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If you recall, I started off last weeks column with this:


Getting old is a b*tch.  As we age we tend to have “issues” that pertain to ones health.  Lord knows I’ve had some, myself.  Mine started back in 1996, and the result was some by-pass surgery on June 28th.  That ended my working career, and I was on Social Security Disability until I reached the age of 65 when it changed over to being retired.”

Well, to be honest, things were not much better last Wednesday.  I had a couple of errands to run, and between the first and second ones, the cable between the transmission and console in my car broke.  Guess what?  “Dealer only” item.  Cost?  How about $175.00?  When will it arrive – Maybe Monday or Tuesday or…….  Uh huh!

So I go on a road trip with my son, Eric, down to Virginia.  Must be something in the seat, or something in the way I sat but my back & legs started to act up a little on Monday.  It got progressively worse as the week went bye, and always after I had been sitting.  There was a certain spot on my right outer thigh that if pressed, hurt like hell.  Once I stood up, and could do a couple of steps, it was fine.  But every time I sat down, then got up again, whatever it is/was came right back.  Of course last week was Thanksgiving, on Thursday, and on Friday, my Chiropractor was still enjoying the holiday.  I’m starting this part of my column just prior to me having an appointment with him on Monday, the 28th, at 3:00 PM.  So far today, things have been much better, still a visit to him is a must.  Well, per my chiropractor, the problem is from the bad disc I have.  Time will tell, I guess?



Going from bad to worst – On Tuesday, around 11:30 AM I received a phone call from my son, Eric.  He called me to inform me that both he and his son, Brett, received a bogus e-mail from me.  Heck, I’m always getting them, as I imagine you do too.  That bogus message was that I was in London, had run out of money, and was looking for someone to send me some, so we could return home.  I sure hope that no one did, that’s for sure!  I was in the process of going through last weeks AARN, getting info for this column, at the dining room table.  My computer is upstairs in my bedroom, so it was a while before I got back to it.  Well, when I did, I thought I’d check out my e-mails.  Guess what?  NOTHING!  NADA!  ZILCH! Nothing at all in my mail.  Not one single e-mail was there to be seen, and I had quite a few in there, too.  Even my “Spam” was wiped clean.  On top of that, my address book was completely emptied out.  I was able to get my address book back.  I seem to be able to send e-mails out.  I can’t seem to receive e-mails, though.  And how it happened, I have no idea, but my mail is now shown as Yahoo!7Mail.  So, to insure that I have your e-mail addy, how about sending it to me at:  ygordad@hotmail.com.  Thanks!

And as for the broken cable, well a new one arrived where my son works on Tuesday, so with a little assistance from a future grand-son-in-law, Shane, around 4:00 on Wednesday, he’ll put it in gear (yes, it really takes two to do that – one in the car with it running, in “Park”, with a foot on the brake pedal, so the car won’t move forward when putting in gear). I’ll then drive the car to where my son works and the new cable will be installed.  That should be a fun job.  Oh, it was, believe me!



Date: 11/23/2011 6:38:53 PM    

 New Egypt Offers 2012 Driver’s Free Season Pit-PassNew Egypt, NJ – (Nov 23, 2011) -  With the Thanksgiving holiday weekend quickly approaching, New Egypt Speedway would like to continue that very same spirit….giving ‘thanks’.   In an unprecedented gesture, the race car drivers of NES will be receiving a big ‘thank you’ from the speedway throughout the 2012 season.  In an economy where it’s become extremely difficult for the racer just to make most of the scheduled events during the year, NES wants to give a helping hand.   Every driver that competes next year at the Plumsted, NJ facility will receive a FREE season pit pass in 2012.  That’s right, the driver will receive free admission into the pit area all year long.“Fred and I have been doing a lot of talking the past month searching for ways to make it a little easier on the people that support NES,” explained track manager Danny Serrano.  “This was actually Fred’s idea and I think it’s a great way to make racing at New Egypt a little more affordable for everyone.  Every little bit helps and I’m sure the drivers will certainly appreciate anything we can do to help alleviate some of the weekly costs.”There is only one criteria a driver must meet in order to be eligible to receive the free ‘driver season pass’.  A $100 pit license must be purchased for insurance purposes prior to receiving the pass.  The standard pit license will sell for the same discounted rate of $75 for non-drivers which traditionally goes back to the regular $100 fee after opening day.  The only policy that the ‘season pass’ holders must follow is that the pass is only valid on the nights when that specific driver is entered to race.  For example, if a driver’s division is not competing that night and they are not racing, then pit pass is not valid.  If you have any questions regarding the new ‘season pass’ policy please contact the office at 609-758-1900.This offer is good for EVERY driver at New Egypt, whether they drive Modified, Sportsman, Crate-1, Outlaw Stock, Late Model, TSRS Sprint, or Enduro,” Serrano elaborated.  Pit licenses and all the important documents for the 2012 season will be available at the beginning of the new year as well as the Motorsports Expo in mid-January.There is one last event on the 2011 calendar at New Egypt.  The annual Fall Swap Meet will be held on Saturday, December 3.  Gates open at 7:30am.  The Swap Meet is free to the public with and $15 charge for all sellers.Don’t forget about the 2011 annual Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at the beautiful Harrah’s Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.  All the pertinent information regarding pricing, rooms, times, ect. can be found on the track’s website www.newegyptspeedway.net.       



Jim Rathmann, who passed away recently, was the only driver to win the Indy 500, the Indy Car race at Monza, Italy, and the only Indy Car race at Daytona, Florida.  With his passing, there are no longer any drivers that raced in the Indy 500 up to the year 1954.



Accord Speedway


BANQUET UPDATE: In an effort to be sensitive to the economic environment a decision has been made to change the venue for the 2011 banquet. The 2011 Award Banquet is being held at the Brookside Manor in Middletown NY on March 3, 2012. A buffet dinner with cash bar for $40 per person. It will be open seating-with reservations for tables of 10. The top 10 drivers in each Friday division will be honored as well as Mid Week Madness drivers. As per our rules, drivers must be an Accord Speedway member and must attend the banquet to receive their award. Check the website for reservation form.




With Albany/Saratoga coming back as a dirt surfaced track in 2012, here’s a link to some of their rules:




CUP: Layoffs Trim Staff At Roush Fenway

Roush Fenway Racing expects to field three Sprint Cup teams and two Nationwide teams next season…

Mike Hembree  |  Posted November 22, 2011   Charlotte, NC

In part:

"Only two days after failing to win the Sprint Cup championship in a tight race with Tony Stewart, Roush Fenway Racing has been rocked by the layoffs of more than 100 workers, according to multiple sources.

RFR spokesman Kevin Woods would confirm only that layoffs took place and would not discuss the number of employees impacted.

“We’ll have probably three Cup teams and one and one-half Nationwide teams (one full-time, one part-time) next season,” Woods said. “Do the math. We had to right-size the organization to get to that number.

“It’s an ongoing process that’s not complete.”

According to sources, more than 100 workers were released by the team Monday and Tuesday. One source put the number at 125. Prior to Tuesday, the team employed about 440 people.

Roush Fenway is expected to reduce its NASCAR Sprint Cup car count from four cars to three next season, with the No. 6 driven by David Ragan almost certain to be shuttered. At last report, the team is also without sponsors for the No. 17 of Matt Kenseth, and there was no news on that front Tuesday."

