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                                         Volume # 155



Racin’ & short’ stuff:


No idea as to what happened with last week’s column on Dirt Track Digest.  I post my own columns.  I entered it, checked it out, then hit “Publish” and it said it was published and posted.  No idea as to where, though!  Latest column to be picked up under “Recent Columns” is column # 153.  So, if you want to see it, might I suggest you check it out on New England Tractor at:  http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/ta/vol154.htm

Note:  A little investigating does show it’s been published – I think!


A rather hectic last few days for this old phart!  Friday I went and got a little dirty at the “Big A”.  Saturday, I got started on this column.  Sunday it was off to Paterson, NJ with daughter Judy to attend the Hinchliffe Stadium “Racing Expo”.  Monday, it was across the river, and up the Taconic State Parkway for a small family BBQ.  So, column will be a tad short this week.


What was so nice about the visit to Hinchliffe was getting to meet new people, in person, rather than on the Internet.  Gary Mondschein, Lou Zrinski, Angela Caruso, James Maxson and Rich Bunning.  Bill St. George was there representing ACOT.  I was able to have a nice long chat with 87 year old Bill Nash, who was very close to legendary driver Bill Schindler.  It’s remarkable how so many of those that were involved with racing “Back in the day”, and are about the same age as Mr. Nash, have such great memories from those days.  Sadly, as they leave us, their stories also leave.


Sworn to secrecy:


But I’m allowed to say just a little – the Racing Expo at the Hinchliffe Stadium – gonna get bigger and better.  A little bigger next year and hopefully a lot bigger in 2015.



I see we have some point races almost settled at OCFS, while the Sportsman class is tied, point wise, between Brian Krummel and Anthony Perrego.  As it is now, there are four former OVRP Dirt Oval racers leading in points at OC – Tim Hindley in Modifieds, Danny Creeden in Small Blocks, and Krummel  and Perrego.


OK – what happened with the “King of the Catskills” schedule?  I could have sworn it was a two day affair with the first and only appearance of the CRSA 305 Sprint Cars, along with a majority of the other classes.  Now, it’s a one day show with the RoC Modified race, a combined Open and Crate Sportsman race and Slingshots?  Aside for a rain date for the KoC races, which is September 27th, the next event scheduled for the “Big A” is the “Wreckage in the Catskills” on October 19th, with “TBA” shown for what will be in action.

Note # 1:  The above – “TBA” is what’s on their website.  However, this is on their Facebook page:


All other divisions (Mini-Sprints, 305 Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks and Pure Stocks) will have their ‘King of the Catskills’ event postponed until October.


Note # 2:  I see the October 19th date has been changed to October 5th – I have to imagine for the “TBA” classes?  I’ve also heard that there are some CRSA teams saying that their race at Accord has been cancelled.  ???


Note # 3:  Is it true that caution laps will count in the 60 lap Modified race?



Every year we hear/read about/think that this is the last year for OCFS.  Some where down the line, this writer believes the writing is on the wall.  Stands that are basically empty.  Last Saturday only 19 Modifieds, 19 Sportsman and 17 Rookie Sportsman.  Street Stocks pulled in 15 cars.  The stands – they’re basically empty ever week, although my son said there appeard to be a few more a week ago.  The drive-in has more or less, held it’s own.  With low car counts, that means less money gong into the back gate.   And if you go on their Facebook page, their response to questions by race fans - other than me, don’t get responses.  Eventually, those fans will say “screw it” and also leave.  It would be interesting to find out if there has been anyone interested in the purchasing of the property.  Can you imagine the fuel, oil, anti-freeze and grease that’s in the dirt in the infield, there?

Latest rumor I’ve read about:  Next year for OCFS – Specials only along with ESW.  Kinda like the “Wheels”, maybe?  If so, would it be BYOB, too, .like the wheels?  I can see that happening – really!          OMG!  What will Maxwell do?



From last weeks column:


Quick question:


Out of the 50 states in the US, what state is the only one that does not require the use of seat belts in cars?


Answer in next weeks column.

Answer:  New Hampshire.



Earlier this year, Brett Hearn won a feature at A/S (Malta), and it was a qualifier for ESW.  That race was a Small Block race, and I questioned as to what race Brett would have the guaranteed start in – Small or Big Block?  Eventually I was sent a message saying it was for the “200”.  Now, it seems that there are more “Guaranteed” starter places for ESW being awarded and I wonder for what race and in what starting spot.  Now, in the “PR” from John Snyder further down in this column, about this coming Saturday at OCFS, he has this:


“UPCOMING: September 14 --- Breast Cancer Awareness Night/Porco Energy Eastern States Modified Qualifier”



This, from Facebook, is why I’m questioning this:


“Conversation started June 22



Tom Avenengo

A few weeks ago Brett Hearn won the Small Block feature at A/S.  For that win he got a guaranteed starting spot for ESW.  In what race is he guaranteed for, Big or Small Block may I ask?



Ocfs Racing

He's In For The Big Blocks...”


And, as for that guaranteed starting spot that will be awarded from the 9/14 race, there’s this:


Ocfs Racing

I Don't Think 9/7 Has A Spot,9/14 Starts 7TH For The Bigblocks.


So, it should be interesting to see who gets what and where, for ESW.


And this, as far as Hearn is concerned: 

Ocfs Racing

He's Just Guaranteed,If He Don't Qualify He Starts At The Back.”




If you are not a fan of Brett Hearn, you might want to skip what follows:




JOHN SNYDER  CONTACT:  845.225.3560




Brett Hearn…for 39 years the Standard of Excellence in Modified Racing…“We’re never satisfied. We’re always working to get better, to stay ahead of the competition.  We’re all about winning races, championships, being the best team in Modified racing.”





Wins point titles at Albany-Saratoga Speedway and Lebanon Valley Speedway



SUSSEX, NJ (September 1)……..All-time winning dirt track Modified driver Brett Hearn, of Sussex, New Jersey, captured two more track point championships in this his 39th season of professional-level racing.  Hearn won the Albany-Saratoga Speedway ( Malta , New York ) Modified championship for the sixth time and the Lebanon Valley Speedway ( West Lebanon , New York ) Modified title for the eighth time.


“From the beginning, it’s been about winning races and championships,” said Hearn, 55, from his team shop in Sussex , New Jersey .  “Our goal has always been to be the best team in dirt track Modified racing.”


Hearn was only 19 in 1977 when he won his first two speedway championships---in the then Sportsman divisions at Nazareth ( Pennsylvania ) Raceway and Orange County Fair Speed-way ( Middletown , New York ).  Since then, he’s gone on to take top honors in a total of 80 track and series championships.


And along the way, Hearn has won 834 feature event races, including 343 in extra-distance, extra-purse races of 50 laps or more.  Hearn’s racing record includes victories at 49 different speedways in 11 states and two Canadian provinces.


In the remaining months of the 2013 racing season, Hearn will be out to win the big end-of-year races and the overall Mr. DIRTcar Modified championship, a title he’s won seven previous times.


During the current Northeast dirt track racing season, Hearn has driven his familiar No. 20 Big- and Small-Block Modifieds fielded by the merged Madsen Motorsports/B.H. Racing Enterprises, Inc. team. Support for the No. 20 Modifieds comes from Madsen Overhead Doors, Benjamin Moore Paints, Foxhill Campground, Don Kruger Motorsports LLC, WLR Construction, 417 Bus Line Ltd, Accurate Collision, Steve Hough Motors, JMMB, and Fairways of Halfmoon. As in past seasons, Hearn relies on Teo Pro Car chassis and Enders Racing Engines. Two-dozen product associates rounded out Hearn’s continued quest for Modified racing supremacy.




