Racin' & Different Stuff:

                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 143




Racin’ & short’ stuff:


I’m making some changes to the column starting with this one. 

Quite a disappointment seeing the somewhat small “crowd” for the Dover Cup race. 

Watching some of the Pocono Cup race and the crowd looks decent, although some aluminum could be seen, when they showed over head shots.  What was kind of ironic was that whenever they showed the stands, like from inside the pit area, there was some junk on top of the picture that blocked of the stands to a big extent.  Intentional?


Quite a few comments on Facebook about no Waltrips announcing, since the Cup races are on TVT for a while.  Mostly are happy not the have to listen to them.  Personally, I’d like to see a couple of other announcer go, too.


I went to OCFS this past Saturday night – “Nostalgia Night”.  Unfortunately, they ran out of posters for the “Old timers” to sign, so there really wasn’t much sense in waiting in line, I’d say.  Had we used out heads, we could have bought a checkered flag from Dave Morehouse and used that for signatures.  Duh! 


I did not personally see Frankie Schneider, who was in attendance, but did see a photo on Facebook, and he was looking pretty good.


I think this is the first “Nostalgia Night” that Buzzie Reutimann has missed in some time.  He was shown to be racing down at East Bay in Florida.  They got rained out.


It was nice meeting up with some of the ACOT people again.  There was quite a lot of interest shown by the fans on the restored cars in the ACOT area behind the stands.  Not many know this, but the very first on track exhibition runs for the ACOT club was at OCFS quite a few years ago.


I’m starting this on Sunday afternoon, so, so far I have not really seen car counts at the various tracks.  Last Saturday at OCFS, the count was down in most classes.  The Small Block class at OC really has been ruined, since they’ve dropped it as a weekly class.  In the results, only 11 cars are listed.  I do know that Chuck McKee, who lost an engine in his heat (?), would make 14 entrants, at least, but he is not listed in the results – not even as a DNS, which also failed to list two others.  Consolation races for all classes really were not needed, since there were less cars in each class that normally start a feature.  Heck, there was one car in the Big Block feature that never even made a heat race.


Talking of car counts, I picked this up over on Facebook, on Monday:


“So a friend Went to Stafford Speedway for a Subaru event and traffic was backed up to the railroad tracks downtown makes you wonder what is it that the import car show organizers are doing right that short track oval racing is missing. I would guess that it has a lot to do with people are interested in what they actually drive not a race car that they can't identify with.”


Note:  It was a while back when I sent a suggestion to OCFS about the possibility of them having even some “Drag racing” with foreign cars, on the front stretch.  You know the kind that the young-un’s drive around in, with the cool sounding exhaust – usually Honda cars.  I never heard from the track on that.



And, keeping with car counts – the ESS ran at the Evans Mills asphalt track last week.  13 cars showed up.



I copied and am pasting one comment found on Facebook about the Big Block feature at OCFS:


“15 of 20 timed cars ran under 22 seconds. Track was too damn fast...”


Gotta agree.  Must say though, Jerry Higbie put on a show in his heat race, being able to pass outside – even in turns 3 & 4.  That’s something that hasn’t been seen for a while.  A couple of other drivers were also able to do that.  And, I think we really need smaller tracks that offer more side by side racing.  On these big tracks, the results are usually “freight train” racing.  Yes, the cars are fast, but one gets tired of watching single file “racing” – especially when there are drivers that won’t even attempt to go high to pass, but would rather  hug the inside fence/walls.  Compare Pocono and Michigan with Bristol and/or Richmond & Martinsville.  Also, the ultra sized rule books that now govern racing sure do not help any either, as far as teams being able to be attempt to try various things – no more ingenuity allowed.


I had the wife tape the Indycar race from Texas.  I was going to watch it on my VCR, but there’s a tape in it and I can’t get the damned thing out – and can’t get the VCR to do anything.  But, a couple of things about the Texas race – I’ve read that the crowd was horrible.  Also, do we now have “start & park” in Indycar now, too?  A somewhat big deal was made about Pippa Mann getting a ride, on the Internet, then according to the run down – she had “mechanical” problems after only 4 laps?


Kurt Busch has been giving that # 78 Cup car some pretty good rides lately.  Now I guess the question is – will he be at Pocono for the Indycar race?  It’s been said that he’d like to get at least one race in before he attempted the 500.  I think that might be the best oval track for him to try – unless you also throw California in there¸ too.  When Kurt returned to Charlotte after his “test” at Indy, quite a few drivers had approached him as to what he thought.  Then some said they’d like to try an Indycar, too.


It should be interesting to see how SPEED will be once it goes over to a new name – FOX Sports – as of August 17th.


Watching pit stops at Pocono, where they have a good sized pit area, I have to figure it will only be a matter of time until a crew member gets seriously injured when everyone pits under the yellow.  I’d much prefer no pitting under yellow, unless you’re the cause, and have just green flag pit stops.



(Mooresville, NC) June 11, 2013- Tommy Baldwin Racing welcomes NASCAR Next driver Ryan Preece as he prepares to make his stock car debut at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (F.W. Webb 200) in July.



Maybe not a good thought, but 100% of all people exposed to water will die.



I really don’t know if this should be disturbing or not, but I’ve been told that there are some tracks that are now paying the drivers by check.  Also, with reduced car counts, some purses have dropped too.  That, in my opinion, sure as heck will not help the car counts.  It seems like more and more, tracks are depending on “back gate” monies to help pay the purses.  Something had better change pretty soon, or I think we’ll be seeing more and more tracks closing up.


It seems that slowly, the Danica Patrick news has been getting pretty quiet, what with her basically being an “also-ran” in Cup racing.  Rumors are floating around that maybe the Stewart-Hass team has bitten off too much with the third car?  Tony finally got his first win of 2013, last week at Dover.  Both Tony and Ryan Newman have made a ton of progress over these last few races.   Is Tony spending too much time with his other “toys”?


Personally, I’m getting tired of these late race yellows and green/white/checker finishes.  I’d rather see them stop the damn race instead of just running laps off under yellow – then causing mayhem at the end.  At least it wasn’t done for the 500.


I’ve attempted to get info from OCFS about their “Small track” and whether it would be outside of turns 3 & 4 or remain as it was last year – on the front stretch and pit road.  Never got a response, but when one reads what follows, on the OC website, it looks like it will be as it was, in the past.

“REMINDER - COMING JUNE 23 (SUNDAY) - The First Short Track Race of the 2013 Season - Motorcycles, Quads, Slingshots, Legend Cars and More - Pit Gate will Open at 10am, Grandstand Gate will Open at 11:30am - Racing will begin at 1pm.....Pit Admission $15, Grandstand Admission $10 - ENTRY PER RACING CLASS AS FOLLOWS Youth / Jr. Class $20 Adult Classes $35”


Note:  Methinks that $10.00 admission will keep a lot of “fans” away.  I imagine that fee is for everyone, including children?

Also, it looks like maybe just the Motocross track will be outside 3 & 4?  Now why did I think that they would never put a small track outside 3 & 4, anyway?  Somewhere along the way, something came up that put the binders on this outside 3 & 4 deal – not exactly sure what it was, but the rumors were out there as to what it was.


Also – keep in mind – one has to think that with OC racing on Sunday, a goodly amount of competitors might be “monied” out or had problems racing the couple of days/nights previously, and would not be able to run on a Sunday.



Jersey race promoter claims they have 15-year F1 deal


In part:  "The organizers of the planned F1 race in New Jersey say they have agreed a new 15-year contract with Bernie Ecclestone to host the race from next season.


The event, dubbed the Jersey Grand Prix, was given a place on the 2013 calendar last year but was cancelled when it became clear the venue would not be ready in time.


