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                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 142






Well, “Mother Nature” tried like hell to screw up things this past Saturday, but I guess she figured she best behave?  We were able to use our wrist bands from May 18th, for the races at OCFS this past Saturday.  The CRSA 305 Sprint Cars were on the program.  Their race was the best of the night, with no idea as to who was going to win it until the checkered flag flew.  tis a shame they’re only back two more times – and one of them is during the fair, when this old man stays home.  No Sprint Cars are scheduled for Eastern Stats Weekend.  Methinks the track screwed up that deal last year, with some of their “demands” – from what I’ve heard.






Later on, in this week’s column, where I make mention of how former OVRP Dirt Oval racers are doing in bigger and more expensive racing vehicles, you’ll see that the top 6 in the Sportsman feature were all former runners at the 1/5 mile oval.  Damn near had the top 7, except that Johnny Illanovsky got just a tad over anxious on the last lap, last turn, vying for 7th place.







Indy cars – lotsa down force, drivers never have to take their hands off of the steering wheel, yet AJ Allmendinger could not complete one lap in both the Indycar races this past weekend in Detroit, crashing out in both races.  No, I really didn’t watch those races all that much – can’t stand that type of racing – city streets, ya know?  Million dollar cars and “slow” speeds.






A driver that won a race last weekend was found to be “illegal” due to the width of his front end, because of wheel off set.  I like this part of the penalty:


  Loss of $700 winner’s purse, to be redistributed through the full finishing order”







On May 31st, Brett Hearn won the feature race at Albany/Saratoga (Malta).  I had read that that race was an Eastern States Qualifier, but I’m not really sure whether it’s for the Small or Big Block ES race, since A/S is basically, from what I know, Small Blocks.  Yes, I attempted to ask OCFS on their Facebook page, but they deleted my question.  Nothing like keeping the media informed, huh?  And they wonder why the stands are basically empty?


Note:  Thought I’d go to the A/S website to see if they said anything about it being a qualifier for ESW. 

Found this:  “the Modified feature event winner received a guaranteed starting spot in the Eastern States Weekend event”.  Really does not specify, but I’d say the Small Block race at ES?







Some off the cuff small stuff.


On Tuesday evening, while I was on Facebook, I read a disturbing post – one written by close friend Gary Tremper.  Years ago, Gary, along with Pete Kessler, Elaine Allen, Bill Boyle, Mike Otis, Carol Nowak and a few others, myself included, formed a fan club called “Strictly Dirt”.  It started off pretty good, then nose dived and was disbanded.  So, if you can, keep Gary in your thoughts and prayers, ok?  His post had this in it:  “was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.”  As of now, things look pretty good as far as getting it cured.




While watching the Met ball game on Tuesday evening, the announcers came out and said that some sh*t has hit the fan and up to 20 major league players will be suspended for up to 100 games – due to that “business” down by Miami – the “juicing” stuff.  A-Roid, more than likely, is one of them.


Report: MLB trying to suspend A-Rod, Ryan Braun, others connected to Biogenesis clinic with new help from clinic founder Anthony Bosch


Link:  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/report-mlb-trying-suspend-rod-ryan-braun-others-001952922.html





I have a grandson who works.  He put in for a weeks vacation.  When his vacation pay came in, it was $180.00+ more than his usual pay check.  So what caused this?  Hope you’re sitting down!  There was nothing taken out for his insurance!  Since he took the week off, no insurance monies taken out – that’s how it works.  Yup – $180.00 difference.  Sad thing is – it more than likely will get worse as far as what he’ll have taken out in the near future.




This dude that killed 13 people at Fort Hood, now can defend himself?  How soon will they have a miss-trial on that case?







How I wish the Republicans would either sh*t or get off the pot as far as these three “problems” that have turned up with our government and/or some of its agencies.  A lot of talk with very little being done, as far as I can see.


Note:  Maybe we need a lot more, like this?


Sums up, in approximately one minute, Obama's trampling of the Constitution...








Last I had heard, the “Small track” at OCFS was going to end up outside of turns 3 & 4, where the pit area was supposed to be.  I heard that because it was said the pit area at OCFS will remain in the infield, as it has been for oh so many years.  So, has anyone noticed any work done outside of 3 & 4?  Or will it end up like last year, a “track” that uses the front stretch and part of pit road?

Any way, this is what’s on the OCFS schedule, if you’re interested:



Motorcycles, Quads, Slingshots, Legend cars, etc.

June 23, July 12, July 19, Aug 11, Sep 29, Oct 13


No idea as to the Moto Cross track – I’d venture to say what is listed is only for the small track.


As usual, do not expect any news from OCFS on this, I’d say.




So, we’re back to the usual – again!  Forecast for Friday and Saturday, as of Tuesday, already sucks.  Thunder boomers and storms for both days.  Nice on Thursday and Sunday – of course.  As of Wednesday:  Things changed!  Wet weather on Thursday and Friday, with a nice Saturday, but a chance of a passing shower – depending on what weather forecast you check.



Over on the DTD Forum, there’s a thread about “Where are all the modifieds”?   Well, last week, at Mahoning Valley, the ATQMRA TQ’s were in action – all 0f 10 cars.



This week, the USAC Sprints are running here in the east – mostly in PA.  I wonder why they don’t race at Williams Grove?


Last night, Wednesday, it was USAC Sprints and ARDC Midgets at Grandview.  Pretty sure I saw it said there were 29 Sprints and 28 Midgets?



