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                                                      Volume # 199


Special notice # 1:


I have no idea as to how this week's column will turnout.  I've been blessed with a new computer and navigating through it might cause some problems.  So far, it's been pretty easy.  I find I can now just copy & paste things, with just a font change.  Previously, I found I had to go through a couple of different things to post into my columns.

Note:  With this new computer, I've noticed that the new links I'm supplying have remained black, and not turned blue, like previous columns (some are still in blue, however), so to view them you might have to copy & paste, rather than just click on them.  Also, I've noticed some light gray areas behind some of what I've posted.  Hope they turn out ok!


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This coming Saturday is Halloween.  Most places celebrate by having the handing out of candy to the younger ones.  So, if you're driving, please be extra careful for the little guys!


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Yup!  That time of the year again - have to set our clocks back one hour this weekend.


Some personal/family stuff:




My wife, who left us on July 3, 2014.


Remember, photos can only be seen on the New England Tractor/Race Report website, which is linked to at the end of my columns.


These past few days - last week, really, my daughter, Sandra, and her son, John, went back to NY with a rented van to get more things from the house my wife and I shared for a little over 10 years, and bring them down here to Cape Coral, where I'll basically living now.  Grandson, John was able to get in the Friday racing at OCFS.  Yeah, per my cardiologist, I wasn't allowed to make the trip via the highways.  And, I thought it best I stay down here and get myself a little more straightened out - health wise.  This AM (10/26/14) I hit the scale at 158 pounds.  A couple of weeks ago it was 195.  I think I made a good choice.


More memories:


After the by-pass surgery, I wasn't too happy a camper.  Best I knew, I went in on Thursday, had the surgery on Friday, and went home on Monday.  Not a happy camper because the wife never visited me in the hospital - or so I thought.  I los tone whole week, believe it or not.  She had been there every day.   Funny how anesthesia messes up our brains.

So, it was on disability from the day of the surgery until I became 65, then made a "lateral move" to retirement.  Yes, I missed the work and meeting all the people that were shoppers over those  years.




Racin’ stuff:


From the Dirt Track Digest Forum:



Note:  Kinda blows one's mind when reading some of the comments about how much the purse has gone DOWN, over the years.



Found on the OCFS website on 10/29/14:


2015 Schedule is being worked on and filling in nicely - 2015 we will be running Modifieds, Small Block Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks and Thunder Trucks along with appearances by CRSA Sprints and back for 2015 will be URC Sprints after many years. It won't be long til the season kicks off in April. Any business interested in sponsoring a night, contact Ken Sands at the Speedway Office.


Note:  No idea as to DIRTCar staying, or Brett Deyo having his race and the track going Independent.  I guess time will tell?  I, for one, figured they would have dropped that Truck class - I mean only two for ESW and no more than two on a Saturday?.



Alan Johnson has now had 40 consecutive years winning Dirt Modified features.


Kevin Harvick Vows to End Matt Kenseth’s Title Shot



Martin Truex Jr., girlfriend in fight of their lives




Danica Patrick questions need for NASCAR diversity program




And here's a big part of the problem with racing today - this, found on Facebook, from a top DIRT Modified driver:


"18' cc head motor for sale. Comes with 750 or 850 baker carb. Built and maintained by Bob Bruneau engine research. Best of everything. $30,000. Message if interested or email"




It was confirmed today with Tom Bean Owner of Bubba's Raceway Park that the Southern States Midget Series will be the host of the Midget portion of "Bubba's Winter Dirt Games VI" with the USAC National Sprints Feb. 18-21, 2015...3 nights of racing...3 full shows...3 full "GUARANTEED payouts. more info to come. Make plans now to attend....
We will LOCK the top 12 in points from the first 2 nights into Sat. nights big show so you wanna make sure you're there fo all 3 nights




Groundbreaking Announcement





At a meeting on Thursday, October 23, 2014, the United Racing Club continued working toward its return to racing in 2015. The Club named its new President, Bill Gallagher, and Vice President, Robbie Stillwaggon. In 2015 the board members will be Mark Bitner, Rick Weller, Jamie Bodo, Dave Betts, Kenny Eldreth, Jeff Fithian, Billy Gallagher and Curt Michael. Mimi Caruso will be Secretary and Billy Gallagher was named Treasurer and Handicapper. Billy will have the books available at every Club meeting. A long time Club supporter, Pat Palladino, will take on the Tech Inspector duties. The Club is also talking with others that are interested in being pit officials.

2015 Club rules, membership guidelines, Club photographer and race payouts were all confirmed during the meeting.

Anyone interested in scheduling races, sponsorship opportunities or racing with the United Racing Club may contact Curt Michael at 302-344-1882.

Fans and competitors can follow all of the news and announcements concerning the Club via its Facebook page under United Racing Club or on Twitter @UrcClub.



Pay-Dirt Racing Facebook Post Concerning Rolling Wheels:


Note:  Hate to tell ya this, but there's some interesting posts in this thread.  As of Tuesday, it's up to six pages now.




From Rolling Wheels Raceway:

"Rolling Wheels Raceway is in the process of updating contact information on the web site and Facebook page and will be announcing our first event for next year on Sunday October 26, 2014, and this event will be HUGE!!!---The Sprint Cars and other supporting classes will be involved in a double elimination tournament format, in this format the car crew will be as important as the driver......stay tuned for details..."


"Rolling Wheels Raceway is now officially owned by Pay-Dirt Racing, the 2015 Race Schedule will be announced soon and this Schedule will be the most exciting and highest paying racing venue this area has ever seen."



"Yeah, read about this. Also read they're thinking of a big end of season race - Hmm, opposite ESW? Would not surprise me one bit, especially when reads things on the Internet - like no WoO at OC in 2015, URC making a return to OC etc, etc. Gurda going with Deyo? Gurda dropping DIRT & going Independent?"


Rolling Wheels Raceway:

"Hi Tom--no end of season race, the closing of the track was long and difficult, we are concentrating on track improvements, sponsors and giving the fans shows that will keep them coming back. Our initial plans had us running races in 2014, we assumed buying a turn-key track would not be difficult. As it turns out, the closing was very complicated and once the season started, it just made sense to wait until the end of the season and get prepped for 2015. Our group is made up of people who just want to put on a good show, pay big money to guys who put so much time and effort into their cars, and we are going to be non-partial and have no ownership in any car that competes at our track and the best drivers and teams will win."

"Pay-Dirt Racing is now official as the owner of Rolling Wheels...The 2015 Race Schedule will be announced shortly and is one of the highest paying and exciting racing venues this area has ever seen."



Found on SJDR message board on 10/24/14:


New Midget Racing Series 

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Author: WingNut71   Date: 10/24/2014 7:27:34 AM  +2/-3 


USAC President, Kevin Miller, will be in Lancaster, PA on Monday, October 27 from 7:30-10 to present information on the USAC HPD Midget Series.  If you are interested in learning about the HPD Series, and the possibility of bringing a new midget racing series to the PA/MD/NJ/DE area, please make plans to attend.


