Mostly Racin' Stuff  

By Tom Avenengo  

Volume # 245



This week's special photo:


This week I'll be putting in some photos of the Mike Caruso Sprint Cars throughout the column.


There are TONS of photos on the Caruso website, that go back many, many years.


C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\1950-Mike%20Nazaruk - Caruso.jpg


Mike Nazaruk - he was a pretty steady driver in one of the Caruso midgets, too.


After the 1940's, when midget racing kinda died out, quite a few midgets were made into sprint cars.  Mike Caruso did that.  Now I'm not sure if he did it with just one of his cars, or not, but there are photos of various drivers in his sprint cars throughout this weeks column.





Special from me:


Well, summer is gone, but down here in Cape Coral, Florida, the temps are still hovering around 90 degrees.  I can recall last winter down here - I never had to wear a heavy coat or jacket.   Yes, I'm hoping for the same again this coming winter.  I've seen reports that back home, in New York, they're expecting the same kind of winter that they've had these past couple of years.  Glad I'm in Florida!

Some thought has been given to quite a few of my family members, and me, included, to take in the modified races in February, over at the Volusia Speedway.  However, the high cost of air flights at that time of the year, might have thrown a monkey wrench into those plans.  Then again, I'd hate to see someone dish out a lot of bucks for a flight from up north down to Florida, then have snow interfere.




C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\1952-Paul Russo - Caruso.jpg


Paul Russo - I'll never forget the race that Russo had with Bill Schindler at the Morristown, NJ track.  That race was one week before we lost Schindler.  Russo won.



Racin’ stuff:


I've been attending racing events since the mid 1940's.  In the 50's, I more or less went from the midgets to sprint cars.  I do know that I was in attendance at the last midget race at the Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ.  It was on New Years day of 1950, I believe.  Not only did they have midgets, but stock cars were also a part of the days program.  Funny, but I can't recall watching the stock cars racing that day.  It was after I got out of the Army, in 1964, when I attended my first stock car race - that being at the track in Middletown, NY.  Russ Delp, in the "Mushroom Special" won the feature that day.

Gradually, with the midgets dying out, I switched over to attending the sprint car races and Indy car races when they were in the northeast.  I still did catch an occasional midget race, though.  A high percentage of the midget races I was able to attend, were on paved ovals.  Same goes for the Indy cars.  a high majority of the sprint car races I went to were on dirt ovals - usually 1/2 mile tracks.  I also attended quite a few sports car road races with my brother Raymond (Jim).



C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\1951-Jud Larson - Caruso.jpg


Jud Larson - No idea as to what track, or when, but I never saw Jud in this car.


Racing from back in the day:


When I first started going to the races, it was at the Hinchliffe Stadium, in Paterson, NJ.  At the time, my favorite driver was a little guy, not much over 5 feet in height - Johnny Ritter.  He drove a Canary Yellow Outboard, with, best I can describe it, the # 163 on paper that was taped to both sides of the tail of his car.  His was one of quite a few Outboard powered midgets back then.  Yes, there were Ford V-8's, some Cycle powered, the Outboards and the "Offy's".  One of the top Outboards was a dark blue # 2 that was driven by Charlie Miller.

Here is his race record, as best I have it.  I do find it kind of strange that as much as Miller drove the Gordon # 2 Outboard at Hinchliffe Stadium, he only won one feature there in that car - at least I believe he drove it to a win in 1946.  Special thanks go out to Jerry Santibanes, who sent me what follows:


Charlie Miller


Linden, NJ




          June 26       Philadelphia, PA Yellow Jacket Stadium


          August 26   Philadelphia, PA  Yellow Jacket Stadium            20 laps


          August 27   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium






          October 6    Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium                     100 laps


          September 25       West Haven, CT   West Haven Speedway            75 laps






          June 21       Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          June 25       Cranston, RI                  Cranston Stadium                             20 laps

                                                                   John Schroeder Cycle #19


          July 5                   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          August 5     Freeport, L.I. NY Freeport Stadium


          August 4     Long Branch, NJ  Long Branch Speedway          25 laps


          August 9     Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          August 26   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          September 2         Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          September 20       Philadelphia, PA  Yellow Jacket Stadium


          September 27       Philadelphia, PA  Yellow Jacket Stadium            35 laps





          May 4                   Union, NJ             Tri-City Stadium                     20 laps


          June 23       Union, NJ             Tri-City Stadium                     25 laps


          July 4                   Ridgefield Park, L.I., NY  Farmers Oval                        12 laps


          July 5                   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium                    25 laps


          July 25                 Ridgefield Park, L.I., NY  Farmers Oval Spd               


          August 1     Ridgefield Park, L.I, NY  Farmers Oval Spd                           15 laps


          August 5     Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          August 9     Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium

                                                                   66 cars signed in for this race.


