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By Tom Avenengo  

Volume # 229



This week’s photos:


C:\Users\Dad\Pictures\Midgets at Danbury.jpg


I really hate to say this, but out of all the midgets in the photo above, there are only two that I really remember watching race - the # 60 up front, and the car at the rear is Johnny Ritter in his Offy.  More than likely there are others in the photo that I've watched, but it's hard to make out most of the numbers.  Also, I kinda believe that the photo above is the start of a heat race, and not a feature, as is captioned under the photo.  One can easily see the "moat" and water that surrounded the midget track.  Eventually, it did get paved.  And, sadly, we all know what happened to that track and the fair.




The above photo is of the tracks at Danbury.  I saw quite a few races there on the small track, and only one on the larger one.  All midget races.  I can still recall, like it was yesterday, when Johnny Ritter, who was my favorite driver back then, was starting in 4th place in a heat race in his new # 3 Offy.  On the front row were to Ford powered midgets.  Ritter, in an attempt to get the lead as they went into the first turn, hit the car that started outside of the front row, after it had made contact with the inside starter.  Ritter's car did a real quick roll over and went into the fence, with the top of his midget making contact with said fence.  Before we knew it, a helmet went rolling down across the track.  Len Duncan, who was driving the Willets # 31 (not the Sugar Blues 31), was able to stop, get out, and run over to Ritter's car, which was upside down and running wide open, and managed to hit the "kill" switch.  Thankfully, that helmet that went rolling down the track was empty.  To this day, I can't recall if Ritter was injured, or not.




Tuesday was a bad day:


I was on my computer, checking emails and then over to Facebook.  Checked out a few things, then went to have my morning cup of coffee, and a bowl of cereal.  I come back to my room, get on my 'puter and - what the hell?  Some kind of a virus somehow got into it, and started sending out some messages to everyone that is listed as a contact on my Facebook page.  From what I've been able to see, it was some "porn".  A granddaughter of mine, Kalina, came over and we cleaned up my 'puter (well, SHE did).  Me, I'm fairly 'puter illiterate.  But I did notice that a lot of those that I get in touch with via Facebook, kept getting hit - over and over.  The messages would appear for just a short time then I have to imagine that Facebook was taking care of the problems, because they were gone and a notice put up that they were deleted.  Now, IF, and I say IF, the problem originated from my computer, I am truthfully sorry that it happened.  After Kalina worked on my 'puter for a little while, I've had no more problems - thank God!



Some personal/family stuff:


Man, did I mess up my column last week!  I had this in it, if you can recall:


"This column is coming out on June 4th.  This coming July 3rd will make it one whole year since the love of my life left us.  It's been a very fast year.  I'm not really sure what next week's column will be like - will have something about the wife, for sure."


Not sure if it was "Brain Fade" or a massive "Brain Fart" on my end, but I was kinda a month ahead of time - the week that has July 3rd   in it, is the week I'll have something in my column about the wife. 


My son, Eric, has made some trips down to North Carolina, in search of a car painting job.  So far, he's not had much success.  He's going back down there again late this week.  He says if nothing develops,  it might very well be his last trip down there.  Maybe, just maybe, he'll have more success on this trip.  Yes, it helps to have a "connection", I should say.  He just might have that, now, with a former race driver from up north living down there and having some pretty good connections.  And, I've also found out that he's been contacted by another person from Carolina, so - maybe?  I just hope and pray that something does come up that he'd like, and would be able to make a move.  He's a great son and deserves some kind of a break in life.


To make sure that I'd get a Father's Day card in time, he sent it out early, and I received it on Tuesday.  I spoke with him about it, and told him I'd love to put what it says in my column and he had no objections.


The card:

"When you're a DAD you want to give your family the world.

But it's not always that easy.

So, instead of things, you give them your attention, your time, and your love.

And, before you know it, you've given your family the greatest gift of all...


Thanks, Dad, for showing me an unforgettable example of everything a father should be.




He did write, and say that he hoped I have a great day!  Really wish I could be there to spend it with you!!



Racin’ stuff:


A short story on how Wayne Reutimann won the Little 500:



Last week, when I listed all of the ARDC driving champions, and the 2014 champion wasn't listed - it was Steve Drevicki.



Found on Facebook:


Good news from Pat Van varik, just told me Borgers Speedway will be possibly opening this Saturday for practice. If not this Saturday definitely next Saturday. Great news. Not losing another race track. Will be running most classes of cars as before.



