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                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 153




Racin’ & short’ stuff:


Normally I start these columns on Sunday.  However, with my “Baby sister” up from Florida for a short visit, and us having her and her husband, Hank, over for dinner, I really didn’t get started until Monday afternoon.  Feeling kinda “Icky” for these past few days, doesn’t help, either.  Maybe it was those two hot dogs or French fries I had at the Valley last Thursday?


While at the Valley, I “splurged” and bought four 50/50 tickets.  Hey, ya never know, right?  No, I did not win the $5,025.00.  No, I didn’t win any of the other prizes, either.  Figures!


The racing at the Valley wasn’t all that bad.  However, I’m not a fan of “group” time trials, and time trials either.  What with the design of today’s Modifieds, the rules packages, tires, etc, and the faster cars starting up front, basically, the racing isn’t really racing anymore – to an extent.  Hey, if time trials are what they use – how about eliminating the re-draw and have an invert number somewhere between, say 10 and 12?


Question:  Do the announcers realize that as they’re racing on the track, one really can’t hear what the announcers are saying?   And another thing that bugs me – incorrect pronunciations of drivers’ names.  Mike Ruggiero is constantly pronounced as ending with an “io” at the end – like Ruggerio.  And what about  Rich Scagliotta?  There is an “I” in his last name, but every announcer I’ve heard mention his name comes out with it as “Scaglotta” – like there’s no “I” in his name.  And, yes, my name gets butchered up a lot too – like ending with a “gio” at the end.  Last I knew, “go” is go – right?


I see that car counts have dwindled down some more – mostly all over.  I did do a special article about Kart counts at OVRP’s Dirt Oval – comparing the 2005 season with this current season – roughly the same dates in August.  I figured counts would be lower now, but not as much.  As I’m working on this column, I’m still undecided as to whether it will be on New England Tractor only, or if I’ll also put it out on Dirt Track Digest.  Is it the economy that has caused such a lower Kart count, today?  Is it the fact that a lot of those that might race Karts, today, are now into other things – like Micro Sprints, Midgets and Stock cars?  Granted, back in the day (2005) there were a few that would be racing bigger things rather than Karts, but today, it’s almost the normal thing to do – once a kid hits 12, 13 or 14, they leave Karts for bigger and more expensive “toys”.  That good or bad?

Look for that Kart count article on New England Tractor.



Bristol this weekend.  Only 44 entrants for the Cup race, but a whopping 49 cars entered for the Nationwide race.  Bristol was always a sell out, but no so, anymore.  I would not be surprised to see it maybe ¾ full, or less?  Further down, in my “Jayski” section, is a notice of how, in some certain areas, the TV telecast will be on alternate channels.  Yes, football is back, and has preference, ya know?



The truck race on Wednesday night – seen on the same channel that SPEED used to be on, and there are two non-qualifiers: 

Did Not Qualify: # 84 Mike Harmon  # 10 Jennifer Jo Cobb.

Note # 1:  Don’t these two have a little “History”?  Probably best they’re on the sidelines, tonight!


Note # 2:  Yes, this from my # 142 column:


Stolen vehicles siezed from Harmon's garage: Rowan County Sheriff's deputies are watching NASCAR driver Mike Harmon closely, after recovering two cars and five trucks from his two garages Tuesday afternoon. Deputies say Harmon stole the cars from racer Jennifer Jo Cobb at the end of last year. The vehicles were seized from Harmon's shop in Mooresville, and from a storage facility in Catawba County, officials told WBTV. Harmon was arrested two weeks ago in a separate incident, also involving Cobb. Authorities say Harmon broke into Cobb's Mooresville headquarters, and stole her hauler to transport cars and trucks. WBTV spoke with Harmon just moments after he posted bail on the initial charge. "I've never stolen as much as a piece of bubble gum. To be arrested for a felony is ridiculous," Harmon said. Last week, a judge ordered Harmon to stay away from Cobb, though the two both say they plan to finish this year's racing season. As of Tuesday night, Harmon had not been charged for the seven vehicles, and Cobb's hauler was still missing.(WBTV)(5-28-2013)”




Watching (on occasion) the truck race from Bristol – Kyle Busch wins and does his “donut” with his upper body out of the truck, and holding his arms/hands outstretched.  Someday, someone is going to get hurt – watch and see.

And, yes, I’m completely against having “Victory lane” in the infield, away from the fans in the stands.  Yes, I know, it’s all about the TV audience, but, personally, I’d rather have the victory celebration closer to the track.  Ain’t gonna happen, though, right?



After the race, with an interview with Brad Keslowski, the subject turned to fuel pick ups in the fuel cells.  There’s a problem with the banking and the cell, especially when there is only ONE pick up line.  Isn’t it possible to have two pick up lines that go into one?



Andretti talking to Montoya about IndyCar return


In part:  "Michael Andretti is trying to find a sponsor to bring Juan Pablo Montoya back to IndyCar with Andretti Autosport.

''I have talked to Juan about IndyCar and told him 'Hell yeah, let's find a way to put something together,' '' Andretti told The Associated Press on Monday. ''I've driven against him and I think he's one of the best drivers I've ever driven against. It just comes down to sponsorship. So we're looking, and if it's a possibility, we want to do something with him.''"






Tony Stewart out for the season; Mark Martin, Austin Dillon to drive in the #14


Stewart-Haas Racing has announced that Tony Stewart is out for the season due to a broken leg sustained in a sprint car accident earlier this month. Mark Martin will drive the No. 14 car for most of the remaining races, with Austin Dillon handling Talladega.

“After consulting with Tony’s doctors and speaking with Tony, we agreed it was best for him to focus on his recovery,” said Greg Zipadelli, SHR director of competition. “For the No. 14 team, our focus is on positioning them for a run at the owner championship. Mark Martin and Austin Dillon give us the best opportunity to do that, and we certainly appreciate Michael Waltrip Racing and Richard Childress Racing for making Mark and Austin available to us."

“Obviously, I’m disappointed to be out of the Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy for so long, but the team is in very good hands with Mark Martin and Austin Dillon,” Stewart said. “Mark is someone I’ve looked up to my entire career and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. Austin is a great young talent, and he showed that Sunday at Michigan. Greg Zipadelli, Steve Addington (crew chief) and everybody at SHR supports them 100 percent. This isn’t a situation anyone wanted, but we’re going to make the best of it. In the meantime, my focus is on getting healthy and getting back into my Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy.” Stewart indicated he would return to the driver's seat for preseason testing in January 2014.

Martin has been a reliable part-time driver for Michael Waltrip Racing, most recently coming within a few laps of winning Sunday's Michigan race. Martin's two-year contract with Waltrip ends this year, and there is substantial speculation about his future. Dillon, meanwhile, has a promising future ahead as a Cup-level driver for Richard Childress Racing.

The news comes as a blow to Stewart's fans and sponsors, and surely to Stewart himself. Stewart knows how a season can completely turn around at Chase time; just two years ago, he proclaimed himself completely out of the Chase mix at Richmond before winning five of the season's final ten races and the Sprint Cup.







From the Internet – racing stuff:



Published on August 18th, 2013

Sources have reported to FOX Sports that Kurt Busch has been made a formal offer to join Stewart-Haas Racing in 2014 as a 4th car.


