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                                         Volume # 157



Racin’ & short’ stuff:


If you recall, in last weeks column I made mention that I might not attend the races at Accord this coming Friday night.  Well with the race (RoC Modified) being all green flag laps, it looks like I’ll make the trip up Rt 209, after all.  And, since last weeks column, something else, trip wise, looks like it might be happening. 


It is looking more like the wife, our dog Max, and I will be heading south come around the first week in November.  It also looks like we’ll spend the winter months down in Florida, with a return back north, possibly in March of 2014.  In the past, we only stayed down there for a few weeks, at the most.  Now, a good portion of the family is down there.  In fact, my “baby” sister and her husband moved down there this past summer.


At this time I’m undecided as to whether these weekly columns will continue while I’m away from home, or not.  I suppose a lot depends on if I take my computer with us, or not.  More on the columns will be mentioned in future columns.



Thompson OKs $45M Monticello Motor Club expansion


In part:  "MONTICELLO — After dueling with its critics for more than a year, Monticello Motor Club is now revving up to expand the private racetrack off Route 42.


Several projects over five to eight years could add more than 60 full-time equivalent jobs and bring professional racing events to Sullivan County by May 2015.


On Aug. 14, the Thompson Planning Board granted final approval for a three-phase, $45 million expansion that will add infrastructure for pro racing, garages, condos, a new clubhouse and recreational facilities, and corporate offices."





Just wondering – does that NASCAR official that wrongly told the crew of the 48 car that it was missing a lug nut still have a job, today?  After all, it did lengthen the time spent in the pits for that team.  Was the team given back the time lost, or did it have to earn it?  Hmmm?



The “Chase”:  Dunno, but I think I’d put my money on Kyle Busch.


Burnouts:  Is it just me, or are they getting tiring for you, too?


Same goes for football players showboating after they make a play.  Hey guys, it’s your job, you don’t have to go ape shit, ya know?  Really – ya look “goofy”.


I heard this on TV on Wednesday afternoon:

“How can society take care of the ill, when society, itself, is sick”?


Yes, in a way, that pertains to the sicko’s that use guns to gain notoriety.



This weeks quiz:


Who was the first woman to turn laps in an Indy car on the Indianapolis Speedway?  Hint:  She did it in a Novi.  Think you know?  Send your answers to me at:  ygordad@yahoo.com




Former champ Ken Norton dies


He was 70 years old.







From Facebookracin’ stuff:


From last weeks column:



CRSA Sprint Car Tour returns to Eastern States Weekend!!!”


Note:  Well, there will be 305’s at ESW, but from what I can gather, it won’t be sanctioned by the CRSA, but they are invited.  Now I wonder, will OCFS charge the Sprint Car teams $50.00 for their Quads, as I was told, was done last year, for ESW?  That, in itself, kept a lot of teams from running.  And what if the TSRS 305’s come – do they abide by their pay off system – same dollar amount for each driver, regardless of where they finish, or is there a higher purse?


Note:  Personally, I hate it when I see purses based on “x” amount of cars being entered.  Never have I seen what those purses might be with an amount of cars that don’t meet the purse requirements.  Have you?




Coming up:







60 laps $5000 to win $1000 for 8th $800 for 10th

$300 to take the green

All Green Flag Laps

24 cars to start the feature



25 laps $1500 to win $100 to take the green

24 cars to start the feature




20 Laps $300 to win


20 cars to start


Pit Fee: $40 Accord Speedway Members $35


Back Pit Gate opens at 4:30 pm


Grandstand Prices: Adult $24 Seniors $22 (65+) Kids $5 (11+ and under) Family 4 Pack $68 Indoor Reserved $30


Grandstand Gate opens at 5 pm


Hot Laps 6:30 - Race Time 7 pm



Wreckage in the Catskills


Saturday, October 5th, 2013

4 cylinder Enduro $1000 to win

Run What Ya Brung $1000 to win

Pro Stock $300 to win (20 entries)

Pure Stock $200 to win (20 entries)

Jr Slingshot National $200 to win (20 entries)

Lightning Sprints $300 to win (20 entries)


Pit gate opens at 11am   Spectator gate at 12 noon

Adult admission $12  Kids $3  Family 4 Pack $40  Indoor seating $20


Note:  No CRSA or 305 Sprint Cars on the schedule, now.











October 19th        OPEN PRACTICE 11AM-4PM



Note:  I take it this will be free grandstand admissions for race fans?




Note:  If you go to the OCFS website and click on "Schedule", all the info you need for Eastern States Weekend is posted










Saturday, September 21




Legends, Bandolero, Pro Stock, BMS Modified,

4 Cylinder Advanced and Novice






Last points race of the season on Saturday, September 21st.  End of season.