More on this can be seen, here:  http://nascar.speedtv.com/article/cup-breaking-news-layoffs-at-roush-fenway-racing/

And also some comments on this can be seen, here:  http://www.trackforum.com/forums/showthread.php?158022-Rousch-laid-off-125-employees-last-week




Who was the first Soap Box Derby regional winner to qualify for the Indy 500?

Answer:  Will be found at the end of the column.




INDYCAR: Barnhart Removed From Race Control; Angstadt Departs

INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard finally made the decision to push Brian Barnhart out of Race Control, according to SPEED's Robin Miller.

In part:

"After a season of non-stop controversy, including starting a race in the rain and a lack of consistency in applying on-track penalties, Brian Barnhart has finally been removed from Race Control in INDYCAR.

SPEED can report that Barnhart will be offered to stay on the payroll as president of operations but will no longer have anything to do with the officiating or managing of IZOD IndyCar Series races.

INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard was unavailable for comment but indicated a few weeks ago that some major changes were forthcoming.

In addition to removing Barnhart as chief steward and director of racing, Bernard is also replacing Terry Angstadt with Mark Koretzky, who served as director of business development for IndyCar in 2011."

More on this can be found if you go here:


And, over on the Track Forum, where I initially found this news:





I found this over on the Track Forum:

Can IndyCar drivers "drive"

This is the start of the thread:

“I'm sure I'll take heat for this, but I haven't started anything in a while, so my skin is good and thick!

We all (fans, owners, drivers) say we want the driver back in control. We want them to lift, we want them to steer/drive....not simply guide or point the car.

NASCAR drivers have to do this....they lift in corners, they take care of tires, they watch fuel mileage, they draft. I remember when IndyCar drivers did these things

Has 16 years of megadownforce, spec racing killed the talent level of IndyCar drivers? It used to be that IndyCar drivers could go to NASCAR and compete (as recent as Tony Stewart and JPM). Recent attempts, Hornish and Dario, have been really bad

Is it possible that we don't have as big a problem with the new car as we have with the guys we are putting in the new car to develop it....guys with skills shaped by years of running in cars that required less driver than engineer?”

Note:  Some pretty good thoughts and comments on this, for sure.  Personally, I do not think today’s Indy car drivers are as good as those from “back in the day”.  I’d love to see the wings taken off and get rid of most of the downforce – put more back into the drivers back-side.

More on this can be found if you go here:




Coming up:

Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR):

We will re-open for our annual Holiday Open House the first
weekend of December; always lots of fun and food.  That’s the 3rd and 4th.
Starting every Thursday during the winter from 6-9 pm,
Lynn Paxton and the gang will be holding weekly work parties. 
We would love to have some volunteers step up and help arrange
cars and displays in the new wing.   Without all the great volunteers
in this organization, EMMR doesn't exist.
So thanks to all of you !!!


Northeastern Vintage Dirt Modified Racing Club

NVDMRC Club Banquet — Sunday, December 4 at 1:00pm at Mamakating Town Park.

RSVP to Ed Stevens at 845-386-3484


Indoor Go-Kart racing in Syracuse:

Yup, almost that time again – December 10, 2011.  Back when my grandson was racing Karts, we made a few of those shows.  The racing was top notch; the building the track is in was both heated and ventilated.  The only downfall was the possible weather conditions – you know – Syracuse, N.Y. early December – Mother Nature.  However bad the weather was or had been, they always got their racing in.

Info on this event can be found if you go here, below, and check out the upper left hand corner for additional links.



Found on Jayski’s website:


Kurt Busch tirade at Jerry Punch: UPDATES:



NASCAR has fined Kurt Busch $50,000 for his actions during the Nov. 20 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. NASCAR determined that Kurt Busch violated Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing  inappropriate hand gesture; abusive language) of the 2011 NASCAR Rule Book. In issuing the penalty, NASCAR cited Kurt Busch's "poor judgment in making an inappropriate hand gesture" when he drove his car into the garage early in the race after it experienced transmission problems. In addition, NASCAR said Kurt Busch showed "disrespect towards a media member," an incident that followed similar inappropriate media confrontations earlier in the season.(NASCAR)(11-25-2011)


"Shell and Pennzoil are disappointed with recent actions by driver Kurt Busch at the final race of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race season," the company said in a statement. "His actions are in no way consistent with the way we want our brands represented and we have expressed our disappointment and concerns directly to Penske Racing."(Associated Press)(11-27-2011)



Addington leaves Penske: 

Steve Addington finally came clean with #22-Kurt Busch on Monday. Busch said Addington called him around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon to inform the driver he was "indeed leaving" the team. Addington is expected to join Stewart-Haas Racing.(Fox Sports)(11-22-2011)


Steve Addington will become the new crew chief for 2011 Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart, multiple sources close to the situation told ESPN.com. An announcement could come as early as Monday. Darian Grubb, who was Stewart's crew chief during the title run, said after the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway that he was told midway through the Chase he would not return in 2012. Addington informed Penske Racing last Monday that he would not return as Kurt Busch's crew chief. This will be the third driver Addington has worked with in the past four seasons. He was with Kyle Busch from 2005 through 2009 and with Kurt Busch the last two seasons.(ESPN)(11-28-2011)


Steve Addington, winner of 16 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races as a crew chief, has been named to the same position for three-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart and the #14 Office Depot/Mobil 1 team of Stewart-Haas Racing effective immediately. The Spartanburg, S.C., native is only the third crew chief Stewart has had during his 13-year Sprint Cup career, and it comes just a week after Stewart captured the 2011 Sprint Cup title. Addington replaces Darian Grubb, who served as Stewart's crew chief since the inception of SHR in 2009. "Darian was a very important part of the success we've had at Stewart-Haas Racing," Stewart said. "I'm very proud of everything he helped accomplish, especially this year when we all rallied to win the championship. He's a great person and I know he'll continue to be successful in this sport."(TrueSpeed Communications/Stewart-Haas)(11-28-2011)


Grubb is narrowing down his options:

Darian Grubb will take his seat at the head table in Las Vegas this Friday night as 2011's Sprint Cup Champion Crew Chief. His future after that, however, remains a question mark. Grubb provided few details in an interview for Wednesday night's NASCAR Performance Live broadcast on MRN Radio. "I'm definitely going around, talking to a lot of people and trying to decide what direction I want to go in," Grubb said. "I've talked to pretty much everybody in the garage area at some point. I've got it narrowed down to a couple of choices now and I'm trying to make the best out of that situation and see what I want to do. I wish them the best there with everything they're doing at Stewart-Haas Racing, but I'll be moving on hopefully to greener pastures somewhere else."(Motor Racing Network)(11-29-2011)


Rick Hendrick talks to media:

Rick Hendrick held a teleconference Monday and discussed a wide variety of issues:

About Darian Grubb:
A: I have had discussions with Darian. When he left (at the end of 2008), we told him we'd always have a place for him if he wanted to come back. Darian is a very smart guy. I know he's entertaining a lot of offers out there. We don't have a crew chief role. We have an engineering role that we think Darian would be really good in. But at the end of the day it's got to be what Darian wants to do. I know he is close to all of our people and our guys are close to him. We'd love to have him back in the organization, but I quite honestly don't know where he's going to end up. We would like to have him, but whether or not he's going to decide he wants to be in the role we've offered him or he wants to do something somewhere else, I'm just not sure.

Crew chiefs for 2012:
A: Yes. [All teams will have the] Same crew chief-driver combination.