The meeting will be held at:


Maple Grove Community Building

1420 Columbia Ave

Lancaster, PA 17603


New Midget Racing Series - continued:

just another atempt by usac to build a series around one of their sponsors....Honda. they tried this with the ford focus motor and it may have had a chance if they had not bowed to other sponsors and manufacturers and allowed things like pavement specific cars, carbon fiber, Ti and basically made the series an unlimited budget spec motor class...and it died. then they tried it with the nascar sponsored "speedway silver crown car" and just about killed the silver crown class....then, while that class was on life support, they made "Ignite" racing fuel (another sponsor) mandatory for the class and after quite a few guys burned down motors the class had one foot in the grave. luckily and hopefully, there are still enough drivers, owners and fans that want this class to live and it may be coming back to life.

obviously, if this class gets off the ground, it is going to hurt claases and series like ARDC, Speedstrs, 600 and 270 micros and probably pull a few racers from the already too many sprint and modified classes....and now the crate wingless sprint class.

it was a great idea when it was introduced as the "focus midgets" and would have been an even better idea if tobias had stuck to his original plan of a "spec" midget when he originally discussed it probably 15 years ago but given the history of usac's spec classes, and the already overflowing amount of classes in the tri state area with a very limited amount of tracks,  it would be a big gamble no matter how good the presentation and idea looks.



Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:


Looks like this will be the last week for this year.

Roger Coss was 15th in the Modified 130 lap feature at Mahoning Valley.

Jacob Hendershot  was 18th in the 270 Micro feature at Linda's.


Eastern States:


Brian Krummel won the feature.  Matt Pappa was 2nd, Matt Hirchcock 3rd, Matt Janiak 4th, LJ Lombardo 5th , John Virgilio 9th, Joe Conklin 11th, Joey Bruning 15th, Winter Mead 20th, Zack Vavricka 23rd, Andrew Reeves 24th and Jimmy Johnson 25th.  Joe and Anthony Falanga, Johnny Illanovsky, Rich Coons and Seth Pacella were all DNQ's.

Note:  Again, for about the third time this year, the top five.


Small Block:

Danny Creeden was 9th, Anthony Perrego 15th, Tyler Dippel 19th, Billy V 31st, Matt Janiak 32nd, Tim Hindley 35th.  Joe Falanga, Matt Hitchcock, RJ Smykla, LJ Lombardo, Andrew Reeves and Joe Conklin were DNQ's.


Big Block 200:

Tim Hindley was 3rd, Clinton Mills 11th, Billy V 15th, Anthony Perrego 19th, Tyler Dippel 21st, Danny Creeden 30th, Mike Ruggiero 31st, Mike Kolka 33rd.  RJ Smykla, LJ Lombardo and Matt Hitchcock were DNQ's



Coming up:


At Accord:


SATURDAY, November 1st

Sponsored by Liggan Insurance


4 Cylinder Enduro $1500 to win

4 Cylinder Demo Derby $1000 to win

Run What Ya Brung $1000 to win

Pro Stock $300 to win*

Pure Stock $200 to win*

Jr Slingshot $200 to win*

All Star Slingshot $200 to win*

Powder Puff


Pit gate opens at 11am - Spectator gate opens at 12 noon

Grandstand Admission

Adult $14 - Seniors $12 - Kids $3

Family 4 Pack $44 -  Indoor seating $20

Pit Admission $35



Five Mile:   National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship Weekend.

Friday, October 31st – Saturday, November 1st.



OVRP’s Dirt Oval:


Novemberfest information (October 31st, November 1st  & 2nd):



$500 to Win : $250 for 2nd : $125 for 3rd

*Must Run an Additional Class to be Eligible for Pro Classes

The annual Stan Lobitz EMMR Auction, Movie Party, Lunch, Sit Down Dinner and a bunch of fun is just around the corner - coming up on Sunday, November 9, 2014.


Lobitz Catering Hall

Rt 940

Hazleton, PA

(Behind Fairway Chevrolet Dealership on 309 N)

Things usually start around 9:00 AM and sit down dinner a little while after 5:00 PM


One never knows who will show up as far as well known people from auto racing.


Note:  This is an event I really planned on attending this year, since I was down in Florida last year.  However, I'll miss it again, since the health issues I've had required another early return to Florida.  Will surely miss all the fun & meeting old friends - again, dammit!


From Port Jervis, via I-84 West & I-81 South, and getting off on Rt 80 East to the first exit, then to Hazleton, it's 90 minutes.





From Jayski:


Krista Voda moves to NBC in 2015: 

NBC Sports Group announced that Krista Voda has signed a multi-year agreement to serve as host of NBC Sports' upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup and XFINITY Series pre- and post-race coverage, beginning in 2015. Her on-air duties will also include regular appearances as host of NASCAR AMERICA on NBCSN, as well as a range of assignments across NBC Sports and NBC Olympics. The announcement was made by Sam Flood, Executive Producer, NBC Sports and NBCSN. "Krista is a talented host that has established a strong connection with NASCAR viewers over the course of an already impressive career," said Flood. "Her passion for the sport and comprehensive grasp of its stars, personalities and history will provide for an engaging and informative race day experience for the fans."
Krista's résumé is among the strongest in NASCAR broadcasting. When she joins NBC Sports in 2015, it will mark her 14th continuous year covering the sport on network television. She is the current host of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series pre-race show for Fox Sports, and was the first female to ever host NASCAR's Daytona Duels, as well as the NASCAR All-Star Race in Charlotte. She recently concluded her eighth season as a pit reporter for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series coverage on Fox and has hosted or co-hosted every NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, many NASCAR Awards Banquets, and several Fox Sports studio shows. Outside of motorsports, Krista has an impressive breadth of experience, including NFL sideline reporting, and on-air contributions to numerous major sporting events, including postseason MLB broadcasts, Bowl Championship Series coverage, the Kentucky Derby, multiple NCAA men's basketball tournaments and the PGA Championship.
"This role is a dream opportunity for me and I'm honored to be a part of NBC's return to NASCAR," said Voda. "We say it often, but it's true: NASCAR is more than a sport, it's a community. I've been blessed, for many years, to stand alongside colleagues who I also consider dear friends. I'm looking forward to this new chapter and the chance to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for storytelling."
On July 23, 2013, NASCAR and NBC Sports Group reached a comprehensive agreement that grants NBCUniversal exclusive rights to the final 20 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races, final 19 NASCAR XFINITY Series events, select NASCAR Regional & Touring Series events and other live content, beginning in 2015.(
NBC Sports)(10-29-2014)



Brad Daugherty to Remain with ESPN: 

