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                                             By Tom Avenengo

                                               Volume # 190




Some personal/family stuff:



My wife, who left us on July 3, 2014.


Remember, photos can only be seen on the New England Tractor/Race Report website, which is linked to at the end of my columns.


I was going through some papers the other day.  Mixed in with them were a couple of things from the hospital in Middletown.  One was a visitor’s pass.  The other was a similar card, but it was the wife’s patient number when she had her surgery - # 73135.  Yes, you need that number to keep track of how the patient is doing as far as pre-surgery, the surgery itself, and the recovery status.  My wife was in the recovery status for seven hours.


I guess the hardest thing to overcome is when I sit down for dinner in the evening, and she’s not here with me.  After my dinner on Monday night, I did up the dishes and sat down at the table.  I looked at Max, our four legged furry bundle of happiness (although I think he is retarded!) and said:  “Yes, Max, Daddy misses Mommy”.


It looks like I might be taking a trip down to Florida – basically for health reasons.  Down there, with my daughter being employed by the Lee County Medical system, I’m not just a number, as I am up here.  I do get better care down there, sad to say.  I could go into more detail as to what’s wrong up here for me, but I’ll not say anything more, for now.




More memories:


While we were working together in the Monsey, N.Y. Grand Union, during the winter months, on Saturdays, when they race the TQ Midgets in the Teaneck, N.J. Armory, we’d leave work and go to the races.  Back then, we really weren’t all that concerned about snow.  Teaneck was a 1/10 mile track on a concrete (painted) floor.  We usually sat opposite the start/finish line in the front row, with a brick wall in front of us – must have been about four feet in height.  When we left after the nights racing, we would order the same seats for the following Saturday night.  Like I said, we were not concerned about weather back then – they raced.  It was during one of those races at Teaneck when a race driver – Russ Klar, let my future wife sit in his TQ. 





Racin’ stuff:


Found this on the Internet:

Tony Stewart will not be racing at Bristol either... according to his business manager he has gone into seclusion...


Note:  This has been confirmed – both on Jayski & Yahoo! News – Stewart to miss Bristol.  Jeff Burton will be in the # 14 at Bristol on Saturday night.




NC Company to Revive Lancaster Speedway for US Open




In NASCAR – end of practice – why a red/black flag and not a regular checkered flag?



I posted this the other day on the Victory Speedway Forum:


“I was not in attendance last night at OC. However, my son, Eric was, and he told me it was one of the best crowds he's seen there all year - at least in the half covered.

But the car counts - way down. True, not only at OCFS, but other tracks, too, like the Valley and Accord (Spec Sportsman).

Back in 1977 in a Hard Clay program I have - 214 names on the Sportsman (Small Block) roster. Over 100 on the Modified roster.

OC last night had 19 Modifieds, 22 Small Blocks, 24 Sportsman and 11 Street Stocks. 76 total, not counting the Vintage cars.”



On Facebook, there was quite a lot posted about the scheduled Silver Crown race for last Saturday at the Springfield dirt mile.  Seems that the forecast called for rain.  So, in true (USAC?) fashion, things got drawn out to the extent that – yup, it rained. Will it get re-scheduled?  Personally, after reading what’s been said on Facebook, I doubt it.



Also on Facebook, quite a lot being said about the “tech” this past Saturday night for the Sportsman cars at OCFS.  I said it a long time ago, and still say:  “The Crate class should have an engine claimer rule”.

Any idea as to how many of the “Crate” Sportsman cars that run at OCFS are legal?  Any idea as to how many aren’t?



Gary Palmer, owner of the Accord Speedway, had some new rules for his “Spec” (Crate) class this past year.  A certain engine builder had to check the engines, make sure they were legal, and seal them.  The Accord Speedway put up $100.00 towards that for each engine that had it done.  Hey, anything to keep ‘em legal, right?  Well, guess what?  That class has seen its car count come down to 12-14 total cars a week now.  Why?  The added cost?



Was the Vintage Race Car Meet at Loudon last weekend the last one?  From what I’ve read, I kinda think it might well have been.  Ever since Bob Bahre sold the track, this show has gone down hill – mainly due to the increase of costs to those that were there with their cars.  I can’t say anything about a possible new venue – yet, but there’s talk out there.



Also – what about the proposed “Museum” that was planned for Loudon?  Heck, I did some work for Dick Berggren about the ARDC racing in New England back in the 40’s for that.  Rumors floating around that it might not happen at Loudon.  Hell, maybe not enough NASCRAP stuff for it?



OCFS – are you a fan of the track?  Were you?  You ever hear of a fella named Jeff Lambert?  He has all kinds of stats, etc on OCFS.

Interested?  Check them out, here:





A new weekly feature for a few columns, anyway:


Race tracks that are no longer around:




Arena at Harbor Yard 600 Main St., Bridgeport, CT


Branford Park - (New Haven) 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval. 7/25/1899 - 7/25/1900.


Brideport Speedway - aka Candelite Stadium. 1/5 Mile Paved Oval 6/30/1947 - 1954. Possibly raced in 1955. 1/10 Mile Dirt Oval 06/03/1951 raced Three-Quarter Midgets. Located on Eagle St. (SR 1-A) near River Street. Sold in February 1955 for a Drive-In Theater.


Bristol Fairgrounds - 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval 1933 - 10/21/1934.

Farmington Ave. (Rt. 6) & Stafford Ave., Bristol, CT 06010


Bulkeley Stadium - 1/5 Mile Dirt Oval 1936.

George St. & Hanmer St., Hartford, CT 06114


Candlelite Stadium

248 River St., Bridgeport, CT

Charter Oak Park - One Mile Oval 6/16/1905 - 1920.

Prospect Ave., W. Hartford, CT


Cherry Park Speedway -  Built as a Horse Track in 1882. 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval 1933 - 6/16/1935, 5/30/1939 - 7/23/1939. 1/5 Mile Dirt Oval 7/28/1946. Located on SR 177. Torn down in 1959. 1/5 Mile Paved Oval 8/11/1946 - 1951, 1954. Now a Housing Development.