The plane wreck:
A: We were going into Key West (Fla.), and some kind of failure with the brakes, and we went off the end of the runway. Of course, you don't remember everything exactly how it happened, but somehow, my seat belt was on, and something came lose in the seat itself. I hit the bulkhead and my wife. I think my chest and head went into the seat in front of me, and that's where I got my (broken) ribs and had a concussion. Broke four ribs and my clavicle. We were very fortunate. We were glad that it wasn't any worse than it was. We're healing up, and we don't have any of the answers yet on exactly what happened there, but a lot of smart people are involved, so we'll get that figured out here pretty soon, I hope.(Chevy PR)(11-29-2011)


Front Row Motorsports driver lineup for 2012 not set:

Front Row Motorsports owner Bob] Jenkins has been pouring millions into Front Row as it seeks major sponsorship. Staying in the top 35 could help, as could recruitment of a driver such as David Ragan (who is under the Ford umbrella but was phased out at Roush Fenway), David Reutimann or Brian Vickers. [Team manager Jerry] Freeze said he expected the team's crewmembers and drivers to be settled by early January (#34-David Gilliland, #38-Travis Kvapil and #55-J.J. Yeley are not under contract for 2012). "It's such an unusual time to have a fairly good crop of drivers that are out there and available," Freeze said. "Not to mention the guys that drove for us last year."(USA Today)(11-29-2011)

Note:  I believe that J.J. ended up 35th in points which would put him in the Daytona 500 – but according to the above, he is not under contract for 2012.


Blickensderfer headed to RCR?:

Drew Blickensderfer, crew chief for #6-David Ragan, is parting ways with Roush Fenway Racing and is expected to be the new crew chief on the #31 Richard Childress Chevrolet for driver Jeff Burton. An official announcement is expected this week.(FOXSports)(11-21-2011)


Richard Childress Racing has named Drew Blickensderfer as the crew chief for the #31 Caterpillar/Wheaties Racing team with driver Jeff Burton for the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. Luke Lambert, interim crew chief during the latter part of the 2011 season for the #31 team, will assume a yet-to-be announced new position at RCR. Blickensderfer begins his RCR career after nearly a decade with Roush Fenway Racing. He spent the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season leading the #6 team and has been a crew chief, in the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, since 2007.(RCR)(11-28-2011)


Zipadelli unable to get release from Gibbs?

Darian Grubb's future with the Stewart-Haas, if any is unknown, although the Competition Director position remains unfilled. Greg Zipadelli [crew chief for #20-Joey Logano], according to several sources has been the frontrunner for that job but has been unable to secure a release from his Joe Gibbs Racing contract. Signed through 2012, those sources say the former crew chief for Stewart and current head wrench for Joey Logano has met with strong internal opposition from J.D. Gibbs to secure his release.(Frontstretch)(11-28-2011)


Brad Daugherty to test at Martinsville:

Brad Daugherty may be best known as a five-time NBA All-Star or for his work as an ESPN analyst for NASCAR's top touring divisions. However, his passion for racing runs deeper than just with his co-ownership of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team JTG Daugherty Racing. Taking a closer look at Daugherty's fervor for racing, he dabbles as a driver himself in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and other racing series. In preparation for competition in the NASA Southeast Region next season, he has decided to test a NASCAR Camping World Series truck at Martinsville Speedway on Wednesday. Daugherty plans to race in eight NASA Southeast Region events during the 2012 season. Daugherty already has the races circled on his calendar that he will compete in during the first half of the season before he returns to work as a TV analyst.(JTG Daugherty Racing)(11-28-2011)


RCR Racing Operation to Conduct Surplus Auction:

Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. of Rockingham, N.C. will conduct an auction of surplus racing equipment for the Richard Childress Racing Organization on December 6, 2011 at 10:00 am. The auction will include racing cars, racing engines, parts, accessories, equipment and much more. The auction will be held on site at RCR Racing Complex. Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. and its principals are recognized on an international level for their knowledge and experience in the sale of NASCAR racing equipment. For further information, go to ironhorseauction.com(Iron Horse Auction Company)(11-30-2011)


Simplified Points System To Be Instituted In NASCAR Regional Touring Series:

NASCAR announced that the points system all NASCAR national series began using this year will be instituted in the regional touring level for 2012. The points system was simplified to make it easier for fans, competitors and the industry to understand. Beginning in 2012, the system will be integrated into the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and NASCAR Mexico Series. The new structure awards points in one-point increments. As an example, race winners earn 43 points, plus three bonus points for the win. Drivers also can earn an extra point for leading a lap and leading the most laps, bringing the race-winning total to a possible maximum of 48 points. All other drivers in a finishing order are separated by one-point increments. A second-place finisher earns 42 points, a third-place driver 41 points, and so on. The move to bring the simplified points system from NASCAR's national series to the regional touring level is part of an effort to integrate uniform race formats and procedures throughout the NASCAR ranks. Earlier this year, two race procedures were changed to bring the touring series in line with the national series. One of those procedures stipulated that if a green-white-checkered finish is necessary, a maximum of three attempts will be made. The other change directed that on all restarts, passing will not be permitted until the car reached the start-finish line. In some cases, race procedures developed at the touring level have been adopted at the national level. In 2009, the double-file restarts that had come about in the regional series, became a part of the national series race procedures.(NASCAR)(11-30-2011)


Changes at Earnhardt Ganassi:

Earnhardt Ganassi Racing has confirmed that Steve Hmiel, Tony Glover and Ed Nathman have been released from the NASCAR Sprint Cup organization. Hmiel was the competition director for the team while long-time employee Glover was the team manager. Nathman was the lead engineer before John Probst was named technical director earlier this season.(FoxSports)(11-29-2011)


OK, see if you can figure it all out:


2011 Sprint Cup Driver Championship Chase Points Standings:

[after Homestead, race 36 of 36 and Chase race 10 of 10]

1) #14-Tony Stewart [5 wins], 2403 - 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion

2) #99-Carl Edwards [1 win], 2403

3) #29-Kevin Harvick [4 wins], 2345, -58

4) #17-Matt Kenseth [3 wins], 2330, -73

5) #2-Brad Keselowski [3 wins], 2319, -84

6) #48-Jimmie Johnson [2 wins], 2304, -99

7) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. [0 wins], 2290, -113

8) #24-Jeff Gordon [3 wins], 2287, -116

9) #11-Denny Hamlin [1 win], 2284, -119

10) #39-Ryan Newman [1 win], 2284, -119

top 10 go to the banquet in Vegas

11) #22-Kurt Busch [2 wins], 2262, -141

12) #18-Kyle Busch [4 wins], 2246, -157

(ties broken by 1sts, 2nds, 3rd, etc)

See drivers championship points standings on Jayski's Drivers Points Standings page.(11-30-2011)


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Points - Classic with the Chase: Pos) Car#-Driver, Classic Points, Behind Leader

1) #14-Tony Stewart 6634

2) #99-Carl Edwards 6584 -50

3) #29-Kevin Harvick 6395 -239

4) #17-Matt Kenseth 6380 -254

5) #2-Brad Keselowski 6348 -286

6) #48-Jimmie Johnson 6288 -346

7) #24-Jeff Gordon 6223 -411

8) #88-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 6205 -429

9) #11-Denny Hamlin 6188 -446

10) #39-Ryan Newman 6187 -447

11) #22-Kurt Busch 6132 -502

12) #18-Kyle Busch 6049 -585

13) #4-Kasey Kahne 4382 -2252

14) #33-Clint Bowyer 4363 -2271

15) #43-A.J. Allmendinger 4202 -2432

(see full rundown at phatstats.blogspot.com)(11-30-2011)


