Racin' & Different Stuff:

                                      By Tom Avenengo

                                         Volume # 134



Weather forecast as of Wednesday evening via AccuWeather:

Accord:  Thurs:  Colder and a few showers 49 degrees

                Fri:  Breezy with rain 51 degrees

OCFS & OVRP:  Fri:  Breezy with rain 52 degrees

                             Sat:  Partly Sunny, breezy high 51, low 39

The Valley:  Fri:  Breezy with rain 47 degrees.

                     Sat:  Partly Sunny, breezy high 50, low 31

Fonda:  Fri:  Breezy with rain 49 degrees

             Sat:  Partly Sunny, breezy high 50, low 31







Well, it’s starting to warm up a little.  Of course, for my area, for this coming week, showers are forecast for Thursday through Saturday.  Figures.

I took in some of the practice at OCFS last Saturday.  Since I have a hard time going down the steps in the half covered stands, I opted to stand at the first turn end of the covered stands.  I was a little surprised to see hand rails in the first turn bleachers.  Now if they could only get them put on the half covered.

With no announcer, it was near impossible to know who was in some of the cars.  Hey, it was a free show – I should complain?  The track was quite dusty, and watering it did not seem to help much.  Video I’ve seen kinda makes it look like not too much was done to the racing surface.





Keeping with my visit to OCFS – most entrances were closed due to something going on in the arena – some kind of home builders’ auction, I think it was.  Usually I go in right next to the speedway office.  This time I went in via the entrance up near Carpenter Avenue.  OMG!  Talk about a not so well kept piece of roadway!  Believe it or not, when I left (gates still closed) I opted to leave via the road that goes from the pits to Carpenter Avenue.  Doing so allowed me to see all the work that was done for the new pit area outside of turns 3 & 4 – something that will NOT be happening now.

It’s being said that the Moto cross track will now be where the new pit area was going to be.  Also, it’s being said that the “Small track” will now also be outside of 3 & 4.  Hmm, I wonder just how big it might be?  Personally, I feel the small track they had last year was too small.  Just wondering that IF either opens up in 2013, where will spectators sit, eat and relieve themselves?  A possible problem with the area that has been cleared off – rain & wet weather.  If you recall, last week, in my column there was this:  “BTW...One of the track maintenance truck sunk to the axle in the new pit area that will be the new Motorcross area.”





Still with OCFS:  Quite a few rumors floating around about the why’s and why nots of the pit area remaining inside the track, and not moved outside of it.  Those always needed “Permits”, the high cost, no money for a fence to enclose the new pit area, if electrical work was planned for the new pit area, might all the electrics on the fairgrounds have to be up-dated, the EMPA and the cutting down of trees.  The list goes on.  And I’ve also heard that now the track has to pay all the taxes on the property, with no outside help (as in the past?).  Keep in mind, the 4-H’ers have pulled out of the fair and went to another place in the county.  The track is being kept running in order to pay the taxes.  Again, I must stress – rumors, folks!  Some just MIGHT be true.





A rather interesting thread on the Dirt Track Digest Forum about “Track charging for ambulance service” – mainly about how the Accord Speedway has gone to another ambulance service rather than the one they’ve used since I don’t know when.  Because of that, the speedway is charging an additional $2.00 to those that are entering the pit area, to cover the cost.  Back when I was doing the race reporting for OVRP’s Dirt Oval, I was approached by quite a few parents and racers, to check out abut having an ambulance on the grounds when we raced.  It ain’t cheap, folks, believe me!  Sure, most said they’d chip in some bucks to have the ambulance in attendance.  But what if one that did not chip in had to make use of the ambulance?  The real killer was that a CONTRACT would have to be signed.  That I found would be quite difficult, especially when maybe not all would want to chip in.  And what if enough wasn’t chipped in on a given night to cover the cost?  And, with a contract, I imagine a certain figure would have had to been paid every week – and what if enough people didn’t chip in.  No, I did not get ambulance service for the track.

Link:  http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/DTD/index.php?/topic/46941-track-charging-for-ambulance-coverage/




Some little stuff:

At Martinsville last Sunday, there was a real good rendition of our National Anthem.

NEMA had 17 Midgets at Waterford last Sunday and 17 NEMA Lights on Saturday.

New Egypt had 19 Small Block Mods on Saturday, 25 Sportsman and 23 Street Stocks.