“And as we told Governor [Chris] Christie, we were going to do it without any money from the state or the towns, and that made it very difficult. And it took us longer.”


Proposals for a 19-turn, 3.2-mile street course on the bank of the Hudson River were revealed last May. Race promoters visited the Canadian Grand Prix last weekend to meet with Ecclestone." 


Note:  Wow, that should make for a real fast track - NOT!





Hmm – 44 entrants for the Cup race this coming weekend, and only 38 for the Nationwide race – as of Wednesday evening.



By the time many of you read this, the wife will have had another colonoscopy – as a precaution, to see how things look, where they had to do surgery about a year ago.  Of course we’re hoping for good news, which we really do expect.  She’s come through the Chemo pill and IV therapies quite well, with just one slight problem quite a while back.  Now if we can just get something done on her knees!


Speaking of the wifes knees, since our washing machine and dryer are in the basement, I do all of our laundry.  Can anyone answer me this:

Who is/was the idiot that came out with these pour spouts on the liquid laundry detergent and liquid fabric softener bottles, anyway?  Once you get down towards the end, it no longer comes out of the spout, but drips all over.





From Jayski:




Danica tops celebrities in generating social media buzz:

#10-Danica Patrick finished about four times higher than any other celebrity endorser in brand-related social-media buzz in the Synthesio social-media research report. Moisand says it's in part, because Patrick frequently mentions GoDaddy in tweets from her personal handle. Also, he says, "she appears reachable."

"The best social media isn't scripted," says Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer at GoDaddy. "Danica's the real deal."(USA Today), see the report at synthesio.com.(6-11-2013)


Note:  It's a shame that she's pretty close to being a mid-pack or back-marker now.



New sponsor for Earnhardt Jr?:

#88 Team owner Rick Hendrick on Monday said Hendrick Motorsports was "very close" to a new multi-year sponsorship deal for Dale Earnhardt's #88 ride in the Sprint Cup Series. "I've not been worried about it because we could sell it if we wanted to piecemeal it. We've been looking for the future," Hendrick told the Charlotte Observer. "We don't want to get into (sponsor relationships) where you see somebody one time and you don't seem them anymore after that. I am very confident that in the next couple of weeks we should have not only this year (covered) but we should have a lot done for next year, too." The majority of the #88's season is currently sponsored by the National Guard, Diet Mountain Dew and AMP Energy.(Charlotte Observer)(6-10-2013)



Special "Man of Steel" paint scheme for #88 at MIS:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will drive the #88 National Guard "Man of Steel" Chevy on June 16 at Michigan International Speedway. Superman's values align with National Guard values. Both are citizens who put on their uniforms when their communities need them. More info at soldierofsteel.com.(HMS), see images on the #88 Team Schemes page.(6-10-2013)


Note:  I read that the movie really did not do all that good in its debut.



2013 Sprint Cup Driver Championship Points Standings:

[after Pocono, race 14 of 36]

1) #48-Jimmie Johnson [3 wins], 521

2) #99-Carl Edwards [1 win], 470, -51

3) #15-Clint Bowyer, 452, -69

4) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr., 439, -82

5) #29-Kevin Harvick [2 wins], 434, -87

6) #20-Matt Kenseth [3 wins], 418, -103

7) #18-Kyle Busch [2 wins], 412, -109

8) #5-Kasey Kahne [1 win], 400, -121

9) #2-Brad Keselowski, 398, -123

10) #16-Greg Biffle, 395, -126

Wild Cards [11 & 12]

#14-Tony Stewart [1 win], 13th in points

#24-Jeff Gordon, 11th in points

2012 Chase drivers out of top 12

#56-Martin Truex Jr., 17th in points

#11-Denny Hamlin, 25th [missed 4 races with injury]



Drivers for the #51 at MIchigan and Sonoma:

Motor Racing Network's Dustin Long tweets:

(#51) Phoenix Racing GM Steve Barkdoll says they'll reach out to Bobby Labonte to have him drive 51 car next weekend at Michigan ...

(#51) Phoenix Racing GM Steve Barkdoll confirms that Jacques Villeneuve will drive the #51 car at Sonoma in two weeks.(6-9-2013)



Biffle has no plans to leave Roush:

#16-Greg Biffle will not drive for Richard Childress Racing next season. Biffle, 43, began his NASCAR career in the Truck Series with Jack Roush in 1998 and remains under contract through 2014. When the driver of the #16 3M Ford read the rumors on Twitter, he was equally surprised. "I'm hit or miss with Twitter, right," Biffle said. "I follow it quite a bit and then I don't. So yesterday over the rain delay, I'm just bored out of my mind  everyone was. I'm flipping through, reading some of the Twitter stuff and it's kind of funny, that's the first I heard of it last night when I read it on my Twitter account. You know how fans are, they're like, 'Hey, he should go over there. He'd be a great fit.' But anyway, no, that's news to me. We haven't even started contract talks. We've had preliminary kind of talks around (sponsor) 3M extending but then again, we have over a year  a year and a half  left." Despite performance issues with the Generation 6 car for the Roush Fenway Racing Fords, Biffle, who is currently 13th in the point standings, acknowledges that he's "really happy" with his current team. "It's not from a lack of effort," Biffle said. "And that's all I care about. We've got all the resources and tools and everybody is trying hard. Yeah, we're scratching and clawing to get our head above water, but that's all we can do.(FoxSports)(6-9-2013)



Allmendinger to run the #47 for five races:

Could #47 JTG/Daugherty Racing be looking to make a driver change at Michigan International Speedway next weekend? Although Bobby Labonte has driven the No. 47 car since 2011, with the team teetering just within the top 30 in owner points, sources tell FOXSports.com that AJ Allmendinger has been approached to fill the seat and offer a fresh opinion. Labonte, who turned 49 on Saturday, has 21 career Sprint Cup wins but has not posted a top-five finish in the car since he debuted with JTG/Daugherty in the 2011 Daytona 500. The 2000 Sprint Cup champion scored top 10 finishes last year at Daytona and Martinsville Speedway but his best result in 2013 was 15th in the Daytona 500. After a busy month of May in the IndyCar Series  including a top 10 finish in the Indy 500  Allmendinger, 31, returns to stock cars this weekend at Pocono Raceway with Phoenix Racing. He will start 18th on Sunday after qualifying was rained out on Friday. Team owner Tad Geschickter could not be immediately reached for comment.(FoxSports)



AJ Allmendinger will replace Bobby Labonte next week at Michigan International Speedway as JTG Daugherty Racing looks for answers for its struggling performance. Labonte is tentatively scheduled to return to the car the following week at Sonoma Raceway. The 2000 Cup champion, Labonte is mired in 28th in the standings with a season-best of 15th at Daytona. Having driven for JTG Daugherty Racing since 2011, Labonte does not have a contract for next season, but team co-owner Tad Geschickter said Saturday that this change is just to get a second opinion. The team does not have sponsorship for five races in 2013 and Allmendinger could run all of those five but that is still to be determined, said team co-owner Brad Daugherty. "We're not replacing Bobby  he's still our driver," Geschickter said. "But we have a few races that we don't have any sponsor activation and it was pretty easy to do (a change and) some benchmarking. The big issue for a single-car team, how else do you benchmark for your car? & Michigan is the only one set in stone (for a change). Bobby will be back in the car at Sonoma. It is just a good opportunity for us to verify what Bobby thinks the main issue is." Allmendinger declined comment on the reports Saturday, deferring to Geschickter.(Sporting News)(6-8-2013)



2000 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Bobby Labonte will share seat time with AJ Allmendinger in the #47 Toyota Camry fielded by JTG Daugherty Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for the remainder of the 2013 season. The team is currently eyeing five races with the first taking place in the Quicken Loans 400 at Michigan. The move is being made by the single-car operation to help refine the direction for the team's development of the Gen-6 Camrys housed in their Harrisburg, N.C. shop. Allmendinger believes he can assist the JTG Daugherty Racing team. "I have raced for Phoenix Racing some this year and feel confident I'll be able to provide JTG Daugherty Racing with a good comparison," said Allmendinger. "I'm thankful for this opportunity to work with the team and Bobby (Labonte)."

