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Some personal/family stuff:


Sad to say, but this will be my last column for a while.


Not a very good week since my last column!  If you recall, the wife was due for a colonoscopy last Thursday at 8:45 AM, in Middletown, NY.  I went downstairs at 7:00 in the morning, and the wife was sitting on the potty.  “I‘ve been doing this since two O’clock this morning”, she said.  On top of that, she had been throwing up, too.  So I call to see if maybe we can have a slight delay.  No can do.  Problem is with the aesthesis’.   Once he’s done with the doctor we were seeing, he had to go to another one.

So, we get there at 8:47, and we’re greeted by a full room.  Yes, not all are there for the same procedure; still, it took almost two hours for us to be told that due to the wife throwing up, the anesthesia really could not be administered.  So, it’s back there again this coming Thursday – same time.  One thing they never did tell us was that the new prep the wife was using would cause her to, on occasion, throw up.  We’re going back to the old prep for this coming Thursday.

Note:  Due to the way the wife was feeling on Wednesday AM, we had to cancel the flushing of her medi-port at 11:00 AM, and also the schedule3d colonoscopy on Thursday.


While down in Florida, we did ring up some medical bills.  On May 19th, I put two statements and two checks in an envelope, with the address showing through the window in said envelope.  This past Saturday, I get the envelope “returned to sender”.  A call to billing (some dude with an Indian accent) and he informs me that, yes, the address that was shown in the window of the envelope is the correct address.  Afraid not.  Keep in mind, a change of address is usually good for a period of one year.  So, going through all the paperwork from Florid, I find the number of that doctors office.  Uh huh – they asked  me if I wanted there NEW address.  This, friends, is what happens when they can’t do their own goddam billing.  Oh yes, I should also say, I have previously sent checks to that same address that was shown in that window, and they never got returned.


And, I’m pretty sure that in a previous column – one of the first since we returned from Florida in early April, I made mention of putting our house on the market, with plans to move to Florida.  Well, if you read this link below, it looks like we might have a long wait as far as selling goes (we have yet to have any “bites”).  Seems our house is priced about 40 G’s over the average 2013 selling prices for homes for sale here in Port Jervis.





Racin’ stuff:



Accord news:


Found this on Facebook on Wednesday night at 10:00:


“To all drivers, crews, and fans that head North up 209 to Accord Speedway, this Friday May 30th there will be a Memorial Day Parade in Kerhonkson at 5pm. They have the parade every year on the actual Memorial Day. This year it happens to be on Friday. The parade starts at 5 and will cross over 209 at the light by Stewarts. This will back up traffic so please plan your trip to Accord Speedway accordingly so you don't get caught sitting in traffic. Just a heads up to everyone. Wish everyone the best of luck and stay safe as always.”



As of 1:00 PM on Wednesday, and checking out the forecast via AccuWeather, I see we have our typical Friday and Saturday forecasts.  No need to elaborate, I guess?



Looking a the entry list for the Cup race this coming Sunday at Dover I see there will be no one going home – 43 entrees for 43 spots.

And, there are 40 entrants for the Nationwide race on Saturday.  Only JJ Yeley, Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, Joe Nemecheck and Trevor Bayne, who is basically part time in Cup, are the only Cup drivers on the list.



Question:  If a race driver puts up a post on Facebook that makes mention of him getting “food poisoning” at a track he competes on, do you think there could be repercussions coming his way from the track – especially when there is basically only one vendor that has a majority of the concessions?



With the wife and I attending an “Engagement Party” BBQ on Sunday afternoon, I only got to see about the first 20 laps of the Indy 500.  I was, in a way, presently surprised at the attendance for the 500.  And, as for the 600 at Charlotte – I did notice that coming off of the second turn, and onto the backstretch, there were some pretty good sized stands that were covered over.  Funny – NASCAT is supposed to be the big thing in racing.  Might it be that the 600 mile race is just too damn long?

I was glad to see that it was an American driver to win the 500.  But, best I know, that American driver has never driven a Midget, Sprint Car or Champ (Silver Crown) car on either dirt or pavement.

I’m pretty sure that in the past, those that run the Chili Bowl Midget race have extended an open invitation to the Indy 500 winner.  If so, I hope they do it again for the next Chili Bowl, and that Ryan Hunter-Reay, will accept their offer.


You really have to hand it to Brett Deyo.  How many race promoters will get on the Internet with something like this:


From DTD Forum:


Posted Thursday, 5/22/14,

Just wrapped up working on some things from last night and thought I'd take a moment to say THANK YOU to all who turned out for last night's event at Thunder Mountain Speedway. The turnout was huge and certainly the largest ever to roll up the Hill in Center Lisle. Very cool...


Also a big thanks to Olum's, Rochinski Contracting Services, Husqvarna and all the other great marketing partners who kicked in to make the race special.


As I did after Orange County in April, I thought I'd offer some perspective from my point of view.


The Ugly: You know this one already because you all took it home with you. The dust. There are people who will say "it's a dirt track, live with it." I'm not one of them. Last night's dust was excessive and I apologize for it. Honestly, the airborne particulates were a major downer on what should have been an unbelievable night. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Honestly, it looked like a volcanic eruption. What makes the situation more bizarre is the fact that when I walked across the track at the end of the night, my feet actually sunk in the track. It was still tacky, so it wasn't the case of being dry. I had several drivers say they don't know what the track could have done differently as far as prep. More water certainly wasn't the trick because the dust didn't subside during the rain.  I'm sure Karl will be working on it for his Saturday night racing coming up.


The Slightly Ugly: The yellow fever early in the was one of those rock-in-a-hard-place situations. We had originally planned to start 26 cars. However, with the large car count, we opted to start 32 to help more drivers make money. The downside was the number of tangles early in the race.


The Good: We as a series are still very new at running races. We have a staff this year with representatives from a variety of different tracks. But I think Tuesday's show was one of our most efficient to date. Eight Mod heats, four Mod consi races, three Sportsman heats, Mod Last Chance Dash and Mod 50-lap feature done by 10:15 p.m. with only the Sportsman to follow. Getting done early on a work night is very important to me and I think we accomplished that last night.


The Great: The turnout! 73 cars was unbelievable. How cool to see Howard, Hearn, Watt, Johnsons, Friesen, Jester, Planck, Bachetti, Weaver, Manmiller, Sheppard, Reckner, Varin, Decker, Ward, Rudolph, Ricci, Heotzler, etc., etc. and the local stars all in one spot. The support of OCFS cars such as Hindley, McGannon, Jashembowski, etc. was awesome as well.  The fan attendance was also exceptional. Hopefully the fans did enjoy some of the extras such as the bounce house for the young kids, the giveaways, fireworks, race cars on display, etc.


