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Some personal/family stuff:

Over time, I've had difficulty hearing people.  Part of what caused this was all the races I attended without ear protection.  Once, while down at Richmond for and Indy car race, I was taping it, holding my camera in my right hand.  The noise was deafening.   I put a finger into my left ear and - damn! - I could not hear the cars.  Right ear was completely open to any noises, but nothing!

I had a hearing test with the VA back then.  I was told my hearing didn't warrant a hearing aid.  Well, I had another hearing test last week - at the new VA clinic here in Cape Coral.  I'll be picking up my hearing aids on February 9th.



Racin’ stuff:


For those that were able to watch the Chili Bowl - some race, huh?  I saw Rico Abreu race at East Bay last February n the 360's.  Quite the driver!  More than likely he'll be down here again, but as things stand now,  I'll miss that show, with me, my two sons and grandson John hitting the dirt modified at Volusia on Friday night.  Saturday will be a family BBQ, so that would kill any visit to East Bay.


I suppose we all knew this would come sooner or later - Rico into NASCAR:

KNPSE: Rico Abreu Joins HScott Motorsports With Justin Marks For Full K&N East Season



NASCAR AMERICA: Rico Abreu prepares for steep learning curve (VIDEO)


Note:  Video would not get going for me, initially, so here's what was said, just in case it won't load for you.


Fresh off a victory last weekend in the Chili Bowl Nationals, Rico Abreu will now move into stock car racingas a full-time driver in the K&N Pro Series East this season.

But the reigning USAC National Midget Series Champion will also continue to compete in sprint car events across the country. NASCAR on NBC’s Nate Ryan quoted him today in a teleconference as saying he was more than capable of running 110-120 events altogether in 2015.

Thus, Abreu will have to go back and forth between his more familiar driving style with sprint cars and the new one he’ll have to develop in a much heavier stock car.

Additionally, observers within the NASCAR community will surely keep close tabs on Abreu’s progress following the phenomenal success of another star that rose from the dirt-track ranks – reigning Sprint Cup rookie of the year Kyle Larson.

Today on NASCAR AMERICA, analysts Jeff Burton and Frank Stoddard discussed whether Larson and Abreu have helped create a trend that can continue further. They also talked about the adjustments Abreu should expect to make in the stock cars.

You can check out their thoughts in the clip above.






STP Out As World Of Outlaws Title Sponsor



NASCAR restructures track-side shopping, eliminates souvenir haulers


Note:  My thoughts?  Just another way for NASCAR to make more bucks.


Racing on TV:

Things are starting to heat up now, racing wise.  Here's the link to what's on TV:




A little Chili Bowl info:


We don't have MAV TV where I live, so I figured I'd not be able to see the race, but keep abreast of the happenings via Facebook and "Chili Bowl Nationals", which gave written results.  While there was a break in the action, I checked out Facebook, and darned if someone didn't put a link on it for a live stream/feed.  Yay!  Yup, watched it!

Maybe it will be done the same way next year - basically on MAV TV.  If there is any kind of live stream/feed, keep these links handy:




On Yahoo! News on Sunday:


You're gonna love this, folks!

Rico Abreu wins Chili Bowl Nationals


By Nick Bromberg3 hours ago From The Marbles


"The biggest sprint car race of the year was Saturday night and Rico Abreu won it for the first time."


Ya just have to read some of the comments!



If you were able to watch the Chili Bowl, then you probably saw Tony Stewart working on the track, and an interview with Emmett Hahn and Tony, where Dave Despain asked if Emmett was grooming Tony to take over, in the future.  My son, Eric, prior to that interview, made mention to me to watch - Stewart will be running the Chili Bowl in the near future.  I would not be surprised to see that.


