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                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 185



Some personal/family stuff:


It’s been a pretty hard month, folks.  As many of you know, my wife of almost 54 years passed away on July 3rd.  What we were hoping was scar tissue being the problem turned or far worse.  It was maybe a couple of months ago, while we were watching something on TV when she looked at me and told me her cancer had returned.  I asked her why she that and she said she felt the same way she felt a couple of years ago.  Funny how we can sense things, isn’t it?  She was correct.  The cancer returned with a vengeance, with a tumor surrounding part of her intestine and closing it up, thus the blockage.

Once surgery started, it was seen that she had numerous tumors inside.  She could hardly eat for maybe a little over three weeks.  I learned later that our bodies will tell us if we can or can’t eat.  I felt bad when I pressured her to eat more – not knowing her body was saying, “No”.

There have been times when I’ve had some surgeries, and I always had someone from the family with me just prior to them – even her, when I had my by-pass back in 1996.  I have to say that next to losing her, the next thing that hurt the most was that I was told her surgery would be early in the afternoon.  When I asked if I were to get the hospital at 11:00 in the morning, would that be early enough, I was told that it would be.   I arrived at 10:30 in the morning.  Sad to say, she was already in the “OR”.  Yes, I have tears in my eyes as I type this – sad that I could not accompany her on her last trip out of that hospital room and to the “OR”.  I can’t imagine how she felt.  I just hope that in her heart, she knew I was with her.


Her obituary, for those that might have missed it:


So, as of now, I’m not really sure as to just what I’ll be doing.  Keeping our house is just about out of the question, financially.  Oh, I have so many offers from family members to live with them, but I think for a while, I’ll be a traveler, me and our dog, “Max”, and do some lengthy or short visiting.  More than likely, I’ll be a “Snow Bird” this coming winter, and spend some time in Florida with daughters Sandy & Sarah, sister Cathy and brother “Jim”, along with seeing grand & great grand kids, too.

Me, being a race fan since 1946, I’d like to get in more racing up here – even the November race at Accord.  A lot depends on how my health is – especially my kidneys.  So far, so good with them.  Just have to watch what I’m eating!


Medical up-date on me:

I had an appointment with a kidney specialist today.  I’ll have to be pretty careful as far as my diet goes.  Diet worked wonders for me down in Florida.  Another problem – I’ve been diagnosed with Venous Insufficiency and mild stasis dermatitis.  I have an appointment on Thursday, 7/17.  More than likely I’ll have a wrapping of both legs.  I also had the same thing in Florida and after a week it was basically cleared up.


If I’m able to, it looks like I’ll hit Accord on Friday and Hamlin on Saturday.  Yay!



Racin’ stuff:

I’ve been told that I should continue with these columns.  I plan to – at least for a while.


While going through some things in my room last week, I came across the book that the late Keith Herbst wrote that covered all the midget races that were held in the Buffalo, NY Stadium.  In it was a note to me, from him, thanking me for when I started writing my “Ah Yes” articles – something that got him started into writing his book.  Yes, at times this writing stuff is rewarding!

Note:  To see some of my very first writings, you can check them out, here:

You can also check out Racer Rich & Jim Nise, too.


Special thanks go out to whomever it was that was responsible for the announcement over the PA system at OCFS about my wife’s passing.


I have my own thoughts about the Sportsman “Demolition Derbies” that have been occurring weekly at OCFS.  I’m surprised that they’re still able to keep their Sportsman car count up – what with all the expenses to repair damages done.


Car counts are down in the modified classes at both OCFS and the Valley.  Some other tracks, too.  Can we really blame it on the economy or is it the rule books?


I read that there is someone that keeps track of modified car counts here in the northeast.  Seems like the top three are all Brett Deyo promoted races – Thunder Mountain, OCFS and I think it was New Egypt.


The Brett Hearn “Big Show”, like so many other races this season, ran into weather problems and only got in 11 laps.  Oh yes, there are comments made about the rain date and having to buy a new ticket.  I’ve hinted to Brett that maybe an ARDC midget race to help fill the program on the 30th of July and it did bring some interest from Brett, but word I have received from the ARDC is that their schedule is “frozen”.  Huh?