Rt. 177, Avon, CT


Connecticut Dragway - Hall Kilbourne Rd., Colchester, CT 06415


Connecticut Speedway Derby, CT


Danbury Racearena - aka Danbury Fair Race Track, Danbury Speedway, Danbury Fair Speedway. 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval 10/06/1908 - 10/07/1939. 1/5 Mile Paved Oval 6/01/1940 - 5/10/1942, 09/1945 - 1947. 1/4 Mile Paved Oval 5/31/1947 - 9/30/1951. 1/3 Mile Dirt Oval 10/05/1951 - 10/08/1955, 6/07/1958. 1/3 Mile Paved Oval 6/14/1958 - 10/12/1981. At the Danbury Fairgrounds. Held Boat Racing in a moat outside of the track in August, 1958.

Home track of the Southern New York Racing Association (SNYRA) 1952-1955, 1958-1981.

Site is now the Danbury Fair Mall.

7 Backus Ave., Danbury, CT


Danbury Mill Plain Micro-Midget Oval - 1/20 Mile Oval 1960 - 1962. The Corners were Paved and Straights were Dirt.

43 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, CT 06811


Harwinton Fairgrounds - Locust Rd., Harwinton, CT 06791


Hebron Fairgrounds - 347 CT-85, Hebron, CT 06248


Huntington Speedway -  1/2 Mile Dirt Oval 05/06/1934 - 6/18/1939.

Mohegan Road, Shelton, CT


Kenosha Avenue Race Track - 1/20 Mile Dirt Track 1957 - 1959. Micro-Midgets sanctioned by the Danbury Micro-Midget Racing Association.

Danbury, CT


Legion Speedway - (Meriden) Dirt Oval, years unknown. Meriden, CT


Mohegan Sun Arena

1 Mohegan Sun Blvd., Uncasville, CT 06382  (Motorcycles/moto a few yrs. ago)


Mototown USA - 1001 Day Hill Rd., Windsor, CT


New Haven Arena - 1/10 Mile Indoor Wood Oval 1936 - 4/1937.

600 State St., New Haven, CT 06511


New Haven Velodrome - Dirt Oval 1940 - 1941. New Haven, CT


New Haven Veterans Coliseum - 1/10 Mile Concrete Indoor Oval 12/11/1993 - 1994, 1997.

275 S. Orange St., New Haven, CT 06510


New London - Dirt Oval 1920's. New London, CT


New Milford Fairgrounds - aka Conetia Park Race Track

Rt. 7 - Kent Road, New Milford, CT


Newfield Park -  1/5 Mile Dirt Oval 5/14/1935 - 1940. Bill Holmes was the first race winner. Formerly a Trotter Horse Track. On Eagle Street.


Eagle St., Bridgeport, CT



North Haven Speedway - Raced Motorcycles. 1/4 Mile Cinder Oval 1932 - 1939. May have hosted Auto Racing.

Butler Rd., N. Haven, CT 06473


Norwich Fairgrounds - 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval 8/12/1934 - 8/19/1934. Located at SR 82 & Surrey St. Now a Housing Development.

SR 82 & Surrey St., Norwich, CT


Norwood Arena Speedway - 1/4 Mile Paved Oval 1948 -1972.



Plainville Stadium - 1/4 Mile Dirt Oval 4/10/1949. 1/4 Mile Paved Oval 4/17/1949 - 1980. Located on SR 372.

Rt. 372/250 New Britain Ave, Plainville, CT 06062


Plymouth Speedway - Dirt Oval 1965. aka Valley Park Speedway. Pylmouth, CT.


Rockville Driving Park - 1/2 Mile Dirt Oval Late 1930's.

Rt. 74-Tolland Ave., Rockville, CT


Sage Park Speedway -  1/2 Mile Dirt Oval 8/12/1934. Four miles from Hartford on US 5-A. Hal French fatally injured during last race event.

Sage Park Rd. & Capen St., Windsor, CT 06095


Silver City Speedway - (Meriden) Ran Half-Midgets a few times on 1/10 Mile Paved Oval in 1985. Now a 1/4 Midget Track.


Stratford - Micro-Midget Dirt Oval 1958. Stratford, CT


Suffield - 1/4 Mile Dirt Oval late 1940's - early 1950's. Suffield, CT


Thompson Raceway Road Course - Still there. Some of the roads in the Parking Lot were used. Parts of the course you do not see are in the South End of the property woods, and Back Sections of the current 5/8 Mile Paved Oval. Operation ceased in the late 1960's.

Note:  There is now a new road course at Thompson.


West Haven Speedway - aka Savin Rock Amusement Park, Donovan Field (In honor of "Wild Bill" Donovan, a NY Yankees Manager). 1/5 Mile Dirt Oval 7/07/1935 - 10/27/1935. 1/5 Mile Paved Oval 5/28/1936 - 9/11/1941, 8/30/1945 - 1961. Al Herman died here in a crash on 6/18/1960.

West Haven, CT


Westport - Paved Road Course 1960's. Westport, CT 


Note:  Yup, there are a few listed above that yours truly has been to – back in the day.




Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:


At Linda’s Speedway, Jacob Hendershot was 21st in the 270 feature.


On Sunday, at Kutztown, Anthony Perrego was 5th in the SpeedSTR feature, Molly Chambers 22nd in the wingless 600’s and Danny Buccafusca 3rd in the Slingshots.

On Wednesday, Molly was a DNQ and Danny 2nd in the All Star Slingshots.


At 5 Mile, Brett Wright was 10th and Anthony Perrego 17th in the first Modified feature.  Brett was 8th in the second feature while Anthony was a DNS.  Brad Szulewski was 2nd in the Sportsman feature.


Anthony Perrego was 1st, Tyler Boniface 5th, Brian Krummel 15th and Kyle VanDuser 20th in the Modified feature at Accord. 

Johnny Illanovsky was 6th and Joey Bruning 7th in the Spec Sportsman.  Wyatt Clark was 5th in the All Star Slingshots.


In ARDC Midget action, Justin Grosz was 19th at Williams Grove and 14th at Lincoln.


Jacob Hendershot was 1st in the 270 Micro feature at Hamlin.  Danny Buccafusca was 3rd in the Rookie 600’s.


