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                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 173



Some personal/family stuff:


This coming Sunday we’re having a family gathering and BBQ at our daughter Sandy’s house here in Cape Coral.  Gonna be nice seeing the wife’s sister, Barbara and her brother “Murph” again.  It’s been way too long!

Weather forecast shows mid 80’s so that will be great.  As of now, there will be at least 24 in attendance.


Wife had her last check up on her eye surgery.  Vision is said to be 2/20 in her left eye and 50/20 in the right.  Yes, she’ll need some glasses for reading, which is something she’s really missed lately.


Yup, it’s getting closer and closer to our return back north & home.  I’d say we’ll be back in Port Jervis in three weeks from now.  Sure wishing it warms up some and all that snow (hardened into ice?) is gone.  Of course I would not mind it one bit if the Hard Clay Open at OCFS has to be run on April 6th, instead of its original date or the first rain date.



Some things I’ve noticed here in the Cape Coral area:


Even though Cape Coral is a growing city, where we’ve been staying is in the northwest part, where it’s mostly single family homes.  The road system is much better than back home, with double lanes and, at times, five lanes in width, due to double lane turn lanes, double lanes for straight and a single lane for left turns.  Yes, this does increase the length of being stopped at traffic lights!


There’s a ton of medical facilities in the area.  Also, a ton of pharmacies - along with lots of churches and car washes.  Quite a few eating establishments, too.


An ample supply of food stores, but as my daughter Sandy says, they do raise the prices for us “Snowbirds” and prices will get lower once the people like us return back to the north.


We’ve been lucky in that they really did not experience a “winter” season down here, with the lowest temps in the 50’s, I’d say.


Three bedroom homes with two baths, two car garages and an enclosed lanai go for around $900.00/month.  No high heating costs down here, either.


There’s some real weird, but nice looking foliage in this area.  What one thinks are huge trees from the ground up, are actually many, many trees together.  Same goes for the huge “bushes”.


Something that we would rarely see back home – bicycles chained to street sign posts by the school kids, so they can ride to the bus stop then ride home after school.  None have been reported as being stolen.  I would not bet on that, back home.


When using the telephone, one does not have to dial “1” then the area code and number, just the 10 digits, when calling – no matter where you’re calling, I should add.


Helmets, while riding motorcycles are not required, and most riders DO NOT wear them.  Oh well, it’s their heads & lives.  Yup, enough of them make it to the hospital.  My daughter Sandy knows – she’s a CNA and sees it all.


Many years ago, when we first visited down here, we took a trip to Fort Meyers to see my former chiropractor.  At that time, he told me that with my income, I’d live like a king down here.  I should have listened to him, back then.  Yes, giving some serious thoughts now about maybe selling our home back north and moving to this area.


And with the frigid weather and all the snow back north, that has increased the amount of “snow birds” that have migrated south, by a hefty amount.




Racin’ stuff:


Selinsgrove Icebreaker Falls to the Weather



Last Saturday, they had a young lady sing our National Anthem prior to the Nationwide race at Las Vegas.  Why can’t everyone do as good of a job as she did?


In the Nationwide Series, why don’t the Camaros and Mustangs look like those we see on the street?


Dave Blaney has not qualified for Cup race yet.  How long before he’s out of that ride?



And, JJ Yeley, missed the Cup race at Las Vegas too – as I thought he would.

From my column last week – in the Jayski section:

“Note:  I really like JJ.  Have since we, my grandson Brett, and I, met him at a midget tire test at Nazareth some years ago.  But, somehow, I am not too sure if he’ll make the field at Las Vegas this week.”




Looking at the entry list for the Cup race this coming weekend at Bristol, I’m figuring that David Reutimann, Dave Blaney and JJ Yeley are the three that will go home.  They’re the only ones that need to qualify by speed, not eligible for a regular provisional, no owners points or too deeply ranked in owners points.



I found this on the South Jersey message board:


For Immediate Release

Re:  Big Modified Events


Big Modified Events Highlight 64th Season of Racing at Five Mile Point Speedway 2014 Modified Track Championship Could Approach $10,000!



BINGHAMTON, NY…The 64th consecutive year of racing is set to get underway on Sunday, April 6th at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The speedway will see one of the biggest schedules in recent memory.  Special Modified events will be a big part of the highlights throughout the 2014 racing season.


The Five Mile Point Speedway season opener is set for Sunday, April 6th with the annual RoC Sportsman Spring 40.  That day will also feature the RoC Street Stocks along with the 600 c.c. Modified Tour, Four Cylinder Open and Tommy Boy 20 for Factory Stocks.   Racing will get underway at 4:00 p.m.


The following Sunday, April 13th will see the first of many big dollar Modified shows at the speedway scheduled for this season.  The held over Race of Champions 2013 Tour finale will take place as a 100 lap event paying $5,555 to win.  The RoC Championship from last season will be officially settled in the 100 lap battle.


One week later the speedway will move back to Saturday night racing with the annual Southern Tier Open for Modifieds.  The 40 lap event will pay $2,500 to win and will allow teams to put on the sail panels in this unique open competition style event.  On Saturday, April 26th the official point season will start for the Modified division with yet another high paying event.  The winner of the 30 lap special will earn $2,000 to win on that evening.


The Modified Spring Championship will return on Saturday, May 31st at the quarter mile oval.  The winner of the 30 lap event will earn $1,500.  The most important event of the season will take place on Saturday, June 28th with the 50th running of the Heath Memorial.  The race winner on this evening will earn a minimum of $3,500 but if that driver has perfect attendance entering the event it will pay a minimum of $5,000.  There will also be $50 lap sponsorships paying the drivers to mark the 50th Heath Memorial.


Eleven days after the Heath Memorial the Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour will return for the “Night of Qualifiers” and another big paying show that will award at least $5,000 to the race winner.  That event is set for Wednesday, July 9th. Only ten days later the speedway will host the Modified “Mid-Season” Championship paying $2,000 to win on Saturday, July 19th.