Robin Miller has some interesting thoughts and comments about Indy Car racing which can bee found if you go here:


Back in 2003, while writing for the now defunct OWR website, I had the privilege of going to the IRL/USAC races held on the Richmond, VA ¾ mile track, with the late John LeVan.  Looking at the results from the IRL race, there are only three drivers that ran Indy cars in 2003 and are still at it in 2014 – Scott Dixon, Helio Castroneves and Tony Canaan.  Kinda remarkable, when yah think about it.


Richmond IRL:


When one looks at the Silver Crow race results, one can see quite a few names still at it in open wheel racing today.  More remarkable?  Today, Silver Crown races on pavement are very few and far between.


USAC Silver Crown:



More and more we’re able to see more empty aluminum seats at major league races.


Again, I read that at Pocono for the Indy Lights race on Saturday, there were only 8 cars.  That race could easily be run on Sunday along with the Indy car race, I think.  Hell, the track looks empty when there are 20-22 Indy cars on it!  And, as Robin Miller said in his article, Pocono is trying to get away from that July 4th date.

The 500 mile race a few days ago – average speed was 202+MPH. 



From Facebook on 7/14:


Veteran motor sports broadcaster Gary Lee found dead



From Facebook on 7/15/14:


Message from Gater Racing news:


The Gater Racing Photo News, and the Patrick Family specifically, would like to address all of our wonderful and loyal readers, contributors, advertisers, supporters and friends of the Gater Racing Photo News. We have been blessed and honored to have served you for nearly 50 years with the Gater Racing Photo News publication. It has truly been our pleasure providing everyone with the best auto racing publication possible.

It is with saddening heart we announce the Gater Racing Photo News will no longer publish. We have not been successful in finding a printing replacement that was able to satisfy all of the different components needed to uphold the same standards everyone has come to expect.

We are however, proud to share that all of our subscribers to the Gater News will have their account transferred to the Area Auto Racing News (AARN). Len Sammons, his family and entire crew at AARN are delighted to welcome all of the Gater News readers to their fine pages effective immediately. At this time, you should have already started receiving Area Auto Racing News. You will also be receiving a letter from Area Auto with more information about their product, as well a special offer to extend your subscription. We urge you to extend your Gater loyalty on to these wonderful and professional people at AARN. Area Auto Racing News, like Gater, is focused on covering the Northeast short tracks as well as all National Touring Series on both dirt and pavement.

If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please do not hesitate to contact AARN direct Mon.-Fri.9 am to 4:30pm at (609) 888-3618, or email to: To send questions by US mail, please use: Area Auto Racing News, P.O. Box 8547, Trenton, NJ 08650.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who enjoyed reading the pages of Gater Racing Photo News. We wish you all the best of luck in your racing endeavors. Please continue to support the sport we all love.


The Patrick Family and Everyone at Gater Racing Photo News"



More from 7/15:


Glenridge Motorsports-park


ATTENTION RULE CHANGE: The modified and sportsman class will no longer be allowed to run dzus on wheel covers on any corner of the race car. The only mud rings allowed will be the type that bolts on and double as a bead lock ring or the foam style.



Found on South Jersey Dirt Racing:




Author: Brett Deyo   Date: 7/15/2014 8:58:00 AM  +2/-0 


The rules, prices and general information have now been posted for the next three Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP events: Wednesday, July 23 at I-88 Speedway (rain date: July 24); Tuesday, August 5 at Accord Speedway (rain date: Aug. 6) and Tuesday, August 12 at Penn Can Speedway (rain date: Aug. 13).


The race for the $10,014 inaugural championship will heat up over the next four weeks.  Andy Bachetti currently leads by three points entering the Crazy 8s Special at I-88. Here are the top-15 as they stand now.


Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP Point Standings

*After Thunder Mountain Speedway, May 20

Position Car No. Driver Orange County Thunder Mtn Total


 1 34 Andy Bachetti* 100 68 168

 2 86 Danny Johnson 85 80 165

 3 2A Jeff Heotzler 80 76 156

 4 1WGC Stewart Friesen 65 85 150

 5 97T Danny Tyler 90 56 146

 6 94 Tim Hindley 95 48 143

 7 21M Bob McGannon 58 62 120

 8 TEN Billy Van Inwegen 76 42 118

 3 Tommy Meier 68 50 118

 10 66 Duane Howard 43 72 115

 11 62 Matt Jester 41 65 106

 12 14W Ryan Watt 56 45 101

 13 357 Matt Sheppard* 0 100 100

 14 2C Chad Cook 0 95 95

 15 32C Vic Coffey 0 90 90


Rules and general info for each event can be found below:


I-88 July 23:


Accord Aug. 5:


Penn Can Aug. 12:




NASCAR introduces new paint scheme for Chase drivers




Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:


This week I won’t be covering how they’ve done over the last weekend, if you don’t mind.  I’m starting this column on Monday night, so time just might not allow it.  Sorry!




From Jayski:


Note:  Some “old news”, to begin with, then some current stuff:


Logano not happy with Shepherd's driving:

#22-Joey Logano was involved in an accident on lap 211 when he made contact with #33-Morgan Shepherd at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, his comment: "I got taken out by the slowest car out there. You would think there would be some courtesy to the leaders. We were in second place. He gets out of the way on the straightaway and then goes into the corner and slides right up into the lane I was in. Whatever. I don't know. We will fix it and go at it again. Daytona is Daytona and everyone else crashed but this week - we were doing a good job after having a left rear flat in practice and we were running second with our backup car. I can't get too mad at ourselves over this. It is just dumb that it happened. I feel like that should be stuff that shouldn't happen at this level of racing."(Ford Racing)(7-14-2014)


NASCAR has no problem with Morgan Shepherd:

NASCAR vice president of competition defended Shepherd saying the veteran "met all of the requirements" established by the sanctioning body. He qualified the situation by calling it "an accident, that could have happened to anybody" and maintained that the #33 Chevy had no issue dropping "to the minimum speed" required at Loudon, "so there wasn't any issue with that."

"Morgan Shepherd has always been approved," Pemberton said. "He's been approved for decades. Under our situation here, you take a physical at the beginning of the year, you pass your physical, you pass inspection with your car, you qualify for the race and you run the event. He met everything he needed to meet."(Motorsport)(7-14-2014)


NASCAR And Turner Sports Culminate 32-Year Broadcast Partnership at NHMS:

For more than three decades, NASCAR and Turner Sports have partnered to tell the stories of stock car racing - longer than many of the drivers in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series have been alive. On Sunday when the checkered flag flies at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, it will mark the conclusion of a long and prosperous partnership between NASCAR and Turner Sports.

"There is no question that the folks at Turner have been fantastic partners for the past 32 years, and we can't thank them enough for everything they've done to grow the sport during that time frame," said Brian France, NASCAR chairman and chief executive officer. "Their dedication to producing first-class, innovative NASCAR broadcasts has never wavered, and this weekend's race from New Hampshire should bring an exciting yet bittersweet conclusion to TNT's NASCAR Summer Series."

Turner has been instrumental in helping grow the sport through innovative and creative NASCAR coverage and promotions. Some highlights in the history of the partnership include:

- 1983 - 2001: TBS was the longtime home for select races in all three national series, including events from Richmond, Atlanta, Rockingham, Riverside, Charlotte and Pocono; Ken Squier, Buddy Baker and Dick Berggren made up the broadcast team for the majority of races.

- July 2001: The first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race was aired on TNT from New Hampshire Motor Speedway; Allen Bestwick, Benny Parsons and Wally Dallenbach manned the broadcast booth.

- September 2004: TNT presented its first race in HDTV, the Rock and Roll 400 from Richmond International Raceway.

- December 2004: TNT announced it would carry their entire portion of the 2005 season in 1080i high definition.

- May 2011: Turner implemented new "directional audio" marketing technology in public areas of Charlotte, North Carolina, allowing visitors to hear engines revving and race tune-in information when stepping on TNT logos.

- June 2012: NASCAR and Twitter launched a first-of-its-kind editorial partnership for the first TNT race from Pocono Raceway, creating a unique complementary second screen experience to enhance TNT's broadcast of the race.