Stewart-Haas Racing currently has 3 cars officially lined up for the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Season, the #4 of Kevin Harvick, #10 of Danica Patrick and #14 of Tony Stewart. If the sources are correct and Kurt Busch accepts the offer the #39 could be occupied by the 1-time Cup Champion.


No official comment has been made to the press from either Kurt Busch or Stewart-Haas Racing.


Kurt Busch currently drives for Furniture Row Racing and is in a 1-year contract that expires at the end of 2013.


Please stay tuned to The 5th Turn for more information as it comes.





And, from Jayski:


Responding to reports that he has a formal contract offer from Stewart Haas Racing to drive a fourth Sprint Cup entry for the organization in 2014, Busch told ESPN.com that he has multiple opportunities for next season. He did not address Stewart Haas Racing specifically though he did say nothing was signed as of Monday morning. "I've received offers from multiple teams," Busch said. "This isn't a decision I'm taking lightly. I'm looking at what teams have planned long term and want to be in a place where my opinion and input is valued. I like to be involved in the process like I have been here at Furniture Row. At the same time, I was hoping to not have this distraction while working with my guys to get us in the Chase."(ESPN)(8-19-2013)







A video of what Humpy had to say about NASCAR and racing, in general.


Some comments:


"The worst thing that happened to NASCAR was the "driver development program", which was just a nice way to say "youth movement". Instead of letting drivers develop and gain experience driving for a "B" or "C" level team and proving themselves before jumping into a Hendrick, Gibbs or RCR level ride, drivers are signed young, move up young, then dropped down to the "start and park" teams if/when they washed out. Meanwhile, while they look (relatively) good in pictures, they have been groomed and they lack the life experience that made the Cale Yarlboroughs, Bobby Allisons and Harry Gants or the world interesting.


The whole model that made NASCAR compelling has been turned upside down and is now broken."


"When it took off in the early 90's the 'heads' at NASCAR starting thinking things could get really big and started with the changes. Along the way they thought wrong too often and never rebooted to get those things back, instead they pressed on harder making more changes and got farther from what had made the sport grow.


I don't think it was the old fans leaving, time marches on and they aren't around, but not as many of the new fans they were attracting were as devoted and the new fans weren't as likely to stay for the long term. Still getting them still would have allowed for growth but the mistake NASCAR made was continuing to believe there would be a constant flow of new fans. That has them where they are now. They still have more fans than when the growth began way back but the rate of adding new fans has slower to closer to normal.


They also started to attract a more sophisticated fan who saw how heavily the marketing was aimed at them, and they didn't all like it. I always get back to the diecasts. It's not like they're the finest handcrafted by some $5 a week Malaysian worker collector pieces. But when every top driver would have a special paint scheme for the Winston, or Brickyard or individual races people who were buying every Earnhardt or Gordon car finally realized the scheme was to get their money because they were so eager to buy a different version of the same thing. Then when you add in the NASCAR Day pin, the auto club, the automotive school, travel they were just trying to squeeze every dollar a person was capable of spending out of them.


Rather than losing the Southern fans what they did when they tried to overreach with NFL like dreams was dilute the 'Southern flavor' of the sport to appeal to a more national audience when what that national audience found appealing was the 'Southern aspect' of the sport. Nobody latched on to NASCAR to see the latest developments in technology or drivers who were going to get fined for swearing over the radio or never failed to thank their sponsor, the boys back at the shop and it was a good points day. When Hendrick, EGR, Roush Yates and TRD build all the engines for the 43 Cup, 40 NNW and 32 CWTS teams and every chassis is so tightly regulated that there's probably a template for cupholders they lose a great deal of appeal.



What they should do is one or two small things a month, and bigger things every year, work on getting back to where they used to be. Is the Nationwide series so much better because it has been to Mexico, Montreal, Road America and now Mid-Ohio but isn't at Milwaukee, North Wilkesboro, Rockingham or Gateway? Quit trying to wear a tuxedo when the overalls are what made you something. In Cup pass out bonus owners points to teams that build their own engines and don't sell it to others. And more points for teams that used the same chassis in multiple races instead of building new ones for every track."




How NASCAR landed a staggering TV deal despite ratings decline


Just a little from the article:


"As NASCAR staged its annual Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 28, it left many fans with a sinking feeling as they saw thousands of empty seats and witnessed what was for the most part an uninspiring race.


But just a few days earlier, NASCAR announced part of a staggering television package — a jaw-dropping $8.2 billion, 10-year deal with NBC and Fox. For a sport supposedly on the decline, it had just attracted its biggest windfall."


“Since the last NASCAR TV deal negotiated in 2005, television ratings have fallen 47 percent for Sprint Cup telecasts and admissions revenue for the publicly traded track companies has plummeted 42 percent.


And yet NASCAR just landed a new deal in which the rights fees went up 46 percent, from an average of $560 million a year to $820 million. That’s a boon for the sport, especially for NASCAR and its tracks with even the teams getting a piece."






It’s being said that unemployment is down, yet no one is being hired for full time jobs.  So how can it be down?  77% of new jobs in 2013 were part time.  61% are low paying.  We’re going negative, folks, negative.  Things are really looking bleak for the younger generation – our teenagers and those in their early 20’s that are going to school and upon getting out – have zilch for employment.  Meanwhile “Obozo” send billions overseas?  It sure seems that our (our governments) priorities are kinda in the wrong place, huh?




Coming up:




Paterson, N.J.- The fabled facility known as Hinchliffe Stadium will be opened to the public while hosting a car show organized by Keith Majka and his racing family on Sunday, Sept. 1. The gates will open at 10:00 AM for set up. The show will run from 12 noon to 6PM. Exhibitors are welcomed to bring their own food. Although not part of the Vintage Division of the ATQMRA official schedule, club members are encouraged to support this event. Ample rig parking will be provided within the facility. For more info. Contact Keith at 973.247.7602


Note:  A poster for this show has been copied and pasted, below.  However, I doubt it will appear on DTD, so as with my photos, you’ll have to go to the New England Tractor/Race Report website to view.






SATURDAY AUG 24 - Accord Speedway King of the Catskills Qualifier - Modifieds, Sportsman, Small Block Modifieds and Street Stocks will all be in action - Racing starts at 6:30pm





Friday, August 23rd

Escape RV Night



PRO STOCK - PURE STOCK & Lightning Sprints

Double Pro Stock Features

Spectator Gates Open at 5:00pm - Back Pit Gates Open at 4:30pm

Warm ups at 6:30pm and Racing Starts at 7:00pm

Regular Show Admission:

Adults $14 (12yrs+) 

Seniors $12 (65+yrs)

Kids $3 (11yrs & Under)


Family 4 Pack:

2 Adults + 2 Kids (11 + under) plus $20 in food vouchers: $44


Indoor Reserved Seating: $20 - Outdoor Reserved Seating: $16



Heldover Feature Schedule


Pro Stock-8/23




From Jayski:



Saturday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Race to Air on Alternate Channels in Seven Markets: NASCAR fans in seven affected markets will watch ABC’s telecast of Saturday night’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway on alternate channels through arrangements made by their local ABC affiliates. The ABC affiliates in the seven markets will be airing NFL preseason games Saturday night rather than the NASCAR race but with the alternate channels in each market, the race telecast will still be available nationwide. ABC’s coverage begins with NASCAR Countdown at 7:00pm/et with the race’s green flag at 7:44 pm. In six of the seven markets, the race telecast will air on ESPN and several of the ABC affiliates also will air the race on their Digital Tier channels. In Columbus, Ohio, the race will air on local station WWHO-TV. Also, ABC affiliates in Buffalo, Charlotte, N.C., and Rochester, N.Y., will join either NASCAR Countdown or the race telecast in progress following the conclusion of a 4:30 p.m. ET game between the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins. The Rochester station will air NASCAR Countdown and the race on its Digital Tier channel until the game ends. NASCAR Countdown will be pre-empted by local news in Little Rock, Ark., and Tyler, Tex., but both ABC affiliates will air the race telecast.