Difference in Chase System - Current Points system vs Classic system:

rank, car#, driver, current fin pos, claasic fin pos

1) #14-Tony Stewart, 1st, 1st

2) #99-Carl Edwards, 2nd, 2nd

3) #29-Kevin Harvick, 3rd, 3rd

4) #17-Matt Kenseth, 4th, 4th

5) #2-Brad Keselowski, 5th, 5th

6) #48-Jimmie Johnson, 6th, 6th

7) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr, 7th, 8th

8) #24-Jeff Gordon, 5th, 7th

9) #11-Denny Hamlin, 9th, 9th

10) #39-Ryan Newman, 10th, 10th

11) #22-Kurt Busch, 11th, 11th

12) #18-Kyle Busch, 12th, 12yh

13) #33-Clint Bowyer, 13th, 14th

14) #4-Kasey Kahne, 14th, 13th

15) #43-A.J. Allmendinger, 15th, 15th



2011 Sprint Cup Driver Points Standings [not the Chase]:

[after Homestead, race 36 of 36]:

using the CURRENT points system, but NOT the Chase system, just points.

rank, car#, driver, points, behind

1) #99-Carl Edwards (x) [1 win], 1278

2) #29-Kevin Harvick (x)[4 wins], 1200, -78

3) #14-Tony Stewart (x)[5 wins], 1191, -87

4) #48-Jimmie Johnson (x)[2 wins], 1187, -91

5) #17-Matt Kenseth (x)[3 wins], 1183, -95

6) #24-Jeff Gordon (x)[3 wins], 1150, -128

7) #18-Kyle Busch (x)[4 wins], 1124, -154

8) #22-Kurt Busch (x)[2 wins], 1115, -163

9) #39-Ryan Newman (x)[1 win], 1103, -175

10) #2-Brad Keselowski (x)[3 wins], 1079, -199

11) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr.(x), 1071, -207

12) #33-Clint Bowyer [1 win], 1047, -231

13) #4-Kasey Kahne [1 win], 1041, -237

14) #11-Denny Hamlin (x)[1 win], 1028, -250

15) #43-A.J. Allmendinger, 1013, -265

(x) = chase driver.(11-30-2011)


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Points - Classic without the Chase: Pos) Car#-Driver, Classic Points, Behind Leader

1) #99-Carl Edwards 5193

2) #48-Jimmie Johnson 4916 -277

3) #14-Tony Stewart 4897 -296

4) #29-Kevin Harvick 4896 -297

5) #17-Matt Kenseth 4875 -318

6) #24-Jeff Gordon 4794 -399

7) #18-Kyle Busch 4713 -480

8) #39-Ryan Newman 4560 -633

9) #22-Kurt Busch 4531 -662

10) #2-Brad Keselowski 4523 -670

11) #88-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 4422 -771

12) #4-Kasey Kahne 4382 -811

13) #33-Clint Bowyer 4363 -830

14) #11-Denny Hamlin 4318 -875

15) #43-A.J. Allmendinger 4202 -991

(see full rundown at phatstats.blogspot.com)(11-30-2011)


Difference in the non Chase System - Current Points system vs Classic system:

rank, car#, driver, current fin pos, claasic fin pos

1) #99-Carl Edwards, 1st, 1st

2) #29-Kevin Harvick, 2nd, 4th

3) #14-Tony Stewart, 3rd, 3rd

4) #48-Jimmie Johnson, 4th, 2nd

5) #17-Matt Kenseth, 5th, 5th

6) #24-Jeff Gordon, 6th, 6th

7) #18-Kyle Busch, 7th, 7th

8) #22-Kurt Busch, 8th, 9th

9) #39-Ryan Newman, 9th, 8th

10) #2-Brad Keselowski, 10th, 10th

11) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr., 11th, 11th

12) #33-Clint Bowyer, 12th, 13th

13) #4-Kasey Kahne, 13th 12th

14) #11-Denny Hamlin, 14th, 14th

15) #43-A.J. Allmendinger, 15th, 15th.(11-30-2011)


Going back, in time – in racing history:

Note# 1:  Most of the following information was found here: 



Note: 2:  Yes, most of this info is mostly from Open Wheel racing from “Back in the day”.


Covering the days from December 2nd to December 8th




Lew Volk ... Born ... A former ARDC Midget and NASCAR driver from Patterson, NJ. He competed in two Nextel Cup Series events in his career, earning one top-ten. He debuted in 1949, running in the inaugural event at Langhorne. Starting 34th in the field of forty-five, Volk completed all but eighteen laps in route to a solid 10th place effort. He returned to the track in 1951, racing at Morristown. Though he wasn't able to match his Langhorne finish, Volk still drove his Henry J to a respectable 17th place showing.  He also had a drivers school back in the 1940's for those that wanted to learn how to race midgets.


Ah yes, I remember it well.  That's the day that "Uncle Sam" took me away from my wife of about three months.  He felt I'd be better off in the US Army, I guess?




Bobby Allison ... Born ... A former NASCAR Winston Cup driver and was named one of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers. His two sons, Clifford Allison and Davey Allison followed him into racing, and both died within a year of each other. Bobby was a car owner for numerous drivers from 1990 to 1996, most notably Mike Alexander, Hut Stricklin , Jimmy Spencer, and Derrike Cope.


Rick Mears ... Born ... A retired American race car driver. He is the third of three men to have won the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race four times (1979, 1984, 1988, 1991), and the current record-holder for pole positions in the race with six (1979, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991). Mears is also a three-time CART national champion (1979, 1981 and 1982). In 1997, he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and was inducted in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 1998.


Bobby Marshman ... Died ... Born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Marshman died in San Antonio, Texas from injuries sustained in a tire test in Phoenix, Arizona. He drove in the USAC Midget, Sprint and Championship Car series, racing in the 1961-1964 seasons, with 49 career starts, including each Indianapolis 500 contest in that span. He finished in the top ten 25 times, with one victory, in 1962 at Phoenix. His 7th place finish at the 1961 Indianapolis 500 earned him co-Rookie of the Year honors with Parnelli Jones.


Alex "Al" Tasnady... Died ... A modified stock driver for more than 23 years, he had more than 600 victories at tracks along the East Coast. During his career he won point championships at the Reading Fair Grounds, the Nazareth and Hatfield speedways in Pennsylvania; the Flemington, Vineland, Pitman, Atco and Pleasantville speedways in New Jersey, and the speedway in Dover, Del. The first modified driver to have an organized fan club, Tasnady received the Outstanding Achievement Award for modified stock car driving from the Greater New York Auto Racing Fraternity, honoring him as the No.1 driver in the country in 1963. Tasnady was the first driver to win four feature races in one day in 1967 at the Reading Fair Grounds. The next year he was inducted into the Eastern Old Timers Hall of Fame, and in 1974, was the first inductee into the Eastern Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame and was voted by them as one of the the 3 greatest Modified Stock Car dirt track racers ever. After retiring from driving he was race director at the Flemington Fair Speedway, 1973-83.


Jeff Gordon, in the Bickford # 6, won the CRA Sprint Car race over Rich Vogler, John Redican, Billy Vukovich III and Davey Hamilton at the Mesa Marin Raceway, Bakersfield,CA.




Iggy Katona... Died ... An American stock car racer from Willis, Michigan. He is most famous for his performance in the ARCA series in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, where he won six championships and a series record 79 races. Other ARCA records held by Katona include most starts (630), oldest race winner (57 years old, Daytona International Speedway, 1974) and most consecutive seasons with a win (19, from 1953-1971).


