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Some personal/family stuff:



My wife, who left us on July 3, 2014.


Remember, photos can only be seen on the New England Tractor/Race Report website, which is linked to at the end of my columns.


Saw my cardiologist and he made a slight adjustment to the pacemaker. 

He also thought I should take a certain pill to rid me of the excess water.  That pill, along with the condition of my kidneys, could cause problems that could lead to me having to have dialysis treatments if the kidneys don’t take to well to the new medication.  So far, so good with a small reduction in my weight.

Also, since the end of August, I really do not have enough monies in my Part D with Medicare to cover my insulin.  I’m in the process of changing over to getting all my medications via the VA.  Now, I’m questioning – do I really need Part D if I get all my meds from the VA?  Anyone know, for sure?  I did get all the news on Part D changes last week.  Nowhere does it make any mention of anyone getting their meds through the VA.  Nice, huh?

I imagine I’ll have to go through the “cluster” of calling Medicare to get an answer.


Tuesday, 10/7/14 at 1:20 PM:

Seems the weight just doesn’t want to go down.  Been staying at a steady 190.  Had to take a second “bad” pill at 1:15 – should be interesting to see if I have to go more often.  If not, then it kinda looks like it might be a trip to the “crash house” for this writer.


Wednesday, 10/8/14 at 10:25 AM:

Maybe that second pill has started to work?  Had to urinate abut every hour on the hour over night.  Not much, but still was getting rid of water that I was not putting into my system.  I weighed myself prior to going to bed.  Also, again, when I got up Wednesday morning.  There was a drop of two pounds.


For the first couple of weeks that I was down here, my daughter, Judy was with me and Sandy.  One can’t imagine how much of a huge help she was to me while Sandy was at work.  I could not put on socks and shoes, and she was there for me - - this despite some serious problems (health wise) in her family back home.



More memories:

I worked at the trailer park for a while.  The owner, who was single, took a liking to the wife’s sister, Sandra. She did likewise.  Eventually they married.  I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not.  He was quite possessive.  And, to me, he also had some “problems”.  One thing tht did happen while they were going together – we had a “double date” and I saw my first ever stockcar race at the Orange County Fair Speedway – a race won by Russ Delp driving the “Mushroom” special # 6.

Due to a conflict, I left the trailer park and got a job delivering bread and pastries, house to house, for Dugan Brothers Bakery.  We were also forced to leave the trailer park, too.  As far as a time frame goes – remember when the entire northeast was blacked out?  Well, I was with Dugan’s at that time.




Racin’ stuff:

Reading the Lenny Sammons column in this weeks AARN, it sure looks like the sh*t has hit the fan between DIRTcar and Brett Deyo.  Looks like Brett has lost the New Egypt SDS race.  He might also lose the Big Diamond and OCFS events, too.  Sammons says that DIRTcar says that both tracks have to decide on whether to have a Deyo race or stay with DIRTcar.  Personally, I can’t see any of it being Deyo’s fault.  It’s DIRTcar that is causing the difficulties.

For the way OCFS has been treated over the years by DIRTcar (their red-headed step child), I’d love to see OC leave DIRTcar.  Hmm, does OC have to pay a weekly sanctioning fee to DIRTcar?  If so, how much?  Would they be better of as running as an independent track?  So far, OC has been compatible with other tracks as far as car counts go.

I guess time will tell?


A thread on this on DTD’s Forum can be seen here:



Two “Black Days” in October 1948:

October 10, 1948:


Ted Horn... Died ... AAA driver from the 1930's and 40's. Ted Horn has the best 9-year streak of finishes in Indianapolis 500 history. Over his Indianapolis 500 career, Ted Horn completed 1944 out of a possible 2000 laps (97%).




October 12, 1948:


Johnny Ritter ... Died ... Johnny was fatally injured while changing a tire on the 40th lap during a 100 lap Midget race at the Medford Bowl. He was born in Austria and his family came to the United States when he was a young boy, his family settling near Detroit, Michigan. Late in the 1930’s he came east to race. He was the track champion at the Castle Hill Speedway and also at the Nutley Velodrome in 1939, and was third in the AAA point standings (midgets), too. Besides the two track championships mentioned, he was also the track champion at Castle Hill again, in 1940, Freeport in 1941 and the Hinchliffe Stadium (Paterson, NJ) champion in 1946.

Note:  Please excuse the error as to him being American.


Note:  Yes, he was my all time favorite driver.



I have to imagine that you’ve heard about this?


Found on the Accord Speedway website:


Speedway to host weekly Sprint Car racing in 2015!  The speedway is organizing a new, wingless Sprint Car division for the 2015 season. The cars will be powered by a sealed 602 GM Crate Chevrolet engine and run on alcohol. It will be mandatory that the cars use a self-starting Bert transmission and run  American Racer tires.  The motors will be sealed by Hunt's Machine of Schenectady NY.  Hunt's has developed a jig that will make it easy to drill a cam spud hole on the camshaft so a traditional Sprint Car fuel pump and power steering unit can be used.  The rules are being finalized and will be announced soon.  If you need further information Gary can be reached at 845-626-3478 or by email


Note:  Hmm, of course this comes out now, and the proposed addition for 2015 after I leave the area.  I have to agree with some of what’s being said on the Internet on this – Accord would have to drop at lest one class in order to get their weekly shows in.  I hope they’re able to get enough cars, and it doesn’t end up like the “Truck” class at OCFS. 




Central NY Raceway Park.....Oct. 2014 UPDATE


Published on Oct 6, 2014


After 4 years, the Central NY Raceway Park permits for construction are all in. Glenn Donnelly, founder of CNYRP, takes us for a tour of the 150 acre complex, as he updates us on the progress.




Coming up:


I have to imagine that you all know that this coming weekend is Super Dirt Week up in Syracuse.


At OCFS:  OPEN PRACTICE for ALL DIVISIONS on SATURDAY OCT 18 FROM 1pm - 5pm....Pit Gates will Open at 10:30am


Eastern States is the following weekend.  Depending on how this old fart is feeling will dictate whether I’ll attend or not.  My son, Eric, did get a ticket for me, and I’ll be up north those few days, mainly to get some last things out of our hose to bring back down to Florida.




Found on the Dirt Track Digest Forum:


Note:  I’m glad I was not at Fulton, after reading some of the comments, below.  Not a very good way for a race to be run – with both the sanctioning body being at fault, so it seems.  Supposedly the tracks radio to the drivers was messed up?  They only had ONE phone?


Comments found on DTD's forum about the "Outlaw" 200 at Fulton:


Hasn't the rule always been they count up to 3 laps under yellow per caution? Its lap 59 and we've had maybe 12 or 13 green laps


Matt Hulzier flat. More laps under caution. This so far has sucked.


Brahman, chad phelps, Mahaney wreck... More laps counting under caution...lap 66.


Rauscher around, lap 77....more caution laps.

