Racin' & Internet Stuff:

                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 72




I ran into a slight problem last week. 

As far as I’m concerned, I believe that ALL websites, forums and message boards that are associated with auto racing should, in a way, work together – for the betterment of the sport – agree?  Face it, not only is attendance down in a lot of cases, but also down as far as competitors go, in some cases, too.  I feel we should all stick together and attempt to get the sport back up to like it was in the recent past.  If that means that some should “bite their tongue” and keep silent on certain subjects – so be it.

Well, I’ve had a problem with one particular forum with the inability to mention “DTD” or “Dirt Track Digest” in anything I’ve posted – or better yet, attempted to post, when I’ve made mention of those two items.  Immediately a message pops up that those items cannot be used on that particular forum, in a post, and to post what I wanted to, I’d have to remove them.

Well, since I’ve now become a “member” of DTD, I thought I’d attempt to find out why this can’t be done and what might have caused the friction between that forum and DTD.  No response from that forum, as to the reasons, were forthcoming.  I thought I’d check with Adam Ross, who runs DTD, to see if he had any idea, and he doesn’t – thinking that whatever it was, happened prior to him taking over the website.

Now maybe I was wrong last week in what I did – very late on Wednesday night, after I had posted my column on DTD – attempting to post on that forum with a message pertaining to the ESW schedule – not by just copying and pasting the PR release, but by making mention of the schedule being in my column on the New England Tractor’s website, along with a link to it, and also saying it would be able to be viewed sometime on Thursday.  I also made mention of it being on another website – one that I could not mention on that forum, and could be read at that time.

I have to imagine that is what caused the sh*t to hit the fan with that forum.  I went back later just to see if it had been posted, since 99% of the time, anything posted gets a review prior to it getting published on their forum.

Well sad to say, it was not posted, but what came up was a link to some “Dude” that supposedly had “porn” sites.  No, I won’t put that link in this column, for sure!  This happened a few times.  Finally, when I attempted to even read something that had been posted on that forum, a message, to me, came up – this message was ordering me to either “Accept” or “Not accept” how one must behave on their forum.  Along with that, underneath it was another thing that one could really, in a way, take as a threat – on the Internet, which I believe might be kind of against the law – maybe?

What it said:

“This Message has been sent to you from the Forum Administrator. You must accept that you Read the message and agree to its terms otherwise you will not be permitted to continue participating on this forum.

Author: Forum Administrator  Date: :9/8/2011 3:34:39 PM


As of now, I’m undecided if I might attempt to pursue this little problem further, or not – if, indeed it is to be considered as a threat – a threat that in a way tells me that if I’m not a good boy and don’t play by their “rules” (can’t mention other racing related websites, and/or forums and message boards, so it says?) that they would, in a way send a virus to my computer.  I’ve been told that what they’ve sent me is against the “law” as far as making threats – in various ways, with the Internet being one of those ways.

I have no idea as to why this forum thinks it has some kind of an “exclusive” as far as auto racing information goes.  Surely, they seem to have some kind of problem with working with other auto racing websites, forums and message boards.  Sad, isn’t it?



Prior to my being selected for Jury Duty, the judge told all of us that this particular case could go to September 23rd.  After the first few days, I would not be surprised to see it go longer.




I “go back in time” while on Facebook about the racing at the Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, N.J. and also on the ARDC’s message board – citing things that happened on certain days from “back in the day”.

Nine days before I turned nine year old – September 13, 1946, race driver Ray Jackson was fatally injured on the thirteenth lap of the feature race at Hinchliffe.  As a result of that accident, the other driver involved, Jeep Colkitt was suspended from racing for the remainder of the ARDC’s racing season.  I can still vividly recall the motion that Bill Schindler did in signaling the ousting of Colkittkinda like an umpire signaling that “you’re out!”

Then, on Saturday, September 13, 1952, I was at the AAA Sprint Car race at the Morristown, N.J. Speedway and saw one helluva race between Schindler and Paul Russo, a race that they ran almost the entire distance, side-by-side.

There’s a photo of Russo after his win on the Caruso Museum’s website, under “Racing Photos”, which can be seen if you go here and scroll down a bit:  http://www.carusomidgetracing.com/






While taking a break during Jury Duty the other day, I was reading the label on the water bottle I had with me – a bottle of water that I had bought while shopping at our local Shop Rite Supermarket.

Reading from where the spring water came from, there were these places   in the state of Pennsylvania:

Foster, Molleystown, Tower City, Black Creek, Wayne, West Penn, Porter and/or Hardwick, N.J.

Take a guess as to where it was bottled:

How about bottled by Niagara Bottling, LLC – Ontario CA.  Yes, California!




The latest PR from the Orange County Fair Speedway:

News from Orange County Fair Speedway 

Contact:  Mike Gurda     845-342-2573                                                                                                              

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                 

Middletown, NY10940                                                                                                    



MIDDLETOWN, NY (September 14)……..On October 28, 1962, legendary stock car driver Frankie Schneider won the first Eastern States race at the historic Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York. Now on October 21-23, 2011, Arkel Motors presents the 50th Annual Eastern States Weekend, the oldest consecutively-run championship event for dirt track Modified stock cars in the country. It is three action-packed days of high speed racing excitement that culminates with the Eastern States 200, the “granddaddy” of all fall championship races.

Much of the weekend’s focus will be on the headline big-block Modifieds, with time trials, heat races, and a Top-Six Dash for Cash on Friday, all leading up to Sunday’s Eastern States 200. Friday’s activities will also include a 25-lap Street Stock championship race plus full program for the Open Sportsman division, culminating in a 50-lap feature race.