Davie Franek was 7th in the 360 Sprint Car feature at Selinsgrove.


Bobby Morris was 2nd in the Sportsman feature at Bethel.  JB Morris was 2nd in the 4 Cylinder Advanced feature.


Billy V was 3rd, Tim Hindley 4th, Mike Kolka 6th, Mike Ruggiero 12th, Danny Creeden 14th and Clinton Mills 18th in the Modified feature at OCFS.

Tim was 2nd, Danny 3rd, Billy 4th, Mike 17th, Andrew Reeves 17th and Joe Conklin 21st in the Small Block feature.

Joe won the Sportsman feature, with Matt Janiak 3rd, Dominic Roselli, Jr 4th, Winter Mead 16th, Anthony Falanga 17th, Joey Falanga 19th, Brian Krummel 21st and Zack Vavricka 23rd in the Sportsman feature.


At Lebanon Valley on August 14th, in the Mr. Dirt 100 lap race, Kolby Schroder was 13th, Billy V 15th and Kyle Armstrong 22nd.

The Sportsman feature was hit by rain, but the running order has Brian Krummel 4th, John Virgilio 6th, Matt Pappa 10th and Matt Hitchcock 24th.

On August 16th, Kolby was 3rd, Bobby Hackel, IV was 17th and Kyle 18th.


Kyle Armstrong was 12th, Bobby Hackel, IV. Was 15th in the Modified feature at A/S.

Hunter Bates was 16th and Alex Bell a DNQ in the Sportsman feature.


Roger Coss was 8th in the Modified feature at Mahoning.  Tiffany Wambold was a DNQ for the Street Stock feature.


Davie Franek was 9th in the 410 Sprint Car feature at New Egypt on 8/19.


Looks like 43 names this week.



From Jayski:


Remember, I’ll just make mention of some of the things that appear on the Jayski website, with maybe some exceptions.


Assuming they attempt to qualify for the remaining 3 races in the regular season, the following drivers have clinched a spot for the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup today: #47-AJ Allmendinger, #43-Aric Almirola, #41-Kurt Busch, #18-Kyle Busch, #11-Denny Hamlin.(8-17-2014)


Danica among world's highest-paid female athletes (8-17-2014)


Bristol offering incentives for ticket renewals (8-17-2014)



Richard Childress Racing Celebrates 45 Years (8-16-2014)



Comcast's Xfinity negotiating sponsorship of Nationwide Series


Hornish unsure of 2015 plans:

Joe Gibbs Racing is set to hold a press conference at its Huntersville, North Carolina headquarters on Tuesday to offer an "unprecedented announcement" that will "have impact across four NASCAR racing series." Sam Hornish Jr., currently driving Kyle Busch's #54 JGR Monster Energy Toyota part-time as he looks to secure a full-time ride for 2015, was completely unaware when asked Friday at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course if the announcement had anything to do with him. "They've got an announcement on Tuesday?" Hornish replied. "Well, I didn't know that. I must not be enough in the loop on that." Of course, the 2013 Nationwide Series championship runner-up could certainly be playing coy, but if not it continues a trend of Hornish consistently and reluctantly embracing the role as NASCAR's forgotten man, despite being one of its most well-rounded drivers.(


Gibbs to hold press conference Tuesday:

According to Joe Gibbs Racing, they will hold a press conference Tuesday, August 19 at 10:00am/et and "this unprecedented announcement will have impact across four NASCAR racing series."(Joe Gibbs Racing)


AND Joe Gibbs Racing will announce Carl Edwards as its fourth Sprint Cup driver for the 2015 season next Tuesday. However, the bigger news appears to involve Daniel Suarez, the 22-year-old darling of the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program, who will drive for JGR in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Suarez, of Monterrey, Mexico, currently leads the NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series where he has nine victories in 52 career starts including four this season. Suarez has made dramatic improvement since joining the tour and has led 1,084 of the 7,790 laps raced. Suarez made his first career Nationwide Series start for JGR at Richmond in the #20 Toyota. Suarez qualified 12th and finished 19th. He completed all but one lap.(Motorsport)(8-14-2014)



Teams test 2015 rules changes at Michigan:

Nine NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams will remain at Michigan International Speedway one additional day on Monday to test aerodynamic and engine combinations for the 2015 racing season. According to NASCAR officials, the test is designed to validate extensive work done by the sanctioning body's racing development team. Gene Stefanyshyn, vice president Innovation and Racing Development for NASCAR, said two different packages featuring various changes would be tested on the 2-mile track at MIS.

"We have a prime rules package and also will be doing a low downforce package, because some of the drivers have been very vocal," Stefanyshyn said. "They think (low downforce) is a solution ... so we're going to try one of those." The prime rules package will include the use of dive planes, a 9-inch spoiler, six-percent rear differential gear ratio, three different power levels (engine horsepower) as well as a driver adjustable track bar. Dive planes are small strips on the left and right side of the front bumper areas about halfway between the splitter and hood.

The engine changes will vary from the current 850 horsepower to 800 and 750 hp. Stefanyshyn said those changes would be made during Monday's test through the use of different sized restrictor plates in order to gauge the effects. If it is determined that less horsepower works best with the aerodynamic changes being considered, how best to accomplish that for next season would still have to be decided.

The test is slated to get underway at 9:00am/et with six different sessions scheduled throughout the day. Teams are expected to make single-file 15-lap runs in every other session, with double-file runs making up the remaining 15-lap sessions. Drivers scheduled to participate are: #1-Jamie McMurray, #5-Kasey Kahne, #10-Danica Patrick, #27-Paul Menard #2-Brad Keselowski, #17-Ricky Stenhouse Jr., #43-Aric Almirola, #11-Denny Hamlin, and either #15-Clint Bowyer or #55-Brian Vickers.(



Just one day after Jeff Gordon grabbed the checkered flag in the Pure Michigan 400, NASCAR and teams were back testing on the two-mile Michigan International Speedway, gathering crucial data for the development of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series rules package. Six different configurations were evaluated throughout the test. Throughout today's test, focus was on aerodynamics and power optimization. Ten teams were onsite throughout the day running through all six configurations. More than 160 laps were turned at Michigan by each team. Data will be taken back to the Research and Development Center in Concord, North Carolina to be analyzed and modeled as NASCAR finalizes its 2015 rules package for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.(NASCAR)(8-18-2014)