From Jayski:


#48 team penalty rescinded on appeal: 


The National Motorsports Appeals Panel heard and considered the appeal of a P1 penalty issued on May 27, 2015 to Hendrick Motorsports relative to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series vehicle #48 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The penalty concerns the following section in the 2015 NASCAR rule book: - Warnings and P1 penalty options:
.b: Multiple warnings issued to the same team member or team will result in one or more P1 penalties.
.c: If the same team receives two warnings during the same event, or two warnings during two consecutive events, whether the events are championship or non-championship, then this may result in one or more ... P1 penalties at NASCAR's discretion.
The original penalty assessed was the last choice in the pit selection process for the next event.
Upon hearing the testimony, the decision of the National Motorsports Appeals Panel is:
· Warnings are not appealable. NASCAR acted correctly in issuing a P1 penalty after the second warning.
· But, the panel must also decide if there has been a violation of the rules (Section 14.15.1.b).
· In the hearing, there was a preponderance of evidence presented that the side skirt violation which led to a warning did occur. There was conflicting evidence about the inspection violation which led to the second warning instead of preponderance.
· Since only one of the two violations were shown by a preponderance of the evidence, the panel rescinds the P1 penalty.
The panel consisted of the following three individuals: Richard Gore, David Hall, Jay Signore.(NASCAR)(6-9-2015)



NASCAR considering change to qualifying rules: 


Could a tweak to NASCAR qualifying be coming? Steve O'Donnell, NASCAR executive vice president and chief operating officer, hinted so during his appearance Tuesday on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio's "The Morning Drive" show. Last weekend at Pocono Raceway, Denny Hamlin spun with less than a minute left in the final round. That prevented Hamlin and four other drivers from recording a time in the final round. NASCAR's rules state that if more than one driver is unable to complete a lap in a round, their position is determined based on who had the fastest lap in the previous round. Hamlin had the second-fastest lap in the second round. That placed him ahead of the four other drivers who had yet to record a time in the final round even though Hamlin caused the caution. That policy could change.
"It's something we are going to look at," O'Donnell said. "In this case is it the right decision to have a driver, not on purpose, cause a caution and therefore they qualify ahead of ... drivers who may have not been able to go out and qualify? Some folks could say that's on them, they should have gone out earlier, but you also look at it if that is the right move. We're taking a hard look at that this weekend. We've had some dialogue with some of the industry and we'll make a decision here shortly."(
NBC Sports)(6-9-2015)



France says new manufacturers still interested in NASCAR: 


NASCAR Chairman Brian France [interviewed on SiriusXM Satellite Radio Monday] said NASCAR still fields calls from potential new manufacturers. "We're generally open to figuring out how to make a new manufacturer work in NASCAR," he said. "We have those discussions. Obviously, it's complicated how a manufacturer might enter the sport. It goes back to the original points. They want to make sure they have a fair and balanced playing field. If they line up talent, that they can have a shot to compete and do well. ... Every single thing, and this is the beauty of NASCAR, leads back to the same path: How do we make sure that, as a sanctioning body, we lay out a plan and path where drivers, teams, manufacturers and sponsors all feel they can come into NASCAR if they compete hard and their talent allows them to do reasonably well? That's an ongoing mission and serves everybody well when we get it right. That's our mission."(NBC Sports)(6-9-2015)



Knaus talks about failed pre-race inspections at Pocono: 


Crew chief Chad Knaus of the #48 Hendrick Motorsports team weighed in Monday on his team's third-place finish as well as its three failed inspections before the Axalta 'We Paint Winners' 400 at Pocono Raceway. After going through inspection a fourth time before being cleared to race, the team fought back from a blown tire and contact with Matt Kenseth's #20 before Jimmie Johnson brought home a podium finish. "We did our due diligence as extreme as we can," Knaus said on FOX Sports 1's "NASCAR Race Hub" without specifying what the pre-race inspection holdup was. "We went through the first time and weren't in compliance. Went through a second and failed again. It's just about guys making the most out of every advantage that we can." Hendrick Motorsports will be at NASCAR's R&D Center in Concord, NC, on Tuesday, appealing the P1 penalty handed down to the #48 team after written warnings were issued during two race weekends at Charlotte.(



Pocono Overnight TV Ratings: 


Compared to coverage on TNT last year, FS1 had a double-digit drop in overnights for NASCAR from Pocono. NASCAR Sprint Cup racing from Pocono earned a 2.3 overnight rating on Fox Sports 1 Sunday afternoon, down 18% from last year (2.8) and down 21% from 2013 (2.9), both of which aired on TNT. Each of the four Sprint Cup races on FS1 has had a double-digit decline in overnights, but the first three of those comparisons were to races on the FOX broadcast network. Sunday's race was the first to decline from coverage on a cable outlet. Compared to previous FS1 races, Sunday's 2.3 overnight matched Dover the previous week and trailed Martinsville in March (2.5). It easily topped the Saturday night race from Kansas in early May, which was delayed due to rain (1.5). For the weekend, NASCAR not only trailed the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final and Belmont Stakes, but also the final round of The Memorial on CBS (2.7).(Sports Media Watch), see past races, 5-year chart, links and more on the 2015 TV Ratings page.(6-9-2015)