The affected markets:

Buffalo  ABC affiliate WKBW-TV will join either NASCAR Countdown or the race in progress following 4:30 p.m. Buffalo-Washington game.

Charlotte, NC  ABC affiliate WSOC-TV will join either NASCAR Countdown or the race in progress following 4:30 p.m. Buffalo-Washington game.

Columbus, Ohio  NASCAR Countdown and race will air on local station WWHO-TV.

Dayton, Ohio  NASCAR Countdown and race will air on ESPN and on Digital Tier 2 channel of ABC affiliate WKEF-TV.

Nashville, TN  NASCAR Countdown and race will air on ESPN.

Philadelphia  NASCAR Countdown and race will air on ESPN and on Digital Tier 2 channel of ABC affiliate WPVI-TV.

Phoenix  NASCAR Countdown and race will air on ESPN and Digital Tier 2 channel of ABC affiliate KNXV-TV.

Rochester, NY -- ABC affiliate WHAM-TV will air NASCAR Countdown on its Digital Tier 2 channel and will join in progress on its main channel following 4:30 p.m. Buffalo-Washington game.

St. Joseph, MO  NASCAR Countdown and race will air on ESPN.

Weslaco, TX  NASCAR Countdown and race will air on ESPN and Digital Tier 2 channel of ABC affiliate KRGV.(ESPN)




Ty Dillon to move to #3 NNS ride in 2014, Austin to move to Cup in 2014?: Richard Childress Racing has partnered with D.G Yuengling & Son to be a primary sponsor on the #3 Yuengling Light Lager Chevrolet with driver Ty Dillon during the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series season. As part of their 185th anniversary of brewing great lager, America's oldest operating brewery will be the primary sponsor on the RCR Chevrolet Camaro for eight races of the 2014 schedule. Yuengling Light Lager will be a key partner as Dillon moves full time to the Nationwide Series next season. Dillon is currently competing for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship and has one victory to his credit this season (RCR). Looks like Ty is replacing Austin Dillon in the #3 NNS Chevy. This move kind of strengthens the rumors that Austin Dillon supposedly move up to the Sprint Cup Series in 2014, driving a car for Richard Childress Racing. Rumors have Childress bring back the #3 with Austin Dillon driving, either replacing Kevin Harvick in the #29 and changing to the #3 or as a fourth Cup team in 2014.(8-19-2013)



From a Roush Fenway Racing press release about AdvoCare sponsoring Trevor Bayne the #6 NNS ride in 2014: "AdvoCare served as the sponsor on the #3 car of Austin Dillon the past two seasons. With Dillon making the move to full-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing in 2014, the organization began the process of diligently seeking out its best option moving forward."(8-21-2013)



Deal could put Martin in #14 seat announcement today (Monday):

A deal is in the works that would offer Brian Vickers more seat time in the #55 Aaron's Toyota  and allow Mark Martin to pursue the opportunity to drive the #14 for the injured Tony Stewart. On Saturday, multiple sources told Fox Sports that Toyota offered Martin its blessing in order to enable Vickers  who was named the full-time driver of the #55 Michael Waltrip Racing Camry on Tuesday  additional races to gel with the team. Vickers is currently racing for the Nationwide Series championship with Joe Gibbs Racing. He is fifth in the NNS point standings. Before SHR inquired on Martin's behalf, the plan was for Vickers to race at Bristol, Martinsville and New Hampshire, where he raced last month. Team owner Michael Waltrip is scheduled to drive the #55 at Talladega. Martin originally was signed up for the balance of races. Certainly, MWR and Aaron's would have to sign off on Martin before SHR can green light the deal. If everything goes according to plan, he could be part of SHR's roster announcement expected late Monday.(FoxSports)(8-18-2013)



Michael Waltrip Racing and its sponsors are still trying to decide whether Mark Martin can replace the injured Tony Stewart in his #14 Chevy. If Martin leaves MRW to fill in for Stewart, Brian Vickers would complete the season in MWR’s #55 Toyota, which he currently shares with Martin. MWR Executive Vice President Ty Norris declined comment Sunday morning on the status of the negotiations, while team co-owner Michael Waltrip said nothing had changed as far as Martin's situation. SHR officials also had no comment (Sporting News)(8-18-2013)



Mark Martin will be named Tony Stewart's substitute in the #14 Stewart-Haas Racing car. An announcement is set for Monday afternoon.(FoxSports)(8-19-2013)


Stewart Out for Remainder of 2013 Season:

Martin in for 12 races; Dillon one: Tony Stewart is out for the remainder of the 2013 season after suffering a broken right tibia and fibula in a sprint car crash Aug. 5 at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Stewart, a three-time Sprint Cup champion, is expected to return to the seat of the #14 Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevrolet SS for Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) in time for pre-season testing in January 2014. In the interim, Mark Martin will drive the #14 Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy Aug. 23-24 at Bristol and in 11 other races. Austin Dillon, who filled in for Stewart this past weekend at Michigan and finished 14th in his 10th career Sprint Cup start, will drive the #14 Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy Oct. 18-20 at Talladega.

After consulting with Tony’s doctors and speaking with Tony, we agreed it was best for him to focus on his recovery, said Greg Zipadelli, competition director, SHR. For the No. 14 team, our focus is on positioning them for a run at the owner championship. Mark Martin and Austin Dillon give us the best opportunity to do that, and we certainly appreciate Michael Waltrip Racing and Richard Childress Racing for making Mark and Austin available to us.

Obviously, I’m disappointed to be out of the Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy for so long, but the team is in very good hands with Mark Martin and Austin Dillon, Stewart said. Mark is someone I’ve looked up to my entire career and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. Austin is a great young talent, and he showed that Sunday at Michigan. Greg Zipadelli, Steve Addington (crew chief) and everybody at SHR supports them 100 percent. This isn’t a situation anyone wanted, but we’re going to make the best of it. In the meantime, my focus is on getting healthy and getting back into my Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 Chevy.