Brad Daugherty, a former five-time NBA All-Star and college basketball standout, will serve as an NBA and college basketball analyst beginning in November. Daugherty will appear regularly on NBA Tonight, NBA Coast to Coast, SportsCenter and on additional news and information programming. He will also serve as an analyst for most games in ESPNU's ACC Sunday night package, in addition to other select games, beginning Dec. 1. "I'm ecstatic about having the opportunity to remain a part of the ESPN family," said Daugherty. "I thoroughly look forward to working with the talented individuals and crews that bring basketball into millions of homes on ESPN throughout the season."
Daugherty most recently served as an ESPN NASCAR analyst on NASCAR Countdown, NASCAR Now and across ESPN platforms. He previously covered college basketball as a reporter for ESPN and ABC on ACC telecasts from 1999-2001. Before joining ESPN, Daugherty served as a game analyst for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs local telecasts. Daugherty played eight seasons in the NBA for the Cavaliers after being selected as the first overall pick in the 1986 Draft. Throughout his career, Daugherty averaged 19 points and 9.5 rebounds a game. His No. 43 jersey, a number he wore in honor of Richard Petty, was retired by the Cavaliers in 1997. A 1986 graduate of the University of North Carolina, Daugherty joined the Tar Heels as a 16-year-old freshman. He was a two-time All-ACC player and a first-team All-America in his senior year, when he averaged 20.2 points and 9 rebounds per game.(ESPN)(10-29-2014)



Gordon delivers millionth meal for Drive To End Hunger to 89-year-old race fan: 

As a four-time Sprint Cup champion and one of the most recognized and popular drivers in NASCAR, Jeff Gordon admits he "gets to do a lot of really cool things." On Thursday [Oct 23rd], Gordon was able to do another "really cool thing," but it was also extremely meaningful in the process, delivering the one millionth meal served by one of Gordon's key sponsors, the Drive To End Hunger. On his way to Martinsville Speedway, Gordon stopped by the house of 89-year-old Freida Evans, who lives not far from the speedway in Stoneville, NC. "It's opened my eyes so much to this cause and how many millions of people are dealing with hunger issues in America," Gordon said during Friday's weekly media availability at Martinsville. "Yesterday was definitely one of the highlights. A woman named Freida (Evans) ... relies on Meals on Wheels to deliver her meals every day. She's the classic story of individuals who need those meals desperately because she worked so hard to feed her family throughout her whole life and gave everything for them. And now, she relies on those meals. And it was pretty cool to be able to deliver that one-millionth meal for Meals on Wheels to her in the state of North Carolina." Gordon didn't just drop off the meal. He spent a significant amount of time talking and visiting with Evans, who confided she watched him race on TV this past Sunday at Talladega.(NBC Sports)(10-28-2014)



Gordon's driver's ed teacher killed in crash: 

A retired Indiana school principal who was #24-Jeff Gordon's driver's education teacher was killed with his wife in a Tennessee crash while returning from watching Gordon race at Matinsville, VA. Officials say 78-year-old Larry Sparks and 77-year-old Jacqueline Sparks of Pittsboro, Indiana, died in Monday's crash. WBIR-TV reports their recreational vehicle went off Interstate 75 near Jellico, Tennessee, and ran into a tree. Larry Sparks was a teacher and principal at Tri-West High School near Indianapolis and his wife was a retired elementary teacher. District superintendent Rusty King tells WTHR-TV that Sparks loved telling people about being Gordon's driving instructor. Gordon posted Facebook messages saying he was saddened by Sparks' death.(Associated Press)(10-28-2014)



Plea deal for Tyler Walker in chase: 

A former NASCAR driver accused of leading police on a 150-mph chase through parts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah last year is expected to take a plea deal Tuesday. Utah Highway Patrol troopers arrested 35-year-old Timothy Tyler Andrew Walker in January 2013 near St. George to end a chase that began in Nevada and crossed into Arizona before reaching Utah. They reported finding methamphetamine, marijuana and vodka in the car. Walker has pleaded not guilty to the DUI and drug charges filed in Utah. A hearing has been set for Tuesday morning in St. George to discuss a plea deal on the table. Walker competed in 28 NASCAR races before the association suspended him in 2007 for violating its drug policy.(Associated Press)(10-28-2014)



NASCAR sends memo to teams about Ebola: 

NASCAR sent a memo to teams [Monday], sharing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlining the transmission of the Ebola virus. All three NASCAR National Series travel to Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has treated at least two Ebola patients in recent weeks, raising concern in come corners over the safety of teams, officials and fans. The memo confirmed that Ebola can be contracted only by traveling to countries where there are outbreaks in progress, by coming into physical contact with individuals who have treated Ebola patients or by "coming into contact with someone who recently traveled from West Africa AND has symptoms of Ebola." The memo says NASCAR will "continue to closely monitor the situation and remain in communication with our group of consulting physicians as well as our track partners and local public health officials." The sanctioning body did not recommend any changes to the daily routines for drivers or crew members, who come in regular contact with large numbers of fans.(Godfather Motorsports)(10-27-2014)



From Track Forum:


Ryan Newman 2014 Sprint Cup Champion




From the AARN:


This week in AARN:


Ryan Smith Astounds PAPosse With Port Royal World Of Outlaws Victory

Waterford Speedbowl Auction Sale Under Judicial Review

Brett Hearn Sweeps Eastern States Weekend At Orange County

Maryland’s Cumberland Speedway To Reopen After Refurbishing

Hirschman Outruns Mahoning Rivals, Claims Big Bucks

Alan Johnson Gets First Win Of Year In Yates Co. Big Block Special

Rising New England Late Model Star Joey Laquerre, 17, Killed In ATVCrash

George, King, Swartzlander Lead Steel City Stampede

Blaney, Ballou Win Big At Atomic



Per this weeks AARN - Brett Deyo expanding south - Georgetown, Del, Bridgeport (4/19), Big Diamond (guess they elected to go with him rather that w/DIRT), Glen Ridge, Woodhull, Thunder Mt., Accord, OCFS with Penn undecided due to possible owner change. No date mentioned yet for OC.




Press releases:


Last paragraph: December 12, Not January


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                          OCTOBER 22, 2014






"Winter Dirt Games VI" will showcase USAC's AMSOIL National Sprint Car stars in three consecutive nights of racing at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Fla. February 19-20-21. An open practice session is scheduled February 18 and February 22 is reserved as a rain date.


The Ocala events are set to kick off USAC's 2015 racing season but additional events in the Sunshine State are also under negotiation and may be announced in the weeks ahead.


Bubba Raceway Park's 3/8-mile D-shaped oval presents a unique challenge for those who compete there and the USAC races there have provided race fans with numerous memorable events since 2010.


Brady Bacon and Bryan Clauson opened the 2014 AMSOIL National Sprint series with Ocala victories and they now stand 1-2 in the battle for the championship entering the final events on the west coast.


Clauson also won the 2013 opener, but Tracy Hines swept rounds two and three. Damion Gardner and Darren Hagen scored 2012 Ocala wins, while Gardner won twice there in 2011 and Clauson also scored that year. Gardner, who appears headed for the 2014 USAC/CRA title, swept the two "Winter Dirt Games" features at East Bay Raceway Park in 2010.


Florida has offered a "winter" destination for USAC participants ever since the debut of USAC in 1956. The first USAC Sprint race ever held saw 1955 Indianapolis 500 winner Bob Sweikert win at Southland Speedway in West Palm Beach. Chuck Weyant and Pat O'Connor scored wins that year at Jacksonville and Miami respectively.


Larry Dickson swept a pair of Sprint races at Hollywood in 1970 and Rich Vogler was the Sprint winner at the Tampa Fairgrounds in 1987.


