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                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 152




Racin’ & short’ stuff:


Last Saturday, I went to the Bethel Motor Speedway with Pete Kessler and my grandson John Rizzo.  It’s a track I’ve never been to, and Pete wanted to go there too, so we hooked up.  John, being a big 4 Cylinder fan, had gone there the previous Saturday.

I expected to see “Freight Train” racing, since Bethel is a very slightly banked paved ¼ mile track.  However, I was mildly surprised with the racing action.  There was an abundance of side by side racing and the Legends cars are extremely fast there.  The stands looked to be pretty well filled.  Admission is just $6.00, which is good.  As with the Accord Speedway, there were some drivers that come and sit in the stands when not racing.  I can’t say much about the food situation since I only had a hamburger.  However, it was pretty big and was on a “hard roll” type of roll, rather than a regular hamburger bun, and was tasty.  I did have some French Fries, too – from what John had, and they were decent.  A trip to the “Potty house” after the nights racing, and I found it to be clean.  About the only drawback I could see was the length in accident clean ups – since it is a paved track – “Speedy Dry” had to be put down, worked in and swept.

Classes at Bethel:

Sportsman, Legends - Pro/Masters, Legends - Young Lion/Semi Pro, Bandolero, Pro Stock, Street Stock, BMS Modified, 4 Cylinder Advanced,  4 Cylinder Novice and Twin Cam 4 Cylinder.  On occasion, they also run TQ's.

Car counts in classes, per their point standings, goes from 7 in the BMS Modifieds to 40 in the 4 Cylinder Advanced.

This coming weekend, August 15th to the 17th they are holding the Bandolero Nationals.  The Bandoleros’ get around pretty good, too.


A bit of history was made last Saturday when John Cote won his 100th BMS Modified feature.


Info on Bethel can be found if you go here:







Here’s one post that is in the thread, below:


Things have changed so much over the years.

With karts at age 6, and low formula at 16, if you don't make it by 21, you're passed by, which is kind of unfortunate.


In my view, mental skills are so important for race driving, and those certainly don't peak at age 21.







Fox Sports 1 Waits On Deals With DirecTV, Dish Network, And Time Warner Cable


In part:


"The publication says that Fox wants distributors to pay a monthly fee of 80 cents per subscriber for Fox Sports 1, rising to $1.50 in a few years. Speed costs just 23 cents. Fox Sports Media co-President Randy Freer sounded confident about reaching carriage deals when he spoke last week to analysts about his plans. Fox Sports 1 “will be available in up to 90M homes at launch,” he told them. Execs also said that they expect the channel to become profitable in 2016."




Note:  Nothing new on this as of early Wednesday evening.






OCFS – by the numbers (Car counts for 2013):


Thanks to Jeff Lambert for these interesting and disappointing car count figures from OCFS for this current racing season.  What really hurts was how we’ve “progressed” from, say, 1977 when there were 214 names listed for the Sportsman (Small Blocks) and 126 listed for the Modifieds.



What also hurts is that the Modified car counts at Lebanon Valley are really not that much better – last Saturday they had 25 Modifieds and 18 Small Blocks.  Sportsman were not scheduled.


One interesting post on the above:


“Bethel Motor Speedway , had 125 cars in the pits Saturday.  They are in the same geographical market as OCFS.

The top division races for $500.00 to win,  they ran races from 6:00 start till 11:00 curfew, for $6 admission.



Orange county modified and sportsman divisions are too expensive to compete in.

Orange county Street stock would be a good healthy class, if it ran for the old Pro-stock purse.

Orange county pit pass is too expensive, you can't get any help.

Orange county general admission is too high, can't attract any new fans.


Remember the T-shirts that used to say "If you can't run with the big dogs...stay on the porch"?

Around Orange county, the porches are full and the pits are empty.”


And these comments, too:


I think they are kind of stuck. They know they need to make improvements but don't have the money coming in to pay for it. Everyone thinks the owners and promoters are getting rich and are being greedy. I disagree, in my opinion I think OCFS is just barely holding on. I have been hearing commercials on 92.7 so they are still spending money on SOME kind of advertising. I hate pointing out all these problems but I deal with reality. Im just making an observation. Im not going to let my emotion for the place twist around the facts. Saturday night was very deflating for me. The place had no energy whatsoever. One of us needs to win the lottery.



This is probably my third or fourth time bringing this up on here, but OCFS is what Orange County would consider a "tourist destination". Because so many people head to the track from out of the county, it is certainly viewed as a tax generating location that helps the economy of Orange County through tourism dollars. By being a tourist destination, it gives management the opportunity to work with their county tourism department or visitors bureau to co-op advertising costs, and even have them covered by the state if the advertising is done outside of Orange County. That is just one example of how you can creatively market your business without digging into their own pocket.


IMO Middletown's promotion is operating in the stone age. For example, their Facebook statuses are some of the most unprofessional things I have ever read. Please, whoever moderates that page if you're reading here, use proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Although it may not seem like a big deal, I'm sure your FB page gets as many, if not more hits than your website and by using misspelling and simple grammatical errors you're definitely turning some people off.


It just irritates me seeing the lack of effort being put in to what could be a marquee track on the DirtCar circuit. I know for a fact people are leaving to go to the Valley and other tracks on Saturday nights. There's only so much supporting a track you can do without seeing your support rewarded. It really is a shame



Very well said. The facebook pages are not official. Seems like they are run by teens that are fans. Their intentions are good but those pages do more harm than good. I believe there is one that is official but you have to ask permission to get added, like an exclusive club?


Its getting to the point where change will be forced upon the management. Things are getting so bad that they either have to make adjustments or close down. You cannot continue to run a business at a loss for very long. They really do need a professional company to do public relations/advertising to turn things around. But like everything else I don't think its in the budget. Like I said I think they are stuck and just trying to make it work.


I do my best to continue to support the track, I have only missed 3 races all year. I usually bring at least 3 people with me. One night I roped 12 people into coming. It gets old trying to talk up the place to friends who haven't been there before and then have them sit through a boring night with no real action. You can only make so many excuses for the track and its product. The 2nd to last night I was there I left after the heats, I never do that. This past week I had to go alone because no one else was interested.  I decided to go to the furthest seat down in turn 1 for the features for a change in perspective. All that did was allow me to see the entire facility in its despair. I was one of about 25 people sitting in ALL the turn 1 stands combined. The drive in had 106 cars. The pits had under 70 racecars. Track maintenance during intermission consisted of 2 trucks sputtering around the track. Victory lane consisted of 15 people by the fence who were just trying to get into the pits and could care less. Part of the problem is everyone being in denial about the situation. Its time to wake up. "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."



I stopped to put gas in the stock car, 2 blocks from the track.  A guy walks up to me, asking to take a picture, then he says "where do you race a car like that?"

The best advertising the tracks ever had, was open trailers.

Note:  Putting gas in the stock car at a gas station – he’s talking about Bethel, not OC here.



I have a lot of friends that have moved here from other areas. Some of them have been here for 10 years and they still have no idea where the track is.






More from Jeff Lambert on OCFS:




A list of what has happened regarding OCFS, its drivers etc etc on a day to day basis throughout the year and years.




I have no qualms about putting something in a column if you think you want to submit it to me for my approval.  Most everything would be approved, as long as it isn’t too harsh or contains vulgarities.  My email address is always at the end of my column. 


Here is one that was submitted to me by a concerned race fan:



Rest Race In Peace



The patient is 156 years old, born on Wisner Avenue in Middletown, New York in 1857.  She was brought in this morning by paramedics who continued to administer life-saving CPR on the ancient girl.  She is old, she is tired and she is weakened, but she is still alive. 


The clock ticks away as experts examine her chart and try to find a solution to keep the old gal alive.  Her pulse is faint but she is still alive, hanging by a thread.


DOCTOR:  “Has the family been notified?”


NURSE:  “She has no family doctor.  She is on her own.”


DOCTOR:  “Prepare 20ccs of Epinephrine, stat.  I want the patient prepared for defibrillation, stat.  Get the crash cart in here, set up the EKG and order 3 pints of blood, stat.  Code TRAUMA now! 