- June 2013: TNT introduced "all-access coverage" during the Countdown to Green prerace show, a feature where the network follows a different driver throughout the week to document how they prepare for the race.

Finally, there are countless memorable moments on the track that Turner has covered over the last three-plus decades. But most notably, TBS will always be known as the network that carried the first-ever race in which Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. competed against each other. In a 300-mile exhibition race at Twin Ring Motegi in Motegi, Japan in 1998, Earnhardt Jr. ran the No. 1 car while his father was in the iconic No. 3. What was the result? Son bested Dad by two positions, as the pair finished sixth and eighth, respectively. Turner Sports will continue to oversee advertising sales and sponsorships across NASCAR-branded digital platforms. The 2014 NASCAR Summer Series on TNT officially concludes with the Camping World RV Sales 301 live from New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Sunday, July 13.(NASCAR)(7-13-2014)


Sprint Cup teams form Race Team Alliance: A group of nine multi-car teams participating in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) announced today they have formed a collaborative business association called the Race Team Alliance (RTA). The purpose of the organization is to create an open forum for the teams to explore areas of common interest and to work collaboratively on initiatives to help preserve, promote, and grow the sport of stock car racing. The organization intends to open up its membership to all full time NSCS teams in the very near future. In providing a vehicle for the teams to work together, the organization creates for the first time a single entity to engage with stakeholders on creative ways to market and experience the power of the sport's teams and drivers. As part of its focus, the RTA also plans to explore innovative ways to harness the combined purchasing power and scale of the teams' operations to drive efficiencies in costs. Rob Kauffman, co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing, has been elected the first chair of the RTA.

"With the encouragement of NASCAR and the manufacturers, the teams have met in various forms and forums over the years to explore areas of common interest. This simply formalizes what was an informal group." said Kauffman. "The key word is 'Collaboration'. We all have vested interests in the success and popularity of stock car racing. By working together and speaking with a single voice, it should be a simpler and smoother process to work with current and potential groups involved with the sport. Whether it be looking for industry-wide travel partners or collaborating on technical issues - the idea is to work together to increase revenue, spend more efficiently, and deliver more value to our partners."

The following teams are the executive members of the RTA: Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates, Hendrick Motor Sports, Joe Gibbs Racing, Michael Waltrip Racing, Richard Childress Racing, Richard Petty Motor Sports, Roush Fenway Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing and Team Penske.(RTA)(7-7-2014)



Statement from NASCAR: "We are aware of the alliance concept the team owners have announced, but have very few specifics on its structure or purpose. It is apparently still in development and we're still learning about the details so it would be inappropriate to comment right now. NASCAR's mission, as it has always been, is to create a fair playing field where anyone can come and compete. Our job is to support and strengthen all of the teams, large and small, across all of our series and we'll continue to do that. NASCAR is a unique community with hundreds of stakeholders. They all have a voice and always will."(NASCAR)(7-7-2014)



#55-Brian Vickers doesn't know much about the newly formed Race Team Alliance, but he knows plenty about the man who's running it. The RTA, whose creation was announced Monday, is a business alliance of nine Sprint Cup teams that is being chaired by Rob Kauffman, who is the co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing. Vickers, who drives the #55 Toyota for MWR in NASCAR's premier series, said he had "heard little things here and there" about the RTA but not much despite his proximity to Kauffman. "I just get in the car every Friday and just drive as fast as I can," he said Tuesday during a conference call with the news media. "I don't know enough, to be honest with you, about (the RTA) to have any opinion. I think any of those questions are better addressed to Rob or the ownership group. But in general, you know, I have a lot of respect for the owners in this industry. If they feel there's a need, then there's probably a need for it, so I wish them all the best."(USA Today)(7-9-2014)


Kauffman, RTA talking to prospective members: Five days after its formation was announced, the Race Team Alliance is in the opening stage of expanding its membership beyond nine charter Sprint Cup teams. RTA chairman Rob Kauffman said he's talked over the past few days with Tommy Baldwin, Tad Geschickter (JTG Daugherty Racing) and other owners of the smaller organizations in NASCAR's premier series. The RTA is open to any teams that attempted to qualify for at least 95% of Cup races the past two seasons. Kauffman said the response were "quite positive" but demurred when asked about which teams would join. Representatives from smaller teams have deflected or declined comment about the RTA.(see full story at the USA Today)(7-13-2014)