Saturday’s “Hard Clay” racing focuses on the 358 Modifieds, with time trials qualifying races, and a 100-lap feature. Also on Saturday, the Crate Sportsman and 305 Sprint Cars will be in action with qualifying and feature races---30 laps for the Crate Sportsman and a 20-lap main for the 305 Sprint Cars.

On Sunday, following the morning fan-oriented Pit Party, the re are last chance consolation races for the Modifieds, a Northeast Vintage Modified championship race, and a 30-lap Pro Stock feature. These preliminaries lead up to the 50th Annual Eastern States 200 Modified Championship race.

Tim McCreadie, a second generation driver whose father has also won the Eastern States 200, is the race’s defending champion.  Brett Hearn, Orange County ’s all-time winner and point champion, is the all-time Eastern States 200 titlist with eight victories, the last in 2006.

Tickets, camping permits, and parking permits for the 50th Annual Eastern States Weekend, Friday through Sunday, October 21-23, are on sale. Be sure to check the official Orange County website, www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net, or call the Track Office at 845-342-2573 Tuesday through Friday during business hours. 

MEDIA MEMBERS: Credentials requests for Eastern States Weekend should be made to Bobby Armbruster at 201-323-2913, or BArmbr6493@aol.com.  Deadline is October 10, 2011.



Go this in an e-mail the other day:  


Bob Marlow


Vintage TQ Midget Division Formed


Brodheadsville, Pa. - The American TQ Midget Racing Association, the nation's

oldest and largest TQ Midget sanctioning body, has approved the formation

of a Vintage Division for the purposes of preserving and displaying

historic and distinctive racing machines from the organization's long



Spearheaded by Gary Mondshein, a former racer himself and an avid

collector of vintage race cars, the ATQMRA's Vintage Division will be

managed by its own separate Board of Directors and governed by its own

rule book, but will be an integral part of the club that was founded in



"I had noticed a significant increase of interest in the vintage TQs that

raced at Pine Brook and elsewhere during 'the golden age' of TQ racing,"

Mondschein said.  "Most vintage organizations are focused on full midgets,

sprint cars and stock cars.  I saw a need to separate the TQs from these

larger cars, especially for reasons of safety during exhibition events."


While the ATQMRA Vintage Division initially will welcome TQs that are 30

or more years old, the eventual goal is to have two separate categories,

one for pre-roll cage cars (pre-1971) and one for cage-equipped cars.


An annual calendar that includes three exhibition runs of the vintage TQ

racers is planned, with two speedway operators already having expressed

interest in being host to such events in 2012.


Several owners of vintage TQ race cars have committed to the effort



Jim Hempfill, owner of the famed Boyd Triumph powered #43, driven to

numerous race victories by drivers such as Len Duncan, Hank Rogers, Jr.,

and Lenny Boyd;


Jay Young, owner of the Charlie Smith conventional and rear engine #5

cars, both of which were many-time race winners;


Paul Wiesel, owner of many vintage cars including the Crosley powered Fred

Brink #54;


Art Lawshe with his classic Crosley #22, which he has retained throughout

the years;


Wayne Laucius, owner of many historic TQs including the famous John Wehrle

#02, the Jon Fick #11, and the Bill Force #26;


and Gary Mondschein himself, with five cars including his late father's #6

Holmquist machine and the Tom DeMasco Crosley #18.


Each participant will be required to join the ATQMRA and drivers will be

required to purchase the drivers insurance for the on-track events.  "A big part of the appeal of this Vintage Division is being associated with

the grand history and wide notoriety of the ATQMRA," Mondschein said.


A meeting for members and interested parties will be held on Tuesday,

October 4, 2011, at 7:00 PM in the facility of Dimension Design in

Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania. Information and directions are available

from Gary Mondschein at 570-656-5962.






Wheldon only driver chasing IndyCar's big payday


In part:

“Turns out, $5 million wasn't enough incentive to challenge IndyCar's drivers.

In March, IndyCar series CEO Randy Bernard announced the series would pay that mega sum to any driver who could beat the open-wheel professionals at their own game in their championship race in Las Vegas.

The bonus originally was intended to lure a driver from outside the series. Instead, Bernard turned to one of his own drivers Tuesday - two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon.

Bernard said three other drivers were considered: NASCAR's Kasey Kahne; former Champ Car and Formula One driver Alex Zanardi; and extreme sports athlete Travis Pastrana.

Zanardi, Bernard said, wanted to drive for Chip Ganassi, a team he drove for earlier in his career. Kahne was interested in driving for Roger Penske. But with Dario Franchitti, Ganassi's driver, and Will Power, Penske's driver, battling for the points title for a second straight year, neither team was willing to help.

Pastrana, the 11-time X Games gold medalist, was a no-go after breaking his right ankle and foot in July at the X Games.

That left Wheldon as the only other contestant, albeit one with plenty of IndyCar experience.

He'll take it.”

More (three pages) can be seen if you go here:  http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20110913/APS/1109130928?p=1&tc=pg




This weekend, NASCAR is racing in Chicago.  As of Wednesday afternoon, there are 48 entrants for the Cup race, 48 for the Nationwide race and 36 for the Truck event.