NURSE:  “But Doctor, nobody cares.  Nobody cares that she’s in need.  The word on the street is Do Not Resuscitate, no life support. 


DOCTOR:  “We WILL make an attempt, nurse.  We WILL do our best and we WILL not give up.  Notify all residents and specialists on duty, prepare the O.R., scrub for surgery and notify a priest to get in here to administer Last Rites.  STAT!


NURSE:  “Yes doctor.”


She’s dying.  The patient is dying right in front of us.  It is painfully obvious that her best years were long ago and everyone knows this.  In her heyday they used words like famed, historic, prominent, exciting, celebrated and welcoming.


The words that describe her now are words like rundown, decrepit, neglected, abused, dilapidated, ramshackle, rickety, ugly and haggard to name a small few.


Now she lies on a white-sheeted gurney, eyes open, motionless, staring aimlessly at the ceiling while the life-support team goes through the motions and the chaplain recites Our Father softly with clasped hands, as his Rosary oscillates back and forth. 


A few curious passersby peer into the triage, just to get a glimpse of what all the commotion is about but they quickly turn their heads and walk away.  Others meander and pace back and forth with tools, ready to begin the task of laying the first shovelfuls of earth into her grave.  The news reporter arrives; his pencil sharpened and begins to pen her eulogy on blank white pages. 


NURSE:  “Her pressure is dropping, doctor.  80 over 55 now.  EKG is erratic and we’re CTD” (close to death)


DOCTOR:  “Get me the paddles and stand back.  We’re going live everyone.  She’s beginning to flat line.  CLEAR!!!”


Shoof!  The electricity descends into her as the trauma team gasps and the chaplain crosses himself for what’s about to happen in front of him.  She tremors uncontrollably and lifts off the gurney as the current shocks her muscles and they involuntarily stiffen.


DOCTOR:  “Again!  Stand back!  CLEAR!”


Shoof!  The process repeats itself as her eyes flutter momentarily and then begin to close.


The room goes silent except for the beep of the electrocardiograph monitor which slowly begins to beep again as the asystole begins to reverse.


NURSE:  “Doctor, the vasopressin is ready.  Vitals are stabilizing.”


DOCTOR:  “Get her into the OR, stat.  This one has a chance and we’re going to do everything we can.


PREIST:  “Doctor, is there anything that I can do to help?”


DOCTOR:  “Keep praying.  She needs all the help she can get right now.”





She’s in ICU now, resting quietly on her deathbed.  For now, she’s stabilized but on life-support however her final breath, for now at least, has been put on hold and averted.  She’s dodged a bullet and the last nail has not been driven yet but it hovers over the coffin, just waiting for the hammer. The embalming fluid is wheeled in and on standby just in case. 


A handful of the concerned, congregate outside the room and watch it all unfold and scratch their heads in disbelief.  Her demise didn’t happen overnight.  They watched as she became tired, neglected and sapped of all of her glory over a period of a couple decades.  Many of the faithful lost their hope, became angered and refused to tolerate the public murdering of her.  She was good to many and entrusted by some to keep her alive and well but the truth is that her survival was not a priority and her longevity was questioned long ago and no one came to ever stop the bleeding.  It started as a scratch and since has grown into a festering, infected, open wound.   


In her 62nd year of existence, she began a new purpose in her life that made legions of people extremely happy and proud to be part of her.  That began on August 16th, 1919 almost a century ago.  Through two world wars, a great depression, the 1940’s, the 1950’s, 60’s and the 70’s, she was roaring and vibrant and cared for and loved by many.  Sometime within the last 25 years, that shine began to dim and the destruction began and the downward spiral increased and steamrolled into oblivion. 


Where she was once majestic, she was now tarnished.  Where she once thrived, there was now struggle.  Promise and future was replaced with cascading, empty darkness and incompetence.  Her heartbeat, once rhythmic and strong was now shallow and hardly visible. 


Some came and tried to resurrect her storied past and build her up again.  Many began to document this collapse and wrote and wrote and wrote until their pencils were worn down to nubs, but no one was listening and the concerns fell of deaf ears.  Hope was abandoned, loyalty was disbanded and the decent into obscurity piled on, year after frightening year.  9-1-1 was never called and she sat there in a state of disrepair until her time came to lift her up onto her deathbed so she can quietly take her last breath. 


No one alive today was there at her birth, but before our eyes, we just may witness her death.  When that happens, there will be no service, there will be no funeral and there will be no epitaph.  We’ll get the call one day and we’ll each mourn her passing in our own, individual way without so much as getting one last goodbye.  Many say this day is just around the bend and that the fat lady is beginning to warm up her chops.


As I chew my fingernails down and pace methodically outside her room, I see the doctor and stop him in the hallway.


ME:  “How is she, doc?  Is she going to pull through?  Will she make it to fight another day?”


DOCTOR:  “Well, she isn’t out of the woods yet, not by far.  Her days are numbered, as we all know.  She’s got some terrible issues that may be insurmountable to overcome.”


ME:  “How much longer does she have?  Is there anything that I can do?  What are her chances?”


DOCTOR:  “We can’t say right now, son.  Pray for the best but expect the worst.  There’s many, many things that needs to be done if she’s going to pull through.  It’s not in your hands.  You have to be strong and allow history run its course.


ME:  “But I don’t want history to run its course.  She isn’t finished yet.


DOCTOR:  “Then get involved, son.  She needs help out of that bed right there.  She needs to walk again before she can run.  She needs tender loving care and she needs to be appreciated and she needs to be provided with what she deserves.  She needs attention and help and reinventing, to erase this part of her past.  Most of all…she needs some guidance and leadership.”



As the doctor walks away to resume his rounds, I see the coroner coming, walking down the hall of the ICU, a folded black body bag tucked underneath one arm.  His eyes are darting from room to room, looking for her as he comes toward where I’m standing.  He stops in front of her room and peers in to have a look at her lying on her bed, her chest slowly rising and falling as the monitor rhythmically beeps every 2 seconds, a sign of life.  He pushes his hands into his pockets and then keeps walking down the corridor and leaves her be for now. 


I ponder what the doctor said and I sit back down in the waiting room with the others and bury my face in my hands.  For now, we wait and we think and we write and we hope for the best possible outcome.  The room is quiet and full of sorrow and pity as our frail lady lies in the ICU room awaiting her recovery or for her plug to be pulled.  I sigh, a breath of relief escapes me and stare at her and weigh the pending scenario out in my mind and sit quietly with the rest of the faithful.


She is alive, although her pulse is shallow and weak, she is ALIVE!  That’s all that matters for right now and because of this, I will wait outside her room and be there waiting to see what happens next.  I will always care for her, I will always be there for her and I will always do my best to give back to her, because she has been so good to me.


I stare off into space and think of better days gone by and I can hear the whistling of the coroner as he heads deeper down the corridor and rounds a corner and takes with him his empty body bag and melancholy whistling. 


Not today, my friend…not today I say to myself as I look back into her room and watch over her like a sentinel.  She is old, she is tired and she is weakened, but she is still alive. 






Tyler Clem debuts in an 805-hp sprint car -- at age 11




Note:  I saw photos of him on Facebook with a Late Model and a sprinter and figured that Daddy had deep pockets.  I was right; "Bubba the Love Sponge" is his father.


Hope this works!






The ARDC ran at New Egypt last Saturday and drew 21 cars.

The ARDC is about ready to make a second trip to race down in Virginia.  Sad they can’t get even one race in New York!

NEMA ran at Waterford and drew 17 cars with their “full” midgets and 14 in the Lights.

TQ’s (ATQMRA) seem to suffer from low car counts, too.  Some of the reasons I’ve heard about low car counts in these three organizations is engine cost, travel cost and “politics” being the main reasons.  Back in the day, ARDC & NEMA would co-sanction events.  Today that can’t be done since ARDC is now strictly dirt and now wings while NEMA is pavement only with wings.  Also, back in the day, one could/would use the same car on both dirt and pavement – even on the same day.  Now, excuses are made why they can’t run a dirt car on a paved track.  Hey, back then a second car was not a necessity.  It shouldn’t have to be one, today, either.