A side note: we advertised very aggressively on the HAWK 98.1 radio station in Binghamton. They did an awesome job promoting the event and the feedback was phenomenal. It shows there is still some hope for standard radio amidst all the technology in the world.


Each race remains a learning experience for us. Our next adventure is set for Tuesday, June 17 at New Egypt Speedway. Looking forward to joining forces with Stewart Friesen again, this time adding 360 Sprint Cars to our Super DIRTcar Series program. The Short Track Super Series resumes on July 23 at I-88 Speedway.


Thanks again for being part of our series.




Just a quick note: after a great conversation this morning with I-88 Speedway co-promoter Jamie Page, we have decided to add a fully-paid B-Main to the next NDRL Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP event at the Afton Fairgrounds on Wednesday, July 23 if the car count tops 50. In addition to the A-main event, all DNQ drivers will be invited to run a B-Mail paying every car. Details will be worked out in the coming days, but we wanted to get the word out now to teams.


Additionally, our recycle your entry fee program will be in effect. All drivers unable to qualify Tuesday at Thunder Mountain will receive a free car entry at I-88.  Full-season paid members receive a cash refund.




Changes At Thunder Mountain: Softer Tires Permitted In Open-Wheel Divisions Starting Saturday, June 7; Modified Free Pass Incentive Program For Newcomers; Four-Barrels Permitted On Rookie Sportsman


CENTER LISLE, NY – Changes are in store as Thunder Mountain Speedway works through its rebuilding year in 2014.


On Monday, returning speedway owner Karl Spoonhower announced some rules amendments and incentives for the three-eighths-mile clay oval in Center Lisle, N.Y., for the big-block/small-block Modified, Sportsman and Rookie Sportsman divisions.


The most significant change comes with the tire rule for the three open-wheel divisions. Starting Saturday, June 7, softer compound American Racer tires - SD 33 (left-rear) and SD 38 (right-rear) - and harder will be permitted. The rule had been minimum SD 44 (left-rear) and SD 48 (right-rear) from the start of the ’14 season. Front tires will remain SD 33 and harder.


Spoonhower felt it was time for a change. The tire rule alteration applies to Modified, Sportsman and Rookie Sportsman racers.


“The tires we’ve been running are just too hard for the track,” Spoonhower said after speaking with competitors on Saturday night. “The guys are out there spinning their wheels. It doesn’t make for good racing and it’s hard on the track, too.


“I think the softer tires will make it a lot easier for the drivers to get ahold of the surface and the fans will see better racing as a result. Our track is so soft, even the 33-38 compound tires aren’t going to wear out.”


The change also puts Thunder Mountain in line with the region’s closest two Friday night tracks: Penn Can (Pa.) Speedway and I-88 (N.Y.) Speedway, both of which run on the softer American Racer rubber. This should permit additional cross-over of drivers running both Friday and Saturday nights.


Also for Modified racers: any competitor trying the speedway for the first time on a Saturday night will receive one free pit pass at the gate. This is an incentive to bring in some new faces to the Modified ranks, with $1,200 to win, $400 for fifth, $200 for 10th and $125 to take the green paid out on a weekly basis.


For track regular Modified competitors, one free Saturday night pit pass will be given away via random draw every other week in conjunction with the Lias Tire/American Racer incentive program.


For the Rookie Sportsman division, a four-barrel carburetor will now be permitted to bring the division in line with other crate-powered classes in the area. A Holley 650-cfm carburetor (No. 4777 and 80777) will be permitted on GM Crate 602 engines.


“This is a learning year for me,” Spoonhower said. “I’ve been away for seven years and things have changed. I have said all along, I would make changes when I needed to. I think we should benefit racers and fans with what we’ve done.”





From last weeks column:


If you recall, last week I had the starting line up for the Indy 500.  Underneath it, I had this:


Note #1:  Out of all the names above, I know of only one that has raced open wheel cars (Midgets Sprints and Silver Crown) on dirt and pavement, and that’s Ed Carpenter.

Note # 2:  Two drivers in that list above have raced on the road course at the Oakland Valley Race Park in Cuddebackville, NY, which is also where the OVRP’s Dirt Oval is located.  Any idea as to which two?

Note # 3:  Any idea as to which driver in the above list is only 19 years old?


Well, I did get ONE response – Jeff Lambert had the correct answer for the 19 year old driver – Sage Karam.

As far as Note # 2 goes – Marco Andretti and Sage Karam are the two.




Coming up:


This years Hinchliffe Stadium Racing Expo will take place on Sunday Sept. 14, 2014. The date change will give many the opportunity to attend that couldn't attend previously. We have been working diligently to put this years show together.As you all know a lot has been going on around Hinchliffe Stadium. The stadium has made great strides in preserving it's history and building towards it's future. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements...



Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:


Note:  In some cases, I’m able to get results from Facebook.  And in some cases, I’m able to get results from some race track websites.  Most come from the AARN where I’m able to view it on the Internet, and check out each write-up or results on the previous weeks racing action.  Sad to say, but as of 1:30 PM on Wednesday, there are some tracks that ran last weekend that still don’t show results – but they’re in the AARN.  Go figure!


In ESS action at A/S, Josh Pieniazek was 18th in the feature.  In Modified action, Brett Wright was 18th and Kyle Armstrong 21st.  Hunter Bates won the Sportsman feature with Brian Krummel 29th.


At the Valley, Bobby Hackel, IV was 2nd, Kolby Schroder 6th and Kyle Armstrong 7th in the Modified feature.


On Tuesday, at Thunder Mountain, Danny Creeden was 4th in the Modified feature.


At 5 Mile, in the CRSA 305 Sprint Car feature, Josh Pieniazek was the race winner.  Joe Kata was 13th and Emily VanInwegen 16th.  Antony Perrego won the Modified feature.  Brad Szulewski was 9th in the Sportsman feature.


In the North East 2nd Modified Challenge at Devil’s Bowl, Hunter Bates was 8th.


Roger Coss was 7th in the Modified feature at Mahoning Valley.


At U/R, in the “Vic”, Billy V was 12th, Tyler Dippel 14th and Anthony Perrego 20th.  In the GRIT Sportsman feature, Johnny Illanovsky was 17th and Brian Krummel 20th.