The #14 team is 13th in [owner] points, 10 out of the top-10 and 160 behind the series-leading #48 team of Hendrick Motorsports. The #14 team is first in line to grab one of the two wild-card positions for the 12-team [Owners] Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.(SHR)(8-19-2013)



Stewart Plans to Keep Racing Sprint Cars:

Tony Stewart says he will return to sprint car racing next season, according to Kendra Jacobs, co-host of Motor Racing Network’s Winged Nation.  Jacobs visited Stewart on Monday night. She said on Tuesday’s show that Stewart gave her explicit instructions to tell Winged Nation listeners he will continue to race sprint cars despite breaking his right tibia and fibula in a sprint car crash Aug. 5 at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Jacobs said on Winged Nation that Stewart’s sprint car crew is preparing for his return. His race team, (crew chief) Jimmy Carr and those guys are already building his sprint cars for next year, Jacobs said on the weekly show that details winged sprint car racing throughout the country and can be heard at MotorRacingNetwork.com.(Motor Racing Network)(8-21-2013)



Is Larson ready for a Cup ride?  

Larson believes he is ready for Cup: With Juan Pablo Montoya exiting the #42 Earnhardt Ganassi Racing Chevy at the end of the season, speculation has quickly turned to potential replacements. Kyle Larson, 21, is under contract to the organization for eight years, but from an experience standpoint, he has less than one full season of NASCAR Nationwide Series racing under his belt. The way #48-Jimmie Johnson sees it, that may not be a big issue -- and Johnson ought to know. After learning the sport with limited success in NASCAR Nationwide cars, Johnson made the jump to NASCAR Sprint Cup and has dominated that division in terms of race wins and titles since he joined the series full-time in 2002. "When you look at Kyle's background (Sprint Cars), he's driving cars with far more power than grip," Johnson said before Friday's practice. "I think the Cup car will suit his style far better than a Nationwide car. But you do need that foundation of knowing these tracks, because when we show up, our fastest lap we'll run all weekend will probably be our first lap right now. And if Kyle Larson wants to go to Cup next year, that's tough to do. He's going to need the whole session to get where he needs to, and then you're five or six adjustments behind the fast guys."(NASCAR Wire Service)(8-18-2013)



Throughout the weekend at Michigan International Speedway, several Sprint Cup drivers who had made the move to the top NASCAR level at a young age were asked about the adjustment. Those questions pertained to the possibility that Earnhardt Ganassi Racing could move 21-year-old Kyle Larson into the No. 42 car starting next season. Juan Pablo Montoya won’t return to the seat, and Larson is considered one of the top young talents in the sport, but many fear moving him to Cup could curb his development and ruin a bright future. Only in his second full season of stock-car racing, Larson sits ninth in the Nationwide standings while driving for Turner Scott Motorsports on loan from Earnhardt Ganassi Racing. Larson has been lauded by Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and others for his racing ability, which has produced several major sprint-car victories as well as a truck win at Rockingham. The typically mild-mannered Larson just went about his business of racing the Nationwide car last week at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course a little bit oblivious of all the talk about him in Michigan, but obviously knowing his name is circulating heavily in the rumor mill.

I didn’t know that people had been asking the Cup guys if they thought I was ready or not yet, Larson said in a phone interview Monday. I thought it was really cool that a lot of people thought that I was speculated about going in the 42. I think that says I’m doing OK. I don’t know if it will happen or not, but I’m not really worried about whether people think I’m ready or not. With several sprint-car races on his schedule this summer and the full slate of Nationwide races, Larson said he hasn’t had much time to think about his future. He believes he could handle Cup as far as racing but would have to get used to a schedule filled with longer events and several more sponsor and media commitments. The races are longer so I might have to think about working out, Larson said. I think I would handle it pretty well. I think I would get used to it. I think I would race OK. Larson believes he could handle the mental stress that could come with being a rookie at the major level.(Sporting News)(8-21-2013)



Is Larson ready for a Cup ride?

With Juan Pablo Montoya exiting the #42 Earnhardt Ganassi Racing Chevy at the end of the season, speculation has quickly turned to potential replacements. Kyle Larson, 21, is under contract to the organization for eight years, but from an experience standpoint, he has less than one full season of NASCAR Nationwide Series racing under his belt. The way #48-Jimmie Johnson sees it, that may not be a big issue -- and Johnson ought to know. After learning the sport with limited success in NASCAR Nationwide cars, Johnson made the jump to NASCAR Sprint Cup and has dominated that division in terms of race wins and titles since he joined the series full-time in 2002. "When you look at Kyle's background (Sprint Cars), he's driving cars with far more power than grip," Johnson said before Friday's practice. "I think the Cup car will suit his style far better than a Nationwide car. But you do need that foundation of knowing these tracks, because when we show up, our fastest lap we'll run all weekend will probably be our first lap right now. And if Kyle Larson wants to go to Cup next year, that's tough to do. He's going to need the whole session to get where he needs to, and then you're five or six adjustments behind the fast guys."(NASCAR Wire Service)(8-18-2013)




Crew Member Suspended Due To Violation Of NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy:

Eric Maycroft, a crew member in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series [#56 MWR], has been indefinitely suspended from NASCAR for violating the sanctioning body’s Substance Abuse Policy. On Aug. 16, Maycroft was found to have violated Sections 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing) and 19 (violation of the NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy) of the 2013 NASCAR Rule Book.(NASCAR)(8-20-2013)



Michael Waltrip Racing fired Eric Maycroft, front tire changer for #56-Martin Truex Jr.’s team, after NASCAR indefinitely suspended him Tuesday for violating the sanctioning body’s Substance Abuse Policy. Maycroft joined Truex’s team in May 2011. MWR issued a statement on Maycroft: "Michael Waltrip Racing fully supports NASCAR's substance abuse policies and those who complete the Road to Recovery program. MWR's zero tolerance policy has resulted in the immediate termination of the employee."(Motor Racing Network)(8-21-2013)



Sad News - Floyd Ganassi: Statement from Chip Ganassi Racing Teams on the Passing of Floyd Ganassi:

It is with heavy hearts that everyone at Chip Ganassi Racing Teams offers our condolences to Chip Ganassi and the whole Ganassi family on the passing today of Chip’s father, Floyd Ganassi. Everyone that knew Floyd knew that he was beloved at racetracks all across the country and leaves a long trail of great friends. Floyd Ganassi will be sorely missed by us all. Information on arrangements will be forthcoming.(CGR)(8-19-2013)

See full obit and service info at Pittsburgh Tribune.(8-21-2013)



Ryan Truex to make Sprint Cup Series debut at Bristol: Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) development driver Ryan Truex will make his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut at the Bristol Motor Speedway during Saturday night's 500-lap race. Truex will drive the #51 entry for Phoenix Racing. Truex signed a multi-year development deal with RPM earlier this year and the team is currently working to secure sponsorship funding. Ryan Truex, who had already been working with Phoenix Racing with opportunities earlier this year, has a long history of providing young drivers opportunities to race for their team. It was also Phoenix Racing that helped Ryan's older brother Martin Truex in the beginning stages of his career. The opportunity came for Phoenix Racing to put Ryan behind the wheel this weekend. The Mayetta, New Jersey native has two Nationwide series starts at Bristol and most recently posted a top-10 finish in the spring event in 2012. In his career, Truex made 35 Nationwide, three truck and 22 K&N East starts. He's won Championships in every full season of competition. He won the K&N Series East Championship back-to-back in 2009 and 2010. "I'm excited to make my NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut at Bristol," said Truex. "It has been tough waiting on the sidelines while I healed from my collarbone injury, but now I am ready to go and make my Sprint Cup Series debut. It's pretty awesome that it's coming at Bristol at the night race. This is a premier race on the Sprint Cup circuit. "To have Richard Petty Motorsports and Phoenix Racing support me in this endeavor really means a lot," continued Truex. "I'm excited for the rest of this year and my future with RPM." "The King" Richard Petty is also anxious to see the 21-year-old make his Sprint Cup debut. "It will be a big night for Ryan," said team owner Richard Petty. "He is a talented driver, and we look forward to his future with our team. We are working hard to find funding support to give him more opportunities behind the wheel."(RPM)(8-20-2013)