In 2005, Dave Steele won at Orlando's Speed World. Then came the "Winter Dirt Games" in 2010 at Gibsonton.


"I'm always to ready to get going early in the year," says series point leader Bacon. "The Ocala track is unique, with different character from one corner to the other, and we've run good there in the past. Ocala is a great way to kick off the year and it's always nice to leave the cold, snowy climate in Indiana back home while we enjoy the sunshine in Florida." Bacon pilots the Dynamics, Inc. Mean Green/Lykins Oil Triple X/Stanton Mopar. The Dynamics, Inc. team is the all-time leader in terms of USAC National Sprint Car wins with 86.


The entire 2015 AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car Series schedule is expected to be released the weekend at USAC's "Night of Champions" National Awards Dinner in Indianapolis, Ind. December 12.






Devil’s Bowl Speedway Postpones Dirt Track Finale Again


Wet grounds force rescheduling to November 1


 For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                         DBS-102414-1


 WEST HAVEN, VT – Devil’s Bowl Speedway is again postponing its final dirt track stock car race of the season.  The Autosaver Ford/Springfield Buick-GMC “Vermont Freedom & Unity” event has now been moved three times from its original date due to weather-related conditions; one final attempt will be made at running the race on Saturday, November 1 at 1:00 p.m.


With steady rain in eight of the last nine days at the facility, the clay surface of the dirt track has become too saturated for crews to be able to prepare a quality racing surface in enough time for competition on Sunday afternoon.


“We want to give our racers and fans the best quality show that we can, and any attempt at running a race on Sunday would just result in a rutted, muddy track,” promoter Mike Bruno said.  “The good news is that the weather forecast looks great for next week, and we’re optimistic that we’ll be able to finish the season on a high note.”


The Autosaver Ford/Springfield Buick-GMC “Vermont Freedom & Unity” event is the third and final leg of the “Battle at the Bowl” dirt track series and features a 100-lap, $2,000-to-win Sportsman Modified race that crowns champions for both the Battle at the Bowl and the Northern Modified Challenge Series.  Champions will also be crowned in the Renegade and Mini Stock divisions, and the Bond Auto Parts Sprint Cars of New England tour will also wrap up its point chase with a $1,000-to-win race.  A special $1,000-to-win event for the Bear Ridge Speedway Sportsman Coupe division is also on the card.


Grandstand general admission on Saturday, November 1 is $20 for adults and free for kids 12 and under, with pit passes at $40.  Pit gates will open at 9:00 a.m., with the grandstands open at 11:00 a.m.  Hot laps will begin at 12:00 noon, followed by Sportsman time trials at 12:30 p.m.  Green flag racing action starts at 1:00 p.m.


Devil’s Bowl Speedway is located on Route 22A in West Haven, VT, four miles north of Exit 2 on U.S. Route 4.  For more information, visit or call (802) 265-3112.  Devil’s Bowl Speedway is on Facebook at and on Twitter and Instagram at @DevilsBowlSpeed; follow the action using the #DevilsBowl and #BattleAtTheBowl hashtags.




Contact: Justin St. Louis, Media Director                                                                                                     Email:


Cell Phone: (802) 355-3282                                                                                                                                            Track Information Line: (802) 265-3112







KIRKWOOD, NY…The 45th edition of the Southern Tier 100 for Modifieds takes place this Saturday at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The 100 lap event pays a minimum of $5,555 and will settle the 2014 Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour Championship.  The event is the highlight of the two day National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship Weekend this Friday and Saturday.


Friday racing will see the Race of Champions Sportsman Tour Championship decided with a 100 lap special of its own.  This event will settle the tour championship for the RoC Sportsman teams.  The Racesaver 305 Sprint Car Nationals will be part of the big Friday evening of racing as well as a front wheel drive Four Cylinder event and Factory Stock open.  Racing on Friday begins at 7:05 p.m.


For the youngsters there will be some Halloween fun in store as well on Friday.  Kids will be able to go “Trick or Treating” with the drivers prior to the start of the Race of Champions Sportsman 100.  Kids 12 and young are admitted free of charge for both the Friday and Saturday racing program.  There will be a pumpkin carving contest with a winner for best racing themed pumpkin and best traditional Halloween carved pumpkin.  There will be a $50 cash price for the best “Halloween Camping Display Theme” as well.


Saturday activities will begin at 9 a.m. with the annual Racer’s Flea Market.  The annual event will be held in the turn four pit area prior to the race day activities.  The daytime racing program will begin at 1:45 p.m. with early racing for the Race of Champions Street Stocks, Xcel 600 c.c. Modifieds, Four Cylinders and IMCA Modifieds.


The Saturday afternoon program begins at 5:15 p.m. with the weekend highlighted 45th Annual Southern Tier 100 for Modifieds.  The race takes once again takes on important significance as the 10th Anniversary Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour Championship will be determined.  Currently two drivers will compete for the RoC Dirt Modified Tour title – Stewart Friesen and Matt Sheppard.  The duo are two of the most winning drivers in dirt Modified racing.  Friesen a former Five Mile Point Speedway Track Champion is also the defending Race of Champions Tour Titlist as well.  Friesen, has won the Southern Tier 100 on two occasions and is fresh off his October Syracuse 200 Modified victory.


For Sheppard Five Mile Point Speedway had been elusive until this past spring.  Sheppard won the held-over RoC 100 Championship race back in April as once again he and Friesen were racing for the RoC title.  The race was held-over from last fall after raining out on the original date.  The points were held-over to the spring race as the rescheduled Southern Tier 100 was a conflict for many of the teams.  The 44th Southern Tier 100 took place in November and was won by Mike Mahaney.  Although Sheppard won the championship race, Friesen remained close enough to win the Race of Champions title.


The two will once again do battle in an event that will decide who will reign supreme.  The friendly rivalry remains intense for the two young stars.  Both were recently nominated by the Eastern Motorsports Press Association as the “Richie Evans Driver of the Year”.  Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Champion Chuck Hossfeld also made the ballot to be announced in January.


Currently Friesen leads Sheppard by only 37 markers.  The race will award 100 points to the winner with a lot to be decided with the 45th running of this prestigious season ending event.  Pennsylvania/New Jersey star Rick Laubach is currently third in the RoC point standings.  Laubach recorded the win in the Race of Champions Modified Tour stop earlier this summer at the Grandview Speedway (PA).  Laubach has never won at Five Mile Point Speeedway.  In fourth place in the RoC Modified points is current Five Mile Point Speedway Modified star Anthony Perrego.  Perrego, a Modified rookie at the speedway won an impressive seven feature events this season, more than any other driver.  Perrego also won the American Racer Cup Champions Dash recently held at Five Mile Point Speedway.


Danny Johnson is currently fifth in the Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour Championship points.  Johnson, nicknamed “The Doctor” hopes to perform surgery in the Southern Tier 100.  Johnson has won the race on four occasions including his first Southern Tier 100 win back in 1991.  He is tied with Binghamton, NY driver Don Beagell for the most wins in this event.  Beagell, the owner of “Don’s Automotive Mall” in Binghamton continues to be involved in racing sponsoring many area teams including that of 2014 Five Mile Point Speedway Track Champion Mike Colsten.