Bridgeport had 29 Big Block Mods, 23 Sportsman, 9 Rookies and 17 “Outlaw” Stocks.

Canandaigua had 35 Big Block Mods.

Big Diamond had 36 Mods.

Last week, Fonda had 36 Modifieds and 37 Sportsman in their pit area.


I don’t normally watch basketball, but over this past weekend I did watch a couple of games. The college mens game on Saturday night – the second half – 20 minutes of playing time, started at 10:30 PM.  It took a whole hour to play those 20 minutes.  Time outs, commercials, and what not, took 40 minutes.  Kinda ridiculous, in my way of thinking.





Promoters Predict the Future




Note:  I like this post:  ""Size: We were always surprised at how many of those who sought our advice had already decided to build a half mile...we discouraged the idea...(due to) higher costs for land, construction and maintenance. The shorter tracks were less expensive and had one big advantage that few builders had thought about: The racing action was concentrated in a smaller area- in other words, easier to watch and more entertaining."







Some possible happenings in Port Jervis, N.Y. – where I live:


Remote-control model car track in works for Port




Note:  Do not believe the very last part of the article.  They do not have a 170 foot slot car track.



Use of Elks Park requested for long board race




Note:  I’ve been on that road up to and down from Elks Park.  There are some real wickedly sharp turns on some pretty good downgrades.  Miss a turn (as it is now) and you’re ending up in the trees.  Turns like what one might find on the way up Pikes Peak or racing F-1 at Monaco, except this is a racing down hill event.






Dirt Motorsports Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Announced


Frank Cozze, Mike McLaughlin and Blackie Watt To Be Inducted







Not racing related, but:

Lone Star College stabbing: At least 14 wounded, suspect in custody




Note:  OK, I'm waiting for a huge outcry for the banning of X-acto knives now!




NTSB: Pilot's texting contributed to copter crash




Note:  Who would have thought???  Oh – this happened a couple of years ago.  News just came out.






TRUCKS: Format Announced For Inaugural Truck Event At Eldora





Note:  I read what was said, including the comments, below the article.  Funny how some "race fans" are so damned ignorant, isn't it?  Nowhere did I see whether it will be televised on SPEED or if it will be a PPV deal.  If PPV, I think I'll pass.


Also, some neat postings on DTD, too, with how most don’t like certain things about this event.









OCFS pits




Note:   More interesting postings about the pit area not being moved now.






Ultra Ever Dry – a new product that protects most everything.  Go to link, below, then click on video in upper right and be amazed!  Would be greatly put to use on cars that race on dirt tracks when the track is muddy!








While watching TV & the news on NBC on Tuesday evening, towards the end of the newscast there was a segment about Island Park, L.I., its Little League, and how all their equipment was totally ruined by Super Storm Sandy.  Those that are involved with the team had to, more or less, beg for USED equipment so they could play ball this season.  I looked over at my wife and in a rather pizzed off tone, asked why someone like “A-ROID” didn’t step up and get NEW equipment for the kids.  One would think that as over paid pro athletes are, for not producing, that they’d swallow some of their pride a little and help out kids like those in Island Park.






Message on the Accord Speedway website:


“Dear Drivers, Car Owners and Fans,


Unfortunately the Kerhonkson-Accord First Aid Squad will be unable to provide ambulance coverage for us this season.  KAFS have been loyal speedway supporters and we thank them for 12 years of excellent service.


We have been diligently trying to get another municipality to provide coverage but for various reasons beyond our control have been unsuccessful. Arrangements have been made with a private ambulance company but this has caused the expense to more than triple.


Because of this we are forced to charge an ambulance surcharge of $2 for each person entering the pits on top of the pit entry fee.  The safety of our drivers and fans is one of our top priorities and we appreciate your understanding of the situation.”


Note:  I’m wondering if this “Private Ambulance Company” will have two ambulances on duty at the track, especially if they are headquartered quite a distance from Accord, and an ambulance has to take a trip to a hospital?  Or, are they close enough and have the man power to get another ambulance to the track in a timely fashion?






Jeff Lambert posted a link to some OCFS program covers on Pete Kessler’s Victory Speedway Forum – covers from 1968 up to the present (last years ESW).  If interested, check them out, here:








Indy Car tire test at Pocono:


Wish I had known of this last week so I could have posted info on it.  It was yesterday, Wednesday.


Laps at Pocono like 'Nazareth on steroids' – Marco Andretti





Note:   More videos in my video section further down in the column.







