Mostly Racin' Stuff  

By Tom Avenengo  

Volume # 248



Part 1:


This week's special photo:


C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Going back in time part 1\Going back in time part 1 023.jpg


The late Alvin "Jeep" Colkitt is pictured in this # 1 Offy midget.  I can still recall the night we were walking into Hinchliffe Stadium, in Paterson, NJ, and "Jeep" was hot-lapping this car around the track, with no other cars on the track at the same time.  From what I can recall, he was an "also-ran" come feature time that night.  A few more racing photos will appear thru ought this week's column.




Special from me:


Yes, I took a week off, last week.  So, this week's edition will actually cover some things from two weeks.  At least things, racing wise, are starting to slow down now.





Racin’ stuff:


Over time, I've been a pain in the ass about OCFS.  Do I apologize?  No, I don't.  I voiced my thoughts and concerns.  I kinda feel I have had a right to, since I've been going there (off & on) since the mid 40's.  Lately, with some influx of some major monies, quite a few improvements have and will continue to be made.  Sadly, it looks like my visits to the old place will be no more, mainly due to some health issues I have had.  But, some news came out today, October 21st, on Facebook, that kinda made me happy.  Dave Morehouse will now have the old sandwich shop for him to sell his racing "goodies".  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Note:  If you're on Facebook, just go to the Dave Morehouse page and scroll down a tad to see the photos of the old sandwich shop.


C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Bobby Marshman in 19.jpg


Yes, he was one of the best - Bobby Marshman.  Photo taken at Danbury, I believe.





Found on Jayski:


Talladega TV Ratings: 


Overnight ratings dropped again for NASCAR's Chase For the Cup, but Talladega scored the sport's top overnight rating in over six weeks. NASCAR Sprint Cup racing from Talladega, the sixth race in the Chase For the Cup, drew a 2.5 overnight rating on NBCSN Sunday afternoon - down 7% from last year and 2013, when coverage aired on ESPN (2.7 both years), and the 17th of 18 races on cable this year to have a decline in overnights. Despite the decline, the 2.5 overnight is the highest for any NASCAR race since Darlington on Labor Day weekend, which aired on the NBC broadcast network (3.4). The previous mark over that span was a 2.2 for Kansas the week before, which also aired on NBC. The 2.5 is also tied as the second-highest overnight for NASCAR on cable this season, matching Pocono in August and Martinsville on Fox Sports 1 in March. The only race to have a higher overnight on cable was the Brickyard 400, which drew a 2.9 on NBCSN in July. Head-to-head, NASCAR on NBCSN more-than-tripled competing coverage of the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix on NBC (0.7).(ShowBuzz Daily / Sports Media Watch) See past race TV Ratings, five-year comparison chart and more on the 2015 TV Ratings page.(10-27-2015)



From Track Forum:


The end of the Milwaukee Mile?




From the Dirt Track Digest Forum:


was 3 car the winner ?

Note:  I'm not saying the 3 car was legal, and not saying it wasn't.  However, it is said no "Dry Sumps allowed".  Now if it did have a Dry Sump, and from what I've read in various threads about the race, it is quite easy to see a Dry Sump system.  True, or not?




C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Brett H in midget at OC.jpg


One of the best in a Modified.  Brett Hearn in a midget at OCFS.


Hmm, while on Brett in this week's column, DIRT finally came down with his "penalties" for running ES:





From the AARN:


Coby’s Thompson NASCAR WMT Win Earns Him Third Title


James Michael Friesen Stripped Of Syracuse Sportsman Score; Warner Declared Victor


Jordan Watson Is Delaware State Modified Champion; Pratt Takes Small Blocks


Gobrecht Outlines Plan Of Action For Susquehanna (PA)Speedway Park


Woody Pitkat Wins VMRS. Sunoco Modified Titles At Thompson World Series


Weather Affects Path Valley. SSP, Port Royal. Brewerton


Richest, Longest Race In Mahoning Valley History Won By Roger Coss


ISMA Vets Bow To DJShullick At Thompson; Earns Title Too


Terrance Terrific In Brockville DIRTcarBig Blocks


Chuck McKee To Retire After Sunday’s Eastern States 200


And more from this week's issue (10/20/15):


Some interesting numbers I found in this week's AARN:

One writer had 68 cars at OCFS for practice, while another had 100 cars.  Hmmm?


