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Some personal/family stuff:



My wife, who left us on July 3, 2014.


Remember, photos can only be seen on the New England Tractor/Race Report website, which is linked to at the end of my columns.


I’m still having that water retention problem, and it’s not getting any better.  I’m due to see my cardiologist and pacemaker people on Monday, 9/29.  Hoping things can get taken care of without a hospital stay.  Seems like it’s all because of my pacemaker being adjusted the wrong was back in June.  I’m kinda pissed that the tech guy did not seem too apologetic about doing that – kinda like “oh well!”


I posted this on Facebook on Monday night:


Saw my cardiologist today. I'll be trying two different water pills over the next week or so to see if that helps with this water I've been retaining. He also made some adjustments to my pacemaker. Funny, my cardiologist back north said they couldn't be adjusted. If both work, then great. If not, then it will be a trip to the crash house to rid this old body of the excess fluids.


As of Wednesday, no weight loss, but an increase – dammit.  Still having shortness of breath issues.  Yup, gonna take time.  I took the new water pill today.  Hoping that it works!




More memories:

 After we left my brother & his wife in Florida, we headed north.  We ended up buying a mobile home in Harriman, NY.  I went back to the Grand Union, but they had me working close enough to where I could see the George Washington Bridge.  They also required me to fill out some new union paperwork.  Why, I have no idea since prior to going into the Army, I already did that, and I was also the Shop Stewart.  Their reasons:  No record of me as a previous worker.  Funny, since I did get any and all raises that were given out while I was in the service.  I ended up working at the trailer park, which was in the process of being built.



Racin’ stuff:



Found on the Dirt Track Digest Forum:


Eastern States Weekend


What teams/drivers are racing OCFS Eastern States weekend this year. Will be a great weekend with Big blocks, Small blocks, Sportsman, 305 sprints, pure stocks and trucks. Hoping that some teams from upstate ny will show for truck race.





The motocross track really put a damper to the camping now.   I used to look forward to going but don't camp there anymore, might as well find a Walmart.  You have to camp so far from the 31st lap that it isn't worth going there to get nailed with a DUI.  Used to be able to walk but the back doesn't allow that anymore


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  In other words, don't mess with success.  ESW 200, the most historic event in dirt modified racing, is fine the way it is.  The original format adds to the excitement and drama.  I've been attending since 1968 and have never been disappointed, driving home with a big smile on my face, no matter who won.  



If you have some extra shillings, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Hard Clay Magazine, Eastern States Edition.  I should have five articles in this one including three interviews; Doug Dulgarian, LJ Lombardo and Mike Vigiletti.


You can also read the recaps from Champion’s Night as well when newcomer Milton Mann collected the first OCFS win of his career by holding off 2014 Sportsman Champion LJ Lombardo and point runner-up Matt Janiak.


Also will be the Street Stock report when that same night Joel Murns Jr. held up the Small Block’s final feature with the return of the ‘Rooftop Shuffle’, nearly getting DQ’d in the process.  That night Murns drove to the 15th feature win of his career; his first in four years and treated the fans to one of most dangerous spectacles in motorsports – The Rooftop Shuffle.  :laughing:


Also, I should have a booth set up near the grandstand so stop by and say hello.  Look for the guy with the spiked hair, moustache, big gut and goofy grin.


EDIT: Also that weekend Brett Hearn will try for his 300th win at the historic OCFS.


25 days until ESW! 


Note:  Good luck with that "Program" stuff, Jeff.  A few years ago a bunch of us raised $500.00 for the Hard Charger award.  Seems they either "forgot" or "not enough room" in the program for what was supposed to be in it.  Pretty sure that was the last time OC's own "Historian", Pete, was at the track.





The folks who love live pit stops at ESW might have a different opinion if they actually were on a crew that had to go over the wall on Middletown's sketchy pit road. It's way more dangerous than Syracuse.