Mr. DIRT Modified Champion – 1990, 1993, 1996, 1997*, 2001, 2007, 2009


Mr. DIRT 358 Modified Champion – 2006


Advance Auto Parts Super DIRT Series – 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 2001


Advance Auto Parts Super DIRT 358 Modified Series – 1998


Sunoco Racing Fuels DIRT Championship Trail 1990, 1992


DIRT-Asphalt Challenge Series – 1989, 1990


DIRT Motorsports 358 Modified Eastern Regional Champion – 2006


DIRTcar Nor theast Modified Region Champion – 2007, 2008


Canadian-American Challenge Series – 1982, 1988


Tri-Track Series – 1982                       


Twin-Track Series – 1989


Lebanon Valley Speedway Modified Division – 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2012, 2013


Lebanon Valley Speedway 358 Modified Division – 2004, 2010


Orange County Fair Speedway Modified Division

1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2006


Orange County Fair Speedway 358 Modified Division

1977, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1999, 2006


Albany-Saratoga Speedway (358) Modified Champion – 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2012, 2013


Fonda Speedway Go Green NMX Thunder Series Champion – 2008


Rolling Wheels Raceway Modified Division – 1991, 1998


Utica-Rome (New Venture) Speedway Modified Division – 1986


Utica-Rome (New Venture) Speedway 358 Modified Division – 1986


Accord Speedway Modified Division – 2011


Nazareth Raceway Sportsman Division – 1977


DIRT Florida Tour Champion – 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005**, 2006, 2008***


Winner, Wheels 300 – 1993, 1995             


Winner, Miller Genuine Draft 300 – 1990, 1991


Winner, Schaefer 200 – 1985   Winner, VP SEF 200 – 2012


Winner of Thirty-eight 200-Lap Championship Races


1986 Eastern Motorsports Press Association Driver of the Year


2002, 2007, 2012 Eastern Motorsports Press Association Nor the ast Driver of the Year


1993 Champion Spark Plug DIRT Motorsports Driver of the Year


*Co-Champion with Danny Johnson                            ***Co-Champion with Billy Pauch

**Co-Champion with Andy Bachetti





Ariel Castro – supposedly hung himself while in a confinement facility.  Supposedly he was checked every half hour, but was not on a suicide watch.  Sad thing is – we probably will never know the truth as to just how he hung himself, if indeed he did do so.  I’m always a little suspicious when these things happen – like maybe he had just a little assistance – ya know?





From Facebookracin’ stuff:


Hinchliffe Stadium Racing Expo photos by Rich Bunning:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200610090522773&set=a.10200610090122763.1073741844.1474975351&type=3&theater





From 9/4:


so your telling me theres not much cheating going on in the crate class lmao bring a motor to engine shop for a friend and the first thing he says is do u want me to cheat it up for u are u fucking kidding me he says u wont belive how many guys are doing it these engine builders should not be allowed to touch these motors because this is what u get its all about the mighty dollar and yes asked him how much it would cost out of curiosity and holy shit it was expensive for him to do totally disgusted and im pretty sure its not just one builder its probally all of them that are willing to cheat these guys up





What town was the shop in?


not saying who it was or where rob sorry just wanted to put that out there dont wanna put them that much on the spot by giving name and town sorry lol


It's everywhere and will never stop unfortunately..


Come to middletown everyone has one. dini tech tool is flash light and he not allowed to tech the top five


 lmao thats the problem i was one of the people that tried to believe these top guys are not cheating but hearing right from the horses mouth its pretty hard to believe its sad


Dini doesn't have tech tools. Our motors had the dirt stamps on them and they still weren't good for him. Probably because his glasses were on top of his head and not on his face


Note:  When they first came out with this “Crate” engine and class, my thoughts were that for it to succeed, they would have to have a claimer rule.  They didn’t, and now we can see where it has ended up.  Hell, one can even see it on the tracks how supposedly “even” engined cars just aren’t.




Hamlin Speedway

Due to the revision of Accord Speedway's King of the Catskills schedule, the finale on 9/21 unlike previously stated, will remain a points race for junior slingshots along with every other division. Sorry if there is any confusion but junior slingshots WILL be running for points on our season finale on September 21st 2013, thank you.



Here’s something that might be unexpected:


Greg Fitzpatrick

To all who wish to know, I want to let you know that I have stepped down as President of ARDC. I appreciate your help over the last two years, but I feel my view of where the club needs to grow and where the rest of the BOG wants to grow the club is too far apart. Per the By-laws, Ron Lauer will assume my responsibilities for the remainder of the year till a new president can be found. I hope all works out for ARDC in the future and will continue to support the club.


Note:  There was also another resignation later on this evening (Wed).






Coming up:



Friday, September 6, 2013

Hudson Valley Cycle Center Night



PRO STOCK - PURE STOCK & Lightning Sprints








Saturday, September 7


Sportsman, Legends, Bandolero, Pro Stock, Street Stock,

BMS Modified, 4 Cylinder Advanced and Novice


Sunday, September 8




Lebanon Valley:








From Jayski:




Allmendinger gets ride with JTG Daugherty Official:

AJ Allmendinger has an offer to drive the #47 JTG Daugherty NASCAR Sprint Cup car in 2014. Team owner Tad Geschickter confirmed to FOXSports.com a full-time deal had been offered to Allmendinger. The driver confirmed JTGD's proposal late Wednesday night. Allmendinger, 31, has competed in NASCAR, IndyCar and Grand-Am this season. With his experience in a variety of different series and manufacturers, JTGD brought Allmendinger in for the Michigan June race to provide a second opinion on what areas the needed improvement with the car  mechanical, aerodynamic or engine. At that time, the team's current driver Bobby Labonte was 27th in the standings.(Fox Sports)(8-29-2013)



AJ Allmendinger has agreed to a full-time deal to drive the #47 JTG Daugherty NASCAR Sprint Cup car in 2014. Sources say the team has scheduled a news conference for Saturday. Although team owner Tad Geschickter has offered Labonte a position within the company, the 49-year-old former Cup champion told FOXSports.com on Aug. 24 that he had not made a decision regarding his 2014 plans (FoxSports).

AND AJ Allmendinger will become the full-time driver of the #47 Sprint Cup car for JTG Daugherty Racing in 2014, sources told ESPN.com on Thursday. Allmendinger has accepted a three-year deal to replace Bobby Labonte, who has been in the car since 2011. A formal announcement is expected Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway, where Allmendinger will drive the #47 in Sunday's Cup race.(ESPN)(8-29-2013)



JTG Daugherty Racing officials announced that AJ Allmendinger will pilot the #47 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entry full-time beginning with the 2014 season. "For me, it is an amazing opportunity," Allmendinger said. "I looked at this year as a new beginning for me. I have worked hard and feel fortunate about every opportunity this season and I am very grateful. It has been nice to have the chance to really get to know the JTG Daugherty Racing team and the owners Brad (Daugherty), Jodi and Tad (Geschickter). This is the start of something full-time and I look forward to the next full blown chapter of my career with JTG Daugherty Racing."

"We are very thankful to Bobby," JTG Daugherty Racing co-owner Brad Daugherty said. "He did such a great job establishing baselines for our company and we are glad we were able to extend his racing streak as long as we did. He is a champion of our sport and has won 21 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races. He has a Hall of Fame career and we are very thankful to him and want to work with him in the future with our company. We will try to provide him with best resources to get him to victory lane this season."

As one chapter closes for the No. 47 team, a new one begins with Allmendinger. "We are pleased to have an opportunity to work with AJ going forward," Daugherty said. "We think he is up and coming with so much potential in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. We have a great opportunity to get to victory lane. AJ's hungry to compete to win. We are looking forward to the next chapter of our program and he is a big part of it."(JTG Daugherty Racing)(8-31-2013)



Ganassi will try to get Larson in some Cup races this year:

Chip Ganassi said Friday that he will try to get Kyle Larson some seat time in a Cup car before the year is out:

Q: Do you anticipate you'll get him in any Sprint Cup cars this year as far as running a race or two before the 2014 season?

GANASSI: In terms of Cup races this year, right now the plan is to try to do that. It's never been my MO to push anybody out of any cars that are on our team. As you know, Juan has been a great asset to our team for many years. I'm not going to push him out or do anything like that. I would think there's opportunity to get him in Cup races this year and we're going to take advantage of those opportunities.(Chevy PR)

It is expected that Harry Scott - part owner of Turner Scott Motorsports, Larson's Nationwide time - would be willing to put him in the #51 Phoenix Racing Chevy for at least a couple races now that he owns that team.(8-31-2013)

Note:  A while back, when Larson was racing a wingless Sprint Car, he had an accident and was hit basically on the cage by another car.  Chip Ganassi then told him he could no longer run Sprint Cars without the wings.  This past weekend Larson won two features at the Calistoga track in California and here’s a video of him doing donuts:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifAXFDYn3Hc

Dunno, but it looks like a Sprint Car, to me.