21 racing laps out of 78, 79, 80, 81, 82. Green


Caution Darwin Green lap 84...more caution laps counting....truly worst race this year so far.


Lap 88 caution. 45 cars starting is too many. We will have 25 racing laps out of the first 100. Be glad you didn't come.


Why do they keep counting laps under yellow? Up to lap 91, 92 finally going green


27 green laps out of the first 100.


Hope the second hundred runs a lot better and greener than the first, wife said screw this and headed to car.


Second half much better, lap 129 caution. T-Mac working on Matt.


spoke to come the cautions again!


Okay second half was good, I think we had 109 laps of green flag racing out of 200.

T-Mac purposely takes out Larry Wight, and both started from the back and Larry somehow finishes!


That was one of the better 100 lap races I've seen all year.


This was truly the worst "race" ive ever seen at fulton speedway! I got to see half of the race i paid to see 200 laps of because they ran so many laps under caution. There was maybe 100-105 green flag laps? They usually start around 45+ cars for this race and its never been this bad.


what was the deal woth tmac and Larry, where were they running at the time?


I have to assume last year they started just as many and I can't remember cautions at all. I am sure there were a few but nothing terrible.

Was there still a threat of rain shortening the race? Maybe all the drivers were going extra hard with no patience?

How was the track?


I think they were 4th and 5th. After the race, Larry said T-Mac put Billy D. into the wall, so it must be then Larry nudged T-Mac and T -Mac didn't like it. But it definitely looked like T-Mac spun Larry on purpose and then they stopped and had words on the front straightaway. Both had to start from the back. Pretty stupid on T-Mac's part to give up track position for a payback. He later ended up hitting a tire and going off on a hook and Larry masterfully drove back up to 3rd. Wonder how T-Mac's feeling I like T-Mac but a really stupid move on his part IF it was as intentional as it looked.

There was no threat of rain. Track was slick for the first part and good for the rest. Driver's had absolutely no patience.

My big complaint last night was that under one of the early cautions, the driver's where not listening to race control, arguing about track position before going green, I think 8 or 9 laps ticked off under yellow before getting the field set. In later yellows more laps were lost to position disagreements under yellow. At halftime they announced that the last 50 laps were going to be green flag laps. That may have been in response to the lack of green flag laps in the first half.

My negative posting last night was out of frustration, as the the race I was most looking forward to was becoming a joke.

The attrition rate was high as only 17 or 18 cars were running at nights end.

Second half was good.

Kudos to Fulton to getting the race in and getting the track into shape.


I cheered when t mac took out Larry!! The kid has talent but isn't afraid to rim ride around most of the race and bounce off of everyone else!! They say rubbing is racing but the kid is a little wild out their, not afraid off wrecking his metal or car mommy and daddy will throw him another!! Just my opinion!!


Worst race ever! Unfortunately


The first 100 was bad prob should make this race 100 laps no caution laps count towards laps idk. Also the one way radio doesnt seem to help drivers take foreever to line up!!! Track was good although 3&4 was a little rough


I didnt go and it must have been frustrating with all the yellows but you have to give them credit for racing. What time did they finish? I was told they did a good job considering all the rain.


Was headed back to the camper around 12:45am. It was pretty late but knew that going into the day. I mean 12 hrs earlier it was raining still and the group I was with was just happy to see racing without having to stay for Sunday afternoon.


What happened to hearn?


Fulton ghosts



Thats all fine but some guys just have to say " I don't have it today"and pull off instead of sit on the track to line up 45th only to pull off 10 laps later ridiculous. Great job by track getting race in, some drivers need to show more discreation like Kenny Rogers



I think part of the problem with the race last night was that there was good bite on the bottom of the track and a descent cushion for most of the race but if you were caught in the middle where it was slick you were going to get passed so everybody fought to get to the bite especially on the bottom. When that happens especially on a track that was as fast as it was last night drivers are going to run out of room at times and that's when cautions occur. Alot of years by the time the feature rolls around the track has slowed down enough to where you can run almost antwhere on the track as long as your car is hooked but last night for the most part you needed to be where the bite was.




With the line up problems I think there were two issues, one, there were so many cars on the track that trying to get everybody straightened out and in correct order is going to take time unfortunately, two, Corey was having problems with his one way radio so there were times during cautions that we weren't hearing anybody on the radio.


More specific on hearn... I read he had a flat early. Did something else happen?  is where it starts




And this, too:


Being a sprint guy that I am, wanna let ya know that Stewart Friesen (modified guy mostly so it's good for this section :) ) has secured a ride for the USAC Silver Crown race at Super DIRT Week. It's not a piece together deal to fill the field either.


It's a shot to win. He will be teammates to Jerry Coons and run a RPM Enterprises, Fred Gormly owned mount.


Many ESS ties as well, Rob Hart will be crew chief, Tom Bliss team manager and look for Mike Stelter and Doug Emery to be in the pits.


Jerry Coons won the last Silver Crown race at Eldora a few weeks a go.


The return of Toby Jr. and now Stewart...that's pretty cool.





Race tracks that are no longer around:




Brigante Speedway - 5/8 Mile 5 cornered "Oval" near MalletBay.


CanAm Speedway - (Newport) -


Catamount Stadium - 1/3 Mile Asphalt Oval 1965 - 1987.


Colchester Raceway - (Colchester)


Davis Speedway - (Enosburgh Falls)


Dog's River Speedway -


Fairmont Speedway - (Fair Haven)


Green Mountain Speedway - (Colchester)


Green Mountain Speedway - (Sheldon)


Green Mountain Speedway - (Rutland) Same as Pico Raceway.


Malletts Bay aka Colchester -Bayview Speedway - (Colchester)


Northeastern Speedway - (Lower Waterford)


Otter Creek Speedway - (Waltham)


Pico Raceway - (Rutland)


Rutland Fairgrounds - aka Vermont State Fairgrounds. 1/2 mile Dirt Oval which was intermittantly used Auto Racing.


Sheldon Fairgrounds - (Sheldon)


Smitty's Race Track - Dirt Oval located between Colchester and Essex Junction.


South Burlington Raceway - (South Burlington)


Stateline Speedway - (N. Bennington)


Sunset Speedway - (Colchester)


The Concord Track - (Concord)


The Sheffield Track - (Sheffield)


Veterans Park - (Newport)


Webster Flats - (Lyndonville)


Wells River - (Wells River)


West Brattleboro - (W. Brattleboro)


Note:  I’m not sure on that Rutland track.  I went there – had to be 1951 or 1952.  Remember turns 3 & 4 were right next to US Rt. 7.  Have read of the track opening up again.


Note:  This is the last in this series of tracks no longer around.




NASCAR Illustrated: Walk the walk, talk the talk


In part:  "At 35, in the prime of his career, Steve Letarte is leaving. Why?