From Jayski:



Montoya moving to IndyCar with Penske:

Team Penske announced that Juan Pablo Montoya will join the team in 2014. Montoya will drive the #2 Team Penske IndyCar for the full season as he will join Will Power and three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves in the team's IZOD IndyCar Series lineup beginning next season. Montoya, 37, is a native of Colombia and he is one of the most accomplished drivers in the world. His career highlights include race wins in Formula One, NASCAR and the CART Indy Car Series. He is the only driver to produce victories in the Indianapolis 500, the 24 Hours of Daytona and the Monaco Grand Prix. Montoya earned 11 IndyCar wins over two seasons as he captured the CART Series title in his rookie season of 1999 followed by a victory in the Indy 500 in 2000.

"I am really excited to join this legendary team beginning next year," said Montoya. "I have had the opportunity to drive for some of the best racing teams in the world and I have always admired Roger Penske and his organization. I consider it an honor to be offered the opportunity to drive for Team Penske."

"Juan is a proven winner at all levels of motorsport," said Roger Penske. "He has won a lot of races and championships and he has an extremely passionate fan base. We look forward to building on his successes together and we believe he will be a great addition to Team Penske."(Penske Racing)(9-16-2013)



Why no Air Titan at Chicago?

Where was Air Titan, the new-fangled drying system that has been proven to remove moisture from tracks as much as 80% faster than the antiquated method of using jet dryers to blow hot air? Back in Concord, N.C. On a day that the diesel-powered air-compression contraption could have served as savior by ensuring an official finish at a reasonable hour in one of the sport's biggest races. The race was stopped 25 laps - or roughly 15 minutes - short of the halfway point that makes it official. It started one hour and 20 minutes late. It took two hours to dry the 1.5-mile oval (the race was red-flagged for five hours and 10 minutes). Air Titan surely would have cut at least 15 minutes and given NASCAR a chance to declare a winner.

The worst part? Anyone could have seen this coming. Despite being touted as a miracle-working game-changer since the preseason, Air Titan has become NASCAR's No. 1 political football this season as tracks have blanched at a varying cost that sometimes exceeds $100,000.

The absence of the Air Titan was especially conspicuous considering the smaller version of the system (used for track prep to clean the surface for a race weekend) was on property last Thursday. As of Sunday, NASCAR said Air Titan had been returned to its garage. A person who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to disclose the information said the track didn't include Air Titan in its budget.

Track president Scott Paddock called Air Titan "an exciting, emerging technology" but also "a work in progress" that the track elected not to use this year. "It has the potential to be a great advancement for our sport," Paddock told USA TODAY Sports. "I think it could have been an option to have it. I think it's a work in progress. We actually brought in a higher complement of jet dryers. We stuck with the known commodity. The pricetag for having Air Titan at Chicagoland? Apparently $50,000. Who has that kind of money lying around in a sport that has announced $8.2 billion in long-term TV contracts over the past year?(USA Today)(9-16-2013)



Restart rule changes to be announced Sunday morning:

As two Sprint Cup cars running at the speed limit of a two-lane highway approach a designated zone that varies in length from about 60 to 110 feet, a frenzied dance begins. The leader of a restart is in control, and he can stomp the accelerator at any point within two painted lines on the outside wall. The second-place car alongside must keep pace but also allow the leader to cross the finish line first. It sounds simple, but restarts have become among the most complex procedures to administer in NASCAR's premier series.

NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pemberton said Saturday that changes to restart procedures will be revealed during Sunday's drivers' meeting. While it's unlikely there would be an abolition of the action-inducing double-file restarts, which were added four years ago because of heavy support from a fan council, NASCAR could eliminate the zones and allow the flagman to determine the restart. Another choice might be putting the leader in a separate row and putting the field behind in side-by-side formation.(USA Today)(9-15-2013)



Changes were announced Sunday morning during the drivers' meeting. The restart zone will remain in place and the leader will still control the start within the zone. Once the leader accelerates, the green flag will fly (within the restart zone). The flagman will throw the green if the leaders get to the end of the restart zone and the cars have not accelerated. HOWEVER, once leader goes (or the flag flies), the leader can be passed by the second place car before the start/finish line. Drivers are still not allowed to change lanes before the start. If the second place driver jumps the restart, they will be black flagged.(9-15-2013)



Free M&Ms if Kyle Busch wins the Chase:

Racing fans now have 1 million more reasons to cheer for #18-Kyle Busch in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Mars Chocolate North America announced a deliciously unique offer from M&M'S Brand to make this year's NASCAR "playoff races" even 'Better with M.' Here's the deal: Should Kyle, driver of the #18 M&M'S Toyota Camry, capture the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship, the brand will celebrate with America by giving away 1 million free bags of M&M'S. Now that's a sweet deal every race fan can appreciate. The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup is arguably the longest and most competitive playoff system in professional sports - pitting the sports' top 12 drivers from the regular season against each other for 10 grueling races to crown a champion. Busch is making his sixth appearance in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup  his fourth in the #18 M&M'S Toyota Camry. As the "Official Chocolate of NASCAR," M&M'S brand saw an opportunity to make a victory even sweeter - both for Kyle, and fans across the country.(M&Ms/Mars PR)(9-15-2013)