Can someone tell them to remove the blankets , or tarps that people put down on Friday , or whenever they put them down before the start of a new day ? I hate getting there early and walking to the half covered stands and finding most of seats covered as soon as the gates open . They should also not let teams with NASACR style  haulers move and park in the corners either . I like the way Brett Deyo had it setup for his race  which was the same way Brett Hearn set it up for the Big Shows when he had them there . You could see a lot better that way.


For ESW, the top 8 rows of the half-covered grandstand are reserved.  Those folks pay $85 a seat for the entire weekend, therefore they are entitled to leave their blankets and tarps.  Reserved tickets went on sale in June.  That's the time to get them, not the day of the race.    BTW, be thankful for all of those tarps that get hung on the top railing, they cut the wind down tremendously.


I am not talking about the tarps that they put on the back of the bleachers to block the wind. I mean the tarps or blankets that they put to save their seats in the non reserved seating area of the half covered grandstands . Reserved starts if I am correct one row below where the posts that hold the roof up are .



Note:  The above were found here:




Might you have forgotten?



Posted: September 8th, 2014 on OCFS website


MIDDLETOWN, NY (September 8)……..When a sudden downpour ended racing almost as soon as it started Saturday night, September 6 at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York, the track announced a means for attending fans to redeem their identifying wristbands for full credit towards the purchase of tickets for the Saturday, September 13 EVE OF DESTRUCTION special event, the upcoming October 24-26 53rd Annual Eastern States Weekend, or any race meet in 2015.


Fans with September 6 wristbands may redeem them at the Speedway Office for a voucher that then can be used towards purchasing future events tickets. The Speedway Office will be open the day of the event fans wish to attend, or Wednesday through Saturday during business hours. Call 845-342-2573 for additional information.




The final weekly program at Orange County will take place on Saturday, September 13 when All Steel & Aluminum and Middletown Auto Wreckers present the EVE OF DESTRUCTION!!! Folks that enjoy motorized mayhem won’t want to miss this thrill-packed evening that includes crashes of all sorts, an organized Enduro Race (if there is such a thing), and general destruction.


Advance sale tickets for the EVE OF DESTRUCTION!!! are available at the Speedway Office and online at the Orange County Fair Speedway website.


Tickets for the 53rd Annual Eastern States Weekend presented by Arkel Motors and Dupree & Monroe Attorneys, Friday through Sunday, October 24-26, are also on sale. Be sure to check the official Orange County website,, or call the Track Office at 845-342-2573 Wednesday through Saturday during business hours.


MEDIA MEMBERS: Credentials requests for Eastern States Weekend should be made to Bobby Armbruster at 201-323-2913, or Deadline is October 12, 2013.





Race tracks that are no longer around:




Bowling Green Speedway - 3/8 Mile Dirt Oval 1952 - 1955.


Brynfan Tyddyn - (near Wilkes-Barre) 3.5 Mile Temporary Road Course that circled a farm of the same name. 1952 - 1956. Closed due to safety concerns.


Convair Field - Temporary Airport Road Course and 1/4 Mile Dragstrip. The site is now Queen City Municipal Airport near Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Dorney Park Speedway - 1938 -1984 or 85. 1/5 Mile Sand Oval in 1938. 1/5 Mile Asphalt Oval from 1939. Was part of an Amusement Park that is still there. Parts of the track (turn 3) can still be seen.


Hatfield Speedway - Complex consisting of a Paved and a Dirt Oval and a 1/8 Mile Paved Dragstrip, located on the fairgrounds.


Heidelberg Raceway - A Shopping Mall now.


Lake Moc A Teck Speedway - Closed due to water run off problems (closed by Town).


Langhorne Speedway - Perfect Circle 1 Mile. The 1st turn was known as "Puke Hollow". Was once home of the Race Of Champions for Asphalt Modifieds.


Nazareth Speedway - Still there but is closed down for all racing purposes. Grandstands where taken down and brought to Watkins Glenn in 2005.


Note:  The Nazareth ½ mile track is not listed.


Penn National Speedway - (near Grantville) 1/2 Mile slightly banked Clay Oval. Classes running at Penn National included Nascar Super Modifieds and 410 Sprints.


Pottstown Speedway - 1.1 Mile Dirt Tri-Oval. There is now a Walmart on the site.