"At the end of the day, the name of the game is to provide value to our sponsors," JTG Daugherty Racing co-owner Tad Geschickter said. "We are realistic about our position in the garage as a single-car operation. However, we have always been able to punch above our weight to deliver a great value to our partners on and off the track. We have not been doing that with the new car and this move is an additional step in determining what areas we need to work on to improve our performance."(JTG Daugherty Racing)(6-8-2013)


TRD Provides More Power For Michigan:

Drivers for Joe Gibbs Racing and Michael Waltrip Racing should have a little more horsepower this weekend at Michigan International Speedway after suffering no issues with their toned-down engines at Pocono, a Toyota Racing Development official told Motor Racing Network on Tuesday. TRD reduced horsepower in its engines at Pocono Raceway after suffering three failures the previous two races. While all those engines made it to the end Sunday, Pocono marked the first time this season that a TRD engine did not place in the top five. Kyle Busch was the top finisher, in sixth place. "We may have been a bit too conservative at Pocono," said David Wilson, TRD's acting president and general manager. "We still need to look at some parts and pieces before we pull the trigger, but we certainly don't anticipate stepping back any further. Our target is to start clawing back one weekend at a time." Wilson said preliminary inspections by TRD officials on the Pocono engines showed no valve train issues, which had been a concern. "Michigan will be another test, but the good news is we continue to make some headway back home in the shop," he said. "Any performance changes are going to be in the right direction."(see full report at Motor Racing Network)(6-12-2013)



Pocono TV Ratings:

Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Party in the Poconos 400 earned a 2.8 U.S. rating and 4.4 million viewers on TNT, down 13% in ratings and 17% in viewership from last year (3.2, 5.3M), and down 10% and 19%, respectively, from 2011 (3.1, 5.2M). The 2.8 rating is the lowest for the season's first Pocono race since at least 2000. The previous low was a 3.0 for the 2007 race. The race also ranks as the second-lowest rated and second-least viewed Sprint Cup telecast of the season, ahead of only the Sprint Cup All-Star Race on Speed Channel in May (2.3, 3.7M). Despite the lower numbers, Sunday's race ranked as the fifth-most viewed television program of the week on cable.(Sports Media Watch / BusinessWeek / Zap2it), see five year chart, past 2013 race news and more on the 2013 TV Ratings page.(6-12-2013)



Labonte to Race for Phoenix Racing at Michigan:

Bobby Labonte confirmed today that he will drive the #51 Chevrolet this weekend at the Michigan International Speedway for Phoenix Racing. The agreement was reached after Labonte spoke with and received approvals from officials with JTG/Daugherty Racing and Toyota Racing Development. It is currently an agreement for one race. Labonte, who has 14 previous starts for Phoenix Racing and the James Finch-owned team, is always grateful for the opportunity to race with the team. "James has always been one of the first to reach out to offer help in a situation like this," said Labonte. "I enjoy racing with Nick Harrison, Steve Barkdoll and the entire group of guys. I'm looking forward to this weekend." Labonte also feels this will help his current team, JTG/Daugherty Racing, as he continues to be committed to helping the organization move forward.

"Racing for another team this weekend will be another process in helping me understand the development of the new car and how it compares to my current ride," continued Labonte. "I'm not happy with our current performance level as a team and absolutely want to work hard to help our race team improve. My commitment continues to give the best efforts possible each weekend. That has never changed and this opportunity will hopefully make everyone, including myself, get a better understanding of where improvements can be made. We just completed our first test at Kentucky, which was valuable time spent on the track, that should assist in improving our team performance starting this weekend and going forward."

Labonte, the 1991 Nationwide Series champion and 2000 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, is focusing on the remainder of this season with JTG/Daugherty Racing. Labonte, who does not have a contract for the 2014 race season, still wants to help the Tad and Jodi Geschickter-owned team move forward.

"I enjoy racing for Tad, Jodi and Brad (Daugherty)," commented Labonte. "They have given me a great opportunity to help this team grow. It's where my focus has been since racing with the team in 2011. I want to see this team get better and will do what I need to do to make that happen." Labonte will be making his 705th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series start this weekend.(Phoenix Racing/Breaking Limits)(6-12-2013)



Harraka to attempt Sonoma in the #52:

Look for the #52 BKMotorsports "Ford" at Sonoma on June 23rd with driver Paulie Harraka at the wheel in his 1st NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Brian Keselowski will return the following week at Kentucky on June 29th to pilot his #52 Toyota (BKMotorsports Favebook)



Next weekend, Paulie Harraka will attempt to qualify for the Toyota/SaveMart 350 at Sonoma Raceway. If Harraka, 23, makes the field, he will be the first Drive for Diversity graduate to compete at the Sprint Cup level. Since 2010, Harraka has competed in more than a dozen races between the NASCAR Nationwide and Truck Series. His best results were a pair of 17th-place finishes last year in the #5 truck, at Dover and Kentucky Speedway. At Sonoma, Harraka will drive the #52 HASA Pool Products Ford for Go Green Racing team owner Archie St. Hilaire. Veteran crew chief Ben Leslie will oversee the team. Harraka has three starts at Sonoma in the K&N Pro Series West and an average finish of 9.2, with a career-high result of second. "Archie St. Hilaire and I have worked together in three Nationwide races already, and it's there that we built the platform to run this Cup race," Harraka said. "I feel like it's a great opportunity for both of us  me and the team  to make the step into the Sprint Cup Series and start learning what that's like together. St. Hilaire said realistically he would be pleased with a finish around 25th to 28th. If everything goes according to plan, Go Green Racing would also attempt the Cup races at New Hampshire and Watkins Glen later this summer.(FoxSports)(6-12-2013)


Note:  Note:  Harraka is of Syrian descent, and was born September 15, 1989 in Wayne, New Jersey.  I'm still trying to figure out how he qualified for the "Drive for Diversity" program.




Heroin dealers arrested leaving Poconos NASCAR race: Four heroin dealers were arrested and their drugs seized outside the Party in the Poconos NASCAR race Sunday afternoon because their driver made a wrong turn leaving the track, police said. The group attracted the attention of police when the car turned right against traffic exiting the Pocono Raceway from Long Pond Road onto Route 115 in Tunkhannock Township, state police at Fern Ridge said. When police noticed drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle and started a car search, two of the suspects tried to hide several heroin packets, but police and NASCAR fans spotted the attempt and police confiscated the drugs, police said.(full story at the Morning Call)(6-12-2013)





Former OVRP Dirt Oval racers:


At Rolling Wheels on June 5th, Billy VanInwegen was a DNQ.

Tyler Dippel was 5th and Kyle Rohner 28th in the Sportsman race. (Name was spelled Rohmer)


At Accord last Wednesday, Wyatt Clark was 3rd in the Senior Slingshot feature.


Johnny Guarino was 11th in the 358 Modified feature at New Egypt.


Kolby Schroder was 4th, Kyle Armstrong 10th and Bobby Hackel, IV 18th in the Modified feature at Lebanon Valley. 

Tyler Dippel was 19th in the Small Block feature.


At 5 Mile, Kyle VanDuser was 13th in the Modified feature, while Brad Szulewski was 7th in the Sportsman feature.


Bob Morris won the Sportsman feature at Bethel, with Rich Coons 3rd.