"The Tuesday after Homestead in 2010, we had our competition meeting and Mr. H was there after, and we thought that was a little odd," Letarte said. "He gave me the, 'Hey, Stevie, I need to see you for a minute.' And I literally stood up (from) the table and had to walk the length of the room. And as I walked down the room, I mentally went through what teams are hiring? Who can I call? Because in my mind, yeah, why wouldn't they let me go? Why wouldn't they make a change?"




Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:


Not much to report on this week, as expected.


In the Outlaw 200 at Fulton, Tyler Dippel was 11th and Anthony Perrego 27th in the Modifieds.  Matt Pappa was 5th in the Sportsman.


Down in Gaffney, S.C. in the USCS/URC race, Davie Franek was 3rd.  He also is the URC’s 2014 champion.


In NEMA action in Waterford, Kenney Johnson was 17th in the NEMA feature while RJ Tufano was 17th in the NEMA Lights feature.


JB Morris was 4th in the 4 Cylinder Advanced feature, at Bethel.


Roger Coss was 20th in the Modified feature at Mahoning Valley while Tiffany Wambold was 19th in the Street Stock feature.




From Jayski:


Steve Byrnes' cancer has returned:

Longtime NASCAR on FOX on-air personality Steve Byrnes is taking an indefinite medical leave of absence, effectively immediately, to focus on his health after receiving news he has suffered a recurrence of cancer. Byrnes, who was diagnosed and successfully treated for head-and-neck cancer in late 2013, steps away from his NASCAR Race Hub co-hosting and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series play-by-play duties for FOX Sports 1 to concentrate on his upcoming medical treatment and time with his family. Any further updates on Byrnes will come at the discretion of the family.(FoxSports)(10-8-2014)

Note:  I went through this with my wife.  One thinks they’re cancer free, then it comes back.  When it returns, it returns with a vengeance.  I wish Steve and his family well, but I kinda have an idea as to what’s down the road.


Earnhardt Jr. may race for his own team in the future:

#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. met with members of the media at Kansas Speedway and discussed many topics, including:


Earnhardt Jr.: "Well the Nationwide Series is a year to year deal. Our sponsorships are short term compared to the Cup level so our relationships with our drivers have to fit in those windows as well. That is nothing unusual about going year to year or every two years with a driver contract. We do the same thing with the sponsorships as well sometimes. We would love to have longer agreements, but that just depends on the money just like every other piece of the puzzle. The money really has a big effect on it. I am really happy that we are basically going to have a carbon copy of what we did this year next season. We have had a lot of success and I think we can build on that and everything is going to stay in place and we are going to go on down the road. On down the road is just 12 months. When you talk about the Cup Series you look a little further. I would like to race for that company one day, so I hope to keep it healthy until that opportunity presents itself. Whenever I'm done Cup racing to jump in a Nationwide car and do that for a couple of years in my own shop."(Team Chevy)(10-5-2014)



Regan Smith re-signs with JR Motorsports, but still eying Cup career:

Though Regan Smith re-upped for a season of Saturdays, he still wants to be a Sunday driver. In the midst of a championship battle against teammate Chase Elliott, the driver of the #7 JR Motorsports Chevy recently agreed to another one-year deal with the Nationwide Series powerhouse owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kelley Earnhardt Miller and Rick Hendrick. Smith's longer-term goal is to return to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, where he last raced full-time in 2012 before losing his ride in the #78 Furniture Row Chevy to Kurt Busch. That's one reason why Smith signed a one-year deal with JR Motorsports. "I definitely want to get back to Cup," said Smith, who trails Elliott by 26 points with five races left in the Nationwide Series schedule. "I don't think I've ever denied that or said that I don't. That's the goal. I want to prove that I belong there and get to race on Sunday's and get to run the longer races again." Though there are several seats in the Cup series that have yet to be filled for next year, Smith wanted to get his 2015 plans squared away before the 11th hour. "Naturally, there are some openings-on paper, it would appear-on that (Sprint Cup) side," said Smith, who notched his only Cup victory in the 2011 Southern 500 at Darlington. "I think a lot of thing would still have to play out on the Cup side, and a lot of things look like they're still taking place over there, and some quality race teams that are still trying to figure out what they're going to be doing. But at the time, I just felt like it was time to go ahead and start trying to solidify some things for next year and know, generally speaking, where I'm going to be."(NASCAR Wire Service)(10-4-2014)



Nashville Superspeedway sale delayed:

The sale of the Nashville Superspeedway in Lebanon (TN) was delayed at the request of the buyer, NeXovation, and Dover Motorsports has issued an Oct. 25 deadline to close the deal. The Nashville Business Journal reported the development last week, and it was confirmed Monday by NeXovation public relations director Chris Goodrich. It is unclear what happens if the deadline is not met, but it is assumed the sale will be voided and Dover will retain ownership of the troubled Gladeville facility that has sat idle for three years. The Business Journal reported, "The would-be buyer of the Nashville Superspeedway has been given more time to complete the deal." Citing a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, the report said the $45.8 million deal between track owner Dover Motorsports Inc. and Nashville-based NeXovation was announced in May. Under the deal, NeXovation is to pay Dover Motorsports $27 million in cash and assume $18.8 million in outstanding bond obligations owned to Wilson County. According to the Business Journal, NeXovation could choose to back out of the deal before the Dover deadline. (full story at the Lebanon Democrat)(10-5-2014)



Kyle Busch to get a new crew chief in 2015?:

Multiple sources say #18-Kyle Busch and longtime crew chief Dave Rogers will end their long-running association at season's end, as part of a multi-divisional realignment involving both JGR and Kyle Busch Motorsports. While Rogers' departure from the #18 team was announced in-house on Tuesday of this week, no one from JGR has commented publicly on the move. Rogers is expected to remain a part of JGR's Sprint Cup Series operation, possibly as crew chief for newcomer Carl Edwards' and the #19 Stanley Tools / ARRIS Toyota. Sources close to the team say Adam Stevens will move from JGR's Nationwide Series operation to replace Rogers atop the #18 pit box. Stevens has gone to Victory Lane five times this season with Busch, and is the obvious heir-apparent to Rogers. There is no word on the 2015 status of Darien Grubb, who currently serves as crew chief for Denny Hamlin's #11 Fed Ex Toyota at JGR. Jason Ratcliff is expected to return as crew chief for Matt Kenseth's #20 Toyota next season.(Godfather Motorsports)(10-3-2014)



Hornish Jr. to RPM's #9 to replace Ambrose?