Reading Fairgrounds Speedway - 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval briefly accompanied by a 1/16 Mile Dirt Dragstrip. Now a Shopping Mall.


Sanatoga Speedway - (Sanatoga Park) 1/5 Mile Paved Oval. A Paved Dragstrip was being constructed when the track was shut down in 1958.


Silver Spring Speedway - (near Mechanicburg) 3/8 Mile Semi-Banked Clay Oval.


The Harrisburg Fair Grounds Racetrack - 1/2 Mile and Mile Dirt Track events 1920's - 1950's.


The White Hill Speedway - 4/10 Mile Dirt Oval 1938 - 1938.





Barnyard Raceway -1/5 Mile Clay Oval located next door to Glocester Memorial Park near Chepachet.


Kingston Fairgrounds 132 Fairgrounds Rd., W. Kingston, RI

Lonsdale Sports Arena - (Lincoln) Off Route 122. The track lay-out is behind small Plaza.


Narragansett Park Speedway -  (Cranston) Site of two different 1 Mile Ovals. First was a flat 1 Mile Horse Track, the second was a 1 Mile Paved High Banked Oval. Banking of the Paved Oval was approximately 20 degrees, and it was almost certainly the first true Super Speedway in North America.Cranston Stadium   Park Ave., Cranston, RI, 02910



Narragansett Park   Fiat Ave., Cranston, RI


Newport -  Ran jalopies c.1951, no exact location Newport, RI


Newport Fairgrounds Forest Ave., Middletown, RI


Pascoag Fairgrounds Rt.100/S. Main St., Pascoag, RI


Ponta Delgada Motor Speedway 70 Shove St., Tiverton, RI 02878


Ponta Delgada Stadium Tiverton, RI - not sure if this ever actually ran.


Rhode Island Auditorium 1111 N. Main St., Providence, RI


Woonsocket Fairgrounds 44 Smithfield Rd., Woonsocket, RI 02895


Note:  I’m pretty sure that Rhode Island is now the only state that does not have an auto racing track, today.



Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:



At Mahoning Valley, Roger Coss was 4th  the Modified feature while Tiffany Wambold was a DNQ in Street Stocks.


Bobby Morris was 4th in the Sportsman feature at Bethel.  JB Morris was 4thin the 4 Cyl Advanced feature.


At Bridgeport, in the Friends of Mike race, Anthony Perrego was 9th and Danny Creeden 24th.


Ben Whitaker was 23rd in the Late Model feature at Susquehanna.


At Devil’s Bowl, Alex Bell was 19th in the Modified feature on the dirt.


Molly Chambers was a DNQ in the 600 Micro’s at Linda’s, while Jacob Hendershot was 6th in the 270’s.


Kenney Johnson was 10thin the USAC DMA feature at Bear Ridge.


Anthony Perrego was 5th in the feature at Afton and Danny Creeden 9th  while Tyler Dippel was a DQ.

Joe Kata was 8th, Emily V 18th and Josh Pieniazek 19th in the CRSA 305 feature.

Brad Szulewski was 19th in the Sportsman feature.




From Jayski:


Experts would expect Stewart to settle:

#14-Tony Stewart won't face criminal charges in the death of Kevin Ward Jr., and now it's likely up to Stewart whether the case ever returns to court. Stewart not being charged criminally, plus the fact that Ward had marijuana in his system at the time of his death, could mean that a civil suit is less likely. But the standards in civil cases don't match the criminal side, and New York law forces juries to determine a percentage of fault for each party in a wrongful death case, which means that Stewart could have incentive to settle. The Ward family has indicated that it will pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the three-time Cup champion. Stewart could settle any case out of court by writing a check to the Ward family with the amount kept confidential. Or he could fight in court over whether he was negligent at all in the death of the 20-year-old driver, who walked out onto the track and was struck by Stewart's sprint car under caution Aug. 9 at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park.