C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Bobby Green at OC.jpg


As you know, I've been a race fan since the mid 40's.  Over the years I've had my favorite drivers - first it was little Johnny Ritter.  Then Bill Schindler, Georgie Rice and Russ Klar, in midgets.  Al Keller,Johnny Thomson and Tommy Hinnrshitz were three from the sprint cars.  Bill Vukovich was my all time favorite Indy car driver.  As for the modified - I still have to go with the late Bob Green, who's pictured above.  My son, Eric and I were at the Greens house the night prior to his accident at Accord - the one that ended his driving career.  I'm still quite sure I was the last one to actually talk with Bob that night at Accord.  He had made a pit stop - pretty sure to change a flat, and while he was waiting to go back onto the track we did have a short conversation.  A few laps later, he was on his roof between turns 3 & 4.




Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:


Anthony Perrego was 4th in the modified feature at Penn Can, while Kyle Rohner was 3rd in the GRIT Sportsman feature.


Roger Coss won the Mahoning Valley's "Octoberfest" 150 lap feature at Mahoning Valley.


Jacob Hendershot was 28th and 6th in the 270 features at Linda's Speeedway.


Glen Ridge 10/17

 POWERi Midget Feature:

1. Ken Johnson


Note:  Further down in the column are results from the ESW.  Former OVRP drivers are shown with an "*" in front of their names.  Sorry, but nowhere could I find all those that were DNQ's.






News from Delaware’s Historic Georgetown Speedway

Media Contact: Brett Deyo or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/October 21, 2015

Attachment: GeorgetownCrowd2.jpg – Georgetown Speedway grandstands full prior to the ‘Blast at the Beach’ special (Rick Sweeten photo)

Historic Georgetown Speedway Set To Live Another Year: Lease Agreement With BD Motorsports Media LLC Signed For 2016; Special-Event, Limited Schedule Will Bring Excitement & Variety To First State Racing Community; Working Relationship With Delaware International Speedway Planned

GEORGETOWN, DE A First State facility rich in history will live to see another year of auto racing.

On Tuesday, Brett Deyo of BD Motorsports Media LLC signed a lease agreement with Seacoast Investments LLC to operate Georgetown Speedway in 2016 with a second-year option in place for 2017. A limited schedule of unique and special events will take place next season at the storied half-mile clay oval located just off the heavily traveled Route 113 corridor.

“There is a tremendous amount of support in Delaware for Georgetown Speedway,” Deyo said of the opportunity. “When Laura (Schafer, who had been leasing the speedway) made it known she was not going to renew her lease, the wheels started turning this past August. A number of people in the local business community have stepped up to make this possible.”

During the last two years, Deyo and driver/racing businessman Eric Kormann have partnered to present the ‘Blast at the Beach’ midweek event at Georgetown. Both events were highly successful and drew large crowds and solid car counts with competitors from several surrounding states.

“I always respected the history of Georgetown, and definitely fell in love with the track after Eric led me down to promote our first race there in 2014,” Deyo said. “It’s an honor to have this opportunity to be part of the Georgetown legacy.”

The third annual ‘Blast at the Beach’ will of course be among the ’16 schedule highlights, again as a partnership with Kormann featuring the South Region of the Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek. Kormann, who came on board with Schafer during the summer stretch last year, will again play a key role at Georgetown next season.

A number of different divisions are being looked at for the ’16 agenda. Scheduling will be done in conjunction with area speedways, namely neighboring Delaware International Speedway in Delmar, Del., to avoid conflicts and ensure maximum participation and attendance.

“We will be working closely with Charlie Cathell (Delaware International owner and promoter) and his family for the betterment of racing in Delaware as a whole,” Deyo said.