The rumored replacement for Marcos Ambrose in the Richard Petty Motorsports #9 Ford ride for next year now looks like it will be Sam Hornish Jr. Speculation is the former Indy Car star and current Joe Gibbs Racing part-time Nationwide Series driver will get another shot at a full-time Sprint Cup ride next year when Ambrose returns to his native Australia.(Motor Racing Network)(10-6-2014)


UPDATE: NASCAR driver and former IndyCar Series star Sam Hornish Jr. will move fulltime to the Sprint Cup Series with Richard Petty Motorsports, the Observer and have learned. An official announcement of Hornish's hire to replace Marcos Ambrose beginning in the 2015 season could come as early as Wednesday, multiple sources confirmed. Ambrose is returning to his native Australia. This would Hornish's second fulltime stint in the Cup series. He struggled in his first go-around which was with Team Penske. In three-plus seasons, Hornish had eight top-10 finishes in 108 starts. In recent seasons he has found success running in the Nationwide Series, where he finished second in points last season and fourth in 2012. An RPM spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.(Charlotte Observer)(10-7-2014)



UPDATE 2: Richard Petty Motorsports announced that three-time IndyCar Series Champion turned NASCAR winner, Sam Hornish, Jr. will join the storied organization to drive the #9 Ford in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series full-time in 2015. Hornish, Jr. joins RPM from Joe Gibbs Racing where he competed part-time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series this season scoring one win and four Top-Five finishes in only eight starts. Hornish, Jr. has competed in three full seasons in the Sprint Cup Series as well as two full seasons in the Nationwide Series for Penske Racing where he finished second in points in 2013 by a mere three markers. In 2014, Hornish, Jr. has made the most of his time behind the wheel while driving a partial Nationwide Series schedule at Joe Gibbs Racing with two poles and a win. He is now ready to rejoin the Sprint Cup Series with RPM. "This is a great opportunity to join Richard Petty Motorsports and the No. 9 Ford team in the Sprint Cup Series," said Hornish, Jr. "Owners Richard Petty, Andrew Murstein and Doug Bergeron have built this organization into a championship-contending team with world-class sponsors and partners. Many people have noticed to the progress being made here and I'm ready to build off this momentum. My goal is to put the #9 team in victory lane in 2015 and be a competitor in 'The Chase'." The #9 team will continue to be led by Crew Chief Drew Blickensderfer who has three Sprint Cup Series wins to his credit. Co-Owner Richard Petty is proud to welcome Hornish, Jr. to the team. "Sam is a really good fit for RPM and will be a great addition to the team," said Petty. "He's a family man who fits well with our core values and he will be a great ambassador for our partners. Sam's also proven that he can win races and compete for a championship. He came into the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series with a steep learning curve from open wheel racing, but has shown in the Nationwide Series that he is a winner. We feel that he can get the #9 team to Victory Lane and compete in 'The Chase' for us."(Richard Petty Motorsports)(10-8-2014)




Sad News - Dan Ford:

Robert Daniel "Dan" Ford, 78, of Huntersville, NC, died Friday, October 3, 2014, at his residence. He was drafted by the Army serving at White Sands, NM, building tracking systems for NASA. After he was honorably discharged, he went to work for Holman & Moody building cars for Ford Motor Company that ultimately won at Le Mans. He was a crew chief for Mario Andretti in 1967. He continued working on the sports car program at Sebring with drivers AJ Foyt, Mark Donahue, Paul Hawkins, and Lloyd Ruby. In 1968 he switched to the stock car program with drivers David Pearson, and Bobby Allison. Although he worked for only three other teams during his 41-year career - Ranier, DiGard, and ultimately Hendrick Motorsports - he worked with a number of drivers, including: Neil Bonnett, Darrell Waltrip, Ricky Rudd, Cale Yarborough, Joe Ruttman, Buddy Baker, Benny Parsons, Geoff Bodine, Terry Labonte, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Mark Martin, and Brian Vickers. Dan was well-respected among his NASCAR peers, winning the Copenhagen-Skoal All Pro Award in either the General Mechanic or Gear and Transmission Specialist categories. These awards were given by peer review, and Dan won every year the awards were given, with one exception: when he lost to his good friend and colleague, Howard "Slick" Poston. Upon his retirement in 2007, he divided his time between Huntersville and Sierra Vista, AZ. He loved the out-of-doors, enjoying hunting, and in his later years simply sitting outside reading a book or talking to the many visitors at Coronado National Memorial and the Friends of the San Pedro River where he and his wife, Bette, volunteered.(see full obituary, service info, online condolences and more at


Note:  I put this into the column this week for the simple reason that when I was in the Army and stationed at Ft Bliss, we would often go to White Sands for picnics and sight seeing.  Ft. Bliss was the US Guided Missile School.  I wonder if he was at White Sands when I was at Bliss?



Bayne making Cup debut with Roush Fenway:

Trevor Bayne will make his Roush Fenway Racing Sprint Cup debut this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway behind the wheel of the #6 AdvoCare Ford Fusion. This marks the first time that a #6 Roush Fenway Ford will start a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race since the 2012 season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Bayne will take the wheel of the #6 Ford Fusion full time in 2015. "I am very excited to be behind the wheel of the #6 AdvoCare Ford Fusion this weekend," said Bayne. "The #6 is such a legendary number to both the sport and this company. To be able to say that I am one of a handful of drivers to race this number in the Cup series is a huge honor. I can't wait to get to Charlotte." Bayne is not locked into the field for Saturday's race and must qualify his #6 AdvoCare Ford based on time during Thursday night's three-round qualifying session. If Bayne makes the race on speed, he will become just the fourth driver to start the #6 in the NSCS for team owner Jack Roush, joining former Roush Fenway drivers Mark Martin and David Ragan, as well as current Roush Fenway teammate Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. This weekend also marks the return of 18-time NSCS race-winning crew chief Bob Osborne, who will be atop the pit box for the AdvoCare team at Charlotte.(Roush Fenway Racing)

AND: When the announcement was made in May at Charlotte that Bayne would be moving full-time to the Sprint Cup Series, Roush Fenway Racing president Steve Newmark indicated that there was a strong likelihood that Bayne would run a handful of Sprint Cup races with the team toward the end of the season. Newmark said at the time, "I still think that you'll see us try to position something where you'll see the 6 roll out the latter part of this year." There is no word if Charlotte will be the only Sprint Cup event that Bayne will run with Roush Fenway in 2014.( (10-8-2014)



From Track Forum:


2015 Official Silly Season Thread




Fryer takes Goodyear and NASCAR to task for tire issue at Kansas



From the AARN:


This Week



AARN Super DIRT Week 108-Page Special Edition: Dirt Mod World Heads To Central New York


Gravel Claims Controversial Grove National Open, $50,000 Prize


Lancaster RoC Rain Set Up Hirschman Mahoning Valley Romp


‘Wicked Cool Midget’ Group Aims To Compete With NEMALites


Outlaw Mod 200 Win At Fulton Comes Easy For Sheppard; Leads 177 Of 200 Laps


Rocco Wins Marathon VMRS100 At Waterford Speedbowl


Richard Tobias, Stewart Friesen Among USACSilver Crown Syracuse Late Entries


Bill Catania Is Building A Western New York Race Track Empire


Danny Johnson Unmasked: The Mortal Man Behind ‘The Doctor‘ Mystique


Bad Late Model Crash At Delaware Injures David Pettyjohn



Press releases:


Speedway Entertainment

Home of the Slingshot by Tobias

Home of the SpeedSTR


Subj:  Mahoning Valley Speedway OCTOBERFAST 2014




Saturday, October 25


Modifieds 130 laps, $5000 to win - $300 to take green. Late Models 60 laps, $1500 to win - $125 to take green. Street Stocks 75 laps $2000 - $200 to take green. Hobby Stocks 40 laps $500 to win - $75 to take green.