Saturday's  Main finish:


UOF A Feature (55 Laps): 1. 97-Rico Abreu[3]; 2. 39-Kevin Swindell[10]; 3. 71L-Damion Gardner[23]; 4. 67-Tanner Thorson[18]; 5. 1-Sammy Swindell[16]; 6. 21-Daryn Pittman[8]; 7. 71K-Kyle Larson[4]; 8. 15D-Andrew Deal[6]; 9. 5D-Zach Daum[20]; 10. 63-Bryan Clauson[2]; 11. 8K-Blake Hahn[15]; 12. 05-Brad Loyet[7]; 13. 5-Jerry Coons Jr[1]; 14. 7A-Darren Hagen[22]; 15. 2B-Ryan Bernal[17]; 16. 17C-Casey Shuman[25]; 17. 1ST-J.J. Yeley[12]; 18. 39B-Spencer Bayston[11]; 19. 63K-Chris Windom[5]; 20. 17RW-Dave Darland[24]; 21. 15X-Chad Boat[9]; 22. 5C-Colten Cottle[21]; 23. 71-Christopher Bell[14]; 24. 88B-Terry Babb[13]



Not nice:


I found this on the South Jersey Dirt Racing's Message Board:


Awards Banquet Cancelled   

Author: New Egypt Speedway   Date: 1/19/2015 9:41:10 AM  


New Egypt Speedway management is sad to announce the cancelation of our 2014 awards banquet due to the lack of interest and RSVPs. As the deadline for cancelation with the venue approached and having very few responses, the Speedway had no choice but to move forward with the cancelation. This was the first year our annual awards banquet was to be held outside of Atlantic City, NJ and Speedway management worked to bring the banquet closer to home with a fair price that was to include many enhancements to bring the same atmosphere created in Atlantic City. Speedway management is looking into other options to celebrate the drivers 2014 season achievements and those details will be announced as they are decided. 



And that's how you run a track succesfully... Don't give they guys of each division a ceremony to celebrate the successes of the 2014 season... 

People bitched about the cost of going to Atlantic City for the banquet and they move it to a different location an no one wants to go ? Wow thats sad.

$75 with a cash bar is a little crazy. Maybe if it was a little cheaper you just might have got a few more people interested.

I wonder why people aren't showing any interest? Why not cancel the races too people aren't going there either. It doesn't matter because this is a people related business and it's not run this way, from the bad personalities running and selling things at the track. The racers are the only people that count at All!! They bring the cars, They bring the money and They bring the people. Treat them better and you may have better results and  interest in the things you are complaining about. Thats why people have a lack of interest! My god help the racers not yourselves!







Back in time:


Covering some of the racing happenings from January 19th to January 28th:




Red Amick... Born ... USAC driver


Don Nordhorn ... Born ... USAC driver



Joe Weatherly... Died 



Ray Harroun ... Died





Los Angeles, California The banked 5/8 mile dirt Legion Ascot Speedway opens.



Billy Foster ... Died ... The first Canadian to ever race in the Indianapolis 500





Jud Larson... Born 



Ernie Saxton... Born





Bob Sall ... Born



Bill Cantrell... Died






Jerry Grant... Born 



Don Whittington... Born



James McElreath... Born



Cliff Griffith... Died 





Art Cross... Born ...






Lou Johnson... Born 



Buddy Baker ... Born 



Jaques Lazier... Born






Fred Marriott sets a Land Speed record of 127.659 mph on Ormand Beach in Florida. The car was powered by a Stanley steam engine and used an upside down Robertson canoe for the body.



Doc Shanebrook... Born



Nick Fornoro Jr.... Born



Scott Wimmer... Born



Eddie Leavitt... Died 





George Follmer... Born



Craig Dollansky... Born 



Travis "Spider" Webb... Died



Buzz Calkins won the first INDY Racing League race, the Indy 200 at Florida's Walt Disney Orlando Speedway





Gene Hartley... Born



Sabino "Sab" Venezia... Died





Benzees annual bus trip to Dover:


Nascar Dover Motorcoach 13th Annual Spring Race on Sun May 31st . Departs from Middletown and Monroe NY . Extra departure points for groups looking to join us . Premium Ticket in Turn 1 (84 value) R/T Deluxe Motor coaches with lavatory and video screens . All You Can Eat Catered Barbecue Lunch with Refreshments . Pre Race Trackside Tour Tix Raffles . Door prizes and more. Escorted by local cable TV personality Erwin Benzee Benz . Cost 165 per person . PayPal check or cash and payment plans


Note:  I'm pretty sure they had two busses last year.