Len Sutton... Died ... Sutton became involved in auto racing after serving in the Navy during World War II. He spun out in the first corner on his first lap at a dirt track. Sutton won Oregon Racing Association championships in 1949, 1950, 1954, and 1955. He flipped his car to avoid cattle during the 1954 Carrera Panamericana road race (now Baja 1000). He was in a body cast for 4 months. He also won midget car racing championships in Portland before he headed east to become a national touring driver. He raced in the AAA and USAC Championship Car series from 1955 to 1965, with 76 career starts, 43 top ten finishes, and 3 victories. Sutton completed his rookie test for the Indianapolis 500 in 1956. He flipped his car while attempting 140 miles per hour for the 1957 Indianapolis 500. He slide upside down with his helmet scraping the asphalt for nearly 1000 feet. A report in the following day's Indianapolis News said "Sutton was at first believed dead by observers on the scene." His injuries included broken shoulder, serious abrasions on his back, and a fractured skull. He returned to Indianapolis the the following year and made his first start in the event. That year he finished 32nd after being eliminated in a multi-car accident during the first lap. He competed in the 500 six more times and had his best result in 1962. After starting the race 4th, he led 9 laps and finished second behind his teammate Rodger Ward. The next year, he set an unofficial Indianapolis Motor Speedway record when he went over 155 miles per hour during a tire test. Known for his versatility as a driver, Sutton also competed in roadsters, midgets, sprint cars, and stock cars. He finished 31st in the 1963 Daytona 500. Sutton decided to retire from driving during a 1965 race at Langhorne Speedway. Fellow competitor Mel Kenyon was severely burned in the race. After retiring from driving, Sutton went into broadcasting and was a member of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network for many years. Sutton died at his home in Portland at age 81 after a long battle with cancer.

Note:  It is Len Sutton that the Yahoo! Race History Group has a "rule" named after - that rule is that we put our name and where we live at the end of every e-mail we send out to the group.



Rick Weld... Died ... He was the youngest of the four "Weld" brothers, passed away after losing his battle with cancer. Rick started his sprint car driving career in 1971 in his father's car, winning 29 feature events in his first two years.




Richard "Mitch" Smith... Born ... From Linglestown, PA., Mitch was known throughout the world of auto racing. When Mitch was in his prime in the 1960's and 70's, fans would come to Central, PA just to watch Mitch Smith. His style was earth shattering and it was hard to sit in your seat during a race that he was in. Mitch was also involved in many wild crashes. Mitch captured 179 feature wins in his career. He raced at a lot of tracks and with a lot of racing sanctions in many different divisions. The one thing that sticks out the most was when he ran against the USAC sprints in Central, PA and he beat them just about every time. In those days the USAC teams thought they were unbeatable, which they were until they encountered Mitch Smith. Mitch not only beat them, but he made them mad and upset. One night at Williams Grove some of the USAC teams protested Mitch and his car. From that time on , USAC never seemed like they regained their composure and in time USAC sprint racing faded away from Central, PA.


Jim Hurtubise ... Born ... An American race car driver who raced in USAC Champ Cars (including the Indianapolis 500), as well as sprint cars and stock cars (USAC and NASCAR). He was from North Tonawanda, New York. Despite his limited success, he was a fan favorite throughout much of his career as many characterized him as an "old style" racecar driver. Hurtubise raced in the USAC Championship Car series in the 1959-1968 and 1970-1974 seasons, with 97 career starts. He finished in the top ten 38 times, with 4 victories, in 1959 at Sacramento, 1960 at Langhorne, and 1961 and 1962 at Springfield. In 1964, after suffering serious burns in an accident during the Rex Mays Classic, in Milwaukee, doctors asked Hurtubise how he wanted his hands shaped permanently. "Just make 'em so I can hold a steering wheel," he replied. Hurtubise died January 6, 1989 after suffering a heart attack near his home in Port Arthur, Texas. He was 56 years old.


J. D. (John Delphus) McDuffie ... Born ... A NASCAR Series driver. He made his debut in 1963 at Myrtle Beach Speedway, finishing 12th out of 18 drivers. He went on to finish in the top ten in points twice in his career and won the pole position for the 1978 Delaware 500. He fielded his own team for most of his career. His underfunded efforts made him a fan favorite, especially as his career ran down and he only ran selected races. McDuffie was involved in an accident in the opening laps of the 1991 Bud at the Glen race at Watkins Glen International Raceway. Turning into turn 5, a brake failure resulted in the loss the right rear wheel on his car, at perhaps the worst place in racing to have such a failure. Unable to slow the car at all, and with an absence of a gravel trap, McDuffie skidded across the grass and slammed with tremendous velocity into the tire barrier outside the high speed right-hander. The force of the impact flipped the car and kept it airborne as Jimmy Means, also collected in the accident, crashed underneath him. Means was able to slow his car substantially before crashing and avoid injury, but the sheer violence of the J.D.'s impact with the tires made the impact unsurvivable for McDuffie. McDuffie's fatal wreck, and a serious injury to Tom Kendall six weeks earlier in the Camel Continental VIII, led to a new bus stop chicane shortly before Turn 5 to slow down cars entering the turn.




Willard "Bill" Cantrell... Born ... Nicknamed the "Silver Fox" because of his gray hair and the sly tricks he used to win races, Cantrell came to Southern California from Missouri before World War II. He started racing in jalopies in 1936, and raced midgets with the United Midget Association in 1939. In 1940 and '41 he drove more than fifty different midgets looking for a car that would make him a winner. In 1942 he found that car and scored 15 wins and a 2nd in the UMA points. From 1945 thru 1964, Billy won more than 120 main events with the United Racing Assn., AAA, and USAC. Included in this total is the 1962 "Turkey Night Grand Prix". He won the URA Red Circuit Title in 1947 and was that association’s overall champion in 1951 and '52. He also collected 18 sprint car wins with the California Racing Association in this period. After retiring from driving, he served for a time as the west coast supervisor for USAC and as starter for the USRC midget club.




Somehow, this date is slowly disappearing from our countries history, and being replace by the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.  This is the date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Note:  Doing a quick "Google" search on December 7, 1941, here is one of many things that came up:


“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”: FDR Asks for a Declaration of War

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, stunned virtually everyone in the United States military. Japan’s carrier-launched bombers found Pearl Harbor totally unprepared. President Franklin Roosevelt quickly addressed Congress to ask for a declaration of war as illustrated in this audio excerpt. Although he never mentioned Europe or the fact that Germany had by then declared war on the United States, the Pearl Harbor attack allowed him to begin the larger intervention in the European war he had long wanted.


Listen to Audio:



President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.


The United States was at peace with that nation, and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its government and its emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific. Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in the American island of Oahu, the Japanese ambassador to the United States and his colleague delivered to our secretary of state a formal reply to a recent American message. While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or armed attack.


It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Japanese government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.


The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost. In addition, American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.


Yesterday the Japanese government also launched as attack against Malaya.


Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.


Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam.


Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.


Last night Japanese forces attacked Wake Island.


And this morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.


Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.


As commander in chief of the Army and Navy I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense. But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us. . .


Source: Courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, New York.