Another Tuesday show at Thunder Mountain had Tim Hindley 17th, Billy V 22nd, while Mike Kolka, Anthomy Perrego, Tyler Dippel and Danny Creeden were all DNQ’s.  Brian Krummel was 4th in the Sportsman feature.


Brett Wright was 6th in the Modified feature at Glen Ridge.


Matt Hitchcock was 15th and AJ Filbeck 24th in the Sportsman feature at U/R on Sunday.  Anthony Perrego was 9th, Tyler Dippel 13th and Billy V 18th in the Modified feature.  There was a John Pieniazek shown to be in the ESS feature, but I’m wondering if that’s a typo and should really be Josh.


Nick Pecko was 14th in the RoC Modified race at Oswego.


Charlie Lawrence was 11th and Tyler Pirone 19th in the make up feature for the All Star Slingshots at Hamlin.  In the regular nights feature, Tyler was 5th and Charlie 13th.  Jacob Hendershot was 2nd in the make up 270 Micro feature and 4th in the nights regular feature.  Danny Buccafusca was 5th in the Rookie Wingless 600 Micro feature.


Molly Chambers was 17th in the wingless 600 Micro feature at Linda’s.


Dannt Buccafusca was 13th in the All Star Slingshot feature at Shellhammers.


Billy V was 10th in the SDS race at Brockville on Wednesday night - 5/28/14


Down somewhat this week with only about 27 names being mentioned.



As long as I’m making mention of some that ran Karts at OVRP’s Dirt Oval (Yes, some names never ran Karts there, but did run Slingshots) I thought I’d put this little bit in here, below.  When my son, Eric, raced Karts it was mostly KT 100’s.  When his son, Brett, my grandson, he ran both 4 Cycle and KT 100’s.  Heck, we even took our stock KT 100 and ran it against some Opens at OVRP in a couple of races and won over $500.00 with it.  Today, if one looks at the results from most of the Kart tracks around, it’s quite hard to find any KT 100’s.   Somewhere I had read that the fading out of the KT 100’s and other 2 Cycle engines started out in California.  Could be?


Why the Yamaha KT 100 Classes Remain not only Relevant but are Growing




A little trip back in time – racing wise – Part 1:


Posted on Facebook by a Mike Z. Zimmerman on May 28, 2014:


Edward Julius Sachs, Jr, (May 28, 1927 – May 30, 1964) was a United States Auto Club driver who was known as the "Clown Prince of Auto Racing." He coined the phrase "If you can't win, be spectacular."

Eddie really should have won Indy in 1961. He did win two other races that year, and pulled off a really odd feat by finishing 2nd in points despite not making five of the 12 races that year. He swept the Trenton races and finished in the top six in all of the other starts.

Sachs was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His career included eight USAC Championship Trail wins, 25 top-five finishes in 65 career AAA and USAC starts, including the 1958 USAC Midwest Sprint Car Championship. He was an eight time starter of the Indianapolis 500, 1957–64, winning the pole position in 1960 and 1961, with his best finish being second in 1961. Leading the race with only three laps to go, he saw his right rear tire begin to delaminate and pitted, handing victory to A.J. Foyt. Sachs never regretted his decision not to gamble on the tire, saying, "I'd sooner finish second than be dead."

Eddie Quote: "I think of Indianapolis every day of the year, every hour of the day, and when I sleep, too. Everything I ever wanted in my life, I found inside the walls of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I love it all, from the first to the last day in May. On the morning of the race, if you told me my house had burned down, I'd say, "So what?" The moment that race starts is always the greatest moment of my life, and the day I win that race, it will be as if my life has ended. There is nothing more I could want out of life." - Eddie Sachs.

Sachs and sports car driver Dave MacDonald, a 500 rookie, were killed in a fiery crash involving seven cars on the second lap of the 1964 Indianapolis 500. MacDonald was driving a car owned and designed by Mickey Thompson, the #83 "Sears-Allstate Special". Thompson had requested USAC officials to visit his shop in California to inspect the car while it was under construction, so that he would not invest money in the car if there was a chance that it would be disqualified at the Speedway. USAC accepted the request and passed the car with its ground effects package. By the time the car reached the Speedway in May USAC had changed their mind and failed it. Working in the cramped spaces of the garage area Thompson and crew practically rebuilt the car to meet the new USAC specs. These changes, removal of the fenders, changing to larger tires and increasing the height from two inches to four made the cars very unstable. Graham Hill tested the vehicle before Indy, but refused to drive it in 1963. Masten Gregory crashed earlier in the month due to aerodynamic lift. Other drivers took the advice of Gregory, and stayed away from the Thompson cars. Jim Clark told MacDonald on Carb Day, "Get out of that car mate, just walk away." Before the race, Gregory approached Formula One driver Jack Brabham, who was alongside MacDonald on the grid, and urged Brabham to allow the rookie a lot of room. Brabham credited Gregory's advice with saving his life.

On the second lap, MacDonald lost control coming off the fourth turn. As the car began to slide, he came across the track and hit the inside wall, igniting the 45 gallon fuel load which erupted into a massive fire. His car then slid back across the track. Sachs, following Bob Veith, aimed for an opening along the outside wall that was soon closed by MacDonald's burning car. Veith made it through by inches, but Sachs hit MacDonald's car broadside causing a second explosion. Johnny Rutherford, following Sachs, having no place to go except into the inferno, decided his only chance was to power his way through. Going at full throttle his Watson Roadster went up and over both Sachs and MacDonald taking the injectors off of MacDonald's engine. After clearing the wreckage he was then broadsided by the NOVI of Bobby Unser. He then motored (on fire) down the main straight, through turns one and two, up the back straight and through turn three, stopping at a fire truck station in turn four. Ronnie Duman, following Rutherford, went to the left to avoid the crash. It looked as if he was going to make it through when he was rear ended by the out of control NOVI, which had lost its steering, splitting his fuel tank which also erupted. Duman then spun into the infield wall where he received serious burns. He was transported to the Methodist Hospital burn unit by helicopter to begin a lengthy recovery. Rutherford and Unser received minor burns and were released from the track hospital. MacDonald, whose lungs were scorched from inhaling the flames and burned over 75% of his body, was awake and alert when he was removed from his car. He was taken to the track hospital then transferred to the Methodist Hospital burn unit by ambulance where he died two hours later. Chuck Stevenson and Norm Hall were also involved, but escaped injury. Despite being trapped in his car, Sachs' drivers suit was only scorched but he received critical burns on his face and hands. The car was covered with a tarp before being taken to the garage area for removal of his body. It has never been determined if he died of asphyxiation, burns or blunt force injury. One driver stated that he saw him struggling to get out of the car after the impact. A lemon that had been on a string around Sachs' neck was found inside Rutherford's engine compartment after the crash. The crash was well documented on film and shown worldwide. For the first time in its history, the Indianapolis 500 was stopped because of an accident. Partially in response to media pressure, for subsequent races USAC required that cars carry less fuel, and to make a mandatory minimum of two pit stops. The new pit stop rule negated any mileage advantage gasoline-powered cars would have had, so gasoline has not been used since. Every race from 1965 forward has been run using methanol or ethanol based fuels.