And, speaking of small car counts – the Indy Lights, for their race at Indy – only 13 cars.  Pretty sure there was something in a column of mine a short time ago about the possible demise of this part of Indycar.



What I, and possibly other Americans find to be so disturbing, is that we can’t take care of our veterans.  Case in point:  I imagine you’ve seen the commercials on TV asking for $19.00/month to help veterans via the Wounded Warrior Project?  Our government SHOULD be taking care of them, not us.  Yet, check a little further down in this column where our President is sending cash and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt.  Talk about a “cluster”.  Changes had better be made pretty soon, folks!



So, why pass a bill like they want to, when signing it would only increase the problem?


Obama and his allies in the Senate are trying to pass a bill that grants amnesty to MILLIONS of illegal aliens but does not secure the border.




While watching TV on Tuesday night, it was said that 98% of the shootings in New York City are done by minorities.  80% are by blacks.  Why is this?



On the appointment of Susan Rice to "National Security Advisor" - this was found on Facebook:


"Obama knows he will get grief for this, but he is willing to have this talked about rather than his other scandals. This is a mere diversion."




"Just another GAME, to throw the attention another direction?"


And, watching the news on Wednesday evening, and the Susan Rice appointment (which really can’t be challenged, ya know) I said to the wife:  “Don’t be surprised if Bozo tries to get Rice to run for President in 2016, especially since things between the Obama and Clinton families have kind of gone down hill”.




Mr. Fred Thompson, he who once attempted a run for President, has been hawking the “values” of Reverse Mortgages, on TV.  I wonder if he would do that if he had been elected.  And on that subject – Revere Mortgages, why do I hear so much against them, yet he’s in favor of people using them?







Hey, hope ya don’t mind me sneaking a video in here, but it was nice to see these two together, again









Coming up:



Taken, in part, off of Facebook:


Orange County Fair speedway's 2013 Nostalgia night is June 8th. Hope the weather is great and all can make it. Please spread the word. Drivers that said they will be here; Carl Van Horn, Frankie Schneider, Bobby & Steve Bottcher,Gerald Chamberlain, Carl Reynolds, Jerry Wilson, Hank Goranson, Del buss, Rich Eurich, Bob Schmitt, Bob Schoenberger, Steve Makocy, Ed Davis, Stan Sherman, Joe Romer, Sam Rogers Sr and Jr, Ron and Scott Goodrich, Ed Stevens, Lou Inezo, Rich Marenelli, Red Muir, Loren Holland Sr, Bruce Quinn,Ed D'Angelo,George Van der Wall and we are still waiting to hear back from other drivers.


Note:  Twice I’ve attempted to get more info as to whether there have been any additions to the list and in both instances no response.  They’ve even taken my messages off of their Facebook page.  Nice, huh?


Also, with NASCAR at Pocono, I wonder if Buzzie Reutimann might be in attendance.  I can’t remember when he missed one.


As for the forecast, there is a rain date for Nostalgia Night – August 3rd.



Free INDYCAR Test - Pocono

Thursday, July 4


We're opening the gates, for FREE, to the IZOD IndyCar Series open test at Pocono Raceway on Thursday, July 4th!

Come see breathtaking speeds as every IndyCar Series driver entered will be testing from approximately 10 am - 4 pm ET!

Parking information, updates on drivers testing and more will be updated as the event draws closer!

Tickets to the July 7 Pocono INDCYAR 400, marking the first time "The Tricky Triangle" has hosted an open-wheel event in 24 years, start at $25. All Kid's Tickets (ages 12 and under) across our entire Grandstand are half-off! To purchase tickets visit www.poconoraceway.com or call the number below.


1-800-RACEWAY (722-3929)

Ticket Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm ET



Indycar races at Pocono on July 7th – a 400 mile race.




Going back in time:


On June 6th in:



Bill Puterbaugh ... Born ... A former driver in the USAC Sprint & Championship Car series. He raced in the 1967-1971 and 1975-1977, and 1979 seasons, with 31 career starts, including the 1975-1977 Indianapolis 500. He finished in the top ten 11 times, with his best finish in 6th position in 1968 at Springfield and in 1969 at Sacramento. His 7th place finish in the 1975 Indianapolis 500 earned him Rookie of the Year.



Louis Chevrolet... Died ... AAA driver 1905 to 1923. He was a co-founder (with William C. Durant) of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, which was acquired by General Motors and is their bestselling brand nationwide and in many cases synonymous with General Motors itself. Louis also competed in the Indianapolis 500 four times, with a best finish of 7th in 1919. Younger brother Gaston won there in 1920 in a car Louis built, and brother Arthur also competed twice.



Tommy Hinnershitz won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race at the Williams Grove Speedway,Mechanicsburg, PA



Ray Janelle won the AAA Midget race at the Westboro Speedway, Westboro,MA



Johnnie Parsons won the AAA Eastern Sprint Car race over Tommy Hinnershitz at the Morristown Speedway, Morristown, NJ.



Chuck Stevenson won the AAA Indy Car Rex Mays 100 Mile Race at the "Milwaukee Mile in "West Allis, WI. Manuel Ayulo was second followed by Jimmy Reece, Jack McGrath and Pat O'Connor.