At OCFS, Billy VanInwegen won the Modified feature, while Tim Hindley was 5th, Clinton Mills 7th and Mike Ruggiero 13th. 

Brian Krummel won the 358 Small Block feature, with Danny Creeden 2nd and RJ Smykla 9th.

Anthony Perrego won the Sportsman feature, with Brian Krummel 2nd, Matt Janiak 3rd, LJ Lombardo 5th, Andrew Reeves 7th, Joe Conklin 8th, John Illanovsky 16th and Joe Falanga 20th.

Jimmy Johnson picked up a ride in a Vintage Stock Car and was 5th in their feature.


Roger Coss was 3rd in the Modified feature at Mahoning Valley.  BJ Wambold and his sister, Tiffany, were both DNQ’s for the Street Stock feature.


A.J. Filbeck was 10th in the Sportsman feature at Utica/Rome.


Results from Penn Can on Wednesday:


I waited until a little after midnight – having to get up at 6:30 on Thurs AM, in hopes of some results.  Best I know is it looks like Brian Krummel won the Sportsman race.  Will have more next week.


Chances are I’ve missed some!



One never wants to hear of fatalities in racing, but last night we lost Jason Leffler.


Jason Leffler, NASCAR Driver, Killed in Crash at Local Speedway


A NASCAR driver is dead after a crash at a local speedway, according to a law enforcement source.











And this, from Jayski:


Jason Leffler killed in Sprint Car wreck: NASCAR driver Jason Leffler died after an accident Wednesday night in a heat race at a dirt car event at Bridgeport Speedway. The 37-year-old Leffler, a two-time winner on the NASCAR Nationwide Series who had the nickname "LefTurn" above the driver's side window on his race cars, was pronounced dead shortly after 9:00pm/et, New Jersey State Police said. After losing his NASCAR ride, Leffler had been racing dirt car events most of this year, including the 410 Sprint Car race Wednesday that promised a $7,000 prize to the winner at the 0.625-mile, high-banked dirt oval. On Sunday, Leffler finished last at Pocono in his lone NASCAR Sprint Cup start of the year.(see much more at the Associated Press)


Statement from NASCAR on the passing of Jason Leffler: "NASCAR extends its thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies to the family of Jason Leffler who passed away earlier this evening. For more than a decade, Jason was a fierce competitor in our sport and he will be missed."(NASCAR)

MORE: Jason Leffler died in a crash Wednesday night during a 410 sprint car event at Bridgeport (N.J.) Speedway. He was 37. Sgt. Adam Grossman, public information officer for the New Jersey State Police, confirmed to Motor Racing Network that a 37-year-old driver was pronounced dead at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Sgt. Grossman would not confirm the name until next of kin had been notified. NBC10 in Philadelphia first reported that Leffler had been killed in the accident. Bridgeport Speedway confirmed in a tweet that the evening's racing program had been canceled after a crash involving Leffler. Sgt. Grossman said the accident happened about 8:30 pm. He stated that the driver was extricated from the car and transported by ambulance to Crozer-Chester Medical Center. The accident remains under investigation.


Leffler competed in 73 NASCAR Sprint Cup races since 2001. He finished 43rd at Pocono last weekend in his only start this season. He also ran 294 Nationwide races, winning two. He won at Nashville in 2004 and what is now O'Reilly Raceway Park in 2007. He competed in 56 Camping World Truck Series races from 2000-12, winning at Dover in 2003. Leffler was a member of the National Midget Hall of Fame in 2003. He won four USAC championships, winning three consecutive USAC midget titles (1997-99). He also won the USAC Silver Crown championship in 1998. After running four Nationwide races in 1999, he ran the full season in 2000 for Joe Gibbs Racing. Leffler moved to the Sprint Cup Series in 2001, driving for car owner Chip Ganassi with a best finish of 10th at Homestead. It would be the only top-10 in his Cup career. He did not drive a full season in Cup again. He ran 19 in 2005 for JGR before being replaced in the ride that would go to Denny Hamlin. Leffler had better success in the Nationwide Series with 107 top-10 finishes. He finished a career-best third in the points in 2007 for Braun Racing. Leffler finished behind champion Carl Edwards and runner-up David Reutimann that season. Leffler leaves behind a son Charlie Dean Leffler.(Motor Racing Network)(6-12-2013)



World of Outlaws Statement on Jason Leffler:


The World of Outlaws extends its deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Jason Leffler, a great racer and man whose life ended too soon tonight. We were always excited to see Jason enter the pits to race with the Outlaws, and he will no doubt be missed by everybody from his fellow competitors to officials to his many fans.


Note:  You can’t imagine the amount of posts on Facebook about his passing.




From the AARN:




On Tuesday, August 6th, a mid-week show will be held at the Accord Speedway – a co-promotion between Brett Deyo and the Palmers.  The feature will be 51 laps with $5,100.00 going to the winner.  Both Big and Small Block Modifieds can run, and sail panels will be able to be used, too.

Other payoff figures are:  $1,000.00 for 5th, $500.00 for 10th and $300.00 to take the green.  American Racer and Hoosier tires can be used, with specific compounds to be announced later.  Supporting this race will be the Crate 602’s and Open Sportsman classes, which will run together, for a $1,000.00 to win feature.  The 602’s will have a weight break, and either steel or aluminum, wheels will be permitted for both classes.  On the downside – the SDS will be in Michigan on that date, so names like Hearn, Johnson and others that follow the SDS, might not be at the “Big A”.



Ernie Saxton:


Ernie had quite a bit of his column devoted to the late Wendell Scott.  Ernie feels that Wendell belongs in the NASCAR HoF.  I’m not sure where I stand on that.  True, Wendell did face a ton of obstacles while racing, with him being black.  Back then, things were quite segregated.  Scott is credited with one NASCAR “Cup” win, and for a while that was debated.  Ernie pointed out that one promoter gave gas monies to all the white drivers but nothing to Scott.  Wendell approached Bill France, sr. on this, and France reached into his pocket and gave Scott $30.00.  He went on to tell Scott that from that point on he would be treated as all the other drivers in NASCAR.

As I said, I’m not sure just where I stand on Scott and the HoF.  Looking at his record, I’d venture to say that, no, he would not be worthy of being a member.  But then you look at what he had to put up with, and maybe that could help.  Keep in mind – although Wendell Scott might be considered the “Jackie Robinson” of NASCAR racing, there have been very few drivers of color that have followed in his foot steps.



John Snyder:


His column this week was basically all about Al Tasnady and his racing career.  One of my “mentors”, the late John LeVan was a huge fan of Tasnady.  In fact, “TAZ” was part of his e-mail address.  Being from Reading, and watching Tasnady race so well at the Reading Fairgrounds track, had a lot to do with LeVan being such a big fan.

One thing that John Snyder made mention of was that in 1959, “Taz” had a comfortable 2,900 point lead in the NASCAR National Modified championship race.  Then, he ran a non-sanctioned race, and NASCAR docked him 1,290 points.  That killed any chance he had of winning that championship.  At the time, Taz said it didn’t bother him, but later on it did, with him feeling he would have had that championship.  Taz had the chance to run with the big guns in NASCAR, but was not up to re-locating down south.  His decision on that kept him up here in this area for us fans to enjoy his racing endeavors.



Brett Deyo:


On the Payne/Johnson split up:  "I am still a fan of Danny Johnson", Payne said of his former driver.  "He is still the greatest driver ever to sit in a dirt modified.  It just wasn't working out.  It's sad that we aren't able to race together anymore, but we can't"



JR Kennerup:


Finally!  Someone goes along with my way of thinking - almost!  JR thinks he has a solution to make asphalt modified racing better - the elimination of mirrors and two way radios between the crews and drivers.  I feel it should be done with the top three NASCAR classes.  Heck, "Back in the day" mirrors and/or two way radios were never used.  I can see radio communication between the track and drivers, for safety reasons and to relay lineups after a yellow.  Even with that, I fail to see why it takes so long to get some of the lineups quicker, especially after a yellow.