Greg Bloom, an attorney at the Miami firm Chase Lawyers who represents athletes and entertainers, said he would advise Stewart to settle, even though he believes it was an accident. "I think he will end up settling," Bloom said. "If I was to advise him, I would advise the same because he wants everything to be behind him. Everyone wants this whole story to be behind him, so he can move forward professionally and the memory of the deceased can rest."

John M. Hochfelder, a New York lawyer who runs a blog and database on injury case damages in New York, said it is not uncommon for someone who is not indicted or is acquitted of criminal charges to face a wrongful death lawsuit. "All the (criminal) acquittal means is that the prosecution did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt, according to the jury, that a crime was committed," Hochfelder said. "That standard is much, much higher than the civil standard, which is a preponderance of the evidence, a tipping of the scales. We call it 'the more likely than not' standard. ... (In this case), it's more likely than not that you should have been more careful and your lack of care, we conclude, caused an injury."

Michael McCann, a Massachusetts attorney who founded the University of New Hampshire's Sports and Entertainment Law Institute and also writes for, said because Stewart has a stake in preserving his reputation in order to earn sponsorship to race, he has incentive to settle this as soon as possible. "The likelihood that Tony Stewart reaches an adequate settlement is very high," McCann said. "He has reason to settle a case like this even if he believes he did nothing wrong."(Sporting News)(9-27-2014)



Tony Stewart interview:



Drive for Diversity Combine set:

Twenty multicultural and female race car drivers from the United States, Canada and Latin America will participate in the 11th Annual NASCAR Drive for Diversity (D4D) Combine Oct. 13-15 with hopes of earning a spot in the 2015 NASCAR D4D Class in partnership with Rev Racing. The NASCAR D4D Combine - being held at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virgina, for the fourth consecutive year - has been the proving ground for several current NASCAR national series drivers, including NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Sunoco Rookie of the Year candidate Kyle Larson, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series three-time race winner Darrell Wallace Jr. and NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series driver Daniel Suarez, who recently announced a full-year NASCAR Nationwide Series ride with Joe Gibbs Racing for 2015.

Under the leadership of Max Siegel, owner of Rev Racing and CEO of U.S. Track & Field, NASCAR D4D has evolved to an academy-style development program which will compete under one umbrella in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East (NKPSE) and NASCAR Whelen All-American Series (NWAAS). Rev Racing provides drivers with equipment, mentoring and competition experience throughout the season.

Suarez, a rising star in the U.S. and Mexico, is the third and most recent NASCAR D4D driver to transition into one of NASCAR's three national series after competing in full seasons in Mexico's NASCAR Toyota Series and the NKPSE. Several drivers are attempting to follow in his footsteps, including 18-year-old Ruben Garcia Jr., a member of the NASCAR Next class.

Also returning to defend their spot in the program are current NWAAS drivers Devon Amos and Paige Decker. Current Rev Racing drivers in the NASCAR K&N East Sergio Peña and Jay Beasley also are under consideration to return to the team in 2015, but will not compete at the Combine.

The drivers will be individually evaluated on at-track performance, including their instinctive positioning at different places on the track, proficiency and comfort level in providing in-car feedback to the crew chief, overall speed and the ability to shift during assessments.

Visit FansChoice.TVfor the live streaming schedule of the Combine.(NASCAR)(9-30-2014)





From Track Forum:


Cockpit canopies coming to IndyCar?




From the AARN:


This Week



Rich Kahne Classic Lincoln Sprint Win To Stevie Smith


Preece Sweeps Stafford WMT, SKRaces; TC SKChamp


No Indictment For Stewart; Impacts On Racing Assessed


Invader Friesen Swoops In Again From North, This Time Grabs Bridgeport Bucks


Zacharias, At Last, Tops RoC Tour; Grabs Shangri-La Checkered


Aaron Ott’s Biggest Career Win Comes In Selinsgrove’s 360 Sprint Nationals


Corry Wins Battle, Morris The War In Bethel Sportsman Season Finale


Tim Fuller, Jared Miley Are LM Stars In Eriez Season Closer


Jeff Gordon Assertive In Dover Cup Winning Drive


Heffelfinger, Turns Back The Hands Of Time In Mahoning Mod Thriller


Note:  Ernie Saxton makes mention that Indycar will be at Pocono in 2015, but with a different date.  He also made mention that the F-1 race in New Jersey, that has had so much talk on it, more than likely won’t happen in 2015 or even 2016.