There’s a young man in my area by the name of Erwin Benz – or as we all know him as “Benzee”.  He organizes bus trips to various events, including some auto races at tracks that are not too far from the area.  There was talk of a possible Indycar race at Richmond in 2012, and I made mention of this to Benzee, and asked if a bus trip might be possible.  It would.  However, now it looks like that race might not be scheduled.  I then suggested the Indycar race at Loudon in August of 2012.  Quite promising on that one, per Benzee.  More about this later on down the road.  I believe the busses leave from Monroe, N.Y. or Middletown, N.Y.  Interested?  Let me know!



Not racing related, but I thought I’d sneak this in here:

House probing $528M loan to failed solar company

In part:

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans questioned Wednesday whether the White House rushed approval of a half-billion-dollar loan guarantee for a now-bankrupt solar panel manufacturer once cited as the kind of renewable energy company worthy of federal stimulus money.

Solyndra Inc. was a major presence in Washington and spent millions of dollars on lobbying there, particularly about the Energy Department's loan guarantee program. And its executives raised thousands of dollars for Obama and Democrats in Congress.

The collapse of the Fremont, Calif.-based company once touted by President Barack Obama ultimately left taxpayers on the hook for $528 million, raising questions if the loan was rushed to accommodate a company event in September 2009 that featured Vice President Joe Biden.

The congressional panel examining the loan disclosed emails that appeared to show senior staff at the Office of Management and Budget chafing about having to conduct "rushed approvals" of federal loan guarantees designed to help jumpstart the nation's renewable energy industry.

"We would prefer to have sufficient time to do our due diligence reviews and have the approval set the date for the announcement rather than the other way around," said one of the emails from an unnamed OMB aide to Biden's office.

Obama cited Solyndra as an example of how the economic stimulus bill would create jobs. But the company has since filed for bankruptcy and shed 1,100 workers, saying it couldn't compete with foreign manufacturers of solar panels.”

Interested?  You can read more about this if you go here:  http://news.yahoo.com/house-probing-528m-loan-failed-solar-company-125931197.html

Hmm, might this just be the tip of the Iceberg – with more to follow?

Note:  Watching the News on Wednesday evening on NBC & Brian Williams, led me to search out this news.  Mr. Williams had quoted what someone had said in the past – that this company would run out of money by September 2011.  Bingo!



Any idea as to where I found this?

“This Page was last Updated:"

I found it on this website:  http://www.worthyofhonor.com/

That’s the website for the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame.  They just announced the new inductees scheduled for induction into the HoF on January 13, 2012, during the Chili Bowl, down in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sad thing is, the “page” was up-dated, but still not an update on the website, which still does not show the inductees listed from three years ago.  At least they did correct the spelling for Rodger Ward from Roger to Rodger.

The new inductees are:


Billy Boat, Ron Shuman, Eddie Jackson, Bobby Ball, Bob Barker, Jimmy Bryan, Marvin Burke, Edgar Elder, Ted Halibrand, Earl Motter, Ed Normi, Alex Pabst, Bob Pankratz and Gordy Youngstrom.


"I've been just desperate, period, to get back in a race car since Indianapolis," Wheldon said. "It's going to be phenomenal to come back. What you can't forget is there's a world championship going on. Dario Franchitti and Will Power have been battling it out non-stop so I think there's going to be a lot of exciting elements to Vegas."

Still, Bernard isn't abandoning the concept he announced in March.

"I would like to think every driver is going to benefit from this significantly if we can move the dial on the ratings," he said. "I've made it very clear I'd be very disappointed -- I think I even told someone I'd resign -- if we didn't triple the ratings. I think it's very important that if we can triple the ratings, every driver will see positive momentum, every team owner will and the series will. We're here to do one thing, and that's continue to push viewership and our fan base upward."

With 16 career victories, Wheldon has a solid shot to nearly double his IndyCar earnings this season.

Wheldon and his team, Bryan Herta Autosport, earned $2.56 million for the Indianapolis 500 victory in May. He has won once before when starting last, at Richmond in 2004, while driving for Michael Andretti's team.

"I'm going to be going for it, I can assure you, and it doesn't take $5 million for me to do that," Wheldon said. "When you look at the depth of the field in the Izod IndyCar series right now, it's full of talent. So it's certainly going to be harder to come to the front than in recent years. When you consider the talent level of the grid, quite honestly, it far outweighs NASCAR, ALMS (American LeMans Series), whatever it may be. It's incredible right now.

"I'm hoping for good things. Obviously, when you're out there you'll give respect to the other drivers out there. But at the end of the day I'm there to win, and I'm going to do everything in my power to do so, but respectfully."

Fans can register for the $2.5 million bonus contest, which includes an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for race weekend, starting Wednesday online or by using the Verizon IndyCar cell phone application.


On the Web: indycarworldchampionships.com


Coming up:



Sept 16th End of Points Short Track SuperNational Qualifier

King of the Catskills Sept 23rd & Sept 24th

Wreckage in the Catskills October 15th


Again, from their website:


Racing fans should begin to make plans for the exciting King of the Catskills two-day weekend of great racing on September 23rd and 24th. With eight diverse divisions of racing on the schedule, every true racing fan will want to make sure they are in attendance to take in every second of the great competition that will unfold. The ROC Modified Tour heads up the Friday evening of action September 23rd with a large $7,000.00 payday awaiting the winner of the 100-lap headliner with the Sportsman and Lightning Sprints also on the schedule. September 24th finds the Spec Sportsman, the CRSA Sprint Cars, Pro Stock and Pure Stocks in action.