Some possible 2015 Sprint Cup schedule changes:

Jim Noble of ESPN/SiriusXM/PRN tweeted Monday evening, "The Southern 500 at Darlington (SC) Raceway will return to its traditional Labor Day weekend date when NASCAR announces the 2015 Sprint Cup schedule, perhaps as early as this weekend. Atlanta Motor Speedway - which has raced on Labor Day weekend since 2009 - will have its lone Sprint Cup race weekend moved earlier in the season to week #2 - Sunday, March 1, 2015. One other notable change will be the Bristol (TN) spring weekend -- often plagued by weather issues in March, Bristol successfully lobbied for a later date, and will now hold its spring Cup race on Sunday, April 19, 2015."(8-19-2014)


Entry List for the IRWIN Tools Night Race Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway is posted, 43 teams/drivers [for 43 spots] are listed, including: #32-Yeley, #33-Stremme, #37-Blaney, #66-Nemechek, #95-McDowell.

Both #14-Stewart and #83-Truex are listed, but their status has not been announced.

Since only 43 cars are entered, all drivers will make the race.

See the full entry list at my Jayski's Bristol Entry List

Note:  Stewart, as noted earlier in the column will not be racing and Jeff Burton will take his place.  Jayski has posted a revised entry list.


Toyota looks to increase power in engines - (8-20-2014)


Gibbs says Stewart has strength, courage to return - (8-20-2014)


Kyle Busch to run the triple at Bristol - (8-20-2014)





From Track Forum:


ECR & SFHR Merging




Another fatality at a short track




3M Leaving Roush




From the AARN:


This Week



Brett Hearn Wins $17,500 Mr. DIRT Leb Val Race For Eleventh Time; Clinches Malta Title Too


Justin Bonsignore’s Thompson WMT Win Puts Him In Title Contention


Brightest And Best: ARDC’s Alex Bright Sweeps Central PA


TQStudent Driver Killed In Wall Stadium Test Session


Kevin Ward Remembered Fondly, At Canandaigua, Other Central NY Tracks


Fate Of Lancaster (NY)Speedway Up In Air After Closure


Brad Brightbill Hot At Kutztown; Pauch, Jr. Wins SpeedSTR Championship


Austin Hubbard Upsets WoO LM Touring Series Stars At Potomac


Dale Blaney Sweeps All Star Sprint Double Header In Michigan


Fonda’s Finale Wet; Friesen Declared Track Champion For Third Straight Year





Coming up:


OCFS:  Sat., August 23rd       Accord Speedway - King of the Catskills Qualifier - KIDS CLUB

Modifieds, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stocks



Accord:  August 22nd  Escape RV Night

Modifieds - Sportsman - Spec Sportsman

Pro Stock - Pure Stock - All Star Slingshot-Jr Slingshot



Lebanon Valley:  Sat. Aug. 23rd


Benjamin Moore Paints & Albany Winwater Presents Back To School Giveaways, $1000 To Win Small Block Modified Feature, Vintage Cars, All Weekly Divisons Plus 4-Cylinders



Bethel:  Saturday, August 23

Sportsman, BMS Modified, Legends, Bandolero,

Pro Stock, Street Stock,

4 Cylinder Advanced and Novice


Gates open at 2:30 pm

Hot laps at 4:30 pm

RACING at 6 pm


Hamlin:  Closed this week.






Press releases:


OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            AUGUST 18, 2014

DICK JORDAN                                                                                                                                                 14-168







            Track Enterprises and USAC officials have announced rescheduling of the "Tony Bettenhausen 100," which was interrupted by rain Saturday at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, for Sunday afternoon, September 7.


            Rains began to fall as the cars were approaching the "one-to-go" signal is preparation for the 100-mile race on the one-mile dirt oval. Tracy Hines posted the fastest qualifying time to win the pole position, while Kody Swanson, the series point leader who has won all three dirt-track outings this season, had lined up on the outside of the front row in the 24-car starting field.


            A complete new program will face competitors at Springfield September 7, with practice at 10 am, qualifying and the 100-mile race on tap at 1:30 pm. Grandstand spectator gates open at 9 am. Tickets and pit passes from August 16 will be honored on September 7. Race fans wishing to secure tickets for the September 7 race can contact Track Enterprises at 217-764-3200 or at


            "The Silver Crown Series is going in a positive direction," says series coordinator Andy Hillenburg. "With race organizer Bob Sargent's support we are delighted to be able to retain this marquee event for our fans and participants as we continue to strive for the prominence this series deserves."


            The "Ted Horn 100," round eight of the 2014 USAC Silver Crown Championship series, is slated August 31 at the DuQuoin (Ill.) State Fairgrounds. The race continues a tradition dating back to 1948.


            Kody Swanson will take a 42-point lead over Tracy Hines into the DuQuoin event. Defending series champion Bobby East trails Hines by just 12 points in third.



2014 USAC Silver Crown Standings:1-Kody Swanson-390, 2-Tracy Hines-348, 3-Bobby East-336, 4-Chris Windom-288, 5-Jacob Wilson-240, 6-Jerry Coons Jr.-222, 7-Caleb Armstrong-200, 8-Dave Darland-173, 9-Tanner Swanson-165, 10-Christopher Bell-165.




News from Georgetown Speedway’s ‘Beach Blast’


Media Contact: Brett Deyo – 845.728.2781 or


For Immediate Release/August 17, 2014


Stakes Have Risen: Hurlock Auto & Speed Supply Boosts Georgetown Speedway Tuesday, August 26 Modified ‘Beach Blast’ Payout To $5,000 To Win, $500 To Start For 35 Laps! Top-Three Small-Block Modifieds Earn Bonuses Of $300, $200 & $100; Marketing Partners Signing On Daily


GEORGETOWN, DE – For big-block/small-block Modified racers, the stakes have risen yet again.


