Challenge. And the Dream at the Green is not just for 270's anymore, as alluded to in the opening paragraphs. Allegrucci, a resident of Scranton, Pa. where he owns and operates Nunzi's Advertising Specialties, is sticking with the early season race date and another big purse, while keeping his entry fee at a reasonable price. Some of the same sponsors are back, and Nunzi is proudly announcing the first time involvement of a major restaurant and hotel chain.


Quaker Steak & Lube/Econo Lodge of Bloomsburg will be supporting the Dream at the Green. Commonly referred to as "the Lube", the chain of family friendly restaurants with an automotive theme was founded in 1974. There are 35 restaurants nationwide, and the chain is known for its numerous varieties of wings and wing sauces, among many other delicious entrees and appetizers. 


Econo Lodge of Bloomsburg is offering a Racer's Rate for this big event; the nightly rate is just $69 per room, per night if the room is booked by March 15. The Econo Lodge is located at 189 Columbia Mall Drive, Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815. The phone number for reservations is 570.387.0490.


Also committing sponsorship support once again this year are RTS Chassis, Hyper Racing, and American Racer Tires/Lias Tire.


Saturday, March 31st will see time trials for both divisions (the 270cc and 600cc Micro-Sprints will be the only two classes in competition). From there, Allegrucci will use a variation of the Sprint Bandit format for qualifying. An inversion, based on the time trial results, will be utilized to determine line-ups for Qualifier Races, which will also be held on Saturday evening. Points will be awarded for time trials, and a passing points system will be used for the Qualifier Races. There will also be a payout for the Qualifiers.


The top four in points after the Qualifier Races will be locked into Sunday's Dash and A-Main. Everyone else will compete in heat races on Sunday (no passing points will be utilized on Sunday). The heats will be followed by last-chance alphabet mains (the number of which is dependent upon car count in each class), and the weekend will culminate with the two, 40-lap A-Mains. Each A-Main will have a "halftime break" after 20 laps where minor adjustments will be permitted.


The pre-entry fee is $60, and pre-entries will be accepted up to and including March 15. After that date, there will be a significant increase in the entry fee.


As stated earlier in the column, Allegrucci is guaranteeing a $2,000 payday to the victor of each A-Main, with $200 going to the tenth-place finishers and $75 to take the green in both features.


"I'm excited about doing something different this year, and I am really pumped up about the involvement of Econo Lodge and Quaker Steak & Lube," said Allegrucci. "And none of it would be possible without Gerry and Cindy Creveling at Greenwood. They've been terrific to work with; Gerry has pretty much let me do whatever I want to make these events unique. We're trying to build on the success of last year's show and be even more 'racer friendly'. I want a great show, but I also want to give the racers as much as I possibly can."


Allegrucci will be at Motorsports 2012 Presented by SEF Small Engine Fuels at the Expo Center in Oaks this Saturday. He'll be answering questions and handing out flyers to promote his big event at the RTS Chassis Booth, and the flyers will be available at the booth all weekend long.


Additional information on the Dream at the Green will be distributed in the coming weeks.





Coming up:

The AARN's annual Motor Sports show - January 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2012.

Greater Philadelphia  Expo Center At Oaks 100 Station Ave. Oaks, PA 19456

For GPS use this address:

1601 Egypt Road  Phoenixville, PA 19460 (Upper Providence Township)




Atlantic City Indoor Race 2012

February 3rd & 4th, 2012

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall  2301 Boardwalk  Atlantic City, NJ 08401







Found on Jayski’s website:



Drivers prohibited from communicating with each other over radio:

NASCAR has mandated that drivers and spotters will not be allowed to communicate with other drivers over their in-car radios in an ongoing effort to eliminate tandem racing at restrictor plate tracks. The decision was confirmed Thursday as teams prepared for the first of a three-day test at Daytona International Speedway, a tune-up for the Feb. 26 Daytona 500. Over the past few years, as teams have refined their ability to team up with other cars to create more speed, drivers and spotters have had the ability to talk to multiple teams over their radios. They used it to coordinate which cars would pair up and to help drivers switch from pusher to pushee. By eliminating such communication, NASCAR hopes teams will have a more difficult time making deals and remaining in pairs. The driver pushing especially needs this communication because he has little to no visibility. It was so refined that one spotter would communicate for both drivers even if one of the drivers wasn't with his organization. This is racing's latest rule change to address the two-car tandem that surveys indicate fans would like to see eliminated.(ESPN)(1-12-2012)



Smithfield Foods will sponsor #43 team:

Smithfield Foods Inc., and Richard Petty Motorsports announced Wednesday they have entered into a multiyear partnership starting this year. Smithfield will be a primary sponsor for Richard Petty Motorsports in 15 NASCAR Sprint Cup series events this season. Helping Hungry Homes, a Smithfield initiative, is the primary sponsor for the Daytona 500. Last week, Richard Petty Motorsports announced Aric Almirola would drive the No. 43 car.(Virginian Pilot)(1-12-2012)


Robby Gordon / Dakar Rally - Stage 10: UPDATE:

Stage 10 was the last stage in Chile for the competitors, and it would prove to be a harsh one to Robby Gordon in the last 30km. Gordon started off the line in first, but he lost time early to the MINIs of Nani Roma and Stephane Peterhansel. After checkpoint 1, he was only 3 minutes back and had fought his way back by checkpoint 3, when he was only 30 seconds behind Peterhansel on the road. He was in third place, only 2 minutes behind. Gordon was poised to attack with the overall leader in his sight. Unfortunate events would occur hindering his chances of repeating his stage win. Gordon would limp his SPEED Energy/Toyo Tires HUMMER across the finish line fourth after a big crash during the stage. For him only lose by 13 minutes is quite remarkable. With only four stages remaining in this year's edition of the Dakar Rally, it looks to be a three-man race with Peterhansel, Roma and Gordon fighting for the overall victory. It is still anyone's race(RGM)
To follow the team's journey to compete in the upcoming Dakar, and for updated race team coverage, log onto speedenergy.com, toyotires.com, robbygordon.com, planetrobby.com and dakar.com.(1-12-2012)