Also, this info from their website:


Friday September 23rd


Roc Modifieds  $7000 to win* 100 laps

Sportsman 50 laps

Lightning Sprints 25 laps

4 cylinders 20 laps




Adult admission $23 Kids $5  Family 4 Pack $66** Indoor $30 Reserved $25

Pit gates open 3:30  Warm ups 6:30 Spectator gate opens at 5pm

For Tickets call the speedway:  845-626-3478


Saturday September 24th


Spec Sportsman 50 laps

Pro Stock 25 laps

Pure Stock 25 laps

Jr Slingshots 20 laps

305 Sprints 20 laps




Adult admission $20 Kids $4 Family 4 Pack $58** Indoor $25 Reserved $22

Pit gates open 3:30  Warm ups 6:30 Spectator gate opens at 5pm

*Modified payout is based on 40 entries

** Family 4 Pack is admission for 2 adults, 2 kids and $20 in food vouchers

Rain Date: Sept 30 and October 1st






Dave & Joanne Rocket





September 17th:

Middletown Auto Wreckers – Spectrum Auto Body – Route 94 Auto Sales – Eve of Destruction – Demo Derby and Fireworks.

Note:  It was also mentioned last Saturday night that there would be a Modified “Dash for Cash” race on the 17th.  Six cars, I believe.  I believe they did that last year too – something I’ve told OCFS many times that should be done – some kind of a race so those in attendance (packed house, I believe) might get a glimpse of what went on at OC on Saturday nights.  I understand they told those in attendance last year that this was what they’d see on a Saturday night, but from what I’ve seen, I didn’t help any.  Oh well!


Lebanon Valley:

September 17th:

2011 Season points final – Sportsman, Budget Sportsman (LV & Accord 602 chase), Pro Stocks, 4 Cylinders and Vintage Modifieds.



September 17th:

Sportsman, Pro Stock, Legends, Bandoleros,

Street Stock, 4 Cylinder


September 24th:

Sportsman, Pro Stock, Legends, Bandoleros,

BMS Modified, Street Stock, 4 Cylinder

Empire Sport Trucks


From a PR from Bethel:




Tracy Chirico




BETHEL, NY – Last week, the racing community was dealt a blow with the unfortunate passing of Area Auto Racing News assistant editor and noted columnist Jerry Reigle after a valiant battle with cancer. In honor of Reigle and his contributions to further motorsports – particularly on the short track level – Bethel Motor Speedway management announced this week that they would play host to a memorial race in Reigle’s name on Saturday, September 17.


While Reigle worked hand in hand with journalists and photographers from all forms of racing at all levels of the sport, his primary focus was dirt racing, prompting the management at Bethel to host the race in his honor for the Sportsman cars, a dirt division that has made Bethel Motor Speedway its home on asphalt, with exciting competition and sizeable fields each week.


“Jerry did so much for the sport of auto racing, for motorsports journalism, and for all of the people that he touched, that we felt it was fitting to honor him,” stated Tracy Chirico, Bethel’s Business Operations Manager. In her time as a contributor for AARN, Chirico worked directly with Reigle.


“There is no more fitting way to pay tribute to someone like Jerry than out there on a race track,” Chirico commented, “And it made sense to run a race in his memory with the Sportsman cars.”


An anonymous contributor has stepped forward to boost the winner’s payout for the event, and the race will pay $750 to win.


The growth of the Sportsman class at Bethel over the past several seasons has been impressive, and the class thrills fans week in and week out. Following the Labor Day weekend events, the points battle in the class was the tightest of all of the divisions at Bethel, with only a single point separating the first and second place drivers. More than 25 different drivers have tried their hand in the division at the speedway so far this year.


Bethel Motor Speedway is a quarter-mile asphalt oval, which was resurfaced in preparation for the 2011 season. Grandstand gates at the speedway open at 1 pm weekly, and the concession stand is open for lunch. Pit gates open at 3 pm, and hot laps take to the track at 5 pm. The wheel-to-wheel racing excitement that Bethel is known for hits the pavement at 7 pm.


More information about Bethel Motor Speedway can be obtained at www.bethelmotorspeedway.com  or by calling (845) 319-7908.



Note:  There is an excellent photo of Jerry Reigle that can be seen if you go to the Bethel website and click on the link for the info on this event.



Found on Jayski’s website:


Kurt Busch goes after reporter, restrained:

It started with a simple question to Kurt Busch from NASCAR.com reporter Joe Menzer following two on-camera interviews by ESPN and MRN on pit road at Richmond International Raceway. "Kurt, can either you or Jimmie win the Chase&" Menzer began to ask. Before Menzer could finish his thought, Busch cut him off. "How did I see you were going to come with that? We're good." Busch said. In an attempt to end the interview, Busch turned away and started walking down pit road. Menzer called after him and said the question was legitimate following the multiple incidents with Jimmie Johnson during Saturday night's race. At that moment, Busch turned around yelling expletives at Menzer, coming at him as if he wanted to fight. As he called Menzer names and continued to try to get at him, team members from Busch's Penske Racing team had to physically restrain Busch.(SB Nation)
AND It was the 2004 champion, though, who seemed to be feeling the pressure afterward. He castigated a reporter during a pit-road interview and renewed a heated discussion with him before a news conference 30 minutes later in the media center. He then challenged another reporter who asked Johnson to respond to Busch's contention that he was in the five-time champion's head. "I didn't say that tonight," retorted Busch, who later tore up a transcript of the interview (which was broadcast on national TV) handed to him by the reporter. "Did not."(USA Today and more news on this at Sports Illustrated)(9-11-2011)