Note:  JR - don't hold your breath on seeing this come to be - in either case.  It's like trying to get a Sprint Car driver to take off his (crutch) wings.




This Week






Race Of Champions Winner

To Receive $15,000



Deyo Creates New Race

For Accord Speedway



Three Races, Three Winners

In USACEastern Storm Swing



Eckert Goes On Late Appalachian

LMSpeedweek Tear;

Satterlee Overall Series Champ



Friesen Goes Three-For-Three:

At ‘Wheels, Fonda & Utica Rome



RyanPreece Named To NASCAR

‘Young Rising Stars’ Roster



The Doctor Is Out:

Danny Johnson, Mike Payne

Split Up



Cozze, McLaughlin,

Watt Honored

At DIRT Hall OF Fame



Bloomquist Wins

$100,000 Eldora Dream



ESS Debut

On Evans Mills Pavement





This track has a problem – found on Facebook:


Brakes put on Lee Speedway: Town administrator revokes company's operations license


By Andrea Bulfinch


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


LEE — Town officials and the owners of the Lee USA Speedway are working diligently to resolve issues that caused the town administrator to revoke the operations license for the business.


“There were some issues of concern at the Lee USA Speedway that the town felt were important to address,” Julie Glover, town administrator, said.


During a May 28 selectmen's meeting, Fire Chief Peter Hoyt, had said there were no violations at the Speedway.


Despite that, the state fire marshal and electrical inspector had been called and the speedway has been shut down since.


“The council voted to suspend the license to operate if certain documents were not received,” she said.


Hoyt could not be reach for comment before deadline on Tuesday.


Documents proving that any violations that were resolved were to be received by June 6, and while some of them were submitted, not all were given to the town, Glover said.


Speedway owner Red MacDonald said he feels like the town is trying to make them jump through hoops, but is hopeful things will be up and running this Friday as addressing whatever issues state officials found is ongoing.


“We're just working through the issues,” MacDonald said, adding it is up to the selectmen whether the Speedway may reopen.


“We've had all these inspections done for the last seven years and we've always passed. Now they're finding new issues or going over the old issues, which we've already done,” he said.


He added that the closure, for however long it lasts, hurts not only the Speedway, but surrounding businesses, such as gas stations and convenience stores as well.


“Everybody struggles when we're not open,” he said.


Note:  I wonder how many older tracks might be like Lee as far as old electric lines and older, falling down buildings?





This date in racing history:


On June 13th in:



Peter DePaolo won the AAA 250 Mile Spring Classic on the 1.25 mile board oval Altoona Speedway, Altoona, PA



Art Cross won the AAA Midget race at the Rockford Speedway, Rockford,IL



Art Cross won the AAA Midget race at Blue Island, Chicago, IL



Don Branson won the IMCA Sprint Car race at Aurora Downs (1/2d), Chicago, IL

Wally Campbell won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Williams Grove Speedway, Mechanicsburg, PA

Ed Elisian won the AAA Sprint Car race at the Terre Haute Action Track, Terre Haute, IN



Eddie Sachs won the USAC Midget race at the South Bend Motor Speedway, South Bend, IN



Davey Hamilton ... Born ... Hamilton had been proficient in supermodified racing, as a frequent winner in various supermodified races, usually held in the northern areas of the United States. Driver in the CART, USAC and IRL series. He has made 49 series starts and while never winning a race, finished second 3 times. He placed second in series points in the 1996-1997 season and again in 1998. He retired from the cockpit in 2001 after a serious crash at Texas Motor Speedway. Hamilton has undergone 21 operations to reconstruct his feet. He began standing after five months, and spent one year in a wheelchair. Hamilton became the color commentator for Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network broadcasts. He later began driving the 2-seater IndyCar, which gives rides to VIPs and celebrities at IndyCar Series races. Hamilton returned to IndyCars for the 2007 Indianapolis 500, driving for Vision Racing.[1] Qualifying 20th, Hamilton placed 9th after the race was ended early on lap 166 due to rain. For 2008, Hamilton again signed with Vision Racing to run in the 92nd Indianapolis 500 and finished 14th.



Len Duncan won the ARDC Midget race at the Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown,NY

Sammy Sessions won the Super Modified race at the Oswego Speedway, Oswego,NY



Johnny Rutherford won the USAC Sprint Car race over Jud Larson and A.J. Foyt at the Terre Haute Action Track , Terre Haute, IN



Gary Bettenhausen and Don Nordhorn won the Twin 45 lap USAC Sprint Car races on the 1.12 mile dirt Nazareth National Speedway , Nazareth,PA.



Mike Mosley won the 150 Mile Rex Mays Classic USAC Indy Car race on the 1 mile paved oval at the Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, WI.



Gordon Johncock won the 150 Mile Rex Mays Classic CART Indy Car race on the 1 mile paved oval at the Milwaukee Mile, West Allis, WI.

Tim Richmond won the NASCAR Winston Cup Budweiser 400 over Terry Labonte at the Riverside International Raceway, Riverside, CA



Glenn Fitzcharles won the URC Sprint Car race at the Flemington Speedway, Flemington, NJ.

Billy Vukovich won the USAC Supermodified race at the Mesa Marin Speedway, Bakersfield, CA.

Rich Vogler won the USAC Sprint Car race at the Eldora Speedway, Rossburg, OH

Ken Tremont Jr and Jack Johnson won the Modified Stock Car 25 lap twin features at the New Venture International Speedway, Vernon, NY




Press releases:


Best Modified Racers on East Coast Ready for Super DIRTcar Series at New Egypt Speedway

Competitive Field of Drivers and Memorable Fan Entertainment in Store for Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. "Dirty Jersey 60"


NEW EGYPT, N. J. - Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - The Garden State is gearing up for the Super DIRTcar Series as the premier Big-Block Modified tour prepares to take on New Egypt Speedway for the first time since 2007. Already some popular racers from the area are confirmed for the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. "Dirty Jersey 60," ready to challenge series regulars at the Tuesday, June 18, race.

Leading the New Egypt contingent against Super DIRTcar Series stars are Billy Pauch Sr., New Egypt's all-time leading winner and five-time point title winner, and defending track champion Ryan Godown. Godown, of Ringoes, N. J., put his skills to the test Wednesday, June 5, during the first series points race at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, finishing 14th overall.

"We learned some stuff at Rolling Wheels, got a little acclimated to the Hoosier tires," Godown commented. "You have to tighten up the race car a little more than with the tires we usually run."

The track at New Egypt, Godown said, typically makes for a great race, whether from the driver's seat or the grandstands.

"I think you're going to get a couple lanes moving, and it's going to be a great show. I honestly think it's going to be the best show there all year," said Godown, who will be piloting the 747 at Tuesday's event. "It's going to be three-, four-wide racing all night long. When it slicks up a bit, it gets multiple grooves - not just right around the bottom or the top - you can cross, you can go through the middle."

Pauch, whose long career in dirt track racing has brought him face-to-face with Super DIRTcar Series stars many times, isn't just looking forward to racing with them again.

"It's neat to see everybody. I really don't see them that much. This time I don't have to go out of my way to see them because they're coming to my home," said Pauch, who hails from Frenchtown, N. J. "The competition is stepping up, so the next thing is to step up with it and see if we can beat them."

The best from the Mid-Atlantic states - Pauch, Godown, as well as Jimmy Horton of Neshanic Station, N. J, Duane Howard and Craig Von Dohren, both of Oley, Pa., Rich Laubach, of Quakertown, Pa., and recent Dirt Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee Frank Cozze will give series stars like three-time consecutive champion Matt Sheppard, of Waterloo, N. Y., and seven-time series champion Brett Hearn, of Sussex, N.J., a run for their money.