          August 13   Long Branch, NJ  Long Branch Speedway          25 laps


          August 26   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          8/ or 9/                 Stapleton, Staten Island, NY   Thompson Stadium                40 laps


          September 2         Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          September 2         Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps





          June 11       Allentown, PA     Dorney Park                                     30 laps


          July 19                 Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium


          July 22                 Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium          


          August 12   Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium


          August 13   Allentown, PA     Dorney Park


          August 14   Staten Island, NY Thompson Stadium                          30 laps


          August 16   Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps       


          August 18   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium                    25 laps


          August 20   Allentown, PA     Dorney Park                                     30 laps


          August 28   Staten Island, NY Thompson Stadium                          45 laps



          August 30   Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium


          September 1         Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          September 2         Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium


          September 5         Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          September 6         Philadelphia, PA National Stadium                    25 laps


          September 9         Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium


          September 13       Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps


          September 16       Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps

                                                                   Carlson-Meyer Outboard


          November 26       San Antonio, TX


                   May have one more win at National Stadium


                             An interesting week of racing for Charlie


                                      8/13   Dorney Park    1st

                                      8/14   Thompson Stadium       1st   30 laps

                                      8/15   Freeport     2nd       25 laps  

                                      8/16   National Speedway   1st

                                      8/17   Hershey Stadium blew tire while leading the feature

                                      8/18   Freeport   1st

                                      8/19   National Speedway   Rain

                                      8/20   Dorney Park 1st


Drove the #1 Bob Meyer/Mary Davidson Outboard wrenched by Carl Carlson






          May 2                   Hershey, PA                  Hershey Stadium


          May 9                   Hershey, PA                  Hershey Stadium                     25 laps

                                                                   Gordon Elto


          May 18       Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps


          June 16       Union, NJ             Tri-City Stadium                     25 laps


          July 5                   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          July 16                 Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium                    40 laps


          July 19                 Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          August 5     Staten Island, NY Thompson Stadium                          50 laps


          August 10   Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    22 laps


          September 8         Union, NJ             Tri City Stadium                     50 laps


          September 14       Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                   100 laps


          September 16       Staten Island, NY Thompson Stadium                          75 laps


          September 22       Union, NJ             Tri-City Stadium                     25 laps


          September 29       Allentown, PA     Dorney Park                                     50 laps


          December 29        San Antonio, TX


          During this season Charlie won 4 features at National Stadium.





          January 5    San Antonio, TX                                                  25 laps


          May 24       Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    100 laps


          June 8                   Union, NJ             Tri-City Stadium                       100  laps


          June 14       Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps


          June 19       Hershey, PA                  Hershey Stadium                     25 laps


          June 25       Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps


          July 9                   Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    40 laps


          July 13                 Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    25 laps


          August 17   Union, NJ             Tri-City Stadium                     25 laps


          August 22   Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          September 4         Union, NJ             Tri-City Stadium                     25 laps


          September 9         Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium


          September 16       Freeport, L.I., NY          Freeport Stadium                    25 laps


          September 19       Lanham, MD                West Lanham Speedway                   25 laps


          October 26  Allentown, PA     Dorney Park                                     50 laps


          Charlie won 6 features at National Stadium







          April 25      Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                    20 laps


          May 31       Allentown, PA     Dorney Park                                     20 laps


          June 7                   Allentown, PA     Dorney Park                                     25 laps

                                                                   Whitehouse Outboard


          June 21       Allentown, PA     Dorney Park                                     25 laps


          July 9                   Buffalo, NY                   Buffalo Civic Stadium             30 laps       


          July 15                 Philadelphia, PA  National Stadium                              25 laps







          August 1     Philadelphia, PA  Yellow Jacket Speedway


          August 15   Philadelphia, PA  Yellow Jacket Speedway


          September 6         Paterson, NJ                  Hinchliffe Stadium                            25 laps




          April 9                 New York City, NY       Kingsbridge Armory


          May 14       Richmond, VA     Richmond Stadium                           25 laps

                                                            One of two features run


          June 29       Reading, PA                   Reading Fairgrounds                       100 laps





          June 2                   Richmond, VA     Atlantic Rural Exposition


          June 5                   Allentown, PA     Dorney Park Speedway


          June 8                   Norfolk, VA                  Princess Anne Speedway


          June 9                   Richmond, VA     Atlantic Rural Exposition                 15 laps

                                                                   ½ mile


          June 15       Norfolk, VA                  Princess Anne Speedway


          June 16       Richmond, VA     Atlantic Rural Exposition


          June 17       Philadelphia, PA  Yellow Jacket Speedway


          July 11                 Lebanon, PA                  Hill Top Speedway   Wheeler Offy   25 laps 


          July 25                 Lebanon, PA                  Hill Top Speedway


          July 26                 Philadelphia, PA  Yellow Jacket Speedway


          August 13   West Lanham, MD        Lanham Speedway                            25 laps


          September 7         Norfolk, VA                  Princess Anne Speedway  5th win this track


          September 12       Hagerstown, MD  Hagerstown Speedway


          October 17  Hagerstown, MD  Conocoheague Speedway                 50 laps

                                                          Aka Hagerstown Speedway

                                                                   Tadlock Offy


          October 24  Hagerstown, MD  Hagerstown Speedway            50 laps

                                                                   John Tadlock Offy

                                                          This race needs more research


                   May have also won on 10/31/48 at Hagerstown.