McMurray says he will be back in the #1 car in 2014: #1-Jamie McMurray will return to Earnhardt Ganassi Racing next season. While it’s company policy not to discuss contracts, McMurray told FOXSports.com at Michigan Speedway that "you’re not going to see any changes between sponsors or drivers on the 1 team. McMurray, 37, is 16th in the Sprint Cup point standings. He has six-career Cup wins, including three in his past four years of his second stint with Chip Ganassi.(FoxSports)(8-20-2013)




2013 Sprint Cup Driver Championship Points Standings:

[after Michigan, race 23 of 36]

1) #48-Jimmie Johnson [4 wins], 813

2) #15-Clint Bowyer, 772, -41

3) #99-Carl Edwards [1 win], 762, -51

4) #29-Kevin Harvick [2 wins], 749, -64

5) #18-Kyle Busch [3 wins], 706, -107

6) #20-Matt Kenseth [4 wins], 688, -125

7) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr., 679, -134

8) #2-Brad Keselowski, 667, -146

9) #78-Kurt Busch, 665, -148

10) #16-Greg Biffle [1 win], 663, -150

2012 Chase drivers not currently in the 2013 Chase

#24-Jeff Gordon, 14th in points (26pts out of 10th)

#14-Tony Stewart [1 win], 18th [missed 2 race so far], 69pts out of 10th

#11-Denny Hamlin, 25th [missed 4 races with injury], 224pts out of 10th




Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:


Note:  In a way, some names have kept popping up – names that I thought have raced at the Dirt Oval, on occasion.  Two of them – Brett Wright and Hunter Bates.  Not being positive, I never included them in this section.  However, going over my 2005 Dirt Oval’s Novemberfest report, sure as heck, both names were in it.  More than likely there are others that ran at the Dirt Oval that have moved on to bigger forms of racing, but this writer isn’t aware of them.  Sorry!


At Devil’s Bowl, Hunter Bates was 9th and 7th in the two Modified features.


Paul Quear was 4th in the 600 Micro feature at Borgers.


At Kutztown, Molly Chambers was 22nd in one feature and a DNQ in another.

Danny Buccafusca was 4th and 2nd in the two All-Star Slingshot features.

Jacob Hendershot was 3rd in the wingless 270 feature and 19th in the winged feature.


At Hamlin, Buccafusca was 2nd and 3rd and Tyler Pirone 18th and 6th in the two All-Star Slingshot features.

Jacob Hendershot was 2nd in the winged 270’s and 7th in the wingless.

Kyle Rohner was 4th n the wingless 600 feature.

Corey Ziegler was 13th in the Rookie 600’s.


Danny Creeden was 10th, Kyle Vanduser 12th, Anthony Perrego 17th and Joey Bruning 19th in the Modified feature at Accord.

Tyler Boniface was 2nd and Mike Traver 6th in the Spec Sportsman.


Thursday, at Lebanon Valley, Kolby Schroder was 5th, Billy VanInwegen 17th, Kyle Armstrong 27th and Bobby Hackel, IV a DNQ for the 100 lap Modified feature.

Tyler Dippel was 3rd, Brian Krummel 8th, John Virgilio 12th and Brett Wright 27th in the Sportsman feature.

On Saturday, at the Valley, Kolby was 5th, again, Armstrong 7th and Hackel 11th in the Modified feature.

Alex Bell was 7th in the Small Block feature.


Roger Coss was 9th at Mahoning Valley in the Modifieds.


Ben Whitaker was 6th in the Late Model feature at Susquehanna.


Kenney Johnson was 4th in the NEMA Lights feature at Riverside.


Josh Pieniazek was 6th, Chuck Alessi 8th and Emily VanInwegen 16th in the CRSA 305’s at I-88.


Danny Creeden was 20th and a DNS at Five Mile in the two Modified features.


Brett Wright was 8th in the Sportsman feature at A/S


Brian Sobus was 9th in the Small Block Super Modified feature at Oswego.


AJ Filbeck was 6th on Wednesday and 7th on Sunday at U/R in the Sportsman features.


Tim Hindley was 4th, Clinton Mills 6th, Mike Ruggiero 13th and Billy V 17th in the Modified feature at OCFS.

Brian Krummel was 2nd, Joe Conklin 3rd, LJ Lombardo 5th, Anthony Perrego 6th, Andrew Reeves 10th, Joey Falanga 11th in the Sportsman feature, while Matt Janiak was a DNS.

Kyle Vanduser was 2nd in the Rookie Sportsman feature.


At Penn Can, in the RoC Sportsman race on Tuesday, Anthony Perrego was 5th and Brad Szulewski 9th.


Johnny Guarino posted on Facebook that he finished 8th at New Egypt, on Tuesday night.


Tyler Dippel won the SUNY Canton Grit Series for 602 Sportsman 30 lap feature at Thunder Mountain.


42 names?



From the AARN:



From their August 20th issue:


Sprint Car driver Damion Gardner failed in his attempt to go 200 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  His best speed ended up at 194.27.  A wet surface caused him to spin a couple of times – once at least at 180 MPH.


I’ve been reading of some real small car counts at the Shangri-La II Speedway.  Last week there was a huge crash in the Sportsman feature, and shortly after that, a power failure occurred.  All attempts to start a generator that is used for the majority of the lighting failed, and they had to cancel the remaining racing events for the night.


There’s a full page ad on page 19 on the “Friends of Mike” race – being held at the Bridgeport Speedway, this year, on Thursday, August 29th.


Another ad – this one for the Jack Rich Memorial Coalcracker 358 Modified, 72 lap, $10,000.00 to win and $500.00 to take the green race at Big Diamond on September 1st, is on page 39.


An ad, on page 41, for the Super DIRTcar Series 100 lap race at Rolling Wheels, on September 1st.


Another ad – this one on page 61, for the Indoor racing at Atlantic City on Friday and Saturday, January 24th & 25th in 2014.  Tickets are now available, and you can call the AARN at 609-888-3618, at the Boardwalk Hall Box Office, all Ticketmaster Outlets Online at www.ticketmaster.com or by calling 1-800-736-1420.




Ernie Saxton:


Quite a bit of his column this week deals with Tony Stewart, his broken leg, being done for the season, will he cut back on racing Sprint Cars, and how it could/has affected his race teams.  Sponsors play a big part in racing, today, and might some sponsors of Stewart want him to cut back or maybe even stop his other racing?

Juan Pablo Montoya would love to go from car # 42 to car # 24, in Cup racing.  He was comparing the two race teams and the help that each has.