See Also:The "Man in the Street" Reacts to Pearl Harbor

"This Is No Joke: This Is War": A Live Radio Broadcast of the Attack on Pearl Harbor



LeeRoy Yarbrough... Died ... A NASCAR racer. His best season was 1969 when he won seven races and tallied 21 Top Ten finishes. During his entire career from 1960-1972, he competed in 198 races, scoring 14 wins, 65 top fives, 92 top tens, and 10 poles. His racing number was 98. LeeRoy ran the Indy 500 3 times with a best finish of 19th in 1970. A succession of crashes ended his career and he struggled to cope without driving. After an attack on his mother, Lee Roy, real name, Lonnie, was committed to a mental hospital for life. In 1984, he suffered a seizure and fell, hitting his head and died the next day, from his head injury.




George Snider ... Born ... A longtime driver in the United States Automobile Club Sprint and Silver Crown series, Snider is also a 22-time starter of the Indianapolis 500, the most starts without winning the race. His best finish was eighth in the 1975 Indianapolis 500. Snider made many starts driving for his good friend A.J. Foyt. His last Indy start was in 1987. Snider is known to many fans by his nickname "Ziggy". Snider is the 1971 USAC Silver Crown Champion and the 1981-1982 USAC Champ Car champion, the last "big car" championship to include pavement races other than the Indy 500. Snider owns Silver Crown race cars and, in 2005, allowed Foyt's grandson A.J. Foyt IV to race a car at the Milwaukee Mile.





News from the AARN:



From their November 22nd issue:


The ARCA Series will return again to the dirt miles at Springfield and DuQuoin, Illinois in 2012 with Springfield on August 19th and DuQuoin on September 3rd, Labor Day.


Indycar, in 2012 will have some out of the USA events – China, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 


Note:  No comment on me on the above.


Doug Borger, from Xcel Chassis, along with Chad Muller – owner of Factor X Graffics, will be sponsoring a $4,000.00 point fund for all teams deemed eligible and that run the Sportsman Division at the Kutztown track.


At the recently held Parts Peddler show up in Syracuse, there were five main items auctioned off.  A new Bicknell racecar, valued at $29,500.00 went for $21,300.00.  A new TEO, with a value of $7,000.00 sold for $5,700.00.  A Lazer Late Model, with a value of $24,000.00 got sold for $13,500.00.  A new Troyer frame, valued at $4,000.00 went for $2,950.00.  Finally, a K&N East Series car, owned by Wes Moody, was sold for $5,500.00.


ISMA Super Modified and former NASCAR driver Johnny Benson is going to race in the indoor race at Atlantic City in a TQ.  Lou Cicconi, Jr. is preparing a new Drinan chassis for Benson.  Cicconi will also have a new Drinan car. 


Note:  I believe that there is also a new Drinan TQ being made for Billy Pauch, too.


French Grimes, found of the Race Saver 305 Sprint Cars, sanctions, with out fees, ten regions in seven states.  He’s hoping for weekly competition for the 305’s at Canandaigua.  New York already has the 305’s racing with the CRSA.  The 305 Sprint Car races are considered to be “Recreational racing”.  Grimes I swishing to keep the purses the same for winners and the last place runners.  He does allow the promoters to go away from that concept, but he’s not happy if the winner gets more than twice what is paid for last place.  At the Race Saver Nationals this year, all feature starters got $375.00 prior to the green flag.  The winner also received a small Grandfathers clock.


Lenny Sammons:

Lenny writes about Jeremie Corcoran, promoter of the Canandaigua Speedway, giving serious thought of going independent, and leaving DIRTcar.  Corcoran has already had talks with American Racer tires.  It’s said that Corcoran has several “issues” with the WRG.  Corcoran is hoping to have a final decision prior to the tracks banquet which is on December 17th.

If Canandaigua doesn’t run with a DIRTcar sanction and IF Cayuga County doesn’t open as a weekly track, then there would be no tracks in central New York that would run Big Block Modifieds on a weekly basis.  Some DIRTcar tracks, in New York that will:  Glen Ridge, Lebanon Valley and Orange County Fair Speedway.

Might there be a Big Block SDS race south of New York State in 2012 – say maybe in New Jersey or Pennsylvania?

Ransomville is not scheduled to run with DIRTcar sanction in 2012.

Harvey Fink is interested in buying Rolling Wheels.

As of press time for the AARN, Howie Commander has not said whether A/S will be DIRTcar sanctioned, or not.

URC managing director John Zimmerman is less than happy with comments of current and 8 time URC driving champion Curt Michael that appeared in last weeks AARN.  Zimmerman is tired of the negative comments and will come out with a rebuttal of his issues in a letter sent to Michael and also to Sammons.

Mike Perrotte says that they will have a regular schedule at Airborne Speedway in 2012, with no ISMA Super Modifieds and no RoC Modifieds.  There is a possibility of both in 2013, however.


Ernie Saxton:

Mr. Saxton is questioning whether NASCAR racers should be able to speak their minds about NASCAR related things.  It seems that if one does, one gets fined for doing so.  It’s been reported that Bad Keselowsi was fined $25,000.00, Ryan Newman $50,000.00 for comments they both came out with.

Dover Motor Sports, Inc. will only now be going to operate the Dover track.  They also own the Nashville Super Speedway.


Brett Deyo:

In his column he makes mention that Neil Williams, who won the Sportsman race at Syracuse, has the winners trophy, but as of when the AARN went to press, still had not received his $4,000.00 check for that win.  An extensive check on his Crate engine seems to have ended up with the engine being legal.

Utica/Rome is still up for sale, per owner Gene Cole.  A number of interested parties have inquired about the track.  Cole, and his team are still getting ready for the 2012 season, even scheduling some “Touring” Series.


Todd Henitzelman:

Todd mentions that Greg Hodnett is the central Pa Sprint Car overall point champion – that’s worth $4,000.00

Some Selinsgrove 2012 dates:  March 11th – 410 Sprint Cars and Pro Stocks.  March 18th – The Icebreaker.  March 24th – 358 Sprint Cars.  April 7th – 358 Sprint Cars, Late Models, Pro Stocks and Roadrunners.


Don & JoAnn Davies:

They’re saying that Ronnie Johnson, Brett Hearn, Hector Stratton, Jim Introne, Jr. and Rob Yetman will be returning the A/S for 2012.  Also as a possible – Tim McCreadie in the Vinnie Salerno car, when possible.

Larry Wight will be running Brewerton and Fulton, with the possibility of no Series being completely followed.

With the 2011 racing season now over, this is the last column for Don & Jo Ann for this season.


Dave Moody:

The NASCAR Truck Series will have a race at the Rockingham Speedway.

No immediate plans for Ford to get back into the Truck Series.

Rockingham in November 2012 – K&N Pro Series East, Whelen Southern Modified Tour and UARA Late Models.

Bobby Hamilton, Jr. had some problems with his lease on the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway and is no longer there.  Sterling Marlin, and a group of investors are interested in taking the lease over.  Hamilton will continue to own and operate Highland River Speedway.


Stephen Kellogg:

Mr. Kellogg makes mention of his top three stories of the 2011 racing season, they being the re-birth of Raceway 5 – formerly Genessee Speedway in Batavia, NY – the closing of Cayuga County Fair Speedway and Clinton County dropping the 410 Sprint Cars.  In 2012, Clinton County will be running the 305 Sprint Cars every other week, alternating with the Late Models.  The IMCA Modifieds will also be added in 2012.