Danica waiting on 2012 Schedules to be released for Cup races to be decided:

Danica Patrick, who is moving to NASCAR's Nationwide Series full time in 2012, said Friday her limited Sprint Cup schedule wouldn't be determined until NASCAR released next year's schedule in its entirety. "Go Daddy's input is important (in determining the schedule) and they'll play a part, but they're also respectful enough to understand that I'm the driver and the team owners are drivers, too, and they're not NASCAR professionals necessarily" Patrick said about her sponsor. "Taking the advice of those around me who have been in the sport for a long time, they realize that's the smart thing to do, too, and they don't stand in the way." When Patrick discussed her limited Cup schedule with team owner Tony Stewart, he suggested going to the tougher tracks, such as Darlington, Dover or Bristol, so she could start learning them. "That means I'm really going to look like crap out there," Patrick said with a laugh. Patrick expects her schedule to come together rather quickly once NASCAR has released the 2012 Sprint Cup dates.(RacinToday)(9-10-2011)


Childress discusses Bowyer's situation UPDATE:

On Wednesday, September 8th on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, hosts Rick Benjamin and Chocolate Myers spoke with Richard Childress about the status of negotiations with driver #33-Clint Bowyer.
Host/Rick Benjamin: "What's the future of the #33 car and Clint Bowyer at this stage of the game with you?"

Richard Childress: "You know, we've tried and we've really worked really hard to put the deal together to keep Clint. It's not 100% off the table but it's getting tougher and tougher as the day goes by. Clint's got a couple of really good opportunities there facing him. We just, for us it just didn't seem that we could get everything worked out. Clint's still a good friend. I want the best for him. I feel like that we've done a lot together and I hope that if we can't put him in a car next year that he gets in a ride that he's really good and happy with."

Benjamin: "So the door's not completely closed yet but almost there, huh?"

Childress: "Well, the door's not closed for sure and it'll always be open no matter where he ends up. But we're still looking at other options and trying to put some things together. It'd be great to get him back in that #33 and run him but if we don't I want him to have the best for him because he's a great guy, a great talent, a lot of fun and I look at him as a good friend."
SiriusXM NASCAR Radio is available to listeners nationwide on channel 90 on Sirius and XM Premier (formerly known as "The Best of Sirius")(SiriusXM)(9-8-2011)

UPDATE - Bowyer:

Bowyer has repeatedly said he wants a three-year contract extension to stay with RCR, but talks have seemed strained over the last month. Bowyer two weeks ago even expressed frustration over the free agency process and lashed out at how he was being characterized in the media of late. He called Childress' Thursday comments "fair" and said there's no updates in his situation. "There's opportunities and stuff we're just trying to weigh out and, again, you've got to have all the stars line up," Bowyer said. "You can't just have one piece of the puzzle or a couple pieces of the puzzle. You have to have the whole puzzle put together and that's how you do that in today's world and you're wasting your time talking about it to any media because you don't really have anything to deliver to them."(Associated Press)(9-9-2011)


Most chase races will be available online:

UPDATES: NASCAR, ESPN and Turner Sports will announce plans Wednesday to air nine of the 10 Chase races live online, allowing fans to view the end of the Sprint Cup season in ways never before available. Fans can view the nine ESPN races via NASCAR.com's RaceBuddy and ESPN's WatchESPN.com platform and the free WatchESPN app, beginning with Sunday's Cup race from Chicagoland Speedway. The lone Cup race fans won't be able to view online will be the Oct. 15 event at Charlotte Motor Speedway. That race airs on ABC, which does not air events live online to protect its affiliate stations. Here's what fans can see online:
NASCAR.com's RaceBuddy will feature two mosaics with a mix of eight in-car and stationary cameras positioned around the track. Team radio audio will be associated with each of the in-car cameras.
• ESPN's live broadcast can be viewed via computer, smartphone and tablet through ESPN's WatchESPN app and at WatchESPN.com.
Also, it will be announced that ESPN's daily NASCAR show "NASCAR Now'' will be available for the first time through WatchESPN.com and the WatchESPN app. Telecast of NASCAR Nationwide Series races on ESPN and ESPN2 also will be available on WatchESPN.com and the WatchESPN app.(Virginian-Pilot)(9-14-2011)

UPDATE: Heading into the start of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR, ESPN and Turner Sports, which manages NASCAR.COM, announced details of a new partnership that will provide race fans with a never-before-seen digital viewing experience during the sport's postseason run. NASCAR.COM's RaceBuddy product will be available for the first time ever during the Chase while NASCAR content will appear for the first time ever in ESPN's WatchESPN.com platform and WatchESPN app. WatchESPN and WatchESPN.com, which give sports fans access to 24/7 live programming from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU, will, for the first time ever, exclusively feature the live ESPN telecasts of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races. WatchESPN is available on computers, smartphones and tablets through WatchESPN.com and the free WatchESPN app, which are accessible to fans who receive their video service from an affiliated provider. Also, ESPN2's daily NASCAR news and information program, "NASCAR Now", will be available on multiple devices to NASCAR fans for the first time ever through WatchESPN and WatchESPN.com. Telecasts of NASCAR Nationwide Series races on ESPN and ESPN2 will also be available.(ESPN)(9-14-2011)