An interesting read on an article penned by Adam Buchanan, who is one of the announcers at the Brewerton and Fulton Speedways, and his trip to Williams Grove and Selinsgrove last weekend to see some Sprint Car racing.  He, in the past, had considered Sprint Car racing to be an “afterthought”.  After his trip to Pennsylvania, he’s changed his way of thinking.




Note:  Now if Adam had only been around “Back in the day” when the Sprint Cars had no wings and the drivers did not have to flat foot it all the way around the track, but actually drive the cars by letting off and then getting back on it again.  Yeah, yeah, I know, Sprint Cars are so much faster with those “crutches”.  Sometimes speed does not give the best racing, in my way of thinking – compare the racing action at OCFS & Accord, as an example.







Hinchliffe Stadium, Paterson, N.J. – Racing Expo:


In the past, it was on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.  From what I’ve heard, they are working on having another one this coming Labor Day Weekend.  Will keep you posted.







Found on the OCFS website:


OCFS Race Cars on Display

Posted: April 8th, 2013


OCFS Race Cars on Display

Monday, April 15th from 6pm - 9pm

Subway @ Caldor Plaza

Stop by, grab a sandwich and check out the cars







Going back in time:


On April 11th in:



Ralph Hepburn... Born ... A pioneer of American motorcycle racing champion from 1914 to 1924 and a AAA and Indianapolis 500 racecar driver from 1924 to 1948.




Al Keller... Born ... Keller participated in the NASCAR "Strictly Stock"/"Grand National" (predecessors to the current Sprint Cup) series from 1949 to 1956 with 29 career starts. He won two races during the 1954 season and was the first driver in the history of NASCAR's top division to have won a race in a foreign-built car, winning the 1954 Grand National road-race at the Linden Airport in New Jersey, driving a Jaguar. In 1954 Keller began a transition to champ cars. He drove in the AAA and USAC Championship Car series, racing in the 1954-1959 and 1961 seasons with 32 starts, including the Indianapolis 500 races in all but the first of those years. He finished in the top ten 13 times, with his best finish in 2nd position, in 1956 at Atlanta and in 1961 at Milwaukee. His best Indy finish was 5th in 1961. Al Keller also drove ARDC Midgets.



National Hot Rod Association holds its first sanctioned drag racing event, at Pomona, California.



Marvin Panch drove his Wood Brothers Ford to a wire-to-wire win in a caution free 100 mile NASCAR Grand National race on the 1/2 mile dirt Asheville-Weaverville Speedway in Weaverville, North Carolina. It was the second race in the '64 season Panch had led every lap. Panch finished a lap ahead of Junior Johnson in the Ray Fox Dodge.

Note:  Yes, they ran dirt back in the day!



Marvin Panch put a lap on the field in his Wood Brothers Ford, then turned the car over to relief driver A.J. Foyt who led to the checkered in the NASCAR GN 'Atlanta 500' at Atlanta International Raceway. Bobby Johns made up a lap late in the race to finish 2nd in a Holman-Moody Ford, 2 seconds behind Foyt.



David Pearson won a record tying 4th straight NASCAR GN race by taking the 200 lap race on the 1/4 mile paved Bowman-Gray Stadium oval in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Pearson's win tied Billy Wade's record for consecutive GN wins. Tom Pistone drove his independent Ford to second, on the lead lap. Pearson's Cotton Owens Dodge was a former "show" car which Owens had re-acquired, feeling point leader Pearson needed another car at his disposal.

Note:  No "Cookie Cutter mile and a half tracks back then!






Coming up:


Opening night is April 12th.  I see that Brett Hearn has Accord on his schedule for that night.  Opening night at Accord is always the Scott Harvey Memorial race.

Note:  Not looking too good, weather wise, for opening night at the “Big A”.



Opening night is April 13th, with $3,000.00 going to the modified feature winner.

Note # 1:  Per a message on the OCFS website, new times for admittance to the pits will be 4:00 PM.  New times for admittance to the stands and drive-in will be 5:00 PM.



Hamlin Speedway:

Has “Bug Day” on April 13th, and their opening night is April 20th.



Bethel Motor Speedway:

Has two practice days – April 13th and 20th.  Their season starts on April 27th.



Lebanon Valley Speedway:

Opening night of racing is April 13th, with $3,000.00 going to the modified feature winner.