The Indianapolis 500 was part of the FIA World Championship from 1950 through 1960. Drivers competing at Indy during those years were credited with World Championship points and participation. Eddie Sachs participated in 4 World Championship races. He started on the pole once, but scored no World Championship points.

He was inducted in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 1999.

Sachs married Nance McGarrity of Coopersburg, Pa on June 3, 1959 at the home of Harry Hamilton, a relative of his car owner, Peter Schmidt in Indianapolis, In. Their son, Edward Julius Sachs, III was born on February 6, 1962. Nance Sachs died on September 28, 2005 at her home in Clinton Township, MI. She is survived by her son Edward III, and grandchildren, Edward IV and Meagan Sachs. After 41 years, she was buried next to her beloved Eddie in Holy Saviour Cemetery, at 2575 Linden St. in Bethlehem, PA. Using the name "Eddie Sachs, Jr," Eddie III became a race car driver racing on the local dirt tracks in the Midwest. Unlike his famous father, he never raced in the Indianapolis 500. He has become a successful businessman owning Sachs and Associates in Lake Orion, MI. In recent years he has been a part-time car owner in NASCAR's Busch Series.


Note:  I’ve made mention on numerous times in my columns of the annual Stan Lobitz movie party, auction for the EMMR, lunch and sit down dinner that happens every year on the second Sunday in November, in Pennsylvania.  A few years ago, Eddie Sachs III was a surprise guest.  One never knows just who will show up at those functions!




A little trip back in time – racing wise – Part 2:


Back in 1981, there was an Indy Car race at Pocono.  There were some Silver Crown (Champ) cars in that race too, along with the RE cars


If you go here, on Facebook -


Check out the post by:

Coltan Wyant

22 hrs · Edited

I ran across this interesting piece of information about a USAC race held at Pocono in 1981. It was called the Van Scoy Diamond Mine 500 and featured rear-engine Indianapolis Champ Cars and Silver Crown Champ Cars competing head-to-head on the same track. The reason this occurred was because CART banned their competitors from racing, but upon further research there was a group of drivers including Tom Sneva that did race (later called the Pocono Seven).

Was anyone in this group at the race? And if so would you share any memories you may have of the unique event?

Some nice comments in that thread.


And the race results can be found here:





Some interesting threads on the DTD forum:






From Jayski:


Biffle leaving Roush?

While all eyes have been on #16-Greg Biffle's teammate, #99-Carl Edwards, to be the biggest domino to fall, could Biffle actually be the one to set everything in motion? As recently as April, the 44-year-old stated his intention was to stay at Roush Fenway Racing and that a new deal was imminent. "We've been working pretty diligently on that," he told Frontstretch back then. "It has been a pretty good negotiation so far. There are a lot of new people on both sides of the table, so everyone is kind of getting a feel for the program and learning it. We feel pretty good that we'll have something to announce before we get to summer." But as May rolled around, warm weather looming Biffle suddenly sounded colder, less confident in his status for the future. "I think there's plenty of opportunities in the industry to be in competitive cars," he said in an interview on SiriusXM Radio earlier this month. "I enjoy being at Roush Fenway. I love 3M. We have a great relationship and the program works really, really well for 3M ... Plain and simple, I've got options. I know I'm going to be racing. I know I'm going to be driving a car. So I'm not worried."

Supposedly things have deteriorated from there. Despite saying two weeks ago in Kansas Biffle was "absolutely, 100%" not looking outside his current organization, I've learned that's not the case. Sources claim the driver's plans lie elsewhere for 2015, that he is actively seeking other employment and that the feeling is mutual. One link in particular, direct to the Roush organization who wished to remain anonymous said he's been told the future for Biffle involves "anything but" RFR, the only NASCAR team he's really driven for. If the driver, a Roush Cup full-timer since 2003, does not return next year, speculation has been rampant that he will take sponsor 3M with him. A red flag went up about that possibility on Saturday, when RFR announced that they planned to return their #6 to the track next year. Owner Jack Roush said that he plans for the new team, driven by Trevor Bayne, to be a fourth car, but it's also possible he's prepping to lose financial backing for 2015.(Frontstretch)(5-27-2014)



Stewart drives a sprint car for first time since August:

#14-Tony Stewart drove a sprint car Monday for the first time since badly breaking his leg in an August crash, according to Stewart's Twitter account. Stewart, who co-owns Stewart-Haas Racing and also drives the team's #14 car in the Sprint Cup Series, tweeted six pictures of his sprint car and added, "Guess who got back in a sprint car for the first time today :) #smokewillrise. This was a huge day for me," Stewart tweeted to his 240,000 followers. "9 1/2 months since I've been in one." Stewart likes to race sprint cars as a hobby, as do many NASCAR drivers who came up through the dirt ranks. But Stewart snapped his right leg in two places after crashing during an Aug. 5 sprint car race in Iowa, which forced him to miss the rest of the 2013 NASCAR season. Three surgeries later, Stewart is still feeling the affects of his injury despite returning to the track. He has a rod in the leg, walks with a limp and said he will not be 100% for months as physical therapy continues. But it should be taken as a good sign that he's feeling well enough to get back in a sprint car again. It's unclear when he might race one, though -- Monday's session at an unspecified location was "only a private test," according a tweet from Eddie Jarvis, Stewart's business manager. Jarvis tweeted the driver "has been waiting for several months to get back in a sprint car."(USA Today)(5-27-2014)



Wood Brothers looking for a driver:

The Announcement that Trevor Bayne will join the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series full time in 2015 with Roush Fenway Racing raises at least one interesting question: Who will the Wood Brothers tap to fill Bayne's part-time #21 Sprint Cup seat? Team co-owner Eddie Wood, speaking in the Charlotte Motor Speedway garage on Saturday afternoon, indicated the team hasn't begun a formal search for Bayne's replacement, but added that -- whoever the driver is --?? he will likely run a limited schedule as the Wood Brothers have done since 2007. "(The search) has just kind of started," Wood, who co-owns the organization with father Glen, brother Len and sister Kim, told "We'll probably start talking about it sooner than later. I've got to get with Motorcraft, Quick Lane and Ford Motor Company because there's a lot of people involved in our world, so we'll sit down with them and figure out what they want to do next. So we're like, you know, Day One." While the Wood Brothers don't know yet who Bayne's successor will be, this much is certain: The team, which has been in racing since 1950 and collected 98 top series NASCAR victories with a host of drivers, isn't going away. "No, no, no," Wood said. "We've had, I think, over 75 drivers in our car over the years. You move through racing as you move through life, and, no, no, we won't do that."(FoxSports)(5-25-2014)



Inaugural Halftime Party Announced for Pocono 400:

Pocono Raceway will host their first-ever 'Halftime Party' from lap 60 to lap 120 of the Pocono 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday, June 8. This exclusive party will allow fans, ages 21 and older, to access a VIP-only area which will include beer, food, beer games, live music and a big-screen television to watch the race broadcast. "We are really excited about today's announcement," said Pocono Raceway President/CEO, Brandon Igdalsky. "To the best of our knowledge, this is the first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series mid-race party of its kind. Fans can enhance their Pocono race-day experience by getting out of the sun for a few laps, grabbing a few beers with friends and enjoying the live entertainment we're offering with the Halftime Party. All this without missing the action on the track." Fans have two options to gain access to the Pocono Raceway's Inaugural Halftime Party. The first is a $69 ticket package which includes a 100-level Grandstand ticket to the Pocono 400 and the Halftime Party Access Pass. The second option is a $19 Halftime Party Access Pass, for those who either have previously purchased Pocono 400 tickets or are looking to purchase higher-level seats. To purchase this one-of-a-kind access, and for more information, please visit Raceway)(5-25-2014)





Roush and AdvoCare to Bring Iconic #6 Back to Sprint Cup in 2015:

Roush Fenway Racing has announced it will again field its iconic #6 Sprint Cup entry in the 2015 NASCAR season, with 2011 Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne piloting the car. The Ford Fusion will have full multi-year primary partnership from AdvoCare, which currently sponsors Bayne in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. "I'm both excited and humbled to be a part of bringing the #6 back to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series," said Trevor Bayne. "And to be able to make that move with AdvoCare makes it that much more special. They are a true partner that aligns with my foundation and core values in every way. I know the history of the #6 and what it means to Jack (Roush) and the entire Roush Fenway organization and our goal is to continue to add to its rich legacy in the sport."

The #6 was Roush Fenway's first NASCAR entry and served as the flagship team for the organization during its first 20 years. In 1988 when Jack Roush started what would become the winningest team in NASCAR history, he enlisted Martin - a young and hungry driver from Batesville, Ark. - to sit behind the wheel of his No. 6 Ford. Roush's attention to detail and commitment to winning, combined with Martin's unbridled desire to succeed would help the two forge one of the most successful combinations in NASCAR history. The duo combined for 35 wins and forever etched the number's historical significance in NASCAR history.

"That number brings back a lot of memories," said team owner Jack Roush. "It reminds me of all the battles we fought to get to where we are today; the victories and the defeats. Success in NASCAR does not come easy. It comes at a price and requires a great deal of passion, sacrifice, dedication and hard work. To me the No. 6 exemplifies all of that. It's been a goal of the organization to put the #6 back out there on track in the Sprint Cup Series and I'm pleased to have AdvoCare behind us as we make the move with Trevor to full-time Cup racing," added Roush. "AdvoCare is a first-class organization from top to bottom. They have been a great partner in the Nationwide Series and I'm confident they will be there with us step-by-step as we make the move up and put the #6 back on track on Sundays."

Bayne is no stranger to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series or famous numbers, having competed part time in the series with the legendary Wood Brothers since 2010. Bayne drove the historic #21 into victory lane in the 2011 Daytona 500, in one of the most memorable moments in NASCAR history.(Roush Fenway Racing)(5-24-2014)



Wood Brothers Racing Statement On Trevor Bayne Departure In 2015:

"Trevor Bayne will always be part of our family. And we will always share that great Daytona 500 moment together. It's something that will always be so special for all of us," said Eddie Wood, co-owner, Wood Brothers Racing. "We will always be Trevor Bayne fans, so we are happy he is getting his shot to race for the Sprint Cup Championship. We are going to do everything in our power to get him to victory lane one more time in the #21 Fusion."(Wood Brothers Racing)(5-24-2014)




Kurt Busch named Indy 500 Rookie of the Year: Andretti Autosport driver Kurt Busch has been named the winner of the prestigious 2014 Sunoco Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Award for his performance during the 98th Running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race on Sunday, May 25 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In the first Verizon IndyCar Series race of his career, Busch, in his #26 Andretti Autosport Suretone Honda, was the fastest qualifier (12th) and highest finisher (6th) among the seven rookies in this year's Indianapolis 500. In addition to the prestige of being named Sunoco Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year, Busch also earned a $25,000 bonus from Sunoco as part of his total race winnings of $423,889. Busch was presented with his award Monday night at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the Indianapolis 500 Victory Awards Celebration.(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)(5-28-2014)



Haas to delay F1 entry:

Haas Formula will defer its Formula One debut until 2016, has learned. The decision to wait an extra year will offer the organization more time to put its program together and align itself with the proper partners moving forward. Although team owner Gene Haas said on Sunday morning that he was "leaning towards Ferrari" because "they're more open to what we need to do" the additional time could open other doors for the rookie team with other technical partners. It was clear that Haas was feeling the time crunch when he acknowledged, "It just seems that it's taking longer to accomplish what we wanted to do than we thought." While Haas Formula has its team principal in place, there's still the question of technical partner, designers and drivers.(

Note:  Why do I think this ain’t never gonna happen?



From Track Forum:


Not sure if you're a Kurt Busch fan or not, but in the thread linked below, it's now up to over 40 pages in length.


Kurt Busch Indy 500



Indy 500 crowd. Discuss



Biggest 500 complaint



Indy 500 Full Race Posted


Note:  I doubt it's the FULL race since it's only 2 hours and 24 minutes in length.


Only Ten Midgets for "Night Before the 500" Race at IRP???



A storm is coming! (USAC Eastern Storm!)!