The Saturday afternoon program featuring the Southern Tier 100 for Modifieds will also see the GRIT Series finale for 602 Crate Sportsman along with the Race of Champions Street Stock title race.  That 40 lap event will pay $2,000 to the race winner.


For more information please phone 607-775-5555 or log on to  Kids 12 and younger will be admitted to the racing action on both Friday and Saturday.  Below is an all-time winners list of the Southern Tier 100 at Five Mile Point Speedway.


All-time Southern Tier 100 Modified Race Winners and Year:  Kenny Meahl(1964), DeForest Chalker(1965), Chuck Akulis(1966), Don Beagell(1967), Dave Kneisel(1968), Roger Beagell(1969), Don Beagell(1970), Don Beagell(1971), Gerald Chamberlin(1972), Stan Ploski(1973), Sammy Beavers(1974), Don Beagell (1975), Jack Johnson (1976), Chuck Akulis (1977), Kenny Brightbill (1978), Jack Johnson (1979), Chuck Akulis (1980), Carl Reynolds (1981), Alan Johnson (1982), Jim Mahaney (1989), Mike Colsten (1990), Danny Johnson (1991), Billy Decker (1992), Mike Colsten (1993), Brett Hearn (1994), Bob McCreadie*(1995), Brett Hearn*(1996), Billy Decker (1997), Jim Crawn (1998), Dave Rosa (1999), Brian Davis (2000), Kirk Horton (2001), Mitch Gibbs (2002), Mike Clapperton (2003), Mitch Gibbs (2004), Mike Ricci (2005), Danny Johnson (2006), Stewart Friesen (2007), Brett Hearn (2008), Stewart Friesen (2009), Danny Johnson (2010), Jimmy Phelps (2011), Danny Johnson (2012), Mike Mahaney (2013).




* denotes the years that the race was a 200 lap event (the event was not held between 1983 and 1988).










CONTACT: John Snyder  845.216.8103


Brett Hearn…for 40 years the Standard of Excellence in Modified Racing…“We’re never satisfied. We’re always working to get better, to stay ahead of the competition.  We’re all about winning races, championships, being the best team in Modified racing.”




Scores Victories No. 300 and 301 at Orange County Fair Speedway


MIDDLETOWN, NY (Oct. 26.)……..For the fifth time in his racing career, Brett Hearn, 56, of Sussex, New Jersey won both Modified championship races during the annual Eastern States Weekend at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York.


On Saturday, October 25, Hearn set fast time, started from the pole position, and led every lap to capture the Eastern States 100 for Small-Block Modifieds, winning $5,000, a bonus for fast time, and all the posted lap prize money. It was the 15th time Hearn has won this fall classic. And more significantly, the victory marked his 300th feature race win at the historic five-eighths-mile “Hard Clay” speedway.


After setting fast time on Friday, October 24, Hearn took advantage of his pole starting position to win, on Sunday, October 26, the 53rdEastern States 200, the oldest continuously-run championship race for dirt track Modifieds and a key event in the Super DIRTcar Modified Series. Hearn led the vast majority of laps, only surrendering his top spot following his mandatory pit stop during the race’s middle portion. The win, worth $20,000 plus bonus and lap money, was his 11th Eastern States 200 victory and third consecutive.


The wins Hearn’s boosted Hearn’s 2014 victory total to 22. His 860-win career record includes 532 Big-Block Modified victories, 336 in Small-Block Modified competition, and two United Racing Club (URC) Sprint Car wins. A master of extra-distance races, Hearn has posted 352 (41 percent of all his wins) in races of 50 laps or longer. Hearn has won races at 49 different speedways in 11 states and two Canadian provinces.


In addition to his 860 feature race victories, Hearn has garnered 84 individual track and series point championships and is the defending and eight time Super DIRTcar Modified Series titlist.


“Our wins this week prove we never give up, that we bounce back from disappointments, and that we go out to win every time. We have a true team that’s dedicated to being the best in our type of racing,” said Hearn. “I’ve always had support from a great number of people---family, friends, team owners, crew members, sponsors, racing businessmen, and fans; all have played key roles in our success.” 


Hearn began his racing career in 1975 at age 16…too young to drive on the highways.  He has been a full time race car driver since the early 1980s.


During the ten-month Northeast dirt track racing season, Hearn drives his familiar No. 20 Big- and Small-Block Modifieds fielded by the merged Madsen Motorsports/B.H. Racing Enterprises, Inc. team.


Media representatives may contact Brett Hearn by calling 973-702-0819, weekdays during business hours. B.H. Racing Enterprises, Inc. information is available online at



Brett Hearn powers to 11th career Eastern States 200 victory

Hard-charging Matt Sheppard finishes 2nd to claim Super DIRTcar Series point lead going into Charlotte


MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. - October 27, 2014 - Brett "the Jet" Hearn has been making a habit of winning at Orange County Fair Speedway. He picked up his 11 th career Eastern States Big Block Modified victory there Sunday, October 26, his third in a row.

"It takes a lot of people to make this happen," the Sussex, N.J. said in Victory Lane after Sunday's 200 lapper. "There's a lot of hard work, a lot of preparation goes into this thing and you come here on race day and try to put it all together."

Hearn made a clean sweep during Eastern States Weekend, fast timing Friday with a lap time of 20.763 and winning Saturday's 358-Modified feature race. He started Sunday's Super DIRTcar Series event on the pole, with Tim Hindley at the outside pole. At the green flag, Hearn took the lead, but it was Stewart Friesen, of Sprakers, N.Y., who cruised to second over Hindley.

Several cautions early in the race kept the leaders from picking up momentum, but Hearn was strong enough on every restart to maintain his position over Friesen. In lap 60, Bob McGannon went into the wall in turn four to bring the eighth caution of the race, and soon after the pits opened for mandatory pit stops.

Hearn pulled into pit road to fuel up, and most of the field followed him, either refueling as well or changing a tire. Jerry Higbie and Gary Edwards, Jr. inherited the front row and Higbie took the lead position off the lap-70 restart. Within 10 laps, Hearn had advanced to 16th place. Super DIRTcar Series point leader Billy Decker was running in 26th at lap 80 and Matt Sheppard, second in point standings, was in 13th.

Edwards soon started gaining ground on Higbie, and in lap 82 was at Higbie's back bumper. Edwards went for the pass in lap 83 to become the new race leader, but lost his position in lap 115 when he pulled off to make a pit stop. In those 30 laps, Hearn, Sheppard and Decker had rapidly progressed through the field. By the lap 122 green flag, Sheppard and Hearn shared the front row and Decker restarted from fourth place.

At the restart, Hearn charged ahead of the field to reclaim the lead.

"The fact that I even beat him on an outside restart like that, I have to give Kevand Cross a lot of credit for taking the carburetor out today and making sure that thing took off like that on restarts. That was awesome. I don't think anybody beat anybody off the outside today except off that one restart," Hearn said. "I just went and gave myself a little bit of room there, started on my line, and tried to stay off the right rear tire."