Danica not under consideration for F1 ride: 


The American Haas team have effectively ruled out signing US female racer Danica Patrick for their debut Formula 1 season next year. Patrick, 33, has been linked with the team, who are building up to an entry in 2016. But team principal Gunther Steiner said Patrick, who has won an IndyCar race, was "happy" racing in the American NASCAR stock-car racing series. "This would be a gamble and I don't know if she is ready," Steiner said. Patrick would in any case not meet the qualifying criteria to earn an F1 driver's 'super licence'. Haas are basing their new programme on a technical partnership with Ferrari, from whom they are buying as many parts as is allowed under the F1 regulations. The only parts of the car they have to design themselves are the monocoque and the aerodynamic surfaces. Haas said the team were looking at "a number" of drivers but refused to be drawn on their identity. Among the names linked to the team are former F1 racers Esteban Gutierrez and Jean-Eric Vergne, who are Ferrari's reserve and development drivers this season after failing to find a race seat.(BBC)(6-7-2015)



Sam Bass recovering from surgery: 


Sam Bass, NASCAR's first officially licensed artist, continues to recover from surgery for complications resulting from another severe blood infection. A life long Type 1 diabetic, Bass was hospitalized twice in 2014 and spent 10 weeks in treatment as a result of sepsis, a severe blood disorder that often results in loss of limbs or even death. "I tremendously appreciate the prayers and continued support of everyone during this extremely difficult time," Bass said. The artist expects to be released from the hospital in the middle of the week. Bass' battle with sepsis began in February 2014. Complications with the severe blood infection resulted in multiple surgeries for the NASCAR artist and led to a long road to recovery. Able to return to the track just three months later, Bass suffered another setback in October 2014, when a less severe infection returned to his bloodstream. Now familiar with the warning signs, Bass was able to get the medical attention he needed before this latest bout with infection escalated. After undergoing surgery last Wednesday, Bass will be released from the hospital to continue recovery at home.(Sam Bass)(6-10-2015)



Sheila Elliott back in jail: 


The wife of famed NASCAR engine builder Ernie Elliott is back in Dawson County Sheriff's Office custody. Sheila G. Elliott, 63, was arrested June 2 for violating her court ordered conditions of release. The initial arrest stems from an incident in which she reportedly attempted to run over her husband with a car on March 18. Initially taken into custody on March 24, she appeared before Northeastern Judicial Circuit Judge Jason Deal on May 12, the same day he signed a consent bond and ordered her release on her "own recognizance," provided she check into and reside at a residential treatment facility. According to court records, on June 1 she notified authorities of her intent to leave the residential treatment facility in Atlanta where she was ordered to remain as a condition of her release from jail on an aggravated assault charge. "...defendant notified the district attorney's office and the Dawson County Sheriff's Office she was leaving said treatment facility and returning to Dawson County," the motion to revoke bond read. "Defendant did so without consent of all parties and did so with the knowledge she would be in direct violation of her bond agreement."(Dawson Community News)(6-10-2015)



Knaus says appeal was about understanding penalty process: 


Jimmie Johnson's # 48 team won its appeal Tuesday to overturn a P1 penalty, but crew chief Chad Knaus still awaits more clarity on its exposure to future punishment. NASCAR issued the penalty of last choice in pit stalls for the next race after the team received written warnings in consecutive Sprint Cup events. Written warnings are cumulative over the course of a season, and if a team receives six over a six-month period following the first, it could result in a P2 penalty. Per the 2015 NASCAR rulebook, a P2 penalty would result in at least one (and possibly more) of the following: loss of 10 championship driver and owner points; $10,000-$25,000 fine; suspension for the crew chief,and/or any other team members for at least one race; probation through the end of the calendar year for the crew chief. Johnson's team has received at least four warnings this season and could face another after failing prerace inspection three times Sunday at Pocono Raceway.
Knaus said Hendrick Motorsports' appeal was as much about understanding the new system, which was introduced last year, as contesting the penalty. "If you look at the way warning schedule is, and the way the penalties can start to accumulate over a period of time, we needed to understand the methodology behind that, and we have a better understanding of that now," he said. "I think that with all the teams and NASCAR, we're all going to have some more conversations in the future about how the warnings are applied and can be contested. That was the big reason we're here. We need to get in here and understand the format, the system and thankfully, we have a system like this. I think it's great that NASCAR is willing to have an open forum to where we can get together, chat and have a face to face conversation about it and try to get some clarification."
The tricky part of the new system is a warning isn't appealable, but a punishment resulting from a warning is. NASCAR, at its discretion, can issue P1 penalties based on multiple warnings or warnings in consecutive events.(
NBC Sports) (6-10-2015)




TV Ratings up for Fox races: 


The FOX broadcast network averaged a 4.5 rating and 7.6 million viewers for NASCAR Sprint Cup coverage this season, up 5% in ratings and 9% in viewership from last year (4.3, 7.0M) and the network's first year-over-year increase since 2011. FOX aired fewer races this year as part of NASCAR's new television deal, jettisoning low-rated telecasts from Kansas and Dover. (Sports Media Watch via Sports Video Group)(6-10-2015)







From Track Forum:


 What if there was only the 500?