Bob Slater won the IMCA Sprint Car race at the Iowa State Fair Speedway, Des Moines, IA



Johnny Roberts won the USAC Midget race at the Springfield Speedway, Springfield,IL

Chuck Arnold won the ARDC Midget race at the Orange County Fair Speedway, Middletown,NY

Dick Brown won the ARDC Midget race at the Freeport Speedway, Freeport,NY



Bobby Marshman won the ARDC Midget race at the Danbury Fairgrounds, Danbury,CT



Parnelli Jones , in the J.C. Agajanian Lotus RE/Ford, won the USAC Indy Car Rex Mays 100 Mile Race at the "Milwaukee Mile in "West Allis, WI. Joe Leonard was second followed by Jim McElreath , Mario Andretti and Mickey Rupp .



Al Unser won the USAC Indy Car Rex Mays 150 Mile Race at the "Milwaukee Mile in "West Allis, WI. Joe Leonard was second followed by Billy Vukovich , Wally Dallenbach and Art Pollard .



Tom Bigelow won the 40 lap USAC Sprint car race over Pancho Carter, Larry Dickson, Bubby Jones and Chuck Gurney at the Terre Haute Action Track , Terre Haute,IN



Arnie Knepper... Died ... USAC driver 1950's to 1983. He drove Midgets, Sprints and the USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1963-1972 seasons, with 75 career starts, including the 1965-1969 Indianapolis 500 races. He finished in the top ten 21 times, with his best finish in 3rd position twice in 1966.



Dale Earnhardt wins the Budweiser 500 over Dale Jarrett at the Dover International Speedway , Dover , DE.



Terry Labonte wins the Pontiac Excitement 400 over Dale Jarrett at the Richmond International Raceway , Richmond , VA.



Bobby Labonte wins the MBNA Platinum 400 over Jeff Gordon at the Dover International Speedway , Dover , DE.



Mark Martin wins the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup MBNA 400 "A Salute to Heroes" over Tony Stewart at the Dover International Speedway , Dover , DE.




Is this true?


I found this over on the Track Forum:


“Am I imagining this?

I can't figure out where I read this, but....


The story is that one year in the early 80's, the IMS museum brought the #99 Belanger Special to the Hoosier 100. The old car was started up and driven around the track by Jack Hewitt after time trials had been completed.

After some laps, Hewitt observed that the car was fully warmed up, and proceeded to run the old car at full racing speed for a full lap! Someone noticed that the clocks were still running and

noted the lap time... tenth fastest of the day! The people from the museum were not amused... officially.”


Note:  I would not be surprised to see more on this thread.  For some weird reasons, I can’t post responses over on the TF.  It shows I’m logged in, shows I can post, but no one can tell me why I can’t.


Here ya go:


I've seen every Hoosier 100 since 1981 (and 77 & 78) and I do not remember Hewitt driving the Belanger 99 at the Fairgrounds. I saw every Hulman 100 from 1985-1995 and I don't remember it being there then either.


I can't imagine the Belanger car being run at the Hoosier Hundred. The IMS museum generally only displays their cars if they take them somewhere (Goodwood being an exception); they don't even fire up the engines. And the Belanger has been sitting in the museum for decades with 60+ year old glazed pavement tires that wouldn't work on dirt at all.


You may have heard a story about the John Zink Champ car being run at the Hoosier Hundred in somewhat recent years. It's been at least a decade but the car was run at the ISF and I think that Lloyd Ruby may have been the driver. Whenever it happened several people told me that the driver apparently got the car up to some pretty serious speeds on the straights. Maybe someone here remembers something about this.


I don't believe that the old guy at the museum would ever allow anything close to that being done with one of his charges.


Are there any type of dirt car vintage races?


Every dirt car race is a vintage race technologically.


Well, I just went back and read the Circle Track feature on the Belanger special from the mid-1980's and it was apparently not that car. I'll keep going back through my mags until I find it. Don't wait up for me,

I have literally HUNDREDS of car magazines! However, I suspect it was in Circle Track or Open Wheel in the 1980's. Maybe I'll get lucky & find it sooner rather than later.






Found on Jayski’s website:



Keselowski fails post-race inspection: According to media members at Dover, #2-Keselowski failed post-race inspection because his Ford was too low in the front. The car will be further examined at the NASCAR Research & Development Center. Penalties are typically announced on Tuesdays. Earlier this year #56-Truex, Jr. was penalized 6 points when his car was too low after the Texas race.(6-2-2013)


UPDATE: Brad Keselowski and Penske Racing face potential penalties after the front end of the #2 Ford was found to be too low in inspection following Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Dover International Speedway. Keselowski finished fifth in the race to move up two spots to eighth in the standings. If penalized, it would be the second time this season. Keselowski was docked 25 points after NASCAR discovered an unapproved rear end housing before the April race at Texas.(ESPN)(6-3-2013)



#2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Team Penalized For Violation: Penalties have been handed down to the #2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team following last Sunday's race at Dover International Speedway. The #2 car was found to have violated Sections 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4J (any determination by NASCAR officials that the race equipment used in the event does not conform to NASCAR rules); and 20-12.8.1B (the car failed to meet the minimum front car heights during post-race inspection) of the 2013 rule book. As a result of this violation, crew chief Paul Wolfe has been fined $25,000 and will remain on NASCAR probation until Dec. 31. The team has also been docked six championship driver (Brad Keselowski) and six championship car owner (Roger Penske) points.(NASCAR)(6-4-2013)