"It's definitely going to be one of the best events of the 2000s era," said Big-Block Modified driver Stewart Friesen, who not only holds the current points lead in the Super DIRTcar Series after winning the DIRTcar Hall of Fame 60, but also forms a part of the Friesen-Deyo Promotions team behind the Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. "Dirty Jersey 60." "It's definitely going to be a star-studded event. We've got the best guys all up and down the East Coast."

To treat what they expect to be among the best Modified fields in recent years, promoters Friesen and Brett Deyo have organized a pre-race competitor picnic. Sponsored by Dietz & Watson, ERK Steering, and Danny's Pizza Pizzazz, the picnic will provide hot dogs, snacks, and beverages at no cost to drivers, car owners and crew members.

"It's something different," said Deyo. "We like to make it something that's memorable on the fan side and also on the competitor side."

For fans, Deyo and Friesen are planning a number of unique giveaways, midway attractions, and entertainment off the track. Kids can try their hands at racing at an RC track in the midway area, and may even have the opportunity to challenge their favorite drivers. Collectible sales, pre-race musical entertainment, and a driver autograph session add to the festivities for what Deyo said is becoming a destination race.

"For all of us, this is a really big spotlight. New Egypt is such a state-of-the-art race track," Deyo said. "People walk in there for the first time and they can't believe how modern it is - the lighting, the seating."

Fans traveling far and arriving early for this destination race also have their chance to compete with a tailgating contest. The group judged to have the most creative tailgate setup, perhaps paying tribute to their favorite driver, will receive four free passes to the event.

The $6,000-to-win Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc "Dirty Jersey 60" gets underway Tuesday, June 18, at New Egypt Speedway. Pit gates open at 4 p.m. and grandstand cates at 5 p.m. The Big-Block Modifieds hit the track at 6:45 p.m. for hot laps and racing is scheduled to begin at 7:15 p.m. For more information, visit www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com or call (845) 728-2781. Race day telephone calls should be directed to (609) 758-1900.

For the latest news and updates about the Super DIRTcar Series, including live race notes, follow @SuperDIRTcar on Twitter and "like" the DIRTcar Racing Facbeook page.



Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc. "Dirty Jersey 60"

Divisions: Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modifieds; Open vs. Crate Sportsman Turnpike 25

When: Tuesday, June 18

Gate Times: Pit gates at 4 p.m., Grandstand Gates at 5 p.m.

Racing Times: Hot laps begin at 6:45 p.m., Racing at 7:15 p.m.

Where: New Egypt Speedway , 720 County Road 539, New Egypt, N. J

About the Track: 7/16-mile D-shaped clay oval

For More Information: www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com or (845) 728-2781. On race day, call (609) 758-1900

Potential Drivers at the "Dirty Jersey 60":

Driver - Hometown

2013 Series points

Billy Pauch, Sr. - Frenchtown, N. J.


Jimmy Horton - Neshanic Station, N. J.


Duane Howard - Oley, Pa.


Craig Von Dohren - Oley, Pa.


Frank Cozze - Wind Gap, Pa.


Rick Laubach - Quakertown, Pa.


Ryan Watt - Boyertown, Pa.


David Van Horn, Jr. - Harmony, N. J.


Eric Kormann - Vineland, N. J.


Dave Hunt - Bridgewater, N. J.


Wade Hendrickson - Lawrenceville, N. J.


Dom Buffalino - Morganville, N. J.


Jimmy Blewett - Howell, N. J.


Brian Kressley - Orefield, Pa.


Dave Dessinger - Mohrsville, Pa.


Stewart Friesen - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


Gary Tomkins - Clifton Springs, N. Y.


Matt Sheppard - Waterloo, N. Y.


Brett Hearn - Sussex, N. J.


Billy Decker - Sidney, N. Y.


Alan Johnson - Middlesex, N. Y.


Jimmy Phelps - Baldwinsville, N. Y.


Billy Dunn - Watertown, N. Y.


Dale Planck - Cortland, N. Y.


Pete Britten - Spencerport, N. Y. / Brisbaine, Queensland, Australia


Justin Haers - Phelps, N. Y.


Bobby Varin - Johnstown, N. Y.


Ryan Godown - Ringoes, N. J.


Danny Johnson - Rochester, N. Y.


Mike Bowman - St. Catharines, Ontario


Vince Vitale - Phoenix, N. Y.


Dave Rauscher - Waterloo, N. Y.


Carey Terrance - Hogansburg, N. Y.


Neal Williams - Pittsgrove, N. J.


Mat Williamson - St. Catharines, Ontario


Billy VanInwegen - Sparrowbush, N. Y.


Justin Wright - Piffard, N. Y.


Andy Bachetti - Great Barrington, Mass.


For the complete list of potential driver entries at 2013 Super DIRTcar Series events, visit www.superdirtcarseries.com/drivers/746-2013-potential-driver-entry-list

The Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing in the Northeast Region are brought to fans by several sponsors and partners including Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, Chevy Performance Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, and Safety-Kleen. Promotional partners include the University of Northwestern Ohio. Contingency sponsors are ASI, Beyea Headers, Bicknell Racing Products, Bilstein Shocks, Brodix, ButlerBuilt, Cometic Gasket, Comp Cams, Edelbrock, Integra Shocks, Intercomp, JE Pistons, JRI Shocks, Klotz Synthetic Lubricants, KSE Racing Products, Motorsports Safety Systems, MSD Performance, Penske Shocks, Racing Electronics, Superflow, TNT Rescue, and Wrisco Industries.




NEWS FROM                                                                                                             

Orange County Fair Speedway                                                                                    

239 Wisner Avenue                                                                                                    

Middletown, NY10940 



Mike Gurda










MIDDLETOWN, NY (June 9)......The headline DIRTcar-sanctioned Big-Block Modifieds will compete in a pair of 20-lap feature races this coming Saturday evening at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York.


Led by current and defending point champion Jerry Higbie, the earth-shaking, 800 horse power Modifieds will have two chances to win on the lightning fast five-eighths-mile Middletown “Hard Clay” oval. Also on the evening’s program are the Sportsman division, the Rookie Sportsman, and the always unpredictable Street Stocks. The night’s activities are sponsored by Tire Pro and Ultimate Restoration.


With two features on tap, the re’s bound to be a shakeup in the Modified point standings. To date, five drivers are within striking distance of Jerry Higbie’s lead. Higbie, already twice a winner this season, has amassed 534 points. On his heels is young Bill y VanInwegen, 522 points, who tasted Modified victory for the first time this past Saturday.  Not far behind this pair of speedsters are Tim Hindley (514 points), Clinton Mills (508), and Craig Mitchell (506).  All will be out to oust Higbie from the top spot in the standings.


Tight point races are the order of the day in all of Orange County ’s racing divisions. Jimmy Spellmon (620 points) holds a slim six-point edge over Brian Krummel (614) in the Sportsman division, while Stephen Kammer (570 points) is only four markers ahead of Emerson Cargain (566) in the Street Stock class.


Admission prices remain at $14 adults, $12 seniors, and free for children 12 and under. The full night of racing begins promptly at 6:30 pm.


Advance tickets are now on sale for the 52nd Annual Eastern States Weekend, October 25-27, 2013, headlined by the Eastern States 200, the oldest continuously-run championship race for dirt track Modifieds.


Information for all Orange County Fair Speedway action is available at the speedway website, www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net, or from at the Track Office. Call 845-342-2573 during business hours.        






Racing video:


Taking you back to 1970 and the Hoosier 100 – Silver Crown 100 mile race.