          July 12                 Jersey City, NJ     Roosevelt Stadium





          June 23       Allentown, PA     Dorney Park Speedway           25 laps

                                                          Charlie Stephens Ford #17


          July 3                   Jersey City, NJ     Roosevelt Stadium                            25 laps


          July 7                   Allentown, PA     Dorney Park Speedway           25 laps


          October 6    Newark, NJ          Ruppert Stadium                     25 laps




          April 20      Stafford Springs, CT     Stafford Springs Speedway





          March 28    New York City, NY       Kingsbridge Armory   ARDC

                                                                   Ed Darrell V8


          August 16   Lehighton PA                 Fairgrounds          UMRC          ½ D                       20 laps


          September 11       Richmond, VA     Royall Speedway   NASCAR           25 laps





          May 16       Flemington; NY   Flemington Fair    ARDC                  50 laps

                                                                   Brook Durant--fatal      


          May 29       Allentown, PA     Dorney Park Speedway  ARDC       25 laps


          October 3    Hatfield, PA                   Hatfield Speedway    ARDC             50 laps





                             Jersey City, NY    Roosevelt Stadium 


          August 27   Jersey City, NY    Roosevelt Stadium                   100 laps

                                                                   Brenn Offy


          September 17       Raleigh, NC                   Raleigh Speedway                             25 laps


          September 19       Greensboro, NC   Greensboro Fgds       


                             Morristown, NJ                               


          All midget features won, above, in 1955, were under NASCAR sanction.



          Charlie Miller lost his life on September 24, 1955 in a URC sprint car race at Shelby, NC.












C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\1953-Johnny Thomson - Caruso.jpg


Johnny Thomson - One of the very best drivers.  Oh, he drove other sprint cars, too.  He was also a stand out driver in Indy cars.   He was fatally injured at the Allentown, PA track some years after we lost Schindler, but was driving the same car that Schindler took his last ride in.



How time flies:

Hard to believe it's been over a week already when so many family members made it down to Cape Coral to help me celebrate my 78th.  A bunch of us were really contemplating taking in the Modified shows at Volusia this coming February, but for some, the cost is quite prohibitive - especially for those that remain up in New York.




C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Duke Nalon in 3.jpg


Duke Nalon - One of the good runners at the Indy 500.  Sad to say, I never saw him race this car.



Found on Jayski:


Stewart to retire after 2016 season: 


Tony Stewart, a three-time Sprint Cup Series champion, plans to retire after the 2016 season, team and industry sources told ESPN's Marty Smith. Mired in one of the worst seasons of his career at 25th in the standings, Stewart will run one final season before handing over the driving duties of the Stewart-Haas Racing #14 Chevy to Clint Bowyer, sources said. #15-Bowyer is driving for Michael Waltrip Racing in 2015, but that team is closing operations after the season. He does not currently have a ride for 2016. Stewart won the Sprint Cup in 2002, 2005 and 2011. He missed out on the Chase for the Sprint Cup this year after posting zero wins and two top-10s leading up to the Chase. The 45-year-old Stewart is tied for 13th in career victories with 48. Stewart, who has 582 career Cup starts, missed the final 15 races of the 2013 season with a broken leg suffered in a sprint car accident. He missed three races last season after the sprint car he was racing struck and killed 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr., who had approached Stewart's car on foot at Canandaigua Motorsports Park.(




Bowyer to announce plans, to the #51 in 2016: 


HScott Motorsports is expected to announce next weekend at Dover that Bowyer will drive the #51 Chevy in 2016. The announcement will come after Wednesday's press conference, which will detail Bowyer's eventual move to Stewart-Haas Racing Chevy in 2017. Multiple sources have confirmed that Tony Stewart will be stepping out from the behind the wheel of the #14 at the conclusion of next season. Sponsor 5-hour Energy will continue with Bowyer at HScott.(



Truex Jr. re-signs with Furniture Row Racing, team to move to Toyota: 


#78 Furniture Row Racing (FRR) has re-signed Martin Truex Jr. for 2016 - and beyond. "It's not just the place, it's the people - especially this year," Truex said. "Last year almost made me want to retire. It's funny what a year and a couple of different people can bring to the table." Furniture Row Racing is expected to switch to Toyotas in 2016, forming a technical alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing from which it will receive chassis and engines. Furniture Row Racing will become just one of two factory-backed Toyota teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series next season. Furniture Row will remain a single-car team next season. Chevrolet officials confirmed FRR would not continue to field Chevrolets next season.(Motorsport), a Toyota news conference is scheduled for Sunday morning at New Hampshire Motor Speedway to announce new partner.(9-26-2015)