Actually, it was a poll, which I didn't "enter" due to my never having been to the 500, or with me now down in Florida and getting up there in age, I doubt I'd ever attend the event.  Oh, I'll watch a race or two on TV, but with the loss of American Oval Track drivers, I've lost a lot of interest.

But there are some pretty good comments/thoughts that have been posted.

Check out post # 15.  It has the names of all drivers that started the Indy 500.






From the Dirt Track Digest Forum:


Rolling Wheels SYNDI



From the AARN:


Three For Three: Robert Ballou Sweeps USAC Eastern Storm


At Eldora: Dream For Davenport; Nightmare For Bloomquist 


Experimental Engine Proves Potency When Billy Dunn Wins At Merrittville


Erick Rudolph, Mike Payne Call It Quits On The DIRTcar Mod Circuit


Kormann Named Race Director Of Georgetown Speedway


Lincoln USACCancellation Brings Hard Feelings On Several Fronts


Northeasterner Truex Claims Long Overdue NASCAR Sprint Cup Win At Pocono


Preece Continues NASCAR Whelen Mod Tour Dominance At Stafford Springs


AJFlick’s First Lernerville 410 Win Is Widely Celebrated


And a little more from this week's issue:


Lenny Sammons was wondering where were those that complained about the USAC/360 Sprint Car show at the Lincoln Speedway being cancelled by Bob Miller, and not being at the New Egypt Speedway for the USAC show there.


At the Port Royal Speedway, the ARDC could only get 15 cars.

Note:  I subscribe to the Atlantic Coast Old Timers "Pit Chatter" paper.  I received their latest issue the other day.  There was quite a big write-up about Ed "Dutch" Schaefer, by Mr. Derek Lewin.  In it he makes mention of the ARDC and, at times, having 50 to 60 midgets sign in for a race meet.  Quite a difference, I'd say.  I do believe the $30,000.00 engine costs is what has really hurt the ARDC.


Third generation driver Randy Green won the Sportsman feature at 5 Mile.  That could very well be his first feature win.  I see that his father, Robby Green, has started racing again, too.


Buzzie Reutimann is still winning feature races, folks.  This time it was at the East Bay Speedway.  His son, David, was 2nd.


It really sucks when you win a race that paid $100,000.00 to win, and your car is 25 pounds light at the scales.  That's what happened to Scott Bloomquist at Eldora.


In Bill Utter's column, he makes mention of a few up-coming things for OCFS, thanks to Halmar owner Chris Larsen.  First they will be addressing the drainage issue, where water runs across the track on the front stretch.  Then, the track will be dug up, recover a lot of the clay, resift it, so there's a better racing surface, some wall repairing  and taking some of the banking out of the track.

Note:  I kinda don't agree with taking some banking out, but heck, I'm just a fan.  Who knows?  Maybe it will give those that attend OCFS some better racing?  Also, might that nice point fund bring some additional competitors to the track next year?  And, I could swear that somewhere, I had read that new clay was going to be brought in.  Guess not, now that the above has come out.



Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:

At Lebanon Valley, in the Modified feature, Kolby Schroder was 2nd and  Kyle Armstrong 14th

In the Sportsman feature, John Virgilio was 3rd and Matt Pappa 4th.


At OCFS, in the Modified feature, Mike Kolka was 1st, Tim HIndley 7th, Anthony Perrego 10th, Billy V 11th, Mike Ruggiero 15th and LJ Lombardo 16th.

In the Small Block feature, Tim Hindley was 8th, LJ Lombardo 13th and Dom Roselli 18th.

In the Sportsman feature, Joey Bruning was 2nd, Matt Hitchcock 3rd, Brian Krummel 4th, Dominic Roselli 6th, Zack Vavricka 8th, Matt Janiak 17th, Anthony Falanga 18th, Doc Young 20th and Joe Falanga 22nd.

Jimmy Johnson was 5th in the Northeast Vintage feature.


AJ Filbeck was 6th in the Sportsman feature at Glen Ridge.  He was 19th in the GRIT race also at Glen Ridge.


Brett Wright was 14th in the Modified feature at U/R.  AJ Filbeck was 3rd in the 602 Sportsman feature.


At Bethel, Rich Coons was 5th and Kyle Redner 6th in the 358/Sportsman feature.