Photo of the week:


Two photos this week – both of Art Cross, who was mentioned as winning a couple of races in “This date in racing history” – above.

First photo is of Art in the Pappy Hough # 81 Ford powered Midget – one of the “Five little pigs” as they were called.  The next is a photo of Art taken at Indy in 1954.







Non racin’ stuff:


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Responds To Requests To Change Washington Redskins' Name


As the controversy over the Redskins' name continues to heat up, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote a letter to the Co-Chairs of the Native American Caucus defending the name and saying that it was never "meant to denigrate Native Americans or offend any group."


"The Washington Redskins name has thus from its origin represented a positive meaning distinct from any disparagement that could be viewed in some other context,” he wrote. “For the team’s millions of fans and customers, who represent one of America's most ethnically and geographically diverse fan bases, the name is a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect.”


In a letter last month, 10 members of Congress urged Redskins owner Dan Snyder and Goodell to consider changing the name. The request was immediately shot down by Snyder who said he would "NEVER. You can put that in capital letters."


Goodell, who has been dodging similar questions about the name since the Super Bowl, was much more polite in his letter, but doesn't seem to be budging on the issue. He cites opinion polls that he claims shows people favor the name and calls the issue "complex."


"The National Football League takes seriously its responsibility to exemplify the values of diversity and inclusion that make our nation great," he added. "To that end, please be assured that we are committed to working with the team, this Caucus and others to continue to reinforce the many positive attributes represented by the team’s name and marks."





Somehow, I guess we all could see this coming?  Found this on Yahoo! News on Sunday:


“George Kasimos has almost finished repairing flood damage to his waterfront home, but his Superstorm Sandy nightmare is far from over.

Like thousands of others in the hardest-hit coastal stretches of New Jersey and New York, his life is in limbo as he waits to see if tough new coastal rebuilding rules make it just too expensive for him to stay.

That's because the federal government's newly released advisory flood maps have put his Toms River home in the most vulnerable area — the "velocity zone." If that sticks, he'd have to jack his house up 14 feet on stilts at a cost of $150,000 or face up to $30,000 a year in flood insurance premiums.”



Do you watch much TV?


Here are the most-watched shows of the 2012-13 TV season.


1. NCIS CBS 21.6 million


3. THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS 19.0 million

4. NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 17.5 million

5. PERSON OF INTEREST CBS 16.2 million

6. AMERICAN IDOL (Wednesday) Fox 15.1 million

7. DANCING WITH THE STARS (Monday) ABC 15.0 million

8. AMERICAN IDOL (Thursday) Fox 14.8 million

9. THE VOICE (Monday) NBC 14.4 million*

10. THE WALKING DEAD AMC 14.3 million

11. DANCING WITH THE STARS (Tuesday) ABC 14.0 million

12. TWO AND A HALF MEN CBS 13.9 million

13. THE VOICE (Tuesday) NBC 13.5 million

14. BLUE BLOODS CBS 13.3 million

15. ELEMENTARY CBS 13.0 million


17. MODERN FAMILY ABC 12.7 million

18. CRIMINAL MINDS CBS 12.6 million

19. THE OT Fox 12.5 million

20. CASTLE ABC 12.5 million

21 DUCK DYNASTY A&E 12.4 million

t. 60 MINUTES CBS 12.4 million

22. VEGAS CBS 12.0 million

23. THE FOLLOWING Fox 11.9 million


t. CSI CBS 11.9 million


Note:  Vegas, in # 22 is not the Cup race!  With a reported over 75 million or so race fans for NASCAR, they sure don’t watch races on TV much, do they?



Found on Yahoo! News on Monday:


He's been commander in chief, Time magazine's 1993 man of the year, had hopes of becoming "First Laddie" of the United States and now former U.S. President Bill Clinton is in line for a new title - Father of the Year.

 The non-profit National Father's Day Council plans to award him that honor at a New York fundraiser for Save the Children on Tuesday.


Just one of the many comments on this:  "Lied to the American people, cheated on his wife with numerous women, everyone connected with him in Arkansas is either in prison or dead, impeached by the house, and now father of the year. It is plain to see that the press is very forgiving. But we Americans remember. Just like with Obama,we won't forget the sabotage that is happening to our country and our way of life that has been forever changed for the worse."




Great new article! Note to Government: It's Not the Whistleblowers that are the Problem, It's the Tyrannical Policies


Kind of makes you think back to Obama's graduation speech when he encouraged graduates to ignore voices that warn about government tyranny. That's not an easy or even sane thing to do, Mr. President, when YOU are governing like a tyrant! LIKE and SHARE if you agree!







It seems like every day we have something else popping up – scandal wise, with our government.  Just remember this:  Don’t forget Benghazi!





A bill that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality won overwhelming approval Tuesday in Russia's lower house of parliament.

Hours before the State Duma passed the Kremlin-backed law in a 436-0 vote with one abstention, more than two dozen protesters were attacked by hundreds of anti-gay activists and then detained by police.

The bill banning the "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" still needs to be passed by the appointed upper house and signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, but neither step is in doubt.


More can be seen here:  http://news.yahoo.com/russian-lawmakers-pass-anti-gay-bill-436-0-164959267.html



I thought I’d check out “Operation Wetback” on the Internet, and thought I’d post this:


Operation Wetback


In the United States, Operation Wetback was enacted in the 1950s by immigration and Naturalization service. The effects of World War 2 caused a massive exodus of Mexican migrants into the U.S through the Rio Grande, into the Southwest part of the United States, to work as farm hands .  It was characterized by massive exploitation, and abuse of Mexican farm workers, by southwest farmers, law enforcement and Immigration agents.  Due to the massive abuse, the Mexican government, in response, in conjunction with the United States enacted a treaty to protect migrant Mexican bracero worker rights (Koestler. Web. 2012).


This agreement did not stop the abuse, despite the Mexican government demand that the united States cease to use all Mexican workers. The United States immigration service with pressure from southwest farmers retaliated by enacting operation wetback, unlawful ceasing, detaining, and deporting any person who looked Mexican. Any deported individuals were not allowed back into the country; this did not stem or prevent the flow and re-entry of Mexican migrant workers in the United States. A 1950 study conducted by the 1950 by the President’s Commission on Migratory Labor in Texas, showed a 6,000 percent increase in migrant labor and a substantial reduction in wage levels around the southwest (Koestler. Web. 2012).




In 1954, before the Operation Wetback began, there were over a million of workers crossed the United States Border illegally. Regardless of the risk of offending United States Laws, labors desired for jobs and opportunities to live better. Agricultural works were mostly replaced by cheap labor from Mexico; however, the massive movement also triggered violation of labor laws. Criminality, disease, and illiteracy were also bought into the country (Koestler. Web. 2012).


The result of Operation Wetback was stunning. Gen. Joseph May Swing, in mid-July 1954, generated a military-related movement to search and capture illegal immigrants from Mexico. Beginning from the Rio Grande Valley, Wetback spread quickly; Illegal immigrants were sent back by forced and armed military. On July 15, the first day of the Wetback, 4,800 illegal immigrants were “gone”. From the day after, about 1,100 illegal immigrants were sent back per day. The United States government had shown that they do not tolerate illegal activities; however, the operation was very disrespectful (Koestler. Web. 2012).




Fred L. Koestler, “OPERATION WETBACK,” Handbook of Texas Online (http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/pqo01), accessed March 23, 2012. Published by the Texas State Historical Association.




Speaking of our borders – Maybe I should not comment here on this, but there was something said the other day on TV about why the border is so much better protected along the Texas/Mexico border than along Mexico/other of our states – property along the Texas/Mexican border is privately owned.  Interesting, huh?  What is stopping us from changing ownership of the other boundaries between the US and Mexico?