Bruton Smith blasts Race Team Alliance: Speedway Motorsports Inc. chairman Bruton Smith, a longtime critic of NASCAR, became the sanctioning body's biggest supporter Friday, blasting the recent formation of the Race Team Alliance. "What I know about it, of course I don't like it," Smith said after Sprint Cup practice at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, which is one of eight SMI-owned tracks that play host to NASCAR's premier series. "I don't know anything about it that's good for what we do. I don't see anything that's going to be good for the sport. Nothing. What little bit I know about it right now, it seems it will damage the sport. If NASCAR needs us, we're there with NASCAR on the deal. We're there every day, every hour, if they need us."

Announced Monday, the RTA is comprised of nine teams that have aligned with the objective of saving costs. Smith, though, said it won't improve NASCAR and likely would hurt it, though he was vague when pressed about how. "If you're NASCAR or Speedway Motorsports, show me one thing that's going to help the sport," Smith said. "I don't see anything I've heard or read about it."

Smith often feuded with former NASCAR chairman Bill France Jr. about race scheduling and the sport's direction, and there was speculation that the RTA might view him as an ally, given his maverick streak and vast business holdings. But Smith snuffed any such perception. "Absolutely not," he said. "I'll be standing shoulder to shoulder with NASCAR on this one. I know (the RTA isn't) going to like it. I like this sport. I've been in it forever. We have a huge investment around $4 billion. I don't sit up at night worrying about it, but I do not like the people to damage the sport."(see full story at the USA Today)(7-12-2014)



Ty Dillon to make Sprint Cup debut:

Ty Dillon is scheduled to make his NASCAR Sprint Cup debut next month at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Mike Dillon, vice president of competition at Richard Childress Racing, told Motor Racing Network. Mike Dillon says that Ty Dillon, his son, will drive the #33 Chevy at Atlanta. Part of the reason why Ty Dillon will make his debut at Atlanta is that Richard Childress Racing is scheduled to test there next month. It won't the first time Ty Dillon has tested a Cup car. Mike Dillon said his son has tested with Furniture Row Racing this season. Mike Dillon said the plan is for Ty Dillon to run a second Cup race later this season but where and when will depend on sponsorship.(Motor Racing Network)(7-15-2014)


Earnhardt Jr. and Keselowski clinch Chase spot:

#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. and #2-Brad Keselowski have clinched a spot in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, assuming they attempt to qualify for the remaining seven races in the regular season. Both Earnhardt and Keselowski have fulfilled two of the three requirements to guarantee their spot in the Chase - multiple wins and locking in to the top 30 in points. With Keselowski's third win of the season this past weekend he could be seeded first in the Chase - each win is worth three Chase bonus points. A number of other drivers can join Earnhardt and Keselowski as Chase clinchers. #24-Jeff Gordon has already clinched a top 30 spot, but with a single win has yet to clinch the "wins" portion of the criteria. A win at Indy would clinch him a spot. To clinch a top 30 spot, the clinching driver must be 289 points ahead of 31st place after Indianapolis.(NASCAR Wire Service)(7-15-2014)


Gordon talks about the RTA and minimum speed:

#24-Jeff Gordon was the guest of this week's NASCAR Teleconference and discussed many topics including the RTA and minimum speeds, the transcript in part:

Q. There was a lot of talk about the Joey Logano crash with Morgan Shepherd and a lot of discussion about minimum speeds and whatnot, and I think 10 years ago at Darlington you had an incident with Andy Hillenburg in which it was similar with a car struggling to kind of maintain minimum speed and you had a wreck. I was wondering do you have any thoughts on should NASCAR look at minimum speeds because I think that the pace was like 16 miles an hour faster than what the minimum speed was at New Hampshire, or are you comfortable with having cars that are running that slow on the track?