As the inaugural ‘Beach Blast’ at Georgetown Speedway approaches on Tuesday, August 26 (rain date: August 27), new marketing partner Hurlock Auto & Speed Supply has boosted the payout for the 35-lap Modified main event significantly. Driver Eric Kormann and special events promoter Brett Deyo of BD Motorsports Media LLC teamed up to lease the rustic Georgetown half-mile oval for a “first time happening in the First State” and the event grows significantly each day.


Modifieds, with rules allowing both big- and small-block engine varieties, will now compete for a huge $26,105 purse in their 35-lap feature. The winner’s share has been increased to a minimum of $5,000 to win plus lap money and bonuses, with $1,400 for fifth, $1,000 for 10th and a boosted $500 just to take the green flag! Also on the program: Crate 602 Sportsman and the popular Delaware-based Delmarva Chargers & Super Trucks.


Hurlock Auto Speed & Supply, based in Hurlock, Md., with a targeted Sept. 2014 grand opening, has also posted cash bonuses to the top-three small-block Modifieds across the line in the feature of $300, $200 and $100 respectively, plus a $100 cash bonus for the highest-finishing Delaware International Speedway regular.


Marketing partners continue to join as race day nears. 


American Portable Mini Storage of Millsboro, Del., most recently signed on to provide ‘Beach Blast’ support. American Portable Mini Storage is an alternative to traditional self-storage: portable storage units are becoming the primary choice for both home and business uses. To learn more, contact Jeff Burton at by phone at 302.745.5555 or 302.934.9898, via e-mail at or on the web:


Bi-Rite Auto Sales of Seaford, Del., will also be part of the special event. Bi-Rite, situated off Route 13 (Sussex Highway), offers a complete inventory of used vehicles to fit any budget. Bi-Rite Auto Sales is online at


Located in Hurlock, Md., Clearview Farms is a strong supporter of racing in the First State. Proprietors Dave and Judy Andrews have signed on to support the ‘Beach Blast’ special. The Andrews are backers of two-time Delaware International Speedway big-block Modified champion Matt Jester.


Sussex Irrigation of Laurel, Del., signed on as a ‘Beach Blast’ marketing partner. Sussex Irrigation is the area’s leader for the purchase, maintenance and repair of irrigation systems. To learn more, visit


The locally based Comfort Inn & Suites, 20530 DuPont Boulevard, Georgetown, DE 19947, is offering a 10-percent discount on rooms reserved for the event. To obtain the reduced rate, call 302.854.0400 and reference the ‘Beach Blast’ when making reservations. The Comfort Inn is located just miles from the speedway.


Special awards and other incentives are in place for fans and racers.


*Cat Country 97.5, Delmarva’s leading country station, will broadcast live from the speedway on race day for two hours (4-6 p.m.) complete with the Cat Country van, tent, sound system and prize wheel.


*Dover International Speedway will support the event. The Dover International Speedway pace car will be on hand for the special. An “enter-to-win” box, manned by Dover representatives, will offer the chance to win NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tickets for the AAA 400 at Dover Sept. 28. Two additional AAA 400 tickets will be offered as a second prize for the 50-50 drawing.


*Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz and Michael White Racing have donated kids’ bicycles to be given away on race night.


*More than $900 in lap money has been collected for the ‘Beach Blast’ event. Laps are on sale at $20/minimum per lap at


*Crunchco Snacks has added a $100 bonus for the 11th-place finisher in the Modified main event.


*Dirt Track Digest, on the web at, has offered a $200 Halfway Leader Bonus for the Modified 35-lap main event.


*Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz has joined on to the Dirt Track Digest Halfway Leader money, adding $100 for a total of $300.


*Will Brown’s Truck Repair of Cambridge, Md., presents a $250 Hard Charger Award for the 35-lap main event made payable to the driver advancing the most positions from their scheduled start to the finish.


*All Modified heat winners will also pocket $100 cash, also thanks to Will Brown.


*Jones Racing Products will offer $100 certificates to the Hard Charger Award recipients in both the Modified and Crate 602 Sportsman ranks.


*Five drivers unable to qualify for the Modified main will receive $50 thanks to Hawkins Reporting Service of Wilmington, Del. The recipients will be decided by a draw of non-qualifiers.


*American Racer/Lias Tire is on board to reward Modified drivers with a pair of FREE tires. The competitors finishing in positions 6-10 and 11-15 will be entered into a pair of drawings for the tire certificates.


*Bob Hilbert Sportswear will produce a number of fan giveaway items, including ‘Beach Blast’ beach balls. Roving ‘Beach Babes’ will interact with fans during the night to distribute promotional prizes.


Crate 602 Sportsman competitors will run a 25-lap feature event paying a minimum of $1,000 to win and $100 to start plus bonuses. The Delmarva Chargers and Super Trucks will each take part in 15-lap mains. Thanks to Doug Manmiller and Shoemakersville, Pa.’s Manmiller Electric, the Delmarva Chargers and Super Trucks will compete for $200 to win each (double their weekly winner’s share).


Modified minimum weight requirements will be staggered to allow for a variety of engine combinations to compete together. Weights are as follows: PA small-block on gas: 2,275 lbs.; PA small-block on alcohol: 2,350 lbs.; open small-block (max. 363 cubic inches): 2,400 lbs.; big-block (max. 471 cubic inches): 2,500 lbs.; Delaware big-block (472 cubic inches plus): 2,600 lbs.


Crate Sportsman must run unaltered GM Crate 602 engines ONLY with a 6,200 rev chip. The shock rule is open. Minimum weight is 2,400 lbs.


All bodies must be DIRTcar-legal with no sail panels, high doors/quarters or additional skirting for the Modifieds and Crate 602 Sportsman.


Modified and Crate 602 Sportsman tire rules are as follows: American Racer 33 or harder fronts; 44 or harder left-rear and 48 or harder right-rear. The “49” compound right-rear tire is not permitted. The Hoosier option is as follows: Hoosier DIRTcar D300 or harder on all four corners.


Modifieds and Crate 602 Sportsman will draw for their starting positions with a redraw of top qualifiers for the main events.


The Delmarva Chargers and Super Trucks will race under weekly rules with a draw for position in effect.