50/50:  Lately I’ve noticed at some tracks that the 50/50 numbers get called out after a good portion of the fans have left.  Bad!




Humpy Wheeler: We got too fancy and messed up NASCAR









Do you ever go to Yahoo! and check out their news stories?  If so, have you noticed how many NASCAR items there are lately?  Wonder why?




From Facebook – racing stuff:


Facebook - Sunday, 8/11:


Well back home to unload thanks to Ocfs canceling a hour before race nice ride for nuttin


Not enough cars?


at 12 noon there was not enough cars in any division, sorry you drove john i did the same



Every once in a while fans come away from a speedway and tell a story that starts with 'You should have been there.' Last night at Grandview Speedway proves that point as Duane Howard took a back-up car from the 24th starting position and passed Craig VonDohren in the closing laps to pick up the win in the Forrest Rogers Memorial.



We finished 10th last night. Kinda let down with track surface. With all the rain you would think track would be good. It was locked down and went 30 Laps with out a yellow. What we call a train race, no passing.



Hard to believe there will be no more Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain.


Sad, Hope FOX has a clue..


What's the deal with all this? Speed is officially gone?

Note:  Yes, some people are not aware of what's going on in the world!


SPEED wil be gone, butFOX Sports 1 will replace it. It will have a lot of content, not all motorsports. But it will be a player.


I was sad to see Wind Tunnel go to 30 mins..... Now not at all is going to take some adjusting. Hope Dave gets a new show with same format


A sad, sad day for all real race fans. I thought Dave did a great job for his last show and went out with class as well as still looking out for the real "average Joe" race fan and racer. His replay of the end of the first show 11 years ago regarding the duck tape was timeless and Vintage Dave.

As the short clips during the show by racers around the world shows, Wind Tunnel was respected and watched by a virtual whose who in racing. Their comments are strikingly similiar to those expressed when NSSN printed it's last edition and Chris wrote his final column.

Hopefully Dave will return to TV and be able to continue his great TV racing journalism. It will take a network whose executives can open their eyes and lift their heads above the corporate bottom line.

From Dave to Robin Miller to Bob Varsha and the others who contributed to the show, "you will all be missed"



Monday, just after midnight:





Have been waiting for the MyLaps report from last nights Bridgeport. The results are in.After intermission and track prep, the Big Blocks ran then the Crates. The fastest lap in the Big Block Modified feature was the 51M of Dominick Buffalino on lap #1 (105.357mph) only 4 other cars topped the 100mph lap speed. After 50 green laps (30 Modifieds + 20 Crates) on the track, now it was time for the TSRS sprints. The lowly restricted 305 Sprints now took to the used up track. The fastest lap of the feature was by Kyle Reinhardt in the 10k on lap 19 ( 117.163 mph) 10 other cars were over 110mph and 21 of the 24 feature cars had times faster than Buffalino's time. The #5 car of Erika Palmai who was having problems with her sprint car in the feature still turned her fastest lap and the slowest of the 24 car field at ( 102.618 mph). That speed would be the second fastest to the Dominick Buffalino Big Block Modified speed. --- SO WHAT'S THE POINT. In the mid 1960s the Western and Central PA tracks made a bold move. They changed over from Stock Cars to Sprint Cars and never looked back. Today the PA Posse is recognized on equal footing with the World of Outlaws. We have a lot of great Stock Car drivers that race the New Jersey tracks. It would be great if we had a NJ Posse known all over the racing world. Stock Car fans, don't mind my rants. I'm just a 70 year old f*rt on a 50 year mission. Now watch the (-) counts and nasty comments below.



Facebook on 8/7: 8/8


A video came up on Facebook on an asphalt modified doing some laps on a dirt track, somewhere down south. Some made mention that OCFS should try that. Well, it was proposed a while back - supposedly OCFS having two test days - had to be maybe 2011 or early 2012? Nothing ever came of it though, that I know of. I know I made mention of it in my columns. Anyone else remember that? Might even have been in the AARN, too.


OK, found it. My column - Vol # 96 from April 12, 2012:

Hmm, interesting stuff that I just found (Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM) on Facebook. It’s posted that this was found in this weeks AARN about OCFS:


“Whelen modifieds will have a few test sessions this yr and possibly a scheduled tour race in 2013”


From what I can recall in the article in the AARN, they were under the impression that a change in ride height and different shocks would be sufficient - kinda like the ARCA cars on dirt.


Note:  As far as I know, it never happened.  Knowing how much news one gets from OCFS, maybe it did happen and sucked?






Paterson, N.J.- The fabled facility known as Hinchliffe Stadium will be opened to the public while hosting a car show organized by Keith Majka and his racing family on Sunday, Sept. 1. The gates will open at 10:00 AM for set up. The show will run from 12 noon to 6PM. Exhibitors are welcomed to bring their own food. Although not part of the Vintage Division of the ATQMRA official schedule, club members are encouraged to support this event. Ample rig parking will be provided within the facility. For more info. Contact Keith at 973.247.7602




On 8/13:


I truly do feel sorry for race track owners,promoters and operators in this day and age.When I went to the races in the 60's,70's and even the 80's we drove to the track whether it be Reading,Nazareth,Flemington,East Windsor,,Grandview,Williams Grove or Middletown and if it was pouring we didn't care,we went anyway and waited it out with everyone else.Now,if there is a cloud in the sky at 7 AM,people stay home.I realize it's a business and to attract the talent that many tracks have,the payouts have grown as well as the gas costs,admission prices for the fans.If a track cancels too early they hear it ,if they try to run and it rains,they hear.It's truly a shame that auto racing is so weather dependent compared to football or in most cases baseball.Most tracks do try to makeup events missed if a rain out occurs.The days when they started a race at 10:30 because of rain are basically gone and with it many of those fans.


Problem is mike the economy is bad people spend everything they have to go racing they wanna try to save where they can on fuel can you blame them


 People want info quick we drove to the track to see if they were running, no cell phone,no twitter, no Facebook, I think the promoters new everyone would show up so they hung in and tried.


 I know what you're saying Mike. Last month I drove up to Big D even with the threat of rain all around. the drops started falling when I got on the parking lot. Waited it out until the cancellation announcement came, and then was told I was nuts for driving that far and wasting gas. Believe me, I've wasted a lot more money on a lot of less important things. Well written post Mike!


Regardless of the weather assumption, even if its raining all day if the track doesn't call it ill go up there... Nothing I rather spend my money on but the races. It's my life, it always has been and always will be


I think that is why tracks cancel so early,because they know these" fans"will just stay home even if the weather has cleared hours before.Yes,the want it now generation has really taken over when it comes to racing.


We used to drive all over the place with our Legends car to find out it was cancelled sometimes. That used to suck and we were only paying $1.20 or so for gas back in '97! But 5mpg towing a big heavy trailer was still expensive. We made the best of it and at least found a good diner in our way back LOL






Coming up:



Lebanon Valley Speedway has its annual “Mr. Dirt” race on Thursday (today).  That’s about the only time we make it up there.  It used to be over a 200 lap distance, but now it’s half that – 100 laps and $17,500.00 to the winner.  For us to go this week, we’ll need two cars.