I get emails:


Subject:  Leno: Man of the Year


Nobody asked me but ...

    I think late night comic Lay Leno deserves consideration as the conservative man of the year. Now that he and NBC have agreed on a date for his departure from the show, he apparently feels safe in saying whatever he wants on air. His monologues have become increasingly harsh in criticizing Obama. It’s likely he has NBC exactly where he wants them. Unless the network wants to take the heat for firing him early, it is helpless to censor him.

    We shouldn’t underestimate the power Leno has to influence people’s political thinking. He’s not preaching to the choir like Rush or Fox News. What’s more, his ratings are going up!

    This recent monologue is an example.



    Well, let's see what's going on. Hey, Snoop is back in the news. Not Snoop Dogg, Snoop Obama. Yeah, Snoop Obama. A big change at the White House today. They closed the gift shop and opened a Verizon store. Yeah.

    Well, this has become a huge controversy after it was revealed that the National Security Agency seized millions of Verizon phone records, and of course this has caused a panic among civil libertarians, constitutional scholars and cheating husbands everywhere. Oh my God.

    How ironic is that? We wanted a president that listens to all Americans - now we have one. Yeah.

    Actually, President Obama clarified the situation today. He said no one is listening to your phone calls. The president said it's not what the program is all about. You know, like the IRS isn’t about targeting certain political groups. That's not what it's about!

I mean what's going on? The White House has looked into our phone records, checking our computers, monitoring our e-mails. When did the government suddenly become our psycho ex-girlfriend? When did that happen? When did that happen?

    You know, I'll tell you, if Obama wants to put this snooping thing to good use, how about spying on the IRS next time they throw a $4 million party. Why don't you do that one? Yes, exactly, exactly. Find out about that. Yeah.

    As you know by now, the IRS has taken some heat for reportedly spending $4 million on a conference in Anaheim last year where employees took dancing lessons. One of the dances they learned? Tap dancing around the issues. Yes, that was very good, be able to tap dance

    Well, the latest one that came out today. You see this one? They're saying the IRS paid an artist $17,000 to paint portraits of Abraham Lincoln to help inspire the IRS agents. You know, if they want to see a picture of Lincoln for inspiration, take out a $5 bill and save the taxpayers $16,995. Exactly. That's what they said. They said.

    Oh, the hearings have been unbelievable this week. Congressional investigators say the IRS basically threw a $4 million party for themselves. But in fairness, who else is going to throw a party for the IRS? Really? Now, a going away party, I think we'd all chip in. I would chip in! I would chip in! There you are, no problem. I would pay for that.




New scam - be careful.



This scam is very clever. Be very careful out there!

One could easily fall for this -

beware of people bearing gifts

Wednesday a week ago, I had a phone call from someone who said

that he was from some outfit called: "Express Couriers" asking if I was

going to be home because there was a package for me, and the caller

said that the delivery would arrive at my home in roughly an hour.

And sure enough, about an hour later, a uniformed delivery man turned

up with a beautiful basket of flowers and wine.

I was very surprised since it did not involve any special occasion or

holiday, and I certainly didn't expect anything like it. Intrigued about who

would send me such a gift, I inquired as to who the sender is.

The deliveryman's reply was, he was only delivering the gift package,

but allegedly a card was being sent separately; (the card has never arrived!).

There was also a consignment note with the gift.


He then went on to explain that because the gift contained alcohol,

there was a $3.50 "delivery charge" as proof that he had actually

delivered the package to an adult, and not just left it on the

doorstep where it could be stolen or taken by anyone.


This sounded logical and I offered to pay him cash. He then said that

the company required the payment to be by credit or debit card only so

that everything is properly accounted for.


My husband, who by this time was standing beside me, pulled his

wallet out of his pocket with the credit/debit card, and 'John', the

"delivery man", asked my husband to swipe the card on the small mobile

card machine which had a small screen and keypad where Frank was also

asked to enter the card's PIN and security number. A receipt was

printed out and given to us.


To our horrible surprise, between Thursday and the following Monday,

$4,000 had been charged/withdrawn from our credit/debit account at

various ATM machines.


It appeared that somehow the "mobile credit card machine" which the

deliveryman carried now had all the info necessary to create a "dummy"

card with all our card details after my husband swiped our card and

entered the requested PIN and security number.


Upon finding out about the illegal transactions on our card, we

immediately notified the bank which issued us the card, and our

credit/debit account was closed.


We also personally went to the Police, where it was confirmed that it

is definitely a scam because several households had been similarly



WARNING: Be wary of accepting any "surprise gift or package", which

you neither expected nor personally ordered, especially if it involves

any kind of payment as a condition of receiving the gift or package.

Also, never accept anything if you do not personally know or there is

no proper identification of who the sender is.


Above all, the only time you should give out any personal credit/debit

card information is when you yourself initiated the purchase or



Pass this on, it may just prevent someone else from being swindled.










This guy's video on you tube has been so popular that Obama phoned him personally.

He said he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House.

Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit.

That's very interesting.

Watch it now before it's pulled from you tube.










Your thoughts:


Edward Snowden – Hero or villain?   Seems like everyone is wondering how a high school drop out (later got his GED) could get the necessary security clearances to be able to get into what hw was able to get into, and to be a “Whistle Blower” as far as how it’s possible to get into our governments files and information. 

Better yet, what will happen with/to him, if he’s ever found/caught?




Music video:


He was born on June 15, 1937 – three weeks and a day before me.


Waylon Jennings – such a distinctive voice!








This week I’m starting a five part series of things about our bodies.  Enjoy!




The human body is a treasure trove of mysteries, one that still confounds doctors and scientists about the details of its working. It's not an overstatement to say that every part of your body is a miracle.


Here are some of the fifty facts about your body, some of which will leave you stunned...


The first 10:


1.  It's possible for your body to survive without a surprisingly large fraction of its internal organs.   Even if you lose your stomach, your spleen, 75% of your liver, 80% of your intestines, one kidney, one lung, and virtually every organ from your pelvic and groin area, you wouldn't be very healthy, but you would live.


2.  During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.  Actually, saliva is more important than you realize.  If your saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.


3.  The largest cell in the human body is the female egg, and the smallest is the male sperm.  The egg is actually the only cell in the body that is visible by the naked eye.


4.  The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue, and the hardest bone is the jawbone.


5.  Human feet have 52 bones, accounting for one quarter of all the human body's bones.


6.  Feet have 500,000 sweat glands and can produce more than a pint of sweat a day.


7.  The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.  The reason it doesn't eat away at your stomach is that the cells of your stomach wall renew themselves so frequently that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days.


8.  The human lungs contain approximately 2,400  kilometers  (1,500 mi) of airways and 300 to 500 million hollow cavities, having a total surface area of about 70 square meters, roughly  the same area as one side of a tennis court.  Furthermore, if all of the capillaries that surround the lung cavities were unwound and laid end to end, they would extend for about 992 kilometers.  Also, your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.


9.  Sneezes regularly exceed 100 mph, while coughs clock in at about 60 mph.


10.  Your body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a  gallon of water to a boil.





Joke of the week:


Two little kids are in a hospital, lying on trolleys next to each other

outside the operating room, the first surgeries of the day.


The first kid leans over and asks, "What are you in here for?"


The second kid says, "I'm getting my tonsils out, and I'm afraid."


The first kid says, "You've got nothing to worry about. I had that done

when I was four. They put you to sleep, and when you wake up they give you

lots of Jelly and ice cream. It's a breeze."


The second kid then asks, "What are you here for?"


The first kid says, "Circumcision."


"Whoa!" the second kid replies, "Good luck, buddy. I had that done when I was born.


Couldn't walk for a year."







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