Ernie (like me) does not think much of Danica Patrick and her racing accomplishments in NASCAR.  Not only Danica, but others that have gone from rear engine Indy Cars to NASCAR – and vice-versa.  Ernie makes note that Kurt Busch is still entertaining thoughts of running an Indy Car at this years last race in California, as a “tune up” for next years Indy 500.

Note:  rumors of Stewart talking to Kurt about running a 4th car for Stewart’s team, in Cup – hmm, might Tony be thinking of maybe letting Kurt run Indy IF he was part of the Stewart team?

Dave Catalano won a NASCAR Pro Modified feature a while back.  Finishing behind him was his wife, Amy and their son, Tommy.  Ernie says he does not remember a husband, wife and son finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any race.  Do you?



Steve Barrick:


Steve writes about Luke Whitteker, a DIRTcar 358 Modified driver, having been suspended for an alleged Traction Control use on his race car.  Changes made to the MSD box had been found, following a random post-race technical inspection at the Brockville Speedway.



Jack London:


Jack has his usual trip back in time, but at the end of his column he does make note of the Marty Himes’ annual racing history “Open House” at the Himes Museum at 15 O’Neil Ave, Bay Shore, LI, NY. being held this Sunday, August 25th.  Info on this can be had if you call Marty at:  (631) 666- 4912.



John Snyder:


In this week’s column, John also covers some of the point races in this area.  Albany/Saratoga and Lebanon Valley close out their points in two weeks.  Brett Hearn has mathematically clinched the Valley championship.  He also leads at A/S, and this week they have triple 20’s, with the final tally based on the average of the three features.  Kenny Tremont is 34 points behind Hearn.

Grandview and OCFS close out their points on September 7th.  Craig VonDohren leads Duane Howard by about 400 points.  It would be his 7th championship at that track.  At OCFS, Tim Hindley has a 42 point lead over Jerry Higbie.  Tim has never won the Modified championship at OC, but has two Sportsman and one Small Block championship.


John goes on to say how he misses those 200 lappers that usually were held at seasons end – Rolling Wheels, the Valley, Fonda, Autodrome Granby, Flemington and Nazareth.  Today, there’s Syracuse (SDW) and Middletown (ESW).  The Fulton “200” is now two 100 lap races.

Note:  In my way of thinking, if things don’t pick up a lot at OCFS, I would not be surprised if this coming ESW could be its last.  Car counts are down.  Methinks little Bethel gets more fans in their stands than what OCFS gets (excluding the drive-in at OC), and there are complaints from the drivers of the track conditions and lack of ability to pass, at OC.  Time will tell, right?  Sure I hope I’m wrong!



This Week



Bachetti Is Lebanon Valley

Speedway's Mr. DIRT


John Blewett III Memorial

At Wall Stadium

Taken By His Brother Jimmy


358 Modified DIRTcar

Driver Caught

With Traction Control


Santos Continues

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

Mastery At Thompson


Damion Gardner's 200 MPH Sprint Run

At Bonneville Salt Flats Falls Short


Career Weekend For Schuchart:

Back To Back At

Williams Grove, Port Royal


Erick Rudolph

Scores Friesen Memorial

Cash At Ransomville


Friesen & Sheppard

Square Off At Utica-Rome


Five Mile Mod Twin Twenties

Shared By Second Generation Drivers


Keith Kauffman Honored For

Sprint Car Excellence At Port Royal





This date in racing history:

Just some of the events on August 22nd in:



Wilbur Shaw won the AAA sanctioned Springfield 100 on the 1 Mile Dirt Oval Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois.



Sam Hanks won the AAA sanctioned Springfield 100 on the 1 Mile Dirt Oval Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois. Manny Ayulo finished second followed by Chuck Stevenson, Johnnie Parsons and Cal Niday.

Mike Magill won the URC Sprint Car race at the Erie County Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY.

Len Duncan won the ARDC Midget race at the Freeport Speedway, Freeport,NY.



Bob Slater won the IMCA Sprint Car race at the Sedalias State Fair Speedway, Sedalia, MO.

Don Freeland won the AAA Sprint Car race at the Hawkeye Downs Speedway, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Al Herman won the Hut Hundred AAA Midget race over Johnnie Tolan and Gene Hartley at the Terre Haute Action Track , Terre Haute, IN.



A.J. Foyt won the USAC sanctioned Tony Bettenhausen Memorial 100 on the 1 Mile Dirt Oval Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois. Bobby Marshman finished second followed by Don Branson, Bobby Unser and Len Sutton.

Bill Horstmeyer... Died ... Bill Horstmeyer, a veteran of twelve years of racing who sucessfully raced in Badger Midgets, was entered as a rookie in his first Champ Car race in his newly purchased "big car" - the former "Central Excavating" vehicle, which he acquired from Pete Salemi. The race, a 100-mile feature event at the 1964 Illinois State Fair's one mile dirt oval, was dedicated to Tony Bettenhausen, who had been killed in practice at Indianapolis three years earlier. After having completed twenty-four laps around the track in this race Horstmeyer's car hit - or brushed - the outer wall coming out of Turn Four, dug into the dirt surfce of the course and wildly flipped end-over-end down the frontstretch. The car came to rest against a fence, trapping Horstmeyer inside his car. The Kuzma then into flames, and Horstmeyer received severe burns from which he died a few hours later in St. John's Hospital. The accident cast a dark shadow over what was otherwise a noteworthy race. A. J. Foyt won his seventh race in a row, starting from the 16th position of 18 starters, barely edging Bobby Marshman for the win. A. J. went on to win his fourth USAC National championship in five years.



Gordon Johncock won the USAC sanctioned Tony Bettenhausen 200 on the 1 Mile Paved Oval The Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin. A.J. Foyt finished second followed by Lloyd Ruby, Roger McCluskey and Joe Leonard.



Richard Petty drove a Ford Torino to victory in the NASCAR stockcar race at Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This was his 100th career win.



Al Unser won the USAC sanctioned Springfield 100 on the 1 Mile Dirt Oval Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois. Carl Williams finished second followed by Jim McElreath, Bruce Jacobi and Bentley Warren.



Al Unser won the USAC sanctioned Tony Bettenhausen 200 on the 1 Mile Paved Oval The Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin. Gordon Johncock finished second followed by Johnny Rutherford, Bobby Unser and Mike Mosley.

David Pearson won the NASCAR Winston Cup Champion 400 over Cale Yarborough at the Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, MI.





Press releases:


NEWS FROM                                                                                                              

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                   

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                     

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda








MIDDLETOWN, NY (August 18)……..The winner of the Saturday, August 24 30-lap Modified division feature race at Orange County Fair Speedway will earn---in addition to the $2,500 top prize---an automatic starting spot in the Accord Speedway “King of the Catskills” Race of Champions Modified Series race to be held at that track on Friday, September 20, 2013.


In addition to the DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds, Orange County ’s other weekly racing divisions--- Small-Block Modifieds, Sportsman, and Street Stocks---will be in action on the 24th with a full program of qualifying and feature races, all part of Accord Speedway Night.