From Jayski:


Stewart expects at least one more leg surgery: 

The long recovery process from a broken leg suffered in a dirt-track race in August 2013 continues for Tony Stewart. He had a fourth surgery last month, and a fifth - and, he hopes, final - operation is scheduled after the 2015 Sprint Cup season to remove the titanium rod that supports the right leg. "The leg isn't bad," he said. "I was out here (working at the track [at the Chili Bowl]) on it for 12 hours Monday and didn't have a problem. That's a long day for anybody on their feet. I'm in pain, but I'm walking back and forth, so it's not terrible. The last surgery wasn't that bad. I feel better at this time this year than at the same time last year. I'm much further along."(USA Today)(1-18-2015)


Kahne looks forward to return to sprint cars: 

#5-Kasey Kahne hopes to race a sprint car again after spending five nights this month wheeling one of the fastest cars on dirt. He certainly hopes it doesn't take another three years to run his next sprint-car race. After a 2011 wreck where he flipped out of Williams Grove (Pa.) Raceway, Kahne ran a few more sprint-car races in 2012 before Rick Hendrick stopped approving him to compete in the open-cockpit cars that tend to flip more than a stock car. Kahne convinced his NASCAR team owner to allow him to get back into a sprint car powered by 410-cubic-inch engine at Cocopah Speedway in Arizona the first two weekends in January. Kahne finished 10th overall in points after the five races, with a best finish of fifth. He would have liked to have run better, but he just relished the opportunity to be in the cars again. He owns a sprint-car team and is around them daily. Kahne said he wasn't trying to make a statement about sprint-car racing by competing in the inaugural sprint-car "Winter Heat" event at the Arizona track. As far as his racing schedule, Kahne says he has no idea when he'll be back in a sprint car. "I definitely won't be waiting two-and-a-half years again," Kahne said. "I'm not sure when that next time will be. I think it''s definitely better to do it sooner than later so you can kind of keep with it and understand things. Me and Mr. H just talked about these five races and doing them. We did them and now I'm just focused on the Cup car. I would hope to get back in one at some point within three years."(Sporting News)(1-17-2015)


Fox Sports & NBC will focus on "second screen" in NASCAR coverage: 

As Fox Sports heads into 2015, it is taking more of a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy with the second screen. Fox Sports executives view established social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as the place where its viewers can have a second-screen experience. During this year's NASCAR coverage, for example, Fox Sports plans to program highlights, commentary, photographs and behind-the-scenes information on its NASCAR Facebook pages.
"You go where the people are," Fox Sports President Eric Shanks said at an industry conference last month. "It's naïve to think that you can wave a magic wand and that there's going to appear a second screen that's more powerful than Facebook."
Sports networks are making some second-screen inroads with the launch of streaming services. NBC Sports Group executives, for example, have found that putting content around the live streams for "Sunday Night Football" helps keep online viewers watching the game longer. Both NBC and Fox plan to stream every NASCAR race this season and will program second-screen applications around those services.
"We'll play around as much as we are allowed to around our streaming product and make that not only a first-screen but a second-screen experience," NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus said last month. Both Lazarus and Shanks believe the streaming services will help Fox and NBC attract younger viewers to their NASCAR programming. Lazarus also said that NBC's marketing plan, which will include NBC's entertainment and news assets, also should help attract younger viewers.(
Sports Business Daily)(1-16-2015)


What is Mark Martin up to? 

Jared Landers will team with late model dirt-race legend Scott Bloomquist, with both drivers competing for the Lucas Oil Late Model Championship in 2015. Landers Triple 7 machine will carry primary partnership from Crop Production Services, along with Mark Martin Automotive, Bad Boy Mowers, Auto Services' Company and Paul McKenna of Big Dog Motorsports. "We are very excited about the opportunity to team Jared up with Scott Bloomquist this season," said NASCAR legend Mark Martin, who cut his racing teeth at the dirt track before moving on to NASCAR stardom. "Scott is the master of racing dirt models and anytime you can team with someone of that caliber, you can rest assured it will have a great impact on your program."(Mark Martin Automotive)(1-15-2015)


Veterans' Charity plans to buy Rockingham Speedway: 