“The plan is to bring a variety of different classes to the track and make each event something special and different.”

Due to the speedway’s southern location, an early season March event is already in the planning stages. Deyo hopes to be able to kick off the ’16 dirt Modified season in the Northeast at Georgetown.

Local businesses looking to get involved either as marketing partners or to enable facility improvements are urged to contact Deyo by phone at 845.728.2781 or via e-mail: A complete website and social media overhaul is expected during the off-season.

“So far, the commitments from people in the area with businesses has been very encouraging,” Deyo said. “I am hoping the racing community can rally around Georgetown and keep the track thriving into the future.”

A general clean-up of the facility is planned with other projects pending as funding and time permit. Other news regarding the Georgetown ’16 season will be forthcoming.

Deyo will continue to organize the Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek North and South regions in 2016. Scheduling is in the works for the series and will be released by early December.

Georgetown Speedway, originally constructed by Melvin L. Joseph in 1950, is located at the intersection of Route 113 and Speedway Road in Georgetown, Del., just miles from the Delaware beaches and less than a 40-minute drive from Ocean City, Md.

BD Motorsports Media LLC can be found online at, on Facebook under “Short Track Super Series” and on Twitter @ShortTrackSS. Calls should be directed to 845.728.2781 during business hours.


Brett Deyo
BD Motorsports Media LLC
Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek
Phone: 845.728.2781
Facebook: "Short Track Super Series"
Twitter: @ShortTrackSS


Note:  I sent the following to Mr. Deyo:


"Might I ask how this might affect you and other tracks, like OCFS?




His response:


"Not at all, series remains intact."



From Pocono Raceway:


Many fans have asked and we're excited to announce the Verizon IndyCar Series will race again at Pocono Raceway this summer! The ABC Supply 500 race weekend will take place August 20-21, 2016.

Tickets start at $25 for adults and select Grandstand tickets are half-priced for kids, ages 12 and under. Get your 2016 Pocono INDYCAR tickets starting today by clicking here or by calling 1-800-722-3929.





This week's joke:


Continuing from what Elaine sent me two weeks ago:


There are two sides to every divorce, yours and Shithead's.


I love being married, it's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

Every day I beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days I've stayed alive.

How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America.

Why is it that most nudists are people you don't want to see naked.

Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled.

Every time I walk into a singles bar I can hear Mom's wise words, "Don't pick that up, you don't know where it's been."

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn, that was fun."



Part 2:


So before getting into Part 2 of this week's column, I figured I best give you some of my thoughts.  Some might like them, some might not.


I've been doing these columns for quite some time now.  I've only had a few folks get back to me on any of them.  Oh, I get "grief" from some on the Internet if I say anything about Middletown's OCFS.  I'm not sure if those that criticize me had been around when one had a hard time getting a seat if you got there about race time.  My, how things have changed over the years!  Last few times I was there (for weekly shows), one could sit most anywhere in the 1/2 covered stands.  Yes, ESW was the exception, along with some WoO shows.  But weekly racing?  I kinda feel that I do have a reason to be somewhat critical when I see how the place has gone downhill.  And, from the fan turn out, maybe I'm not alone?  Hell, I've been going to races there since the mid 40's.  I just hope those that have been critical of my "hitting" about OCFS were there back in the 60's -80's and early 90's to see where I was coming from.


Recently, Halmar has spent a ton of monies on the track, it's stands and some painting up - here and there.  What the future holds between Halmar and OCFS, only they know, I'd surmise.  But I can say this:  "It's gonna be a helluva battle to get the place back to where it was some years ago".


I still feel the biggest hurt to the track was when they closed the two eating establishments that were under the main stands.  I was kinda privvy to hear that those that had the sandwich place did have someone to take it over (one of their employees).  Then someone  (I have to take you know who it was) put a bug into Mr. Gurda's  ear, and "magically" I heard the rent increased.  That killed that one.  Of course, chances are I could be in error.  One has to go by what one hears.