Accord Speedway in the Catskill Mountains hosts similar racing programs on Friday evenings. Many Orange County competitors also race at the banked quarter-mile track located in the town of the same name. Jerry Higbie, Rich Eurich, and Tommy Meier are just three of the Modified drivers who race weekly at both tracks.


Admission prices for the August 24 race meet remain at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and free for children 12 and under. The full night of racing begins promptly at 6:30 pm.


Advance ticket sales for all remaining 2013 races, including the September 21 Eve of Destruction, the October 25-27 52nd Annual Eastern States Weekend, and track information are available at the Orange County website, www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.





August 31 – Howard Johnson/Super 8 Motels Night (305 Sprint Cars added)


September 7 --- WLR Construction Championship Night (Final night of points)


September 14 --- Breast Cancer Awareness Night/Porco Energy Eastern States Modified Qualifier                            (Vintage Modifieds added)


September 21 --- All Steel & Aluminum/Middletown Auto Wreckers EVE OF DESTRUCTION




Contact: Julia Foy

Promotions/PR Coordinator - DIRTcar NE




MEDIA ALERT: Media credential requests for NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLII due by Friday, September 6

Requests must be submitted in writing by supervising editor / publisher to cdolack@dirtcar.com


WEEDSPORT, N. Y. - Friday, August 2, 2013 - Members of the media who wish to attain credentials for NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLII, which runs from Wednesday, Oct. 9, through Sunday, Oct. 13, are encouraged to submit their requests as soon as possible. All requests must be submitted in writing by supervising editor or publisher to Chris Dolack (cdolack@dirtcar.com) by Friday, Sept. 6.


Written requests must include the following information about the potential credential holder:

Full name

Job title (ie. Sports Reporter, Photographer)

Email address

Description of the assignment

Tracks for which credentials may be required (New York State Fairgrounds, Rolling Wheel Raceway, and/or Weedsport Speedway)

Coverage dates

Level of access requested. Media members seeking credentials for events at the New York State Fairgrounds may choose from the levels of access listed below:

General admission only - grants admission to general admission (yellow) areas of grandstands and infield, but not the pits or media building

Pit access - grants admission to general admission (yellow) areas of grandstands, infield, competitor pits, and infield media building

Cinder track access with photo vest - grants access to all areas covered under pit access, as well as access to the cinder track for photographers. DIRTcar photo vests must be checked out from the infield media building and returned on last day of coverage.

Additional parking passes may also be requested - either general parking or infield parking - and will be approved at the discretion of event management.


Upon request approval, requesting editor and individual credential holders will be notified via email. Media members with access to the New York State Fairgrounds must check in at the Gate 6 ticket booth upon their first coverage date to receive all their wristbands for that track. Media members with access to Weedsport Speedway and Rolling Wheels Raceway must check in for each event they wish to cover at the pit entrance window. **CREDENTIAL VOUCHERS WILL NOT BE USED FOR MOST MEDIA THIS YEAR**

Media outlets may be required to supply tearsheets as part of the acceptance process, and should be prepared to provide proof of coverage from the 2012 NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week or from the 2013 DIRTcar Racing season if asked to do so.

For more information about the media credential request process for NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week, including the full media credential policy and sample request forms, visit www.superdirtweekonline.com. Specific questions or concerns can be directed to Julia Foy, DIRTcar Northeast PR/Promotions Coordinator, at jfoy@dirtcar.com or (315) 834-2299 or Chris Dolack, World Racing Group Vice President of Public Relations, at cdolack@dirtcar.com or (704) 707-0223.

Weekly NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week media conference calls will begin on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 3 p.m. Eastern featuring a different guest each week who has particular insight into the week at the Syracuse Mile. If you would like to participate in the calls, please email Chris Dolack at    cdolack@dirtcar.com.





NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLII

Media Credential Request Policy

Media credentials will be issued only to recognized newspapers, news services, related trade publications, television / radio networks, websites, and local television / radio stations and must be requested by the editor or representative, sports editor or sports director. To be considered for credentials, the media outlet must met the following minimum requirements:

TV/Radio/Newspapers must serve regional markets or individual track market directly; one-time exceptions may be made for special interest subjects.

Trade/Industry publications must be a site "of record" for the sport, or provide coverage of events with a minimum of regular results coverage.

Annual publications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All freelance media must be on assignment and credentials should be requested by assigning editor.


All requests must be made in writing even if individuals hold a valid 2013 DIRTcar Series PRESS pass

Requests must be on company letterhead and emailed to: cdolack@dirtcar.com

All media requests must be submitted by the supervising editor / publisher and indicate the medium represented, tracks (New York State Fairgrounds, Rolling Wheels Raceway and/or Weedsport Speedway), the specific assignment, area of access required, and coverage date. Please include the email address and / or phone number for the person requesting credentials. Proof of coverage (tear sheets, video tape, audio tape, high resolution photo disk, etc.) is required from all outlets. Event management reserves the right to use submitted material for future promotions.

Meeting credential requirements does not guarantee a credential will be issued. Event management reserves the right to deny any request.

Sign-in will be at the "Gate 6" entrance to the New York State Fairgrounds at the ticket booth.

Cinder track access will be limited and it is required that photographers wear reflective vests. DIRTcar Racing will provide required vests for photographers to sign out in the media room and return before the end of the event.

Due to insurance and safety considerations, all credential passes are very limited and will be assigned at event management's discretion.



Next Friday night the SpeedSTRs make there first appearance at lindas speedway set up and gear will be the same as the action track , gates open at 5 pm  hot laps at 7pm  . please let us know if you plan on attending so i can put together a pre race  press release .This event will be $800 to win  Thanks Rich






Racing video:


Remember this from 13 years ago?  Personally, I think this track and maybe Richmond, would be the only tracks where you could hold a Cup race on dirt.  However, after the Woo ran at Bristol, there were complaints of how “dirty” the seating area had gotten, so, maybe we can ditch Bristol as a possible Cup race on a dirt track.







Photo of the week:

Note:  Not available on DTD.  To see the photo, you have to go to:




This driver, Ed “Dutch” Schaefer, pictured below in the famous “Golden Arrow” # 6 Offy Midget, had a two lap lead with two laps to go in the 100 mile Midget race that was held on the Goshen mile dirt track back in September of 1947.  Believe it or not, he ended up third, with Henry Renard winning and Chet Gibbons in second place.  You notice the brake handle, and under it is another little “thingie”?  That is the air/fuel pump.  It pumps air into the fuel tank, which pushes fuel to the engine.  It works great as long as the cap on the fuel tank is tight.  At Goshen, that day, it wasn’t tightened after he got his fuel, and as he attempted to pump air pressure into the tank, the air escaped out through the fuel cap.  “Dutch” had an encounter with an inside fence as he furiously pumped away, and by the time he got going, he had dropped back to third.  In this race, early on, he also had something go through his goggles which had an end result of him losing vision in that eye.  Ted Tappett, who ha dlead earlier in the race, but blew his engine, was standing by in the pits to relieve “Dutch”, but he never asked for it.  “Dutch” and the AAA really didn’t get along all that well, back in the day, with “Dutch” having a lot to do with keeping the AAA Midgets out of the east.  When “Dutch” tried to run Indy, he was denied a license due to the eye.  Uh huh – payback is a bitch.  “Dutch” raced for many years with that damaged eye.  It’s also said that this # 6 car was one chassis number away from the chassis number on the famed Mike Caruso # 2 Offy.  Mike and “Dutch” did go out to California and brought back the two cars.