The troubled Rockingham Speedway could soon have new life. A judge gave owners a Jan. 1 deadline to find a buyer or put the property up for auction in March. A veterans charity called Help-Vets.Org (looks like it is supposed to be told Channel 9 that it plans to buy the track and the property and turn it into a reintegration center for veterans. "What's key about this property is Camp Mackall, the training center for Special Forces, is six miles down the road -- Fort Bragg is right here," Help-Vets.Org Executive Director Craig Northacker said. Northacker has big ideas for a $50 million investment, including housing, vocational training and even schooling. Richmond County Community College spokesman Andy Cagle told Channel 9 that the office met with Northacker. "RCC has always taught classes in off-campus locations across our service area, and would welcome any viable opportunity to support our veterans, the local economy and continue the rich traditions of racing in Richmond County," said Dale McInnis, RCC President. City and county officials are skeptical. Richmond County Manager Rick Sago said he hasn't seen any real financing plans. "We'll see when the rubber hits the road what really happens. Bottom line is, it is a speedway, it has been since the '60s and that's what we want is a racetrack," Sago said. "We have talked to JP Morgan Chase," Northacker said. "There is another financing group in Florida, and we're speaking with Royal Bank of Canada." According to Northacker, the group is in the process of getting the property appraised and hopes to close on the property in mid-March. Channel 9 spoke to one of the speedway owners, Andy Hillenburg. He acknowledged conversations with Northacker but said he couldn't comment on the ongoing legal matter.(WSOC and Richmond County Daily Journal)(1-20-2015)




Buy one, get one at Atlanta: 

For one week only, Atlanta Motor Speedway is making an unbelievable discount offer available to fans for the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 on Sunday, March 1. Race fans can purchase "buy one, get one," or "BOGO" Lower Champions Grandstands or Upper Winners Grandstands seats located on the AMS front stretch. This offer presents a 50 percent discount off the normal value and allows purchasers the opportunity to get two front stretch tickets for the price of one. Lower Champions Grandstands tickets, normally $99 apiece, will be available for $49.50 each, while Upper Winners Grandstands tickets, regularly priced $135, are on sale for $67.50 each. The BOGO promotion is only available while supplies last and will end at 5:00pm on Monday, Jan. 26. Fans are strongly encouraged to act quickly before the limited inventory runs out. All BOGO tickets must be purchased in pairs.(AMS)(1-20-2015)



Vickers medically cleared to race in early March: 

Doctors have medically cleared Brian Vickers to return to full-time NASCAR Sprint Cup racing in early March, three months after corrective heart surgery. Vickers will make his season debut in the #55 Aaron's Dream Machine Toyota for Michael Waltrip Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 8. MWR co-founder and two-time Daytona 500 champion Michael Waltrip will drive the #55 in the 57th annual Daytona 500 on Feb. 22. MWR will name a substitute driver for the March 1 race at Atlanta Motor Speedway later. "The doctors gave me a clean bill of health and said I will be better than before," said Vickers, the 31-year-old Thomasville, N.C. native whose health issues interrupted his racing seasons in 2010 and again in 2013. "The advancements in modern medicine and surgical procedures are amazing and I have to thank my doctors at the Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute and Carolinas Medical Center for their extraordinary care. I have literally put my life in their hands twice and I cannot begin to express my level of gratitude. I was not feeling well in December, so I went to see Dr. William Downey in Charlotte. He discovered my body was rejecting a patch that was surgically placed over a hole in my heart a few years ago. He and Dr. R. Mark Stiegel immediately went to work on correcting the problem. I also want to thank the great counsel along the way by Dr. Jerry Petty, Dr. Robert Heyer and my hematologist Dr. Stephan Moll from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine who is the founder of "Now all of my focus is getting ready so when I return we are prepared to win races and the championship in my Aaron's Dream Machine."(MWR)(1-21-2015)



NASCAR considering multiyear track contracts: 

After a longtime policy of one-year engagements, NASCAR is poised to enter long-term relationships with its racetracks. There have been multiple meetings after the 2014 season to discuss the concept of multiyear sanctioning agreements that effectively would set much of the Sprint Cup schedule beyond the current season for the first time. NASCAR traditionally has signed annual deals with every track, pushing the yearly release of the schedule to late summer or early fall. "I think it's fair to say we have had discussions with the tracks about multiyear agreements," NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer Steve O'Donnell told USA TODAY Sports. "We're not there yet. If we can put something together where it's helpful for fans to know, our goal is to get the schedule out as early as we can. That helps fans making plans for going to tracks. Some fans travel a long way. If we can make that better through a multiyear (deal), that is something we're considering." A multiyear deal would offer tracks the ability to sell season ticket packages and sponsorships with more flexibility and security.(USA Today)(1-21-2015)