JEFF GORDON: "No, I'm not comfortable with that. I don't think they have any place out there if they're running that slow, whether you're a car that's had damage and you can't maintain the minimum speed, or is the minimum speed the proper speed. I think it probably needs to be raised up at certain tracks where there's not a lot of falloff in the tire, then I think that minimum speed probably needs to be adjusted. I don't know if that really contributed towards what happened with Morgan and Joey. The video doesn't show everything. You see Joey go by him. Obviously Morgan got loose and got into him.

The tricky thing about minimum speed at a place like New Hampshire, you've got cars all around the track. You've got a car that maybe can meet minimum speed in clean air, but they're really never in clean air because they're constantly getting passed or trying to make some room for the lap cars to go by. How do we truly measure minimum speed because if you do it every lap that they're getting passed by a faster car, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't make minimum speed, so I think NASCAR maybe looks at sometimes once they get into clean air are they making minimum speed, and at a place like New Hampshire or Martinsville, they're never in clean air, and I don't think they're ever going to make minimum speed. Those numbers are -- NASCAR has those, I don't. I know that week in and week out there are certain cars that you're passing very, very often that you're questioning whether or not they're making minimum speed or if the minimum speed is really at the right pace."

Q. What do you think about the owners forming the RTA? Do you see that as a positive or a negative, and if it's a positive, what are some things that you think they can accomplish?

JEFF GORDON: "Well, you know, I don't really see where things have changed a whole lot other than it's more official. They've been meeting for years to get together and communicate about where the sport is at, things that they can do to strengthen their teams, be more efficient. I think it's really just more of an official way to create that alliance, and I think it's a positive because our sport, in order for it to be strong, the teams need to be strong. They need to be profitable. They need to be able to do business, and it's turned into a big business, and it's constantly growing, and so I'm in support of it because if the teams are strong and more successful, then that's good for us that are part of the team and it's good for the sport, it's good for the fans, and so I think that this is definitely going to be something that we're all going to learn from and grow from, but I think it's something that definitely is only going to be good for the sport in general."

Q. I'm not using the word union, but would it be helpful to the drivers if they were organized in the same way the owners are attempting to be?

JEFF GORDON: :Well, I think the way I look at this, this is a team alliance. It's not an owner alliance. Some people are saying that, but to me it's what's going to make the teams more efficient, stronger, more profitable, and to me that includes the drivers. That includes all the employees on each of those teams. I think that it's in a lot of ways covering us, as well. We're aligned with the teams. I have a contract with a team and I want that team to be strong because I know if that team is strong, then that secures my position as a driver. It secures our sponsors and only helps us with our partners and our fans."

(Team Chevy), see full transcript at and see a video of the interview at



NASCAR TV ratings:



NASCAR to test possible 2015 rule changes:

NASCAR has scheduled a test on August 18, 2014 at Michigan International Speedway to test possible rule changes for the 2015 season. "We're very pleased with the competition on the track so far in 2014,'' said Gene Stefanyshyn, NASCAR vice president of innovation and racing development, in a statement to Motor Racing Network. "The evolution of the racing product continues as we look to 2015 and beyond. The test at Michigan International Speedway will be a great opportunity to gather more information, help us validate much of the great research done by engineers in our sport, and drive us one step closer to our 2015 race package." NASCAR states that the number of teams testing hasn't been finalized. NASCAR also states that no other tests have been scheduled, although indications in the garage are that a follow-up test could take place at Charlotte Motor Speedway later in the year.(Motor Racing Network)(7-16-2014)

Note:  Hmm, wonder how much that will cost the teams?



NASCAR tracks rev up lobbying for tax break:

Racetrack owners are revving up their efforts to protect the "NASCAR tax break" from critics who portray it as pure corporate pork. The provision, which allows motor sports tracks to use a shorter depreciation schedule, is among the more than 50 tax preferences that expired at the end of 2013 after Congress failed to pass a so-called "extenders" bill. Fiscal watchdogs say the motor sports tax break, enacted in 2004, is the kind of narrow giveaway that gives the U.S. tax code a bad name, and lump it in with other extenders provisions that support the Puerto Rican rum industry and thoroughbred horses. With that in mind, motor sports officials have accelerated their own lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill to battle back against a shorthand - "NASCAR tax break" - they say is misleading. John Saunders, the president of the International Speedway Corporation (ISC), acknowledged that motor sports advocates have a tough fight against "a sexy sound bite."