NASCAR expects 100% from drivers:

In the wake of controversy surrounding last Saturday's Sprint Cup race at Richmond, NASCAR unveiled a "100-percent solution" to the issue of collusion and some specific practical changes to the conduct of races. In a mandatory 17-minute meeting with drivers and crew chiefs Saturday at Chicagoland Speedway, NASCAR addressed the concerns that have caused what sanctioning body president Mike Helton earlier termed "a shift in the paradigm."

"At the center of that meeting was what our expectations were going forward," NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France told reporters in the Chicagoland media center. "And those expectations are that a driver and a team give 100 percent effort, their best effort, to complete a race and race as hard as they possibly can."

'NASCAR requires its competitors to race at 100 percent of their ability with the goal of achieving their best possible finishing position in an event. Any competitor who takes action with the intent to artificially alter the finishing positions of the event or encourages, persuades or induces others to artificially alter the finishing position of the event shall be subject to a penalty from NASCAR.'

NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pemberton also said NASCAR would announce changes to restart rules, effective Sunday, at the drivers' meeting before the GEICO 400.(NASCAR Wire Service)(9-14-2013)


Note:  Check out Track Forum news in this weeks column on this.




NASCAR Announces Officiating Revisions: NASCAR has announced a set of officiating revisions to further reinforce its in-race rules and regulations following a week-long review of events that transpired during last Saturday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Richmond International Raceway. NASCAR officials met with drivers, owners and crew chiefs this afternoon at Chicagoland Speedway to address these revisions that will take effect beginning with Sunday’s opening race of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. The revisions focus on assisting the competitors to understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in NASCAR’s sole determination when it comes to officiating teams racing during an event. NASCAR will issue a technical bulletin to the teams later this afternoon that outlines these revisions. "Today’s technical bulletin addresses the subject of team(s) artificially altering the outcome of a race and the level of reaction that this will receive from NASCAR, said Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President of Competition. We reinforced this issue to the teams in our meeting earlier today and conveyed what is considered unacceptable in our officiating of the event." Initial officiating revisions that were announced and will take effect Sunday are:

• Spotters only on spotters stand (one per team)

• Spotters stand limits: Two analog radios, scanners, Fan Views

• Video camera will be installed on spotters stand




Press conference transcript:  http://www.jayski.com/news/pages/story/_/page/NASCAR-Press-Conference-Sept-14-2013




Nationwide will not renew Series sponsorship:

Nationwide Insurance will exit its title sponsorship of NASCAR's secondary series following the '14 season, but the company plans to increase its spending in the sport by sponsoring a Sprint Cup team, buying media, cutting track deals and maintaining its position as NASCAR's official insurer. Nationwide is in the sixth year of a seven-year series title sponsorship. The title rights and media package cost approximately $8M a year. Nationwide CMO Matt Jauchius said the deal, which was signed in '07, had helped the company expand its business and earn the respect and trust of avid NASCAR fans. By increasing its sponsorship in the Sprint Cup, where it currently sponsors Roush Fenway Racing driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and continuing to endorse and feature Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in advertising during Cup races, he hopes the company can expand brand awareness with casual NASCAR fans. Jauchius said, "Being a series sponsor was the right thing at that particular time but we see Sundays (for Cup races) as the next step. You'll see us lean into this even more at the Cup level. ... I will spend more money in 2014 and 2015 (in NASCAR) by shifting assets around a bit." NASCAR plans to begin searching for a new title sponsor immediately. That effort will be led by Chief Sales Officer Jim O'Connell.(Sports Business Journal)(9-18-2013)



NASCAR and Nationwide Insurance have finalized a new agreement to extend Nationwide’s position as the official auto, home, life and business insurance partner of NASCAR through 2017. As part of the new contract, Nationwide Insurance also will become the presenting sponsor of the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award. The insurer, in its sixth year of a seven-year agreement as title sponsor of the NASCAR Nationwide Series, will pivot from its series entitlement sponsorship and focus its NASCAR marketing programs on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series beginning in 2015.

As a series entitlement sponsor and savvy marketer, Nationwide Insurance has been an ideal partner to our sport and we’re proud to have them continue to be part of our family of Official NASCAR Partners, said Steve Phelps, NASCAR chief marketing officer. The company has been highly successful in using our sport as a platform to enhance its brand and drive its business and has stated publicly how much value they glean as a series sponsor. The fact that Nationwide will continue its investment across our sport  in a variety of ways and for many years to come  is encouraging and speaks to the power of NASCAR as a marketing platform.