Pit gates open at 10:00 am


Driver sign in is 11:00 am to 1:30 pm


Pre-registration/entry fee: Pre-registration is $50 for Modifieds and $40 for Late Model and Street Stocks (Oct. 18 is cutoff for preregister price).


Race day registration/entry fee: $75 Modifieds, $60 Late Models and Street Stocks (There is no entry fee for Hobby Stocks)


Pit admission: $40 per person


Practice is from 12:15 pm to 2:00 pm


Drivers meeting is at 2:15 pm


Heats begin at 3:00 pm (pick for heats during sign in)


Intermission: Pick for feature starting spots on front straight. Trick-or-Treat on track for kids.


Grandstand admission: $25 (NO DISCOUNTS) Kids 10 years old and under are free.


Running order: Modifieds, Street Stocks, Late Models, Hobby Stocks



Sunday, October 26


Dirt Mods 60 Laps, $3000 to win - $250 to take green. SpeedSTRs 45 laps $3000 to win. All Star Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds, Micro Stocks, Sr. Champ Karts, Jr. Sportsman Champ Karts


Pit gates open at 10:00 am


from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm


Race day registration/entry fee: $40 pre-registration for Dirt Mods (Oct. 18 is cutoff for preregister price).


Race day registration/entry fee: $60 registration fee for Dirt Mods


Pit admission: $35 per person


Practice is from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm


Drivers meeting is at 2:15 pm


Heats begin at 2:30 pm (pick for heats during sign in)


Intermission: Pick for feature starting spots on front straight Dirt Mods and SpeedSTRs


Grandstand admission: $25 (NO DISCOUNTS) Kids 10 years old and under are free. $5 discount if you show wrist band from Saturday show


Running order: SPEEDSTRs, All Star Slingshots, Dirt Mods, Stage 1 Modifieds, Micro Stocks, Sr. Champ Karts, Jr. Sportsman Champ Karts


Rain date is November 1 and 2, 2014







Stewart Friesen Attempting to Pull Off NAPA Super DIRT Week Trifecta by Winning Syracuse 200, Salute to the Troops 150 and Silver Crown Salt City 78


SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Oct. 6, 2014 - Stewart Friesen is one of the most versatile racers in the Northeast, and he'll showcase his skills during this year's NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week, Oct. 8-12, at the New York State Fairgrounds.


Friesen is a two-time winner of NAPA Super DIRT Week's premier Syracuse 200 for the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds, and he is the only Canadian champion of the event. In addition to racing Jeff Daley's #44 for another Syracuse 200 Big-Block Modified victory as well as for a Salute to the Troops 150 358-Modified win, Friesen will also be racing in a USAC Silver Crown car for the first time in his career when he tackles the Salt City 78.


Brett Hearn in 1990 and Danny Johnson in 2006 are the only drivers to pull off the double at the Moody Mile by sweeping the Big-Block Modified and 358-Modified main events in the same year. Could Friesen pull off the trifecta and become the first driver to win the Big-Block Modified, 358-Modified and Silver Crown feature events during a single NAPA Super DIRT Week?


The all-New York Silver Crown team is owned by Rochester's Fred and Gloria Gormly with Albany-native Rob Hart as crew chief and former ESS racer and Central New York native Tom Bliss as team manager. Friesen, a native of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, now calls the Empire State home after marrying sprint car racer Jessica Zemken in September.


While Friesen, 31, has had plenty of racing success in dirt Modifieds and has been gaining experience in winged sprint cars, in fact he recently won a 360-sprint car feature, he has never driven a Silver Crown car. He'll get his first seat time during Friday afternoon practice on the Moody Mile, a daunting proposition for anybody's first laps in a different type of car, but one Friesen is looking forward to taking.


So how did a dirt Modified racer from the Northeast hook up with a Silver Crown ride? A connection made a few years ago at the World of Outlaws World Finals in Charlotte finally led to the opportunity this week.


"It started with Rob Hart, who is the crew chief on the car," Friesen said. "I worked with him a few years ago when he was crew chief for Jessica at the World Finals. I got to know him a little bit. He's from the Albany area and has ties to Syracuse. Obviously we had some similar interests being from this area and going sprint car racing. We just kept in touch over the past couple of years and once we heard the Silver Crown race was going to happen at Syracuse I tried to beat down every door I could to see if there was an opportunity to get in one of the cars. Actually Rob reached out to me a couple of months ago and asked if I was interested in doing it. I told him yes and he said he might have a couple of leads on rides that might be available. Over the past couple of weeks it came together to do the race with Fred Gormly, who is from the Rochester area but has a USAC team based out of Indy. Rob got the whole deal going for us and put Fred and I in touch. I had met Fred before at the Parts Peddler show and being from the Northeast I knew who he was. Everything came together pretty good, I'm pretty excited to drive it. It's the car Christopher Bell drove at the 4-Crown Nationals in September at Eldora. It seems like it's pretty good equipment and I'm looking forward to working with Rob again. He's definitely a topnotch sprint car crew chief."


Since he has yet to race a Silver Crown car, which looks a bit like an oversized non-wing sprint car, Friesen is trying to find some common ground in his racing experience.


"I think it's going to be more along the sprint car, but I think having some sprint car experience it will be a good mix between the two cars," Friesen said. "It's a longer wheel-base car. I'm glad we have some extra practice on Friday to get some seat time in it. It won't be like a normal race weekend where you get three laps of practice and you have to qualify. Hopefully in a couple of laps we'll get comfortable. I think it'll be more like a sprint car but without the grip."


Friesen has been compared to the legendary Billy Pauch because of his versatility. Pauch has had tremendous success in both modifieds and sprint cars.


"I think that's probably one of the ultimate compliments," Friesen said. "With what he's done in the sprint car and the modified, his success is unparalleled between the crossover of the two. Hopefully we can run some more 410 stuff and have some success like he did. He's a really cool guy."


The biggest race of the week, of course, is the $50,000-to-win Super DIRTcar Series Syracuse 200, a race Friesen won in 2010 and 2011.


"Both wins were special," Friesen said. "Winning it the second year was pretty awesome just to back up the feat that we knew we could do it, which was cool. The first year was obviously very, very special, just being the first Canadian with all the Canadians like Joe Plazek, Pete Bicknell, all the guys who have tried over the years and weren't able to get it done, and to be that guy who got in there, there's so many Canadian dirt Modified fans and to be able to represent all those fans and give them some bragging rights for a couple of years was pretty darn cool. To be the first guy to get it done from north of the border was very, very special."