The 2014 Modified Track Championship will be up for grabs on Saturday, August 30th with a 50 lap championship paying a minimum of $2,000 to win. The 2014 Track Championships will be decided as well on this evening.


The first American Racer Cup Championship Weekend will take center stage on October 10th and 11th at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The Modified 50 lap event will pay a cool $5,500 to win and an impressive $500 to take the green.  Teams that participate in the season long American Racer Cup will also be able to cash in all of their free tire certificates during the day on Saturday as well.


On Saturday, November 1st the annual Southern Tier 100 will determine the 2014 Race of Champions Tour title.  That event will pay a minimum of $5,555 to win along with a number of bonuses.


Once again this season the Five Mile Point Speedway Track Championship will pay $5,000 to win and with the increased American Racer Cup program money that is likely to grow to nearly $10,000 for the Modified title.


For more information on the Five Mile Point Speedway racing season please log on to or phone 607-775-5555.  You can also email the offices at


For more information on the American Racer Cup presented by Sunoco Race Fuels please contact the Race of Champions offices at 607-775-5555 or by emailing the office at  The official American Racer Cup website can be found at You can contact Lias Tire directly by phoning (724) 463-0214.



Sometime nicknamed as the "Mad Russian", Bill Vukovich was born with the given name of Vaso. This was changed by the time he entered the public school system to William John. His parents were natives of the Serbian region, and arrived with the surname Vucurovic, which was legally changed

to Vukurovich, and again changed to Vukovich at the suggestion of the judge who presided over their naturalization hearing making them legal citizens of the United States.



Florida Open Wheel articles by Richard Golardi:




To Mario Andretti, IndyCar’s 2014 schedule is “not plausible”



OCFS snow: 


By Jeff Lambert



Keeping OCFS as a subject, this was found on their website:


Excitements growing as we approach the opening of the 4th annual OCFS Motorsports Show just one week away. As an added incentive for show attendees the promoters have put up an extra $200 for the winner of the modified race at the Hard Clay Open if the car was entered in this years Motorsports Show, there is also an extra $100 for the sportsman winner at the open if they were in the show. This could turn into a even nicer payday if one were to win the $1,000 best of show award as well as the Hard Clay Open.


This years show has been altered a bit as we have done away with the scored events portion of the show and are using a fan vote system to determine the overall winner. This will free up time for attendees to talk with fans and promote racing and their sponsors. Divisional winners will still be determined by show judges.


Saturdays portion of the show will include the charity auction and the ever popular Ms. OCFS Pageant with Sunday hosting the spark plug change contest and the show closing awards ceremony.


We still have plenty of room for car entries, all are welcome. Entry forms can be found on the speedways website, anyone wishing to enter can call the speedway to pre-register at 845-342-2573 or bring entry form on set-up day Friday, March 14th


We also have some room left for vendors and sponsorship opportunities, if you are interested please contact the speedway office at 845-342-2573


Don't miss out on one of the best car shows of the year. Be sure to stop by and get more info on the upcoming Hard Clay Open, the new Motocross track, as well as schedules for all of the areas local tracks.


Along with this:


OCFS will be part of this CRSA Mini Series

A new "mini-series" was formed, thanks to CRSA member, Ed Newhauser. Ed's business, E&H Services LLC (a crating and relocation company), has stepped up to sponsor the "Southern Tier Challenge". This series will collect points for those drivers who compete at the three tracks along the southern border of NYS. These tracks include: Five Mile Point Speedway in Binghamton, Penn Can Speedway in Pa, and Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown NY. There are eleven scheduled races in this series, starting at OCFS on May 3 and will conclude on October 31 at the Five Mile Point Speedway. The top five point drivers will be rewarded for there efforts and their points will also be put toward the season long CRSA Sprint Car Tour Championship.

The Southern Tier Challenge will now join the Algonkin Motel Challenge and the Northway-90 Challenge to form three regions making up the CRSA Sprint Car Tour. Three regional champions along with the final Tour Champion will crowned at our, now famous, season ending banquet along with the many others receiving awards.

If there are any sponsors who want to "pad the purse" in a certain region, feel free to contact me at any time and we'll make it happen.

We want to thank the Algonkin Motel, Kennedy Towing of Troy, and E&H Services for forming these mini-series and helping to make the CRSA Sprint Car Tour a fun and exciting place to race!

A special thanks to our contingency sponsors: Kreitz Oval Track Parts, Magsarus, Kelly Racing Fuels, Ingles Performance, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Lias Tire/ American Racer Tire, G.Piovoda and Sons Construction and Dirt Track Girl.



Some info about Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, NJ:


Upcoming...the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE's official declaration of Hinchliffe Stadium as a National Landmark:


Wednesday, April 16, 2014! Put that date on your calendar and figure out a way YOU can be there! This special star-studded celebration marks a major step toward bringing our great "cathedral" back: out of the first phase of work (clean-up and conditions assessment) and into the next--stabilization and a pilot restoration. AND April 16 has a great vibe: It's the second day of the baseball season AND the day after Jackie Robinson day. So we get to celebrate the first racial breakthrough in American Baseball, then take the party to another level and score one for the undersung SECOND breakthrough, when Larry Doby of Paterson--barely weeks after Robinson in 1947--made it into the American League! Have some art projects and creative ideas for this April 16 celebration? Let us know! Spread the word!


Note:  It’s been requested that some race cars also be in attendance, along with anyone that has actually attended some of the racing events at the stadium.  I’m hoping for more info on this – such as times.