American Robby Gordon faces disqualification from the Dakar Rally after stewards ruled that the engine in his Hummer did not confirm to race regulations. The NASCAR driver, who had been second behind overall leader Stephane Peterhansel, decided to appeal the decision and was allowed to compete in the 234-mile (377km) 10th stage from Iquique to Arica on Wednesday.(Fox Sports)(1-12-2012)


Robby Gordon and Team SPEED are shocked and disappointed by the interim decision by the race organizers of the 2012 Dakar Rally, and that decision has now been appealed to the governing body. The appeal will be decided several weeks from now, so Robby Gordon and the Team will continue to participate in the 2012 Dakar Rally pending final determination of the appeal. The issue centers on the tire inflation system used on the Hummers. That system was specifically inspected, tested, and approved by the organizers for both the 2011 Dakar Rally and the 2012 Dakar Rally. Further, it is the same system that Robby Gordon and the Team have used on the Hummers for each of the past 5 years that they have participated in the Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon, Johnny Campbell, and Team SPEED intend to complete the 2012 Dakar Rally and do their best to achieve a podium finish. The Team will put this alleged infraction behind them and hopes to celebrate as one of the top teams of the 2012 Dakar Rally.(RGM)(1-13-2012)


Robby Gordon / Dakar Rally - Stage 12:

Over the last couple of days during the 2012 Dakar Rally, Team SPEED and Robby Gordon have had to defend themselves after being accused of having an air inflation system that gives them an advantage. To prove a point, Gordon took it upon himself to show the media his entire system and how it worked last night in the bivouac in Arequipa, Peru. He even went so far as cutting the line that was in question and plugging it. He will run the rest of the rally without a vacuum system placed on his car. Given the controversy and a terrible Stage 10 and 11, Gordon and Campbell had something to prove - they were down but certainly not out. The liaison section started at 4:35 a.m. for the cars because the start of the special stage was 412 km away, making it a long day for drivers and teams. Upon arrival, the cars would compete in the 245km special to the town of Nasca. The American duo would become a fierce force to be reckoned with in the dunes. Mixed in with the truck class, Gordon started 30th, the 22nd car to take time. This would put the team behind many vehicles, which kicked up a lot of dust. Working their way through the slower cars, they would end up leading the special after the 1st waypoint, a lead that they would never give up. Through the last 100km of dunes, top teams including Peterhansel and Roma would get stuck in the sand losing precious minutes to Gordon as he carried on his way to another stage victory. Novitskiy, one of the faster MINIs through the dunes, would be the closest to Gordon, was still over 15 minutes behind. With their domination of Stage 12, Gordon and Campbell now find themselves in a better position for a podium spot when the Rally concludes in just two days. They are still in 4th position overall but only 36 minutes from third place and 1hr and 44mins from first. The two Americans know they are not here to give up the fight and look for their third stage win tomorrow from Nasca to Pisco, featuring another long special stage full of dunes where anything can happen.(RGM)
To follow the team's journey to compete in the upcoming Dakar, and for updated race team coverage, log onto speedenergy.com, toyotires.com, robbygordon.com, planetrobby.com and dakar.com.(1-14-2012)


Robby Gordon finishes fifth at Dakar:

Robby Gordon escaped injury despite flipping his Hummer on Saturday and then won the final 18-mile stage Sunday in Peru to finish fifth overall in the event. The race consisted of 5,052 miles over 13 timed stages throughout Argentina, Chile and Peru through a two-week period. Gordon, who owns his own Dakar entry just as he does in Sprint Cup, won three of the individual stages. Gordon couldn't overcome a pair of crashes and a mechanical issue as he finished 2 hours, 16 minutes behind winner Stephane Peterhansel.(Scene Daily)(1-16-2012)


Gordon plans to attempt the Daytona 500, based on a tweet Sunday night, "My plans next month look busy. Parker for sure, possibly King of Hammers then Speed Week in Daytona."(1-16-2011)


MWR could buy Red Bull Racing assets: 

Sirius XM NASCAR Radio's Sirius Speedway with Dave Moody has learned that Michael Waltrip Racing is negotiating to purchase the assets of the former Red Bull Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team. A spokesperson for the team declined to comment on the story, but multiple sources say Michael Waltrip Racing and Red Bull are close to an agreement on the sale, awaiting NASCAR approval for an owner point swap that would allow MWR to field a third Toyota Camry in the 2012 Daytona 500. MWR finished 18th and 28th in Sprint Cup owner points with drivers #56-Martin Truex, Jr. and #00[now #55]-David Reutimann last season, and holds two guaranteed starting spots for the upcoming Daytona 500. MWR is expected to field three cars in the Great American Race for Truex, #15-Clint Bowyer (no points) and #55-Mark Martin, using one of the guaranteed starting spots held by Red Bull Racing. Those points would transfer to MWR in the event of a sale. Michael Waltrip could also compete in the 2012 Daytona 500, but is believed unlikely to do so in an MWR Toyota. Sources say MWR is also interested in acquiring cars and equipment from Red Bull, including fabrication equipment and a shaker rig. If included in the sale, the former Red Bull Racing building would likely be used by MWR co-owner Rob Kauffman to house his RK Motors muscle car restoration and performance company, as well as his personal collection of classic and vintage automobiles. Red Bull Racing closed its doors last month, after failing to find a buyer to continue operations.(Sirius Speedway)(1-3-2012)