In the 4 Cylinder Advanced feature, Joe Morris was 4th and JB Morris 10th.


BJ Wambold was 5th in the Hobby Stock feature at Mahoning Valley.


Johnny Guarino was 4th in the Modified feature at New Egypt.


Davie Franek was 8th in the 360 Sprint feature at Selinsgrove.


Brian Sobus was 7th in the Super Modified feature at Oswego.


Danny Creeden won the Modified feature at 5 Mile.


Danny Buccafusca was 22nd in the wingless 600  Micro feature at Kutztown.  Molly Chambers was a DNQ.  She was 3rd in the Wingless 600 "Mad Scramble".


Tyler Pirone was 6th in the All Star Slingshot feature at Hamlin. 

Jacob Hendershot won the 270 Micro feature.


Bobby Hackel IV was 15th in the first Modified feature at A/S, while Alex Bell was 25th and Brett Wright 32nd.

In the second feature, Wright was 15thBell 17th and Hackel 21st.

Hunter Bates was 5th in the Sportsman feature.


Joe Kata was 19th in the Patriot Sprint feature at Fulton.


Sorry if I missed anyone!



Midget Racing from "Back in the Day":


Midget results (quite some list) from the Danbury, Ct. track - from what I have:


Danbury Speedway

Danbury, CT



Opened with AAA Midgets

June 1 1. Lee Wallard 2. Joe Garson 3. Pappy Hough

June 8 1. Dave Randolph 2. Pappy Hough 3. Ray Nestor

June 15 1. Jim Forte 2. Ray Nestor 3. Dave Randolph

June 22 1. Joe Garson 2. Ray Nestor 3. Ben Emerick


ARDC takes over sanctioning

July 2 1. Ernie Gesell 2. Bill Schindler 3. Walt Fusco

July 5 1. Mike Josephs 2. Ernie Gesell 3. Bill Schindler

July 12 rain

July 19 1. Bill Schindler 2. Ted Tappett 3. Len Golen

July 26 1. Ted Tappett 2. Bill Schindler 3. Mike Josephs 50 laps

Aug. 2 1. Ted Tappett 2. Ernie Gesell 3. George Rice

Aug. 9 1. Bill Baker 2. Mike Josephs 3. Bill Schindler 40 laps

Aug. 16 1. Harry Felton 2. Johnny Sweir 3. Bill Schindler

Aug. 23 1. Bill Schindler 2. Mike Josephs 3. Ted Tappett 50 laps

Aug. 30 rain

Sept. 6 1. Ted Tappett 2. Ernie Gesell 3. Mike Josephs 40 laps

Sept. 13 1. Bill Holmes 2. Al Duffy 3. Ernie Gesell

Sept. 20 1. Bill Schindler 2. Harry Felton 3. Dutch Schaefer 75 laps

Oct. 12 1. Ernie Gesell 2. Ray Nestor 3. Henry Steiger

Champion: Bill Schindler



May 4 1. Johnny Ringger 2. Mike Josephs 3. Henry Banks

May 11 1. Henry Banks 2. Bill Schindler 3. Johnny Sweir

May 18 1. George Rice 2. Ted Tappett 3. Bill Holmes

May 23 rain

May 30 1. Bill Holmes 2. Len Duncan 3. Ted Tappett 40 laps

June 6 1. Mike Joseph 2. Bill Holmes 3. Len Duncan

June 13 rain

June 20 1. Len Duncan 2. Mike Josephs 3. Bill Holmes

June 27 1. George Rice 2. Ernie Gesell 3. Bill Holmes

July 4 rain

July 11 1. Bill Schindler 2. Mike Josephs 3. Pop DeVercelly

July 18 rain


Track began running split features, 14 started first race of 20 laps. 6 drivers were eliminated and an additional 20 lap race was run with field inverted.

July 25 1. Len Duncan 2. Ted Tappett 3. Bill Schindler

1. Ted Tappett 2. Len Duncan 3. Bill Schindler

Aug. 1 1. Len Duncan 2. Mike Josephs 3. Ted Tappett

1. Lyle Dickey 2. Ted Tappett 3. Len Duncan

Aug. 8 1. Ted Tappett 2. Mike Josephs 3. Johnny Ringger 30 laps

Aug. 15 rain

Aug. 22 1. Ted Tappett 2. Bill Schindler 3. Johnny Ringger 50 laps

Tappetts 15th win in the Carlheim #12

Aug. 29 1. Bill Schindler 2. Len Golen 3. Mike Josephs 30 laps


split features

Sept. 5 1. Bill Schindler 2. Mike Josephs 3. Len Duncan

1. Bill Holmes 2. Mike Josephs 3. Don Morris

Sept. 12 1. Ted Tappett 2. Bill Holmes 3. Bill Schindler

Sept. 19 1. Henry Steiger 2. Len Duncan 3. Bill Schindler 60 laps


split features, Fair races

Oct. 5 1. Mike Josephs 2. Johnny Sweir 3. Tony Bonadies

1. Bill Schindler 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Len Duncan


Oct. 11 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Jack Duffy 3. Dutch Schaefer