Now, as for my weekly columns :


I've decided to take some time off.  Heck, the racing season is about over, anyway.  Yes, it's been a blast keeping those that read them kinda up to date, that's for sure.

Besides sending my columns into the Dirt Track Digest, and the New England Tractor website, I did have a selected few that also received them.  One of those was Ron Lauer.  Ron never forgot to thank me for sending them to him, even though I really haven't covered the ARDC all that much.

Yes I also had another one that requested I no longer send him my columns - had to be because of my criticisms of OCFS.  Hey, it was his choice!  I might have felt the same if I was in his shoes, and someone complained about the track he works at.

So, As I send out this column, I'll make sure that the two main ones, Dirt Track Digest and New England Tractor would want my columns in the future, whenever that might be.  More than likely on a monthly basis.


As for those that have been so critical of what I have had to say, via my columns or on Facebook, regarding racing in its present state - hey, I can't say that I blame you all that much - just my thoughts, of course.  But I feel I should question them if they were at OCFS back in its "Hey-Day"?


So, now back to some Racin' Stuff:


Yup, I wish I was in my usual seat for the Eastern States race.  From what I've seen there was a great crowd, great car counts, and some great racing.  The question might never be answered to everyone's satisfaction - was it 198 or 200 laps for the Modified feature?  And I have to agree with my son Eric, who was there and has been ever since he was a little one - way too many caution laps.  The officials have a meeting prior to the races.  It's at that time that they should tell the drivers - 3 laps only.  If you're out of position, tough.  After all, the "tower" should be able to tell the drivers exactly where they are, right - especially with the scoring facilities available today?


As for former OVRP Dirt Oval racers, and how they did:


Small Blocks

* Shows former OVRP drivers

1 20Brett Hearn1021:04:44.32421.02883107 mi/h

2 33.3Tommy Meier1021:04:45.74601.42221.31483105.564 mi/h

3 44sStewart Friesen1021:04:46.15401.83021.19132106.177 mi/h

4 115Kenny Tremont Jr.1021:04:46.73202.40821.37466105.268 mi/h

*5 16xDanny Creeden1021:04:47.18002.85621.19132106.177 mi/h

6 14HJeff Heotzler1021:04:47.67203.34821.63147104.017 mi/h

*7 1dTyler Dippel1021:04:48.06203.73821.63949103.979 mi/h

8 2rjRonnie Johnson1021:04:48.49304.16921.63459104.003 mi/h

9 24Chris Schultz1021:04:48.86504.54121.65749103.893 mi/h

10 16Mike Ricci1021:04:49.42205.09821.57657104.283 mi/h

11 49Donnie Elliott1021:04:50.49306.16921.61551104.094 mi/h

12 21Gary Edwards1021:04:50.64406.32021.63748103.989 mi/h

*13 17HTom Hindley1011:04:49.7211 lap21.57149104.307 mi/h

*14 35LJ Lombardio1011:04:50.2091 lap21.60764104.133 mi/h

15 28Jimmy Spellmon1011:04:50.7611 lap21.63249104.013 mi/h

16 21bYan Bussiere1011:04:51.5801 lap21.37553105.263 mi/h

17 250Alan Houghtaling1011:04:52.2441 lap21.56358104.345 mi/h

18 93JFrank Cozze1001:04:49.9822 laps21.67558103.806 mi/h

19 3DMatt DeLorenzo991:04:51.8343 laps21.65544103.902 mi/h

20 29KRyan Krachun981:04:28.8964 laps21.67640103.801 mi/h

21 33Mike Mahaney971:04:51.1345 laps21.59754104.181 mi/h

*22 55Anthony Perrego961:03:25.6736 laps21.60149104.162 mi/h

23 66HDuane Howard9058:16.22512 laps21.62954104.027 mi/h

*24 94Tim Hindley9058:17.26212 laps21.39033105.189 mi/h

*25 44XShane Jablonka8253:29.70020 laps21.57359104.297 mi/h

26 55HBrett Haas7549:34.18927 laps21.46349104.832 mi/h

27 34Andy Bachetti4837:28.95354 laps21.72441103.572 mi/h

*28 17Matt Janiak4636:51.61656 laps22.12844101.681 mi/h

29 88zJeff Strunk3733:31.27365 laps22.36035100.626 mi/h

30 44sRandy Sweetman3532:50.09867 laps22.28430100.969 mi/h

31 4*Tim McCreadie3131:12.92871 laps22.12414101.7 mi/h

32 j7Jerry Higbie2525:41.38477 laps21.50012104.651 mi/h

33 20CCraig Hanson1921:50.38083 laps22.21216101.297 mi/h

34 3jMarc Johnson203:59.384100 laps23.859294.304 mi/h

35 13Frank Hoard204:02.248100 laps24.379292.293 mi/h

36 21MBob McGannon129.679101 laps23.609195.303 mi/h




*1 17Brian Krummel5041:47.06021.43942104.949 mi/h

2 83Chris Stevens5041:53.31706.25721.85310102.961 mi/h

3 27RAndrew Reeves5041:53.91906.85921.55818104.37 mi/h

*4 9Jessie Leiby5041:55.30308.24321.70613103.658 mi/h

5 32Brandon Grosso5041:56.77709.71721.78323103.292 mi/h

*6 5LDominic Roselli5042:01.25314.19322.08622101.874 mi/h

*7 20jrMatt Pappa5042:01.50714.44722.05214102.032 mi/h

8 55Allison Ricci5042:01.63114.57122.02117102.175 mi/h

*9 44Joe Brunning5042:01.93914.87921.56319104.345 mi/h

*10 77Jimmy Johnson5042:02.35015.29022.28128100.983 mi/h

11 25Kevin Ward5042:02.90215.84222.19018101.397 mi/h

12 04Mike Butler5042:04.39017.33021.93536102.576 mi/h

13 73Troy Arnold5042:05.37318.31322.23822101.178 mi/h

*14 14John Virglio4942:03.2371 lap21.72025103.591 mi/h

15 7sMichael Sabia4942:05.7921 lap22.01424102.208 mi/h

16 5JTyler Johnston4942:06.1051 lap22.06326101.981 mi/h

*17 88FJoe Falanga4942:07.5331 lap22.27231101.024 mi/h

18 99Brian Papiez4036:16.71710 laps22.16120101.53 mi/h

*19 J7Brandon Finley3731:53.21613 laps21.82429103.098 mi/h

20 01Adam Pierson3732:00.38313 laps22.12119101.713 mi/h

*21 10Winter Mead3631:47.19914 laps22.30518100.874 mi/h

22 24Thomas Strupp3330:42.53917 laps22.33531100.739 mi/h

23 12VFrank Venezia1021:48.68040 laps21.9969102.291 mi/h

*24 88Johnny Illanovsky251.97148 laps23.527295.635 mi/h

25 69Tyler Boniface253.08648 laps23.882294.213 mi/h

26 96TTyler Treacy254.36348 laps24.371292.323 mi/h

27 45Randy Sweetman126.71849 laps23.752194.729 mi/h

Note:  Those with this *, prior to their names,  are those that raced at OVRP's Dirt Oval, in the past.  My apologies if I missed anyone!  These lists do not include non-qualifiers.



In the 200:


The 200:



Tommy Meier




Brett Hearn




Tim McCreadie




Mike Mahaney




Andy Bachetti




Vic Coffey




LJ Lombardo




Gary Edwards




Rich Laubach




Bob McGannon




Dominick Buffalino




Jeff Heotzler




Matt DeLorenzo




Kenny Tremont




Mike Kolka




Matt Hitchcock




Matt Janiak




Chuck McKee




Anthony Perrego




Dale Planck




Bobby Hentschel




Craig Hanson




Mike Ricci




CG Moorey




Mike Ruggiero




Stewart Friesen




Duane Howard




Jerry Higbie




Clinton Mills




Tim Hindley




Frank Cozze




Billy Vaninwegen




Danny Creeden




Ronnie Johnson




John Ferrier




Jimmy Horton




Ricky Davis




Shane Jablonka




Paul Gilardi




Robbie Green




Steve Dodd




Jimmy Spellmon




Rich Eurich




Jeff Strunk




Tyler Dippel



Note:  Those with this "*", prior to their names,  are those that raced at OVRP's Dirt Oval, in the past.  My apologies if I missed anyone!  These lists do not include non-qualifiers.