Michael Waltrip Racing tried to purchase Red Bull Racing to acquire more equipment and secure owner points to guarantee that all three of his Sprint Cup teams have guaranteed spots in the Daytona 500, but was not able complete the deal. That means there's more work to do for Waltrip before the season-opening race. Among his priorities is finding points so that all three MWR automatically qualify for the Daytona 500. "We tried to buy them," Waltrip said of Red Bull Wednesday at Daytona International Speedway. "We felt it would be a way to make our team stronger. We always look at accomplishing just that. MWR will look to get points through another partnership. The catch is that no owner can have a stake in more than four teams, so with three teams already, it limits the organization's options. There has been no decision on which car would be left without points if MWR can't get a deal done. All three have major sponsors. Waltrip, a two-time Daytona 500 winner, also would like to race in the Daytona 500 but with his organization already having three cars, he doesn't know if he can field a fourth car out of his shop or would have to drive for another team. He would have to run for his own team or a single-car team as the four-team cap includes all teams owned by a owner/driver, plus all teams if the driver competes for another organization.(Scene Daily)(1-12-2012)


Hall of Fame deficits higher than planned:

Deficits at the NASCAR Hall of Fame are nearly five times higher than expected through the first five months of the fiscal year, according to figures disclosed Wednesday by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. The visitors authority manages the publicly owned racing museum. Through November 2011, the deficit totaled $268,398, far exceeding the budget estimate of $55,683. During fiscal 2011, which ended June 30, the hall of fame lost $1.5 million after projections called for an $800,000 surplus. Since the hall of fame opened in May 2010, it has missed attendance forecasts on a regular basis, hurting its bottom-line performance. The financial and attendance figures for November are the most recent ones available and were included as part of the visitors authority's monthly board meeting on Wednesday. Attendance in November decreased by 25% from a year earlier, to 15,189 from 20,185. Winston Kelley, executive director at the hall of fame, told visitors authority board members Wednesday that while revenue is $900,000 less than anticipated, expenses have been reduced by $700,000. In November, the deficit was $65,904, compared with earlier projections for a surplus of $143,277.(Charlotte Business Journal)(1-12-2012)

Note:  I’d really like to know who the idiot was that made the decision to put the HoF in the middle of a city, rather than say at Mooresville.


NASCAR makes more rule changes:

If NASCAR's objective was to eliminate tandem drafting at restrictor-plate racetracks, it remains a work in progress, based on Thursday's first Preseason Thunder test session at Daytona International Speedway. Accordingly, in a meeting with crew chiefs at approximately 5:30 p.m. Thursday, NASCAR announced additional modifications to a restrictor-plate competition package that already had undergone major changes in the offseason. Even though Kyle Busch topped the speed chart in Thursday afternoon's Preseason Thunder test session at Daytona International Speedway at 202.402 mph-in a tandem draft with Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Joey Logano-NASCAR will make the cars faster, less stable and more prone to overheating on Friday. The sanctioning body increased the diameter of restrictor-plate openings 1/32nd of an inch to 15/16ths inches, adding an estimated 26 horsepower to the engines. In addition, NASCAR has lowered the pressure relief valve settings from 30 pounds per square inch to 25 psi and narrowed the grille openings of the cars, thereby decreasing airflow to the engine. Both measures are designed to decrease the number of laps one car can push another without overheating.(Sporting News)(1-12-2012)


NASCAR announced more changes for Sprint Cup Series teams after the second day of testing at Daytona International Speedway on Friday. Teams will receive a smaller restrictor plate with an opening of 29/32nd of an inch, down from 15/16ths, to decrease the amount of air intake to the engine. The radiator opening was shrunk from 3.5-by-18 inches to 2-by-20 inches, or from 63 square inches to 40. And the pressure relief valve is now 21 pounds per square inch from the 25psi they used Friday. The top speed in Friday's test session was set 90 minutes into the afternoon by Kurt Busch. He ran a 206.058-mph average lap working in tandem with his regular drafting partner, Regan Smith. Busch hit 210.9 mph down the backstretch, the fastest portion of the track.(Fox Sports)(1-13-2012)


Petty says sponsors didn't want Kurt Busch:

Richard Petty said the reason Kurt Busch wasn't hired to drive his famous #43 was "personality." "Sponsorships," Petty said during a break in Thursday's test session at Daytona International Speedway. "Nobody at the time wanted to pay the bill for him. That's how simple it was." Busch, who was released from Penske Racing after a tumultuous 2011 season that led the 2004 Cup champion to seek professional help for anger issues, ultimately signed with Phoenix Racing. Petty said Smithfield Foods, which he introduced Thursday as a primary sponsor for the No. 43 car he drove to a record 200 victories and seven Sprint Cup championships, was among those that wouldn't come on board if Busch was involved. "Everybody has to protect their brand," Petty said. "Smithfield has a pretty laid back, pretty good down-home persona in the general public. If they had taken him on it would have changed their ... they just didn't like the personality." Petty said Best Buy, which left the #43 to join Roush Fenway Racing as a sponsor, had the same concern.(ESPN)(1-13-2012)


In between talking about how much fun he's having "old school" racing and how he needs to learn how to better handle adversity better, Kurt Busch let it be known that he's focused on the big "prize": 2013. "Yes, 2012 is going to be a unique year for somebody such as myself," Busch said Friday at Daytona International Speedway. "But to take a step back for me personally and look at all of this, this is what I need. And all along we're going to keep our eyes on the prize in 2013." And according to Busch, he could have several quality options. Busch said he talked to a number of team owners about 2012, including Richard Childress, Michael Waltrip and Richard Petty, who on Thursday said he didn't sign Busch because sponsors were leery of the 2004 champion. "It was weird to hear his comments yesterday because he was ready to throw me in the car and we would have been down the road," Busch said. "But the contracts just didn't align on where they were and where I wanted to be, and so I talked with [James] Finch, made the deal happen. " Listening to Busch, it's clear his plan is to be with Finch - a single-car owner who gets support from Hendrick Motorsports - for only one year. Then it's on to bigger and better things. But to get that opportunity, Busch realizes he has to change. Busch said he plans to use on using 2012 as a platform to reintroduce himself to sponsors - to get in front of as many of them as possible and show them that he's more than just a hothead.(Yahoo Sports)(1-14-2012)