30 laps, halted at 27


1. Tony Bonadies 2. Henry Banks 3. Henry Steiger

20 laps, Race of Champions



May 3 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Ray Nestor 3. George Rice

May 9 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. George Rice 3. Johnny Ringger

racing ended until after the war



Sept. 8 1. Bill Schindler 2. Dee Toran 3. Ray Nestor

Sept. 15 1. Ray Nestor 2. Bill Holmes 3. Dutch Schaefer

Sept. 22 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Ray Nestor 3. Johnny Sweir

Sept. 29 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Andy DeVercelly 3. Ray Nestor

Oct. 6 rain

Oct. 7 rain after semi-finals

Oct. 13 1. Bill Holmes 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Dee Toran Oct. 7 feature

Oct. 13 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Bill Schindler 3. Rex Records

Oct. 20 1. Jeep Colkitt 2. Bill Schindler 3. Rex Records

Oct. 27 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Bill Holmes 3. Bill Schindler

Nov. 4 rain

Nov. 11 rain



June 1 rain

June 5 1. Dee Toran 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Ted Tappett

June 8 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Johnny Ritter 3. Tony Bonadies

June 12 1. Rex Records 2. Shorty McAndrews 3. Tony Bonadies

June 15 1. Len Duncan 2. Rex Records 3. Lew Volk

June 22 1. Ray Nestor 2. Larry Bloomer 3. Dutch Schaefer

Larry Bloomer crossed the line in first place but was penalized for

passing Ray Nestor under yellow. Oddly, Bloomer was still

credited with a 25 lap track record.

June 29 1. George Fonder 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Ted Tappett

July 3 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Ray Nestor 3. Len Fanelli  19 laps

July 6 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Ted Tappett 3. George Fonder

July 13 1. Ted Tappett 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Rex Records

July 20 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. George Fonder 3. Lou Volk

July 27 1. Ted Tappett 2. Larry Bloomer 3. Dutch Schaefer

August 3 1. Ted Tappett 2. Bill Schindler 3. Tony Bonadies

August 10 1. Ray Nestor 2. Larry Bloomer 3. Dutch Schaefer

August 17 canceled after heat races, wet track

August 24 1. Shorty McAndrews 2. George Fonder 3. Dutch Schaefer

August 31 1. Chet Conklin 2. Rex Records 3. Charlie Miller

Sept. 7 1. Bill Schindler 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Chet Conklin

Sept. 14 1. Len Duncan 2. Bob Disbrow 3. Bill Baker

Sept. 21 ?

Sept. 29 1. Len Duncan 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Bill Schindler

Oct. 5 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Don Morris 3. Len Duncan

Oct. 12 rain

Oct. 19 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. George Rice



May 31 1. Rex Records 2. Al Keller 3. Dutch Schaefer

June 7 rain

June 14 rain

June 21 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Bill Troutwine

June 28 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Ted Tappett 3. Tony Bonadies

July 5 rain

July 12 1. Bill Schindler 2. Ted Tappett 3. Len Wofsey

July 19 1. Rex Records 2. Lloyd Christopher 3. Len Duncan

July 26 1. Andy Van Heusen 2. Len Duncan 3. Bob Disbrow

August 2 1. Bill Schindler 2. George Fonder 3. George Rice

August 9 rain

August 16 rain

August 23 1. Tony Bonadies 2. George Rice 3. Ted Tappett

August 30 1. George Rice 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Al Keller

Sept. 6 1. Ted Tappett 2. Al Keller 3. Tony Bonadies

Sept. 13 1. Al Keller 2. Henry Renard 3. Don Morris

Sept. 20 1. George Rice 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Mike Nazaruk

Sept. 27 1. Ted Tappett 2. Al Keller 3. George Rice

Sept. 28 1. Johnny Ritter 2. Art Cross 3. George Rice

Oct. 5 1. George Rice 2. Mike Nazaruk 3. Johnny Ringger

Oct. 11 1. George Rice 2. Johnny Ritter 3. Tony Bonadies 100 laps

Champion: George Rice

Note:  I'm not positive, but when Ritter won the feature on 9/28, that might have been his first time out with his new Offy.