The insurer began its 15-year motorsports history as a hospitality sponsor with targeted race tracks and progressed to the Official Insurance Partner of NASCAR and the title sponsor for the U.S.’s No. 2 motorsports series. Nationwide Insurance will look to build a more consistent presence in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series enabling its message to reach an even larger NASCAR audience.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series is a great proving ground not only for drivers and crew members, but for sponsors too, said Nationwide chief marketing officer, Matt Jauchius. We’re proud of the success Nationwide Insurance has attained through our relationships with NASCAR and the Nationwide Series. It’s a natural evolution for Nationwide Insurance to move our marketing investment to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and we’ll continue to put tremendous effort behind all of our NASCAR marketing platforms in the years to come.

Nationwide Insurance also will sponsor the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award. The NASCAR Foundation presents the award to a NASCAR fan who embodies the ideals of charity and community that Mrs. France has championed throughout her life. Nominees for the award honor the spirit of NASCAR, demonstrating goodwill and generosity in the interest of helping children in need. One winner receives a $100,000 donation to direct to the children’s charity of their choice along with a NASCAR experience of a lifetime. The top three remaining finalists receive $25,000 to direct to their children's charity of choice.

We approached NASCAR about sponsoring the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award because it embodies the spirit and culture of giving that Nationwide Insurance values, added Jauchius. The Nationwide Children’s Hospital 200 race is a good example of the collaboration among sponsors, teams and the NASCAR Foundation pulling together to shine the national spotlight on a deserving organization. We look forward to working with Betty Jane and the Foundation to highlight other unique charitable efforts that NASCAR fans support all across the country.

Nationwide Insurance is a long-standing partner to NASCAR, and more importantly a strong advocate for children, and we are excited to welcome them as presenting sponsor of the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award, said Betty Jane France, NASCAR Foundation Chairwoman. At The NASCAR Foundation, we seek to align ourselves with brands and organizations that share our same mission of enhancing the lives of children in this country. For these reasons, Nationwide Insurance is a perfect fit to help us present this special award.(NASCAR)(9-18-2013)


Note:  Some interesting things said on this, over on the Track Forum.






Ty Dillon moving to Nationwide in 2014:

Richard Childress Racing has partnered with D.G Yuengling & Son to be a primary sponsor on the #3 Yuengling Light Lager Chevy with driver Ty Dillon during the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series season. As part of their 185th anniversary of brewing great lager, America's oldest operating brewery will be the primary sponsor on the RCR Chevy Camaro for eight races of the 2014 schedule. Yuengling Light Lager will be a key partner as Dillon moves full time to the Nationwide Series next season.(RCR)(8-19-2013)



Austin Dillon filling in for Stewart at Talladega:

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Tony Stewart is out for the remainder of the 2013 season after suffering a broken right tibia and fibula in a sprint car crash Aug. 5 at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa. In the interim, Mark Martin will drive the #14 Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevrolet Aug. 23-24 at Bristol Motor Speedway and in 11 other races. Austin Dillon, the 2011 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion who filled in for Stewart this past weekend at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn and finished 14th in his 10th career Sprint Cup start, will drive the #14 Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy Oct. 18-20 at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway.(Stewart Haas Racing)(8-19-2013)




Danica Patrick to co-host American Country Awards:

Multi-platinum recording artist Trace Adkins and NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick will co-host the fourth annual AMERICAN COUNTRY AWARDS, airing live from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Tuesday, Dec. 10 on FOX. This is Adkins' fourth time serving as a host of the annual awards show, which gives fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists in categories such as artists, albums, singles, videos and touring, encompassing the entire spectrum of country music and bestowing honors that no other awards show has. Nominees, performers and presenters to be announced. "I'm so excited to host the AMERICAN COUNTRY AWARDS with Trace Adkins," Patrick said. "I have no doubt he'll be able to keep up with me. I've become a huge fan of country music since I came to NASCAR and have been fortunate to be in videos with Miranda Lambert and Colt Ford. This is going to be a really cool experience and I'm excited to be a part of it. It's going to be a great show!"(Stewart-Haas Racing)(9-18-2013)






From Track Forum:


New NASCAR rule: "Race at 100 percent ability"





Some comments:


"Some things are pretty hard to prove. If NASCAR wants to know why a driver's lap times fell off by a full second compared to the rest of the race, all the driver has to say, "The tars went away on me and it got real loose on me near the end. I was just hangin' on trying not to wreck."


There is no way for NASCAR to prove one way or another if the driver was giving less than 100% under that circumstance."


"Since the rule gives Nascar "sole discretion" to make the decision, absolute proof isn't necessary. But, yes, it will require at least that much subterfuge in the future. Drivers wouldn't be able to get radio instructions.


It's interesting that the rule only covers finishing positions, not other forms of teamwork during the race."