Stewart still looking at locking Patrick into Daytona 500 field:

Defending Sprint Cup champion #14-Tony Stewart has not yet decided whether to assign his points from last season to teammate Danica Patrick to assure her entry in the Daytona 500. The top 35 drivers by points from the previous year are guaranteed entry into the first five races of the season. Patrick, who will attempt 10 Cup races in conjunction with her full Nationwide schedule, would otherwise need to earn a spot in the race by qualifying time or in qualifying races. "I think we're still trying to figure that equation out, but the good thing is looking on the sheet today, the car seems to have good speed," Stewart said. "I've got the utmost confidence that even in the worst case scenario that we've got the right driver that can get this car in the race, no problem. But we're working through that and trying to get that finalized and trying to figure out our options to make sure we give her the best opportunity to get in the Daytona 500 and get her all the experience that we can get her."(Sports Illustrated)(2-12-2012)


Team cap would prevent Earnhardt, Jr. from operating Cup team:

Whenever there was talk about JR Motorsports possibly moving to Sprint Cup, team officials noted that not only would Rick Hendrick have to divest his interest in the team because of NASCAR's four-team cap, but possibly so would Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR President Mike Helton confirmed that Friday at Daytona International Speedway, saying that if a driver owns a team but drives for another organization, then the total number of cars for both organizations counts toward the four-team cap. With Hendrick Motorsports already having four cars, Earnhardt Jr. cannot own a non-Hendrick Cup car. JR Motorsports is owned by Earnhardt Jr., Hendrick, Kelley Earnhardt and Tony Eury Jr. Earnhardt Jr. signed a contract extension with Hendrick last year. "It comes down to any attachments to more than four cars. & Dale Jr. with JR Motorsports, he drives for a four-car team, so a driver from a four-car organization can't fill a car," Helton said. "That would be considered a fifth car. Helton addressed the issue after Michael Waltrip expressed interest in competing in the Daytona 500 but possibly with another organization. Waltrip said earlier this week that if he wanted to drive for another organization, he would have to do it with a single-car team because he already owns three Cup cars.(Scene Daily)(1-14-2012)


NASCAR moving forward with 2013 cars:

The 2012 season hasn't even started, but the move toward new car models in 2013 is well under way. Manufacturers that compete in NASCAR's premier series have targeted next year to roll out new vehicles that will provide the carmakers with more brand identity on the race track. That process will gain speed during the next month or so, beginning with wind-tunnel tests and eventually an on-track session sometime later in 2012, according to the sanctioning body. "We'll be in the wind tunnel over the next 30, 45 days with the new prototypes as we do our evaluations on the submission cars, parts and pieces," Robin Pemberton, NASCAR's vice president for competition, said Friday at Preseason Thunder. "Everybody seems to be pretty far along, and the changes that will come out of those will be based on parity due to the wind-tunnel numbers. We're optimistic that there will be some real race cars on race tracks probably in the second quarter this year doing some evaluation runs, if not before then. NASCAR president Mike Helton praised the cooperation between the carmakers, which decided with the sanctioning body's blessing to redesign the cars for next season.(NASCAR.com)(1-14-2012)


Edwards not planning on running Nationwide in 2012:

After competing the past seven years for Roush Fenway Racing in the Nationwide Series, all while running a full Cup Series schedule, Carl Edwards has decided not to run any Nationwide races in 2012. "The way we're approaching this season is, I'm not committing to any races right now," Edwards said. "And as the season goes, if I decide I'm just a nervous ball of energy on Saturdays and I can't function without going and racing -- because that might be the case -- then we'll work to try to go [Nationwide] racing. We could get 10 races in [to the season] and I could say 'Hey, I'm better off racing on Saturdays.' Then, it would be on me to go look for some way to put something together so that we could go race."(NASCAR.com)(1-16-2012)


Kurt Busch will run for Cup championship:

Despite recent speculation to the contrary, Kurt Busch confirmed Tuesday he will compete for the Sprint Cup championship under the Phoenix Racing banner. Some reports suggested that Busch, 33, was considering racing for the Nationwide Series championship rather than the Cup title. Busch will also run a limited Nationwide Series schedule for Phoenix Racing in 2011.(Fox Sports)(1-18-2012)


France talks NASCAR Issues:

NASCAR CEO Brian France recently sat down for an interview with Broadcasting & Cable that covered a variety of subjects:

You say you're pretty aggressive about what your TV partners need to do for NASCAR. What do you want from them?

We are always the sport that is under-covered given the ratings and size of the events. In particular, ESPN. They just have so many platforms. So we are pushing real hard with them to have a more integrated approach. We have hired people to service them better, so we can help them accomplish that. They have the most assets to be deployed; it doesn't mean everyone else doesn't have some big ones and good ones. We are going to work to make them a better partner.

Your TV deals are up in 2014, but when do your negotiating windows open with your current partners?

Not for a little while, but we are having conversations, because a lot of our partners have been clear they would prefer to renew. All things being equal, our first hope is that the incumbents do renew. . . I think [talks] could heat up at any time, that's my sense. It's not cold now, we are having conversations, my sense is things will happen sooner rather than later, and sooner than they normally would in a cycle of renewals.

Are you going to change the post-season Chase format?

I think I'd be shot if I changed the format, frankly. We are not going to change the format.

How much does it hurt that Dale Earnhardt Jr., your most marketable driver, doesn't win races?

It hurts. It hurts. He is trying to win and get his team to have the confidence to not only win one but rip off more. He did improve and made the Chase, he's a big franchise, he's the most popular driver in NASCAR, so it would help us if he would win.