Press releases:


NEWS FROM   Orange County Fair Speedway

239 Wisner Avenue

Middletown, NY10940    



CONTACT   Ken Sands






MIDDLETOWN, NY (September 29)……..On October 28, 1962, legendary stock car driver Frankie Schneider won the first Eastern States race at the historic Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York. Now on October 24-26, 2014, Arkel Motors and Dupee & Monroe, PC present Eastern States Weekend---this year the 53rd Annual festival of speed---the oldest consecutively-run championship event for dirt track Modified stock cars in the country. It’s three action-packed days of high speed racing excitement that culminates with the Eastern States 200, the “granddaddy” of all fall championship races.


On track action begins on Friday, October 24 with DIRTcar Modified time trials, heat races, and a Dash for Cash among the top-six qualifiers. Headlining the Friday program are the Sportsman cars and drivers. They’ll also set the field for their 50-lap feature race with time trials, heat and consolation races.  And the top qualifiers will compete in a Dash for Cash prior to the Sportsman feature.


On Saturday, October 25, the Small-Block Modifieds and 305 CRSA Sprint Cars take to the five-eighths-mile Orange County “Hard Clay” with their respective qualifying events leading up to a 25-lap feature race for the Sprint Cars and the headline 100-lap Small-Block Modified feature race.


All the Friday and Saturday preliminaries lead up to the Sunday, October 26 finale, the 53rd Annual Eastern States 200 Modified Championship race. But before the 800-horsepower DIRTcar Modifieds take center stage, there are “last chance” consolation races and a pair of preliminary feature races for the Street Stocks (25 laps) and the Thunder Trucks (15 laps).


Brett Hearn is the defending Eastern States 200 titlist and also the all-time Eastern States 200 winner with ten victories in this fall classic race.


Tickets, camping permits, and parking permits for the 53rd Annual Eastern States Weekend, Friday through Sunday, October 24-26, are on sale. Be sure to check the official Orange County website,, or call the Track Office at 845-342-2573 Wednesday through Friday during business hours.


MEDIA MEMBERS: Credentials requests for Eastern States Weekend should be made to Bobby Armbruster at 201-323-2913, or  Deadline is October 10, 2014. 





For more info. please phone us at 607-775-5555 or log on to


American Racer Cup Weekend Schedule of Events & Pricing


 Friday, October 10


4 p.m. – Pit gates open


4:45 p.m. – Grandstand gates open


4:45 - 6:45 p.m. – Open practice for Saturday teams


7:00 p.m. – RoC Sportsman, XCel 600 Modified & IMCA Modified Tour hot laps


7:30 p.m. – RoC Sportsman Guaranteed Starters Race (all Grandview Sportsman non/qualifiers top 2 transfer) followed by - Qualifying begins for RoC Sportsman, XCel 600 Modifieds, Factory Stocks & IMCA Modified Tour - $1,000 to win American Racer Cup Sportsman Champions Dash (practice sessions for Modifieds will be worked into the program as time permits). Features for RoC Sportsman, Factory Stocks, XCel 600 Modifieds & IMCA Modified Tour to follow


Friday Grandstand Admission: Adults - $12; Seniors (ages 65 and over): $10 - Students (ages 13-17): ONLY $5; Kids 12 and under are FREE


The Amazing Family Five Pack Deal – two Adult tickets, three Senior/Student tickets, five hot dogs and five sodas - $30


Friday Pit Admission: $30 (backstretch pit for Sportsman, Factory Stocks, XCel 600 Modifieds & IMCA- Modified Tour Race OR $20 (turn-four pit only for Saturday teams practicing)




Saturday, October 11


11. a.m. – Phil’s Famous Chicken BBQ


11 a.m. – Pit gates open


1 p.m. – Grandstand gates open


1:15 p.m. – RoC Street Stock, Four Cylinder, SlingShots & 600 c.c. Modified hot laps