Here's some interesting things said/being said about the ES 200:


was 3 car the winner ?

Note:  The race was won by an engine that isn't allowed at OCFS.  That's what's being said - even the rules for such an engine are in the thread.





Here is the schedule for this Friday and Saturday - National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship Weekend at Five Mile Point Speedway.

All of the event details, purse, rules, schedule can be found at  or by phoning us at 607-775-5555.

Thank you!


                                         (rain date Sunday, November 1st)   

Friday, October 30th

            Pit Gates Open:                       4 p.m.              Gates Open:    5:15 p.m.

            Practice:                                  6:00 p.m.         Racing:            6:45 p.m.

                        RoC Sportsman Heats (8)

                        IMCA Modified Heats (8)

                                    FWD Four Cylinder Heats (4)

                                    Factory Stock Heats (6)

                        RaceSaver 305 Sprint Car Heats (8)

                                                Sportsman Consolation(s)

                                    Four Cylinder Feature (15)

                                    Factory Stock Feature (15)

                                                Sprint Car Consolation(s)

                                    IMCA Modified Feature (20)

                                    305 Sprint Car Feature (25) - $1,000 to win!

                        RoC Sportsman Southern Tier 40 - $2,555 to win! ($200 to take the green)

                                    Post Race Bonfire on the Backstretch!

Saturday, October 31st

            Pit Gates Open:                       1:00 p.m.

            Grandstand Gates Open:        2:00 p.m         

            2:45 p.m.   Warmups in the following order:  GRIT Sportsman, Street Stocks,                                            Modifieds, FWD Four Cylinders, Slingshots.

            3:15 p.m.         GRIT Sportsman Heats (8)

                                    FWD Four Cylinder Heats (4)

                                    Slingshot Heats (4)

                                    Street Stock Heats (8)

                                    RoC Modified Heats (8)

                                                FWD Four Cylinder Feature (20)

                                                Slingshot Feature (20)

                                    Modified Consolation(s)

                                                GRIT Sportsman Feature (30) - $1,000 to win!

                        American Racer Cup Modified Champions Dash (15) - $2,000 to win!

                                                Street Stock Feature (30) - $1,500 to win!

                                    Kids “Trick or Treating” with Modified drivers on wall (10 mins.)

            6:30 p.m. Southern Tier 65 for Modifieds - $5,555 to win - $500 to take the green!

                                    Post Race Bonfire on the Backstretch!

Weekend Pricing:

            Friday, October 30th  

                        Pits:                                         $35

                        Adults:                                                $15

                        Seniors (65 and older):            $12

                        Youth (13 -17):                       $10

                        Kids (12 and younger):           Free

                                    Family Five Pack:       $45      (Best Value!)

(includes 2 adult, 3 youth/senior or child tickets plus 5 hot dogs and 5 soda’s).

            Saturday, October 31st

                        Pits:                                         $35

                        Adults:                                                $22

                        Seniors (65 and older):            $18

                        Youth (13- 17):                       $10

                        Kids (12 and younger):           Free

                                    Family Five Pack:       $60    (Best Value!)

(includes 2 adult, 3 youth/senior or child tickets plus 5 hot dogs and 5 soda’s).