Furniture Row Racing announced at New Hampshire Motor Speedway that it has entered into a partnership with Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) to field Toyota Camrys for driver Martin Truex Jr. starting with the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. The Denver, Colorado-based team also announced that it has picked up Truex's contract option for 2016. By joining the Toyota NASCAR fleet, the single-car Furniture Row Racing team will enter into a technical alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing and have Toyota Racing Development, U.S.A. (TRD) build engines for the #78 Furniture Row Camrys. "As we continue our quest to be a contender for this year's Sprint Cup championship, it's hard not to feel the excitement and enthusiasm of becoming an integral partner with Toyota next season," said Joe Garone, president and general manager of Furniture Row Racing. "The added resources and technical support that Toyota will provide, along with having a technical alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing, definitely increases the growth potential for our team. The track record of Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing speaks for itself. They are both proven winners with an unyielding commitment to raising the performance bar in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series."
Toyota, which joined the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2007 and partnered a year later with Joe Gibbs Racing, is thrilled about the addition of Furniture Row Racing to its roster. "Partnering with Furniture Row Racing is a great fit for Toyota and we look forward to the team fielding a Camry in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2016," said Ed Laukes, vice president of marketing, performance and guest experience for Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A. "Furniture Row Racing has proven to be a race-winning organization and we are confident the technical alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing will make Camrys even more competitive and improve performance on the race track. We welcome Furniture Row to the Toyota Racing family and are thrilled to have a championship-caliber driver like Martin Truex Jr. back in the Toyota lineup."
Garone, who has been with Furniture Row Racing since its inception (2005), expressed his gratitude to Chevrolet and to Richard Childress Racing (RCR). "I want to thank Chevrolet for its support the past 10 seasons and to Richard Childress Racing as our Chevrolet technical alliance partner since 2010," said Garone. "The support from Chevrolet and RCR has helped our growth pattern." Garone said that he and team owner Barney Visser were happy to pick up the contract option for Truex, a Chase qualifier, who is in his second season as the Furniture Row Racing driver. His season totals to date include one win, seven top fives, 17 top-10s and 536 laps led. "Martin has done a terrific job driving our #78 race car to a victory and into the Chase," said Garone. "He and crew chief Cole Pearn have established an outstanding chemistry. We look forward to having Martin as the Furniture Row Racing driver in 2016 and beyond."
The 35-year-old Truex said he is ready and anxious to drive the Furniture Row car in 2016 and rejoin Toyota. He drove a Toyota Camry for four seasons as a member of the Michael Waltrip Racing team from 2010 through 2013. "I am happy to continue in my role with Furniture Row Racing and feel that we've just begun a growth spurt that will take us to a new level," said Truex. "It's a great organization and Barney (Visser, team owner) gives us whatever we need to be successful. I know the folks from Toyota and I am looking forward to being part of their team again. They build fast engines and having a technical alliance with the highly-successful Joe Gibbs Racing is an added bonus to our program. While our primary focus right now is on the Chase, I am eagerly looking forward to what is in store for our Furniture Row Racing team."
Furniture Row Racing made its NASCAR debut in 2005, competing in 10 NASCAR XFINITY Series (NXS) races and two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) events that season. The team has qualified for the Chase in two of the last three seasons and was the first single-car team to earn a Chase berth.(
Furniture Row Racing)(9-27-2015)




Updated Chicago TV Ratings: 


NASCAR's ratings slump has continued into the Chase For the Cup. NASCAR Sprint Cup racing from Chicago, the first race in the Chase For the Cup, earned a 1.8 overnight rating on NBCSN Sunday afternoon - down 18% from last year on ESPN (2.2). The 2013 race featured multiple rain delays and moved from ESPN to ESPN2, earning a 1.6 overnight across both networks. The 1.8 overnight is the third-lowest of the season for NASCAR on any network, ahead of only Richmond the previous week (1.7) and Kansas on Fox Sports 1 in May (1.5). It is also the lowest for a Sunday NASCAR race this season. Despite the lower numbers, NASCAR on NBCSN topped competing coverage of the PGA Tour FedEx Cup on the NBC broadcast network (1.3) and was Sunday's top non-NFL sporting event in the metered markets.(Sports Media Watch)(9-22-2015)



NASCAR Sprint Cup racing from Chicago, the first race in the Chase For the Cup, earned 3.2 million viewers on NBCSN Sunday afternoon - down 13% from last year on ESPN (3.7M). The 2013 race was delayed multiple times due to rain and moved from ESPN to ESPN2, averaging 2.7 million across the two networks. Excluding rainouts, Sunday's race ranks as the least-watched Chase For the Cup telecast ever (109 telecasts dating back to 2004). The previous low was 3.5 million for New Hampshire in 2012. The 30 least-watched Chase races have each aired on cable. It also ranks as the least-watched edition of NASCAR's Chicago race (dates back to 2001). The previous low, again excluding rainouts, was last year's 3.7 million. A decade ago, the race hit the 9.0 million mark on the NBC broadcast network.(Sports Media Watch / ShowBuzz Daily)
See past race TV Ratings, five-year comparison chart and more on the 
2015 TV Ratings page.(9-25-2015)