Oakland Valley Speedway – Dirt Oval:


First point race is this coming Saturday!



Found on Jayski’s website:



Dillon in the #51 at Texas:

Nationwide Series driver Austin Dillon will drive the #51 Chevy for Phoenix Racing Saturday night at Texas Motor Speedway. The car will be sponsored by Bruce Lowrie Chevy and Realtree. See an image of the car on the #51 team paint schemes page.(4-9-2013)



Congrats: to Jimmie and Chandra Johnson. Jimmie tweeted Tuesday morning, "We are so happy to share news that we're having another baby in September. Genevieve is so excited to be a big sister!".(4-9-2013)



Truce for Bo-Dyn, bobsled federation:

Pending litigation between the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation and the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project, Inc. has been dropped. An out-of-court agreement has been signed by both sides, according to Phil Kurze, vice president of Connecticut-based Whelen Engineering, who also serves as president of the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project, Inc. Kurze said all previous agreements between the two organizations are void and that the USBSF is authorized to make any modifications on the bobsleds in their possession. However, Bo-Dyn still owns the intellectual property in those bobsleds, he said. The Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project, created by former NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine, has provided bobsleds to the U.S. team for two decades and also refurbished them. But the two sides split in 2011 in a disagreement over intellectual property. Bo-Dyn sleds have won six Olympic medals, two of them gold.(Associated Press/ESPN)(4-9-2013)



Carl Edwards in ESPN booth for 3 Nationwide races:

After a two-race initiation last year, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Carl Edwards will return to the ESPN broadcast booth as an analyst for the next three races in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Edwards will join lap-by-lap announcer Allen Bestwick and analyst Andy Petree in the booth to call the 300-mile race at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday night, April 12, at 8:00pm/et on ESPN2. The race will be the first after a two week break in the schedule for the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Edwards also will call races at Richmond International Raceway on Friday night, April 26 (7:00pm/et on ESPNEWS) and at Talladega Superspeedway on Saturday, May 4 (2:30pm/et on ESPN). In each case, Edwards will compete in the next day's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at the same track. "We're delighted to have Carl back with us," said Rich Feinberg, ESPN vice president, motorsports, production. "He brings great insight as a current driver to his analysis as well as a warm personality. He fits in well with our team and we welcome the opportunity to work with him."(ESPN)(4-9-2013)



Ryan Truex's Cup debut delayed UPDATE:

Ryan Truex Tweeted Sunday afternoon, "I won't be in the #51 car at Richmond. Broke my collarbone in 2 places on Easter.. Will heal and ready for rehab in May. Cup Debut at Dover.(4-8-2013)



Team owner James Finch said AJ Allmendinger is now scheduled to drive at Richmond. Finch is currently 11th in Sprint Cup owners points after fielding rides for Regan Smith, Austin Dillon and Allmendinger. Allmendinger's seat is also in the car for this weekend's race at Texas Motor Speedway, but details have not been finalized. Initially, Allmendinger, who is pulling double duty between the IndyCar and Sprint Cup series, was expected to attend rookie orientation for the Indianapolis 500, which was postponed due to weather. Allmendinger was also expected to drive the car the following weekend at Kansas Speedway, but team owner Roger Penske confirmed on Saturday that Allmendinger will indeed race at Long Beach on April 21. The former open-wheeler made his IndyCar debut for Penske Sunday at Barber Motorsports Park.(Fox Sports)(4-8-2013)



Hamlin first JGR driver to miss a race because of injury:

#11-Denny Hamlin is expected to miss at least five races while recovering from a compression fracture in his back. Hamlin amazingly will be the first Sprint Cup driver in the 21-year history of Joe Gibbs Racing to miss a race because of an injury.(Sporting News)




Swan Racing makes personnel changes:

Swan Racing announced that Tony Eury Jr. has been named competition director for the team, replacing Steve Hmeil. Steven "Bones" Lane has been named crew chief for the #30 Toyota driven by David Stremme. Hmeil was relieved of his duties. This move reunites Lane and Stremme as crew chief and driver combination. Lane was Stremme's crew chief from 2011  2012. The two also worked together in 2006  2007 and for one race in 2008. "We made changes in the front office today that we believe will have a long term benefits for the team going forward," said Swan Racing owner Brandon Davis. "I want to thank Steve Hmeil for his service, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors." Eury said, "This team is committed to making progress every week. I'm excited for this opportunity. I think having 'Bones' on top of the box is a great move and will help improve our overall effort."(Swan Racing)(4-6-2013)