"It's an asterisk in the extenders, yet it gets all this attention, mischaracterized," said Saunders, whose company owns the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama and about a dozen other NASCAR tracks. Congress is expected to restore at least some of the expired tax provisions by the end of the year, and motor sports companies are employing high-priced K Street talent to help them land in the winner's circle. There are roughly 1,200 auto racetracks in the U.S., according to industry advocates, the vast majority of which are small, local operations that aren't affiliated with the big leagues of NASCAR. Allowing those tracks to write off costs over a seven-year span lets them pour money back into their businesses, racetrack advocates say, spurring economic growth in individual communities around the country.(see full article at The Hill)(7-16-2014)

Note:  Somehow, I'm against these so called "tax breaks" that are being given out.



Winston to be made in England:

Reynolds and Lorillard announced Tuesday morning that they have entered into a definitive agreement in which Winston-Salem-based Reynolds has agreed to acquire Greensboro-based Lorillard. Reynolds will keep the Newport, Camel, Pall Mall and Natural American Spirit cigarette brands; Grizzly smokeless tobacco; and VUSE e-cigarettes. In what is likely an early attempt to appease antitrust regulators, the KOOL, Salem, Winston, Maverick and blue Cigs brands and other assets and liabilities will be sold to Britain's Imperial Tobacco. If the transaction is completed, a transition period will begin during which Reynolds will contract manufacture KOOL, Salem and Winston for Imperial and Imperial will contract manufacture Newport for Reynolds.(Triad Business Journal), Winston sponsored the now Sprint Cup Series from 1971 thru 2003.(7-16-2014)

Note:  Hmm, interesting!  How will this affect the southern labor market?




From Track Forum:


A couple of threads about Pocono:

Pocono traffic issues?


Pocono Survey.



And one about the Race Team Alliance in NASCAR


A Storm be a Brewing




From the AARN:


Some things covered in the AARN this week:


Kerry Madsen Is Eldora’s New King Of Sprint Cars


Mod Tour Star Santos Makes Last Turn, Last Lap Pass Stick At New Hampshire


Paige Polyak: Next Big Sprint Star Or Just Another Pretty Face?


IMSA Stanout Dave Shullick Is Oswego’s Newest ‘King Of Wing’


Tom Sears Sweeps Brewerton. Fulton Modified Mains


Mahoning Mod Teenage Sensation Kris Graver Keeps On Winning


‘Doctor’ Danny Johnson Keeps RoC Rivals In Five Mile Point Waiting Room


New LFR Modified Chassis Tested, Proven At Loudon By Todd Szegedy


Gater Racing Bows Out After Nearly Fifty Years Of Publication


NASCAR Team Owner Alliance: All About Bigger Pie Slice



Coming up:


The fair returns to Middletown.  More on this in the press release, below.


Vintage Racing Celebration

Friday, August 01 - Monday, Aug 04, 2014 | 9:00am - 5:00pm

Road Course Days: Aug. 1-2

Oval Days: Aug. 3-4

Note:  As of now, I’m not sure if Judy & I will be attending.  More than likely “Max” would be allowed in the motel, but I dunno about taking him to the track.  Everything is paved, and hot pavement raises hell with their pads.

And, rumo5s have been out there that this could be the last Vintage meet at Loudon.  Sad how they have NASCARized it and raised the cost so much.



WoO Sprint Cars at the Valley this Sunday.


Accord – August 5th:

Battle of the Bullring 2*

Sponsored by New York Truck Parts

Modifieds $5100 to WIN - Sportsman $1000 to WIN

Rain date August 6

Note:  Looks like I’ll make this show.


NASCAR Truck Race from Eldora next Wednesday night.  Will be on FOX Sports 1 as far as TV goes.  Just wish they would not just take four from qualifying.  JR Heffner is entered.  Last year he got shafted due to the ony 4 going into the race while others were guaranteed.  Kinda sucks, ya know?