Keeping the Hinchliffe Stadium as a topic:


On Monday I was talking to Keith Majka about the stadium.  He informed me that midgets raced at Hinchliffe prior to what Crocky Wright has in his book about Hinchliffe – with results from 1939.  Seems they had midgets race there a few years prior to 1939.  I went to my “Speed Freaks” website, but could not find any results from the stadium.  I did find quite a few from other tracks here in the northeast, however, like these, below:


Essex Junction, VT

3rd September 1932

AAA Eastern big cars


Hyde Park, Readville, MA

5th September 1932

50 laps

1 Mauri Rose

AAA Eastern big cars


Brockton Fairgrounds, MA

17th September 1932

20 laps

1 2 Fred Frame

AAA Eastern big cars


Danbury Fairgrounds, CT

8th October 1932

AAA Eastern big cars


Vermont State Fairgrounds, Rutland, VT

9th September 1933

15 miles

1 Fred Frame Frame

2 Sid Gerber

3 Floyd Marshall

4 Hank Gritzbach

5 Otto Burdick

Hankinson circuit


Stafford Springs, CT

14th October 1934

1 2 Johnny Hannon

AAA Eastern big cars

Newfield Park, Bridgeport, CT

15th May 1935

15 laps – Feature

1 Bill Holmes

2 Mickey Lowack

3 George Krantz

National Midget Auto Racing races

West Haven Speedway, CT

7th July 1935


1 Bill Schindler

2 Bill Holmes

3 George Villa

Midget races.

Note:  I do not think that George Villa was a misspelled name for George Viola (Rice).



A video about Danica:



Rolling Wheels sold, running every other week on Sunday starting 4/27


Note:  As of Sunday night, March 9th, this thread was up to page # 7.  It was started on March 8th.  As of Wednesday, it was up to 17 pages.  Someone mentioned a record number of “views” and postings in just 4 days.


Post # 305:


all time record 304 reply and 33 thousand views in just 4 days”




What?  No start & parks at Vegas in Cup race?  Only one car dropped out and that was due to engine failure, so it says.




NASCAR Penalizes Three Nationwide Teams




Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:

As seen in this weeks AARN, Danny Creeden will be running at OCFS this year in both the modified and small blocks.  He’s the defending small block champion at the track.

The Sherlock brothers have purchased a sprint car – hmm, for Billy V?

Timmy Hindley is giving some serious thought about running at Accord on Friday nights.

Any idea as to just how many former Dirt Oval runners raced at OCFS last year?

In the modifieds, there were 10.  Tim Hindley was the track champion.

In the small blocks, there were 7.  Danny Creeden was the track champion.

In the sportsman, there were 14.  Brian Krummel was the track champion, while Anthony Perrego was 2nd, LJ Lombardo 3rd and Joe Conklin 4th in points.



Race track schedules:


OCFS – from their Facebook page:


ATTENTION RACE TEAMS AND FANS: Opening Night for the 2014 Point Season has been pushed back to Saturday, April 12th. The Open Practice has been moved to Saturday, April 5th from 12-5pm. Keep an eye on the OCFS Schedule for any additional changes.


Note:  A seen in the photos and video taken by Jeff Lambert, the entire track was still covered with a reported several feet of snow (ice?) as of last Saturday.  Areas that were plowed for parking for the banquet, reportedly, were “muddy”.


New Egypt Speedway has seen fit to cancel its “March Madness Meltdown” that was scheduled for March 1st, then March 8th.  A photo in the AARN shows some new guard rails being installed and also some new “banking”.  Hmm, hope that “banking” gets a chance to settle and get mixed with the previous track surface.




From Jayski:


Changes to Indy 500 qualifying will impact Busch:

The new qualifying format for the Indianapolis 500 will include three rounds over two days, with the pole-winner emerging from a "Fast Nine Shootout" on what used to be Bump Day. Qualifying for the Indy 500 this year will begin on May 17 when the fastest 33 cars are locked into the field. All entries will be guaranteed at least one four-lap attempt to qualify, and the fastest nine drivers will move into the shootout. On Sunday, the previous days' times will be erased and entries 10 through 33 will complete another four-lap qualifying attempt to determine their starting position. The fastest nine drivers from Saturday will then make one four-lap attempt to determine the prestigious pole winner and starting front row.

It makes life a little more difficult for NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, who will attempt to become the first driver in 10 years to run both the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 on the same day. Busch will now have to qualify in Indianapolis on Saturday, fly to Charlotte, N.C., for NASCAR's All-Star race that evening, then return to Indianapolis to determine his starting spot in Sunday's qualifying session. Under the old format, had Busch locked himself into the field on Saturday, he would not have necessarily have needed to return to Indianapolis following the All-Star race unless he was in danger of being bumped out.(Associated Press)(3-7-2014)



Drivers say qualifying format creates dangers:

NASCAR's new knockout qualifying format has been universally hailed as more exciting and interesting than the old single-car system. But for the second week in a row, drivers also said it's extremely dangerous. Since the only legal way for teams to cool their cars is to drive slowly around the track, there's a dramatic speed difference between drivers making qualifying runs and those driving as if they're in a construction zone.

"Riding around the bottom - we've got to do it, it's the only way to keep the engine cool - but that has got to be the most dangerous thing I've ever done in racing," #55-Brian Vickers said after Friday's session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. "(#36-Reed Sorenson) went by me at 170 mph faster than I was going. Had he slipped or hit me, I'd be done. It would be so bad."

Teams need to cool their engines between attempts at fast laps in order to keep their cars from overheating. Teams are not allowed to cool their cars on pit road in between runs because it would require opening the hood to attach a cooling box. NASCAR does not want teams to make adjustments on pit road during the knockout sessions and since policing every open hood would be difficult, it is not permitted. As a result, the disparity in speed created some dicey situations - several of which occurred again Friday.

#15-Clint Bowyer, who qualified third, said he nearly collided with #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. during one run and called for a change due to the "dangerous" difference in speed. "We've got to stop that," he said. "...I about smoked him. That's not the guy you want to hit at a 140 mph deficit. (A collision is) going to hurt me and it might hurt Dale Jr., and that would be bad for business."