Earnhardt Ganassi extends McMurray's contract:

Jamie McMurray will return to Earnhardt Ganassi Racing's #1 car in 2014, team co-owner Chip Ganassi said Friday. Following the announcement of Kyle Larson as the replacement for Juan Pablo Montoya in the organization's #42 car, Ganassi confirmed McMurray's contract extension. "We just re-did Jamie's contract," Ganassi said Friday in confirming McMurray's return in 2014.(Sporting News)(8-31-2013)



Stewart expects to return fully healed, OK with Busch as teammate; full transcript:

Tony Stewart asserted Tuesday at the Stewart-Haas race shop that his broken bones would mend in time for the 2014 Daytona 500 and that the organization he co-owns with Gene Haas was never fractured in the first place. "They're looking at the beginning of February, which isn't a bad deal," said Stewart, who broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg during a Sprint Car accident Aug. 5 in Iowa. "I guess if you had to have this injury happen -- it could have happened a month later, and it would have gotten us in a really big bind for next year." Next year's Daytona 500 is scheduled for Feb. 23, and Stewart expects to be in the field, barring unexpected complications with his recovery. Stewart arrived at the dais for Tuesday's press conference in a wheelchair and maneuvered into a seat behind a podium that featured the Twitter hashtag "#SmokeWillRise," a nod to his widely known nickname. As expected, the subject of Haas' unilateral hiring of Kurt Busch was a hot-button topic, but Stewart was quick to dispel talk of a rift or a power struggle within his organization. For the first time reporters heard Stewart's graphic description of the wreck that has caused the three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion to miss the final 14 races of the season as he recuperates. Stewart described a dust cloud at Southern Iowa Speedway, somewhat like the cloud of smoke in the movie "Days of Thunder," that obscured his view of the car in his path. Stewart wore shorts to the press conference, with his knee exposed, revealing a long scar held intact by a series of butterfly bandages. On his foot was a large insulated boot, protecting the lower leg in which a titanium rod was inserted during surgery to reinforce the tibia. The accident also reinforced Stewart's resolve to help make Sprint Car racing safer, but it won't stop him from participating in the sport.(NASCAR Wire Service)


Transcript: Stewart-Haas Racing Teleconference With Tony Stewart:






Newman to RCR? Burton to Swan Racing?

UPDATE Baldwin? Wendy Venturini reported at the end of Fox Sports1's Race Day that the latest rumor in the garage has Ryan Newman on his way to Richard Childress Racing, but only as the third team, with #31-Jeff Burton moving to a "satellite team" for Childress. The #30 Swan Racing team was mention as the team for Burton, possibly with Caterpillar sponsorship. She also stated that David Stremme, current driver of the Swan Racing #30, is a part owner of that team, possibly complicating the deal.(9-1-2013)

UPDATE: hearing that besides Swan Racing rumor, Jeff Burton could wind up driving a car owned by Tommy Baldwin (#7, #36) with chassis and engines from RCR.(9-3-2013)



Chase clinch scenarios at Richmond:

Below are the 2013 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup clinch scenarios for Saturday night's Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Raceway, the final race before the Chase field is set. Six drivers have clinched top-10 spots in the Chase: #48-Jimmie Johnson, #15-Clint Bowyer, #29-Kevin Harvick, #99-Carl Edwards, #18-Kyle Busch and #20-Matt Kenseth. #5-Kasey Kahne, on the strength of two wins, has clinched at least a Wild Card spot. Four drivers control their top-10 clinching destiny. Regardless of the finishes of any other driver...

#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr., currently seventh in points, will clinch a top-10 spot with a finish of 32nd or better, 33rd with at least one lap led or 34th with the most laps led.

#22-Joey Logano, currently eighth in points, will clinch a top-10 spot with a finish of 11th or better, 12th and at least one lap led or 13th and the most laps led.

#16-Greg Biffle, currently ninth in points, will clinch a top-10 spot with a finish of ninth or better, 10th and at least one lap led or 11th and the most laps led.

#78-Kurt Busch, currently 10th in points, will clinch a top-10 spot by winning, finishing second with at least one lap led or finishing third with the most laps led.

The remaining mathematically eligible drivers need help to clinch a top-10 spot. Some, however, control their own Wild Card destiny (a win would guarantee at least a Wild Card spot). Clinch scenarios for the remaining eligible drivers follow...

#24-Jeff Gordon: Currently 11th in points, Gordon would clinch at least a Wild Card spot with a victory at Richmond. Gordon, currently six points outside the top 10, remains eligible for a top 10 spot.

#5-Kasey Kahne: Kahne, currently 12th in points, has already clinched at least a Wild Card spot. Ten points outside the top 10, Kahne remains eligible for a top 10 spot.

#56-Martin Truex Jr.: Currently 13th in points, Truex would clinch at least a Wild Card spot with a victory at Richmond. Fifteen points outside the top 10, Truex remains eligible for a top 10 spot. Truex, currently holding the provisional No. 2 Wild Card spot, could clinch a Wild Card spot without a victory.

#39-Ryan Newman: Currently 14th in points, Newman would clinch at least a Wild Card spot with a victory at Richmond. Twenty points outside the top 10, Newman remains eligible for a top 10 spot. Newman could clinch a Wild Card spot without a win (Logano and Biffle must remain in the top 10 or be replaced by Kahne; Newman must out-point Truex by six points; Gordon must not win; and Brad Keselowski or Jamie McMurray cannot win and overtake Newman).

#2-Brad Keselowski: Currently 28 points outside the top 10, Keselowski remains eligible for a top-10 spot. Currently winless, Keselowski must win to be in contention for a Wild Card spot. Mathematically there will be at least two drivers outside the top 10 with wins. To clinch, Keselowski would need to win and outpoint Truex by 13 and Newman by eight (and would only need to outpoint one of these drivers if Kahne would displace a winless driver from the top 10). If Truex or Newman displaces Kurt Busch from the top 10, he would need to outpoint the other one-win driver remaining outside the top 10 by the requisite amount.

#1-Jamie McMurray: Currently 39 points outside the top 10, McMurray remains eligible for a top-10 spot. Currently winless, McMurray must win to be in contention for a Wild Card spot. To clinch, McMurray would need to win and outpoint either Truex by 25 and Newman by 19 (and would only need to outpoint one of these drivers if Kahne would displace a winless driver from the top 10). If Truex or Newman displace Kurt Busch from the top 10, he would need to outpoint the other one-win driver remaining outside the top 10 by the requisite amount.

#27-Paul Menard: To clinch, Menard would need to win and outpoint Truex by 47 and Newman by 42 (and would only need to outpoint one of these drivers if Kahne would displace a winless driver from the top 10). If Truex or Newman displace Kurt Busch from the top 10, he would need to outpoint the other one-win driver remaining outside the top 10 by the requisite amount.(NASCAR)(9-3-2013)



JTG Daugherty considering manufacturer change:

A less pressing dilemma, but with greater ramifications, is which manufacturer #47-JTG Daugherty Racing will align with in 2014. When the company shared a technical alliance with Michael Waltrip Racing the first two seasons with Marcos Ambrose behind the wheel and Toyota Racing Development engines, the team finished 18th in 2009 and 26th in 2010. Labonte was 29th in the standings the following year and 23rd in 2012. But this year, the JTGD is 30th in the owner standings. As a single-car operation, JTGD has struggled to be a top-20 competitor. Co-owner Brad Daugherty said that, for now, the organization is "working to get the most that we can out of our Toyota relationship" but has not decided whether to stay the course with that brand and the Triad engines or become a technical partner of Richard Childress Racing and Chevy. Furniture Row Racing, another single-car operation that also shares a similar association with RCR, is enjoying its best season since the team began running full time in 2008. "We'd like nothing more than to have a relationship opportunity with Toyota," Daugherty said. "But as we look at our entire program, we're looking at every aspect of it and trying to see what will benefit us. We're going to be selfish with that as we get into next year to see what gives us the best opportunity to be competitive. We haven't decided that 100 percent. Right now we're committed to Toyota to get through this season and give them our best effort. Hopefully, they will as well. We expect them to and they have."(Fox Sports)(9-3-2013)



Sad News - Elton Hildreth:

Legendary race car driver Elton Wild Man Hildreth, 95, died Monday afternoon at Cumberland (NJ) Manor nursing home. According to Eastern Motorsport Press Association, Hildreth was one of most colorful drivers to ever compete in the Modifieds. Hildreth is best known for his exploits in his orange and black No. 16-J, a 1937 Chevrolet coupe that was powered by a small-block Chevy engine. A resident of Bridgeton, actually began his racing career in open-cockpit cars back in the 1930s. Then, as an alignment shop/garage owner and Nash dealer with his Hildreth Motors, he got involved with NASCAR’s new late-model racing series. From 1950 through 1954, Hildreth ran a virtually-stock #1 Nash in most of NASCAR’s early Grand National (now Sprint Cup Series) events. With this underpowered car he competed on half-mile dirt tracks, the famed old Daytona Beach-Road Course (where he once led the race with two laps to go before running out of gas on the last lap) and on the legendary Darlington International Raceway. In all, he had seven Top-10s in 51 starts with his best finish of fourth in a 200-lapper on the old half-mile Bloomsburg (Pa.) Fairgrounds in 1953.(NJ.com)(9-3-2013)