"If NASCAR really wants each driver to give 100 percent each race they should start by outlawing the idiotic start and park."


"So the next time one RCR car is leading the race on lap 20 and lets another RCR car take the lead to get lap led points, RCR will be penalized?


Nice idea behind the rule, but likely a bunch of 'nuances' that will, technically, be violations of the rule."


"So what happens at Talladega, when some of the big guns ride at the back for most of the race to avoid trouble? They certainly won't be giving 100% effort, 100% of the time."


"THis was asked, a good question. They say that because you are still trying to get the best possible finish, it is okay. They need better lawyers to word this in a way that still gives NASCAR the judgment call but clarifies for teams. "Effort" is not quantifiable. Giving a 100% value makes it appear that NASCAR has a scale with which to quantify. But it is NASCAR's judgment. Now, I think the rule, in essence, is to eliminate Vickers and Gilliland slowing down dramatically to let cars through. Vickers' last lap was 80 mph and Gilliland slowed 1 second per after the suspect transmission. So, that's the 100% thing, but it makes no sense the way it is worded and that's bad law for the user. For NASCAR it is fine because they get to make the call but why not say in the rule that NASCAR makes the call instead of faking a quantitative way to do that with %. Well who knows I love the races anyway."



In Indycar racing:


Baltimore Cancelled for 2014 & 2015






Found on the Internet – racing:


Juan Pablo Montoya considering the Indianapolis 500/Coke 600 double








Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:


Rick Casario was 11th at GVAT in the 270 Micro feature.


Roger Coss was 4th in the Modified feature at Mahoning Valley, while Tiffany Wambold was a DNQ for the street Stock feature.


At Fonda, in the CRSA 305 feature, Josh Pieniazek was 4th, Chuck Alessi 9th, Emily VanInwegen 13th and Joe Kata 14th.


At Accord, Anthony Perrego was 4th, Joey Bruning 13th, Danny Creeden 19th and Mike Doty 21st in the Modified feature.

Tyler Boniface was 7th and Brad Szulewski 8th in the Sportsman feature.

Tyler Boniface was 2nd in the Spec Sportsman feature.


Ben Whitaker was 14th at Big Diamond in the LM feature, and 7th in the LM feature at Susquehanna.


Mike Mammana was a DNQ for the Freedom 76 race at Grandview.


Bobby Morris was 3rd and Kyle Redner 6th, while Rich Coons is listed as a DQ for the Sportsman feature at Bethel.


Billy VanInwegen was 27th in the SDS race at the Mohawk Speedway.


Davie Franek was 4th in the URC feature at New Egypt.


Kenney Johnson was 5th in the NEMA Lights feature at Oswego.


Hunter Bates was 7th and 3rd in the Modified features at Devils Bowl and 19th in the LM feature.


At OCFS, Mike Ruggiero won the Modified feature, and earned the seventh starting spot for the ES 200.  Clinton Mills was 6th and Tyler Dippel 20th.  Tim HIndley was a DNS – having done major damage to his point winning car on the first lap of his heat.

Dippel won the Sportsman feature, with Brian Krummel 2nd, LJ Lombardo 3rd, Joey Falanga 8th and Johnny Illanovsky 12th.


Molly Chambers was 6th in the 600 Micro feature at Lindas.


At Hamlin, Joacob Handershot was 4th in the 270 feature.

Danny Buccafusca was 10th in the All Star Slingshots.

Paul Tigue was 4th in the Junior Slingshots.

Corey Ziegler was 13th in the Rookie 600’s.  Word is he had a pretty nasty flip, but was not injured.


At least 34 names this week.





From the AARN:



From their September 17th issue:


Lenny Sammons:


In this weeks column he makes mention of young Tyler Dippel and what his racing will lead to - A possible future in NASCAR.


Ernie Saxton:


This week he devoted quite a lot of space to the shenanigans that took place at both the Nationwide and Cup races at Richmond.  Ernie makes some good points - like no instant replay for starts?


Brett Deyo:


Brett makes mention of the possibility of the Vinnie Salerno # 4 car making the Accord Speedway their Friday night stop in 2014 - with Jeff Strunk behind the wheel.  And Valerno said that for 2014, Grandview will be a track they'll be running at.


JR Kennerup:


JR tells us of Dick and Shelly Stark leaving Thunder Mountain Speedway, in Lisle, NY as promoters.  JR also makes mention that Mike Colsten, the driving champion at 5 Mile this year has been battleing a form of cancer, and so far has beaten the odds, along with surprising all of his doctors.


Gary London:


Like Ernie Saxton, Gary devotes most of this weeks column to the goings on at Richmond, last week.


Toby LaGrange:


Tells us that after 50 years as a race driver, Dave Lape is hanging up his helmet, goggles and driving suit.