From Jayski:



Stewart-Haas firming up replacement driver plans:

Dillon at Michigan: Greg Zipadelli, competition director for Stewart-Haas Racing, said after the race [at Watkins Glen] that the team would make its decision Monday afternoon on who will drive Stewart's car next weekend at Michigan International Speedway. Zipadelli also said he hoped to have the team's plans for the rest of the year set by Wednesday. Although no timetable has been set for Stewart's return, indications are it's unlikely he'll race again this season. "Some cards are falling by the hour," Zipadelli said. "We'll take (Sunday night) and work things out. I want to get with (Stewart), and make sure he agrees and is happy with what we're going to do." Zipadelli said he planned to talk to Stewart either Sunday night or Monday about the choice.(Motor Racing Network)(8-12-2013)



As NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Tony Stewart continues to recover from a broken right tibia and fibula suffered in a sprint car crash Aug. 5 at Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Stewart-Haas Racing continues to field his #14 Chevy SS in the Sprint Cup Series. After veteran racer Max Papis drove the #14 Chevy to a 15th-place finish Sunday at Watkins Glen International to maintain the teams 11th-place standing in the Sprint Cup Series owner championship, SHR has named 23-year-old Austin Dillon interim driver of the #14 Mobil 1/Bass Pro Shops Chevy for the Pure Michigan 400 event Aug. 16-18 at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. Dillon is the 2011 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion and competes full-time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, where he currently leads the championship standings. SHR has not determined who the interim driver of the #14 Chevy will be for the Sprint Cup Series following race Aug. 24 at Bristol Motor Speedway.(Stewart-Haas Racing)(8-21-2013)



MWR to announce Vickers as 2014 driver of #55?:

Michael Waltrip Racing has scheduled a "major media announcement" for Tuesday morning at the Hall of Fame. The release has the Aaron's logo and a picture of Brian Vickers on it. Vickers has split the #55 with Mark Martin the last couple years and is widely expected to be the full time driver next season.(8-12-2013)



Brian Vickers on Tuesday will be named the full-time driver of the #55 Michael Waltrip Racing Sprint Cup car for 2014, sources close to the situation told ESPN.com. Team officials were not available for comment, but team owner Michael Waltrip has made it clear for several months that Vickers was his choice to take over the 55 car after this season.(ESPN)(8-12-2013)



Aarons announced it has reached a multi-year agreement [2 year deal] to sponsor Brian Vickers in Michael Waltrip Racing's (MWR) #55 Toyota Camry in every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. We at Aarons are thrilled about this partnership. Were building a championship organization  and we know that Brian Vickers and the No. 55 team, under Michael Waltrip’s tradition of winning, are focused on building a championship caliber team," said Ronald W. Allen, Aaron's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. So many of our customers are enthusiastic and loyal NASCAR fans and we are proud to be a part of a sport they are passionate about. We are looking forward to continued success with Brian Vickers both on and off the track. Vickers has raced the #55 on a part-time basis the last two seasons for MWR posting several impressive performances including his third career victory at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 14. Beginning in 2014, he'll pilot the #55 Aarons Dream Machine with a fresh new paint scheme, unveiled today at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, N.C. in every race.

I can’t put into words how this makes me feel, said 29-year-old Vickers. I’ve really found my home at MWR over the past few years, and I've enjoyed getting to know the Aaron's associates and customers. I am honored that Aarons is welcoming me into their family full-time. Knowing that I have a top-notch team and a dedicated sponsor for a full season is a really great feeling every driver dreams about, and like everyone else, I want to win races and win a championship. Michael and co-owner Rob Kauffman are really building something special at MWR and are giving me the tools to accomplish those goals.

Aarons is a cornerstone to MWR's success. This is a big announcement today because it shows a tremendous vote of confidence in the sport of NASCAR and the entire Michael Waltrip Racing organization, said Michael Waltrip, founder and co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing. The relationship with Aarons is very personal to me because they helped place Michael Waltrip Racing on the map in 2000 when I was running a half dozen Nationwide Series races from a small garage in my backyard. Now they are enabling MWR to continue its growth as we will have three drivers racing for the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship in 2014 and beyond. So much of this confidence comes from the NASCAR fans who continue to support the sponsors of our teams. I want to sincerely thank the NASCAR fans who are Aarons customers because you make this all happen, said Waltrip.(MWR)(8-13-2013)





Stewart released from hospital:

According to a Tweet from Stewart Haas Racing, "Tony Stewart is out of the hospital & resting as comfortably as he can at home. Thx for the thoughts & prayers."(8-11-2013)




McaArdle joins Childress:

Newman to the #29? Richard Childress Racing has named Mark McArdle as their Director of Racing Operations on a full-time basis, effective this weekend at Watkins Glen International. For the past four years, McArdle was with Furniture Row Racing, first as Director of Competition and this year holding the title of Executive Director of Competition. This season, his duties have included operating on a shared basis between RCR and Furniture Row Racing, which has had a technical alliance with RCR since 2010. McArdle will report to Dr. Eric Warren, Director of Competition for RCR, and still work closely with Furniture Row Racing, but from the RCR facility and not traveling to FRR's facilities in Colorado.(RCR)(8-11-2013)



The move comes at a time when RCR is looking to fill the ride vacated by #29-Kevin Harvick and hoping to retain its technical alliance with Furniture Row and is in exploratory discussions with JTG-Daugherty Racing to add the organization's # 47 team to the fold as well. Currently FRR is weighing its options with other manufacturers since its contract with Chevy runs out at the end of the year. Toyota has visited FRR in Denver but nothing has been formalized either way. FRR principals have put their driver selection on hold until after the manufacturer decision has been made, which should be over the next couple of weeks. As for RCR, sources say Ryan Newman has taken the lead in the search to find a driver to replace Harvick, who is leaving at the end of the season. A new twist to the story could be the addition of crew chief Matt Borland with Newman as a package deal for RCR.(Fox Sports)(8-11-2013)



Cable providers still negotiating with Fox over Fox Sports 1:

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice sessions and the Camping World Truck Series race Aug. 17 from Michigan International Speedway will be among the live telecasts on the first day Fox Sports 1 goes on air in place of the Speed cable network. And that could be a problem. Among those still negotiating carriage fees with Fox Sports 1 are DirecTV, Dish and Time Warner Cable. Spokesmen for DirecTV and TWC said Thursday that discussions are ongoing and Dish also has not signed a deal, according to the SportsBusiness Daily. Speed is in nearly 86 million homes, but millions of its current subscribers won't be able to see Fox Sports 1 unless a carriage deal is finalized. According to the SportsBusiness Journal, Speed costs about 23 cents each month per subscriber, and Fox is looking to increase that to 80 cents per month. It's not surprising that these negotiations go down to the wire, but it's enough to make NASCAR fans nervous as the channel they know as Speed will cease to exist when Fox Sports 1 is launched in its place in about a week.(Sporting News)(8-9-2013)




Montoya will not be back with EGR in 2014:

The Associated Press has learned #42-Juan Pablo Montoya will not be back for an eighth NASCAR season with Chip Ganassi. The team owner informed Montoya he will not bring the Colombian back for an eighth NASCAR season. Ganassi president Steve Lauletta announced the decision to the team Tuesday, multiple people present for the announcement told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because Ganassi does not comment on driver contracts.(Associated Press)

AND Team co-owner Felix Sabates later confirmed the move to SiriusXMs NASCAR channel. "We did not renew the contract for next year," Sabates told the channel. "It was a difficult decision. He understands. You have to move on in life sometimes. It’s frustrating for everybody when you know you’ve got good equipment and you can’t seem to put everything together still." Target is set to sponsor the #42 car next year. Several drivers could replace Montoya. Chase contenders Kurt Busch and Ryan Newman don't have contracts for next season. There are also several Nationwide drivers who could be available, including rookie Kyle Larson, who reportedly has several years remaining in a contact with Ganassi. #1-Jamie McMurray is expected to return to the other EGR car in 2014.(Sporting News)(8-13-2013)




What is up with #55 crew chief Childers & Mark Martin with MWR in 2014?

There is still work to be done even before the 2014 season begins as Michael Waltrip Racing must sign crew chief Rodney Childers to the #55 car, something [Michael] Waltrip will want to do as soon as possible with Stewart-Haas Racing combing the garage to find a crew chief for #4-Kevin Harvick next year. "We’re really close to putting Rodney together with Brian for many years to come," Waltrip said. "Brian and Rodney have a great relationship. Theyve known each other since they were kids. They love working together. There is a lot of harmony and confidence in one another."