#1-Jamie McMurray, who was among the drivers to raise the safety issue at Phoenix, said he texted NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton a few days ago and was told, "Let's give it a couple weeks and just see what plays out." [NASCAR spokesman Kerry] Tharp echoed that sentiment in a statement to USA TODAY Sports on Friday. "We're only two race weekends in with the new qualifying format," he said. "It's something new and it's something that will take time to get used to. We will continue to look at it."(USA Today)(3-8-2014)



NASCAR officials say they don't expect to make any changes to the new qualifying process before NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams arrive in Bristol next week for the Food City 500 race weekend. Several drivers expressed concerns about close calls with slower cars idling around on the apron to cool their engines during Friday's qualifying here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. "We're going to sit for a while, field all the questions and see what happens," Robin Pemberton, NASCAR vice president of competition and racing development, said Saturday morning. "It's a very small snapshot of qualifying so far." Pemberton said officials had spoken with drivers that voiced concerns about the process. "We're listening," he said. "We told them it's too early to tell (if tweaks are necessary). "Other than the cars running around on the bottom and you had one or two complain that it was a close call ... again, we're listening to them, but we want to take a better snapshot of it."(



Memorial planned for Dick Trickle:

Green Bay has Earl Louis "Curly" Lambeau and Vince Lombardi; Madison has speedskater Eric Heiden. Rudolph [WI] has racing legend Dick Trickle, and now friends are working to build a memorial in Trickle's former stomping grounds. Trickle, 71, died May 16 in Iron Station, N.C. "Dick deserves it," said longtime friend and fellow racer Tom Reffner, 73, of Rudolph. "He did the best of anybody from our area by far, and I just think it's the right thing to do, and I think it's the right thing to do for Rudolph itself." Family members are supportive of the efforts. Trickle is survived by Delores Iwanski of Waukesha, Chuck Trickle of Las Vegas, Sue Trickle of Minneapolis, and Duaine Trickle of Plover. Memorial plans include a statue of Trickle with ceramic tiles featuring photos of Trickle and his cars. Aluminum frames will have descriptions of the cars, owners, sponsors and the years Trickle drove the car. The project kickoff date is May 18 at the Rudolph Community Park on the west side of highways 13 and 34 in Rudolph. Reffner didn't have any cost estimates; the project still in in the planning stages, and no numbers are set in stone, he said.(Wisconsin Rapids Tribune)(3-8-2014)



Kyle Busch would also like to try the double someday:

Someday in the future, #18-Kyle Busch would love to emulate his older brother's attempt to run the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 in the same day. He just doesn't think he should do the double until he's got a NASCAR series championship in his trophy case. "I've thought about doing that for years," Kyle Busch said Friday at his hometown Las Vegas Motor Speedway. "I've always said that I wouldn't do it until I've gotten a Cup championship, which obviously Kurt has (but) I don't have. I've always put it on the back-burner and not really worried about it, but I think it's good. I hope he has fun with it. Hope he don't get too wore out." He understands the challenges faced May 25 by Kurt Busch, who won his series championship in 2004. The double requires about 580 miles of plane travel in between several hours of grueling driving in IndyCar's biggest event and NASCAR's longest race.(Associated Press)(3-8-2014)


Note:  Some thoughts on this from the Track Forum:



NASCAR involved in new online network:

A new online-only network that will focus on some of NASCAR's lower-tier series, as well as similar series in sports car and motorcycle racing, will make its debut this Wednesday, March 12. FANSCHOICE.TV, whose motto is "My Series, My Track, My Choice," is partly owned by NASCAR and will feature live streaming of racing on the K&N Pro Series and Modifieds from across the country, as well as AMA Pro motorcycle racing and various sports car series. Right now, programming on the new website will be free for viewers, supported by advertising and sponsorship dollars. It will only be available online, although one has to wonder if it takes off the way its backers hope, whether it will eventually wind up on TV and be part of a subscription package.(NBC Sports)(3-9-2014)



Final Phoenix TV Ratings:

Though the numbers were not bad, last week's NASCAR race from Phoenix was the lowest rated second race of the season in 14 years. Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup "The Profit on CNBC 500" from Phoenix earned a 5.3 final rating and 8.8 million viewers on FOX, down 5% in ratings and 3% in viewership from last year (5.6, 8.8M), and down 5% in both measures from 2012 (5.6, 9.2M). The 5.3 rating is the lowest for the second NASCAR race of the season since 2000, when the Dura-Lube/Kmart 400 from Rockingham had a 3.9 U.S. rating on TNN. The 5.3 is also the lowest rating for the spring Phoenix race since it moved to the second week of the season in 2010. Sunday's race finished only slightly behind the Daytona 500, which earned a record low 5.6 and 9.3 million viewers. Of course, the Daytona 500 had an unusually poor performance due to factors beyond NASCAR's control - a lengthy rain delay and competition from the Olympics. Despite the lower numbers, NASCAR on FOX was easily the top sporting event of the weekend on any network. In a distant second was the final round of the PGA Tour Honda Classic on NBC (2.6, 3.8M). (Sports Media Watch), see complete ratings information and historical data on the 2014 NASCAR Television Ratings page.(3-8-2014)



NASCAR to allow cooldown units during qualifying:

NASCAR notified its teams this afternoon that effective immediately the following modifications apply to all elements of its national series qualifying including the breaks:

" One cool down unit connected through either the left side or right side hood flap/cowl flap is allowed to cool the engine

" The hood must continue to remain closed

" Plugging in the generator will not be allowed

" Two crew members will be allowed over the wall to support the car and driver

" No cool down laps will be permitted

NASCAR instituted a new group qualifying format for its three national series in January and has continued to evaluate the process through the first three races of the season. The new format has been well-received by fans, competitors, race tracks and other key stakeholders. NASCAR believes that the modifications announced today should help make the qualifying even better and more compelling.