Allmendinger running NNS races for Penske, back in #51 at Pocono: AJ Allmendinger is set to drive in two NASCAR Nationwide Series races for Penske Racing. Penske Racing announced Saturday it plans to put Allmendinger in road course events at Road America on June 22 and the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on Aug. 17. This weekend, Allmendinger is driving in the Detroit Grand Prix races and insists he doesn't have a preference between IndyCar and NASCAR racing. "I'm just happy to have the opportunity to drive something," he said before a first-lap crash ended his race Saturday. Allmendinger has driven a limited NASCAR schedule since being suspended for a failed drug test last year. Penske fired him but gave him another chance in IndyCar. "There's nothing I could do to come even close to repaying him," Allmendinger said. "So, I just try to give everything I've got and hopefully it's enough."(Associated Press)

AND: according to MRN's Dustin Long, "Phoenix Racing confirms that AJ Allmendinger will be back in the 51 next weekend at Pocono."(6-2-2013)



Kahne not planning to pay back Busch: #18-Kyle Busch admitted he would understand if #5-Kasey Kahne spun him out at some point in retaliation for wrecks earlier this Sprint Cup season. But it appears Busch doesn't have too much to worry about. Kahne and Busch have battled for the lead and position several times in the Nationwide Series the last two weeks. And nothing happened. In the Nationwide Series race Saturday at Dover International Speedway, Busch, on fresher tires, easily passed Kahne for the lead on lap 129. Then after Busch took four tires and restarted 10th with 34 laps remaining, his rally was cut short in part because of a long side-by-side battle with Kahne for seventh. There were plenty of times Kahne could have just blocked or made Busch's life miserable. He didn't. He raced Busch hard, but clean. Was there any thought of payback? "It never has been (in my nature)I just race hard," Kahne said. "Kyle races hard. We've never had problems in the past. His were mistakes. If I were ever to hit him, it would be a mistake myself. I'm going to race him all year. It is just what we're going to do every Sunday and Saturday."(Sporting News)(6-2-2013)



Hamlin says Pocono has changed with repave: Denny Hamlin says the recent repaving of the 2.5-mile triangular track, where the Cup series races next week and Aug. 4, has taken away the edge he had there. "We had a leg up& we had two legs up on everyone when we went there with the old pavement," Hamlin said. "I think now we're better than average, but we're not the best anymore at that track. But it's definitely a place that we have performed well. Even after it got paved we still performed pretty well. Yeah, it is a track I look forward to ... Really, for me, I think that when they changed the track and they paved it, it changed everything. It really was like a whole new race track. Same with Kansas and Michigan -- all of these tracks, as soon as they pave them, they took one track and they just really threw it out and you've got a whole other surface, new setups, new way of driving style every single time. I think that's the challenge for us. We've got to really learn that race track again." Because passing is more difficult on the new Pocono surface, track position will be crucial. That may be good news for Hamlin, who will be trying for his third straight Sprint Cup pole next weekend at the Tricky Triangle.(NASCAR Wire Service)(6-2-2013)



HANS co-founder pushing for safety everywhere: The co-founder of HANS performance products has called on sanctioning bodies in all levels of racing to become more educated in proper use of safety equipment. While NASCAR and IndyCar have both made significant safety advancements over the last decade, Jim Downing said he's concerned about drivers in all forms of auto racing. A sprint car driver in Bloomington, Ind. and two Dwarf car drivers competing near Reno, Nevada were killed by accidents during the Memorial Day weekend and a 12-year-old girl suffered critical head and neck injuries in a quarter midget racing accident in Graham, Wash. "It's not news that weekend warriors are often at greater risk when it comes critical or fatal injuries than pro drivers in major series," Downing said. "All of us in the motor racing safety business are aware that sanctioning bodies, track promoters, car builders and drivers need to put a greater focus on safety on the short tracks, road courses and drag strips where many competitors race each weekend." HANS Performance Products will publish a Best Practices presentation later this summer for use by sanctioning bodies, track promoters, safety personnel and competitors. Focused on information about the proper use of seat belts, helmets and Head and Neck Restraints, the presentation is entitled "15 Minutes Could Save Your Life."(Associated Press)(6-2-2013)



Chinese company buys Smithfield Foods: Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. has agreed to buy Smithfield Foods Inc. for approximately $4.72 billion, the largest acquisition of a U.S. company by a Chinese company. Hong Kong-based Shuanghui owns a variety of global businesses that include food, logistics and flavoring products and is the majority shareholder in China's largest meat processing enterprise. Smithfield, the world's biggest pork producer, owns brands such as Armour, Farmland and its namesake. Both companies' boards have unanimously approved the transaction, which still needs approval from Smithfield's shareholders. The transaction may also be subject to review by the U.S.'s Committee on Foreign Investment, which evaluates the potential national security effects of transactions. The process typically includes a 30-day initial review, followed by a 45-day investigation before making a recommendation to the president. Smithfield's stock will no longer be publicly traded once the deal closes.