Everyone talks about creating superstars, but does your sport need villains?

I think some version of a villain, yeah. I think you need people that no one cheers for, I think that's healthy. But there are limits to that. It's great when there is someone that acts different, has a little bit of bravado, that typically is good.(Broadcasting & Cable)(1-18-2012)





Going back, in time – in racing history:

Note# 1:  Most of the following information was found here: 



Note: 2:  Yes, most of this info is mostly from Open Wheel racing from “Back in the day”.


Covering the days from January 20th to January 26th




Los Angeles, California The banked 5/8 mile dirt Legion Ascot Speedway opens.


Edward Glenn "Fireball" Roberts, Jr.... Born ... Despite having his career cut short and having never won a Grand National title, Fireball Roberts was named one of NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers.


Billy Foster ... Died ... The first Canadian to ever race in the Indianapolis 500. He was the 1965 USAC Rookie of the Year, and died in a crash while practicing for the 'Motor Trend 500' NASCAR GN race at Riverside International Raceway. Foster's Rudy Hoerr Dodge crashed hard into the turn 9 wall after the brakes failed at the end of the mile long backstraight. The 29 year old driver from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, finished 9th in Champ Car points in 1966 and impressed with a great drive in the season ending non-points race at Fuji, where he retired while leading late in the race after battling (and passing) Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart.




Jud Larson... Born ... He was a hard-drinking, hard-driving racer, a colorful character from the days when few drivers survived to retire, and roll cages were for sissies. Larson drove in the USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1956-1959 and 1964-1965 seasons with 53 starts, including the 1958 and 1959 Indianapolis 500 races. He finished in the top ten 38 times, with 7 victories. He had a 27-year career, competing in hundreds of races. He spent his early years racing in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa on the half mile dirt bullrings that spawned many fierce competitions in the post war years. In 1964 he broke into the USAC sprint ranks, proving he was a serious competitor . In his first year in the ranks, he won six out of 19 sprint races and finished a strong second in the rugged sprint division point standings. In 1965 he won four of the first six sprint races and led the points standings for more than half the season, but mechanical ailments hit during the last half of the season and he slid to ninth in the final standings. In the '66 season, Jud was once again leading the sprint division until the night of June 11 at Reading Speedway in Reading, Pennsylvania. During that race Jud Larson and Red Riegel were running side by side going into the first turn. There was contact between the two cars and both started flipping. Jud Larson's sprinter ended up upside down on the guard rail with Red Reigel's, which was also upside down a little further down the track. The crash killed both drivers. Jud Larson was a very popular personality, who was always surrounded by autograph hunters win or lose.


Ernie Saxton... Born ... Columnist, Motorsports Marketing and former President of the Eastern Motorsports Press Association




Bob Sall ... Born ... AAA Sprint car ace who later became NASCAR's Eastern field manager.


URC , the United Racing Club, held its first awards dinner at the Hotel Stacy-Trent in Trenton, New Jersey. The URC, through the visionary leadership of Harry Johnson (and later Louie Kunz) became known for innovative ideas that always seemed to be one step ahead of the other groups. One of the earliest of these innovations was that of an actual sit-down championship awards banquet. The AAA never held such an affair and although some of the Eastern independent groups would have a "gathering" to celebrate the past season, the URC was first to have a real awards dinner. In addition to the usual driver awards, another first was introduced with recognition of the car owners through their own set of points.

Note:  For this past season, they did not have a URC sponsored banquet.



Felipe Giaffone ... Born ... Indy car driver, 6 Indy 500 starts. Best finish 3rd in 2002


Bill Cantrell... Died ... Midget, sprint and Indy car driver from the late 1930's to mid 50's and later he became the West Coast supervisor for USAC.




Jerry Grant... Born ... USAC Indy car driver from the 1960's & 70's. Raced in 10 Indy 500's with a beat finish of 7th in 1970. Grant was the first USAC driver to break 200 miles per hour. He accomplished the feat in qualifying at the Ontario Motor Speedway on September 3, 1972, completing a 2.5 mile lap in 44.7 seconds. Later in his career, Grant was the racing representative for Champion Spark Plugs followed by Prolong oil conditioner.


Don Whittington... Born ... Road racing driver who ran also raced in five Indianapolis 500's, with a best finish of sixth. He also made 10 NASCAR Winston Cup starts. In 1987, Don Whittington plead guilty to money laundering charges in association with his brother Bill's 1986 guilty plea to income tax evasion and conspiracy to smuggle marijuana into the United States from Colombia. Don Whittington received an 18 month prison sentence. In addition to Bill and Don Whittington, Randy Lanier and John Paul Sr. and Jr. were part of the IMSA drug smuggling scandal of the 1980s, where a number of drivers financed their racing activities with the proceeds from drug smuggling.


James McElreath... Born ... USAC Sprint Car driver, son of Jim McElreath.  James died as a result of injuries suffered in a Sprint Car crash at the Winchester Speedway (Ind.) on Oct. 16, 1977


Cliff Griffith... Died ... AAA and USAC driver from the 1950's & 60's. He drove in four Indy races, '51, '52, '56 and '61 with his best result, a 9th place finish in 1952.




Art Cross... Born ... AAA driver. He was the first recipient of the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Award in 1952. He raced in 4 Indy 500 with a best finish of 2nd in 1953.


Al Gordon... Died ... The 1933 AAA Pacific Coast champion and Indy 500 veteran died in a crash in what would prove to be the last race held at Legion Ascot Speedway in Los Angeles California, as the grandstands at the track burned down shortly after the race.


Jerry Nemire... Born ... USAC driver from the 1980's





Arthur MacDonald of Great Britain set a new land speed record of 149.875 miles per hour at Daytona Beach. Florida.