May 1 1. Ted Tappett 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Len Duncan

May 8 1. Bill Schindler 2. Larry Bloomer 3. Tony Bonadies

May 15 1. Bill Schindler 2. George Rice 3. Dutch Schaefer

May 22 1. Rex Records 2. Henry Renard 3. Mike Nazaruk

May 29 rain

June 5 1. Stan Disbrow 2. Bob Disbrow 3. Henry Renard

June 12 1. Stan Disbrow 2. Buddy Chase 3. Bill Baker

June 19 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Rex Records 3. George Rice 40 laps

June 26 1. Don Morris 2. Joe Barzda 3. Henry Renard

July 3 1. Mike Nazaruk 2. Rex Records 3. Andy Van Heusen

July 10 1. Bob Disbrow 2. Vernon Land 3. Dutch Schaefer

July 17 1. Bob Disbrow 2. Henry Renard 3. Stan Disbrow

July 24 1. Steve McGrath 2. Henry Renard 3. Johnny Ritter

July 31 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Stan Disbrow 3. Art Cross

August 7 1. Bill Baker 2. B. Klar 3. Andy Furci

August 14 1. Len Fanelli 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Russ Klar

August 21 1. Stan Disbrow 2. Johnny Carpenter 3. Bob Disbrow

August 28 1. Steve McGrath 2. Larry Bloomer 3. Buddy Chase

Sept. 4 1. Steve McGrath 2. Larry Bloomer 3. Bob Disbrow 50 laps

Sept. 11 1. Henry Renard 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Buddy Chase

Sept. 18 rain

Sept. 25 1. Len Duncan 2. Henry Renard 3. Dutch Schaefer 100 laps

Oct. 2 1. Bob Disbrow 2. Len Duncan 3. Steve McGrath



May 7 1. Vernon Land 2. Howie Moratti 3. Steve McGrath

May 14 ?

May 21 1. Stan Disbrow 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Vernon Land

May 30 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Henry Renard 3. Johnny Zeke

June 4 1. Bob Disbrow 2. Henry Renard 3. Johnny Zeke

June 11 1. Henry Renard 2. Johnny Zeke 3. Vernon Land

June 18 1. Red Marlowe 2. Johnny Ringger 3. Henry Renard

June 25 rain

July 2 1. Larry Shurter 2. Red Marlowe 3. Russ Klar

July 9 1. Cy Sanders 2. Bob Disbrow 3. Henry Renard

July 16 1. Red Marlowe 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Dutch Schaefer

July 23 1. Nick Fornoro 2. Red Marlowe 3. Bill Schindler

July 30 rain

August 6 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Nick Fornoro

August 13 rain

August 20 1. Cy Sanders 2. Russ Klar 3. Tony Bonadies

August 27 1. Cy Sanders 2. Jimmy DiMarco 3. Russ Klar

Sept. 3 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Buddy Chase 50 laps



ARA Midgets

Sept. 29

There was a two day midget race scheduled during the 1951 fair, I have the result for the ARA race somewhere, but it is not in my notebook.


ARDC Midgets

Sept. 30 1. Russ Klar 2. Fred Meeker 3. Bert Brooks


Note:  Glancing over all those names, I do believe that there are only a few that I never saw race.




Press Releases:


News from the Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek

Media Contact: Brett Deyo – or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/June 8, 2015

It’s Almost Here: Premier Midweek Event Of June Set For Thursday, June 11 At New Egypt Speedway; Stellar Field For $10,000-To-Win Modified Event; 360 Sprint Cars Ready For Only 2015 NES Appearance

NEW EGYPT, NJ It’s almost here!

The premier midweek event of June takes place this Thursday (June 11) at New Egypt Speedway when Lentini Auto Salvage presents the ‘Dirty Jersey 3’ event. Modifieds, big-blocks vs. small-blocks, will race 40 laps for a $10,000 winner’s share.  The total purse structure is $30,670 (minus any bonuses and awards) which is a new record for BD Motorsports Media LLC in its 33-race promotional history and the second-year Short Track Super Series Fueled By Hi-Tek.

Pit gates open at 3 p.m., with grandstand gates swinging open at 4 p.m. Hot laps are planned for 6 p.m. and racing gets underway at 7 p.m.

Adult grandstand admission is $29. Seniors (ages 65 and over with ID) and Military (with ID) pay $24.  Students, ages 12-15, pay $12. Kids 11 and under are FREE. Pit admission is $35, with no license required.

Fans can take part in the fun with a pre-race tailgating competition. Prizes will be given away by the roaming ‘Dirty Girls’ in the parking area. There will be giveaways, musical entertainment, R/C car racing and other fan activities.

One of the Northeast’s most diverse Modified fields of 2015 will be present at the Garden State facility Thursday to compete for the huge payout. A strong northern flare is building to include Tim McCreadie, the national Late Model star in a rare New Jersey Modified start; Brett Hearn, who is stepping into the Mike Petruska Sr. owned No. 66 Atlas Paving mount for the event; red-hot Danny Johnson in the Chris Gennarelli No. 27J; Stewart Friesen, who will drive the Jeff Daley-owned No. 44 small-block and a Doug Emery 360 Sprint Car; Andy Bachetti, in only the third NES appearance of his career; Central New York Modified and SpeedSTR talent Mike Mahaney;  southeastern New York rising stars Anthony Perrego and Danny Creeden and many more.