General admission pricing for the ‘Beach Blast’ is as follows: $18 for Adults; $15 for Seniors (ages 65 and up) and Students (ages 13-17); $10 for Kids (ages 9-12); and children eight and under are FREE. Pit admission is $30 with no license required. Kids 6-12 in the pits are $10 and those five and under are FREE.


Pit and grandstand gates will open at 4 p.m. Hot laps begin at 6:30 p.m., with racing planned for 7:15 p.m.


To learn more about the ‘Beach Blast’ event, contact Eric Kormann at 609.381.5820 or Brett Deyo at 845.728.2781. The e-mail address is and the official website for race information is Like “BD Motorsports Media” on Facebook or follow @BrettDeyo on Twitter.


Georgetown Speedway is located at the intersection of Route 113 and Speedway Road in Georgetown, Del., just miles from the Delaware beaches and less than a 35-minute drive from Ocean City, Md. Georgetown Speedway is online at


‘Beach Blast’ Modified Purse Structure (35 Laps): 1. $5,000; 2. $3,000; 3. $2,000; 4. $1,600; 5. $1,400; 6. $1,250; 7. $1,150; 8. $1,100; 9. $1,050; 10. $1,000; 11. $700; 12. $650; 13. $600; 14. $550; 15. $525; 16. $515; 17. $510; 18. $505; 19-24. $500. Total: $26,105




Hello all -


We are now taking media credential requests for Georgetown Speedway on Tuesday, August 26 (rain date: Aug. 27). The inaugural 'Beach Blast' co-promotion involving Eric Kormann and myself is taking off!  We will pay out more than $35,000 in cash with a big field of big-block/small-block Modifieds, Crate 602 Sportsman, Delmarva Chargers and Super Trucks.


For complete event information, please visit


To request credentials, please respond to this e-mail with name and affiliation. We do ask that photographers wear reflective clothing in the track infield.


The deadline for media credential requests is this Friday, August 22.


Thank you!


Brett Deyo





NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                    

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda







MIDDLETOWN, NY (August 17)……..The winner of the Saturday, August 23 30-lap Modified division feature race at Orange County Fair Speedway will earn---in addition to the $2,500 top prize---an automatic starting spot in the Accord Speedway “King of the Catskills” Race of Champions Modified Series race to be held at that track on Friday, September 19, 2013.

In addition to the DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds, Orange County’s other weekly racing divisions--- Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stocks---will be in action on the 23rd with a full program of qualifying and feature races, all part of Accord Speedway Night.


Accord Speedway in the Catskill Mountains hosts similar racing programs on Friday evenings. Many Orange County competitors also race at the banked quarter-mile track located in the town of the same name. Jerry Higbie, Rich Eurich, and Tommy Meier are just three of the Modified drivers who race weekly at both tracks.


Admission prices for the August 23 race meet remain at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and $2.00 for children 12 and under. The full night of racing begins promptly at 7:00 pm.


Advance ticket sales for all remaining 2014 races, including the September 13 Eve of Destruction, the October 24-26 53rd Annual Eastern States Weekend, and track information are available at the Orange County website,, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 Wednesday through Saturday during business hours.





August 30 --- WLR Construction Championship Night (Final night of points)


September 06 --- 9/11 Superior Remodeling Eastern States Modified Qualifier                   


September 13 --- All Steel & Aluminum/Middletown Auto Wreckers EVE OF DESTRUCTION





News from Thunder Mountain Speedway


Media Contact: Brett Deyo – or 845.728.2781


For Immediate Release/Aug. 17, 2014


Rain Stops Thunder Mountain Speedway Saturday Program After Qualifying; Feature Event Postponement Creates HUGE Labor Day Weekend Two-Day Extravaganza With ‘Sprint Car Saturday’ Aug. 30 and Wade Decker Memorial Aug. 31; No Racing Saturday, Aug. 23


CENTER LISLE, NY – After surviving a pair of rain showers, heavy precipitation put a stop to racing at Thunder Mountain Speedway on Saturday night.


Four laps were complete in the evening’s first feature – the 20-lap Sportsman main – when rainfall intensified and thoroughly soaked the three-eighths-mile clay oval. The rain, predicted to last through the Sunday morning hours, forced the postponement of the features.  All qualifying action had been completed despite two significant showers that led to a pair of delays taking more than an hour total to dry and grade the track surface.


Heat winners before the rain were Brent Wilcox and Bob Henry Jr. (Modified); Geordie Decker and Chris Jordan (Sportsman); Shayne Spoonhower (Rookie Sportsman); Ricky Davis Sr. and Jason Beebe (Street Stock); Jason Tuttle (IMCA-style Modified); Bubba Peters (Pure Stock); Doug O’Hara (Empire Sport Truck); and Richard Wagner Jr. and Phil Burns (Four Cylinder).


Larry Hillis led Chance Spoonhower when the Sportsman feature was stopped at lap four.


With the speedway silent next Saturday (Aug. 23) for fencing and facility work, the features have been rescheduled for Labor Day weekend, setting up a huge two days of racing on the Mountain Aug. 30 and 31.


The Aug. 16 Modified (30 laps), Street Stock (20 laps) and remaining 16 laps of the Sportsman main event will now join the Saturday, Aug. 30 ‘Sprint Car Saturday’ special for an historic night of racing topped by the first-ever visit by the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) 360 Sprint Cars to Thunder Mountain.  Competitors in the Modifieds, Sportsman and Street Stocks should return with their wristbands from Aug. 16 for the ‘Sprint Car Saturday’ event.


The ESS squad of touring racers, celebrating their 31st anniversary season, will headline a unique ‘Sprint Car Saturday’ program co-promoted by BD Motorsports Media LLC with a 25-lap main paying $2,000-plus to the winner.


The event also includes the CRSA 305 Sprint Cars, Empire Lightning Sprints, SRP Sprints (now open to all winged 583cc, 600cc and 636 cc Micro-Sprints, any fuel and adjustments, $500 to win with 24 cars) plus a huge fireworks display. The fireworks show will be larger than the track’s Independence Day display on July 5.  The Midstate Vintage Stock Car Club will also be on hand to provide a glimpse into the sport’s stories past.


For the special “wing night” there will be hot wing specials in the concession stands and other surprises for fans.