Under the agreement, there will be no closures at Smithfield's facilities and locations, including its Smithfield, Va., headquarters in the historic southeastern Virginia town of about 8,100 where it was founded in 1936, the companies said. Smithfield's existing management team will remain in place and Shuanghui also will honor the collective bargaining agreements with Smithfield workers. The company has about 46,000 employees.(Associated Press), no word how or if this will affect the sponsorship of the #43 Richard Petty Motorsports team and driver Aric Almirola.(5-29-2013)



Stolen vehicles siezed from Harmon's garage: Rowan County Sheriff's deputies are watching NASCAR driver Mike Harmon closely, after recovering two cars and five trucks from his two garages Tuesday afternoon. Deputies say Harmon stole the cars from racer Jennifer Jo Cobb at the end of last year. The vehicles were seized from Harmon's shop in Mooresville, and from a storage facility in Catawba County, officials told WBTV. Harmon was arrested two weeks ago in a separate incident, also involving Cobb. Authorities say Harmon broke into Cobb's Mooresville headquarters, and stole her hauler to transport cars and trucks. WBTV spoke with Harmon just moments after he posted bail on the initial charge. "I've never stolen as much as a piece of bubble gum. To be arrested for a felony is ridiculous," Harmon said. Last week, a judge ordered Harmon to stay away from Cobb, though the two both say they plan to finish this year's racing season. As of Tuesday night, Harmon had not been charged for the seven vehicles, and Cobb's hauler was still missing.(WBTV)(5-28-2013)



Johnson disapproves of penalty call: With seven wins at the track, #48-Jimmie Johnson is used to being out in front at Dover. This time it cost him. Johnson's drive for a record eighth win on the mile concrete track ended when NASCAR penalized him Sunday for jumping leader #42-Juan Pablo Montoya off the restart with 19 laps left. Johnson finished 17th in a race won by Tony Stewart. Montoya finished second. "There's always a judgment call in pro sports," Johnson said. "Our sport doesn't have many opportunities for that. Today, it did, and the call didn't go my way." NASCAR states that the race leader (Montoya) has to be the first car across the starting line. Johnson got a huge jump on Montoya and refused to give up his position. Montoya also had the responsibility to speed up and be in the lead once the cars leave the restart zone. Johnson said Montoya wasn't driving fast enough.

NASCAR said it was an easy call. "He left early and he didn't give it back like we tell them all the time when that type of thing comes up," said Robin Pemberton, NASCAR's vice president for competition. "It's pretty cut and dried. You can look at the films and the restart zone and where the start was."(Associated Press)(6-3-2013)



Stewart says Addington is not being replaced: #14-Tony Stewart's win in the FedEx 400 gave him an opportunity to squelch rumors of crew chief Steve Addington possibly being replaced. "I was ticked," he said after the race Sunday. "I don't need that crap. I've got enough stuff to worry about, keeping three cars competitive and trying to get them in that state and having to deal with a bunch of bullcrap that's inaccurate and speculation." You might want to talk to the guys that write the checks, the guys that work there, and find out the facts before you guys go throwing darts on the dartboard," he told the media. "I'll be honest, it pissed me off because it was a big distraction to my team, my organization. It kept us from doing our job, because people are hearing humors and reading what you guys write, and it was totally inaccurate and unprofessional in my opinion." A three-time Cup champion, Stewart is expected to regularly compete for wins. He fired crew chief Darian Grubb even though they made the Chase in 2011, and then won the championship together that season. But Stewart seems committed to Addington, who had most recently worked with both the Busch brothers at Joe Gibbs Racing and Penske Racing.(Sporting News)(6-3-2013)




TRD focuses on durability of parts: Toyota Racing Development will introduce upgraded engine parts and make adjustments in power for Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Pocono Raceway to ensure durability moving forward. TRD had engine failures in the cars of contending drivers Matt Kenseth and Martin Truex Jr. last weekend at Dover International Speedway. That brought their total for the season to six, two more than the Ford engines and four more than the Chevrolet engines. TRD senior vice president David Wilson told ESPN.com on Tuesday that four of the failures -- including both at Dover and one the previous week at Charlotte -- were related to the valve train. "We probably pushed a little too hard and we need to put margin back into our engines," Wilson said by phone from TRD headquarters in Costa Mesa, Calif. "What we're doing and focusing on is durability. I have the entire group at TRD putting performance stuff on the backburner and focusing on nothing but durability."(full story at ESPN.com)(6-5-2013)




New look for the #24 Chevy, starting at Pocono: The last time Jeff Gordon visited Pocono Raceway, the #24 Chevy had a great finish. This time he will have the same great finish - just with a different name. In August, Gordon started 27th and worked his way up to sixth before a lap-90 restart. One corner later, he was leading. Contact between the leaders sent the top four either into a spin or out of the groove. Gordon drove the bottom lane to the lead - and to the win since the race never restarted due to rain. The finish on the car that weekend was DuPont Performance Coatings. That business was sold in the first quarter of this year and was re-branded Axalta Coating Systems. So while the name may have changed, Gordon's #24 Chevrolet SS will feature the same great finish in this Sunday's Party in the Poconos 400. Plus, the car will display the bold new Axalta logo. The #24 Axalta Coating Systems Chevrolet SS will feature the familiar FireStorm paint scheme.(Performance PR Plus / HMS), see an image of the scheme on the #24 Team Schemes page.(6-5-2013)






Some racing stuff:


Yahoo! News has had quite a few racing related topics lately.  One of them just came out – the problem with the Penske owned # 2 front end being too low after the Dover race.  Nothing much said in the article, but ya have to read the comments under it.  Yes, people are “up to here” with NASCAR’s fines & penalties.






This week the Cup race is at Pocono.  43 entrants for a 43 car field.  When and where will the first Cup race have less than a full field of 43?





Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:


Might as well start off with what happened at OCFS last Saturday – especially with the Sportsman class – Brian Krummel won.  He  was followed by Anthony Perrego in 2nd, LJ Lombardo in 3rd, Matt Janiak in 4th, Andrew Reeves in 5th, Joe Conklin in 6th, Johnny Illanovsky in 10th, Zack Vavricka in 13th and Joe Falanga in 19th.

Note:  Those are the top 6 I made mention of earlier in the column.

Tim Hndley was 2nd in the Modified feature, with Clinton Mills 5th, Billy VanInwegen 9th, Mike Ruggiero 14th, Danny Creeden 15th – Danny in a Small Block, maybe and RJ Smykla 19th.

Seth Pacella was 8th in the Rookie Sportsman feature.

Brittany Tresch won the CRSA 305 Sprint Car feature, with Danny Hennessey 13th, Josh Pieniazek 15th, Joe Kata 16th, Emily VanInwegen 19th, while BK Rizzo was a DNS.


Mike Mammana was a DNQ at Big Diamond.


Rich Coons was 2nd and Bob Morris 8th in the Sportsman feature at Bethel.


Alex Bell won the Modified feature at Devil’s Bowl.


Kenney Johnson was 5th in the NEMA Lights feature at Lee, then was 12th in the NEMA Lights feature at Seekonk.


Kobly Schroder was 4th, Kyle Armstrong 11th and Bobby Hackel, IV. 15th in the Modified feature at Lebanon Valley.

Tyler Dippel was 15th in the Small Block feature, then was 6th in the Sportsman feature, while John Virgilio was 7th in the Sportsman feature.


Kyle Rohner was 10th in the 602 Sportsman feature at Penn Can.  Joe Kata won the CRSA 305 Sprint Car feature, with Emily VanInwegen 10th and Josh Pieniazek 11th.


Paul Queer was 6th in the wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature at Borgers.


Danny Creeden was 4th and Billy VanInwegen 13th in the Modified feature at Accord.  Anthony Perrego was 4th and Tyler Dippel 13th in the Sportsman feature, while Tyler Boniface was 2nd and Mike Traver 5th in the Spec Sportsman feature.


Roger Coss was 4th in the Modified feature at Mahoning Valley, while Tiffany Wambold was 18th in the Street Stock feature.  Brother, BJ Wambold, was a DNQ.


Brad Szulewski was 15th in the Sportsman feature at 5 Mile.


Davie Franek was 5th in the URC feature at New Egypt.






News from the AARN:



Note:  Don’t forget – if you’re a subscriber to the AARN, you can have the free digital version.  That is available on Tuesday mornings.


From their June 4th edition:


This week the AARN has 80 pages.


Some sad news – two drivers were fatally injured on Saturday, May 25th, at the Reno-Fernley Raceway, in Nevada.  LeRoy Kay, 67, and David Richardson, 63, while racing Dwarf cars on the 1/3 mile dirt track.


Over time, here in the US, there have been quite a few double fatalities in racing.  Eddie Sachs and Dave MacDonald, Roger Larson and Darryl Dawley and Jud Larson and Red Riegel, to name a few.  Two tracks, Salem, IN and Reading, PA have had double fatalities twice.


World wide, there have been thirty-eight recorded accidents that had double fatalities.  Twenty-four were here in the US.


Ageless Mike Colsten made it two wins in a row at Five Mile Point in the modifieds.  Mike, has had health issues – cancer, which he’s fighting.



Ernie Saxton:


Ernie thinks that the exciting Indy 500 will help ticket sales for the Indycar race at Pocono.  I’d like to see that be true.  I’d also like to see a ton of passing, like the 500 had, too, at Pocono.


He, like me, also thinks the 600 mile race at Charlotte is too long.  In fact, I’m beginning to think that a majority of the Cup races are too long.


Ernie talks about the time when Bill Miller put a Buick V8 in his midget, and had his brother, Midge, drive it – and they beat the high buck racers in the ARDC.  Rather than embrace the low dollar engine, the ARDC saw fit to ban it.  Methinks the same is going on today, with the ARDC.  If you want to run with them, I think you’ll need some deep pockets.  Oh, that Buick powered midget – it’s still in Bills garage.



Brett Deyo:


Brett covers some of the happenings last week at the Grandview Speedway.  Last I had heard, Jeff Strunk was taken from the track in Kutztown to a hospital, via an ambulance ride.  Previous to that, he had jammed his neck, while going into the race hauler, resulting in a bulged disc and pinched nerves.  Jeff was involved in an accident at Grandview, on the sixth lap of the modified feature, last week.  Quite a bit being said on the Internet about the “action” at Grandview. 



Don & JoAnn Davies:


One thing they had in their column – the 50/50 amounts these last two weeks at Lebanon Valley - $2,373.00 & $2,260.00.  I guess it pays to have attractive young ladies go continuously throughout the stands selling?  Heck, you no sooner get through the gates to the track, and they’re there selling!