From the AARN:


This Week



Tyler County World Of Outlaws Win

Is Worth $20,000 Plus

For Veteran Davey Johnson


New RoC Asphalt Series Strategy

By Matt Hirschman

Yields Same Winning Result


WoO Streak Continued

For Pittman At New Egypt;

Ends At Charlotte


Renovated Stateline Speedway

To Reopen In July


Friesen Sweeps Utica Rome

Racing Weekend

With Three Wins Over Two Days


Hunter-Reay Restores American Pride

With Indianapolis 500 Victory


Alex Bright Authors Virtuoso Drive

From Tenth Row To Victory Lane

In Caution Free Grandview ARDCMidget Thriller


Jamie Mills

Is Surprise Modified Winner

At Georgetown In A Borrowed Car


Kenny Pettyjohn Is

Three State High Flyer

At Potomac Speedway



USACSprint National

Touring Series Readies

For Annual ‘Eastern Storm’





Press releases:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                  


MAY 26, 2014                                                                                                                                                 






            USAC's AMSOIL National Sprint Cars are idle this week, awaiting their anticipated return to the East Coast for the June 3-8 "Eastern Storm," a five-race swing which debuts June 3 at Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, Pa.


            Dave Darland, currently 29 points behind series point lead Brady Bacon, earned a historic 50th series victory last Wednesday night in the prestigious "Tony Hulman Classic" at the Terre Haute (Ind.) Action Track. The win, in the Phillips Motorsports Racers Advantage Store/Frank Daigh DRC/Foxco Chevy leaves him just two shy of Tom Bigelow's all-time record USAC National Sprint Car win total of 52.


            Darland caught early leader Kevin Thomas Jr. on lap 22 and led the final nine laps for the win, beating Thomas, Bacon, Jon Stanbrough and Chase Stockon to the checkered flag.


            Darland's victory was especially significant since it made him the first driver in USAC history to win a "traditional" event 21 years apart! His first USAC win came in the 1993 running of the "Tony Hulman Classic."


            Bacon was the ProSource Fast Qualifier and continues to lead the standings going into the upcoming Eastern Storm.


            Races in the Eastern Storm include the June 3 race at Bechtelsville, June 4 at New Oxford, Pa., June 5 at New Egypt, N.J., June 7 at Port Royal, Pa. and June 8 at Newberrytown, Pa'



2014 AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car Standings: 1-Brady Bacon-526, 2-Dave Darland-497, 3-Bryan Clauson-492, 4-Tracy Hines-476, 5-Chase Stockon-468, 6-Jon Stanbrough-455, 7-Justin Grant-430, 8-Hunter Schuerenberg-402, 9-Chris Windom-366, 10-C.J. Leary-309.




Borgers AllStar Slingshot Summer Smack Down.


Borgers PR

Media Contact

Bob Snyder


AllStar Slingshot Summer Smack Down 2014

Slated To Be Biggest Slingshot Event In The History Of Borgers Speedway.


On a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1999 a dream of Richard Tobias became reality as the first Slingshot race ever was held at Glenn Borger’s brand, spanking, new 1/7 mile dirt oval in Saylorsburg , Pa.  The rest is history as Slingshot racing became the biggest success story in Small Car racing in the northeast.


History will be made once again at Borgers Speedway June 14 when the “Best Of The Best” in AllStar Slingshot racing will be competing this time on the asphalt for a share of the $4000 plus ”Pot Of Gold.”   A new era of Slingshot racing is emerging as teams realize asphalt racing at Borgers is just as competitive as dirt racing with virtually no tire wear, no dirt being sucked into the motors, plus going home from the track with a clean racecar.


The $4000 plus purse, with a 30 car count, will give the winner the choice of $1500 cash or a brand new Speedway Entertainment short block motor valued at $1700.  The remaining purse breakdown will be released shortly.


There will be a $100 entry fee plus $20 driver’s pit pass.  20 cars will qualify with $80 to take the green.  The feature will run 40 laps with no caution laps counting.  Rain date for this event will be June 21.


Speedway Entertainment will be on hand to do a post race tech.


Gates open at 12:00 P.M. with a paid practice session from 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 P.M.  Regular practice from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Mandatory driver’s meeting 3:45 P.M.  Heats at 4:00 P.M.


There will also be a full card of TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Junior Slingshots, Karts and MicroStocks.


Questions can be directed to Bob Snyder.  


Instant updates on the Borgers Facebook page and the Slingshots by Tobias Facebook page.


Borgers Speedway Weather Hot Line 570-992-8131,




NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                    

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda






It’s also Banner Night with a special contest open to all youngsters



MIDDLETOWN, NY (May 26)……..The open-wheel Capital Region Sprint Agency (CRSA) Sprint Cars will return to Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York on Saturday, May 31. CRSA is a regional sprint car sanctioning body that features its cars powered by 305 cid engines and other restrictions to equalize and enhance competition. This will be a full card of qualifying races and a feature event for the CRSA sprint cars. (The previously postponed CRSA feature race from May 3 will be run on July 12.)


The CRSA Sprint Cars will be an added attraction to the weekly racing program of DIRTcar-sanctioned big-block Modifieds, the ever exciting Sportsman division, the Rookie Sportsman, and the unpredictable Street Stocks for a thrilling night of racing on the five-eighths-mile Hard Clay speedway.


In addition, Saturday night’s program includes Orange County Kids Club activities, with the annual Banner Night contest open to all youngsters.


Rock Fantasy Concert & Smoke Shop is the evening’s sponsor.


Admission prices for the May 31 race meet remain at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and $2.00 for children 12 and under. The full night of racing begins promptly at 7:00 pm.


Advance ticket sales and track information is available at the Orange County website,, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.



Upcoming June 7: Tire King of Sussex and Frank Stevens & Son Roofing present Nostalgia Night with special appearances by many of Orange County’s greatest drivers.  The Northeast Vintage Modifieds and the Atlantic Coast Old Timers will have their cars from the past on the Middletown Hard Clay.




News from the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. ‘Dirty Jersey 2’


Media Contact: Brett Deyo – or 845.728.2781


For Immediate Release/May 27, 2014


358 Sprint Car Specifications Clarified For New Egypt Speedway Tuesday, June 17 ‘Turnpike 25’ $3,000-To-Win 360 Sprint Car Special; HUGE Pioneer Pole Buildings ‘Dirty Jersey’ Doubleheader Includes Super DIRTcar Series Big-Blocks & 360 Sprint Cars On One Night!


NEW EGYPT, NJ – As the inaugural ‘Turnpike 25’ for 360 Sprint Cars approaches on Tuesday, June 17 (rain date: June 18)  at New Egypt Speedway, buzz is building for the huge Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. ‘Dirty Jersey’ doubleheader of Super DIRTcar Series big-block Modifieds and 360 Sprint Cars.