Lou Johnson... Born ... Eastern stock, and sprint car driver. Two time URC Sprint Car Champion ( 1955 & 1959 )


Buddy Baker ... Born ... NASCAR driver and the son of two time winner of the NASCAR Championship and a Hall of Fame member Buck Baker. Buddy retired from racing in 1992. He was an inductee in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1997 and was named one of NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers in 1998.


Jaques Lazier... Born ... Indy Racing League driver and is the younger brother of 1996 Indianapolis 500 champion Buddy Lazier and son of former Indy racer Bob Lazier. He raced in 7 Indy 500's with a best finish of 13th in year 2000.




Doc Shanebrook... Born ... ARDC/AAA driver 1950's


Paul Newman... Born ... Actor, movie star, champion road racing driver and Indy Car owner.


Al Gordon... Died ... AAA driver, died in a racing accident at Legion Ascot Speedway in California. Rex Mays won the race.


Nick Fornoro Jr.... Born ... Eastern midget, sprint and supermodified driver.  Many time midget champion.  Son of one of the sport’s premier flagman, and Chief Starter for the Championship Auto Racing Teams Indy Car Series from 1979-1992 Nick Fornoro.


Scott Wimmer... Born ... NASCAR driver


Eddie Leavitt... Died ... Sprint car driver from the 1970's & 80's. He was inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 2001 and was in the Knoxville Raceway Hall of Fame. He was a two-time National Sprint Car Champion.





News from the AARN:



From their January 10th issue:


A TON of coverage from the Eastern Motorsports Press Associations convention that was held last weekend.  I was glad to see that Stan Lobitz has finally been recognized for what he’s done, and meant, for, and to, racing in the area.


I’ve never been to the Borgers Speedway.  The one time my son took grandson there to race a Kart, the kid won, due to the original winner getting DQ’d.  We, the wife and I were at an anniversary party for her sister and our brother-in-law.  A photo in the AARN, taken the day of when they had some practice on the paved, but not completely finished with the paving of the track, shows it to be quite a “Paper Clip” as far as describing it’s shape.  Could be a stinker as far as brakes go.


When they have the indoor races in Atlantic City, there will also be some Vintage TQ Midgets that will be “racing”.  Some drivers for them:

Johnny Coy, Jr., Jim Maguire, Hank Rogers, Jr., Bob Cicconi, Dick Peterman, Bruce Kindberg, Bobby Hamilton, Art Lawshe, Drew Fornoro, Paul Weisel and Wayne Laucious.



Alan Johnson has landed a ride with the Kenny Saya and Dick Biever owned modified, starting with the races down in Florida at Volusia, then continuing as a weekly competitor in central New York.


At the New Egypt Speedway Banquet, Billy Pauch received $10,000.00 out of an announced $50,000.00 in point fund awards.

Note:  Strange how some tracks don’t say how much is given out, dollar wise to their champions.


The Delaware International Speedway gave out $50,000.00 in cash and awards to the top ten in five divisions.


Baltimore City officials have severed ties with the Baltimore Racing Development as of 12/31/2011.

Note:  I find it highly unlikely that there will be an IndyCar race there in 2012.  Way too much having being said as to how many millions are owed to quite a few.  If they don’t race there, then, as of now, there would be no IndyCar race in the eastern part of the country.  Sad, isn’t it?


Note:  An interesting thread about the Baltimore event is on the Track Forum.  Check it out, here:  http://www.trackforum.com/forums/showthread.php?159373-City-Council-President-Urges-Cancellation-of-Baltimore-Grand-Prix



“Instant Replay” is being considered for the “Premiere” NASCAR divisions.

Note:  That should be fun!


Lenny Sammons:

Mr. Sammons makes mention that the WRG will not run weekly racing events at Volusia in 2012, once the winter series is done.  However, it’s being said that there are reports of several others that are interested.


Ernie Saxton:

In 2012, at the Grandview Speedway, 358 drivers that are track regulars will be racing for $80,000.00 in win monies, starting with the Forrest Rogers Memorial race ($20,000.00) in August, and the Freedom 76 race in September ($50,000.00).


Brett Deyo:

Brett, in his column, says that Bridgeport, with Doug Hoffman now doing the promoting, will have a return of the normal Big Block Modifieds, and that they’ll be paying $2,200.00 to win and $200.00 to take the green in their features.  Crate Modifieds will be racing for $500.00 - $600.00 to win.  Also racing will be Outlaw Stocks.  Hoffman says the track will be hard and slick, in an attempt to slow the cars down and give everyone a change to run up front.

As of last week, it’s being said that Kenny Brightbill is still looking for a ride for 2012.


Todd Heintzelman:

Ryan Smith has been hired by Don Kreitz, Jr. to drive the # 69 Sprint Car at Williams Grove.

Not much said about the handicapping for the Sprint Cars at a few tracks in Pa, as was mentioned to be in this week, in his column a week ago.  Only one driver – Brent Marks was quoted, and to him, it really didn’t matter.


Gary London:

The NASCAR “Silly Season” – not like it used to be, and for some, mostly the younger drivers, it is quite discouraging, as far as hoping for rides.  High costs, with some sponsors losing interest, and the ridiculous NASCAR “Top 35 rule” surely doesn’t help much as far as growth goes.  Then there is the “In house” promotions, like those in Childress Racing, where his grandsons Austin and Ty Dillon have and will take the place of drivers that have been with that team.


Stephen Bubb:

Makes mention that when the new “Media Room” at the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR) is completed, it will be known as the “Jerry Reigle Media Room”.  Fund razing has already begun, and they’re looking to raise $25,000.00.  If you think you might be interested in making a donation, you can make a check out to the EMMR and designate it in Jerry’s name.

EMMR:  http://www.emmr.org/


John Snyder:

John makes mention to those Charlotte based media people that there is racing at places other than just where NASCAR races.