New Hampshire TV Ratings: 


NASCAR continues to struggle in the first year of its new television deal. NASCAR Sprint Cup racing from New Hampshire drew a 1.7 overnight rating on NBCSN Sunday, down 23% from both last year and 2013, when the race aired on ESPN (2.2). The 1.7 is tied as the second-lowest for any NASCAR race this season, matching Richmond two weeks earlier and ahead of only Kansas on Fox Sports 1 in May (1.5). So far this season, five Sprint Cup races have failed to hit a 2.0 overnight rating - compared to zero such races last year. Sunday's race was the 15th of 16 on cable this season to have a decline in overnight ratings, with the July race from Kentucky the lone exception. This year is the first of a new NASCAR TV deal that moved races to NBCSN and FS1 from the more widely available ESPN and TNT.(ShowBuzz Daily / Sports Media Watch)
See past race TV Ratings, five-year comparison chart and more on the 
2015 TV Ratings page.(9-29-2015)




C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\George Rice in 22.jpg

George Rice - I wasn't aware that Rice had run sprint cars.  Not sure how many times he ran them, either.  He even drove sports cars for Cunningham.



Fro m Track Forum:


The Re-signing of Honda...

Note:  as of 12:00 PM on Wednesday, this subject is up to 9 pages.





From the Dirt Track Digest Forum:


Not so stunning news about future of SDW:







C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Len in Caruso # 3.BMP


Len Duncan - Not much can be said about the great Len Duncan.  He had quite a career back in the day.  I'm not positive as to just how old he was when he last raced - early 70's maybe?




From the AARN:


New Egypt Cancels Mid-Atlantic Championship Race, New Clay To Be Added


Lancaster USOpen RoC Modified Field Bows To Matt Hirschman


Don Kreitz, Jr. Announces Retirement From Driving


Coby’s Last Lap Spin Of Preece Ignites NASCAR Mod Tour Passions


Billy Decker’s Late Race Charge Propels Him To Super DIRTcar Series Fonda Victory


Christopher Bell Claims Silver Crown, Midget Wins At Eldora


Rich Lucas Oil LMKnoxville Win Earned By Jared Landers


MacDonald Races To Another ACT Loudon Win


Rich Lincoln Dirt Classic Win Is Earned By Track Champ Montieth

And some more from this weeks issue:


DIRTcar will have a new sprint car division with the Chevrolet 602  Crate engine.


I have to agree with Ernie Saxton about Indycar and their marketing efforts.  Yes, it's far below what is needed to get fans in the stands and get fans to watch the series on TV.

Note:  The sad influx of American drivers - oval track drivers, is, as far as this writer is concerned is one of the main reasons that Indycar has fallen so much.  Personally, if things don't change soon, I can see the series disappearing.


Very interesting:  The new location for Super Dirt Weeek will be announced this Wednesday (Sep 30).  A few tracks are being mentioned - Glenn Donnelly's new facility, Oswego (with dirt put down over the pavement), Rolling Wheels (needs more seating) and Vernon Downs, a 7/8 mile harness horse track, which runs from April into November.  Also, more seating would have to be added.


The winner of the first two modified races at Syracuse, Buzzie Reutimann, is going to return to the "Moody Mile" to observe this years race.  Buzzie is still winning races down here in Florida.


AJ Romano, will be retiring from Big Block Modified racing after a 33 year career.  One reason:  He'll be moving to North Carolina.


One kind of gets the idea that there are some tracks that are, more or less, ganging up against OCFS, since OCFS is no longer a DIRTcar sanctioned track.  Now the WoO Sprint Cars have a race scheduled on October 25th, the Sunday of Eastern States at OC, at the Weedsport track.


Donnie Schatz won his 30th WoO Sprint Car feature of the year.  However, he's quite a way behind Steve Kinser, who, in 1987, won 46 WoO features.


Jeff Gordon has now run in 789 consecutive Cup races, a record.


Scott Goodrich has now won 8 features with the CRSA Sprint Car group.  His missing some races earlier in the season has kept him out of winning the championship.


Interesting - the USAC Sprint Cars and Midgets each had 20 cars enter their events at Eldora.  And, at another race there, the Sprint Cars pulled in 25 cars.  A WoO Sprint Car race was able to draw 31 entrants.


Looking forward to some indoor racing, on January 2nd, there's racing in Allentown, PA, on the 29th and 30th, it's Atlantic City and on February 26th & 27th, it's Trenton, NJ.

Note:  Showing my age here - Back in the late 50's, the TQ's raced weekly in the Teaneck NJ Armory.  And who can forget the many midget races held in the Kingsbridge Armory, in the Bronx?  There were a few other indoor tracks that ran mostly TQ's and midgets indoors up in the northeast during the winter months.  I must note that there were very few cancellations due to weather back then, too.



The North East Motor Sports Museum, which will be located in New Hampshire, near the New Hampshire track in Loudon, has broken ground, and has an expected beginning of construction late this fall.  I do know that I do have a few things in a book that has come out about this facility.