The Friesen-Deyo Promotions first-time-ever 360 Sprint Car event promoted by Stewart Friesen and Brett Deyo has drawn widespread interest from drivers representing New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York State.


A number of inquiries have been fielded from competitors with 358 cubic inch engines.


358 Sprint Cars WILL be permitted to enter the ‘Turnpike 25’ at New Egypt STRICTLY following the Williams Grove (Pa.) Speedway engine rules. 358 Sprint Cars must follow all rules and regulations for 360 engines including wing size, weight, tire rules, etc. Please note that 358 racers must run the five-by-five wing.


358 Sprint Cars, like their 360 counterparts, will be subject to post-race technical inspection.


The ‘Turnpike 25’ for 360 Sprint Cars will see heat races determined by a draw for starting position. The feature line-up will be set by a redraw of top qualifiers. The event pays $3,000 to the winner plus lap money. The pay for 10th spot is $400 with $250 reserved to take the green flag.


Representatives from the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) will be present to facilitate the Sprint Car portion of the program.


Event rules are as follows:


All general Northeast 360/ASCS Rules apply


*358 Sprint Cars must follow Williams Grove Speedway engine rules


*Weight: 1475 lbs. with driver


*Right-rear tire will either be Hoosier RD15/HTC, H15 or approved URC American Racer right-rear (URC2, MC2 or harder)


*Wings can be flat with 1” wickerbill or dish with no wickerbill.


*Standard style sideboards with no larger than 1 ¼ inch brace/reinforcement on all 4 sides.


*Front wing 1” wicker is allowed


*Injections Stacks no larger than 2 7/16” diameter


*Bolt-on weight is allowed but must be secured safely and at subject of inspection


*No cockpit adjustables other than top wing slider


*Mufflers are mandatory


*360 cubic inch maximum with 1% tolerance


*No fuel additives of any kind


Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. of Schuylkill Haven, Pa., for the second consecutive year, has signed on as a leading sponsor of the event. Pioneer Pole Buildings is the premier builder of post-frame buildings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and New York. To learn more about PPB, visit


To learn more about the ‘Dirty Jersey 2’ spectacular, contact Brett Deyo at 845.728.2781, e-mail or visit the online home of Friesen-Deyo Promotions at


360 Sprint Car Purse Structure (25 Laps): 1. $3,000; 2. $1,700; 3. $1,000; 4. $800; 5. $600; 6. $500; 7. $475; 8. $450; 9. $425; 10. $400; 11. $375; 12. $350; 13. $325; 14. $300; 15. $275; 16. $270; 17. $265; 18. $260; 19. $255; 20.-22. $250. Total: $12,775


About New Egypt Speedway

Located in New Egypt, N.J., New Egypt Speedway features a daylight-quality lighting system and excellent sightlines from any seat in the house. There are clean, heated restrooms, a monitored playground area for young fans and restaurant-quality concession stands serving up a full menu at family style prices. The racy, 7/16ths-mile clay oval hosts tight, wheel-to-wheel, all-out competition. New Egypt Speedway’s GPS address is 720 Route 539 New Egypt, NJ 08533 and the speedway website is


About Friesen-Deyo Promotions

A collaboration between dirt Modified standout driver Stewart Friesen and special events promoter and motorsports writer Brett Deyo, Friesen-Deyo Promotions hosted its first event at New Egypt Speedway in 2013 with additional ventures planned for the future.








OCTOBER 8-12, 2014!


Camping?? Order your reserved spaces today before they are gone!

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CONTACT:  JOHN SNYDER 845.216.8103



Recovery Sports Grill Malta, Ferris Industries, and VP Racing Fuels on Board


SUSSEX, NJ (May 18)……..Recovery Sports Grill Malta, a sports-themed restaurant (2537 State Route 9, Ballston Spa, New York), Ferris Industries, and VP Racing Fuels have again signed on as major sponsors of The Big Show 6, a midweek special racing program set for Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at Albany-Saratoga Speedway in Malta, New York. The announcement was made today by event promoter and champion dirt track Modified race car driver Brett Hearn.


“Our Driven Marketing team is especially happy to welcome back Recovery Sports Grill Malta, Ferris Industries, and VP Racing Fuels to our sixth edition of The Big Show. Our goals are to present professional dirt track Modified racing at its best, to give the fans a great entertainment experience, and to showcase the companies that have backed us in this endeavor,” said Hearn.


With the sponsorship, the first place prize money for The Big Show 6 feature race, a 100-lap Super DIRTcar Modified Series event, has been raised to $10,000.


With 30 flat screen and seven projection televisions broadcasting all major sports packages, Recovery Sports Grill Malta has every major sporting event covered. Food is cooked fresh to order in an open kitchen layout with choices to satisfy every taste. Signature dishes include always fresh and never frozen wings, slow roasted ribs, and a selection of sliders. Healthier options are also available. Children have a wide selection of choices from the $2.99 kid menu as well as great desserts for after the big race.


BBL Hospitality is a multi-brand hotel and restaurant company that owns, operates, and develops facilities along the East Coast of the United States. The company owns 14 hotels under various flagships and 12 Recovery Sports Grill sports-themed restaurants, with locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, and Florida. The independently-owned and operated company is a division of the Albany, New York-based BBL Family of Companies.


Ferris Commercial Lawn Mowers and lawn care equipment are distinguished through innovative features and high quality standards in performance, durability, and ergonomic design. Ferris mowers with patented suspension technology increase mowing productivity. Ferris has earned its stellar reputation by delivering customers high quality outdoor power equipment products and solutions for over 100 years.


VP Racing Fuels is the world leader in race fuel technology by offering the world’s best race fuel blends, customized for motorsports. VP Racing Fuels are the choice fuels of racing champions.


Brett Hearn is a champion professional race car driver with more than 840 feature race wins to his credit. He is the 2013 champion of the Super DIRTcar Modified Series and in 2013 was named Area Auto Racing News 50 Years Greatest Driver. Driven Marketing is Hearn’s team that promotes special motorsports events.


Hearn may be contacted during business hours at 973-702-0819, or go to for additional information.



Due to technical problems not everyone received our previous “The Big Show 6” media release…so we’ll try again.  Thanks for your continued interest in our racing endeavors.


John Snyder

BH Racing Ent., Inc.

Media Contact




This week’s photo:


I wish I had this photo in time for last weeks column.


The late “Gig” Stephens in the Duino # 55 Midget.  Photo taken at Trenton where Gig always ran great.