Sad News - Bob Bilby:

Former NASCAR team owner Robert D. Bilby, of Kewadin, passed away Tuesday, August 27, 2013. He was 71. He made tracks in USAC Midget racing, then set his sights on the big leagues  NASCAR. He came to Winston Cup in 1989 with his own team, Automotion, then partnered with legendary racer Bobby Allison to form Bobby Allison Motorsports the following year. For full obituary, service info, guest book and more, go to Covell Funeral Home website.(9-3-2013)



Gordon, Edwards have discussion after race: #24-Jeff Gordon and #99-Carl Edwards didn't expect each other to drive the way they did Sunday night, and both seemed flabbergasted by the other's explanation of their near-crashes at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The two drivers spoke for about five minutes shortly after the race before Gordon walked away. They spoke again briefly in the driver motorhome lot about 15 minutes later and shook hands. While Edwards made a point to say he didn't think the hard feelings would linger, it was obvious that both weren't satisfied with at least the initial discussion. Early in the race, Gordon slid in front of Edwards for position. Edwards and Gordon were later battling side by side and made contact.

"I really felt like he was looking for another excuse to be mad at me," Edwards said. "And I don't understand it. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. That's out of character. We don't have these kind of problems. So we'll just move on and hopefully laugh about it when we're both in the Chase."

Gordon thought Edwards' reaction to the initial slide-job was out of character. "I've never seen him drive me like that," Gordon said. "It was pretty wild. He didn't like that I slid him early in the race. We went into (Turn) 1 and he took my line away to keep me behind him and I was a lot better than him and I just dove inside.(Sporting News)(9-2-2013)



Burton out of the #31 after 2013; Newman to RCR?


Wendy Venturini reported at the end of Fox Sports1's Race Day that the latest rumor in the garage has Ryan Newman on his way to Richard Childress Racing, but only as the third team, with #31-Jeff Burton moving to a "satellite team" for Childress. The #30 Swan Racing team was mention as the team for Burton, possibly with Caterpillar sponsorship. She also stated that David Stremme, current driver of the Swan Racing #30, is a part owner of that team, possibly complicating the deal.(9-1-2013)



Hearing that besides Swan Racing rumor, Jeff Burton could wind up driving a car owned by Tommy Baldwin (#7, #36) with chassis and engines from RCR.(9-3-2013)



Jeff Burton will not return to Richard Childress Racing in 2014, sources close to the organization told ESPN on Wednesday. Sources say financial concerns played a key role in the decision. Asked for comment, Burton said only that an announcement about his future will be made at 12:30 pm/et on Wednesday, and a press conference will follow at 1:00pm/et. Burton did, however, note that, "I've had no conversations with anyone about 2014, concerning my driving future." Attempts to contact RCR personnel were not immediately returned. For weeks, Burton has been the subject of much speculation, as rumors began to swirl in the Sprint Cup garage that Ryan Newman was a candidate for Burton's #31 car in 2014. One report earlier this week had Burton leaving RCR and moving to Swan Racing, to drive the #30 car. Swan Racing general manager Bray Pemberton told ESPN on Tuesday that "we haven't even spoken with Jeff Burton." Burton confirmed he has had "zero discussions" with Swan Racing.(ESPN)



Jeff Burton, driver of the #31 Caterpillar Chevrolet SS for Richard Childress Racing, has announced he will not be driving that car after the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. Burton, 46, has driven for RCR since 2005. The native of South Boston, Va., has won four of his 21 NSCS victories with the team. He also earned seven NASCAR Nationwide Series wins with RCR and was an integral part of their 2007 NNS Owner's Championship. "I strongly believe in the #31 team as to what we can achieve this year, and for the team in seasons to follow," Burton said. "However, the financial realities for next year were obvious to both Richard (Childress) and me. So, we talked about it and both made the decision to make this move for the team's future. I would like to thank the dealers, customers and employees of Caterpillar for all we've achieved together. You can't ask for a better and more supportive sponsor than those people, and it's been an honor to wear their black and yellow colors on my uniform." Caterpillar will continue to sponsor the #31 Chevrolet SS. "Jeff has been a true professional in every sense of the word," said Greg Towles, Cat Racing Program Director. "On behalf of Caterpillar dealers, customers and Cat employees, we thank Jeff for his commitment to the #31 team and the Cat Racing program." A new driver (Ryan Newman rumored) for the #31 Caterpillar Chevrolet SS will be named in the future.

"We have been working hard to try and get all the funding in place to have four Sprint Cup teams in 2014," said Richard Childress, president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing. "With the date on the calendar getting closer to 2014, we just couldn't run partially funded teams next year. Knowing what Jeff's plans were in 2015, he and I worked out an agreement for him to step out of the #31 Caterpillar Chevrolet after this season. Jeff has been nothing but a professional driver, an asset to RCR and a great person for our organization since coming on board in 2005. Jeff has also been a great ambassador for Caterpillar and the other partners we've had on the car throughout the years. I can't thank him and Caterpillar enough for how great they've been as we work through this transition. We intend to finish out 2013 in a strong way and I look forward to the possibility of Jeff still being part of RCR in the near future, just not driving the #31 car. I have been watching his son, Harrison, and the success he's having. Hopefully, we can have another Burton in one of our cars someday."(RCR)(9-4-2013)



Time Warner Cable to sponsor #88 and adds to #5 package:

Time Warner Cable Inc. will be the primary sponsor in more NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races after broadening its relationship with Hendrick Motorsports. The expanded partnership makes Time Warner Cable primary sponsor of the #5 Chevrolet SS team with driver Kasey Kahne for six races in 2013 and five races in both 2014 and 2015. Previously, Time Warner Cable committed to sponsor four primary events per season from 2013 through 2015.

In addition, Time Warner Cable will be a primary sponsor of the #88 Hendrick Motorsports team with driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. for five events in 2013, including four during the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. The #88 Time Warner Cable Chevrolet SS will appear Sept. 7 at Richmond, Sept. 15 at Chicago, Sept. 22 at New Hampshire, Oct. 6 at Kansas, and Oct. 12 at Charlotte.

We’ve been extremely happy with the results from our NASCAR initiatives, said Jeffrey Hirsch, Time Warner Cable’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Residential Services. The on-track performance of Hendrick Motorsports is well documented, but they’ve also put significant resources into building a world-class marketing operation. It’s been a team effort, and we’re seeing terrific exposure and return. As part of the new sponsorship agreement, Time Warner Cable will collaborate with Hendrick Motorsports sister company, Hendrick Automotive Group, as a marketing partner. The organizations will work together to develop marketing solutions specific to the automotive industry using Time Warner Cable product offerings. With the expanded Time Warner Cable relationship, all remaining primary sponsorship inventory for Kahne’s #5 Chevrolet SS team has been filled for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.(Hendrick Motorsports), see an image of the #88 car on the #88 Team Schemes page.(9-4-2013)



Martin expects to test for SHR in 2014:

Mark Martin said Tuesday he expects to continue to work with Stewart-Haas Racing in 2014, after Tony Stewart returns back to the cockpit of the #14 SHR Chevy. Martin and his wife, Arlene, were at SHR’s shop in Kannapolis, N.C., on Tuesday during Stewart’s first press conference since breaking his right leg in two places in a sprint car accident in August. Afterward, Martin told FOXSports.com he likely will do testing for SHR next year, as well as work with Danica Patrick on helping her get more comfortable behind the wheel of her #10 SHR Chevy. Martin is currently filling in for Stewart, driving the #14 as the team driver/co-owner recovers from his injuries. Stewart hates to test and said he would welcome having Martin continue on with the team next year  and with Stewart not expected to get back in the car before Daytona in February 2014, SHR needs someone to test. Martin is the logical candidate. Martin said discussions with SHR on continuing testing and consulting have been ongoing. We were already talking about working together next year before Tony got hurt, Martin said.(FoxSports)(9-4-2013)



Labonte to miss Richmond, plans to return at Chicago:

Bobby Labonte will not race the #47 BUSH'S Beans Toyota Camry this weekend at Richmond International Raceway after suffering three broken ribs in a cycling accident near his Trinity, N.C. home on the morning of Wednesday, August 28. I am feeling a lot better, but I don’t want to put the race team in any compromising position this weekend, said Labonte. It just makes more sense to focus on my rehab one more week to ensure that I’m ready to go at Chicago (Chicagoland Speedway) with no issues. I plan to be back with the team then and back behind the wheel. AJ Allmendinger is filling in for Labonte during the Federated Auto Parts 400 in Richmond. "Bobby means a lot to the JTG Daugherty Racing team and to our sport," Allmendinger said. "For me, it's a tough situation. I do not want to get more races with the team because someone is injured. Bobby is a guy that I believe is a Hall of Famer and he is a champion. It's tough to have that type of injury. Hopefully, he gets better as soon as possible to get back into the #47 BUSH'S Beans Toyota."(JTG Daugherty Racing)(9-4-2013)






From Track Forum:


Some talk about Kyle Larson going to Cup – most think it’s too soon:





Any idea as to who is credited with saying this:


"You know you're in trouble when the first person to get to you after a wreck is carrying a beer"


Answer next week.




Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:


Molly Chambers was 25th in the Wingless 600 Micro feature at the Clyde Martin Speedway.


Danny Buccafusca was 4th in the Slingshot All-Star race at Hamlin.

Jacob Hendershot was 2nd in the 270 feature.

Kyle Rohner placed 9th in the Wingless 600 feature.

Paul Tigue was 5th in the Junior Slingshots.

Richie VanOrden was 4th in the Super Slinger feature.


Tim Hindley was 2nd, Billy V 6th, Mike Ruggiero 10th and Clinton Mills 18th in the Modified feature at OCFS.

Anthony Perrego won the Sportsman feature, with LJ Lombardo 2nd, Joe Conklin 4th, Joey Falanga 12th, Brian Krummel 14th and Andrew Reeves 17th in the Sportsman feature.

Seth Pacella was 4th in the Rookie Sportsman feature.

Emily VanInwegen was 7th, Josh Pieniazek 10th, BK Rizzo 14th, Joe Kata 15th and Chuck Alessi 21st in the CRSA 305 feature.


Anthony Perrego was 5th, Danny Creeden 14th, Mike Doty 15th and Joey Bruning 18th in the Modified feature at Accord.

Brad Szulewski was 3rd in the Sportsman feature.

Tyler Boniface won the Spec Sportsman feature while Mike Traver was 2nd.


At Susquehanna, Ben Whitaker was 7th in the Late Model feature.


Mike Mammana was a DNQ for the Coal Cracker race at Big Diamond.


Roger Coss was 6th in the Modified feature at Mahoning Valley. 

Tiffany Wambold was a DNQ for the Street Stock feature.


Davie Franek was 2nd in the URC feature at Delaware.


Rich Coons was 1st, Bobby Morris 2nd and Kyle Redner 4th in the Sportsman feature at Bethel.


Nick Pecko was 7th in the RoC Asphalt race at Oswego.

Brian Sobus was 7th in the Small Block Super Modified feature.


Tyler Dippel was 6th in the Modified feature at A/S.

Brett Wright was 10th in the Sportsman feature.


Josh Pieniazek was 7th in the ESS feature at the I-88 Speedway.

Tyler Dippel won the RoC Sportsman feature, while Anthony Perrego was 23rd.


Josh Pieniazek was a DNQ for the ESS feature at U/R.


Looks like 40 names this week.




From the AARN:



From their September 3rd issue:


Steve Barrick:


Steve had almost a full page article on race driver Mike Stofflet.  Who might Mike Stofflet be?  He’s the race driver that had his car catch on fire at the Mahoning Valley Speedway and it went viral on Facebook and even made most news shows on TV.

As for the cause of that fire:  They’re pretty sure the fuel shut off valve in the tank wasn’t put in properly and didn’t fully lock, thus some leakage occurred.



Ernie Saxton:


Ernie has part of his column devoted to the TSRS 305 Sprint Cars and their leader Joe Grandinetti.  (Are you aware that the winner of a TSRS feature gets $150.00 and that same amount goes to the last place finisher?)


It’s on.  No, it’s off.  No, it’s on.  Ernie has his thoughts about the US GP that is supposed to be held in New Jersey.



Earl Krause:


Well, the secret is out – how Bob Malzahn ended up using the “Fireball 99”.  It seems that one of the earliest # 99’s always seemed to catch on fire, so he painted a “Fireball” on the side of the car.



Neal Wilt:


Neal has an article that made mention of Dave Shullick, Jr. and his setting a new track record at the Oswego Speedway.  His time:  14.972 seconds.  His average speed:  150.281 MPH.

That’s the first sub-15 second lap turned at Oswego.



This Week



Friends Of Mike

Bridgeport Big Block Race

Falls To Paved Track Specialist

Jimmy Blewett


57th Oswego Supermodified Classic

Sees Repeat Winner In Bob Bond


WoO Late Model S’Grove

Double Header Races

Won By Satterlee, Lanigan


Pitkat Is Thompson Mod King;

Rocco Winner Of Final

Thursday Night Race


Big Diamond’s

Prestigious Coal Cracker Win

& Ten Grand Won By Jeff Strunk


Grove Oddity:  Taylor, Montieth

Both Declared Winners

After Sunday 410 Flagman Snafu


Friesen Wins Utica Rome 

Mod Title & Money

By Default As Sheppard

Is A No-Show


Sprint Cup

Title Chase Picture


Heading Into Richmond




This date in racing history:

Just some of the events on September 5th in:



My "Baby sister", Kathy was born.



Ted Horn , driving the Horn #1, won the 20 lap AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Rutland Fairgrounds in Rutland, VT.



Tommy Hinnershitz won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Flemington Fair Speedway,Flemington, NJ.

Jimmy Gibbons won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Hagerstown Speedway,Hagerstown, MD.

Jackie Holmes won the AAA Sprint Car race at the Winchester Speedway,Winchester, IN.



Spider Webb won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds,Essex Junction, VT.

Speed McFee won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Monroe County Fairgrounds,Rochester, NY.



Mike Nazaruk won the 100 lap AAA Midget race at the 1 Mile Dirt Oval DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, DuQuoin,IL.



Pat OConnor won the AAA Sprint Car race at the 1 Mile Dirt Oval DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, DuQuoin,IL.

Charlie Musselman won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race over Tommy Hinnershitz at the Flemington Fair Speedway, Flemington, NJ.



Jimmy Bryan won the 100 lap Ted Horn Memorial AAA Champ Car race at the 1 Mile Dirt Oval DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, DuQuoin,IL. Jack McGrath was second followed by George Amick, Bob Sweikert and Bob Veith.

Charlie Musselman , driving the Traylor #5, won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Flemington Speedway in Flemington, NJ.



Otto Harwi won the Modified Stock Car race and Tony Bonadies won the TQ Midget race at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletown, NY.

Tony Romit won the ARDC Midget race at the Flemington Fairgrounds, Flemington, NJ.

Note:  Some drivers made the afternoon Midget race at Flemington, and then up to Middletown for the nights TQ race.



A.J. Foyt won the 100 lap Ted Horn Memorial USAC Champ Car race at the 1 Mile Dirt Oval DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, DuQuoin,IL. Tony Bettenhausen was second followed by Cotton Farmer, Eddie Sachs and Jim Packard.



Jochen Rindt... Died ... Rindt was a German-Austrian racing driver. He is the only driver to posthumously win the Formula One World Drivers' Championship (in 1970), after being killed in practice for the Italian Grand Prix. Away from Formula One Rindt was highly successful in other single-seat formulae, as well as sports car racing. In 1965 he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, driving a Ferrari 250LM in partnership with American Masten Gregory.



Joe Leonard won the USAC California 500 Indy Car race on the 2.5 Mile Paved Oval at the Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, California. Art Pollard was second followed by Gary Bettenhausen, Lloyd Ruby and Steve Krisiloff.



David Pearson won the NASCAR Winston Cup Southern 500 over Donnie Allison at the Darlington Raceway, Darlington, SC.



Jeff Burton won the NASCAR Winston Cup Pepsi Southern 500 over Ward Burton at the Darlington Raceway, Darlington, SC.





Press releases:


Contact: Julia Foy

Promotions/PR Coordinator - DIRTcar NE




Super DIRTcar Series Stars & Stripes 100 at Rolling Wheels postponed due to inclement weather

Racing continues Tuesday, Oct. 8, opening NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week


ELBRIDGE, N. Y. - Monday, September 2, 2013 - Inclement weather forced postponement of Sunday's Super DIRTcar Series race at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. The Labor Day Classic Stars & Stripes 100 will continue Tuesday, Oct. 8, after the conclusion of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLI "Early Bird" tech inspection at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.