I get emails:


From oil to plastic and back to oil?













        PLEASE, read this and pass it on!  THANKS!


        I for one, will NOT buy anymore Tyson Foods!  I am SO glad they have

        their name on all their products.  That will make it much easier to

        eliminate picking up one their products by mistake.



        The takeover continues, slowly but surely.  Tyson Foods eliminates

        Labor Day in favor of a Muslim Holiday .


        How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  How do you take over

        America ? One American at a time.  Tyson chicken anyone?  We all need

        to heed this message.


        Tyson Food in Shelbyville, Tennessee has eliminated Labor Day as a

        paid holiday in favor of the last day of Ramadan because they have 700

        Muslim employees. Tennessee is the newest Hot-Bed for Muslim

        immigration.  According to the 2010 Government Census more Muslims are

        flocking to Tennessee than any other state in the union.


        I will no longer purchase any Tyson products.  It's just one more

        little chunk of America that's been bitten off.  If you wish to join

        me, then let your e-mail friends know this.  If we don't stand up for

        something we will fall for anything.  All it takes for evil to triumph

        is for good men to do nothing.


        *And the best way to send them the message that they made the wrong

        decision is to not buy Tyson chicken products!*



        This was verified:





        Please pass this on.




Found on the Internet – non racing:


Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions






Kerry Reinstates Benghazi Officials Clinton Punished


In part:  "Secretary of State John Kerry has determined that the four State Department officials placed on administrative leave by Hillary Clinton after the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi do not deserve any formal disciplinary action and has asked them to come back to work at the State Department starting Tuesday.


Last December, Clinton’s staff told four mid-level officials to clean out their desks and hand in their badges after the release of the report of its own internal investigation into the Benghazi attack, compiled by the Administrative Review Board led by former State Department official Tom Pickering and former Joint Chiefs Chairman Ret. Adm. Mike Mullen. Those four officials have been in legal and professional limbo, not fired but unable to return to their jobs, for eight months… until today.


Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Raymond Maxwell, the only official from the State Department’s Near Eastern Affairs bureau to lose his job over the Benghazi attack, told The Daily Beast Monday he received a memo from the State Department’s human resources department informing him his administrative leave status has been lifted and he should report for duty Tuesday morning.


“No explanation, no briefing, just come back to work. So I will go in tomorrow,” Maxwell said."




Note:  You do realize what this is, right?  PROTECTION for HILLARY!!!


So, who in the hell is going to be held “Accountable”?  Remember what I said a few columns back – being held accountable means NOTHING will be done.





From Facebook – non racing stuff:


Found on 8/19:


So now the Muslim Extremists have joined the Muslim Brotherhood in their fight against Egyptian security forces Hmmmm and the Brotherhood has no link to terrorism and our President who sent the Brotherhood tons of money is not a Muslim sure OK.



White House Jokes About Christians Being Murdered in Egypt


In part:


"The White House’s deputy press secretary today downplayed Muslim attacks on Christians in Egypt, joking about the savagery  that has left at least six Christians dead.


Press secretary Josh Earnest was asked by Fox News’ correspondent, Ed Henry, if President Barack Obama has a “red line” beyond which he would act against Muslim attacks on Egyptian Christians.


“Well, I didn’t bring my red pen out with me today,” Earnest joked."








Non racin’ stuff:


Unemployment rates rise in most US states in July





Congressman Calls for Eric Holder to Be Immediately Fired






Chris Lane.  Does that name ring a bell?  It should.  He’s been in the news these past few days.  It seems some idiots – three of them, that were “bored”, shot him in the back, killing him, while he was jogging in Oklahoma.  Not only is Facebook pretty well “lit up” about this, but also some certain news channels, too.  What is more upsetting is the total failure of Obama not even making mention of this killing – I imagine that Mr. Lane, being white, might not look like his son?  Gonna tell ya this, folks, this country, as great as it is, is being racially divided.  Don’t think so?  Wait.


Note:  This came out after I posted the above:







Music video:


At times, videos are removed from You Tube – on occasion, never to be seen, again.  Other times, they re-appear.  Why this happens, I have no idea.  Here are a couple that have been taken down, but somehow, are now back up.  Go figure!






As for the 2nd video, above, here are the words – with a couple of extra verses not in the video:


Whiter Shade Of Pale


We skipped the light fandango
Turned cartwheels cross the floor
I was feeling kinda seasick
The crowd called out for more
The room was humming harder
As the ceiling flew away
When we called out for another drink
The waiter brought a tray

And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale

She said, there is no reason
And the truth is plain to see.
But I wandered through my playing cards
And would not let her be
One of sixteen vestal virgins
Who were leaving for the coast
And although my eyes were open
They might have just as wellve been closed


And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale

She said, I’m home on shore leave,
Though in truth we were at sea
So I took her by the looking glass
And forced her to agree
Saying, you must be the mermaid
That took neptune for a ride.
But she smiled at me so sadly
That my anger straightway died


And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale

If music be the food of love
Then laughter is its queen
And likewise if behind is in front
Then dirt in truth is clean
My mouth by then like cardboard
Seemed to slip straight through my head
So we crash-dived straightway quickly
And attacked the ocean bed


And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale


And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale


Note:  Words are from an extended video of this song.




Click on this comment:  Uploaded on Dec 26, 2008”


And, remember this one?







Joke of the week:


Subject: Fwd: Gotta Love this Policeman


A motorcycle police officer stops a driver for shooting through a red light.


The driver is a real b*stard, steps out of his car and comes striding toward the officer, demanding to know why he is being harassed by the Gestapo!


So the officer calmly tells him of the red light violation. The motorist

instantly goes on a tirade, questioning the officer's ancestry, sexual

orientation, etc., in rather explicit offensive terms.


The tirade goes on without the officer saying anything.


When the officer finishes writing the ticket he puts an "AH" in the lower

 right corner of the narrative portion of the ticket. He then hands it to

 The 'violator' for his signature. The guy signs the ticket angrily, and

 when presented with his copy points to the "AH" and demands to know

 what it stands for.



The officer says, "That's so when we go to court, I'll remember that you're

 an asshole!"



Two months later they're in court. The 'violator' has a bad driving record

with a high number of points and is in danger of losing his license, so he hired a lawyer to represent him.


On the stand the officer testifies to seeing the man run through the red light.

 Under cross examination the defense attorney asks; "Officer is this a

 reasonable facsimile of the ticket that you issued to my client?"


Officer responds, "Yes, sir, that is the defendant's copy, his signature and

 mine, same number at the top."



Lawyer: "Officer, is there any particular marking or notation on this ticket

 you don't normally make?"



"Yes, sir, in the lower right corner of the narrative there is an "AH,"



"What does the "AH" stand for, officer?"

 "Aggressive and hostile, Sir."

 "Aggressive and hostile?"

 "Yes, Sir.


"Officer, are you sure it doesn't stand for asshole?"


Well, sir, you know your client better than I do.


~~~~ How often can one get an attorney to convict his own client~~~~




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