Last year, Billy Dunn earned the first Super DIRTcar Series victory of his career by winning the Syracuse 200. A rule that eliminates caution laps from counting during the final 25 circuits of the 200-mile race definitely shook up the event. As the leaders, including Friesen, gambled on fuel thinking the race would run green to the finish, Dunn pitted late. When the leaders' fuel tanks emptied while running under caution laps that didn't count toward the 200 total, Dunn picked off one after the other until finally taking the lead with two to go. Still, Friesen believes he had a chance to win without the late cautions so there's no need to alter the strategy that nearly earned him a third Syracuse win.


"It's something we've talked about over the past year, it's just weird the way it worked out," Friesen said. "The cars that were fastest all week, ultimately we all ran out of gas. It's one of those deals where an out-of-the-box pit strategy won the race. That's something we're not banking on right now to go out-of-the-box like that and try to get off sequence. We're going to try to do the same thing we tried to do last year, get up front and be in clean air the last 25 laps of the race. When the cautions fly that kind of dictates how much of a gamble it really is. We'll see how the race gets going and see how it unfolds half way. It's something we're thinking about, but it seemed like a weird circumstance to have that many cautions in the last 25 laps."


If Friesen's strategy works out this year, he very well could be in victory lane three times during NAPA Super DIRT Week.


"Racing's Biggest Party" kicks off when campers move in on Wednesday, Oct. 8. For more information and the latest updates on NAPA Super DIRT Week,, follow on Twitter@SuperDIRTWeek, or find us on Facebook at




News from the Short Track SuperNationals 7 – The Working Man’s Race


Media Contact: Brett Deyo – or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/October 6, 2014

Attachment: Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Point Standings


It Boils Down To One Race: Andy Bachetti Versus Danny Johnson At I-88 Speedway For Inaugural Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Championship; $53,000-Plus On The Line This Weekend At Afton Fairgrounds Oval; Two Full Days Of Racing Planned Friday-Saturday As ‘Working Man’s Race’ Returns Home


AFTON, NY – Some 260 feature-event laps have been run in the opening five rounds of the Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP. And it all comes down to one race.


The finale of the inaugural six-race series takes place this Friday-Saturday Oct. 10-11 at I-88 Speedway in Afton, N.Y., with the seventh edition of the Alpine Building Supply Short Track SuperNationals presented by Olum’s.


The big-block/small-block Modifieds of the Short Track Super Series culminate their point battle in a 50-lap main event Saturday (Oct. 11) paying a record purse for the ‘Working Man’s Race’ special, with $5,000-plus reserved for the winner, $1,000 for 10th and $600, a new high for BD Motorsports Media LLC, just to take the green flag. A fully paid 17-lap B-Main for non-qualifiers is also on the docket, offering $777 to the winner and $100 to start, meaning no Modified will leave empty handed!


Some $33,202 in base payout plus bonuses is has been posted for Modified racers at the SuperNationals. Additionally, more than $23,000 in point fund money is at stake, meaning more than $53,202 is on the line at the Afton Fairgrounds this weekend.


Entering the point season finale, Andy Bachetti and Danny Johnson are locked into a tie for the championship lead. Yes, dead even, with 350 points each.


Bachetti, of Sheffield, Mass., won the opening round of the series contested in April at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, N.Y., with the historic ‘Hard Clay Open’ 50-lap event. Bachetti has led the standings throughout the summer, buoyed by top-10 finishes at N.Y.’s Thunder Mountain (eighth) and Accord (10th), plus a stunning drive from the rear to finish second in the ‘Crazy 8s Special’ at I-88 in July following involvement in an early tangle.


Rochester, N.Y.’s Johnson broke into a tie with Bachetti following his victory in the most recent series event run at Pa.’s Penn Can Speedway Sept. 9. Johnson, driving the Chris Gennarelli-owned No. 86, recorded top-five finishes at Orange County (fourth), Thunder Mountain (fifth) and I-88 (fourth).


Should Bachetti annex the series title, he will pocket $10,014 with perfect attendance on the series. A Johnson championship would be worth $6,000 having used the Accord August event as a ‘drop race’ on the schedule.


Increased championship points are on the line at the SuperNationals, with 150 points reserved for the winner, 60 points for last and 25 for drivers unable to qualify.


The top-12 drivers in the Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP will share in point fund money. Any driver outside the top-12 with perfect attendance will earn $250.


Currently, Jeff Heotzler of Wallkill, N.Y., sits third (295 points), followed by Tommy Meier of Waldwick, N.J. (283) and Danny Tyler of Cottekill, N.Y. (281). Rounding out the top dozen are Stewart Friesen of Sprakers, N.Y. (280), Anthony Perrego of Montgomery, N.Y. (275), Danny Creeden of Wurtsboro, N.Y. (263), Ryan Watt of Boyertown, Pa. (262), Matt Jester of Milford, Del. (227), Matt Sheppard of Waterloo, N.Y. (222) and Tyler Dippel of Wallkill, N.Y. (218).


The Sleepy Hollow Golf Rookie of the Year Award, worth $350 cash, will be handed out for the series during the SuperNationals weekend, as well.


Two full days of racing are set for the SuperNationals.


On Saturday (Oct. 11), the Modified division serves as the headliner with the A-& B-Mains. Also competing on Saturday: the Crate 602 Sportsman in a 25-lap main paying $1,000 to the winner and $100 to start; the event will offer points toward the 2014 Dig Safely New York GRIT Series championship. IMCA-Modifieds and Empire Lightning Sprints complete the Saturday card.


Both the IMCA-Modifieds and Empire Lightning Sprints have received pay increases. Thanks to Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence in Downsville, N.Y., the IMCA-Modified winner’s share has been boosted to $600!  The Empire Lightning Sprints will race for $500 to win.


On Saturday, gates open at 1 p.m. Hot laps for Crate 602 Sportsman, IMCA-Modifieds and Empire Lightning Sprints begin at 4 p.m. with heat races for the aforementioned divisions underway at 4:45 p.m. Modified hot laps hit the track at 6 p.m. and heat races begin at 6:30 p.m.


Saturday grandstand admission is $20 (Adults), $18 (Seniors ages 65 and up), $12 (Students ages 9-17) and Kids 8 and under are FREE. Pit admission is $35, with no license required.


On Friday night (Oct. 10), the Open vs. Crate 602 Sportsman division are featured in a 35-lap special paying $1,500 to the winner and $125 to start. Hefty Crate 602 Sportsman bonuses will be paid as follows to the top-six across the line: $300, $200, $100, $75, $50 and a free pit pass for Saturday. Also on the Friday card are Street Stocks (home track rules), Four Cylinders (generally accepted Southern Tier rules) and Empire Sport Trucks (home track rules).


Trackside Products of Endicott, N.Y., has signed on to sponsor the Street Stock division, which has been boosted to $500 to win.


Modifieds and other Saturday divisions will be permitted to practice throughout the night on Friday in preparation for the next day.


For Modified racers, a 10-lap Dash will be held on Friday night involving the top-five fastest cars in practice, as timed by the speedway’s transponder system. The winner of the Dash earns a redraw position for Saturday, while all other participants take home $50 courtesy of Manmiller Electric.