Toby LaGrange:

Toby had quite a bit in his column about the new track that Glenn Donnelly is involve3d with.  Some of his suggestions as to what to have there:

An RoC weekend for Modfieds and Sportsman.  A summer World Finals for 360 Sprint Cars, or a truly open rules Dirt Modfied race.  A USAC triple header.  ARCA for a double header – one race on the ½ mile dirt and the other on the road course.  Get all of the “Crate” classes together for a big “Great Crate Nationals”.  Also, might it be possible, via Glenn

Donnelly, to get some TV coverage of the events??


Gary London:

Gary covered some of the early NASCAR races that were held here in the Northeast, form 1949 up to 1955.


Steve Pados:

In his write-up about the Hamlin Speedway banquet, he says it was announced that the Smith Fabrications/Stage One Modified Division has been added to the weekly shows for 2012 at Hamlin.  The Stage One Modifieds are scaled down Modifieds, similar to the Xcel Modifieds, but powered with Briggs and Stratton engines.


John Snyder:

Mr. Snyder gives the dates for the EMPA’s Convention as being on January 6th to the 8th.  It will be held at the Crowne Plaza Valley Forge in King of Prussia, Pa.

He makes mention that J.J. Yeley finished up 35th in points with NASCAR in the Cup cars.  That would put J.J. into the Daytona 500.

Note # 1:  I was a member of the EMPA for quite a few years.  I even had a third place in the Portrait Profile Category with my Bob Green Remembered article.  However, with the passing of John LeVan, I didn’t keep up with my membership.

Note # 2:  From what I’ve read, J. J. Yeley is not under contract, as yet, for the 2012 season.  Might that affect his being a Daytona 500 starter?


Scott Pacich:

Scott wrote about his time spent in the pits, from his first time on. 

Note:  It was quite interesting to read his story; which goes back to when he really wasn’t quite old enough to get into the pits.  Heck, at some tracks, today, little toddlers are seen pit side.


As far as banquets go, there were quite a few articles in the paper.  As usual, the majority of them did not show any monies that were awarded.

Those that showed no monies were:

Selinsgrove, NEMA, Lincoln Speedway, Lee, Beach Ridge, Hamlin, ScoNE (Sprint Cars of New England), Monadnock, Mountain and Attic Speedways.


Jeff Strunk got $10,000.00 for his championship at Grandview, and will get more from NASCAR.  Matt Sheppard got $36,650 out of the $130,000.00 that was awarded at the DIRTcar banquet.  Chuck Hebing received over $8,000.00 out of the over $61,000.00 that the ESS gave out at their banquet.


In AARN this Week’s issue of November 29th:


This Week:

Blewett Comes Out On Top
Of Wild Turkey Derby 150

Disqualification Strips Janisch
Of ATQMRA Championship

Friesen In A League Of His Own
In Wall's Dirt Modified Features

Legend Cars Mayhem Ends At Wall
With Alcaro In First Place

Eyres Comes From Last To First
In Wall's Sportsman Main

Armstrong, Tanner Put On A Show
At Irwindale




Former Oakland Valley Speedway (Dirt Oval) runners:

I see that Roger Coss was 7th in the Modified feature at Wall Stadium last Saturday.




More racin’ stuff:


Part 1:


PHOTOS: Dallara DW12 IndyCar Test At Auto Club Speedway

Take a look at eight shots from today's combined Chevrolet and Honda 2012 Dallara DW12 Indy car test at Auto Club Speedway.

Marshall Pruett  |  Posted November 29, 2011  


In part:

"Enjoy eight shots from today's combined Chevrolet and Honda 2012 Dallara DW12 Indy car test at Auto Club Speedway.


With a number of rear weight distribution and aerodynamic drag fixes on the testing plan, items like the floor-mounted flow conditioners are readily apparent, while the weight reduction items are kept hidden beneath the DW12's bodywork."


Link:  http://auto-racing.speedtv.com/article/photos-dallara-dw12-indycar-test-at-auto-club-speedway



Part 2:


INDYCAR: Inside The 2012 Car’s Design & Development Issues

SPEED's Marshall Pruett delves into the issues facing the new Dallara DW12 and what the IndyCar Series and its partners are doing to solve those problems ASAP.

Marshall Pruett  |  Posted November 29, 2011  


In part:

"Power, weight, downforce, drag, grip and balance. Those are the six keys that dictate the lives of race car drivers, designers and engineers.


As the IZOD IndyCar Series has found with its new Dallara-built 2012 chassis, miss the one key by a small margin in any one of those six performance categories and the overall package will suffer. Miss the key in two or more areas, and like a six-string guitar with multiple strings out of tune, no one will want to play the instrument until it’s fixed.


With INDYCAR acknowledging a few areas that require immediate attention (weight/weight distribution, balance and drag), and others pointing to the need for a major re-think on the levels of power, downforce and grip needed next season, it’s clear a lot of tuning and tweaks will take place between now and March 28th, the first race on the 2012 calendar."


Interested?  For more, go here:  http://auto-racing.speedtv.com/article/indycar-inside-the-2012-cars-design-development-issues





Racing and television:

Racing on TV - http://www.racefantv.com/USTV.htm


Note:  On the website, above, there is now this message:


About Race Fan TV


George Webster is retiring from Race Fan TV


 November 2011


 Effective the end of November, 2011, I am retiring from Race Fan TV and I will no longer be providing updates to the TV listing database.


Last year I sold the website (racefantv.com), including the name, to Charles Ehredt, who also operates other websites, including the similarly-named RacefansTV. Ehredt has plans to continue the TV listings service here, but these plans are not yet fully developed.


I have enjoyed the time I have spent compiling and posting the TV listing data here and I trust that you have appreciated my 'labour of love' efforts


 George Webster



Found this little tid-bit over on the Track Forum:


TV Alert - Xtreme Speed Classic at Bristol

Auto Racing : Xtreme Speed Classic

Next On: Thur, Dec 1, 5:00 PM EST

Must See Xtreme Sprint Series on
Versus Channel

Event Run on October 1, 2011

From Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn.

Race excerpt from YouTube:






7:00P-9:00   SPEED        2011 NASCAR Nationwide and Camping World Trucks Series Awards Ceremony, Miami, FL, Nov 21/11, HD, N

9:00P-1:00A SPEED        2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards Ceremony, Las Vegas NV, HD, L




Some non-racing stuff:


For some time now, there’s been quite a problem with one of our local schools with the school basketball players cutting classes, yet still being allowed to play basketball – even winning championships.  But, by cutting those classes, they did not graduate from school


Check this out:


Record files requests for report in NFA attendance scandal


Published: 12:06 PM - 11/30/11

Last updated: 12:07 PM - 11/30/11


The Times Herald-Record and reporter Doyle Murphy filed two Freedom of Information requests with the Newburgh School District today.

One request is for the report school attorney David Shaw presented, in part, to the board of education Tuesday night.

The request is for a complete copy of the full report.

The report discussed Tuesday night is the latest twist in the saga of how officials in the district allowed NFA boys' basketball players to skip dozens of classes and still play.

The report on Tuesday blamed, among other things, “outdated computer systems,” but did not name any school employees as culpable in the scandal or reveal any disciplinary actions.

The Record has also asked for a full copy of the report of an earlier investigation in the scandal. That audit was done by Martin Ruglis, a former Ulster BOCES superintendent. The paper also asked for records of payments made in connection with the Ruglis probe.


Here's the link to the above.  However, if you click on the link, you'll notice quite a bit more, over on the right side that pertains to this particular problem.  Quite interesting, to say the least!






Toxic Levels of Arsenic Found in Popular Juice Brands


In part:


"Arsenic has long been recognized as a poison and a contaminant in drinking water, but now concerns are growing about arsenic in foods, especially in fruit juices that are a mainstay for children.