UPDATE 2: Here's a few more details:
• The agreement goes through the length of the TV contract, which is 2014. So, this will be not just a one-time thing.
• The agreement is for ALL ESPN Cup races, not just the Chase races, as is the case this year. ESPN is broadcasting 14 of the final 17 Cup races. So, provided that number stays the same, you will get to see a few more Cup races online next year. (Of course, the six TNT races are also on NASCAR.com's RaceBuddy, so that can mean about 20 races online next year).
• The agreement does NOT cover the ABC races. Those races aren't shown to protect the affiliate.
• The agreement covers practice sessions and qualifying sessions that ESPN broadcasts, along with the Nationwide races and "NASCAR Now'' and any other NASCAR content.
• As part of this agreement, you can watch the ESPN broadcast on WatchESPN.com or the WatchESPN app that allows you to view the race broadcast on your smartphone, computer or tablet. As of now, those with Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Verizon FiOS TV can get the WatchESPN feed.(Virginian-Pilot)(9-14-2011)


RPM no longer interested in Bowyer:

Richard Petty Motorsports has withdrawn its offer to Clint Bowyer to drive a car for the organization in 2012. Team owner Andrew Murstein confirmed to FOXSports.com that RPM has decided to go in another direction with the program. "We are no longer in discussions with Clint," Murstein said. "We just feel that RPM is in a great place today, especially how far we have come since last year. Both #9-Marcos (Ambrose) and #43-A.J. (Allmendinger) are not only having career years, but they are both moving in the right directions and improving. "Clint is a great driver and we wish him the best wherever he ends up. For now, we will continue to focus on our two teams and continuing to make great strides as we return the King and his unmatched tradition and legion of loyal fans back into Victory Lane." The most recent organization in the Bowyer sweepstakes is Michael Waltrip Racing. Bowyer was seen touring MWR last Thursday. If he ends up at MWR, expect the company to a run a third team along with current drivers #00-David Reutimann and #56-Martin Truex, Jr.(Fox Sports)(9-14-2011)


Fuel Injection Tests:

NASCAR will hold fuel injection tests Oct. 18 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Oct. 20 at Talladega Superspeedway and Oct. 30 at Martinsville Speedway. Teams will be allowed to test fuel injection Oct. 4-5 at the open Phoenix test but with the other three tests already scheduled, they might not trek that far.(SceneDaily)(9-8-2011)



Former Oakland Valley Speedway (Dirt Oval) runners:

I usually go to various track websites to get results.  What I find somewhat disturbing is that when they put up an article about their races, in most cases there is no date.  Or, it might take forever to get results up, too.  Wonder why?

Nick Pecko was 7th in the Modified feature at Mountain Speedway.

AJ Filbeck had a 2nd place at Utica/Rome last weekend and in one I missed from the previous week, a 17th – both in the Sportsman class.

Tyler Boniface was 21st at Glen Ridge in the Sportsman feature on 9/9.

Rich Coons was 5th in the Sportsman feature at Bethel last Saturday.

Johnny Guarino had a 22nd place at New Egypt in the Modified feature.

At Hamlin, Charlie Lawrence was 2nd in the All Star Slingshot feature, while Tyler Dippel was 14th.  Molly Chambers was 15th, Joe Kata 19th and Kyle Rohner 23rd in the wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature.  Rick Casario was 17th in the 270 Micro feature.

Kenney Johnson was 11th in the Boston Louie NEMA Lites race at Seekonk, MA.

Danny Creeden was the Modified feature winner at Accord with Clinton Mills 13th.  Tyler Dippel won the Spec Sportsman feature with Kyle Rohner 3rd and Kyle VanDuser 10th.

At OCFS in the CRSA 305 Sprint Car feature, Josh Pieniazek was 4th, John Virgilio 11th, Billy VanInwegen 13th, Danny Hennessy 20th Benny Rizzo 21st and Brittany Tresch 25th.  Emily VanInwegen was a DNS.

At Big Diamond, in the Coal Cracker race, Mike Mammana was a DNQ.

Tiffany Wambold was 2nd in the 270 Micro Sprint feature at Borgers.

Note:  No idea as to what happened with results from OCFS for all the racing from last Saturday, other than the CRSA 305 Sprint Cars, as far as any results to be found on the Internet or even My Laps.  As of Tuesday evening, nothing has been found.  Kinda sad, I’d say.




Going back, in time – in racing history:

Note# 1:  Most of the following information was found here: 



Note: 2:  Yes, most of this info is from Open Wheel racing from “Back in the day”.


Covering the days from September 16th to the 22nd.




Jason Leffler... Born ... USAC and NASCAR driver.




Tony Romit... Born ... Tony was an open cockpit driver from New Jersey, who raced TQ midgets, midgets and sprint cars, (and even stock cars on occasion I believe) along the east coast from 1948 to the mid 1970's.


Stirling Moss... Born ... The best driver never to win the World Championship, Sir Stirling Moss OBE is arguably the greatest all-round racing driver of all time. Known during his career as ‘Mr Motor Racing’ he began hillclimbing a Cooper 500 in 1948 at the age of 18. His early career was meteoric and soon he was driving works cars for Jaguar and HWM. In 1955 he was signed up by Mercedes-Benz to partner World Champion Fangio. That year Stirling shadowed the great Argentine in most Grands Prix, beating him to win the British GP. Famously, that year he won the incredible Mille Miglia, the Targa Florio and the Tourist Trophy – all legendary sports car races. For four years he would finish runner-up in the World Championship and, after M-B retired, led the Maserati and Vanwall teams. He also continued to drive saloon and sports cars and during his remarkable career drove more 80 different types of car. In the late 50s and early 60s, he led the changeover to rear-engined F1 cars, achieving the first victory for such a car at the 1958 Argentine GP and was in a class of his own during this period. A near-fatal accident ended it all in 1962 but he was to remain a superstar to this day.