2016 Sprint Cup Schedule

Feb. 13 – Sprint Unlimited (Daytona International Speedway)

Feb. 14 – Daytona 500 qualifying

Feb. 18 – Duel qualifying races at Daytona

Feb. 21 — Daytona 500

Feb. 28 Atlanta

March 6 Las Vegas

March 13 Phoenix

March 20 — Auto Club Speedway

March 27 – Easter (off weekend)

April 3 – Martinsville

April 9 – Texas

April 17 – Bristol

April 24 – Richmond

May 1- Talladega

May 7 – Kansas 

May 15 – Dover

May 21 – Sprint All-Star race at Charlotte

May 29 – Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte

June 5 – Pocono

June 12 Michigan

June 19 – Father’s Day (off weekend)

June 26 – Sonoma

July 2 — Daytona

July 9 – Kentucky

July 17 –  New Hampshire

July 24 – Indianapolis 

July 31 – Pocono

Aug. 7 – Watkins Glen

Aug. 14 – Off weekend

Aug. 20 Bristol

Aug. 28 Michigan

Sept. 4 – Darlington 

Sept. 10 – Richmond 

Sept. 18 Chicagoland (first race in Chase)

Sept. 25 – New Hampshire

Oct. 2 – Dover

Oct. 8 – Charlotte

Oct.16 – Kansas

Oct. 23 – Talladega

Oct. 30 – Martinsville

Nov. 6 – Texas

Nov. 13 – Phoenix

Nov. 20 – Homestead



An interview with Kevin Swindell:




I found this letter to NASCAR on the Internet:


It appears that you have gotten exactly what you wanted out of your brand new Chase format; excitement, a standard playoff format and an emphasis on winning. While you may think this is a cause for celebration and a good old pat on the back, I’m here to warn you that you’re on a slippery slope.

Yes, you’ve emphasized winning, a thing that was never particular emphasized in championship campaigns of the past, but at what cost did it take to achieve these means?  In my opinion, it cost you the integrity and respect that your sport once held so dear to its heart and now treats like an afterthought as long as the result at the end of the day is intense and attracts the attention from the media.

Take for example your latest snafu at the end of The Camping 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. It is many fans opinion that defending champion, Kevin Harvick, intentionally caused a wreck on the last lap of the race in order to secure his spot in the next round of your grand scheme of a Chase format.

While evidence is mounting in favor of this theory, mainly radio communications between Harvick and his crew chief and the fact that he could be seen turning up into Trevor Bayne’s quarter panel right after the six car passed him, you continue to sit there. You continue to look at the chaos that has ensued, but still do nothing to rectify it.

Not only is there something wrong with a finish like this, there’s something extremely wrong with desperation like this. Desperation that you made a by-product of this monster you call a playoff system. Gone are the days of good hard racing, replaced by the days where drivers mumble to themselves the creed, anything to win a title at the end of the season.

Is that the kind of champion you want representing the sport that you worked so hard and so long to build over the years? A champion who’s defining moment in your playoff system was to wreck half the field in order to advance to the next round? Is that any kind of champion that the fans or you can be proud of?

What makes this worse is the fact that you don’t even want to rectify the situation at all. Honestly, you probably can’t anyway, because doing so would go against the very nature of the Chase format that you have worked so hard to build during the 2013 offseason. Doing so would also draw a very confusing line between what kind of desperation is allowed and what kind of desperation isn’t.

Tell me NASCAR, what is the difference between what you have allowed to happen during Sunday’s race at Talladega, and scandals in another major sport? The only one I can see is that while the NFL, NBA NHL would punish and rectify a situation like this, you choose to just sit back and bath in the controversy that you have created.

In a way, your highly hyped playoff system is no better than pro wrestling, scripted and full of artificial excitement. That’s not to say that you personally script the outcomes of your races in the championship playoffs, but you have various rules in place to make sure that there are enough twists and turns to keep fans gasping for air.

Unfortunately for you, once NASCAR fans gather their collective breaths and realize what I already have come to understand, they will leave your sport in favor of more legitimate and rewarding forms of entertainment. This is your future NASCAR, unless of course you decide to compromise and restructure this monstrosity you call a playoff system.

It’s up to you NASCAR, start making changes, or fans will start making changes in what they watch during their Sunday afternoons. The best news I can give you at this time, is that you have an entire offseason to make changes, I just hope you will choose to make the right ones and restore the sport to the days where a fan could be proud of their champion.

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A Passionate Fan That Is Ready To Move On After 2015


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