Fans who purchased tickets for Sunday's Stars & Stripes 100 can redeem their ticket stubs for entry to the October race. Competitors and teammates who purchased pit entry at Sunday's race will also be able to enter Tuesday, Oct. 8, at no charge. Tickets will also be available for sale at the gate the night of the event. Adult general admission tickets will cost $20.

Billy Decker, of Unadilla, N. Y., will start on the pole at lap 25 in the October continuation of Sunday's race. Decker wrestled the lead from pole sitter Dave Rauscher in lap 8 before inclement weather at the track ended the race in lap 24. The remainder of the lineup will be based on positions as of lap 24, putting Dale Planck second, Brett Hearn third, Rauscher fourth and Billy Dunn fifth. For the full race lineup for the Stars & Stripes 100, visit www.superdirtcarseries.com.

The DIRTcar Street Stock race ran to completion before weather hit, with Mike Welch making a trip to victory lane. Welch finished second to Joe Reeves in the only heat race for the division after a nasty wreck the race's start took pole sitter Mike Cooper out of the race. Reeves claimed the lead off the restart, but Welch steered around him early in the race and outlasted two more cautions for the win.

Joining the Super DIRTcar Series Tuesday during NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLII will be the DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds.


Super DIRTcar Series

Rolling Wheels Raceway Park - Sunday, Sept. 1

Qualifying Results

Heat 1: 1. 91 Billy Decker, Unadilla, N. Y.; 2. 84 Gary Tomkins, Clifton Springs, N. Y.; 3. 83 Brian Swartzlander, Natrona Heights, Penn.; 4. 21a Pete Britten, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 5. 66 Danny Johnson, Rochester, N. Y.; 6. 77J Keigh Flach, Ravena, N. Y.; 7. 10v Billy VanInwegen, Sparrowbush, N. Y.; 8. 21 Derrick Podsiadlo, Penn Yan, N. Y.; 9. 02 Roy Bresnahan, Palermo, N. Y.; 10. 16 Lance Willix II, Theresa, N. Y.

Heat 2: 1. 49d Billy Dunn, Watertown, N. Y.; 2. 7z Dale Planck, Homer, N. Y.; 3. 74m Matt Billings, Brockville, Ontario; 4. 7m Dave Marcuccilli, Cayuga, N. Y.; 5. 3b Chad Brachmann, Sanborn, N. Y,; 6. 83 Tim Sears, Jr., Clay, N. Y.; 7. 5* Tyler Siri, Watkins Glen, N. Y.; 8. 42 Matt Pupello, East Greenbush, N. Y. DNS: 07 Tim Kerr, Picton, Ontario

Heat 3: 1. 98H Jimmy Phelps, Baldwinsville, N. Y.; 2. 3 Justin Haers, Phelps, N. Y.; 3. 8 Rich Scagliotta, Hillsborough, N. J.; 4. 5H Chris Hile, Syracuse, N. Y.; 5. 7x Steve Paine, Waterloo, N. Y.; 6. 8r Rob Bellinger, Dexter, N. Y.; 7. 62s Tom Sears, Jr., Clay, N. Y.; 8. 21k Randy Chrysler, Lewiston, N. Y.; 9. 14g C. G. Morey, Rutland, Vt.

Heat 4: 1. Brett Hearn, Sussex, N. J. ; 2. 9s Matt Sheppard, Waterloo, N. Y.; 3. 48T Dave Rauscher, Waterloo, N. Y.; 4. 711 JaMike Sowle, Fultonville, N. Y.; 5. 10c TIm Currier, Auburn, N. Y.; 6. 14J Alan Johnson, Middlesex, N. Y.; 7. 38 Ryan Susice, Ransomville, N. Y.; 8. 19w Justin Wright, Piffard, N. Y. DNS: 77 Brian Sage, Brockport, N. Y.; 63 Adam Roberts, Watertown, N. Y.

B-Main 1: Tim Sears, Flach, Siri, VanInwegen, Podsiadlo, Pupello, Willix, Bresnahan. DNS: Kerr

B-Main 2: A. Johnson, Bellinger, Tom Sears, Wright, Susice, Chrysler, Morey. DNS: Sage, Roberts

Time Trials: 1. Britten, 20.046; 2. Decker, 20.055; 3. Tomkins, 20.460; 4. Phelps, 20.461; 5. Haers, 20.504; 6. Dunn, 20.648; 7. Swartzlander, 20.693; 8. Hearn, 20.695; 9. Sheppard, 20.715; 10. Flach, 20.731; 11. D. Johnson, 20.735; 12. Bellinger, 20.892; 13. Planck, 20.955; 14. Billings, 21.008; 15. Hile, 21.018; 16. VanInwegen, 21.046; 17. Scagliotta, 21.107; 18. Paine, 21.147; 19. Rauscher, 21.165; 20. Wright, 21.166; 21. A. Johnson, 21.168; 22. Chrysler, 21.200; 23. Sowle, 21.238; 24. Podsiadlio, 21.291; 25. Marcuccilli, 21.340; 26. Siri, 21.390; 27. Brachmann, 21.392; 28. Tom Sears, 21.400; 29. Pupello, 21.456; 30. Tim Sears, 21.537; 31. Bresnahan, 21.589; 32. Morey, 21.670; 33. Currier, 21.796; 34. Susice, 21.824; 35. Roberts, 22.005; 36. Willix, 22.402


Super DIRTcar Series

Rolling Wheels Raceway Park - Tuesday, Oct. 8

Race lineup, after 24 laps on Sunday, Sept. 1

1. Decker

2. Planck

3. Hearn

4. Rauscher

5. Dunn

6. Scagliotta

7. Sheppard

8. Phelps

9. Billings

10. Haers

11. D. Johnson

12. Hile

13. Britten

14. Brachmann

15. Currier

16. Marcuccilli

17. Sowle

18. A. Johnson

19. Paine

20. Susice

21. Flach

22. Tom Sears, Jr.

23. Tim Sears, Jr.

24. VanInwegen

25. Wright

26. Podsiadlo

27. Siri

28. Bellinger

29. Tomkins

30. Swartzlander


DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds

Rolling Wheels Raceway Park - Sunday, Sept. 1

Qualifying Results

Heat 1: 1. 66 Dan Wiesner, 2. 57b Frank Burnell, 3. 1s Jim Spano, 4. 21 Taylor Caprara, 5. 25g Nick Guererri, 6. 1T Tyler Dippel, 7. 11N Ricky Newton, 8. m1 Mike Marcuccilli, 9. 28 Russ Marsden, 10. 57 Bruce Batzel

Heat 2: 1. 3a Adam HIlton, 2. 5 Don Spatorico, 3. 6R Nate Reynolds, 4. 1a Andrew Smith, 5. 11b Ray Hendershot, 6. 316 John Ellsworth, 7. 42 Daryl Nutting, 8. 1R Kyle Rohner, 9. 19J Joe Kline, 10. 66 Gary Sampo


DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds

Rolling Wheels Raceway Park - Tuesday, Oct. 8

Race Lineup

1. Reynolds

2. Spano

3. Spatorico

4. Burnell

5. Hilton

6. Wiesner

7. Caprara

8. Smith

9. Guerierri

10. Hendershot

11. Dippel

12. Ellsworth

13. Newton

14. Nitting

15. Marcucilli

16. Rohner

17. Meeks

18. Klein

19. Batzel

20. Sampo


DIRTcar Street Stocks

Rolling Wheels Raceway Park - Sunday, Sept. 1

Statistical Report

A-Main: 1. 00 Mike Welch, 2. 30 Steve Pesarek, 3. 13k Daryl Krebs, 4. 00Jr Joe Reeves, 5. 71 Dan Hoffman, 6. 98T Patrick Hobbs, 7. 19 Chuck Cushman, 8. 81 Wayne Ellison. DNS: 715 Mike Cooper

Heat 1: Reeves, Welch, Ellison, Hoffman, Hobbs, Pesarek, Cushman, Krebs, Cooper

The Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing in the Northeast Region is brought to fans by several sponsors and partners including Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, Chevy Performance Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, and Safety-Kleen. Contingency partners include the University of Northwestern Ohio, Contingency sponsors are ASI, Bicknell Racing Products, Bilstein Shocks, Brodix, ButlerBuilt, Cometic Gasket, Comp Cams, Edelbrock, Integra Shocks, Intercomp, JE Pistons, JRI Shocks, Klotz Synthetic Lubricants, KSE Racing Products, Motorsports Safety Systems, MSD Performance, Penske Shocks, Racing Electronics, Superflow and Wrisco Industries.





NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                    

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda






Championship point races go down to the wire


MIDDLETOWN, NY (September 1)……..The final night of the point season for all competing divisions is on tap this coming Saturday, September 7 at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York. And in only one of the four divisions is the outcome even close to being decided.


In the headline DIRTcar Big-block Modified division, Tim Hindley (1,864 points) has a 50-point cushion over Craig Mitchell (1,814) and defending champion Jerry Higbie (1,792). Hindley can wrap up the title by simply qualifying for the 30-lap feature race and finishing better than 26th.


In Sportsman competition, before this past Saturday’s race meet Brian Krummel held a 30-point edge over Anthony Perrego. But Krummel was caught up in an opening lap multi-car incident and finished 15th,while Perrego won for the sixth time. As a result, Krummel and Perrego are tied, each with 1,770 points. Whoever finishes ahead this Saturday will become the Sportsman champion. 


Eight-time winner Stephen Kammer (1,904) tops the Street Stock division with five-time victor Charles Donald (1,898) just six points in arrears. As with Sportsman, finishing positions in the 15-lap feature will determine the Street Stock championship.  .


Orange County’s Small-Block Modified division has seven drivers with a ma the matical chance of winning the crown. Danny Creeden (870) is the current point leader, but Bob McGannon (862) is just eight points behind. Scott Flammer (856), Chuck McKee (850), John Finley (842), and Chris Shultz (832) haven’t been eliminated either.


All four divisions will see action this Saturday, September 7, Champions’ Night sponsored by WLR Construction and Superior Remodeling. Added to the program will be a special 911 Tribute sponsored by Brian Smith and Superior Remodeling. 


Admission prices for the September 7 race meet remains at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and free for children 12 and under. The full nights of racing begin promptly at 6:30 pm.


Advance ticket sales for all remaining 2013 races, including the September 21 Eve of Destruction, the October 25-27 52nd Annual Eastern States Weekend, and track information are available at the Orange County website, www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.



UPCOMING: September 14 --- Breast Cancer Awareness Night/Porco Energy Eastern States Modified Qualifier --- Modifieds, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, Street Stocks

                      (Street Stock Powder Puff, Vintage Modifieds added)


                      September 21 --- All Steel & Aluminum/Middletown Auto Wreckers present the 

                                                  EVE OF DESTRUCTION                                 






NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                    

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda








MIDDLETOWN, NY (September 3)……..While the point season concluded with Champions’ Night at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York, racing will continue Saturday evening, September 14, with a “no-points” bonus night. All four weekly racing divisions---Modified, Sportsman, Rookie Sportsman, and Street Stock---will see action, with the winner of the 30-lap Modified feature earning a guaranteed starting spot in the 52nd Annual Eastern States 200 presented by Arkel Motors and Dupree & Monroe Attorneys, set for Sunday, October 27.


Added to the September 14 program will be the popular Northeast Vintage Modifieds. And topping off the evening of speed will be the Street Stock Powder Puff race for the ladies.


Porco Energy is the evening’s presenting sponsor on Breast Cancer Awareness Night. Fans: Wear Pink To Show Your Support!


Admission prices for the September 14 race meet remain at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and free for children 12 and under. The full night of racing begins promptly at 6:30 pm.


The final weekly program at Orange County will take place on Saturday, September 21 when All Steel & Aluminum and Middletown Auto Wreckers present the EVE OF DESTRUCTION!!! Folks that enjoy motorized mayhem won’t want to miss this thrill-packed evening that includes crashes of all sorts, an organized Enduro Race (if the re is such a thing), and general destruction. Rain date for the EVE OF DESTRUCTION is Sunday, September 22.


Advance sale tickets for the EVE OF DESTRUCTION!!! are available at the Speedway Office.


Tickets for the 52nd Annual Eastern States Weekend presented by Arkel Motors and Dupree & Monroe Attorneys, Friday through Sunday, October 25-27, are on sale. Be sure to check the official Orange County website, www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net, or call the Track Office at 845-342-2573 during business hours.


MEDIA MEMBERS: Credentials requests for Eastern States Weekend should be made to Bobby Armbruster at 201-323-2913, or BArmbr6493@aol.com.  Deadline is October 14, 2013. 




   News from Penn Can Speedway’s Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels ‘King of the Can’

Media Contact: Brett Deyo – Deyo99H@aol.com or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/September 3, 2013

For Every King, A Crown: $5,014 Plus Custom “Toilet Trophy” Awaits Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels ‘King of the Can’ Modified Winner At Penn Can Speedway Friday, October 18; Registration Now Open For 14th Annual Year-End Event

SUSQUEHANNA, PA – For every king, a crown.

On Friday, October 18, Penn Can Speedway plays host to its traditional year-end event with the 14th running of the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels ‘King of the Can’ special. The ‘King of the Can’ is headlined by a 50-lap big-block/small-block Modified event paying $5,014 to the winner and $314 to take the green flag.  Don’s Automotive Mall and Gary’s U-Pull-It provide additional support to the ’13 running.

In addition to the cash take, the Modified ‘King of the Can’ winner takes home a custom “toilet trophy” presented in Victory Lane! The unique trophy was unveiled last year to winner Ryan Godown and immediately became a hit with the racing community.  A long list of bonuses and special awards has begun to form for competitors.

For the third consecutive year, the ‘King of the Can’ will be contested as a co-promotion involving Penn Can’s management team of Reed Miller and Al Wilcox and Brett Deyo of BD Motorsports Media LLC.

The Friday portion of the ‘King of the Can’ will also include Crate 602 Sportsman in a 25-lap event paying $1,000 to the winner and Street Stocks racing 25 laps. Friday’s program carries a rain date of Sunday, Oct. 20.

Since its inception in 1999, the ‘King of the Can’ has provided memorable moments and a cross-section of winners from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ontario. Last year, Ringoes, N.J.’s Godown posted the first Penn Can win of his career in the 50-lapper, defeating Danny Johnson of Rochester, N.Y., as the pair diced for the win through late-race lapped traffic.

Two drivers have won the ‘King of the Can’ event more than once: Jeff Rudalavage of Olyphant, Pa. (2007 & ’02) and Brian Weaver of Windsor, N.Y. (’05 & ’99). Single-time winners include Godown, Stewart Friesen of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. (’11), Kevin Bates of Lake Ariel, Pa. (’10), Duane Howard of Oley, Pa. (’08), Joey Grammes of Lehighton, Pa. (’06), the late Doug Hoffman of Allentown, Pa. (’04), Jamie Shea of South Gibson, Pa. (’03), Keith Hoffman of Whitehall, Pa. (’01) and Kirk Horton of Eldred, N.Y. (’00).

Registration for the ’13 ‘King of the Can’ is now open for Modified competitors. Pre-entry is $15 through Oct. 12 and $20 from Oct. 12 through race day. The first 10 entries received by the BD Motorsports Media office will transfer into a draw for two free pit passes.

Rules, entry forms and other race information have been posted on the web at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com. The ‘King of the Can’ is open to big- and small-block Modified competitors utilizing gasoline or methanol. Heats will be established via a draw for position with a redraw of top qualifiers for the main event.

Grandstand admission for the Friday ‘King of the Can’ is $22 (Adults). Seniors (ages 62 and up) are $20. Students (ages 13-17) pay $10. Kids 12 and under are FREE.  Pit admission is $35 with no license required.

Earlier this year, in June, BD Motorsports Media LLC in conjunction with Penn Can management presented the ‘Clash at the Can’ spectacular, with Ryan Watt of Boyertown, Pa., shocking the field to win the 60-lap Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour headliner.  Watt is expected to be back at Penn Can to challenge for ‘King of the Can’ laurels.

Saturday’s (Oct. 19) portion of the ‘King of the Can’ is organized by Penn Can management and will include Race of Champions Sportsman, Race of Champions Street Stocks, CRSA 305 Sprint Cars, Four Cylinders, Factory Stocks and XCel 600 Modifieds.

Marketing opportunities are available now and lap sponsorships are on sale for the ‘King of the Can’ by contacting Brett Deyo by phone at 845.728.2781, via e-mail at Deyo99H@aol.com or on the web at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com.  “Like” BD Motorsports Media on Facebook or follow @BrettDeyo on Twitter.

Penn Can Speedway, a one-third-mile clay oval, is located off Interstate 81 Exit 230 in Susquehanna, Pa. (between Scranton, Pa., and Binghamton, N.Y.). The speedway GPS address is 98 State Street Susquehanna, PA 18847. Penn Can is on the web at www.penncan.com.