Hearn outlasted a number of cautions throughout the second half of the race, fending off challenges from Sheppard.

A hard-charging Sheppard, who struggled all weekend, starting the race in a backup car at the rear of the field, finished second.

"I had a great team for it. We started in the last row and we finished in the front row," Sheppard said. "I can't say enough about this whole team. We had some trouble in the Consi, and we ended up going to a backup car. The thing never even saw the race track until the start of the feature here tonight. It was just awesome, the guys really worked their tails off."

The hard work paid off, earning Sheppard enough to surpass Decker, who finished seventh, for the series point lead. Hindley finished third, Kenny Tremont finished fourth and Jimmy Phelps finished fifth.

The Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series is racing into its final rounds, a pair of 40-lap feature races at The Dirt Track at Charlotte in Concord, N.C. World of Outlaws World Finals at The Dirt Track kicks off Thursday, Nov. 6, with practice and qualifying rounds for the Super DIRTcar Series, World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series and World of Outlaws Late Model Series. The next two nights, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 7 and 8, all three premier series will take on the Charlotte clay oval. Champions in each series will be crowned Saturday, Nov. 8.

For more information and the latest updates about the Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified Series,, follow @SuperDIRTcar on Twitter or "like" the DIRTcar Racing Facebook page at

A-Main (200 laps):

Pos. [Start] No. Driver / Hometown (Winnings)

1. [1] 20 Brett Hearn / Sussex, N.J. ($20,000)

2. [43] 9H Matt Sheppard / Waterloo, N.Y. ($8,000)

3. [2] 1H Tim Hindley / Monticello, N.Y. ($4,500)

4. [40] 115 Kenny Tremont, Jr. / West Sand Lake, N.Y. ($3,500)

5. [15] 98H Jimmy Phelps / Balwinsville, N.Y. ($3,000)

6. [22] 14h Jeff Heotzler / Wallkill, N.Y. ($2,000)

7. [13] 91 Billy Decker / Sidney, N.Y. ($1,500)

8. [38] 11 Rich Ricci, Jr. ($1,000)

9. [25] 99L Larry Wight / Altmar, N.Y. ($900)

10. [12] 74F Tim Fuller / Edwards, N.Y. ($800)

11. [39] 21 Clinton Mills / Middletown, N.Y. ($700)

12. [20] 5 Jimmy Horton / Neshanic Station, N.J. ($600)

13. [6] 97 Jerry Higbie / Goshen, N.Y. ($500)

14. [8] 3 Justin Haers / Phelps, N.Y. ($450)

15. [9] 10 Billy VanInwegen / Sparrowbush, N.Y. ($400)

16. [16] 42p Pat Ward / Genoa, N.Y. ($375)

17. [7] 21J Gary Edwards, Jr. / Montgomery, N.Y. ($350)

18. [18] 33 1/3 Tommy Meier / Waldrick, N.J. ($325)

19. [5] 55 Anthony Perrego / Montgomery, N.Y. ($295)

20. [26] 7z Erick Rudolph / Ransomville, N.Y. ($280)

21. [3] 1T Tyler Dippel / Wallkill, N.Y. ($275)

22. [17] 44 Mike Ricci / Tillson, N.Y. ($260)

23. [44] 74M Matt Billings / Brockville, Ontario ($260)

24. [23] 43 Keith Flach / Ravena, N.Y. ($260)

25. [35] 24s Chris Schulz / Holmes, N.Y. ($260)

26. [33] 27J Danny Johnson / Rochester, N.Y. ($260)

27. [14] 4* Tim McCreadie / Watertown, N.Y. ($260)

28. [19] 88 Steve Dodd / Middletown, N.Y. ($260)

29. [11] 19 Chuck McKee / Middletown, N.Y. ($260)

30. [30] 16x Danny Creeden / Middletown, N.Y. ($260)

31. [29] 4R Mike Ruggiero / Walden, N.Y. ($250)

32. [34] 21a Pete Britten / Brisbane, Queensland, Australia ($250)

33. [36] 25 Mike Kolka / Circleville, N.Y. ($250)

34. [10] 57 Donnie Corellis / Averill Park, N.Y. ($250)

35. [28] 99 Ryan Phelps / Fulton, N.Y. ($250)

36. [4] 1F Stewart Friesen / Sprakers, N.Y. ($250)

37. [21] 7s Michael Sabia / Eason, Conn. ($250)

38. [24] 21m Bob McGannon / Garnersville, N.Y. ($250)

39. [41] 53 Ric Hill / Lafayette, N.J. ($250)

40. [42] 8 Rich Scagliotta / Hillsborough, N.J. ($250)

41. [32] 34 Andy Bachetti / Sheffield, Mass. ($250)

42. [27] 41 Jim Davis / Ballston Spa, N.Y. ($250)

43. [37] 87x Paul Gilardi / Pittsfield, Mass. ($250)

44. [31] 673 Gary Tomkins / Clifton Springs, N.Y. ($250)

Did Not Start:

16 Willy Auchmoody / Highland, N.Y.

11z Darrell Ford

71d Frank Doty / Middletown, N.Y.

14 C.G. Morey / Rutland, Vt.

20g Craig Hanson / Tribes Hill, N.Y.

72 Ray Hall, Jr.

10e Richie Eurich / Warwick, N.Y.

51m Dominick Buffalino / Morganville, N.J.

79 Jeremy Markle / Port Jervis, N.Y.

66 Duane Howard / Oley, Pa.

T21 Roger Chrysler / Lewiston, N.Y.

4sL Bobby Hentschel / Accod, N.Y.

60 Brian Berger / Castleton, N.Y.

66p Sean Mandell

19m Jessey Mueller / Olmsteadville, N.Y.

21p Pep Corradi

33h Matt Hitchcock / Stony Point, N.Y.

220 John Ferrier / Middletown, N.Y.

265 Tyler McKee / Middletown, N.Y.

21k Randy Chrysler / Lewiston, N.Y.

93x Craig Mitchell / Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

m22 Mike Dubois

35x L.J. Lombardo / Danbury, Conn.

55H Brett Haas / Westfield, Mass.

3s R.J. Smykla

57e Rich Eggers / Walden, N.Y.

20x Rob Rowe

Mike Mahaney / King Ferry, N.Y.