Mr. Snyder seems to think that Richie Evans might well be the last to get into the NASCAR Hall of Fame as a non-Cup driver.  I tend to agree on that.  Jerry Cook shold be in, and as Mr. Snyder says, when Mike Stefanik  finally retires, he, too, should be a member.


Guy Smith:

On Friday, December 30, 2011, he visited the Richmond Va. Coliseum to take in some racing on the Aluminum Indoor oval.  The track is a 1/10 mile oval, with some pretty good banking.  ½ scale Mini Cup Cars are what they race there.  For a time, it was quite popular, but now it seems to have declined, with lost venues and competitors.  For that particular show, there were 22 cars.

Note:  There was a photo of the track to accompany the Guy Smith column, and the track didn’t look all that bad.  I have no idea as to the cost, and I’m wondering how it might be for smaller racing vehicles, like Karts and Slingshots.  And, would it even have to be restricted to indoors?  Could the banking be increased or decreased, as desired?  There would be no dust as we get from dirt tracks.  How about tire wear?  How abrasive is the track surface?


Some of those that have left us recently, are:

Roger Hill, 64, on January 5th.  He was a NASCAR car owner.

John Ebersole, 80, on December 30th.  a Semi-Late and Super Modified driver from the 60’s.

Dorothea “Dot” Sweeten, 78, on December 26th.  She was the wife of NJ racing photographer Bob Sweeten, and a photographer, herself.

Wanda Lund-Early, 63, on January 5th.  She was the widow of Tiny Lund.  It appears that she died from a self inflicted gunshot wound.



And this is what’s shown on their website for the January 17th issue:


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Johnny Benson Fast
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Key To Albany Success
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Dirt Late Models Ready
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Former Oakland Valley Speedway (Dirt Oval) runners:


I see where Brittany Tresch is now listed to race in Atlantic City in a Slingshot, joining Anthony Perrego from OVRP’s dirt oval in that class.

Joey Bruning, Chris Daley, Kyle Kania, Eric Zeh and Mike Casario will also be in action, in different classes, however.




Racing and television:












Chili Bowl on TV:



What you have to do is type in your zip code and who is your cable provider.  From what I’ve seen, it will be tape delayed and on January 28th.


Note:  I wonder if viewer ship would be better if it wasn’t known who won the main event?





More racin’ stuff:


Bubba Raceway Park


They have some pretty big shows coming up in the near future, during the winter months.  Last year, when the new owner took over and changed the race night to Saturday, it kind of hurt the track in Volusia, so much so that Volusia changed their race night to Friday, then eventually, the promoter locked everything up and left the scene.  Anyone know where Ken Sands is, today?   Some pretty nasty things said on forums/message boards back when Volusia closed up.


There's a thread on the Track Forum about this track, and some concerns about some possible safety issues.  Some pretty neat photos, too.


Check it out, here:  http://www.trackforum.com/forums/showthread.php?148807-Bubba-Raceway-Park





I get e-mails:



Go to http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/youtube.asp and read all about it!  And send it to all you know, now!


Virus Coming


Please see below.  Snopes has confirmed that this is a legitimate threat.  You may want to warn others you know about this.




In the coming days, you should be aware…


Do not open any message with an attachment called: "Invitation FACEBOOK", regardless of who sent it.


It is a virus that opens an Olympic torch that burns the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone you had in your address book.

That's why you should send this message to all your contacts.  It is better to receive this email 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.


If you receive E-MAIL called: "Invitation FACEBOOK", though sent by a friend, do not open it and delete it immediately. CNN said it is a new virus discovered recently and that has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever.


It is a Trojan Horse that asks you to install an adobe flash plug-in.  Once you install it, it's all over. And there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information of their function is saved.







I get e-mails and is this true? # 1:



Where Are - The Three who brought down Wall Street.

Read the answers at the end


The three who brought down Wall Street.

Here's a quick look into the three former Fannie Mae executives who brought down Wall Street.

Franklin Raines was a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Fannie Mae. Raines was forced to retire from his position with Fannie Mae when auditing discovered severe irregularities in Fannie Mae's accounting activities. Raines left with a "golden parachute valued at $240 Million in benefits. The Government filed suit against Raines when the depth of the accounting scandal became clear.

Tim Howard - was the Chief Financial Officer of Fannie Mae. Howard "was a strong internal proponent of using accounting strategies that would ensure a "stable pattern of earnings" at Fannie. Investigations by federal regulators and the company's board of directors since concluded that management did manipulate 1998 earnings to trigger bonuses. Raines and Howard resigned under pressure in late 2004. Howard's Golden Parachute was estimated at $20 Million!

Jim Johnson
- A former executive at Lehman Brothers and who was later forced from his position as Fannie Mae CEO. Investigators found that Fannie Mae had hidden a substantial amount of Johnson's 1998 compensation from the public, reporting that it was between $6 million and $7 million when it fact it was $21 million." Johnson is currently under investigation for taking illegal loans from Countrywide while serving as CEO of Fannie Mae. Johnson's Golden Parachute was estimated at $28 Million.




FRANKLIN RAINES? Raines works for the Obama Campaign as his Chief Economic Advisor.

TIM HOWARD? Howard is a Chief Economic Advisor to Obama under Franklin Raines.

JIM JOHNSON? Johnson was hired as a Senior Obama Finance Advisor and was selected to run Obama's Vice Presidential Search Committee.

Kinda makes you sick to your stomach. Our current administration seems to be rotten to the core!!!





I get e-mails and is this true? # 2:


I don't know how he can do this without going through the congress!!!







Subject: HR 4646


Be sure to read entire explanation


Watch for this AFTER November elections; remember this BEFORE you VOTE, in case you think Obama is looking out for your best interest.


A 1% tax on all bank transactions is what HR 4646 calls for.


Do you receive a paycheck, or a retirement check from Social Security or a pension fund and have it direct deposit??