Rick Laubach, a Big Diamond (Pa.) and Bridgeport (N.J.) regular leads the STSS Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. South Region standings into NES following victories in the opening two events of the series. Laubach has the best record in the ‘Dirty Jersey 3’ to date, winning the inaugural event in 2013 and finishing second a year ago.

The Keystone State sends some of its top talents to NES on Thursday. Craig Von Dohren will drive the Dick Biever-owned No. 14s, while Duane Howard will strap into the potent Glenn Hyneman-owned No. 126. Doug Manmiller will drive the Jason Miller No. 44.

Ryan Watt, one of the Penn-Jersey area’s most popular drivers, will strap into the Ron Roberts-owned No. 14W for the ‘Dirty Jersey 3’ special. Watt used Saturday’s regular program at New Egypt to score some additional lap time.

Delaware’s Jamie Mills has launched to a strong start to the STSS South Region with top-10 finishes at Bridgeport and Big Diamond. Mills heads to NES after a long absence.  Mills’ nephew, defending Delaware International Speedway champion Jordan Watson will make the tow in addition to other expected Delaware entries.

New Egypt’s own talent will be led by defending track champion Ryan Godown, utilizing a fresh ERD big-block powerplant in his John Chemidlin No. 747; the father-son tandem of Billy Pauch Sr. and Billy Pauch Jr.(driving the Pakenham Motorsports No. 18); David Van Horn Jr. in the family No. 71; and many more of the tough weekly field.

The welcoming rules package for Thursday night’s event allows the weekly NES or PA-legal small-block Modifieds to utilize sail panels. All other engine packages must use windows. American Racer tires will be utilized for this year’s edition.

Also on the ‘Dirty Jersey 3’ program are the United Racing Club (URC) 360 Sprint Cars with an invite to the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS). The 360 Sprint Cars make their only visit to NES this season as part of the unique Thursday program.  The stars of URC will be out in full force led by defending event winner Davie Franek, Curt Michael, Robbie Stillwaggon, Josh Weller, Randy West, Mark Bitner and more.

Crate 602 Sportsman complete the card in a 20-lap feature paying $750 to the winner and $75. Timed warm-ups will set the top-18 starting positions, with a B-Main setting the remainder of the field.

Complete Modified and Crate 602 Sportsman rules and info are at the following link:

For 360 Sprint Car info, visit:

To learn more about the Short Track Super Series or BD Motorsports Media LCC, or, call 845.728.2781 or “Like” Short Track Super Series on Facebook or follow @ShortTrackSS on Twitter.

Located in New Egypt, N.J., New Egypt Speedway features a daylight-quality lighting system and excellent sightlines from any seat in the house. There are clean, heated restrooms, a monitored playground area for young fans and restaurant-quality concession stands serving up a full menu at family style prices. The racy, 7/16ths-mile clay oval hosts tight, wheel-to-wheel, all-out competition. New Egypt Speedway’s GPS address is 720 Route 539 New Egypt, NJ 08533 and the speedway website is




NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                   

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda









Twin-20s for the Modifieds June 13 and previous rained out 30-lap feature race added to June 27 full racing program


MIDDLETOWN, NY (June 9)......Two of the next three two weeks of racing action at Orange County Fair Speedway will spotlight “doubles,” first with twin 20-lap feature races for the Modifieds on Saturday, June 13, and then the rained out 30-lap Modified feature from May 16 will be added to the full program of racing on Saturday, June 27. The Big-Block Modifieds will not be racing on Saturday, June 20.


This coming Saturday, led by current point leader and three-time track champion, Jerry Higbie, the earth-shaking, 800 horse power Big-Block Modifieds will have two chances to win on the lightning fast five-eighths-mile Middletown “Hard Clay” oval. Also on the evening’s program are the Sportsman division, the Rookie Sportsman, the thrill-a-minute Street Stocks, and the Thunder Trucks. The Street Stocks will be competing in the Crane Golf Challenge Series Point Race No. 2. The night’s activities are sponsored by Dana Distributors, Budweiser, and Sparta Trucking.


The following week, Saturday, June 20, the Small-Block Modifieds take center stage with the Annual Charlie Loder Memorial race. Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, Street Stocks, and the Four-Cylinder race cars will also be in action. 


Admission prices for the June 13, 20, and 27 race meets remain at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and $1.00 for children 12 and under. Starting times will be promptly at 6:30 pm.


Information for all Orange County Fair Speedway action is available at the speedway website,, or at the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.



Reminder: July 4 Independence Day – No Racing




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