C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Russ in 3.jpg


Russ Klar - I always enjoyed watching Russ race.  He was one of my late wife's favorite drivers.  Of course, him letting her sit in the TQ he was driving in the Teaneck, NJ Armory, might have had a little to do with that.



Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:


At I-88, Anthony Perrego was 4th in the 50 lap Greg Page Consruction race.

In the CRSA Sprint feature, Joe Kata was 7th, Emily VanInwegen 10th, Josh Pieniazek 12th, Brian Krummel 18th and Chuck Alessi 23rd.


At Thunder Mountain, in the Short Track Super Series, Anthony Perrego was 3rd.

Winter Mead was a DNQ in the Grit American Racing Series Crate 602 feature.


At Fonda in the King of Dirt Racing Series for DIRT Crate Sportsman, at Fonda, Matt Pappa was 10th


Rich Coons was 2nd and Kyle Redner 8th in the 358/Sportsman feature at Bethel.


Bobby Hackel was 5th in the Sportsman feature at West Haven, VT.


Wow!  Seems that is about it for where former OVRP Dirt Oval racers have run this past week/weekend, from the results I've found in this weeks AARN.


Some Pocono News:


Pocono Raceway adds NASCAR race to 2016 lineup


September 29, 2015 12:00 PM



LONG POND, Pa. (AP) -- Pocono Raceway has added a race from NASCAR's Xfinity Series to its 2016 schedule.

The second-tier series will run at Pocono for the first time on June 4. It's the first time the series has held a race in Pennsylvania since 2004 at Nazareth Speedway.

Pocono is traditionally the site of two NASCAR Sprint Cup weekends. The Truck Series also is back for another year and will hold a race on July 30.

The two Cup dates at Pocono are June 5 and July 31.

The track also has held an IndyCar Series race the last three seasons. Pocono has yet to announce if the series will return in 2016.

Pocono CEO Brandon Igdalsky said Tuesday that a decision should be made within the week.

''We want five big events in five months and IndyCar is in that plan,'' he told The Associated Press. ''We just have to figure out how to make it work for everybody.''

IndyCar returned to Pocono in 2013 after a 24-year absence for the first race of a three-year contract. Ticket sales at Pocono have been soft the last two years. The race date was moved this season to August after two years around the July 4 weekend.

''We have to make it financially successful,'' Igdalsky said. ''We've got to at least cover our costs or we're in big trouble.''




Interesting, to say the least:


Checking out the schedule for Eastern States, I found this:


"OK, so what's the story now? At OCFS, for ESW, it's being said that time trials for the modifieds will be on Friday NIGHT. Yet, this is on the OCFS website: "Racing begins on Friday, October 23. The Fairgrounds and pits open at 9:30 am, with the car inspection beginning at 10:30 am and spectator gates at 11:00 am. Following car inspections, drivers meeting, and draw, on-track practice for time trials for the Big-Block Modified and Sportsman division and a hot lap session for the Small-Block Modifieds begins at 1:00 pm. After time trials are complete, Sportsman heats precede Modified heats, Sportsman consolation races, and the Sportsman and Modified Dashes for Cash" and now this: "Full weekend of racing, Friday night features the Modifieds doing time trials and heats along with a full show of Sportsman and small block hot laps." So, OCFS, which is it? I'd post this on their website, but I'm forbidden to post there.


Note:  Apparently the part that said Time Trials on Friday NIGHT, has been deleted.  Damned if I can find it, now.





Upcoming Modified race/TV dates

September & October:
NHIS race Sept.19, TV Oct.1, 7-8PM
Stafford race Oct.4, TV Oct.10, 4-5PM
Charlotte (Southern Tour) race Oct.8, TV Oct.15, 7-8PM
Thompson race Oct.18, TV Oct.22, 8-9PM

All on NBCSN



I imagine that a majority of race fans here in the Northeast have been waiting to see this:


Note the above is copied from a post on Facebook.  Of course the main questions asked are about the size of the track.  It's always been said it would be 1/2 mile.  Maybe now it just might grow a little, maybe to 3/4 mile?  In my opinion, it should not be too difficult to make it bigger than 1/2 mile, since they're still in the process of just moving dirt around.  Let's hope for a mild winter so work can get done.


Cuomo: DIRT Week will be at Donnelly's new track in Oswego County


And a little more on this:


Towards the end, Mr. Donnelly says the dirt track will be open by Memorial Day, 2016.






Here's an interesting bit of news:

Court: State can ban credit-card surcharges


By The Associated Press

Posted Sep. 29, 2015 at 6:43 PM
Updated at 6:49 PM 

NEW YORK — A federal appeals court says it is constitutional for New York state to ban merchants from passing along credit-card transaction fees to their customers.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday in Manhattan.

It overturned a lower-court judge who had sided with five businesses, including a hair salon, an ice cream parlor and a liquor store. They had claimed in a 2013 lawsuit that the law violated their First Amendment and due process rights.