B-Main 1: Tomkins, Britten, Gilardi, Tremont, Billings, Auchmoody, Morey, Doty]

B-Main 2: Bachetti, Schulz, R. Ricci, Hill, Berger, Hentschel, Howard, Markle, Roger Chrysler, Sheppard

B-Main 3: Johnson, Kolka, Mills, Scagliotta, Randy Chrysler, Ferrier, Smykla, Lombardo, T. McKee, Dubois, Eggers

Qualifying Heat Results (Top 4 Transfer)

Heat 1: Edwards, Decker, Dodd, Wight, Britten, Billings, Tremont, Ford, Morey, Hall, Jablonka. DNS: Mahaney

Heat 2: Haers, McCreadie, Horton, Rudolph, Tomkins, Gilardi, Auchmoody, Doty, Hanson, Eurich, Buffalino

Heat 3: VanInwegen, J. Phelps, Sabia, Davis, Bachetti, Sheppard, Howard, R. Ricci, Hentschel, Mandell, Corradi

Heat 4: Corellis, Ward, Heotzler, R. Phelps, Markle, Schulz, Hill, Roger Chrysler, Berger, Mueller, Hitchcock

Heat 5: C. McKee, M. Ricci, Flach, Ruggiero, Johnson, Kolka, T. McKee, Randy Chrysler, Dubois, Haas, Eggers

Heat 6: Fuller, Meier, McGannon, Creeden, Scagliotta, Ferrier, Mills, Mitchell, Lombardo, Smykla, Rowe

Time Trials: 1. Hearn 20.763, 2. Hindley 20.837, 3. Dippel 21.043, 4. Friesen 21.052, 5. Perrego 21.072, 6. Higbie 21.072, 7. Edwards 21.080, 8. Haers 21.123, 9. J. Phelps 21.164, 10. Heotzler 21.191, 11. Flach 21.198, 12. Fuller 21.204, 13. Decker 21.207, 14. McCreadie 21.209, 15. VanInwegen 21.220, 16. Corellis 21.220, 17. C. McKee 21.245, 18. Meier 21.252, 19. Britten 21.253, 20. Horton 21.261, 21. Sheppard 21.272, 22. Schulz 21.279, 23. M. Ricci 21.283, 24. Creeden 21.312, 25. Billings 21.332, 26. Eurich 21.335, 27. Sabia 21,384, 28. Ward 21.384, 29. Ruggiero 21.415, 30. Mills 21.418, 31. Tremont 21.425, 32. Rudolph 21.460, 33. Howard 21.498, 34. R. Phelps 21.515, 35. Kolka 21.539, 36. McGannon 21.555, 37. Dodd 21.561, 38. Gilardi 21.561, 39. Davis 21.568, 40. Hill 21.609, 41. Johnson 21.630, 42. Mitchell 21.634, 43. Wight 21.649, 44. Tomkins 21.656, 45. Hentschel 21.741, 46. Mueller 21.771, 47. Randy Chrysler 21.779, 48. Ferrier 21.842, 49. Jablonka 21.847, 50. Buffalino 21.849, 51. Corradi 21.863, 52. Markle 21.876, 53. T. McKee 21.915, 54. Scagliotta 21.941, 55. Morey 21.982, 56. Hanson 22.004, 57. Bachetti 22.044, 58. Berger 22.072, 59. Haas 22.090, 60. Lombardo 22.095, 61. Ford 22.149, 62. Doty 22.168, 63. R. Ricci, 64. Roger Chrysler 22.322, 65. Dubois 22.424, 66. Smykla 22.514, 67. Hall 22.577, 68. Auchmoody 22.610, 69. Mandell 22.626, 70. Hitchcock 22.791, 71. Eggers 23.089, 72. Rowe 23.315. NT: Doty.




USAC Silver Crown Series to Make Return to Iowa Speedway

Iconic open-wheel franchise set to race June 20, 2015


CONTACT: Dick Jordan, USAC VP, Communications: or Edward Williams, Iowa Speedway Communications,



NEWTON, Iowa (October 28, 2014) - Iowa Speedway today announced the addition of the United States Auto Club (USAC) Silver Crown Series to its action-packed 2015 schedule. The legends of open wheel racing return to "The Fastest Short Track on the Planet" on Saturday, June 20, 2015. The event will mark the first USAC Silver Crown Series event at Iowa Speedway since the 2012 Casey's General Stores USAC Challenge race.


"The Silver Crown Series has a long, rich tradition in this region and we're extremely pleased to have them back in central Iowa," said Iowa Speedway President Jimmy Small. "We want longtime fans to reconnect with the excitement they experienced seeing former USAC racers such as Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt, Jeff Gordon, Ryan Newman and Don White from Keokuk, Iowa as they raced in these beautiful machines. At the same time, we want to introduce new fans to this classic form of racing, one we are certain they'll enjoy."


When USAC last appeared at the 7/8 mile asphalt paved tri-oval, Bobby East thrilled fans when he took the checkered flag for the third time at Iowa Speedway.


In 2015, the 12-14 degree compound banking in the turns of Iowa Speedway will pose a tremendous challenge for the Silver Crown drivers. The cars will be capable of reaching speeds of 180 miles per hour. Kody Swanson set the Iowa Speedway Silver Crown track record with an average lap speed of 146.212 mph in 2012. The maximum speeds of 180 mph happen generally toward the end of the straightaways. Drivers accelerate all the way down the straight, reaching top speed just before braking to enter the turn. It's anticipated that all-time USAC speed records will be shattered as the cars take on "The Fastest Short Track on the Planet."


"Iowa Speedway is one of the premier facilities in motorsports and having it as part of our list of Silver Crown venues is the next step as we continue to elevate the series profile," said series coordinator Andy Hillenburg. "The past USAC races at Iowa Speedway are a big part of USAC's history in the Hawkeye State and the races there have always been competitive and memorable. We look forward to the anticipated speed records and great racing we plan to offer the Iowa race fans in 2015."


Hillenburg was named series coordinator for USAC last December. He remains a team owner in the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards. As a USAC Silver Crown Series driver in the late 1980s, he amassed more than 20 top-10 finishes. He also made several starts in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series.


The Silver Crown Series will cap a spectacular weekend of racing at Iowa Speedway that includes the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series on Friday, June 19, 2015. The 2014 American Ethanol 200 presented by Enogen saw rising NASCAR star Erik Jones pick up his first victory of the season, out racing championship contenders Ryan Blaney and Matt Crafton.




Iowa Speedway Announces Return of USAC

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Once the 2015 Iowa Speedway schedule is completed; more details, including on-sale dates and season ticket holder renewal information, will be announced. Iowa Speedway will continue to focus on enhancing the fan experience, and will build upon successful improvements made in 2014.


About USAC

Described as the world's most competitive major racing series by Auto Racing Analysis, the USAC Silver Crown™ Championship continues to thrill fans nationwide. To compete in USAC's premier series is the pinnacle for many American open-wheel competitors and to win the championship is a prestigious milestone in any driver's career. Previous champions include Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, J.J. Yeley, Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt and Al Unser Sr.


About Iowa Speedway

Iowa Speedway, "The Fastest Short Track on the Planet," is a state-of-the-art 7/8 mile asphalt paved tri-oval race track and motorsports facility located in Newton, Iowa. For the latest event details and information stay connected on Twitter and Facebook or by



USAC Silver Crown Pavement Chassis Facts

The cost of a new Silver Crown™ racecar can run as much as $75,000 for a car to compete on the pavement and dirt ovals.