2014 NASCAR Hall of Fame Nominees Announced:

Larger than life figures who built NASCAR lap by lap and bolt by bolt from the post-World War II era into the 21st century comprise the 25 nominees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2014. NASCAR announced those 25 nominees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame's fifth induction class, and included among the diverse group are five newcomers whose achievements are cornerstones of the sport's origins and continue to fuel its growth in contemporary times. Of the 25 nominees, 20 return from last year's group. Five are first-timers with varying backgrounds in the sport: second generation NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion Dale Jarrett; Maurice Petty, for more than three decades the chief engine builder for Petty Enterprises; five-time NASCAR weekly series national champion Larry Phillips; race track builder and owner Bruton Smith; and 1960 NASCAR premier series champion Rex White. From that list, five inductees will be elected by the NASCAR Hall of Fame Voting Panel, which includes a nationwide fan vote on NASCAR.COM. Voting Day for the 2014 class will be May 22. Fans can attend the announcement at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, N.C. The NASCAR Hall of Fame's 2014 inductees will be determined by a 54-member Voting Panel, which includes the entire Nominating Committee, media members, manufacturer representatives, retired competitors (drivers, owners and crew chiefs) and recognized industry leaders. In addition, the fan vote will result in the Voting Panel's final ballot. Following are the 25 nominees, listed alphabetically:

Red Byron, first NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion, in 1949

Richard Childress, 11-time car owner champion in NASCAR's three national series

Jerry Cook, six-time NASCAR Modified champion

H. Clay Earles, founder of Martinsville Speedway

Tim Flock, two-time NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion

Ray Fox, legendary engine builder and owner of cars driven by Buck Baker, Junior Johnson and others

Anne Bledsoe France, helped build the sport with husband Bill France Sr. Affectionately known as "Annie B.," she is the first woman to be nominated for induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Rick Hendrick, 13-time car owner champion in NASCAR's three national series

Jack Ingram, two-time NASCAR Busch (now Nationwide) Series champion and three-time Late Model Sportsman champion

Bobby Isaac, 1970 NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion

Dale Jarrett, 1999 NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion and three-time Daytona 500 winner

Fred Lorenzen, 26 wins and winner of the Daytona 500 and World 600

Raymond Parks, NASCAR's first champion car owner

Benny Parsons, 1973 NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion

Maurice Petty, chief engine builder for Petty Enterprises

Larry Phillips, only five-time NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national champion

Les Richter, former NASCAR executive; former president of Riverside International Raceway

Fireball Roberts, 33 NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series wins, including the 1962 Daytona 500

T. Wayne Robertson, helped raise NASCAR popularity as R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company senior VP

Wendell Scott, NASCAR trailblazer was the first African-American NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series race winner, and first to be nominated for induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Ralph Seagraves, formed groundbreaking Winston-NASCAR partnership as executive with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

O. Bruton Smith, builder of Charlotte Motor Speedway and architect of Speedway Motorsports Inc.

Curtis Turner, early personality, called the "Babe Ruth of stock car racing"

Joe Weatherly, two-time NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion

Rex White, 1960 NASCAR premier (now Sprint Cup) series champion





Pit Crew Challenge cancelled:

NASCAR will not conduct its All-Star Pit Crew Challenge this year as it was unable to land sponsorship for the event. The event, a staple of NASCAR's all-star week since 2005, featured pit crews competing in an arena setting where they would jack cars, change tires and push cars across the arena floor. The results of the pit crew challenge had been used to determine the order that teams selected pit stalls for the all-star race. NASCAR will use qualifying results just as it does for all regular-season events to determine pit-stall selection order for the all-star race, which is scheduled for May 18 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Craftsman and then Sprint had sponsored the pit crew challenge throughout the years, but Sprint reallocated its money to sponsor the season-opening exhibition Sprint Unlimited race at Daytona International Speedway. NASCAR officials have said since January that they were looking for a sponsor to continue the event.(Sporting News)(4-10-2013)


Note:  So, no sponsor?  WTH?  Why is a sponsor really necessary, anyway?  Isn’t the pit stall the main prize, anyway?  Jeez!  It’s all about money today, and that is one of the things ruining the sport.




Former OVRP Dirt Oval runners:


At Big Diamond, last Friday, Mike Mammana was 26th in the modified feature.