Racing videos:


Here are a couple form last weeks Indy 500:




Not racing related:


UNREAL: Obama Wants Race-Based Legal System in Hawaii


Note:  Just for the hey of it, I thought I’d do a search on:  “Obama wants race based legal system in Hawaii”.  I was mildly surprised as to how many things came up.



A while back, in one of my columns, I made mention of how our glorious government was going to bail out the insurance companies on this Obama Care stuff.  I also said that Obama Care was designed to FAIL.  Betcha that comes next, folks.



Obama Administration Just Got Caught in a Massive Lie ... The LA Times has been as friendly as possible to the Obama administration, but they can't ignore this. Today they broke the story that another massive lie around Obamacare has been told to the Congress and the American people. As you know "If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan" was ranked as the biggest lie of the year by the Washington Post.  Well here comes an early contender for this year's award.


The Republicans have been accusing the Obama administration of building into Obamacare an insurance plan for the insurance companies. A bailout if the insurance companies lost money under Obamacare. Their claim was that in the law was something called the temporary risk corridor program. Under that Republicans said the administration had allowed themselves a way to take tax dollars and bailout an insurance company that lost money. But the administration and the Democrats have denied that. Apparently the administration and the Democrats had been telling the truth...and didn't like it.


The LA Times reports that late last week hundreds of pages of new regulations were added to Obamacare. Their reporters went through it and found a few key paragraphs. The change in regulations essentially provides insurers with another backup: If they keep rate increases modest over the next couple of years but lose money, the administration will tap federal funds as needed to cover shortfalls. This could be hundreds of billions of dollars!


This is a classic bait and switch. The middle class will feel like they're getting a break on insurance premiums. As long as they don't look at the governments check book, they'll believe the Affordable Health Care Law is working. It only unravels if they realize they are paying double for their insurance, because the increase is being charged to their account in the form of more debt.


The Republicans are expected to go nuts over this, and the Democrats will point at the scene they are making and say 'look how fanatical those people are'. I would warn Republicans against making a big deal out of this.


I would warn Republicans against making a big deal out of this. In the medical field it's called bedside manner. You're about to inform the patient (America) that it has a potentially fatal disease (debt). They are going to get a 2nd opinion from the Democrats that will contradict your diagnosis. If you come off as raving lunatics, the patient will believe the diagnosis of the other doctor who is telling them they're fine. Conservatives don't have the luxury of showing anger anymore. They have been rightly angry over a number of scandals, but it turns the middle off. It's vital that the middle hears and comprehends what your message is.


This won't be classified as a scandal by the media, so we shouldn't either. Talk calmly about the disappointment you feel in the administration burying new regulations into the law, that Congress didn't get to vote on, that will cost us potentially hundreds of billions of dollars. Talk about how crony capitialism between this administration and a select few insurance companies has perpetrated a fraud on the American tax payer to make it seem like the Affordable Healthcare Act is helping to keep costs low when in actuality it is forcing prices to skyrocket while making it more difficult for all Americans to receive treatment. Encourage them to read today's LA Times story. Don't get into arguments with liberals who support wholeheartedly what is happening out of a blind belief that this is helping. You will not win an argument with someone who refuses to look at the facts honestly. And in your rage will potentially dissuade fair minded folks from investigating for themselves. I don't believe Obamacare will the law of the land for long. Sometime around 2017 it will either move to socialized medicine or as the Democrats have branded it "single payer", or it will turn into some free market based system which probably includes some government subsidies and Health Savings Accounts. There is a lot depending on the way this argument is settled and it's important that the patients understand what their decision means for their health.


Read more:



An email I received on 5/27/2014:


I wonder where he will be this year?


Every year the French have a 4 day celebration in Normandy complete with American uniforms, tanks, jeeps and guns. They still honor the Americans who died there….


Four times in 69 years!!




June 6, 2013, the 69th anniversary of "D-Day", the largest invasion ever attempted, where 200,000 Americans stormed the beaches at Normandy to begin the final push to defeat Nazi Germany in WWII. D-Day marked the turning point in WWII in Europe . Today, European heads of state make it a point to recall and honor the sacrifices of those who landed in Normandy , as do our Presidents....well, most of them....


In the 69 years since D-Day, there are four occasions when the President of the United States chose not to visit the D-Day Monument that honors the soldiers killed during the Invasion.


The occasions were:

1. Barack Obama, 2010

2. Barack Obama, 2011

3. Barack Obama, 2012

4. Barack Obama, 2013


For the past 69 years, every American President except Obama have taken the time to honor the memory and sacrifices of the 6,000 American soldiers killed on D-Day. ...


Except Obama!


June 6 2010,

Obama had no events scheduled.


June 6, 2011,

Obama met with the National Security team and was interviewed by WEWS Cleveland and WDIV in Detroit about the auto industry - FAR too busy to visit the D-Day memorial.


June 6, 2012,

Instead of honoring our fallen soldiers, Obama made a campaign trip to California on Air Force 1 (at our expense) to raise funds for (his) upcoming election.


June 6, 2013,

Obama was doing ANOTHER fund raiser with the multimillionaires in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Palo Alto CA , once again at our expense.


America - Aren't you proud?


I did forward it.


Will you????




Music videos:


Hal Ketchum:


I stumbled upon this on Saturday night.  I didn’t realize that Hal is 61 years old!


In June 1998, Hal Ketchum was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called acute transverse myelitis, an ailment of the spinal column, which left Ketchum without the use of the left side of his body.  He had to relearn basic tasks, including how to walk and play the guitar. His mother died at an early age from multiple sclerosis, the sister disease to acute transverse myelitis.


Hal Ketchum performing "Past the Point of Rescue" Live on the Billy Block Show, September 16, 2008





Joke of the week:


At breakfast, the husband says to his wife, “What would you do if I won the Lotto?”

“ I’d take half and leave you,” she says.


“Great,” he says. “Here's $6. I won $12 yesterday! Stay in touch."




Please don’t forget:  Benghazi, The IRS Scandal and all the other scandals that seem to get put on the back burners every week.  When will anyone be “held accountable”, anyway?  Oh, don’t forget my description of “Held Accountable”:  Nothing will get done to anyone.


Oh, and now it looks like the VA, with its problems, will be in the news, too – well, if you watch the news on any network other than ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC – you know, the main stream media.




Until my next column – not sure just when it will be!  Please keep checking either Dirt Track Digest or New England Tractor/Race Report on Thursdays! (Click on “Recent Columns)




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