This Week



Stafford SKMod Ace

Dan Avery Wins First Race

In Over Thirty Years


Grandview’s Freedom 76er

Falls To Jeff Strunk For

The Second Straight Year


Three Peat: Cannon’s Selinsgrove

Nace Memorial 410 Win

Is Third In A Row


Ryan Preece Red Hot: 

Wins Stafford VMRS,

Riverhead WMT Mod Mains


DIRTcar Clean Sweep

At Mohawk For Matt Sheppard


NASCAR Pot Continues To Simmer

In Wake Of Michael Waltrip

Raing Scandal


Shawna Ingraham

Is First Female Modified Winner

At Wall Stadium


Thunder Mountain Promoters

Throw In The Towel


Ott’s Comeback Complete

After Williams Grove 410 Sprint Win




This date in racing history:

Just some of the events on September 19th in:



Ralph DePalma won the AAA sanctioned Syracuse 50 Race on the 1 Mile Dirt Oval New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, New York.



Ralph DePalma won the AAA sanctioned Syracuse 100 Race on the 1 Mile Dirt Oval New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, New York. Leon Duray was second followed by Ralph Hepburn, Earl Cooper and Jerry Wonderlich.



Ted Horn , driving the Horn #1, won the 20 lap AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Eastern States Expo Speedway in Springfield, MA.



Myron Fohr won the AAA sanctioned Springfield 100 on the 1 Mile Dirt Oval Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois. Emil Andres was second followed by Ted Horn, Bill Sheffler and George Connor.

Bill Holland won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Reading Fairgrounds, Reading, PA.



Rex Mays drove an Offenhauser powered midget racer 147.037 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats for the U.S. Class E (2-liter, un-blown) record.



Bob Slater won the IMCA Sprint Car race at the Clay County Fairgrounds, Spencer, IA.

Gene Hartley won the AAA Midget race at the Indianapolis Speedrome, Indianapolis,IN.

Wally Campbell won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race over Tommy Hinnershitz at the Morristown Speedway, Morristown, NJ.

Charlie Miller won the URC Sprint Car race at the York Fairgrounds,York, PA.



Jiggs Peters won the ARDC Midget race at the Eastern States Expo Speedway, Springfield,MA.



Rodger Ward won the Hoosier Hundred USAC Champ Car race at the 1 Mile Dirt Oval Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana. Eddie Sachs was second followed by A.J. Foyt, Jim McWithey and Len Sutton.

Bert Brooks won the ARDC Midget race at the Reading Fairgrounds, Reading,PA.

Parnelli Jones won the IMCA Sprint Car race at the Kansas State Fairgrounds, Hutchinson,KS.



Bobby Unser won the USAC Sprint Car race at the Baer Field Speedway, Fort Wayne,IN.



Joe Nemechek wins the NASCAR Winston Cup Dura Lube/Kmart 300 over Tony Stewart at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, NH.






Press releases:



Coastal 181

Cary Stratton  

29 Water Street

Newburyport, MA 01950, USA



978 462-2436 tel

978 462-9198 fax   






Newburyport, Mass., September 6, 2013 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 announced today the release of its latest title, “DID YOU SEE THAT? – Unforgettable Moments in Midwest Open-Wheel Racing,” by Joyce Standridge.


“DID YOU SEE THAT?” is unlike any previous book the company has published; it is based on 465 stunning photographs by Allen and Kevin Horcher, Bill Baker, David Hill, and Mike Campbell, annotated with interesting and amusing stories by one of America’s best motorsports journalists.


The photos, captured from 1978 to the present, represent an engaging journey through Sprint Car, Midget, and Silver Crown competition in America ’s heartland.  The images are sharp – sometimes heart-stopping, sometimes joyful, sometimes just funny. The lengthy captions embed Standridge’s deep knowledge of racing. Open-wheel racing on oval tracks is one of the truest and most spirited of American sports, carrying with it the legacy of traveling entertainers and entrepreneurs, old-time country fairgrounds, and the passion and bravery of the guy next door.


“DID YOU SEE THAT?” is available online at www.coastal181.com or by calling Coastal 181 at 877-907-8181 toll free.  The website, updated daily, includes over 1000 other motorsports books and DVDs, as well as hundreds of photos and racing commentaries.


Priced at $27.95, “DID YOU SEE THAT?” can be ordered with free S&H until September 30, 2013.





News from the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels Short Track SuperNationals – ‘The Working Man’s Race’

Media Contact: Brett Deyo – Deyo99H@aol.com or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/September 17, 2013


All Fab Metal Fabrication Sets Bonus Money Program For 2013 Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels Short Track SuperNationals Oct. 11-12 At Five Mile Point Speedway; Godown, Meier & Varin Latest To Set Plans To Attend; Manmiller, Knapp & Hineline Earn Early Entry Prizes

KIRKWOOD, NY – The incentives continue to add up for the 2013 Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels Short Track SuperNationals.