"The qualifying is new to all of us and as we have said over the past several weeks, we are looking at it from all aspects," said Robin Pemberton, vice president of competition and racing development. "Following discussions, both internally and with others in the garage area, we moved quickly to make a few revisions that will be effective starting with our two national series events at Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend. We believe this will only enhance and improve what has demonstrated to be an exciting form of qualifying for our fans, competitors and others involved with the sport. Moving forward we will continue to look at it and address anything else that we may need to as the season unfolds."(NASCAR)(3-11-2014)




From Track Forum:


IndyCar wants Indy speed record beaten: RACER magazine




When Even the Chosen Few Are Priced Out - Indycar racing, that is:


In part – from Conor Daly:


“I have no money. No one's willing to support me. The Indycar teams all need money. I missed all of the opportunities at the seats that were funded. And I've been at this every day for the last three months. There's just no interest in the numbers that are thrown out there. For [one of the full-time seats], I needed around $2.5 million, probably $3 million to just get in the game, and I could raise maybe $600,000. And that's all through people who have already supported me. No companies want to support it. It's a sad state."



Note:  Uh huh!  It isn’t only NASCAR drivers that need sponsors to keep themselves on the track, as was mentioned a few columns back.  It’s a sad state of affairs!



Good article about changes



Drivers complaining about qualifying format



The beginning of the IRL:


Twenty years ago today



From the AARN:


This Week



Unknown Mike Laguzzo

Is New Rolling Wheels

Raceway Owner



New Hampshire’s

Legion Speedway Is Latest

To Align With DIRTcar



Bridgeport Promoter

Keith Hoffman Expands

Personal Racing Schedule



Lincoln, Hagerstown, Selinsgrove

Still A ‘Go’; Port Royal Off;

New Egypt, OCFS Unsure



Drivers’ Group Leases,

Revives Dog Hollow Speedway



Northerner Andy Seuss

Takes NASCAR Southern Mod Tour

Season Opener



Daniel Hemric Goes

Two For Two

On P.A.S.S. South Circuit



McMahan, Schatz,

Sweet Claim West Coast

WoO Sprint Features



Clinton County’s New Promoter

To Run Track

As Not-For-Profit Charity



Banquet Circuit Winds Down;


Among Later Celebrants



Ernie Saxton:


Ernie makes mention of the race at Long Beach, Ca. and how the city council is still trying to decide as to whether to open the contract for a possible F-1 race, rather than an Indycar race.


Chris Pook is mentioned as being "involved" with the Long Beach F-1 event.  Ernie questions about the proposed F-1 race for northern New Jersey.  It seems Mr. Pook was involved with that event, also.  Will he be involved in both?



Ernie said he had a request from someone on Facebook to be his "friend".  The person already had 4,500 friends. Ernie did not think that person would miss him so he decided against it.  Ernie also voiced his thoughts about how the drivers cut under the yellow line at Phoenix to gain positions.  He considers that to be similar to having local drivers cut across the infield. 

(So do I).



A drivers group has leased the Dog Hollow Speedway in PA.


DIRTcar has branched out to Vermont & New Hampshire now, coming to a sanctioning agreement with both Bear Ridge in Vermont and Legion Speedway in New Hampshire.


Clinton County Speedway will now have a new name - "Racing For Heroes Raceway" - a not for profit entity.


Don & Jo Ann Davies:


It was said that the food for the OCFS banquet was actually prepared at the Lebanon Valley Speedway, and shipped down to OC.


Brett Deyo:


His column this week was basically about Danny Creeden and his return to OCFS, and Brett Hearn and his thoughts on the Hard Clay Open.  If Brett were to win that race, it would be his 300th win at OCFS.


Steve Barrick had a small write up about Frankie Schneider, who's now 87, and his health issues, along with a little about his racing career.  Frankie's first race in 1947 at Flemington was in a car he drove to the track, and back home after the races.  He was injured only once - at Vineland in 1955 in a fire that nearly cost him a leg.


Steve also had an article about Diesel fuel and racing.  One interesting part was about Andrew Harpell. 5 Mile Point promoter.  He, for a while, got his fuel in nearby PA.  But a new state levy made it more expensive than NY.  Harpell reduces his cost by qualifying for abatements as an off road fuel consumer - similar to a farmer. That saves him $3,500.00 a year.  He also transports his own fuel.


In an article about the OCFS banquet, the very last sentences had this:  Weather permitting, the Hard Clay Open is set for March 23.  a decision will likely be made this week.


Deb Smith:


Deb tells us that defending ARDC champion Trevor Kobylarz will also be hoping to be behind the wheel of a sprint car when the USAC Eastern Storm racing events take place.



John Snyder:


In this weeks column, John makes mention that after only three Cup races, four drivers, Dale Earnhardt, jr., Keselowski, Gordon and Hamlin have made ofer one million dollars.  Of the 51 drivers tha thave raced inat least one Cup race this year, 32 have winnings over $500,000.00.  In comparison, in 1979, Darrell Waltrip was the first driver to hit $500,000.00 in race winnings.  That took him seven races.  Richard Petty, in his 35 years and 1,184 races only had one season where he earned $500,000.00.



Bill Utter:


Bill informs us that Gary Edwards, Jr. will be moving up to the Modifieds in 2014 at OCFS.  The Sherlock team has five TEO's ready for 2014 and another one on order.




Newsmaker of the Week, Mike Laguzzo ...


If the name Mike Laguzzo is not familiar to readers of Area Auto Racing news, it shouldn’t be - yet.


After months of rumors, Laguzzo has purchased Rolling Wheels Raceway from World Racing Group.


Laguzzo’s credentials are scant.  He is a race fan, a truck driver by profession. He first tried to buy Utica Rome Speedway but was rebuffed. He freely admits he has no background in the promotion of car racing.


Laguzzo plans to keep Rolling Wheels under the WRG umbrella, has plans for mega-purse races and to expand Rollling Wheels’  limited schedule to a more full fledged one.


A complete unknown a week ago, Laguzzo has emerged as a potential major player in the crowded Central New York short track market.


If for nothing more than bravado alone, Mike Laguzzo is Area Auto Racing News’ Newsmaker Of The Week for March 11, 2014.






Who is this?  He's the only driver in history to win an Indy Car race, a NASCAR race, and a NHRA Top Fuel Final.


You’ll find the answer further down in this weeks column.




Press releases:


Borgers Meeting This Saturday March 15.