As far as Mark Martin (who is running part-time in the #55 car for MWR), whether he has any sort of role at MWR is still to be determined. "We’ve talked a lot and we haven’t made any formal decision," Waltrip said. "He certainly has put his footprint all over our company with the role he has played the last two years, not only driving the car but his commitment to physical fitness. & He’s just been a huge part of who we are today."(Sporting News)

AND The deal gives MWR two fully-sponsored cars for 2014 with Vickers and Aaron's on the #55, Martin Truex Jr. and NAPA on the #56. Waltrip said the #15 of Clint Bowyer still has 10 open races. He would like to find a sponsor that would fill the #15 and sponsor him for the Daytona 500 that he has won twice.(ESPN)(8-13-2013)




Dale Earnhardt's Grandson Arrested On DUI Charge:

The grandson of the late Dale Earnhardt was arrested in Charleston on Monday (Aug 12th) on a drunken driving charge. Bobby Dale Earnhardt was charged with aggravated DUI. Charleston police said they heard tires squealing about 11:40 p.m. Monday on Washington Street on the city's West Side. They said they saw a car driving fast and making turns too wide. Charleston police were able to pull the car over and said Earnhardt failed a field sobriety test. He was arrested at the scene. Earnhardt was being held in the South Central Regional Jail awaiting arraignment. Aggravated DUI is a misdemeanor. Aggravated DUI means a person's blood alcohol is above 0.15. Police didn't indicate what Earnhardt's blood alcohol level was. Earnhardt is currently driving in the ARCA Truck Series.(WCHS-TV8)(8-13-2013)




Sale of Phoenix Racing finalized?

Multiple sources say the sale of the #51-Phoenix Racing Sprint Cup Series team to Turner-Scott Motorsports principal Harry Scott, Jr. is now complete, and will be officially announced on September 1 weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Finch will continue to operate the team until then, in an effort to maintain its 27th-place owner points standing.(Godfather Motorsports)(8-13-2013)





Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:


Johnny Guarino was 5th in the Small Block Modified feature at New Egypt.


Ben Whitaker was 7th in the Late Model feature at Susquehanna.


Roger Coss was 6th in the Modified feature at Mahoning Valley and Tiffany Wambold 18th in the Street Stock feature.


Kenney Johnson was 4th in the NEMA Lights feature at Waterford.


Davie Franek was 5th at Selinsgrove and 8th at Black Rock with the URC sprinters.


Brittany Tresch was 22nd in the TSRS 305 Sprint Car feature at Bridgeport.


Danny Buccafusco was 7th and Kyle Rohner was 11th in the All Star Slingshots at Reading.


Jacob Hendershot was 9th and Rick Casario 14th in the 270 Micros at Hamlin.

Danny Buccafusca was 5th and Tyler Pirone 16th in the All Star Slingshots.

Paul Tigue was 2nd in the Junior Slingshot feature.

Kyle Rohner was 2nd in the held over 600 Micro feature and 4th in the regular feature.  Molly Chambers was 18th in the regular nights feature.


Kyle Armstrong was 3rd, Kolby Schroder 23rd and Bobby Hackel, IV 24th in the Modified feature at Lebanon Valley.

Alex Bell was 11th in the Small Block feature.


AJ Filbeck was 19th in the Sportsman feature at U/R.


Clinton Mills was 4th, Tim Hindley 10th, Billy V 13th and Mike Ruggiero 14th in the Modified feature at OCFS.

Brian Krummel was 3rd, Danny Creeden 8th, Tim Hindley 18th, RJ Smykla 19th and Andrew Reeves a DNS in the Small Block feature.

Krummel won the Sportsman feature with Anthony Perrego 4th, Matt Janiak 7th, LJ Lombardo 10th, Joe Conklin 11th, Andrew Reeves 14th and Joey Falanga 15th in the Sportsman feature.


Bob Morris was 1st and Rich Coons 2nd in the held over Sportsman feature at Bethel.

Coons won the regular nights feature with Morris 2nd and Kyle Redner 5th.


Anthony Perrego was 5th and Brad Szulewski 9th in the Sportsman race at Penn Can on Tuesday, 8/13.


38 names this week, I think.




From the AARN:



From their August 13th issue:


Lenny Sammons:


He confirms, more or less, that Keith Kauffman, 63, will be retiring at the end of the 2013 racing season.  Keith just had his best finish this year, a 2nd place at Port Royal.  He has 128 Sprint Car wins and two Late Model wins at the Port Royal track, along with 13 track championships.  This coming Saturday, Keith will be honored at Port Royal with a special Tribute race. 


Mark Berkenstock, 18, has won the Billy Kimball Memorial Scholarship Award - $2,500.00 towards his upcoming college education.  Back in July, 1910, Mark had a serious accident at the Hamlin track, when his belts loosened up while flipping his 600 Micro Sprint.  Serious injuries were the end result.  Mark now uses a wheel chair to get around, and with hand controls can now drive his passenger car.


Ernie Saxton:


He tells us of a “proposed” “Bull Run” to be held at the Virginia Motorsports Park on August 24th, and already there are 3,000 people paying $50.00 each to run with the bulls..  I say “proposed” because later on in his column, he has this:  “THIS NEWS JUST IN:  Richmond, Virginia friends of Animals are asking Virginia Motorsports Park to cancel the August 24 Bull Run”.

In an Autoweek survey of its readers, the most exciting racing is Formula One.  They were two to one over NASCAR.  Indy Car was third and American LeMans 4th.



Todd Heintzelman:


“Stay calm”. That’s his advice to the Sprint Car world, right now.

What we don’t need is a knee jerk reaction to this season’s unfortunate deaths and serious injuries.

Is Sprint Car racing dangerous?  Yes.

Is every form or motorsports dangerous?  Yes.”

“Anyway, the national media has really jumped on the Sprint Car world lately since NASCAR driver Jason Leffler was killed at Bridgeport Speedway in mid-June.”

There’s quite a bit more on the subject that he has to say.


In the 25 car Knoxville National race, 11 were WoO drivers.  Nine were not really associated with any particular organization.  Only one, Greg Hodnet was representing the PA Posse.  Cap Henry the only one from the All-Stars.  There were three Knoxville regulars.





Some things said by Jeff Gordon about Tony Stewart, Sprint Cars and Sprint Car racing:


“I was in Knoxville this week … in that environment of Sprint Car racing and around the people that are feeling the impact of that (Stewarts latest crash & injuries).  Now here I am this weekend (at) this race, where the impact is being felt as well.”
“I was looking over these cars, trying to understand what happened.  You’re there and you’re in awe of these awesome beasts of race cars; 930 horsepower, 1400 pound cars with tons of down force.  They just fly and it makes me want to get behind the wheel of one, so I totally understand the appeal.”

I couldn’t do that, and I don’t choose to do that because of different things that are happening in my life.  But I applaud him and definitely support him in that effort.”


Yes, there is more said from “Jeffy” on the subject.




The “Friends of Mike” race will be held at the Bridgeport Speedway this year – on Thursday, August 29th.  No winners purse mentioned for this event, but it is said that there will be a $1,500.00 to win Crate Sportsman race that night, too.




On Sunday, August 25th, racing historian Marty Himes will present his annual Long Island Racing History Open House.  It will be held at his “Museum” at 15 O’Neill Ave in Bayshore, L.I. and will run from 10:00 AM to dusk.  Food, drinks and admission are free.  For info, call:  631-666-4912.



This Week



Schatz, From Twenty-First,

Wins Knoxville Nationals

And $150,000 Prize


Damion Gardner To Attempt

World Land Speed Record

In A Sprint Car


Kauffman Comes Close

To Port Royal Win A Week Before

His Tribute Race


Big Night For Rocco

At Waterford:

Wins VMRS Tour Race

And SK Mod Main


Thrilling Forrest Rogers Memorial

At Grandview Won By Duane Howard


McKennedy Grabs

ISMA Checkers At Waterford


For Kramer Williamson: 

J.J. Grasso Wins Big One At Selinsgrove


Biggest Win Of Danny Creeden's Career

Comes In Accord's

'Battle Of The Bullring'


Hearn Adds Michigan

To State Conquests;

Wiins SDS Big Block 100 At I-96


Kekich's Mercer 410 Win

Dedicated To

Recently Deceased Grandfather





This date in racing history:


Just some of the events on August 15th in:



Eddie Rickenbacker bought the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from Carl Fisher and Jim Allison for about $700,000.