This Week



Covert, Coffey

Open Late Model Speedweek

With Victories



Action Track, USA

Up And Running;

Eckert, Mahaney

Are First SpeedSTR Winners



Engine Woes No Obstacle

To Matt Hirschman

In Winning SKSeekonk Drive

To $5,000



WoO LM Eastern Swing:

McCreadie In Delaware;

Clanton At Stateline



Danny Holtgraver’s Mercer Night:

Two Sprint Races,

Two Sprint Feature Wins



Double Racing Fatality

In Nevada Shocks Racing World



Pat Ward Wins Fulton Saturday

After Emergency Surgery Tuesday



Stewart Smoke ‘Em At Dover

After Johnson’s Gaffe



New Central Pennsy NASCAR Team: 

Kyle Martel Goes Truck Racing



Jeff Gordon Decries Continued

Lack Of SAFER Barriers




Press releases:


Cornwall Motor Speedway to Celebrate Canada Day in Style with Two Nights of DIRTcar Racing

DIRTcar Doubleheader June 30 and July 1 Features Four Traveling Series


CORNWALL, ONTARIO - Monday, June 3, 2013 - Schedule changes at Cornwall Motor Speedway are paving the way for a spectacular Canada Day celebration at the eastern Ontario quarter-mile clay oval. DIRTcar 358-Modified, Sportsman Modified, and Pro Stock Series events originally scheduled to run at the speedway earlier this year have been postponed to Monday, July 1. Coupled with Cornwall's Sunday, June 30, Super DIRTcar Series feature, these two consecutive race nights make for an action-packed holiday weekend.

Due to inclement weather, the May opener for the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series was postponed to an August date. When DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series and DIRTcar Pro Stock Series openers likewise fell to inclement weather Sunday, June 2, track and series officials decided to designate a special reschedule date for all three events. Monday, July 1, Cornwall Motor Speedway gates will open at 1 p.m. to host DIRTcar 358-Modified, Sportsman Modified, and Pro Stock Series, with racing set to begin at 5 p.m. The Canada Day special race night features the first round of Cornwall Motor Speedway's Canadian Nationals.

The preceding night's Super DIRTcar Series event remains unchanged.

For more information about the Cornwall Motor Speedway schedule or for information about tickets, visit www.cornwallspeedway.com or call (613) 938-3945. For the complete, most up-to-date DIRTcar Northeast Region Series schedules, visit http://www.dirtcarump.com/schedule/10844-2


Evans Bus Lines Super DIRTcar Series 100-lap Big Block Modified Event

DATE: Sunday, June 30

GATES OPEN: 5:30 p.m.


DIVISIONS: Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds plus Sportsman, Semi Pro, and Mini Stock

WHERE: Cornwall Motor Speedway, Civic #16981, Cornwall Centre Rd., Long Sault, Ontario

DIRTcar 358-Modified, Sportsman Modified, and Pro Stock Series

DATE: Monday, July 1

GATES OPEN: 1 p.m.


DIVISIONS: DIRTcar 358-Modified Series, DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series, DIRTcar Pro Stock Series

WHERE: Cornwall Motor Speedway, Civic #16981, Cornwall Centre Rd., Long Sault, Ontario

The Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing in the Northeast Region are brought to fans by several sponsors and partners including Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, Chevy Performance Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, and Safety-Kleen. Promotional partners include the University of Northwestern Ohio. Contingency sponsors are ASI, Beyea Headers, Bicknell Racing Products, Bilstein Shocks, Brodix, ButlerBuilt, Cometic Gasket, Comp Cams, Edelbrock, Integra Shocks, Intercomp, JE Pistons, JRI Shocks, Klotz Synthetic Lubricants, KSE Racing Products, Motorsports Safety Systems, MSD Performance, Penske Shocks, Racing Electronics, Superflow, TNT Rescue, and Wrisco Industries.




I get e-mails:







“Your children's children will live under Communism.  You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won't accept Communism outright; but we'll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism.  We won't have to fight you; WE'LL SO WEAKEN YOUR ECONOMY, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands."


Nikita Khruschev, 1959







Then there was this one about A.J. Foyt:


Indianapolis, IN -- Coming into last weekend's Indianapolis 500 Izod IndyCar race, four-time race winner A.J. Foyt was at the top of the heap again, with his driver, Japan's Takuma Sato and Foyt's team leading the series standings after a lengthy drought. Foyt's team hadn't won since 2002 nor been tops in points since 1998. But while three-time winners Helio Castroneves and Dario Franchitti were attempting to tie Foyt's (and Al Unser Sr. and Rick Mears') record with a win, Foyt had earlier chimed in that today's drivers can't hold a candle to Foyt and his earlier contemporaries.

In comments published in Saturday's Arizona Republic, Foyt was quoted by writer Michael Knight, noting "I don't want to be smart-assed...but you've got these drivers today who are a flash in the pan." Foyt explained that "(fans) followed me, Parnelli (Jones), Al and Bobby Unser, Mario (Andretti) for many, many years. We run midgets and sprint cars about every week, all over the country ... that's what built our fan base." Foyt went on to add, "Some of these boys today probably say: 'We could have beat him or Parnelli any day of the week.' Well, I've got news for them: They probably couldn't even carry our helmet bags."

That's presuming drivers back then could even afford a helmet bag. While many current top drivers race less than did the multi-discipline drivers of Foyt's era, it's mainly due to contract limitations restricting their appearance in other series in exchange for multi-million dollar guarantees. Knight's article noted that "Foyt said his generation was hungrier. Literally."

"We had to run," said Foyt. "If we didn't, we had no money. We couldn't eat or feed our children. After Indy i would go run a sprint-car race. People thought I was nuts. That's the difference in racing today." Never a wallflower, Foyt exuded the confidence required to be a champion when he stated, "I'm just glad to be named amongst the great race drivers....I did win a lot of very important races (including the Daytona 500 and Le Mans). To win, you've got to want to win, and I wanted to win very bad. Once you've won, second's no good."