Davie Franek was 7th in the ESS Sprint Car race at Selinsgrove last Saturday night.


Nick Pecko won the Modified feature at Mountain Speedway.


Kyle VanDuser was 9th and Anthony Perrego 21st in the Sportsman feature at 5 Mile.


Tyler Dipple was 8th in the Sportsman feature at the Fonda Speedway.


A Jeffrey Gallup is listed as finishing 14th in the SK Modified feature at the Waterford Speed Bowl.  Not positive if it’s the same Jeff Gallup that ran, on occasion, at the Dirt Oval.



News from the AARN:



Note:  Don’t forget – if you’re a subscriber to the AARN, you can have the free digital version.  That is available on Tuesday mornings.


From their April 9th edition – picked up from the Digital Service:


Todd Heintzelman:


Makes mention of Kyle Larson coming East to run some 410 Sprint Car races this summer – maybe the PA Speedweek events.




Randy Kane:


Tells us that Steve Dodd, who’s been racing at OCFS for 21 years now, will be cutting back on his racing in 2013.  It’s hard to believe that Gary Gollub did not race at all in 2012.  He’ll be running some URC events in 2013.



Kevin Rice:


Kevin makes mention of just who is expected to be top runners with the NASCAR Modified Tour Series.  Names like Ryan Preece, Doug Coby, Ron Silk, Todd Szegedy, Ted Christopher, Justin Bonsignore, Bobby Santos, Rowan Pennick, Mike Stefanik, and Donny Lia, to name ten of the drivers.



JR Kennerup:


JR lists some of the top drivers for the RoC Pavement Modified Series, with names like:  George Kent, Matt Hirschman, Chuck Hossfeld, JR Kent, Jan & Mike Leaty, Eric Beers, Kyle Ebersole and Jimmy & TJ Zacharias are some names he mentions.



Tom Iaeger:


His article basically was about Frank Cozze and his “return” to dirt Modified racing.  Cozze will be concentrating on Big Diamond and Grandview Speedways.



Don and Jo Ann Davies:


They lead off with the news that Accord, Albany/Saratoga, Glen Ridge, Fonda, Lebanon Valley and Orange County Fair Speedways will be featured weekly in a new TV show “Inside Northeast Racing” to be seen on Wednesday nights, beginning on April 10th.  The show will be presented on the YouTube Channel.  They will also have a Facebook page – Inside Northeast Racing.



Mark McKeon:


In his write-up about the NEMA show at the Waterford Speedbowl, he makes note of the Bertrand team taking out the blown engine in one of their Midgets, and replacing it with a new Autocraft VW Engine.  Modifed ace Doug Coby was the driver of that car and I see where he finished 6th in the NEMA feature.  It was also mentioned that changes in the engine specs for the NEMA Lights should make for better competition, with most cars now in the 165 HP area.  On Saturday, Todd Bertrand turned a lap in 12.619 seconds for an average speed of 106.982 MPH.  That was a regular NEMA Midget, not a Light.



Ken Kuhlman:


This week his entire column was devoted to Milt Johnson and how he’s helped his son, Alan, in racing.  Did you know that Alan started out as a flat track bike racer?



Guy Smith:


Any idea as to what track he visited made it number 1,487?  How about a track that’s just about in my back yard – the Monticello Motor Club track.  He attended the “24 Hours of Lemons” race last Saturday.  At first, Guy thought it would be a lot easier to get into the place, since the “Lemons” were running the show.  Not so, however.  Some “trickery” was needed to gain admission.



Gary London:


As per usual, Gary goes “Back in time”, with this week talking about hitting “Multiple tracks in one day” – Like Trenton on a afternoon followed by Old Bridge at night.  Others:  Allentown and Wall Stadium, Nazareth and Harmony, Langhorne and Flemington, Pocono and Nazareth, Syracuse and Oswego and both tracks in Nazareth.  While I’ve checked out the “Speedfreaks” website quite a lot, I’m still amazed that back in the 40’s, those that ran Midgets here in the Northeast, at times had a choice of 4 or 5 tracks A DAY, to run at.