Johnny Mantz won the AAA sanctioned Milwaukee 100 race at The Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, Wisconsin. Emil Andres was second followed by Ted Horn, Rex Mays and Lee Wallard.



Jimmy Campbell won the IMCA Sprint Car race at the Jackson Speedway, Jackson, MN.

Deb Snyder won the IMCA Sprint Car race at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield, MO.



Bill Holland won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race over Tommy Hinnershitz at the Bedford Speedway, Bedford, PA.

Pat OConnor won the AAA Sprint Car race over Mike Nazaruk at the Illiana Motor Speedway, Schererville, IN.

Johnny Fedricks won the AAA Midget race at the Motor City Speedway, Detroit,MI.

Charlie Miller won the URC Sprint Car race at the Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown, NY.



Larry Crockett won the AAA Sprint Car race over Mike Nazaruk at the Dayton Speedway, Dayton, OH.



Robin Pemberton ... Born ... Pemberton was a crew chief for several NASCAR teams over 17 years, heading teams for Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin and Kyle Petty. Pemberton was field manager for Ford Racing immediately prior to being named VP of Competition for NASCAR in 2004.

Jud Larson won the IMCA Sprint Car race over Bobby Grim, Ed Loetscher, Jerry Blundy and Red Hoyle at the Algona Raceway, Algona,IA.

Johnny Pouelson won the IMCA Sprint Car race at the Crawford County Speedway, Denis



Andy Petree ... Born ... A NASCAR veteran who has been a driver, car owner and two-time NASCAR NEXTEL Cup-winning crew chief for the late Dale Earnhardt, made his television debut in 2007 as an analyst on ESPN and ABC's multi-platform NASCAR coverage.



Bob Wente won the USAC Midget race at the Illiana Motor Speedway, Schererville,IN.

Chuck Arnold won the ARDC Midget race at the West Haven Motordrome, West Haven,CT.



Sam Schmidt ... Born ... A former Indy Racing League driver and current IRL and Indy Pro Series team owner. While testing in preparation for the 2000 season, Sam Schmidt suffered a crash at Walt Disney World Speedway that rendered him a quadriplegic.

Jud Larson won the USAC Sprint Car race over Mickey Rupp, A.J. Foyt, Don Branson and Bud Tingelstad at the Allentown Fairgrounds, Allentown,PA.

Red Riegel won the URC Sprint Car race at the Bedford Speedway, Bedford,PA.

Jerry Richert won the IMCA Sprint Car race over Jim McCune, Greg Weld and Gordon Woolley at the Austin Fairgrounds, Austin,MN.

Mel Kenyon won the USAC Midget race at the Ionia Fairgrounds (1/2d), Lake Odessa,MI.

Russ Klar won the ARDC Midget race at the Freeport Speedway, Freeport,NY.



Bobby Unser won the USAC sanctioned Tony Bettenhausen 200 on the 1 Mile Paved Oval The Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin. A.J. Foyt finished second followed by Gary Bettenhausen, Wally Dallenbach and George Snider.

Bobby Allison won the NASCAR Grand National race at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI.

Sammy Beavers won the Modified Stock Car race at the Nazareth Speedway, Nazareth, PA.

Gerald Chamberlain won the Modified Stock Car race over Hal Browning and Harry Moore at the Reading Fairgrounds Speedway, Reading, PA.

Will Cagle won the Modified Stock Car race over Terry Edwards and Ed Ortiz at the Cayuga County Fair Speedway, Weedsport, NY.

Pancho Carter won the ARDC Midget race at the Grandview Speedway, Bechtelsville, PA.



Danny Lasoski won the Knoxville Nationals at the Knoxville Raceway, Knoxville, IA.



Jeff Gordon won the NASCAR Winston Cup Frontier at The Glen over Ron Fellows at the Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, NY.



Tony Stewart won the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Sirius at the Glen over Ron Fellows at the Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, NY.





Press releases:


NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                   

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda






MIDDLETOWN, NY (August 11)……..When the exhaust fumes settle from Saturday’s race meet at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York, the re will be just three more weeks of competition before the track point champions are crowned. For drivers in each of the speedway’s stock car divisions this makes the Saturday, August 17 racing program even more important as point championships include trophies, cash bonuses, and all-important bragging rights get closer to being determined.


Three of the four racing divisions---Modifieds, Sportsman, and Street Stock---will be in action on the 17th, with a full program of qualifying and feature races. In addition, the Rookie Sportsman drivers will compete in the ir own “learning session” heats and feature race. The Small-Block Modified division will not be racing on August 17. Holiday Inn of Middletown and M. Falanga Trucking are the night’s sponsors.


In the headline Modified division, the point battle is between current leader Tim Hindley and 2009, 2010, and 2012 champion Jerry Higbie. Hindley holds a 48-point edge over the defending titlist.


In Sportsman competition, 2010 champion Brian Krummel currently holds the top spot with Anthony Perrego his closest pursuer. Krummel’s lead is 34 points, but in the unpredictable Sportsman division, his championship is far from assured.


Stephen Kammer is the point leader in the Street Stock division, with an 18-point edge over 2011 and 2012 champion Charles Donald. Jim Maher in third-place is the only o the r driver in contention for the crown, but he trails Kammer by 35 points.


The closest point race is in the idle Small-Block Modified division, where Danny Creeden leads by just four points over Bob McGannon and Scott Flammer.  And just to make it more interesting, John Finley, in fourth-place, is only eight points behind leader Creeden. The Small-Block racers return to action on Saturday, August 24.


Admission prices for the August 17 race meet remain at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and free for children 12 and under. The exceptionally full night of racing begins promptly at 6:30 pm.


Advance ticket sales for all remaining 2013 races, including the September 21 Eve of Destruction and the October 25-27 52nd Annual Eastern States Weekend, and track information are available at the Orange County website, www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net, or from the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 weekdays during business hours.




August 24 --- Accord Speedway Night (Modified King of the Catskills Qualifier)




Media Contact: Brett Deyo – 845.728.2781 or Deyo99H@aol.com

For Immediate Release/August 13, 2013


Short Track SuperNationals 2013 Modified Registration Now Open; Early Entry Incentives Include Free Pit Passes & $50 Gas Cards; Red Roof Inn Offers Rate Discount; Sixth ‘Working Man’s Race’ Set For Five Mile Point Speedway October 11-12; Modified Rules Outlined

KIRKWOOD, NY – Registration for the ‘Working Man’s Race’ of 2013 is now underway.

The sixth edition of the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels Short Track SuperNationals is planned for Saturday, October 12 at Five Mile Point Speedway. The event, run as the affordable option for the dirt Modified community on Columbus Day weekend, is headlined by a 50-lap main event for the big-block/small-block Modifieds. Once again, the racy quarter-mile Five Mile Point oval centrally located in Kirkwood, N.Y., serves as the great equalizer for weekend racers across the Northeast.

Thanks to the Alpine Building Supply “Roll the Dice Challenge” the Short Track SuperNationals winner earns a minimum of $5,000. Even more impressive is the mammoth $455 posted just to take the green flag in the 50-lap main event!  The base payoff is annually boosted greatly by lap sponsors, contingency awards, bonus cash and prizes contributed by a long list of marketing partners.

Registration for the ’13 Short Track SuperNationals is now open for Modified competitors. The pre-entry fee is $15. Late/race-day entry is $20 (after Oct. 1, 2013). The entry fee for this event has not increased since the event was first contested at Five Mile Point in 2009 despite dramatic a dramatic climb in the posted purse over the last four years.  In fact, the entry fee has decreased since the inaugural Short Track SuperNationals running in October 2006 at N.Y.’s Afton Speedway.

Competitors entering the event early will be eligible for a pair of incentives.