2:15 p.m. – Qualifying begins for RoC Street Stocks, Four Cylinder, SlingShots & 600 c.c. Modifieds – Four Cylinder, SlingShot & 600 c.c. Modified Feature to follow…


5:00 p.m. – Track re-grooming for evening program


5:45 p.m. – Tobias SpeedSTR’s and Modified hot laps


6:15 p.m. – Qualifying for Tobias SpeedSTR’s begins, RoC Street Stock Feature and Modified Heats to follow in that order. – SpeedSTR’s consolation – American Racer Cup Champions Dash $2,000 to win! – Modified Consolation(s) – SpeedSTR’s Feature – Modified 55 Lap Feature ($5,500 to win/$500 to take the green).


Saturday Grandstand Admission: Adults - $21; Seniors (ages 65 and over): $17 - Students (ages 13-17) - $10; Kids 12 and under are FREE!  - Admission includes both the day time and evening events (no extra charge to watch both) – look for $2 off Adult Saturday grandstand coupons at area businesses (we will list convenient coupon locations)


The Amazing Family Five Pack Deal – two Adult tickets, three Senior/Student tickets, five hot dogs and five sodas - $50 - Admission includes both the day time and evening events (no extra charge to watch both)


Saturday Pit Admission: $35 - Admission includes both the day time and evening events (no extra charge to watch both)


Sunday evening, October 12 has been reserved as a rain date.


Sep 26 at 3:10 PM


Both the Oct. 11 Five mile point event and the Oct,26 Mahoning Valley  are the $3000 to win payout's  Also please get your pavement tires early so we do not run short for this race you will be allowed to run a dirt or slick LF for the MV event .

Speedway Entertainment

Home of the Slingshot by Tobias

Home of the SpeedSTR





News from the Short Track SuperNationals 7 – The Working Man’s Race


Media Contact: Brett Deyo – or 845.728.2781


For Immediate Release/September 30, 2014


I-88 Speedway Short Track SuperNationals 7 Shaping Up As Clash Of Weekly Racing’s Best; Invaders From NY, NJ, DE, PA, MA & Quebec Make Plans To Vie For Record $33,202 Payout; I-88 Speedway Regulars Hope To Protect Home Turf Oct. 10-11!


AFTON, NY – The stars are beginning to line up for the Alpine Building Supply Short Track SuperNationals 7 presented by Olum’s to be held at I-88 Speedway in Afton, N.Y., Friday-Saturday October 10-11.


Entries are pouring in for the ‘Working Man’s Race’ special, which will cap off the six-race Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP for big-block/small-block Modifieds. A record payout – the most lucrative in event history – has been posted with $33,202 set for the base purse plus lap money, bonuses and contingency awards for just 50 laps of racing at the Afton Fairgrounds oval.


Modifieds race for $5,000-plus to win, $1,000 for 10th and $600 to take the green flag in their main event. A fully paid B-Main for non-qualifiers is also on the docket with $777 reserved for the winner of the 17-lap event and $100 to take the green flag. No Modified driver will leave empty handed!


Past event winners Craig Hanson (2013), Danny Tyler (2012) and Mike Ricci (2006) have already filed their entries. Hanson, of Johnstown, N.Y., was a victor at Glen Ridge (N.Y.) and Fonda (N.Y.) speedways this season with his familiar No. 20c.  Tyler, of Cottekill, N.Y., was a Modified winner at N.Y.’s Accord Speedway this season driving for Jim Winchell and Tillson, N.Y.’s Ricci heads to I-88 off the strength of a recent $5,000 Accord ‘King of the Catskills’ score.


Andy Bachetti and Danny Johnson are locked into a tie for the Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP championship, each with 350 points, entering the finale. Sheffield, Mass., talent Bachetti, was a winner on the Short Track Super Series at Orange County in April, while Johnson, of Rochester, N.Y., annexed the most recent event at Penn Can (Pa.) Speedway in September. Johnson was the Ransomville (N.Y.) Speedway small-block Mod champ in 2014.