Other things covered in this weeks edition:


Controversial Grandview

Small Block Opener

Won By DeSantis



Touring Asphalt Mod Series

Season Preview: 




Scott Haus Out Of Hospital

After Bad Port Royal LM Crash



Tony Stewart Is Surprise

Selinsgrove ESS/Mach 1 Challenge

358/360 Winner



Rocco Wins Two,

Has Third Stripped

In Speedbowl's

Budweiser Blastoff Weekend



CMP Big Block Biggie

Falls To Alan Johnson



With A Heavy Heart: 

Masse's VMRS Speedbowl Win

Tempered By Car Owner

Montville's Passing



Matty D Gets

Fonda Season Started

With Big Mod Win





Press releases:


Speedway Entertainment

Home of the Slingshot by Tobias

Home of the SpeedSTR



From: amrosecorp@aol.com

To: amrosecorp@aol.com

Sent: 4/3/2013 8:32:03 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Subj: USAC Championship SpeedSTR 2013 schedule


Hi Everyone,


The race season is soon approaching us for the SpeedSTR’s. We have made a couple adjustments to the Action Track Schedule to accommodate some functions at the Fairgrounds. Please see the official Schedule below. I have also inserted the other SpeedSTR races that are scheduled for 2013. Some of these races are paying the same purse as the Action Track. If it is noted 2000.00 to win, then it is the Action Track full purse structure. Hope to see you all at each and every event. This is going to be a huge breakout year for all of us. Please be a part of it by attending all races.


Thank you,



Sun. May 5th –   Action Track -    Media Day, Starts at 1:00pm.


Mon. May 20th - Action Track -    PRACTICE, Starts at 6:30


Wed. May 22nd   Action Track -    Opening Night “Goldie Meitzler Memorial”


Wed. May 29th   Action Track -    Reg Show


Tues. June 4th    Action Track -    “Flying Farmer 40” - $3000.00 to WIN


Thurs June 6th    Path Valley -     Combo w/USAC $2000.00 to WIN


Wed. June 12th Action Track -    Ronnie Tobias Memorial - Twin 17’s


Wed. June 19th Action Track -    Reg Show


Fri. June 28th     Williams Grove- STR National $800.00 to WIN


Fri July 5th        Granby             Canadian National $800.00 to WIN


Sat. July 6th       RPM                 Canadian National $800.00 to WIN


Wed. July 10     Action Track -    Reg Show – “CFFC Night”


Wed. July 17th   Action Track -    Reg Show – “Kutztown Komet Night”


Wed. July 24th   Action Track -    Reg Show


Sun. July 28th    Path Valley -     with Posse at the Path - $2000.00 to WIN


Sat. Aug 3rd       Grandview -       Still Tenative - $800.00 to WIN


Wed. Aug 7th     Action Track -    Reg Show


Tues. Aug 13th   Action Track -    SpeedSTR Fair Prelim.


Wed. Aug 14th   Action Track -    Fair Nationals (National event for SpeedSTR’s)


Sun. Aug 18th    Action Track -    Dick Tobias Classic & Championship Night for the Action Track

                                                $3500.00 to WIN


Fri. Aug 30th      Linda’s             $800.00 to WIN


Fri. Sept 20th     RPM                 Canadian National $800.00 to WIN


Sat. Sept 21st    RPM                 Canadian National $800.00 to WIN


Sat. Oct 5th        Paradise           National $800.00 to WIN


Sat. Nov 9th      Path Valley       Fall Jamboree Day 1 National $1000.00 to WIN


Sun. Nov 10th    Path Valley       Fall Jamboree Day 2 National $3000.00 to Win




News from the Clash at the Can – ‘Making History, One Dollar at a Time’

Media Contact: Brett Deyo – Deyo99H@aol.com or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/April 9, 2013

A Racer’s Dream: History Making $28,000 Total Purse Earmarked For Pioneer-Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels ‘Clash at the Can’ Tuesday, June 11 At Penn Can Speedway; Fans To Benefit from All-Star Field At Fourth Annual Event


SUSQUEHANNA, PA – Call it a racer’s dream event.

Penn Can Speedway is set for its richest night ever on Tuesday, June 11 and the competitors in the fourth annual Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels ‘Clash at the Can’ are the benefactors. Eclipsing the stout payout offered in 2012, this year’s edition of the ‘Clash at the Can’ rewrites the record books for the Susquehanna County clay oval.

A hefty purse of $28,000 has been established for the 60-lap big-block/small-block Modified event. The total sets a new standard for dirt Modified racing at the facility, which opened its doors on a Sunday afternoon in August 1952.