The first 10 completed entry blanks received by the BD Motorsports Media LLC office will be entered into a drawing for two FREE Saturday pit passes.  Additionally, all entries received prior to the final stop on the Lias Tire-American Racer Road to the SuperNationals at N.Y.’s Accord Speedway on Friday, September 13 will be eligible for a pair of $50 gas cards. The gas card drawing will take place at Accord.

“It’s a benefit to us for teams to enter early so we can properly advertise to fans which drivers will be in attendance for our event,” said Short Track SuperNationals promoter and founder Brett Deyo. “Our racers can save some money by entering early and now have the opportunity to earn some bonuses before we even open the gates.”

A complete Short Track SuperNationals schedule and format is forthcoming. All Modified racing will take place on Saturday (Oct. 12). Teams will be able to practice on Friday night (Oct. 11). Saturday’s race program will also include Street Stocks and Four Cylinders. A staggered starting time will be in effect with support-division qualifying run first.

The Red Roof Inn, located on 590 Fairview Street in Johnson City, N.Y., 13790, is offered a special Short Track SuperNationals rate for Friday and Saturday nights of the event (Oct. 11-12). Standard King Rooms are available for $79.99 plus tax. Deluxe double rooms are $89.99 plus tax. To reserve a room, call the Red Roof Inn directly at 607.729.8940. When prompted, use Option 4 to speak with a Guest Services Representative directly to book the room. Mention “RACE FAN 2012” to receive the discounted rate.

Modified rules for the Short Track SuperNationals are again designed to produce a diverse field. Big-blocks (over 361 cubic inches) must weigh 2,500 lbs. Small-block (maximum 361 cubic inches) minimum weight is 2,400 lbs. Sail panels, 68 inches maximum height and even, are permitted. Any American Racer or DIRT Hoosier tire used at a weekly dirt Modified track in the Northeast is permitted. A draw for position will set heat-race line-ups.

The Short Track SuperNationals produced a “working man” winner last October when Danny Tyler of Cottekill, N.Y., an Accord Speedway regular, emerged from a three-wide battle with New Jersey legend Billy Pauch Sr. and Capital District star Bobby Varin to earn the biggest win of his career and more than $6,000 in cash and prizes.

Previous SuperNationals winners include Duane Howard of Oley, Pa., (’11), Justin Holland of Kauneonga Lake, N.Y., (’10), Kevin Hirthler of Boyertown, Pa., (’09) and Mike Ricci of Tillson, N.Y. (’06 – Afton).

Marketing opportunities and lap sponsorships are now available by contacting Brett Deyo by phone at 845.728.2781 or via e-mail: Deyo99H@aol.com. BD Motorsports Media LLC is online at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BDMotorsportsMedia and on Twitter @BrettDeyo.  Five Mile Point Speedway is on the web at www.fivemilepointspeedway.net.

The Short Track SuperNationals is presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc., VP Racing Fuels, Small Engine Fuel, American Racer/Lias Tire, Alpine Building Supply, BFP Specialty, S&D Bodyline, Shiley Fabrication, Tim Long, Penn Can Speedway ‘King of the Can’ Weekend, Crunchco Snacks, Mirabilis Cattle, S&W Awards, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, S&W Awards and more fine marketing partners.


Lias Tire-American Racer “Road to the SuperNationals” 2013


Brett Deyo

BD Motorsports Media LLC

Phone: 845.728.2781

E-Mail: Deyo99H@aol.com

Web: www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BDMotorsportsMedia

Twitter: @BrettDeyo






News from the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels Short Track SuperNationals – ‘The Working Man’s Race’

Media Contact: Brett Deyo – Deyo99H@aol.com or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/August 13, 2013

Friday Night Lights: Sportsman Highlight Friday, October 11 Short Track SuperNationals Program With 30-lap Main Featuring $1,500 Winner’s Share; Modified Practice, IMCA-style Modifieds & XCel 600 Modifieds Complete ‘Working Man’s Race’ Preliminary Show

KIRKWOOD, NY – For the first time since the event’s inaugural running in 2006, a Friday night racing program has been added to the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels Short Track SuperNationals.

On Friday evening, October 11, as a prelude to the sixth annual Modified spectacular to be run on Saturday at Five Mile Point Speedway, Sportsman will top the weekend kick-off with a 30-lap main event paying $1,500 to the winner.  Also on the preliminary program will be IMCA-style Modifieds and XCel 600 Modifieds. As in past years, Modified teams will have track time available to practice in advance of Saturday’s headline show.

Sportsman will draw for heat races leading up to the main event. Open and Crate 602 combinations are legal, with a weight break granted to crate engine teams. There is an option for steel or aluminum wheels for both engine combinations.  In a unique twist, sail panels will be permitted (but not mandatory) on Sportsman cars. Teams can run American Racer or DIRT Hoosier tires. Green money is $100.

“The Sportsman event has been added as a result of significant interest from drivers looking to be part of the Short Track SuperNationals,” event promoter Brett Deyo said. “We have put together a schedule that should make for great racing on Friday night with plenty of time for Modifieds to practice, as well.

“We’re returning to our roots with this event, having run Sportsman when we held the first Short Track SuperNationals in 2006 at Afton (N.Y.) Speedway.”

Sportsman teams are encouraged to stay for Saturday’s Modified program. Any Sportsman wishing to attempt to qualify with the Modifieds will receive a discounted car entry fee.

Sportsman entry forms can be found online at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com. The early entry deadline is October 1 for $15. After that point, the entry increases to $20.

During the 2006 SuperNationals at Afton, Mike DiMorier of McGraw, N.Y., won a 40-lap Sportsman special, the division’s only appearance in event history.

IMCA-style Modifieds (20 laps) and XCel 600 Modifieds (20 laps) complete the Friday card.

Sportsman, IMCA-style Modifieds and XCel 600 Modifieds will utilize the backstretch pit area on Friday night and will pay a $30 pit admittance fee. All Modifieds looking to practice in advance of Saturday’s race will use the turn-four pit area and will be charged $20.

Pit gates will open at 4 p.m. for the Friday event. The track will be open for Modified practice starting at 5 p.m. It will remain open through 7 p.m. At that point, hot laps for the Sportsman, IMCA-style Modifieds and XCel 600 Modifieds will get underway. Racing will start at 7:45 p.m. Rounds of Modified practice will also be incorporated through the program.

Friday night grandstand admission is $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors (62 and over) and Students (13-17). Kids 12 and under are admitted FREE. Pit admission is $30 (backstretch pit for those competing) and $20 (turn-four pit for Modifieds practicing).

Saturday’s Short Track SuperNationals program is headlined by a big-block/small-block Modified 50-lap event paying a minimum of $5,000 to win with the Alpine Building Supply “Gambler’s Fee” and a mammoth $455 to take the green flag! Street Stocks and Four Cylinders complete the program with a staggered starting time in effect. Support-division qualifying takes place first on the docket.

Marketing opportunities and lap sponsorships are now available by contacting Brett Deyo by phone at 845.728.2781 or via e-mail: Deyo99H@aol.com. BD Motorsports Media LLC is online at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BDMotorsportsMedia and on Twitter @BrettDeyo.  Five Mile Point Speedway is on the web at www.fivemilepointspeedway.net.

The Short Track SuperNationals is presented by Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc., VP Racing Fuels, Small Engine Fuel, American Racer/Lias Tire, Alpine Building Supply, BFP Specialty, S&D Bodyline, Shiley Fabrication, Tim Long, Penn Can Speedway ‘King of the Can’ Weekend, Crunchco Snacks, Mirabilis Cattle, S&W Awards, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, S&W Awards and more fine marketing partners.



Brett Deyo

BD Motorsports Media LLC

Phone: 845.728.2781

E-Mail: Deyo99H@aol.com

Web: www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BDMotorsportsMedia

Twitter: @BrettDeyo





Racing video:


I haven’t thrown any crash videos out to ya lately.  Here ya go:







Earnhardt, Jr. – Corvette:




Johnny Heydenreich – Silver Crown fire:




Jimmie Johnson – Watkins Glen:







Photo of the week:

Note:  Not available on DTD.  To see the photo, you have to go to:




An arial photo of the Bethel Motor Speedway – photo taken by Sportsman driver Kyle Redner on August 6th.  The front stretch is at the bottom of the photo, with the pit area over on the left side.  Parking is on the right, mostly hidden by the trees.