On the heels of his 16th track championship at N.Y.’s Woodhull Raceway, Billy Van Pelt of Westfield, Pa., heads to I-88 with Grant Hilfiger’s No. 78.


Like Van Pelt, Rich Ricci Jr. has dominated his home track, the Accord Speedway, and recently registered his 11th Modified title at the Ulster County facility. The New Paltz, N.Y., talent brings the family No. 406R to I-88 for the SuperNationals.


Out of the First State, Matt Jester of Milford, Del., continues his 2014 travels at the SuperNationals driving his Clearview Farms No. 62. Jester, a two-time Delaware International Speedway champion, won the B-Main held as part of the I-88 ‘Crazy 8s Special’ in July.


Quebec driver Yan Bussiere looks to become the first driver from his Canadian province to attempt the Short Track SuperNationals.


Mike Mahaney of King Ferry, N.Y., pocketed $4,000 for his efforts at the Sept. 27 ‘Fall 250’ at I-88 and is a winner at I-88, Thunder Mountain (N.Y.) and Utica-Rome (N.Y.) this season. Mahaney will be looking for a SuperNationals triumph, as well.


In July at I-88 Speedway, Danny Creeden of Wurtsboro, N.Y., earned more than $9,000 for his efforts in the 48-lap ‘Crazy 8s Special’ – the largest payday of his career. Creeden returns to I-88 in search of a SuperNationals score.


Glen Ridge Motorsports Park champion Bobby Varin of Sharon Springs, N.Y., has been tabbed to drive Tom Umbenhauer’s Keystone State-based No. 19 at the SuperNationals. Varin finished second in the race’s ’12 edition with that car.


From the Pennsylvania-New Jersey circuit, Grandview (Pa.) Speedway five-time NASCAR Whelen All-American Series 358-Modified winner Doug Manmiller of Shoemakersville, Pa., has filed an entry with Josh Biever’s No. 46. New Egypt (N.J.) Speedway regular David Van Horn Jr. of Harmony, N.J., plans his third SuperNationals start in the Harmony Sand & Gravel No. 71.


Ryan Watt of Boyertown, Pa., a Bridgeport (N.J.) Speedway, champion, has filed his entry with the Ron Roberts-owned No. 14W.


With the SuperNationals serving as the final points-paying event of the season, Jeff Heotzler of Wallkill, N.Y., looks to maintain his third-place standing with Mel Schrufer’s No. 2A. Tommy Meier of Waldwick, N.J., holds down a fourth-place position driving for Jeff Behrent in the No. 3.


Veteran Rich Eurich of Warwick, N.Y., 66 years old, will maintain his streak of perfect attendance on the Short Track Super Series with an I-88 appearance.


Teenager Tyler Dippel won a BD Motorsports Media LLC event at Del.’s Georgetown Speedway this past August in impressive fashion. The Wallkill, N.Y., driver has set plans to participate in the Short Track SuperNationals after a top-five finish in the ‘Crazy 8s Special’ this summer.


Representing I-88, first-time track champion Brett Tonkin of Carbondale, Pa., runner-up Mitch Gibbs of North Norwich, N.Y., and third-place Shaun Walker of Masonville, N.Y., look to defend their home turf.


A guaranteed starter via Thunder Mountain Speedway, Brian Malcolm of Lake Ariel, Pa., brings the Tom Coar-Chris Clark No. 119 to I-88. Malcolm won features at both Penn Can and Thunder Mountain this season.


Two full days of racing are planned for the Short Track SuperNationals.


On Saturday (Oct. 11), the Modified division serves as the headliner with the A- & B-Mains. Also competing on Saturday: the Crate 602 Sportsman in a 25-lap main paying $1,000 to the winner and $100 to start; the event will offer points toward the 2014 Dig Safely New York GRIT Series championship. IMCA-Modifieds and Empire Lightning Sprints complete the Saturday card.