The lawsuit pertained to a fee each merchant must pay to the credit-card issuer each time a customer charges a purchase.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman applauded the ruling.







Press Releases:


NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                   

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda




Former winners looking for a return to Victory Lane


MIDDLETOWN, NY (September 28)……..Four veteran drivers who are also previous Eastern States victors and Orange County Fair Speedway Big-Block Modified point champions are looking to a return to Victory Lane in the headline Eastern States 200, Sunday, October 25 at the historic Middletown, New York five-eighths-mile “Hard Clay” race track. The four, who compete weekly at the speedway, include 1988 winner Rich Eurich, 2000 victor Chuck McKee, 2007 winner Jeff Heotzler, and 2009 titlist Jerry Higbie. The entire October 23-25 54thAnnual Eastern States Weekend is presented by Halmar International, WLR Construction, and Arkel Motors.


In addition to their Eastern States 200 trophies, this quartet of long-time Orange County racers own a combined total of 15 Big-Block Modified track point championships.  McKee tops this ranking with five titles; Heotzler has four, while Eurich and Higbie each have earned three point championships.


They will be challenged by a star-studded lineup of Big-Block Modified drivers from the entire Northeast dirt track Modified circuit as well as the other highly talented Orange County weekly competitors for the trophy and top prize money in this prestigious event. With $35,000 going to the winner---and $500 just for making the starting field---this will be the richest Eastern States 200 Championship race in history. 


One Orange County driver who has yet to taste Eastern States 200 victory champagne is two-time Modified point champion Tim Hindley. Hindley has finished third in each of the past two double-century races. He would like nothing more than to add his name to this honor role of outstanding Modified competitors.


Time trials and qualifying races for the Eastern States 200 will take place on Friday, October 23, with last chance consolation races set for Sunday prior to the 2:30 pm start of the 200. Also on Sunday, the Street Stocks will compete in qualifying races leading to their 25-lap Eastern States championship race.


On Eastern States Sunday, the fairgrounds and pits open at 8:00 am, with spectator gates opening at 9:00 am. On-track activities begin at 9:30 am with the annual Pit Party when all fans are invited to join the racers along the track’s historic homestretch. Cars from all Orange County’s racing divisions will be on display, and drivers will be on hand to greet fans and sign autographs. Following the Pit Party, hot laps and racing promptly gets under way.

Advance tickets for Sunday or the entire Eastern States Weekend as well as camping and parking permits are available at the Speedway Office during regular business hours, or credit card sales (Visa and MasterCard) by calling 845-342-2573. Additional information can be found at the official Orange County Fair Speedway website,




News from the Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek

Media Contact: Brett Deyo – or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/September 30, 2015

Championship On The Line Saturday At I-88 Speedway October 10 For Short Track Super Series Bob Hilbert Sportswear North Region; Stewart Friesen Aims For $15,000 Title, List Of Contenders Battle For Share Of $38,000-Plus STSS North Region Point Fund

AFTON, NY A championship is on the line when the Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek rolls into I-88 Speedway next weekend.

On Friday-Saturday October 9-10, the Afton Fairgrounds becomes a hub of activity with the running of the Halmar International Short Track SuperNationals 8 presented by Olum’s. The two-day ‘Working Man’s Race’ has become more lucrative for competitors and intriguing for race fans.

Headlining the event is the Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek (STSS) finale for the Bob Hilbert Sportswear North Region. Not only is the 50-lap race paying $5,000 to win, $1,000 for 10th and $500 to take the green flag, there is also a $15,000 championship at stake and much more for those battling to earn a top-12 position in the final STSS North Region standings. The North Region point fund alone tops $38,000!

Seven of the eight Bob Hilbert Sportswear North Region events have now been completed. The most recent event was contested at Thunder Mountain Speedway in Center Lisle, N.Y., on Sunday (Sept. 27).

Stewart Friesen earned the MjH Oilfield Wade Decker Memorial $5,140 payday at Thunder Mountain and extended his lead in the standings. Friesen has won four of seven events this year (N.Y.’s Orange County Fair Speedway, I-88 Speedway, N.Y.’s Woodhull Raceway and Thunder Mountain) and finished second twice with the potent Jeff Daley No. 44.

Friesen plans to make his return to the Short Track SuperNationals for the first time since the event’s 2011 edition in an attempt to claim the STSS North Region crown. The Sprakers, N.Y., driver has accrued 665 points this season.

A tight battle for second involves three drivers: Danny Johnson of Rochester, N.Y. (556 points),Anthony Perrego of Montgomery, N.Y. (522 points) and Andy Bachetti of Sheffield, Mass. (521 points). Veteran Jeff Heotzler of Wallkill, N.Y., completes the top-five with 449 points.

Rounding out the top-10, currently, entering the finale are Billy Van Pelt of Westfield, Pa. (425 points); Danny Creeden of Wurtsboro, N.Y. (424 points); Jackie Brown Jr. of Hurley, N.Y. (410 points); Mike Mahaney of King Ferry, N.Y. (403 points); and Tommy Meier of Waldwick, N.J. (392 points).