Controversy over arsenic in apple juice made headlines as the school year began when Mehmet Oz, M.D., host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” told viewers that tests he’d commissioned found 10 of three dozen apple-juice samples with total arsenic levels exceeding 10 parts per billion (ppb). There’s no federal arsenic threshold for juice or most foods, though the limit for bottled and public water is 10 ppb. The Food and Drug Administration, trying to reassure consumers about the safety of apple juice, claimed that most arsenic in juices and other foods is of the organic type that is “essentially harmless.”


But an investigation by Consumer Reports shows otherwise. Our study, including tests of apple and grape juice, a scientific analysis of federal health data, a consumer poll, and interviews with doctors and other experts, finds the following:


Roughly 10 percent of our juice samples, from five brands, had total arsenic levels that exceeded federal drinking-water standards. Most of that arsenic was inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen.

One in four samples had lead levels higher than the FDA’s bottled-water limit of 5 ppb. As with arsenic, no federal limit exists for lead in juice.

Apple and grape juice constitute a significant source of dietary exposure to arsenic, according to our analysis of federal health data from 2003 through 2008.

Children drink a lot of juice. Thirty-five percent of children 5 and younger drink juice in quantities exceeding pediatricians’ recommendations, our poll of parents shows.

Mounting scientific evidence suggests that chronic exposure to arsenic and lead even at levels below water standards can result in serious health problems.

Inorganic arsenic has been detected at disturbing levels in other foods, too, which suggests that more must be done to reduce overall dietary exposure.


Tainted brands include Minute Maid, Mott's, Gerber, Welch's, and Great Value (Walmart) among others.


More on this can be seen here:  http://health.yahoo.net/articles/nutrition/arsenic-in-juice





Is this true?:


Horses could soon be slaughtered for meat in US


Guess so, maybe?


In part:


"TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Horses could soon be butchered in the U.S. for human consumption after Congress quietly lifted a 5-year-old ban on funding horse meat inspections, and activists say slaughterhouses could be up and running in as little as a month.


Slaughter opponents pushed a measure cutting off funding for horse meat inspections through Congress in 2006 after other efforts to pass outright bans on horse slaughter failed in previous years. Congress lifted the ban in a spending bill President Barack Obama signed into law Nov. 18 to keep the government afloat until mid-December.


It did not, however, allocate any new money to pay for horse meat inspections, which opponents claim could cost taxpayers $3 million to $5 million a year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture would have to find the money in its existing budget, which is expected to see more cuts this year as Congress and the White House aim to trim federal spending.


The USDA issued a statement Tuesday saying there are no slaughterhouses in the U.S. that butcher horses for human consumption now, but if one were to open, it would conduct inspections to make sure federal laws were being followed. USDA spokesman Neil Gaffney declined to answer questions beyond what was in the statement.


The last U.S. slaughterhouse that butchered horses closed in 2007 in Illinois, and animal welfare activists warned of massive public outcry in any town where a slaughterhouse may open."


Quite a bit more on this, and you can read all about it here:






Video time:


Video # 1:  Midgets on dirt.  Can you imagine some of today’s Indy car drivers in midgets on a track like this one?  No wings and very little down force.  Oh, and steering with the rear wheels too.  Turning right, to go left!





Video # 2:  Might as well throw in an “oldie” music video, or two, huh?  It’s so nice that the voice doesn’t change all that much, isn’t it?




Note:  Check out the younger Gene over on the right – same song.




Note:  Same goes for Jack – a younger version – same song – on the right.


Question:  Why do the singers of yesterday not have to wear something in their ear when singing; yet singers today, must?








I’m posting a photo a week for a while.  Majority of them will be from “Back in the day”.


Note:  The photo is not available on Dirt Track Digest, only on New England Tractor - http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/



The late Rodger Ward is pictured in the Ken Brenn # 24 Midget that he drove to the win in the Formula Libra race that was held on the road course at the Lime Rock, Connecticut racetrack back on July 25th in 1959.  At that time, the car was almost 12 years old, having made it’s racing debut on September 30, 1947, at Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ with Johnny Ritter being the owner/driver.


Some of those that raced there that day, and the cars they were in:


George Constantine - 4.2 Aston Martin, Rodger Ward - 1.7 Offy Midget, Chuck Daigh - 2.5 Maserati GP., John Fitch - 2.0 Cooper Monaco, Pedro Rodriguez - 3.0 Maserati, Lance Reventlow - Cooper F2, Russ Klar - 1.7 Offy Midget, Dick Thompson - 4.9 Sting Ray, Bob Colombosian - 2.0 Lister Bristol, Vic Meinhardt - 1.5 Porsche RS, Ray Saidel - Jomar F2, Loyal Katskee - 3.0 Ferrari Monza, Denise McCluggage - 1.5 Porsche RS, Bert Brooks - 1.7 Offy Midget, Gordon MacKenzie - 3.5 C-Jaguar, Jokko Maggiacomo - 4.9 Ferrari-Corvette, John Grimaldi - 3.4 D-Jaguar, Paul O'Shea - 4.6 Bocar-Corvette and Duane Carter - 1.7 Offy Midget.  Tony Bettenhausen took over the Midget that Klar ran in the first segment.





From above:


Who was the first Soap Box Derby regional winner to qualify for the Indy 500?

Answer:  Denny Zimmerman, who is still racing, believe it or not, with the USAC Dirt Series Midgets, here in the Northeast.  He was the Indy 500 Rookie of the year in 1971.







Closing with these:


How to Get Even With Someone – not sure if I’d do any of them, although the fax machine one is great.


Garage Sale

Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper advertising a GIGANTIC Garage Sale listing the address of your victim. Advertise televisions, cam-corder, vintage automobile, antiques, etc. Sale begins at 6:00 a.m. all items in the backyard, just come around back and come early!


... X-Rays at Airports

Purchase a large adult bedroom toy. Wrap it in a large amount of tin foil. Secretly hide it in a piece of the victims carry on luggage. As it goes through the airport x-ray machine the contents of the device will be shielded by the tin foil and will be unwrapped and inspected by airport security officials. An absolute classic...


Oil Spot

At night pour used oil underneath the victim's car while parked in the driveway. Pour enough that will be alarming. Continue to do this each night. The subject will spend great deals of money trying to get the oil leak repaired time and time again. I have even heard of a person buying a new car after the repeated attempts at repair. Imagine their surprise when that new car starts leaking too.


Flat Tire

Very similar to the Oil Spot, but with a twist. Let most of the air out of one of your victim's tires. Keep doing this each night, and watch as they call a tow truck or the Automobile Club day after day. Odd how those new tires keep losing air, too.


Fax Machines

Write whatever you wish on 9 pages of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper and tape them together (end to end). Dial the victim's fax number and start sending the pages through. After page two has been transmitted, tape the top of page 1 to the bottom of page 9 making a continuous loop. The document will continue to cycle until the victim's fax machine has run out of paper. Be sure and disable your phone number from being printed on the fax and also disable caller I.D. This prank is great to get even with a business or individual who has somehow cheated you. This can have same results as Oil Spot.



Purchase a silent dog whistle. In the early hours of the morning (2am-4am) go near the victim's house and blow the silent whistle and the dog will begin to bark uncontrollably until the owner awakes and disciplines the animal. When the owner goes back to bed repeat the process again





May “Guardian Angels” sit on the shoulders of all of our race drivers and race fans, and guide them safely around the tracks!

Drive safe! 

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