Borgers PR

Media Contact

Bob Snyder


Borgers Information and Rules Meeting Saturday March 15.


An information and rules meeting will be held this Saturday March 15 starting at 2:00 p.m. at the Borgers Speedway garage.  All plans for the 2014 racing season will be discussed and any rules changes that have been made.


2014 promises to be a “Break Through Season” at Borgers Speedway with many exciting events and improvements to the speedway.  Glenn Borger, Brendan O’Connor, Jimmy Silfee, and Bob Snyder are committed to bring the best possible racing experience to the drivers, owners, crew members, and racefans.


We will make every effort possible for a March 22 practice day and then a decision will be made if there will be another practice day or schedule the season opener for March 29.


General Manager Brendan O’Connor, “everything depends on the weather.  Most of the snow is off the track and the snow in the infield should be melted in time.  Our main concern now is the grandstand parking area which is still covered by a foot of snow.  Once the snow melts it will be a matter of the grounds drying to allow parking.”


Promoter Bob Snyder, “we will be watching the situation closely and will make a decision by Thursday March 20 if we are go for the Saturday practice.”


Pit spots will be on sale at the rules meeting at $100 for long trailers and $75 for short trailers and pickup trucks.  People who bought pit spots last season will have first preference at their old spot.


The response and comments we received at Motorsports and the Phillipsburg Mall Dirt Track Heroes Show has been overwhelming and Borgers Speedway is on the “Fast Track” to make things happen in 2014.


Note:  Hmm, remember when pit areas were free?  Any idea as to what track/tracks started charging for them?




I get emails – racing related:


Well, I imagine it could be racing related if you’re traveling on I-84 in PA to a race?


An email from my daughter, Judy, about I-84 in PA:


Ripping Up and Replacing an Entire Interstate




Found on the Internet – racing related:


From DTD’s forum on 3/8:


Excitements growing as we approach the opening of the 4th annual OCFS Motorsports Show just one week away. As an added incentive for show attendees the promoters have put up an extra $200 for the winner of the modified race at the Hard Clay Open if the car was entered in this years Motorsports Show, there is also an extra $100 for the sportsman winner at the open if they were in the show. This could turn into a even nicer payday if one were to win the $1,000 best of show award as well as the Hard Clay Open.


This years show has been altered a bit as we have done away with the scored events portion of the show and are using a fan vote system to determine the overall winner. This will free up time for attendees to talk with fans and promote racing and their sponsors. Divisional winners will still be determined by show judges.


Saturdays portion of the show will include the charity auction and the ever popular Ms. OCFS Pageant with Sunday hosting the spark plug change contest and the show closing awards ceremony.


We still have plenty of room for car entries, all are welcome. Entry forms can be found on the speedways website, anyone wishing to enter can call the speedway to pre-register at 845-342-2573 or bring entry form on set-up day Friday, March 14th


We also have some room left for vendors and sponsorship opportunities, if you are interested please contact the speedway office at 845-342-2573


Don't miss out on one of the best car shows of the year. Be sure to stop by and get more info on the upcoming Hard Clay Open, the new Motocross track, as well as schedules for all of the areas local tracks.



And this, too, on the DTD forum – posted, in part, in the Rolling Wheels thread:

“In my opinion, the real statement to be made here is that the sport of short track racing (i.e. - Modifieds, Sprints, LM, etc...) in general has evolved into a rich man's hobby that has for all intents and purposes driven an average Joe back to the couch.  And when the car counts dwindle, the number of tracks that can feasibly run on the same night, against each other, with full fields of cars drops dramatically as well.”




Kwasniewski signs development deal with Ganassi






Jeremy Markovich July 30, 2013



Just one little part:


"Sometime after 10:30 on a Thursday morning in May, after he'd had his cup of coffee, Dick Trickle snuck out of the house. His wife didn't see him go. He eased his 20-year-old Ford pickup out on the road and headed toward Boger City, N.C., 10 minutes away. He drove down Highway 150, a two-lane road that cuts through farm fields and stands of trees and humble country homes that dot the Piedmont west of Charlotte, just outside the reach of its suburban sprawl. Trickle pulled into a graveyard across the street from a Citgo station. He drove around to the back. It was sunny. The wind blew gently from the west. Just after noon, he dialed 911. The dispatcher asked for his address.


"Uh, the Forest Lawn, uh, Cemetery on 150," he said, his voice calm. The dispatcher asked for his name. He didn't give it.


"On the backside of it, on the back by a ‘93 pickup, there's gonna be a dead body," he said.



"OK," the woman said, deadpan.


"Suicide," he said. "Suicide."


"Are you there?"


"I'm the one."


"OK, listen to me, sir, listen to me."


"Yes, it'll be 150, Forest Lawn Cemetery, in the back by a Ford pickup."


"OK, sir, sir, let me get some help to you."




The funeral was four days later."




Found on Facebook - racing related:


On 3/11:


With the racing season soon to start, gas prices have gone up 22 cents in the last month. Give us a break, already!




Schumacher showing "encouraging signs:


In part:

"Michael Schumacher is showing "small, encouraging signs" in hospital two and a half months after his devastating skiing accident, his management staff reports.

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion has been in a coma in a Grenoble, France hospital since sustaining head injuries when he fell while skiing on Dec. 29 last year. His management announced in late January that doctors had begun "the waking-up process", but no further medical updates had been issued since then.

On Wednesday morning his manager Sabine Kehm released a further statement saying that there was some cause for encouragement.

"We are and remain confident that Michael will pull through and wake up," she said. "There are small, encouraging signs, but we also know that this is the time to be very patient."




Going back, in time to March 13th, in:





Lyn St. James... Born ... (born Sandra Lynn Eden) A retired professional IndyCar driver with 11 CART and 5 Indy Racing League starts to her name. She is just one of five women who successfully qualified for the Indianapolis 500, and became the first woman to win the Indy 500 Rookie Of The Year award. The inspiration for the name "St. James" came from actress Susan Saint James.