Friday activities kick off at 3 p.m. when the gates open. Hot laps begin at 6:20 p.m., with racing at 7 p.m.


Friday grandstand admission is $12 (Adults), $10 (Seniors 65 and up), $8 (Students 9-17) and Kids 8 and under are FREE. Pit admission is $30, with no license required.


Post-race parties are planned to cap Friday and Saturday evening’s activities.


All Short Track SuperNationals information – pay structures, entry forms, prices, rules and times – have been posted on the BD Motorsports Media website: under Events and SuperNationals.


To learn more about the Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP, visit, e-mail Brett Deyo at or call 845.728.2781.  BD Motorsports Media is on Facebook and on Twitter: @BrettDeyo.


I-88 Speedway is located conveniently off I-88 Exit 7 (Afton), approximately 25 miles north and east of Binghamton, at 46 East Main Street Afton, N.Y. 13730. There is plentiful space for parking and camping. To learn more about I-88 Speedway, visit




NEWS FROM                                                                                                              

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                   

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda







MIDDLETOWN, NY (October 7)……..Last October, when Brett Hearn took the checkered flag in the 52nd Annual Eastern States 200 for dirt track Modified stock cars at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York, it marked his tenth win in the fall classic race. And although Hearn holds most of the racing records on the Middletown Hard Clay, he has not raced weekly at Orange County for several years. Thus, there is a debate whether “The Corporate Jet” should be considered an invader or an Orange County regular competitor. Hearn and six-time Eastern States 200 winner Danny Johnson, who also has not raced here weekly for a number of years, lead all others in dominating this oldest of championship Modified races. Both will return for this years’ 53rd Annual Eastern States 200 Presented by Arkel Motors and Dupee & Monroe PC. The Eastern States 200 is the headline race of Eastern States Weekend, this year Friday-Sunday, October 24-26.


In the 52 previous running of this classic endurance race for Modifieds, 17 of the winners have been drivers who have raced weekly at Orange County at least one full season and 13 who can be considered “outside” invaders. But in terms of total wins, the Orange County contingent wins hands down, 38 to 14. And only one invading driver, Gerald Chamberlain in 1973 and 1976, has more than one Eastern States victory to his credit.


In addition to Johnson and Hearn, among active Orange County weekly competitors, Jerry Higbie in 2009, Jeff Heotzler, the 2007 victor, Chuck McKee, the 2000 winner, and Rich Eurich, who won back in 1988, would surely like to take home another Eastern States trophy.


Of the 13 invaders who have won the Eastern States gold, Tim McCreadie (2010), Bobby Varin (2003), Alan Johnson (1999), and Billy Decker (1998) are likely entrants in this year’s race.


The top-6 drivers in time trials will lead the field in Sunday’s race. The balance of the starting field will be made up of guaranteed starters and qualified drivers from heat and consolation races.


In recent years, both Heotzler and Hearn have won the 200-lap grind from the back of the field, proving that this race can be won from any position. That’s why a banner field is expected for this year’s edition of the oldest continuously-run championship race for dirt track Modifieds---the 53rd Annual Eastern States 200 Presented by Arkel Motors and Dupee & Monroe PC. 


Advance tickets for Sunday’s race, or the entire Eastern States Weekend, plus camping and parking permits are available at the Speedway Office Wednesday through Saturday during regular business hours or through credit card sales (Visa and MasterCard) by calling 845-342-2573. Additional information can be found at the official Orange County Fair Speedway website,




*Brett Hearn (10)


*Danny Johnson (6)


*Will Cagle (4)


*Frankie Schneider (3)


Gerald Chamberlain (2)


*Frank Cozze (2)


*Jimmy Horton (2)


 *Alan “Rags” Carter


Ron Lux


Al Tasnady




*Bobby Bottcher


*Wayne Reutimann


*Gary Balough


Lou Lazzaro


Kenny Brightbill


*Harry Behrent


C.D. Coville


Dave Lape


Jack Johnson


*Doug Hoffman


*Rich Eurich


Bob McCreadie


Billy Decker


Alan Johnson


*Chuck McKee


Bobby Varin


*Jeff Heotzler


*Jerry Higbie


Tim McCreadie


*Raced at Orange County Fair Speedway at least one full season




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Early Bird Special for Dover NASCAR Trip Sun May 31 st 2015 - Pay in full by Dec 1 st cost is $150 , after its $165 . Payment plans , Two attendees send $ 10 per paycheck until paid up for next years trip . We will make it work , hop onboard !!!


paypal accepted as well




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            OCTOBER 6, 2014


DICK JORDAN                                                                                                                                                 14-222






Rico Abreu's drive to the 2014 Honda USAC National Midget Championship won't resume until November 20 when the series travels to Canyon Speedway Park in Peoria, Ariz. to begin the three-night 47th Annual Sands Chevrolet "Western World Championships."


The series went into hibernation last weekend as continuing rains and low temperatures conspired to force cancellation of the 6th Annual "Gold Crown Midget Nationals" three-night extravaganza at Tri-City Speedway in Granite City, Ill.


That left Abreu with a 79-point lead entering the November races at Peoria. Teammate Christopher Bell, the defending series champion, is second in the current standings.


The 2014 series and the USAC calendar will conclude November 27 with the running of the 74th "Turkey Night Grand Prix" at the Perris (Calif.) Auto Speedway.


HONDA USAC NATIONAL MIDGET POINTS: 1-Rico Abreu-867, 2-Christopher Bell-788, 3-Tracy Hines-786, 4-Bryan Clauson-744, 5-Zach Daum-663, 6-Chris Windom-594, 7-Tanner Thorson-569, 8-Michael Pickens-499, 9-Dave Darland-419, 10-Andrew Felker-378.




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            OCTOBER 6, 2014


DICK JORDAN                                                                                                                                                 14-221




Two of America's Eastern driving stars have thrown their hat into the ring for this Saturday's "Salt City 78" USAC Silver Crown Championship race at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.


Stewart Friesen of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada and Rich Tobias Jr. of Lebanon, Pa. are among entered drivers in the series finale, a 78-mile, 78-lap contest on one of America's most storied ovals.


The race is part of the track's NAPA Auto Parts "Super Dirt Week XLIII" slate which includes a variety of motorsports racing events. The Silver Crown Cars are scheduled to practice at 2:05 pm Friday, with qualifications at 5:40 pm. Saturday's Silver Crown feature gets the green flag at 1:30 pm.


Friesen, winner of the recent SEF Small Engine Fuels 200-lapper at the New York State Fairgrounds oval and a former two-time winner of Syracuse's Big-Block "200", will pilot the #99 RPM/Fred Gormly entry as a teammate to USAC Triple Crown Champion Jerry Coons Jr. Coons is the most recent series winner, taking the September 21 "4-Crown Nationals" at the Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.