Admission pricing for the Aug. 30 ‘Sprint Car Saturday’ is as follows: $18 for Adults, $16 for Seniors (ages 65 and over) and $12 for Students (ages 10-17). Kids 9 and under are FREE. Pit admission is $30. 


The Aug. 16 main events for the Rookie Sportsman (12 laps), IMCA-style Modifieds (15 laps), Four Cylinders ($200 to win, 15 laps), Pure Stocks ($200 to win, 12 laps) and Empire Sport Trucks (12 laps) will be contested on Sunday, Aug. 31 as part of the MjH Oilfield Wade Decker Memorial. Competitors should bring wristbands to the gate.


The big-block/small-block Modifieds headline the Wade Decker Memorial with a 50-lap event paying $5,000 to the winner (with $25 “Gambler’s Fee” posted, $3,500 without) and $250 to take the green flag. The Sportsman will run a 40-lap main with a hefty $1,250 winner’s share (with $20 “Gambler’s Fee” posted, $750 without) and $100 to take the green and the Street Stocks will take part in a 30-lap feature paying $1,000 to the winner (with $15 “Gambler’s Fee” posted, $750 without) and $120 to take the green, honoring Denny Decker. The Street Stock portion of the program has support from Cartrette Logging.


All divisions will draw for their starting positions with a redraw of top qualifiers for the main events.


Gates will open at 4 p.m. with a drivers’ meeting at 6 p.m. Hot laps will kick off at 6:20 p.m. and racing begins at 7 p.m.


Wade Decker Memorial grandstand admission is $20 for Adults, $18 for Seniors (65 and over), $15 for Students (ages 10-17) and FREE for kids nine and under. Pit admission is $35, with no license required.  Those attending with grandstand ticket stubs from Saturday’s program will receive $2 off.


A talented competitor who progressed from the Street Stocks to race in the Southern Tier and beyond in the Modified division, Wade Decker tragically lost his life on Dec. 5, 2011 in a logging accident. He was just 37 years old. The Decker family has worked to raise money for the second running of the Wade Decker Memorial event. The first event was run in 2012 at I-88 Speedway in Afton, N.Y. Pat Ward of Genoa, N.Y., was the inaugural event winner.


Fans and racers are encouraged to camp on the speedway grounds for the weekend doubleheader.  A post-race bonfire is planned for Saturday night with a Sunday horseshoe and bean-bag tournaments planned prior to the start of racing.


Aside from the posted purses, a number of special incentives have been set up for the event.


Halfway leader bonuses of $500 (Modified), $250 (Sportsman) and $150 (Street Stock) will be paid out.


Lap sponsorships are filling in at $25 per lap (Modified), $20 per lap (Sportsman) and $15 per lap (Street Stock). To sponsor a lap, contact Brenda Decker via e-mail at All lap money raised goes directly to the drivers.


Modified heat winners will take part in a Dash for Cash paying $1,000 to the winner.


The drivers leading the most laps in each of the three divisions will take home custom coolers filled with ice cold beer thanks to Lakey’s Tavern in Susquehanna, Pa.


The Modified Hard Charger will take home a certificate for a set of four new Integra shocks.


A unique prize is set for the Modified driver selected as the Hard Luck Award recipient: a guided turkey/deer hunt for driver and crew chief at Full Fan Lodge in Montrose, Pa. Full Fan Lodge is online at


E-Z Red Manufacturing of Deposit, N.Y., has provided several took kits and combinations to be given away to lucky recipients in all three divisions.


Fans will be part of the Wade Decker Memorial experience, as well. The first 50 fans through the gate for the Sunday event will receive a can koozie. A tee-shirt cannon will be shooting giveaways into the stands during the night and more.


For Thunder Mountain Speedway rules, general information and a complete schedule, visit The speedway office number is 607.657.8202. On race day, call 607.849.7899. The speedway e-mail is  “Like” Thunder Mountain Speedway on Facebook or follow @thundermtnspeed on Twitter.


Thunder Mountain Speedway is located at 91 Hunts Corners Road Center Lisle, NY 13797, approximately 25 miles north of Binghamton. The three-eighths-mile clay oval features hillside concrete seating, free parking and camping, a variety of concession items and novelties, a family environment and more.


Brett Deyo

Promotions, Public Relations & Marketing

Thunder Mountain Speedway

91 Hunts Corners Road Center Lisle, NY 13797

Cell: 845.728.2781

"Thunder Mountain Speedway" on Facebook

@thundermtnspeed on Twitter



In a way, what follows is a Press Release, but was found on Facebook this past Sunday:


Glenridge Motorsports-park


If you have not been up to the Glen Ridge Motorsports Park lately, Friday, August 29, may be the night for you to pay the little track up on the hill a visit. When promoter and local businessman Mike Sowle is planning to have one of the biggest events of 2014 at the “Fastest 1/4 Mile on Dirt” and joining in the fun will be another long time area businessman and racing sponsor, Tom Spencer from Adirondack Leather, as the two friends are planning to present the racers and fans with some extra distance racing with an increase in the purse for the winners.

“The Ridge” as it is known , is not a track for the faint of heart type of person, as the action is non-stop and extremely fast paced. The superior skills that are required to conquer this tight little bull ring in up state New York, causes many to question the confidence that many top name drivers have in their driving ability in regard to whether or not they have what it takes, to accept the challenge to race on this high banked clay oval. If you ask any of the championship quality drivers that have raced there at anytime during their career, it is a facility that requires a driver to be heads-up and alert every nanosecond that they are green flag racing. Which may be a factor that has caused other drivers to feel that their skills are not up to par with “The Ridge” regulars. With the point season for many tracks already decided as of the 29th. this will present an open opportunity for the invaders to show up and try their hand at taking the big money, if they can.

On this night the mighty modifieds will see their feature increased to 50 laps in length, with a hefty $3,000. waiting for the victor at the end of this 12.5 mile race. Each heat race winner will receive $100. to begin their evening.

In wanting to include all divisions in the excitement, Glen Ridge will also award the winner of each 602 sportsman division qualifying heat race with $100., for their accomplishments. The field of top notch competitors in the sportsman will race in a 30 lap feature, that will see the eventual winner receive a top prize of $2,000., not bad for 7.5 miles of hard core competition.