On Friday night (Oct. 10), the Open vs. Crate 602 Sportsman division are featured in a 35-lap special paying $1,500 to the winner and $125 to start. Hefty Crate 602 Sportsman bonuses will be paid as follows to the top-six across the line: $300, $200, $100, $75, $50 and a free pit pass for Saturday. Also on the Friday card are Street Stocks (home track rules), Four Cylinders (generally accepted Southern Tier rules) and Empire Sport Trucks (home track rules).


Modifieds and other Saturday divisions will be permitted to practice throughout the night on Friday in preparation for the next day.


For Modified racers, a 10-lap Dash will be held on Friday night involving the top-five fastest cars in practice, as timed by the speedway’s transponder system. The winner of the Dash earns a redraw position for Saturday, while all other participants take home $50 courtesy of Manmiller Electric.


Post-race parties are planned to cap Friday and Saturday evening’s activities.


All Short Track SuperNationals information – pay structures, entry forms, prices, rules and times – have been posted on the BD Motorsports Media website: under Events and SuperNationals.


To learn more about the Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP, visit, e-mail Brett Deyo at or call 845.728.2781.  BD Motorsports Media is on Facebook and on Twitter: @BrettDeyo.


I-88 Speedway is located conveniently off I-88 Exit 7 (Afton), approximately 25 miles north and east of Binghamton, at 46 East Main Street Afton, N.Y. 13730. There is plentiful space for parking and camping. To learn more about I-88 Speedway, visit



Reserved camping for the Short Track SuperNationals next weekend, Oct. 10-11, at I-88 Speedway is officially sold out. This is only the pre-paid, reserved spots with hook-ups.


There is plenty of flat, grassy area for FREE camping on site for those planning to spend the weekend.  We have also been granted the use of an auxiliary lot across the street for parking.


A final camping map is in the works today and those with reserved spots will be notified of their location.






I know where was a thread like this before, but I can't find it.


Here's what we've got for confirmed USAC drivers so far, hoping to add some names to this list!


07 Jacob Wilson


3 A.J. Fike


9 Caleb Armstrong


16 Tracy Hines


17 Chris Windom


22 Bobby East


63 Kody Swanson


66 Shane Cockrum


71 Stewart Friesen


177 Richie Tobias



What car is stew driving

He will be in the Rob Hart City of Syracuse car.



Hope they are able to add about 8-10 more to that list to make it a worthwhile race to go to.



I thought I heard if they couldn't guarantee a 15 car field the plug was getting pulled on the USAC show?



Above was found here - as of 5:15 PM on 10/1/14:






This week’s photos:


On October 2, 1921, Mike Nazaruk was Born.  He was an ARDC and AAA driver He raced midget cars, sprint cars, and IndyCars. He was nicknamed "Iron Mike." He won the track championships at Staten Island, New York, and Rhinebeck, New York in 1947. He scored over twenty feature wins at Middletown, New York enroot to winning the 1948 track championship. Nazaruk was the 1949 American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) midget car champion. The series tours the East Coast of the United States. Nazaruk joined the AAA in 1950. He won 14 national midget tour events, including the 1950 Night Before the 500, and the first midget car event at Terre Haute Action Track in 1953. He finished fifth in the 1954 National Midget car points. Nazaruk finished second in his first Indianapolis 500 in 1951. He competed in two more Indianapolis 500, including a fifth place finish in 1954. Nazaruk was killed in a sprint car race at Langhorne Speedway on May 1, 1955.


Note:  The above was found on the Wheels of Speed’s calendar.






This weeks racing video:


Sorry, no video this week.



Some non racin’ stuff:


Doctors net billions from drug firms


Companies paid at least $3.5 billion in last five months of 2013


Note:  Uh, like we never knew this?





This weeks joke:


Hope no one get offended!


I couldn't help but over-hear two guys in their mid-twenties while sitting at the bar last night.  One of the guys says to his buddy:  "Man you look  tired."


His buddy says:  "Dude I'm exhausted. My girlfriend and I have sex all the time. I just don't know what to do."


A fellow about my age (80+), sitting a couple of  stools down, also overheard the conversation. He looked over at the two young men and with the wisdom of years says:


"Marry her. That'll put a stop to that sh*t."





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