Photo: Bethel Motor Speedway Sportsman driver Kyle Redner flew over the speedway today and sent us this picture.






I get emails:


Received on 8/9/13:


I have been sensing something about the mood of many Americans that I think is unprecedented in the history of the nation. It is a fear of the President. A fear that one observer, Daniel Henninger of The Wall Street Journal, calls “the president’s creeping authoritarianism.”


Obama has had four and a half years to pursue his goal of “transforming” America and, along the way, he has continually expressed his disdain for the constraints of the Constitution, his contempt for Congress and the Supreme Court, and, if his recent speeches are any indication, his belief that enough Americans are so dumb they will believe anything he says.


Overall, there is a growing sense of foreboding as four in five Americans are facing some degree of poverty and a small chance of finding work. One can feel the nation slowing down, its momentum sapped, its national sense of optimism being drained.


The bankruptcy of a major American city, Detroit, tells one everything they need to know about the result of decades of liberal governance and its acceleration under Obama. What other cities face a similar fate? Is the nation on the path to becoming a third-world economy?


I had my own fears evoked by a news report that “The U.S. government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge user’s stored passwords, according to two industry sources familiar with these orders, which represent an escalation in surveillance techniques that has not previously been disclosed.”


In countless ways, the Constitutional protection of privacy is being eroded along with reports that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been purchasing huge quantities of ammunition and military-style vehicles. A new book discusses the way local police forces have been developing SWAT teams with similar capabilities. What kind of domestic uprising is DHS anticipating? And why is it anticipating it?


The National Security Agency is building a huge complex in Utah, larger even than the Pentagon, to store data it collects, presumably about Americans as well as foreigners. Kiss the Fourth Amendment goodbye, yet Congress just voted to sustain the NSA without restraints.



Why hasn’t Congress acted to repeal the National Defense Authorization Act that permits the government to arrest and detain any American without recourse to an attorney or the courts?


The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been on a tear, presumably to find out the sources of leaks in the Obama administration, seizing the telephone records of the Associated Press without giving the AP due notice.


Americans are beginning to suspect that there is little justice to be found in the DOJ, particularly since the revelations about “Fast and Furious”, an idiotic program of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency to purchase and “walk” guns into Mexico in order to “track” them. It was obvious they would end up in the hands of the drug cartels. It took an executive order by Obama to shut down a congressional investigation into this bizarre scheme. His administration has done everything it could to undermine the Second Amendment.


Over at the Internal Revenue Service, one of its officials accused of targeting patriot organizations seeking tax except status has plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering a congressional committee’s questions.


Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare—is in the process of expanding the IRS as the government begins its takeover of one sixth of the nation’s economy with a piece of legislation that has already been declared a “train wreck”, unmanageable and, most importantly, so intrusive into our personal lives that no previous generation would have ever allowed it. Obamacare is already wrecking the economy as businesses large and small try to anticipate its costs.


The appalling lies about the terrorist attack on the U.S. Benghazi consulate are evidence in themselves that the Obama administration is prepared to deceive Americans about the killing of a U.S. ambassador and three of his security personnel. The orders given during the course of the attack were to do nothing. This is unprecedented. And frightening.


Millions of Americans out of work have very real cause to fear for their well-being, but the President recently told them the real threat was “climate change”, not an economy that is not producing jobs, but in fact shedding them, keeping the rate of unemployment unchanged for years.


There is a point when one must ask if this is deliberate and not just the result of bad domestic policies. If the answer is yes, then Americans have real cause to fear the President and the prospect of living in a surveillance state where everything they communicate and everyone with whom they communicate can be identified.


There are those raising warnings about the direction in which the nation is going, but unless there are demonstrations by Americans that want to see an end to these laws and trends, the progress toward tyranny will continue.


Marches are being planned for Washington, D.C., and they may hold the key to the future before America becomes a totalitarian nightmare.



And, this one, too:


This man, Obama, is despicable,   read below..........Under his alleged leadership this country is almost ruined.    I hope NSA recorded this email.  Just make sure you spell my name correctly.    William F. McDermott


Four times in 69 years!!




June 6, 2013, the 69th anniversary of "D-Day", the largest invasion ever attempted, where 200,000 Americans stormed the beaches at Normandy to begin the final push to defeat Nazi Germany in WWII. D-Day marked the turning point in WWII in Europe, where the Nazis were engaged in mass murder of Jews and minorities by the thousands.

Today, European heads of state make it a point to recall and honor the sacrifices of those who landed in Normandy, as do our Presidents....

well, most of them....


In the 69 years since D-Day, there are four occasions when the President of the United States chose not to visit the D-Day Monument that honors the soldiers killed during the Invasion.


The occasions were:


1. Barack Obama, 2010


2. Barack Obama, 2011


3. Barack Obama, 2012


4. Barack Obama, 2013



For the past 69 years, every American President except Obama have taken the time to honor the memory and sacrifices of the 6,000 American soldiers killed on D-Day. ...Except Obama!


June 6 2010, Obama had no events scheduled.


June 6, 2011, Obama met with the National Security team and was interviewed by WEWS Cleveland and WDIV in Detroit about the auto industry - FAR too busy to visit the D-Day memorial.


June 6, 2012, instead of honoring our fallen soldiers, Obama made a campaign trip to California on Air Force 1 (at our expense) to raise funds for (his) upcoming election.


June 6, 2013, Obama was doing ANOTHER fund raiser with the multimillionaires in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Palo Alto CA, once again at our expense.


America - Aren't you proud?





Found on the Internet – non racing:


Broadcast Networks Drop the Ball on Obama’s Smarmy ‘Phony Scandal’ Mantra





Obama Administration Denies Federal Assistance for Yarnell Fire


Read more: http://www.kfyi.com/articles/arizona-news-118695/obama-administration-denies-federal-assistance-for-11561411/#ixzz2bWSHh8cV





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Found on 8/14:


When did “Free Loaders” become more important than tax payers?




You gotta read this one, folks!


An apology letter to Mr. Obama







Non racin’ stuff:


Whistleblower: Terrorists Stole 400 Missiles in Benghazi




In part:  "In yet another example of foreign policy completely backfiring, a whistleblower has instructed his lawyer to come forward with information about how terrorists took 400 missiles in Benghazi. In other words, they took over an arms shipment that was being sent to Syrian rebels — even though Obama was lying about arming the rebels at the time."


On August 12, Joe DiGenova, attorney for one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, told Washington D.C.’s WMAL that one of the reasons people have remained tight-lipped about Benghazi is because 400 U.S. missiles were “diverted to Libya” and ended up being stolen and falling into “the hands of some very ugly people.”


DiGenova represents Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson. He told WMAL that he “does not know whether [the missiles] were at the annex, but it is clear the annex was somehow involved in the distribution of those missiles.”


He claimed his information “comes from a former intelligence official who stayed in constant contact with people in the special ops and intelligence community.” He said the biggest concern right now is finding those missiles before they can be put to use. “They are worried, specifically according to these sources, about an attempt to shoot down an airliner,” he claimed."




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Here ya go – Connie Smith – who turned 72 on 8/14.







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Water in the carburetor:


WIFE: "There is trouble with the car. It has water in the carburetor."

HUSBAND: "Water in the carburetor? That's ridiculous "

WIFE: "I tell you the car has water in the carburetor."

HUSBAND: "You don't even know what a carburetor is. I'll check it out. Where's the car?

WIFE: "In the pool"


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Husband and wife had a tiff. Wife called up her mom and said, "He fought with me again, I am coming to live with you."

Mom said, "No darling, he must pay for his mistake. I am coming to live with you.



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Today's Short Reading from the Bible...

From Genesis: "And God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the earth."

Then He made the earth round...and He laughed and laughed and laughed!



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