Well guess what ... It looks as if Obama wants to tax it 1% !!!


This bill was put forth by Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA).


YES, that is 1% tax on all bank transactions - HR 4646, every time it goes in and every time money goes out.


Ask your congressperson to vote NO.




1% tax on all bank transactions ~ HR 4646 - ANOTHER NEW OBAMA TAX SLIPPED IN WHILE WE WERE ASLEEP. Checked this on snopes, it's true! Check it out yourself ~ HR 4646.


President Obama's finance team is recommending a one percent (1%) transaction fee (TAX). Obama's plan is to sneak it in after the November elections to keep it under the radar.


This is a 1% tax on all transactions at any financial institution - banks, credit unions, savings and loans, etc. Any deposit you make, or even a transfer within your own bank from one account to another, will have a 1% tax charged.


If your paycheck or your Social Security or whatever is direct deposit, it will get a 1% tax charged for the transaction.


If your paycheck is $1000, then you will pay Obama $10 just for the privilege of depositing your paycheck in your bank. Even if you hand carry your paycheck or any check in to your bank for a deposit, 1% tax will be charged.


You receive a $5,000 stock dividend from your broker, Obama takes $50 just to allow you to deposit that check in the bank.


If you take $1,000 cash to deposit at your bank, 1% tax will be charged.


Mind you, this is from the man who promised that, if you make under $250,000 per year, you will not see one penny of new tax.


Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be amazed at what you learn about this guy's under-the-table moves to increase the number of ways you are taxed.

Oh, and by the way, if you receive a refund from the IRS next year and you have it direct deposited or you walk in to deposit that check, you guessed it. You will pay a 1% charge of that money just for putting it in your bank.


Remember, any money, cash, check or whatever, no matter where it came from, you will pay a 1% fee if you put it in the bank.


Some will say, oh well, it's just 1%. Are you kidding me? It's a 1% tax increase across the board. Remember, once the tax is there, they can also raise it at will. And if anyone protests, they will just say, "Oh,that's not really a tax, it's a user fee"!


Think this is no big deal? Go back and look at the transactions you made from last year's banking statements. Then add the total of all those transactions and deduct 1%. Still think it's no big deal?


Note:  Notice the date at the very beginning of the message – January 1, 2012?  Oh, and another thing – Social Security checks – what if your local Post Office gets closed due to the Post Office cutting back?  How would those that still receive checks via the mail get theirs?  Direct Deposit?  And IF the individual does not have a bank account – what then?





Some non-racing stuff:


As of now, this might just apply to residents of New York State – how the state will get back monies paid out by Medicaid, once the individual passes away.  I imagine if it works for New York, other states will follow.


Better With Age: Take action now against estate recovery regulations

In part:

"Good, bad news

There is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the new regulations are somewhat more fixed in time as far as Medicaid's seeking to be paid back from your estate. First, the regulations will only affect estates of individuals who die on or after July 1, 2012. Second, if the state is going to make a claim against an estate to be repaid, it must give notice within seven months from the date of death. If the estate goes through probate, it's seven months after appointment of the executor.

The major point of contention with the regulations in their original form was that Medicaid could seek payback from the value of your home, which you have transferred to your children while retaining a life interest for yourself. This had formerly been completely protected from the state, but the first version of the regulations removed that protection regardless of how long ago you may have transferred your deed. While we hoped that the dissatisfaction from constituents and pressure from public officials would change this, the latest version is substantially the same. No grandfathering. The state can still take a piece of the inheritance meant for your children.

State being reasonable? Hah!

Another section of the new version may dash our hopes for reasonableness and responsiveness from the state. On the table now is that the state may also take money from your retirement plan — IRA, 401(k), 403(b), etc. This is especially shocking, since these funds are pretax dollars. This means that when money is taken out, income taxes must be paid. If the state takes the money, who is going to pay the taxes? Your children? Is the state really going to make your children pay taxes on money they don't even receive? Given how the state is approaching this, I wouldn't be surprised."

More on this can be seen here:





Video time:


I imagine that by now you’ve heard about, or read about, Donnie Ray Crawford, III, a race driver from Oklahoma, who was fatally shot by his grandfather, last week.  Are you aware that in the past, Donnie was instrumental in saving the life of another race driver?  Harli White, who was 12 years old at the time, had an accident while racing, and the car caught on fire.  Donnie did what I imagine most of us would have done – he got her out of that burning car, then got on top of her, smothering out the flames, with his own body, which was dressed in his racing uniform.


Here’ s a video of that accident and rescue, along with some thoughts and comments.







Note:  The photos are not available on Dirt Track Digest, only on New England Tractor - http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/


Here’s a photo of one of the greats in auto racing – Johnny Thomson as he’s pictured driving a Jake Vargo owned midget.  A few things are gone from that photo – Thomson, who was fatally injured at the Allentown, Pa. Speedway, back on September 24, 1960, the midgets of that era, where one could see the drivers at work.  Today, they’re covered up with side panels, so about all one can see are their helmets.  Also gone – the “skinny” tires.




I dunno, but I like the old style midgets compared to those of today.  Better workmanship and nicer curves.




Closing with these:



Your friends compliment you

on your new alligator shoes

and you're barefoot..



A sexy babe or hunk catches your fancy

and your pacemaker opens the garage door.



You don't care where your spouse goes,

just as long as you don't have to go along.



You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police


'OLD' IS  WHEN. ..

'Getting a little action'

means you don't need to take any fiber today.



'Getting lucky' means you find your car

in the parking lot.



An 'all nighter' means not getting up

to use the bathroom.




Your sweetie says, 'Let's go upstairs

and make love,' and you answer,

'Pick one; I can't do both!'




May “Guardian Angels” sit on the shoulders of all of our race drivers and race fans, and guide them safely around the tracks!

Drive safe! 

As usual, you can reach me at:  ygordad@yahoo.com