WEIGHT: 1625 pounds minimum, with driver

CHASSIS: Tubular 4130 aircraft steel; minimum 1 1/2 inch O.D. and .095 wall thickness

HORSEPOWER: 750 to 800

ENGINE: Normally aspirated, production based V-8 engine with 355 cubic inch displacement maximum

FUEL: Methanol or Ignite Ethanol

CAPACITIES:    Fuel, 65 gallons average

                        Oil, 11 quarts average

SPEED: Over 180 mph straightaway speeds

WHEELBASE: 96 inches minimum

OVERALL WIDTH: 80 inches maximum

OVERALL LENGTH: 15 feet maximum

OVERALL HEIGHT: 56 inches average to top of roll cage

SUSPENSION: Solid front and rear axles with torsion bar or coil spring suspension

WHEELS: Aluminum, 15 inches in diameter. Rears - 15-18 inches wide. Front wheels - 10 inches wide.


TIRES: Bias-ply racing tires


DRIVELINE: Direct drive with clutch. Quick-change gears are behind the rear end assembly


Note:  What bothers me about this - will they have enough cars?  Basically, USAC has gotten away from pavement racing.  Also, $75,000.00 for a new car?








Racin' stuff found on Facebook:


Why doesn't Rich Ricci Jr have a Saturday night ride?


Just a few things being said about ESW:


I'm still trying to figure out the DIRT CAR rules on the pitstop for Sundays race..... After lap 60 FIRST yellow you could do fuel ONLY but that's where the confusion starts.... WHY if your NOT changing tires MUST you drive down pit road a second time???? I'd be OK if they had a rule that said ANY pitstop you could ONLY take fuel or a tire but NOT BOTH on same stop.... LET'S face facts these drivers DON'T make pit stops very often during the year and pit road is DEFINITELY a safety issue for the 44 teams x 5 guys of 220 people in harm's way..... NASCAR the pit stops are poetry in motion and fun to watch but why do you want a DIRT modified on pit road any more then NEEDED because 90% of these stops look like 5 monkey's trying to f*ck a football!!! That's just my opinion because I'm either dumb or JUST DON'T understand the logic behind it!!!


For those geeks like me who haven't started studying this already, have a look at the scoring link for yesterday's 200, particularly the lap chart


ESW 200 MyLaps lap chart link:


Note:  OK, I'm down in Florida and was not at ESW, but I was under the impression that there was a required pit stop AFTER lap 60.  Lap chart does not show one for Sheppard.




I normally don't air out dirty laundry about racing, but what happen yesterday with cars going down a lap because of coming in for a pit stop after the A-hole on the one way (dirt motorsports) said pits are open then decides to say some of us pitted to soon was bs.

The best part was after our car past the favorite ones then to lose positions under caution, was very hard to watch.

Dirt Motorsports sucks and I hope they never come back. But on another note they did take care of their own.

Bring on the Brett Deyo show for ESW next year.


I agree Bill, they had nobody to show pits open,need a flagger to hold up yellow or red flags on the entrance on the backstretch, not the pace truck.......come on Dirt Motorsports get your act together


 Matt Sheppard is prime example of taking care of their own. Never pitted in the window and still gets second total BS!

Note:  Again, not shown on MyLaps that he pitted after the 60th lap.


This is dirt racing not Nascar. 


Well that's interesting that you bring that up, because the guy on the one way used to work in Nascar and must think this is Nascar.
In the drivers meeting he was knocking the track. Classes poeple.


When you here the words 'Go to the tail end of the longest line' you know that the NASCAR BS has arrived in dirt racing. Sad. 


Or the flat tire and the pits aren't open really? ??


Why two pitstops after lap 60 caution??? Isn't pit road dangerous ENOUGH rather then have to drive thru for no reason if you didn't plan on changing tires then?? I'm OK with fuel ONLY but why have to drive thru the second time???


We were forced into 3 stops, so on the third one we gave Dan Creeden an ice cream bar. Thanks to Dirt motorsports.


 I have to wonder if this is how Dirt Motorsports is run, then god help this great event, go back to green pits open red pits closed, let drivers and crews put race in there hands not this bs, they ruined the ES 200 BS of crappy rules



So. Rich Scagliata, a regular on the big block Dirt circuit, turns a 21.9 second lap in time trials. The 44 sportsman, turns a 21.7 with a "legal" 602 crate engine?? I'm no hater but I call bullshit.


Dude is a wheelman! Flat out! I've seen him turn same times in a borrowed ride, not from his own team! Same shit as LJ! All of a sudden LJ's a cheater bc he's kicking ass nightly, but when his car took a shit he took a completely different car, he's never touched from the rear to 6th in a race w very minimal cautions! I respect most drivers so don't get me wrong when I say this but. Quit WHINING, get WORKING!




Rolling Wheels Raceway


Rolling Wheels Raceway is now officially owned by Pay-Dirt Racing, the 2015 Race Schedule will be announced soon and this Schedule will make Rolling Wheels Raceway the most exciting and highest paying racing venue this area has ever seen.


Comment by me:

" Yeah, read about this. Also read they're thinking of a big end of season race - Hmm, opposite ESW? Would not surprise me one bit, especially when reads things on the Internet - like no WoO at OC in 2015, URC making a return to OC etc, etc. Gurda going with Deyo? Gurda dropping DIRT & going Independent?"


Comment from Rolling Wheels:

" Hi Tom--no end of season race, the closing of the track was long and difficult, we are concentrating on track improvements, sponsors and giving the fans shows that will keep them coming back. Our initial plans had us running races in 2014, we assumed buying a turn-key track would not be difficult. As it turns out, the closing was very complicated and once the season started, it just made sense to wait until the end of the season and get prepped for 2015. Our group is made up of people who just want to put on a good show, pay big money to guys who put so much time and effort into their cars, and we are going to be non-partial and have no ownership in any car that competes at our track and the best drivers and teams will win."




Fastrax Raceway in Albany and Poughkeepsie Closed by the Police


Note:  I guess we now know why it never has opened in the mall in Middletown?




This week’s photo:


I'm fortunate that I started going to races back in 1946 when midgets looked a lot like this one, below.  Those that never saw them back they have no idea as to what the missed.

Again, photos can only be seen on New England Tractor, which is linked to at end of each of my columns.




A video for ya:


I've seen this one before, and it came up on Facebook, again this past Wednesday.


Tommy Hinnershitsz:




This weeks jokes:


Really, I can't help myself on this first joke:


All the numerous yellow flag laps at ESW this weekend.  Really a joke, I'd say.  I mean, I was told nine laps to remove a car with a flat tire?  Absolutely no reason.  No need to keep yellow out just because some have to make pit stops.  I'm 100% in favor of no pitting under yellow, unless you're the case.  I'm also in favor of getting rid of driver communication between driver and crew, but keep communication between driver and track.  And, if a driver is told by the track as to where he's supposed to start, and does not go to that position, he gets one lap, then no longer is scored.  That's getting to be a joke, too.




Husband takes the wife to her high 
school reunion.

After meeting several of her friends 
and former school mates, they are sitting at a table where he is yawning and

overly bored. The band cranks up and people are beginning to 


There's a guy on the dance floor 
living it large, break dancing, moon walking, back flips, buying drinks for 
people, the works.  


Wife turns to her husband and says, 
"See that guy?  25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him 


Husband says: "Looks like he's still 


Oops  -- he'll pay for that- she'll pass on to him that rare Hawaiian disease. You know -- lacka - nookie





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