As the Friday-Saturday Oct. 11-12 ‘Working Man’s Race’ at Five Mile Point Speedway approaches, bonuses for racers increase and some of the top Northeast drivers are setting plans to attend the fall spectacular. The Brett Deyo-promoted event - organized as an affordable option for fans and competitors on Columbus Day weekend - celebrates its sixth running in 2013.

On Saturday (Oct. 12), a 50-lap big-block/small-block Modified main event headlines the program. The race winner takes home $5,000 including the Alpine Building Supply of Schuylkill Haven, Pa., ‘Roll the Dice Challenge’ plus a long list of bonuses and special awards. The Short Track SuperNationals Modified event pays $455 just to take the green flag. Race of Champions Street Stocks (25 laps) and Four Cylinders (18 laps) complete the card. A Sunday (Oct. 13) rain date is in place for Saturday’s event.

For Modified competitors, the Short Track SuperNationals is truly easy on the wallet: the car entry fee is just $15 in advance, the non-top-heavy purse rewards drivers throughout the field, any Northeast Modified tire is permitted (no inconvenient and costly track stamped tires required), any track or series license is accepted for $30 pit admission and more than $4,000 in bonus cash - not including lap money, contingency awards or product certificates - has been raised for the benefit of the racers (that number is expected to grow).  The racy quarter-mile oval serves as a great equalizer for lower-budget teams.

All Fab Metal Fabrication has signed on as the latest bonus sponsor. In the 50-lap Modified main event, an additional $500 will be spread through the field. On the first lap, $10 will go to the driver running last. On each ensuing lap, the bonus money position will climb through the field. Once the leader earns the $10, the cycle will restart at the back of the field the next lap.

Each position throughout the field will receive a piece of the All Fab bonus bucks.

All Fab is a full-service metal fabrication and production company serving large and small customers in many different industries – including construction, utility, transportation and food service – throughout North America. All Fab specializes in miscellaneous metals and structural steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication, forming, shearing and parts production. All Fab, located in Denver, Pa., can be reached at 717.336.0422 and is on the web at www.allfabpa.com.

The SuperNationals has not yet taken place but three drivers have already reaped rewards of entering the event. Doug Manmiller of Shoemakersville, Pa., (two FREE pit passes), Dan Hineline of Lake Ariel, Pa., ($50 gas card) and Glenn Knapp of Johnson City, N.Y., ($50 gas card) each received special awards as a result of drawings held for early pre-entered teams.

Fans attending the Saturday portion have the option of purchasing a ‘Family Five Pack’ for just $45 to include two Adult tickets, three Senior or Student tickets, five hot dogs and five sodas.

Purchased individually, Adult tickets sell for $19. Seniors (ages 62 and up) and Students (ages 13-17) pay $15. Kids 12 and under are admitted FREE. Pit admission is $30 with any track or series license and $35 without.

Thanks to Touch of Green Landscaping in Boyertown, Pa., 20 teenagers will receive a full rebate of their grandstand admission price on Saturday. Student ticket stubs will be entered into a drawing. Twenty ticket stubs will be selected and those ticket-holders receive a full refund in cash for their admission. This is a new promotional partnership with Touch of Green Landscaping for ‘13. Touch of Green Landscaping can be reached by phone at 610.367.1640.

Talented competitors continue to make plans to attend the SuperNationals event. Recent confirmations include Tommy Meier of Waldwick, N.J., Bobby Varin of Sharon Springs, N.Y., and Ryan Godown of Ringoes, N.J.

Meier, a winner at both Accord and Orange County speedways in southeastern New York, will pilot a Jeff Behrent-owned No. 33 1/3 small-block in his second SuperNationals attempt.  Glen Ridge (N.Y.) Motorsports Park champion Varin, who finished second in last year’s event, will return to the wheel of Tom Umbenhauer’s No. 19v Bicknell. Godown, a New Egypt (N.J.) Speedway standout, has cleared his schedule to participate in the SuperNationals driving the John Chemidlin-backed No. 747. Godown will not partake in the 358-Modified Championship at the Syracuse Mile on Saturday, meaning the SuperNationals will be his Saturday priority.

On Saturday (Oct. 12), pit gates open at 2 p.m., with grandstand gates swinging open at 3 p.m. RoC Street Stock and Four Cylinder hot laps get underway at 4 p.m., with their qualifying set to start at 4:45 p.m.  Modifieds hit the track at 5:45 p.m. with hot laps and qualifying at 6:30 p.m.

For the first time since the inaugural SuperNationals in 2006, there will be a full Friday night racing program this year. On Friday (Oct. 11), the Sportsman will headline a three-division show with a 30-lap event paying $1,500 to the winner. Open and Crate 602 Sportsman with steel or aluminum wheels are eligible to compete. Sail panels are permitted.