Sowle added “Tommy(Spencer) is also looking at adding lap sponsorship” (to the nights features) with close to 80 sponsorship billboards surrounding the Glen Ridge facility and support from the race teams and fans, the lap sponsorships should sell quickly.

The vintage modifieds will compete in a 20 lap feature that will see the cars of yesterday race, as the classic Gremlins, Coupes, and Coach style beauties from the past race in a 20 lap feature for a winners share of $300. and the Xcel 600 division will also compete in a 20 lap feature for their chance to win a cool $300. as these little speedsters powered by motorcycle engines, fly around Glen Ridge at speeds very close to what the 800 hp. modifieds turn.

Family entertainment is the thought behind every program at “The Ridge” and as part of that fans will be able to begin their evening in the covered back yard, by listening to the music of the Bushwackers Band and enjoying a meal from the track concession, while the children are playing on the bounce houses or picking out their favorite drivers picture from Bob Lansing’s photo booth. Later in the evening the kids will be able to take a tour ride on the Fun Bus, while asking questions of one of the many popular drivers and receiving added treats, during their ride through the pits.

In regard to the clay racing surface during a conversation earlier this week, Sowle commented “Around the third week of September, new clay will be added in preparation for the 2015 racing season”.

In addition to the new clay surface that will be laid down for the 2015 season, Sowle added “We should see a Brett Deyo show, possibly in May”, that is great news to many local fans as they know many of the top drivers throughout the northeast follow Deyo’s series of high paying, short track events.

Gates open every Friday at 4:30 pm., with racing beginning at 7;00 pm.

For more information about Glen Ridge Motorsports Park, please view their website at




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            AUGUST 18, 2014







            TORRANCE, Calif. - The United States Auto Club (USAC) has made the first deliveries of the Honda/HPD Midget Series engines to racers in the open-wheel category, marking the next milestone in Honda's continuing partnership with the sanctioning body announced in 2013.


            Utilizing chassis similar to those run in the National Midget Championship, but featuring sealed, performance-capped Honda engines, the Honda/HPD Midget Series is designed as an entry-level category, where drivers as young as 12 years old can compete.


            Based on the production, four-cylinder Honda K24 engine from the Honda Civic Si and developed for racing by Honda Performance Development and USAC, the sealed engines are now available through USAC for an introductory price of $9,995.00, and can be raced alongside previous-generation engines in the series. USAC worked to produce a balance of performance between the different engine designs.


            "HPD has long championed a logical development ladder system for young drivers in all forms of motorsports," said Marc Sours, HPD senior manager and chief engineer. "The Honda/HPD Midget Series slots in perfectly, above our already popular Quarter Midgets and below the USAC National Midget program, where Honda engines can also be campaigned."


            USAC sanctions six regional series for the Honda/HPD Midgets, on both dirt and pavement. The first race win for the Honda/HPD Midget engine was recorded on July 2 by Ross Rankine at Toledo Speedway, as part of the USAC Midwest Pavement Series.


            "USAC is extremely excited about the Honda K24 Midget engine and the Honda/HPD Midget Series," said Kevin Miller, USAC CEO/president. "We believe this engine installation, in development for the past year, will be the basis for the next generation of Midget racing in the United States."


            The 2.4-liter Honda Civic Si crate engine is adapted by USAC for Honda/HPD Midget competition. The Indianapolis-based sanctioning body is the single source for purchasing new engines, which are tested and sealed by USAC prior to delivery. The engine internals are all Honda OEM, with competition modifications including a custom aluminum oil pan designed for dry-sump lubrication, a three-stage oil pump, competition alternator, intake manifold and custom air inlet system.


            The wiring harness has been modified to allow ease of use, and all connectors are clearly marked for installation. The harness design also provides connections for USAC technical inspectors to maintain parity in the series.



Four great  All Pro events left to finish out the 2014 season Sept. 19  Lebanon Valley Classic Lindas speedway  $2000 to win,   Oct. 11   1/4 mile Nationals Five mile point Speedway  $3000 to win , Oct 26  Mahoning Valley Speedway  $3000 to win   and the grand finally  Nov. 1-2  4th annual Fall Jamboree  on the high banks of Grandveiw Speedway  sat. $1000 to win Sunday $3000 to win. anyone needing gear or set up recommendation for these speedways give us a call , Also any teams headed to Canada for there National weekend Sept,5-6 let us know . Thanks Rich



Speedway Entertainment

Home of the Slingshot by Tobias

Home of the SpeedSTR





A racing video:


You might have to copy & paste the link below.  Lotsa slide jobs w/midgets.  I hope to see these guys at the Hendry County track in Florida this coming winter.  The Hendry County track is the most southern dirt track in the US – at the very lower edge of Lake Okeechobee


Or, you can press down on the ctrl button and click on the link



This week’s photo:

Note:  I keep forgetting – to see the photos, you have to go to the New England Tractor Race Report website which has a link at the end of my column!

Something special this week – from my sons wedding.  Once it got a little dark, we all went out and lit up the candles in the lanterns.  They act like a hot air balloon, once they get enough heat in them; they rise up into the sky.  Glad to say that ours was the first to go up.  I kinda think we had a little heavenly help on that!

Pictured are my daughter Judy, me and my son-in-law, Willie, Judy’s husband.


Erica Lee Photograph!





Some non racin’ stuff:


Why Ramen Noodles Could Cut Your Life Short



Are you getting as tired of seeing people dump water on their heads as I am, on Facebook?


Monday night, the “fun & games” out in Ferguson, Missouri were telecast on a couple of news channels.  I imagine the same will apply on Tuesday, Wednesday and all other days – as long as the media is covering it.



More stupid commercials:


The Pepsi ad where they’re all tubing down the river and one asks another for a Pepsi.  They notice the cooler is heading downstream.  Uh, don’t coolers have tops and or lids on them?  That  one doesn’t.



This weeks joke:


Love the Irish



Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, 'Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me Irish Whiskey!'


Miraculously, a parking place appeared.


Paddy looked up again and said, 'Never mind, I found one.'




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