LeeRoy Yarbrough... Born ... A NASCAR racer. His best season was 1969 when he won seven races and tallied 21 Top Ten finishes. During his entire career from 1960-1972, he competed in 198 races, scoring 14 wins, 65 top fives, 92 top tens, and 10 poles. His racing number was 98. LeeRoy ran the Indy 500 3 times with a best finish of 19th in 1970. A succession of crashes ended his career and he struggled to cope without driving. After an attack on his mother, Lee Roy, real name, Lonnie, was committed to a mental hospital for life. In 1984, he suffered a seizure and fell, hitting his head and died the next day, from his head injury.


Elbert "Babe" Stapp... Died ... AAA driver from 1920 to 1940




Johnny Mantz ... Born ... AAA / USAC and NASCAR driver from the 1940's and 50's. He made 17 starts in the AAA Championship Car series from 1948 to 1952, capturing a victory in his rookie season at the Milwaukee Mile as well as winning the Indianapolis Sweepstakes at Williams Grove Speedway. He was the first USAC Stock Car national champ in 1956. Mantz also made 12 NASCAR Grand National starts from 1950-1951 and 1955-1956. He won his third race, the first Southern 500 held at Darlington Raceway using truck tires which did not wear while his competitors had to stop and pit for new tires. It was his only NASCAR win.


Billy Foster... Born ... The first Canadian to ever race in the Indianapolis 500. He was the 1965 USAC Rookie of the Year, and died in a crash while practicing for the 'Motor Trend 500' NASCAR GN race at Riverside International Raceway January 20, 1967.


Boris Said ... Born ... Trans-Am and sports car driver (and NASCAR ringer).


Arie Luyendyk, Jr.... Born ... Racing driver and son of Indianapolis 500 winner Arie Luyendyk.




Rex Mays drove an Offenhauser powered midget racer 147.037 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats for the U.S. Class E (2-liter, un-blown) record. 


Cory McClenathan , in a Top Fuel dragster, ran the 1/4-mile in 4.799 seconds at Reading, Pennsylvania. Becoming the first NHRA driver to run the 1/4-mile in less than 4.8 seconds.




Bill Schindler... Died ... East Coast midget, sprint and Indy car driver. Raced with only one leg after a crash in 1936, but died in an AAA sprint car race at Allentown PA.  In 1947 he won 53 features and ended up 2nd in points to George Rice for the ARDC championship.  He came back and won 53 more features in 1948 and the ARDC championship.  He, in a way, was tested to see if he could drive Indy (Champ) cars, with just one leg, when he drove the # 17 (Clark Gable car) car in the dirt track action, in the movie "To Please A Lady".  In 1936, he vowed to never race two races in one day, which he was scheduled to do the day he lost his leg.  He kept his word until 9/20/1952, when he raced the Sprint Car at Allentown, then was to run a midget that night at the Hatfield Speedway.


Juan Pablo Montoya... Born ... Formula One, ChampCar, NASCAR driver and the 2000 INDY 500 winner.




Kenny Weld wins the only USAC race of his career. The victory came at the Reading Fairgrounds in a sprint car built by Floyd Trevis and owned by Bob Weikert. All three are in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame .




Just think - if I wasn't born on this date, you would not be reading this!


Louis Schneider... Died ... AAA Midget and Indy Car driver from the 1920's and 30's. He won the 1931 Indy 500.


Dutch Schaefer won the ARDC Midget race at the Eastern States Expo Speedway, West Springfield, MA.

Dutch Schaefer won the ARDC Midget race at the Freeport Speedway, Freeport,NY.

Note:  Kinda hard to believe that, huh?  Just for the heck of it, I went to Mapquest to see how long it would take, today, with the Interstate Highway system to make the trip between the two tracks - a shade over three hours, is what came up.  If I can recall, 1956 really didn't have much of an Interstate Highway system, although I believe the NY Thruway was already built, but I doubt they would have used it.





News from the AARN:



From their September 6th edition:


What with the passing of Jerry Reigle on August 30, 2011, at the young age of 43, there really wasn’t enough time for the AARN to get much out about Jerry.  In the September 6th edition, the following columnists had nice words, thoughts and comments about his passing:   Lenny Sammons, Ernie Saxton, Earl Krause, Kyle Hardner, Dave Roberts, Jeff Ulrich, Stephen Bubb, Don and Jo Ann Davies, Walt Wimer, Mark Garman and Scott Pacich


Besides most of his column pertaining to Jerry, Lenny Sammons also made mention of an injury to Lou Cicconi and why he hasn’t raced lately.  It seems Lou hurt himself in bed – turning over and reaching out to turn off his alarm clock.  He had a “procedure” done and it’s 50/50 as to whether it will be successful, or not.  If not, an operation will be needed.


Ernie Saxton had a little about Tony Stewart and if Tony had any idea as to what age he’d retire from racing.  Stewart has no idea and said he didn’t think he’d live to see 30, let alone 40.

Ernie had in his column that UPS has just signed a 100 million dollar marketing deal with 68 colleges.  He says more and more corporations are fining they can no longer afford a full season of sponsoring cars in Cup and are going elsewhere.  I think I’ve said about the same thing, a time or two?


There was a “column” by Jerry Reigle – well sort of.  In the past, in his columns, he always had his “Final 50”.  In this weeks AARN, there was a “Final 50”, with things from 49 different people expressing their thoughts about Jerry.  Why only 49?  When Jerry had his, he always left # 43 open for “King Richard” Petty.  The AARN sought fit to do the same.