IMCA-style Modifieds, outfitted with optional sail panels, will run a 20-lap main event paying $400 to win and $100 for 10th (no entry fee). XCel 600 Modifieds complete the program with a 20-lap main event. As in previous years, Friday open practice for Modifieds will be available. Practice is set from 5-7 p.m. and between race events for those looking to shake down their equipment in advance of Saturday’s program.

On Friday night, pit gates open at 4 p.m. Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m. Modified open practice runs from 5-7 p.m. Hot laps for Sportsman, IMCA-style Modifieds and XCel 600 Modifieds begins at 7:15 p.m., with qualifying at 7:45 p.m.

Friday pricing is as follows: $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors (ages 62 and over) and Students (ages 13-17) and Kids 12 and under are admitted FREE. Pit admission is $30 for the backstretch (Sportsman, IMCA-style Modifieds and XCel 600 Modifieds) and $20 for Modifieds practicing (turn-four pit area).

The Red Roof Inn, located on 590 Fairview Street in Johnson City, N.Y., 13790, is offering a special Short Track SuperNationals rate for Friday and Saturday nights of the event (Oct. 11-12). Standard King Rooms are available for $79.99 plus tax. Deluxe double rooms are $89.99 plus tax. To reserve a room, call the Red Roof Inn directly at 607.729.8940. When prompted, use Option 4 to speak with a Guest Services Representative directly to book the room. Mention “RACE FAN 2012” to receive the discounted rate.

Full race information has been posted on the BD Motorsports Media LLC website at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com under the SuperNationals tab.

Event promoter Brett Deyo can be reached by e-mail at Deyo99H@aol.com or by phone at 845.728.2781. “Like” BD Motorsports Media on Facebook or follow on Twitter @BrettDeyo. Marketing opportunities and lap sponsorships are available now.  Five Mile Point Speedway is on the web at www.fivemilepointspeedway.net.

The Short Track SuperNationals is presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc., VP Racing Fuels, All Fab, Small Engine Fuel, American Racer/Lias Tire, Manmiller Electric, Alpine Building Supply, BFP Specialty, Behrent’s Performance Warehouse, Accord Speedway, Troyer Race Cars, Hig Fab, New Egypt Speedway, S&D Bodyline, Tonarlo’s Pizza, Shiley Fabrication, Tim Long, Penn Can Speedway ‘King of the Can’ Weekend, Crunchco Snacks, Mirabilis Cattle, S&W Awards, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Elmo’s Auto Body, S&W Awards and more fine marketing partners.

Short Track SuperNationals Five-Year Event History


October 6, 2012 (Five Mile Point): DANNY TYLER – Bobby Varin – Brian Weaver – Billy Pauch Sr. – Mitch Gibbs

October 7, 2011 (Five Mile Point): DUANE HOWARD – Danny Tyler – Billy Pauch Sr. – Jeff Strunk – Jeff Heotzler

October 9, 2010 (Five Mile Point): JUSTIN HOLLAND – Billy Pauch Jr. – Kevin Bates – Brian Weaver – Danny Tyler

October 10, 2009 (Five Mile Point): KEVIN HIRTHLER – Mike Ricci – Mike Gular – Sean Merkel – Joey Grammes

October 7, 2006 (Afton): MIKE RICCI – J.R. Hurlburt – Brian Weaver – Joey GrammesDavie Franek


Lias Tire-American Racer Road to the SuperNationals

Each event victor earns a guaranteed starting position in the VP Racing Fuels-Pioneer Pole Buildings Short Track SuperNationals at Five Mile Point Speedway Saturday, October 12, 2013, worth $455


Friday, March 15, 2013 – Selinsgrove Speedway/Selinsgrove, PA – DUANE HOWARD

Sunday, March 24, 2013 – Big Diamond Speedway/Minersville, PA – CRAIG VON DOHREN

Saturday, July 6, 2013 – New Egypt Speedway/New Egypt, NJ – DAVID VAN HORN JR.

Saturday, July 13, 2013 – Grandview Speedway/Bechtelsville, PA – FRANK COZZE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 – Five Mile Point Speedway/Kirkwood, NY – BOBBY VARIN

Saturday, August 3, 2013 – Bridgeport Speedway/Bridgeport, NJ – JIMMY HORTON

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 – Utica-Rome Speedway/Vernon, NY – MATT SHEPPARD

Friday, August 23, 2013 – Penn Can Speedway/Susquehanna, PA – ADAM MACGEORGE

Friday, August 30, 2013 – I-88 Speedway/Afton, NY  - DARWIN GREENE

Friday, September 13, 2013 – Accord Speedway/Accord, NY – JEFF HEOTZLER

Friday, September 27, 2013 – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park/Fultonville, NY


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You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.


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