Wally Parks, Ak Miller and Marvin Lee create the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) in a booth in the Tam-O-Shanter restaurant in Los Angeles, California.



Marco Andretti... Born ... He is the son of 1991 IndyCar World Series champion Michael Andretti and the grandson of racing legend Mario Andretti. Andretti finished second in the 2006 Indianapolis 500 in the second closest finish in the race's history.




Gene Hartley... Died ... AAA / USAC driver from the 1950's and 60's. Gene was the 1959 USAC National Midget Series champion. Hartley was inducted in the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 1985. He ran the Indy 500 ten times with a best finish of 10th in 1957.




Bayliss Levrett... Died ... AAA driver from 1949 to 1952




Going back, in time to other March dates:





Mark Billman... Born ... AAA racer 1930's. He was fatally injured in the 1933 Indy 500.




Rex Mays... Born ... AAA driver from the 1930's and 40's. He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 1995 and was inducted in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in the first class in 1990. He ran in 12 Indy 500's with a best finish of 2nd in both 1940 & 1941. He was killed in a crash during the only Champ Car race held at Del Mar Speedway in Del Mar, California in 1949.




Mike Wallace... Born ... NASCAR race car driver. He is a younger brother to Rusty Wallace, older brother to Kenny Wallace, and uncle to Steve Wallace.




Danny Johnson won the DIRT-DIRT South Civil War Modified Stock Car race at the Devil's Bowl Speedway , Mesquite, TX.

Race report:

Note:  No Brett Hearn?






Dempsey Wilson... Born ... USAC driver from the 1950's and 60's.




Henry Seagrave drove his Irving-Napier to a new One Mile Speed Record of 231.446 mph at Daytona Beach, Florida




Troy Ruttman... Born ... AAA / USAC driver from the late 1940's to 1964. He raced in 12 Indy 500's and won in 1952. He was the older brother of NASCAR driver Joe Ruttman.




Derek Daly... Born ... Formula One and CART driver from the 1970's and 80's




Joe Gosek... Born ... He was a super-modified racecar driver. He also raced in the 1996 Indianapolis 500, finishing 22nd. Joe has won numerous races at the famed Oswego Speedway in Oswego, NY. Including their biggest race the International Classic 200 which he has won 3 times. Joe is also a multi-time season champion on the touring International Supermodified Association (ISMA) series.




Eddie Lawson... Born ... A former four-time Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champion. After finishing his motorcycle career, Lawson pursued a career in four wheeled motorsport racing in the United States competing in the Indy Lights series and eventually to CART. In 1996 where he competed in 11 races with a best finish of 6th. Lawson was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999 and was inducted in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 2002.





John Calla... Born ... Founder of racing website (where I get this info from)




Gordon Johncock won the first ever CART sanctioned Indy Car race, the 'Jimmy Bryan 150' at Phoenix International Raceway. Bobby Unser led until Danny Ongais took over on lap 87. Ongais had a 20 second lead and had lapped all but four cars before a long pit stop under green on lap 119 dropped him to 5th. Johncock took over as Ongais closed quickly before blowing the motor in the Interscope Special 10 laps later. Rick Mears finished second and Johnny Rutherford third. Johncock was driving the Patrick Racing Penske PC6...the first time that a Penske fielded by another team had beaten Penske's own entries.


A.J. Foyt won the 'Aggieland 250' USAC Stock Car race at Texas World Speedway. Foyt, driving a Chevrolet Camaro, took the checkered just under 3 seconds ahead of Freddy Fryar's Camaro. Among others in the 34 car field: Janet Guthrie and short track open wheel star Tom Bigelow in Armstrong Camaros and Neil Bonnett substituting for Bobby Allison in an AMC Matador (Allison was at Richmond for a NASCAR GN race).


Note:  I’m somewhat surprised that AJ was not in that first CART race. 




Norm Hall... Died ... He drove in the USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1961, 1964, and 1965 seasons.


Dick Fraizer... Died ... AAA / USAC driver 1949 to 1956

Tony George announces the formation of the Indy Racing League.






Erwin George "Cannon Ball" Baker... Born ... He was a motorcycle and automobile racing driver and organizer in the first half of the 20th century. In 1908, Baker purchased an Indian motorcycle and began entering and winning local races. His most famous victory came in 1909 at the first race ever held at the newly built Indianapolis Motor Speedway.




Robert "Red" Byron... Born ... He was a NASCAR driver who was successful in the sanctioning body's first years. He was NASCAR's first Modified champion (and its first champion in any division) in 1948 and its first Strictly Stock (predecessor to NEXTEL Cup) champion in 1949.




Johnny Rutherford ... Born ... USAC / CART driver from the 1960's to 1992. He raced in 24 Indy 500's and Texas-raised "Lonestar J.R." won the prestigious 500 mile race three times: in 1974, 1976, and 1980. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1996, the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 1995 and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 1993.




John Andretti... Born ... One of the most versatile race car drivers in American history, winning in Indy car, NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters, endurance racing and NASCAR racing. John is the son of Aldo Andretti.

Note:  There’s the answer to this weeks quiz!



Casey Mears... Born ... USAC / CART/ IRL and NASCAR driver. He is the nephew of four time Indianapolis 500 winner Rick Mears and the son of Indy and off-road veteran Roger Mears.


Ed "Dutch" Schaefer... Died ... Eastern midget racer from the 1940's to the 1970's. Remembered as the man who saved the ARDC from extinction. Schaefer was elected President of the oldest midget racing club in the East in 1952. Near the point of extinction, Dutch managed to hold together a small group of devoted ARDC car owners and drivers, and brought the club and midget racing on the East Coast, back into the limelight.




Rick Muther... Died ... USAC / CART driver from the 1960's & 1970's.






Lee Petty... Born ... Was an American stock car driver in the 1950s and 60s. He was one of the pioneers of NASCAR, and one of its first superstars. He is the father of Richard Petty, who would become NASCAR's all-time race winner. With sons Richard and Maurice, he founded Petty Enterprises, which became NASCAR's most successful racing team.