The 2013 ‘King of the Can’ is presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings, VP Racing Fuels, Trackside Products, Gary’s U-Pull-It, Don’s Automotive Mall, American Racer/Lias Tire, S&D Bodyline, Shiley Fabrication, BFP Specialty, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, S&W Awards, Lakey’s Tavern, Four Star Lettering and many other marketing partners

Past King of the Can Modified Winners

2012 – Ryan Godown

2011 – Stewart Friesen

2010 – Kevin Bates

2009 – Weather

2008 – Duane Howard

2007 – Jeff Rudalavage

2006 – Joey Grammes

2005 – Brian Weaver

2004 – Doug Hoffman

2003 – Jamie Shea

2002 – Jeff Rudalavage

2001 – Keith Hoffman

2000 – Kirk Horton

1999 – Brian Weaver


Brett Deyo

BD Motorsports Media LLC

Phone: 845.728.2781

E-Mail: Deyo99H@aol.com

Web: www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BDMotorsportsMedia

Twitter: @BrettDeyo





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Below is a driver from the mid-west – Clarence LaRue.  Photo was taken at the Goshen, NY one mile dirt track in September 1947.





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Borgers PR

Media Contact

Bob Snyder




Borgers Speedway, “Let’s Talk Tires.”


With the upcoming OctoberFest five Race Series at Borgers Speedway September 28. October 5, 12, 19, 26, Borgers Speedway general manager Brendan O’Connor has put some serious dollars on the line.  Brendan O’Connor, “the obvious reason is we want to show our appreciation to our loyal racers who have supported us all season and to attract new racers to the advantages of asphalt racing.  We feel the upcoming OctoberFest series will accomplish that.”


Promoter Bob Snyder, “trying to convince racers of the benefits of asphalt racing in predominately dirt track country is a huge task.  In my 45 years of being in the sport most of my racing involved dirt tracks.  For me it was a major change but now I am convinced of the many benefits.”


Besides not having to spend hours cleaning your car the next day and not having the dirt sucked into and ruining your motors and all moving parts of the car is the lack of tire wear.  While a racer has the initial cost of purchasing a set of asphalt tires the investment pays off in the long term.  TQ’s and Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints are averaging five to six races on a set of tires and one top running TQ racer told me he is on his ninth race on a set of tires.  The Slingshots run fine on the dirt tires with virtually no tire wear.  The same is true for the Karts.


What I am saying is  for the Dirt 600 Sprints that don’t have asphalt tires a set of tires will probably last you the entire OctoberFest Series.  The key to making the tires last is simple common sense.  If you are going to drive the track like you would a dirt track you will burn up tires but driving it like an asphalt track the tires will last.


Many area dirt track racers are burning off a right rear tire,  and in some cases a right front tire each race.  This is “NOT” happening at Borgers Speedway.  The arithmetic is simple.  $270 for two tires a race plus what left rears and left fronts you go through or $500 to $600 for a set of tires that will last you five races.  5 races on dirt at $270 per race = $1350.  5 races on one set of asphalt tires that last five races or better = $600.  Net savings of  $750.  Just check your tire bills for this past season racing on dirt.  The facts do not lie.  Asphalt racing saves you over half your tire expenses.


Ask our drivers.  They will tell you what they are saving.


Borgers Speedway Dirt 600 Sprint Champion and seven time feature winner Jason Hentrich, “people are afraid that tire wear is an issue at Borgers and I can tell you first hand that is not the case.  The money that I have saved this season running on asphalt as compared to dirt is very substantial.  Running asphalt tires the Hoosier LCO or LC5’s will work.  If they want to try the dirt tires we ran the Hoosier RD 20’s on all four corners.  The key is to not drive it like you would on dirt.  If you throw it sideways you will burn off rubber but there is no need to race like that.  There are races before OctoberFest starts so I would say give the tires you now have a try.  With what I am hearing the dirt guys must be running a hard compound.  Give it a try and see what happens.”


The Slingshot tire situation is basically no tire wear.  Racers have been running the same tires all season long.  The dirt tires work fine.  A duro or sawtooth on the right rear is recommended.


Karts are also experiencing very little tire wear regardless of what brand of tires they are running.  If you prep the tires to the extreme you will not get good wear but most racers feel there is no need to prep plus prepping at the track at Borgers is not allowed.


Major dollars are on the line at Borgers Speedway for OctoberFest 2013.  When your track closes down this is your chance to see what asphalt racing is all about.  Everyone at Borgers Speedway guarantees that you will be pleasantly surprised and be back for more.  





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CNN Caught Staging News Segments on Syria With Actors


Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention.






A comment on a news article on Yahoo! News about Obama saying HE did not set a red line:


“As commander in chief, I always preserve the right and the responsibility to act on behalf of America’s national security." Okay, then...secure the borders!”





From Facebook – non racing stuff:


Well, in a way, maybe it could be something involving racing/race teams:


I-84 to be closed 2 weekends near CT/NY border


The replacement of two bridges in New York State will force the closure of Interstate 84 for two weekends around the Connecticut/New York border starting next month.


The New York State Department of Transportation is replacing two bridges carrying Interstate 84 eastbound and westbound over Dingle Ridge Road in the town of Southeast, Westchester County. The work is being accelerated to minimize traffic impacts, but will require the interstate to be closed in that area during two weekends.


The first weekend closure will be Sept. 21 and 22 when I-84 eastbound will be closed at Exit 20 in Southeast, N.Y.


Traffic will be detoured onto Route 6 in New York  and returned to I-84 at Exit 1 in Danbury.


On one of the following weekends, either Sept. 28 and 29 or Oct. 5 and 6. I-84 westbound will be closed at Exit 1 in Danbury, and directed back onto I-84 at Exit 20 in Southeast, N.Y.


Traffic delays are anticipated. Please use alternate routes and avoid traveling through this area during construction.


More information on the project is available at https://www.dot.ny.gov/NYI84CT







More non racin’ stuff:


Court: White House visitor logs for Obama and most of his staff are confidential


In part:  "Judicial Watch, a conservative-oriented watchdog group that sued in an effort to get the records, said it is considering an appeal.

“Decisions like this turn the Freedom of Information Act from a transparency law to a secrecy law,” said the group’s president, Tom Fitton.







UCLA Student Government Bans ‘Derogatory’ Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’


In part: 

California is America’s ‘Sanctuary State’: by far the most welcoming to illegal invaders, handing them virtual amnesty, healthcare, welfare and even student loans and grants.


Now the the student government at UCLA is defending those invaders with speech censorship: unanimously voting to call for the eradication of the phrase “illegal immigrant.”


The UCLA Undergraduate Students Association wants the term “illegal immigrant” banned because, its members say, the phrase is a violation of the human rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution,  reports our friends at Campus Reform.


Last week’s resolution emphasizes the student council’s desire to prevent journalists, media organizations and various campus partners from identifying illegal aliens as “illegal immigrants,” explains the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s campus rag.


The resolution flatly states that “illegal immigrant” is “racially derogatory language.” Such language “has historically bolstered the foundation for racially harmful actions including racial profiling practices, punitive policies targeting socially marginalized groups, hate crimes and violence,” the resolution proclaims.






Music video:


Not a music video this week, but Bob Nelson.  Enjoy!






Joke of the week:


Back on January 9th, a group of Pekin, Illinois bikers were riding west on I-74 when they saw a girl about to jump off the Murray Baker Bridge. So they stopped.


George, their leader, a big burly man of 53, gets off his Harley, walks through a group of gawkers, past the State Trooper who was trying to talk her down off the railing, and says,


 "Hey Baby.....whatcha doin' up there on that railin'?"


 She says tearfully, "I'm going to commit suicide!!"


 While he didn't want to appear "sensitive," George also didn't want to miss this "be-a-legend" opportunity either so he asked ....."Well, before you jump, Honey-Babe...why don't you give ole George here your best last kiss?"



 So, with no hesitation at all, she leaned back over the railing and did just that ... and it was a long, deep, lingering kiss followed immediately by another even better one.


After they breathlessly finished, George gets a big thumbs-up approval from his biker-buddies, the onlookers, and even the State Trooper, and then says,


"Wow! That was the best kiss I have ever had, Honey! That's a real talent you're wasting, Sugar Shorts. You could be famous if you rode with me. Why the hell are you committing suicide?"


"My parents don't like me dressing up like a girl."


It's still unclear whether he jumped or was pushed.





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