Wood Brothers Racing is the longest active NASCAR team: 

Wood Brothers Racing [#21-Ryan Blaney] has become something of a common face in NASCAR. Their consistent attendance year in and year out has possibly gone unnoticed to some, so one member of the family has set out to make sure the team's founding fathers get the recognition they finally deserve for their unwavering show of perseverance. Jon Wood, third-generation family member and former Wood Brothers Racing driver, grew up with a fascination for a very peculiar book. That book came to his elementary school once a year when the bookmobile would roll into town. The one book that was so captivating was the Guinness Book of World Records. "From the beginning I have been fascinated with the Guinness Book of World Records," said Wood. "I remember thinking that one day I would figure out a way to do something worthy of being in the Book. I think that's just part of a child's fairytale-like thought process." His family's race team, founded in 1950 by his grandfather Glen Wood, is generally considered NASCAR's longest active race team. The Woods have fielded cars every year since 1950, and while other established teams have come and gone, the Woods have maintained the same ownership through the present. That fact; however, has never been officially recognized, and Wood wanted to do something about that. He got on the Guinness World Records website and submitted an application for a record claim. "Very quickly I got a response from their sports records coordinator, and he was highly interested in helping with this claim," Wood said. The next step was finding a way to substantiate the record. For that he turned to Buz McKim, Historian at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, N.C. McKim quickly verified the Woods' record, and as they say, the rest is history. For Jon, getting his family's accomplishment documented in the Guinness Book of World Records makes the record that much more meaningful. Getting this documented and on paper brings feelings of accomplishment that is shared by members of three generations of Woods, each of whom has played a role in the team's longevity.(Wood Brothers Racing)(1-21-2015)

From Track Forum:


Oh boy!  This is gonna be something!  Check out what's being said.

Indycar adjusts downforce on aero kits







From the Dirt Track Digest Forum:


In one of the threads, this, below was linked to.  Yes, it goes back a few years, back when the USNA came into existence. 


Leaders at OCFS stripped of points By Skip Leon,The Times Herald-Record

MIDDLETOWN: The top two OCFS drivers - Brett Hearn and Rich Eurich - ran in a non-DIRT sanctioned race and have no regrets about paying the penalty for the chance to win big money in Syracuse.

Brett Hearn will not win his 15th modified track championship at Orange County Fair Speedway this season.

Hearn's season points were stripped by the Drivers Independent Race Tracks (DIRT) organization after he competed in a non-DIRT sanctioned race Saturday night in Syracuse.

A handful of other OCFS regulars, including veteran Rich Eurich, also competed in the Syracuse race and lost their points.

The race was sponsored by United Speedways of North America (USNA), a first-year organization that competes with DIRT. 

The 200-lap race had a total purse of $110,100. It was the first of 11 scheduled USNA races this season.

Hearn was in first place and Eurich was second in modified points before Saturday's race card at OCFS, which they did not attend.

Eurich finished seventh and won $4,000 in Syracuse. Hearn was 17th and brought home $1,175, plus a $750 bonus for winning the pole position with the fastest qualifying time.

The winner of Saturday's race received $30,000. An OCFS modified feature winner receives $2,500.

Neither driver has any regrets about chasing the big money.

"We've won points championships at Middletown," said Eurich, who has been racing at OCFS for more than 30 years. "It makes you feel good. But in order to survive in this racing game, you've got to go where you can make some money. That's what's going to pay my bills, not points."

Eurich, of Johnson, still plans to race regularly at OCFS and compete in a few more USNA races.

Hearn, of Vernon, N.J., said that by taking away drivers' points, the DIRT organization pushes them to compete on the USNA circuit.

"They (DIRT) really made it so you don't have a choice," Hearn said. "Once you lose your points, you have to go after their (USNA) points."

Hearn said DIRT is selectively enforcing the rule that calls for a driver's points to be eliminated. He said he competed in violation of the rule for two years and was never penalized.

Hearn raced at non-DIRT sanctioned Albany-Saratoga Raceway on Friday nights, which was within 100 miles of DIRT-sanctioned Accord Speedway.