Racing on TV:




Press releases:


NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                    

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda






MIDDLETOWN, NY (July 14)……..Two evenings of stock car racing on the five-eighths-mile Hard Clay speedway will be run during the 174th Annual Orange County Fair in Middletown, New York.


First up on Saturday, July 19, Middletown Collision and lawyers Dupée & Monroe, P.C. present a four-division stock car racing program anchored by the DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds competing for the top prize of $2,500 in a 30-lap feature race.  Also on the card are the Small-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, and Street Stock divisions in qualifying and feature event races. And as a special attraction, the Thunder Trucks are making a return appearance to the famous Orange County Hard Clay. There will be two Sportsman feature races, with the program opening with the previously postponed 20-lap July 5 Sportsman feature.


Saturday, July 26 the DIRTcar Modifieds, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stocks return to action on the historic speedway. Two Modified features are on tap, with opening race the 30-lap DIRTcar Modified feature postponed from July 5.  The Holiday Inn of Middletown is the night’s sponsor.


Speedway admission prices during Fair events at $14 adults, $2.00 children under 12 with advance purchase tickets including Fair admission. Racing begins promptly at 7:00 pm. Fair admission applies to same day speedway attendance. Advance Speedway tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to the scheduled race meet to include Fair admission.


Tickets purchased on the day of the event are $12.00 plus Fair admission.


Ticket prices, starting times, and other important information for the Orange County Fair are available at


 Advance ticket sales and track information for all remaining Orange County Fair Speedway race dates, including the 53nd Annual Eastern States Weekend, can be found at the Orange County website,, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.         


Note:  With the fair in town, parking really is at a premium.  The drive in is only so-so as far as seeing the cars on the front stretch.  Basically you only see silhouettes of the cars, since the lighting is from the stands.




This week’s photo:


He excelled in midgets, and then he excelled at Indy, darn near winning four in a row, 1952, 1953, 1954 & 1955.  A tiny part broke in his steering in ’52 while leading with 8 laps to go.  He came back and won in 53 & 54.  In 55 he was leading when he went against something he said you should never do at Indy – turn right.  He had to turn right to miss the car driven by Al Keller, then had contact with Johnny Boyd’s car and did some vicious flips off of the track and was fatally injured.


Bill Vukovich



To this day, my brother, “Jim” refers to me as “Vuke”.



Racing videos:


A couple from OCFS from last Saturday and Vintage at Pocono


Note:  Both found on Facebook.


Last Saturday, at OCFS, Josh Pieniazek wiped out the nights sponsors sign, after he hit the inside Jersey barrier, then barrel rolled across the track and through the sign, ending up on Wisner Avenue.  No, he isn’t the first to end up on Wisner!

Note:  After posting the link, I found it is a “Private” video.  Sorry!


The Sportsman feature from last Saturday.  Thanks to Jeff Lambert!



Pocono – sad thing is – they were on the track around 11:00 AM and the stands, as you can see, were basically empty.  Same as last year.  I feel they should have them on the track just prior to the Indy Car race.




Email that I received a while ago:


WELCOME to 2014:


• Our Phones – Wireless

• Cooking – Fireless

• Cars – Keyless

• Food – Fatless

• Tires –Tubeless

• Dress – Sleeveless

• Youth – Jobless

• Leaders – Shameless

• Relationships – Meaningless

• Attitudes – Careless

• Babies – Fatherless

• Feelings – Heartless

• Education – Valueless

• Children – Mannerless

• Country – Godless




Congress is CLUELESS,


And our President is WORTHLESS !


I'm scared - shitless *





This weeks joke:


Hope no one gets offended!



Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Ontario, says......"I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto. I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance. That is why I also propose that two night clubs be opened next door to the mosque thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque.   We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, "The Turban Cowboy," and the other a topless bar called "You Mecca Me Hot." Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called " Iraq of Ribs." Across the street there could be a lingerie store called " Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret," with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods. Next door to the lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toy shop , "Koranal Knowledge," its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a liquor store called "More hammered."     All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us, so their mosque issue would not be a problem for others." Yes we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on. And if you are not laughing or smiling at this point... It is either past your bedtime, or it's midnight at the oasis and time to put your camel to bed!!!!=   





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