Tobias, son of the legendary Pennsylvania driver Dick Tobias, returns to the series after a two-year hiatus driving his own #177 Tobias/Chevy. Tobias' last Silver crown start came in the 2012 finale and he has 64 career starts dating back to 1999. In 2003 he won the prestigious "Ted Horn 100" at the DuQuoin (Ill.) State Fair.


Kody Swanson of Kingsburg, Calif., winner of four Silver Crown dirt races already this season, enters Saturday's race with a 12-point margin in the standings over runner-up Tracy Hines, the 2000 series champion. Hines has four seconds, two thirds and two fourths in nine 2014 starts.


Defending Silver Crown Champion Bobby East also retains hope for a 2014 championship, trailing Swanson by 45 points with 66 total points available at Syracuse.


Dave Darland owns the one-lap Syracuse track qualifying record of 119.713 mph. Saturday's race will be the first for the USAC Silver Crown cars at the New York State Fairgrounds since J.J. Yeley's 2003 victory. Tobias finished second in that race ahead of third-place Darland.


Drivers who competed in the 2003 Syracuse race expected to return, including Tobias, are sixth-place A.J. Fike, 13th-place Coons, 16th-place Russ Gamester and 17th-place Wes Miller.


USAC Championship racing at Syracuse dates back to 1956 when Tony Bettenhausen was victorious in a 100-mile race. Other USAC winners include Elmer George (1957), Johnny Thomson (1958), Eddie Sachs (1959), Bobby Grim (1960) Rodger Ward (1961 and 1962), Al Unser (1974), Sheldon Kinser (1975), Pancho Carter (1976 and 1978), Larry Dickson (1977) and Yeley (2002 and 2003).


Note:  No idea as to why previous races with Champ Cars at Syracuse are not mentioned. 

I have to assume they were AAA races and not USAC.

Also, I’m wondering why it isn’t for 100 miles, and only 78?



2014 USAC Silver Crown Standings:1-Kody Swanson-522, 2-Tracy Hines-510, 3-Bobby East-477, 4-Chris Windom-418, 5-Jerry Coons Jr.-366, 6-Jacob Wilson-308, 7-Shane Cockrum-264, 8-A.J. Fike-263, 9-Caleb Armstrong-259, 10-Dave Darland-234.




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            OCTOBER 7, 2014






Drivers competing for USAC's "Rookie of the Year" awards are gearing up for the final events of 2014 as the National series enter their final two months.


Drivers Caleb Armstrong, Patrick Lawson and Christopher Bell are tops among rookies in the Silver Crown Championship while Jarett Andretti and Shane Cockrum appear to be the top AMSOIL Sprint Car leaders and Kevin Thomas Jr. sits atop the Honda National midget rookie tally.


Armstrong, of New Castle, Ind., is ninth in the Silver Crown points. A post-race technical infraction in the "4-Crown Nationals" at Rossburg, Ohio relegated him to a 10th place finish after a strong run and at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Ill. in June he posted a fourth-place finish.


Lawson, of Edwardsville, Ill., has competed in seven Silver Crown races, scoring a trio of 12th-place finishes and is 11th in the standings entering the Syracuse, N.Y. finale Saturday.


Bell, of Norman, Okla., is the defending Honda USAC National Midget Champ and has a pair of top-10 finishes in his five 2014 Silver Crown outings, including a great third-place finish at Belleville, Kans. He's currently 13th in the series points.


The Silver Crown Championship Series concludes this Saturday in the "Salt City 78" at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.


Andretti, of Mooresville, N.C., is 14th in the AMSOIL National Sprint standings after 22 starts. His best feature finish was a ninth at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind. in April.


Cockrum, of Benton, Ill., has posted four "top-10s" on his way to 16th in the Sprint points. His best finish was a seventh in the "Indiana Sprint Week" opener at Gas City, Ind. His 2014 USAC resume also sports a victory in the "Ted Horn 100" Silver Crown races at DuQuoin, Ill.


The AMSOIL National Sprint Cars wrap up the 2014 campaign with four races in California and Arizona. Perris Auto Speedway hosts the "Budweiser Oval Nationals" November 7-8 and Canyon Speedway Park in Peoria, Ariz. hosts the Hose Advantage "Hall of Fame Classic" November 14-15.


Thomas, of Cullman, Ala., started the first nine Honda National Midget features and compiled four "top-10s" including a pair of sixth-places in the season openers. Although there are several other Midget contenders, Thomas currently tops the list.


The Honda National Midgets close out the 2014 campaign with the November 20-22 Sands Chevrolet '"Western World Championships" at Peoria, Ariz. and the November 27 "Turkey Night Grand Prix" at Perris, Calif.





Darl D. Harrison - RIP


Darl D. Harrison

(June 19, 1937 - October 3, 2014)



Darl D. Harrison, 77, of Bettsville, passed away at 3:35 p.m., Friday, October 3, 2014 in the emergency room at the Fostoria Community Hospital.


Darl was born on June 19, 1937 in Fremont, to the late Mervin and Florence (Rosenberger) Harrison. He married Joyce (Depp) Harrison and they later divorced.


Darl is survived by his longtime partner, Joyce Buchman of Bettsville, daughter, Robin Harrison Schumacker of Fostoria, sons, Scott (Theresa) Harrison of Bettsville, Darl "Derwood" (Claudia) Harrison of Kansas, Jim (Denise) Harrison of Bettsville, David (Teri) Harrison of Burgoon, Chris (Jonnell) Harrison of Chandler, AZ, numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a brother, Eugene Harrison of Bettsville and a sister, Ernestine Yoakum of Fremont.


Darl was the owner/operator of Harrison's Tavern for 30 plus years. He also worked as a truck driver, a Liberty Township Trustee and was involved in farming. Darl was the 1971 USAC Sprint Car Rookie of the Year. Darl won the Little 500 in Anderson, Indiana in 1967, 1970 and 1975. Darl was inducted to the Fremont Speedway Hall of Fame during the very first class in 2009. Darl attended Bettsville High School.


Darl was preceded in death by his parents and a brother, Evan Harrison.


Funeral services for Darl will be at 11:00 a.m., on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at the Engle-Shook Funeral Home & Crematory in Bettsville. Visitation for family and friends will be on Tuesday, from 2-4 and 6-9 p.m., and on Wednesday, from 10-11 a.m., at the funeral home. Burial will follow the services on Wednesday, at Pleasant Union cemetery in Old Fort.


In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the Fremont Speedway Hall of Fame.



This week’s photos:


Oct 9, 1955


Len Duncan won both of the ARDC Midget feature races at the Old Dominion Speedway,Manassas, VA.






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Leon Panetta boiled down Democrats’ criticism of Barack Obama to one sentence



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Neiman Marcus' $300,000 slot-car track is the ultimate man toy




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" Dear Lord: The last year has been very tough for me.

You have taken my

favorite actor - James Garner;

my favorite actress - Lauren Bacall;

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I just wanted you to know that my favorite politicians are -

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