"It was never enforced," he said.

Hearn said he expects to race in the 10 remaining USNA events and in about half of the OCFS cards.

OCFS race director Jay Castimore would not comment on how the USNA circuit will affect the track.

"I have about 160 race teams here on Saturday nights. My concern is with doing the best I can for those guys. Guys that race at other tracks, I don't concern myself with," he said.

Cory Reed, DIRT's director of marketing and rules, said the sanctions are a way of not only punishing the offenders, but rewarding drivers who remain loyal to DIRT.

"This is meant to protect the guys that do stay with us, from the last-place guy right on up the line," Reed said.

"We want Rich Eurich and we want Brett Hearn at the race track. We feel they shouldn't win the championship after they do not support our program. The whole intention of the rule is to take care of the people that take care of you."

Reed said OCFS was one of the two tracks most affected by the points sanctions. 

There are 26 DIRT tracks throughout the Northeast and Canada.



Northeast Series Director Relieved of Duties


" CONCORD, N.C. – Jan. 21, 2015 – DIRTcar Racing announced today that Joe Skotnicki will no longer be employed as director of series and sanctioning in the Northeast, effective immediately WHAT,S UP WITH THAT?"




From the AARN:

When I put info on here from the AARN, I get it via the Digital Version on my computer, so I really don't read quite a bit until I get the printed version.  Well, I did not get this years first issue until this past Saturday. 

I did find this:

The Thompson Motorsports Park is now offering discounted pricing for seniors, veterans and active military members.  Seniors, 65 & older, active military and veterans will now be able to take advantage of a discount - ranging from 5% to 10% on general admission tickets at the majority of TSMP's  2015 racing events.  Active duty militry and veterans will also receive free admission to the Historic Oval Invitational (May 15 & 1) on TSMP's 5/8 mile oval, as well as the Formula Lites race (May 29-30), Vintage Motorsports Festival (June 18-21) and SCCA Regional races (July 10-11 and Oct 9-10) on the 1.7 mile road course.




This week in the AARN:


Borgers To Be ATQMRA’s Home Track, Rules Merged With 600s


Rico Abreu’s Chili Bowl Win Whips Crowd Into Frenzy


AARN:Pioneer Pole Buildings Motorsports 2015 Racecar &Trade Show Preview Edition


GlenRidge Cancels Deyo Short Track Super Series Race


Jackson &Foster Are New Black Rock Promo Duo; Mods Main Class


ESPN’s Keith Olbermann Incurs Race Fans’ Ire


Bainey Returns To Take Over CNBSpeedway For 2015


Chili Bowl’s Harli White Is Inspiration To All


Arena Racing Season Starts Up In Richmond


Four Enshrined At Flemington Speedway Historical Society Gathering


Other things found in this weeks edition:


Jimmy Horton to drive for Lou Cicconi at New Egypt.  He'll continue to drive the Dieter Schmidt # 5 at special shows.

Schmidt will be running his # 5 at OCFS weekly.  Driver - ?


There are some hard and some not so hard feelings between DIRTcar, Brett Deyo and Glen Ridge promoter Pete Demitrasek.


Bethel Speedway to combine 358's and Sportsman in 2015.  Medium or hard Hoosier tires or medium or hard American Racer tires are allowed.


Don Kreitz Jr. has been inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.


This weeks issue had night by night coverage on the racing at the Chili Bowl.

The ATQMRA will race 16 times at Borgers in 2015.  TQ rules merged with the 600's.  No 600's race at Borgers when the TQ's are on the road.  TQ's use 750 cc engines and has made concessions to allow 600cc TQ's to race as part of the club provided they run U6A engine rules.  600's are also invited to race with the TQ's when the TQ's are on the road.  They seem to feel it can only increase the TQ car counts, which, at times in 2014 were in the single digits.  (Yes, those that run at Trenton and A/C just seem to disappear, don't they?)


There were multi-page ads for the up-coming AARN's Motor Sports show this weekend, in Oaks, PA - just off of Rt. 422.


The Waterford Speedbowl sale has been approved - but questions and a possible appeal, remain.


In a way I have to agree with what Ron Hutter had to say in the latest issue of Circle Track magazine - "I think the best rule change is no rule change".