The top-12 drivers in the standings will share in point fund money at the December STSS Awards Banquet. Jeff Strunk of Boyertown, Pa. (337 points) and Jerry Higbie Jr. of Newburgh, N.Y. (327 points) sit 11th and 12th, respectively.

As the series finale, increased ‘Championship Points’ will be awarded: 150 to the event winner, 60 for last and 35 markers for those on hand failing to make the main event.

Two very busy days of racing are planned during the SuperNationals weekend.

On Friday, Open vs. Crate 602 Sportsman headline the program with a $1,500-to-win feature, 35 laps in distance, offering Crate 602 bonuses of $200, $100, $75, $50 and a free pit pass for Saturday. Also competing on Friday: XCel 600 Modifieds in a $1,000-to-win tour race, newly added Street Stocks offering $500 to win thanks to Green’s Flag Car Service, Empire Lightning Sprints, Empire Sport Trucks, FWD Four Cylinders and an open practice for Modified teams. A Dash will be held for the fastest Modifieds in practice giving away a redraw position for Saturday’s main.

For Friday, gates open at 3 p.m., with hot laps at 6 p.m. and racing at 7 p.m.

Friday grandstand admission is $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors (ages 65 and up), $8 for Students (ages 9-17) and Kids 8 and under are FREE. Pit admission is $30, with no license required.

Saturday’s program is jam-packed with racing. Of course, the 50-lap STSS Modified finale tops the card, but there is much more. Also in action: Crate 602 Sportsman under the GRIT American Series banner racing for $1,000 to win, XCel 600 Modifieds in a $1,000-to-win tour race, Empire Lightning Sprints ($500 to win) and a Vintage Modified exhibition.

The Saturday program will be split into an afternoon and evening program.

Gates open at 1 p.m. Hot laps for Crate 602 Sportsman, XCel 600 Mods, Lightning Sprints and Vintage Modifieds hit the track at 3 p.m. with qualifying for the aforementioned classes and the Vintage feature at 3:45 p.m.  Modified hot laps begin at 6 p.m. with qualifying at 6:30 p.m.

Grandstand admission for Saturday is $20 for Adults. Seniors (ages 65 and up) pay $18. Students (ages 9-17) are $12. Kids 8 and under are FREE. Pit admission is $35, with no license required.

Pre-registration is now underway. The early entry deadline for Modified, Open Sportsman and Crate 602 Sportsman reduced car entry is October 1.

Entry forms can be found at the links below.


Open Sportsman:

Crate 602 Sportsman:

Reserved camping spots, limited in number with electricity and proximity to water, can be obtained by completing the following form:

Registration, rules, detailed weekend info and more can be found online under “Events” and “Short Track SuperNationals” on the main menu. Registration forms have been posted for the Modified, Open vs. Crate 602 Sportsman and Crate 602 Sportsman divisions.

To learn more about the Short Track Super Series or BD Motorsports Media LLC, or, call 845.728.2781 or “Like” Short Track Super Series on Facebook or follow @ShortTrackSS on Twitter.

I-88 Speedway is located conveniently off I-88 Exit 7 (Afton), approximately 25 miles north and east of Binghamton, at 46 East Main Street Afton, N.Y. 13730. There is plentiful space for parking and camping. To learn more about I-88 Speedway, visit









Found on the Internet:

I read that former Modified driver Charles "Sonny" Strupp has passed on to the great speedway in the skies.

Governor Cuomo urges New Yorkers to prepare for severe weather conditions


Note:  I hope this doesn't interfere with SDW.



Hmmm, might this be the beginning?


This Mayor Announced HUGE Plan to STOP Welfare Thugs – Liberals HATE This!

Read more:





A musical duet with Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash:





This week's joke:



“Sitting on the side of the highway waiting to catch speeding drivers, a State Police Officer sees a car puttering along at 22 mph. He thinks to himself, this driver is just as dangerous as a speeder!” So he turns on his lights and pulls the driver over.

Approaching the car, he notices that there are five old ladies — two in the front seat and three in the back — wide-eyed and white as ghosts.”

“The driver, obviously confused, says to him, ‘Officer, I don’t understand, I was doing exactly the speed limit! What seems to be the problem?’

‘Ma’am,’ the officer replies, ‘you weren’t speeding, but you should know that driving slower than the speed limit can also be a danger to other drivers.’

‘Slower than the speed limit? No sir, I was doing the speed limit exactly … 22 miles an hour!’ the old woman says a bit proudly.”

“The State Police officer, trying to contain a chuckle, explains to her that 22 was the route number, not the speed limit.

A bit embarrassed, the woman grinned and thanked the officer for pointing out her error.

‘But before I let you go, Ma’am, I have to ask… Is everyone in this car OK? These women seem awfully shaken and they haven’t muttered a single peep this whole time,’ the officer asks.

‘Oh, they’ll be all right in a minute, Officer. We just got off Route 119.’ ”

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