Kevin Rice made mention of Chuck Hossfeld, after winning the 200 lap Modified race at Oswego, having raced a 358 Modified on dirt at Ransomville.  Hossfeld started last and ended up 15th out of a field of 23.  He’s hoping to race at SDW in Syracuse in early October.


URC Sprint Car Driver Tim Higgins had a heart attack while at Delaware International Speedway during the URC races.  Taken to the hospital, he had a stent put in.


There was an ad for the Final 2011 $150,000.00 American Racer Cup Point Standings, with Billy Pauch 1st (New Egypt Speedway), Alex Friesen second (Five mile), Billy Van Pelt third (Wooodull), Al Rudalavage fourth (Woodull) and Matt Jester fifth (Delaware)

Note:  What I found to be somewhat strange was no mention of the Accord Speedway or it’s point champion, Brett Hearn as far as the top 10 went.


Although John Snyder says he enjoyed watching “Mad House” on TV, he believes that it gave people across the country a false impression of what real NASCAR pavement Modified racing is really like.

Note:  I only watched part of their first airing and left, not being a fan of the so called “entertainment” the show offered.  Yes, Mr. Snyder is correct, a false impression, for sure.


Two people, associated with auto racing were mentioned as having passed away.  Richard “Reds” Kagle on 8/29 – one of the South’s legendary stock car drivers, and Lynn “Red” Wines, 70, on 8/26.  He was a driver, car owner and sponsor out on Long Island, N.Y.


There was a question asked of Sleepy Gomez, “Racers Tech Questions” about any alternative to buying the rather expensive HANS device, and if “I really need one”.  The one questioning this races a Street Stock on a ¼ mile dirt track.  Mr. Gomez  did say that, yes, one should wear some kind of protective device.  He said that when Dale Earnhardt was fatally injured, the impact on the Daytona wall was at 55 MPH.  He suggested that the driver “put away some dollars every week towards the purchase of some kind of device, and race with all the protection you can afford.


Another ad reminding the readers of the Motor Sports 2012 show on January 20, 21 & 22 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa.


And, on their website, which can usually be seen late on Monday night, I found this for this weeks edition:


Former Driver, Racing Dad
Billy Cannon Passes


Old Guard Stands Up
To Young Lions
In ATQMRA Action





More racin’ stuff:


Do you like racing – especially Open Wheel, from “Back in the day”?  How about photos from back then?  Midgets and Sprint Cars?


Well then, here ya go:  http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/ta/backintime11-2/pg1.htm


Check out page three and the crowd at the Midget race at Milwaukee.





Racing and television:

Racing on TV - http://www.racefantv.com/USTV.htm




Some non-racing stuff:

The following e-mail stirs a great deal of emotion and thought.  Check out this link, which gives you more information regarding the origination of the e-mail.


Also, consider looking at the following links, which further tell of the impact of the healthcare reform bill from Representative Paul D. Ryan:



Forwarded e-mail:

The National Association of REALTORS is all over this and working to get it repealed, before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren't the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners. How many realtors do you think will vote Democratic in 2012?

Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it? That's $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It's in the health care bill and goes into effect in 2013.

Why 2013? Could it be to come to light AFTER the 2012 elections? So, this is "change you can believe in"?  Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax.

If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation who often downsize their homes.  Does this make your November and 2012 vote more important?

Oh, you weren't aware this was in the Obama-care bill? Guess what, you aren't alone. There are more than a few members of Congress that aren't aware of it either.

Check out the following website for more info.



I hope you forward this to every single person in your address book.  VOTERS NEED TO KNOW.



Is this true?:


AZ Gov. Brewer Hammers Obama on Amnesty: Acts Like He’s “Above the Law”


In part:


“While few elected officials have denounced Barack Obama’s amnesty-by-decree for illegal aliens – even as of this morning – one in particular stepped up with a forceful response within hours of this outrageous edict. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued a statement denouncing the anti-Constitutional move (and had to re-issue it, after Facebook, ahem, “mistakenly” took it down)…


“The Obama administration cannot get its amnesty schemes through Congress, so now it has resorted to implementing its plans via executive fiat….This plan amounts to backdoor amnesty for hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of illegal aliens…. With this announcement, the President is encouraging more illegal immigration at the exact moment we need federal focus on border security.


Then Brewer pointed out something the media has taken great pains to ignore this weekend: how just one month ago, Obama rejected such a move in front of the National Council of La Raza (“The Race”). In case you missed it, Obama first said “I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books”.  And he went on from there…


More on this can be found here:  http://standwitharizona.com/blog/2011/08/22/az-gov-brewer-hammers-obama-on-amnesty-acts-like-hes-above-the-law/




Video time:


Going along for the ride on a 305 Sprint Car at the Orange County Fair Speedway.  Enjoy!






Closing with these:


You think English is easy??


1) The bandage was wound around the wound.


2) The farm was used to produce produce.


3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.


4) We must polish the Polish furniture.


5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.


6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.


7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.


8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.


9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.


10) I did not object to the object.


11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.


12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.


13) They were too close to the door to close it.


14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.


15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.


16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.


17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.


18) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.


19) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.


20) How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?


More “English” next week!




May “Guardian Angels” sit on the shoulders of all of our race drivers and race fans, and guide them safely around the tracks!


Drive safe! 


As usual, you can reach me at:  ygordad@yahoo.com