Back when there was the Tri-track Series between Flemington, Nazareth and Orange County - the rule book was six pages in size.


Geoff Yoder had a very interesting column about what it cost back in the day compared to today, to field a modified.

1972:  It cost $7,000.00 to build a modified and get it to the track to win $1,000.00

2015:  It cost $150,000.00 to buy one and get it to the track to win $3,000.00


On Facebook  - racing related:


Found on Sunday on the Gator  Racing page:


The 2015 show dates for the 29th annual Motorsports Exposition and Trade Show are Saturday March 14th and Sunday March 15th. This years event is again jam packed with cars, stars and some of the best vendors in auto racing! See all of you there at the Center of Progress Building, New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY.



Press Releases:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                          JANUARY19, 2014

DICK JORDAN                                                                                                                                                     





            The 4rd Annual "Winter Challenge" opens the next two weeks in Arizona as the 2015 USAC racing season gets under way with a flourish.


            The USAC West Coast and Southwest Sprint Cars will compete in five races at two Arizona dirt tracks to kick off the year. Races at Canyon Raceway Park in Peoria are slated this week (January 23-24-25) and Tucson's USA Raceway hosts the Jan. 30 and 31 events.


            E & K Construction of Phoenix has posted a $5,000 points fund to be distributed among the top five Winter Challenge Series point earners and the "Most Valuable Player" award, which goes to the lowest point earner starting all five A-features.


            Defending series champions are Matt Mitchell of Yorba Linda, Calif. (West Coast) and R.J. Johnson of Phoenix, Ariz. (Southwest). Mitchell's title was his first under USAC sanction while Johnson captured his second consecutive championship.


            Dave Darland is the defending "Winter Challenge" champion, while Bryan Clauson was the 2013 champion and Tracy Hines was the inaugural champ in 2012.


            Last year's "Winter Challenge" races went to Darland (3 wins), Brady Bacon, Colby Copeland and Richard Vander Weerd. IN 2013 Clauson won three of the four races and Johnson also scored. The 2012 events, not sanctioned by USAC, were won by Hines (3), Charles Davis Jr. (2) and Jon Stanbrough.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                      JANUARY 19, 2015








            One new date and a rescheduled date for 2015 capture the headlines as USAC's 2015 racing schedules continue to sport new looks.


            Race organizers Kevin and Tammy Gundaker are excited about the 2015 "Gold Crown Midget Nationals" at their Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, Ill. Their excitement stems from the move from October to the Labor Day weekend after weather adversely influenced the events in recent years. This year's Honda USAC National Midget races will occur on Friday and Saturday September 4 and 5.


            Defending champion of the Gold Crown Midget Nationals is Christopher Bell, who claimed the 2013 title. Last year's event succumbed to rain.


            AMSOIL USAC National Sprint participants can look forward to the first series race in Kentucky in 16 years and the first on dirt since 1990 when Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway in Calvert City hosts the Sprints October 17. The last series race on Kentucky dirt came at Comtrax Motor Speedway in Glasgow and was won by Jack Hewitt.







This week’s photo:


As you probably know, Nick Fornoro, Sr. was inducted into the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame, last week, down in Tulsa.  Nick & Bette had two sons - Drew and Nick, Jr. and both raced and between the two of them they have quite a few driving championships in midgets, with the ARDC and NEMA.  Both of them, pictured below, with Drew on the left and Nick, Jr. on the right, were able to make it down to Tulsa for their fathers induction.


Note:  Notice Nick Jr's. shoes?




This weeks video:


This years Chili Bowl - Saturday A Main:




Non racin' stuff:


Really?  Kinda getting out of hand, isn't it?


Average Super Bowl ticket price: $3,950




This weeks joke:


A Japanese couple is arguing about how to perform highly erotic sex:

Husband: "Sukitaki. mojitaka!"

Wife replies: "Kowanini! mowi janakpa!"

Husband says angrily: "Toka a anji rodi roumi yakoo!"

Wife on her knees literally begging: "Mimi nakoundinda tinkouji!"

Husband shouts angrily: "Na miaou kina Tim kouji!"



I Can't believe you just sat there trying to read this – you don’t know Japanese. 

You'll read anything as long as it’s about sex.... you need serious help!!! 

Sometimes I worry about you.



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