Following Tony Kanaan's win in the 500, there would be no new member of the four-timer club, as Franchitti's crash forced a final-laps caution, and Castroneves ended 6th. As for A.J. Foyt Racing, his drivers Sato and Conor Daly finished 13th and 22nd, respectively. Sato is now 2nd in the point standings behind Marco Andretti.






Found on Facebook:


British schools drop Holocaust from history lessons so as not to offend Muslims



DETROIT (AP) - A defiant Chrysler is refusing to recall about 2.7 million Jeeps the government says are at risk of a fuel tank fire in a rear-end collision.



The South Carolina state House passed a bill Wednesday that declares President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to be “null and void,” and criminalizes its implementation.

The state’s Freedom of Health Care Protection Act intends to “prohibit certain individuals from enforcing or attempting to enforce such unconstitutional laws; and to establish criminal penalties and civil liability for violating this article.”




The wife of the former IRS chief was directly working for the Obama campaign during the Tea Party attack. Insanity.


This isn't just a "scandal". This is more proof that the entire IRS system is corrupt to the core. It's a political weapon aimed at you.




Stand With Arizona (and Against Illegal Immigration)

Last week he gave aid and comfort to the Muslim Brotherhood (or worse) in Syria, and posed for photos with a "rebel" kidnapper. This week he is disgracing Arizona once again by showing sympathy with the IRS!

That's right, the increasingly deranged John McCain this morning said we should "wait and see" before bringing in a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS, despite countless lies and concealed evidence by officials such as Lois Lerner and Douglas Shulman. Just one day after IRS Cincinnati workers said that they were ordered to target right-leaning groups by Washington, McCain actually said: "Certainly when you look at the people that were targeted, it might be something different than accidental". GEE, YA THINK?

Arizona can't take this anymore. PLEASE Juan McLame, resign TODAY, or seek the mental health treatment you so clearly require.


Note:  I’d like to know what in the hell has happened with McLain, too.  Seems he’s getting brain fade, daim bramage or brain farts, for sure!



Obama's administration has promised to ignore congress and sign a UN gun-control treaty, to "stop terrorists" from getting arms.


Meanwhile, Obama continues to dump cash and military weapons onto the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that the Obama administration would sign a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulations even though there has been a bipartisan rejection of the bill in Congress. The concern that both parties have is that the treaty would lead to new gun control measures in the U.S. in yet another anti-constitution attack.


Despite these concerns from both parties, Kerry told the U.N. in a written statement that the U.S. “welcomes” the next phase for the treaty. He also underhandedly affirmed that “we look forward to signing it as soon as the process of conforming the official translations is completed satisfactorily”.



New York lawmakers have passed legislation today to suspend the licenses of young drivers for 60 days when they're caught texting or using a hand-held cell phone while on the road. This is in addition to the 5 points on your license and up to 400 dollar fine that went into effect this past weekend for all drivers no matter the age. A second offense would suspend your license for 6 months. This is in addition to the driver assessment penalty that all drivers will face for a second offense within 18 months. This makes New York's cell phone law one of the toughest in the nation.


Note:  Sad thing is, even though licenses get taken away, a good portion of those that have lost them continue to drive.





Found on the Internet:


So my wife just called me at work to tell me that we got letters from the city of Indianapolis telling us that we are in violation for having a boat and enclosed trailer in our driveway, Has anyone else had to deal with this and what did you do to take care of it.


Note:  Remember when this really wasn’t a problem?




Some non-racing stuff:


Cincinnati IRS employee: Washington was ‘basically throwing us underneath the bus’


Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/06/02/cincinnati-irs-employee-washington-was-basically-throwing-us-underneath-the-bus/#ixzz2V737w4S5






Link:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-peace/2013/06/02/rand-criticizes-mccain






Link:  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/08/03/Obama-administration-paves-the-way-for-sharia-law





Morning Bell: Obamacare’s Negative Impact on Seniors


In part:  "The Medicare program that provides health insurance to seniors faces a dire financial future. And Obamacare is making it worse."


Link:  http://blog.heritage.org/2013/06/03/morning-bell-obamacares-negative-impact-on-seniors/





Video time – Music:


The late Big Al Downing had a song – “Mr. Jones” that I really enjoyed listening to.  Try to find a video of him showing him singing the entire song!  But, I did find the song by another entertainer – one I had never heard of – Roly Daniels.  He considers himself to be Irish, but he was born in India.

Check him out, here:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zYbp4XUoZ0


And how about a whole concert by the Highwaymen – Willie, Johnny, Waylon and Kris?






Video time – racin’ stuff:


Sammy Swindell vs push truck at Lernerville, PA




Some Northeast dirt racing:











Note:  The photos are not available on Dirt Track Digest, only on New England Tractor - http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/


Two for ya this week – the “Nostalgia Night” shirts for OCFS.  “Nostalgia Night” is this coming Saturday.  It’s one of the few nights that have a rain date – for Nostalgia Night, that is.  It’s August 3rd. 

Dave Morehouse will have his trailer there and some extra help this Saturday, just to take care of the shirt sales.

Shirt front:


Shirt back:





Closing with these:


Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl

Whispered to her mother,

'Why is the bride dressed in white?''

The mother replied, 'Because white is the color

of happiness,

and today is the happiest day of her life.'

The child thought about this for a moment then said,

'So why is the groom wearing black?'


A police recruit was asked during the exam,

'What would you do if you had to arrest your own


He answered, 'Call for backup.'




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