Bill Simpson ... Born ... A retired American racecar driver, but is best known as a pioneer in the racing safety business with his company Simpson Performance Products. In 2003, he was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in the "at large" category.





Bob Mathouser ... Born ... Drove in the USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1961-1966 seasons.


Al Herman... Born ...ARDC, AAA /USAC driver from the 1950's and 60's






Louis Unser... Born ... Race Car Driver. "Uncle Louie" Unser was a nine time winner of the Pikes Peak Hillclimb (1934,36,37,38,39,41, 46,47,53).




Billy Stavola... Born ... Along with his brother Mickey co-owned Stavola Brothers Racing.



Dick Ferguson... Born ... Former driver in the CART Championship Car series. He raced in the 1979-1985 and 1987-1988 seasons.



Andy Granatelli's turbine-powered Indycar is unveiled to the press.






Ralph Pratt... Born ... AAA driver from the 1940's and 50's. Inducted into the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 1998.




Tom Pistone... Born ... NASCAR driver from the 1950's and 60's




Dee Jones... Born ... USAC driver from the 1960's and 70's






Andy Granatelli... Born ... The entrepreneur of STP oil and gasoline treatment products and along with his brothers Vince and Joe fielded Indy cars from the 1960's until 1991. He clad his pit crews in white coveralls with the oval STP logo scattered all over them, and once wore a suit jacket with the same STP-laden design. His cars became a significant presence at the Indianapolis 500. While he first gained notoriety by re-introducing the legendary Novi, his most famous entries were his turbine-powered cars in 1967 and 1968. In both years, he endured the excruciating frustration of seeing probable race-winners fail near the end; Joe Leonard's breakdown with 10 laps remaining in 1968 had been topped the previous year when Parnelli Jones, leading comfortably with just three laps to go, suffered the failure of an inexpensive transmission bearing and retired, handing a sure victory to A.J. Foyt. He was finally rewarded with an Indianapolis 500 winner in 1969. After his innovative Lotus 4-wheel-drive car was destroyed in practice after establishing itself as one of the most dominants cars to date, his driver Mario Andretti, nursing the burns from the Lotus crash, won at the wheel of a year-old backup car. Before Andretti could be traditionally kissed in 'Victory Lane' by the Queen of the "500 Festival," Granatelli got there first, and his joyful kiss on Andretti's cheek is one of the 500's most memorable images. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1992 and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 2001.




Mark Donohue... Born ... Known for his ability to set up his own race car and drive it consistently on the absolute limit. Donohue is probably best-known as the driver of the 1500+ bhp “Can-Am Killer” Porsche 917-30, and as winner of the 1972 Indianapolis 500. Ran USAC INDY cars from 1968 to 1973.




Jochen Rindt ... Born ... F1 World Champion




This weeks photo:

Note:  Photo not available on DTD.  Can be seen here:



Any idea as to who the driver is in the # 38, above?  Any idea as to what kind of engine is in that car?




Racing videos:


How about the Indycar race from Pocono, last year?





Some non-racing stuff:


Exclusive: Chinese raw materials also found on U.S. B-1 bomber, F-16 jets





New Chinese Satellite Pictures May Show Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet





Found on the Internet – not racing related:


Justice Dept.: At Least 35% Of People Eligible For Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion Have Criminal Histories






New Jersey moves to shut down Tesla sales despite protests


In part:

"Oh sure, the Tesla Model S may be the "best car sold in America" per Consumer Reports, and it may be a Wall Street darling and perhaps the only electric vehicles for which demand exceeds supply. But that didn't stop regulators in New Jersey from ordering Tesla to shut down its stores by April 1 because the company doesn't use dealers like every other automaker."




Time Warner Cable is raising your monthly rate again




Speaking of TV viewing – I hope none of your favorite shows make the cut list!


Several Shows on the Verge of Cancellation as Networks Make Plans for Fall






Obama to Bypass Congress and Give Workers Better Pay



Honor student who sued parents returns home





Found on Facebook – not racing related:


On 3/11:


Legalizing 11 million illegal aliens would be bad for the 20 million jobless Americans. Don't you agree Congress should start putting Americans FIRST?



This is the country that built the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, an intercontinental RR, national freeways and put men on the moon, but we can't build a FENCE?


"Oh, NO.. we can build a fence. The feds don't want one! They have been doing all they could to impede any efforts to STOP illegal immigration. Next, they will hire buses to go into Mexico and bring them in....."




On 3/12:


In 2014, members of congress will only work 113 days.  They’ll make $174,000.00 plus benefits and expenses paid for by the taxpayers.


In 2014, nearly half of all Americans will make less than $25,000.00, often without benefits, all the while working more than twice the number of days that congress will.



How could someone dead since 2008 vote in a 2010 election?



I want a Supreme Court that upholds our constitution.



If we were really supposed to give up alcohol for Lent, they wouldn’t have put St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of it.



Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep.  Nine if you’re ugly!




I get emails – not racing related:


I’d say this video tells it all.





Music videos:


Tribute to George Jones






Joke of the week:


A man was telling his buddy:


"You won't believe what happened last night... My daughter walked into the

living room and said, 'Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, forget my

college tuition loan, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out the window;

take my TV, and my laptop. Please take any of my jewelry to the Salvation

Army or Cash Converters.

Then, sell my car, take my front door key away

From me and throw me out of the house. Then, disown me and never talk to me

again. And don't forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to any charity

you choose.' "


"Holy Smokes," replied the friend, "she actually said that?"


"Well, she didn't put it quite like that, she actually said:


'Dad, meet my new boyfriend - Mohammed. We're going to work together on

Hillary's election campaign!' "





Please don’t forget:  Benghazi, The IRS Scandal and all the other scandals that seem to get put on the back burners every week.  When will anyone be “held accountable”, anyway?  Oh, don’t forget my description of “Held Accountable”:  Nothing will get done to anyone.


No, I will not vote for Hillary.  She is an evil woman!



Until the next column – NEXT WEEK!!!


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