The previous record for a total purse at Penn Can was $26,410 paid out last June in an event won by Danny Johnson of Rochester, N.Y., driving Mike Payne’s No. 7z.

The ’13 total payout tops last year’s event by $1,590.  It also surpasses the minimum purse requirement ($16,875) set forth by management of the Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour by a mammoth $11,125!

The structure of the payout is also unique. There is no winner-serving, top-heavy pay scale prevalent in Modified racing. Drivers finishing throughout the field are rewarded.  It’s an event that is lucrative to all teams.

The pay structure for the 2013 Pioneer Pole Buildings Inc.-VP Racing Fuels ‘Clash at the Can’ is as follows: 1. $5,000; 2. $4,000; 3. $2,500; 4. $1,800; 5. $1,500; 6. $1,400; 7. $1,300; 8. $1,200; 9. $1,100; 10. $1,000; 11. $600; 12. $550; 13. $525; 14. $515; 15. $510; 16-24. $500. 

Keep in mind the posted payout is a minimum: it does not include guaranteed starting positions, lap money, contingency awards and other bonuses. A number of special award sponsors have already signed on to be part of an historic evening at Penn Can.  The bonuses will likely push the total to well over $30,000.

Additionally, a B-Main program for the Modified division is in the works and will be announced in the coming weeks. The B-Main will reward even more racers who attempt to qualify with extra cash.

“The purse increase and changes were made with the weekly racer in mind,” said Brett Deyo of BD Motorsports Media LLC, who is co-promoting the ‘Clash at the Can’ with Penn Can track managers Reed Miller and Al Wilcox. “We are well aware of the increasing costs of competing and getting to the track. The idea was to make this an event Friday, Saturday and Sunday night racers across the Northeast would mark on their calendars and we could produce a diverse field that our crowd wants to see.

“The response – not only from weekend racers – but from the touring series stars has been overwhelmingly positive. This purse should attract an outstanding field.”

Penn Can, a one-third-mile, tire-wear-friendly oval centrally located on the Keystone State line of the New York/Pennsylvania border, was widened and reconfigured extensively prior to the year-end 'King of the Can' last October. The result was three-wide racing and pleased drivers and fans.

“The ‘King of the Can’ turned a lot of heads,” co-promoter Miller said. “We’ve been hearing all winter how much drivers in all divisions appreciated the extra racing room. It should make for a memorable ‘Clash at the Can’ this year.”

The Crate 602 Sportsman will join the Modifieds in a 25-lap special paying $1,000 to the winner, producing an open-wheel doubleheader for fans.


The ‘Clash at the Can’ has a rain date of Wednesday, June 12.

In its four-year history, the 'Clash at the Can' has emerged as a marquee event on the dirt Modified calendar.  Last year, Johnson drove to victory over a charging Ryan Godown, who had ascended from 26th starting position in Rick Clay's No. 88c.

The '11 edition featured a classic duel between dirt Modified superstar Billy Decker and then unheralded Accord (N.Y.) Speedway regular Danny Tyler. Decker, of Unadilla, N.Y., ultimately completed a late-race pass of Cottekill, N.Y.’s Tyler to park his John and Laura Wight-owned LJL Racing No. 91 in Victory Lane. The win was special for Decker who launched his career at Penn Can in the 'Tiger' division.

Grandview (Pa.) Speedway regular Duane Howard of Oley, Pa., emerged from a side-by-side battle with local driver Brett Tonkin of Carbondale, Pa., to win the inaugural 'Clash at the Can' in '10.

BD Motorsports Media LLC returns to Penn Can in October to co-promote the 'King of the Can' 14th annual Modified event on Friday, Oct. 18, headlined by a 50-lap main paying $5,014 to win and $314 to take the green flag. Crate 602 Sportsman and Street Stocks complete the Friday card, which carries a Sunday (Oct. 20) rain date.

To learn more about the 'Clash at the Can' and other BD Motorsports Media promotions LLC, contact Brett Deyo by phone at 845.728.2781 or via e-mail at Deyo99H@aol.com. BD Motorsports Media LLC is on the web at www.bdmotorsportsmedia.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bdmotorsportsmedia and on Twitter @BrettDeyo.

BD Motorsports Media Co-Promotion Penn Can Speedway History

October 12, 2012 (King of the Can 50 laps) - RYAN GODOWN - Danny Johnson - Joey Grammes - Billy Decker - Stewart Friesen

June 13, 2012 (Clash at the Can RoC 60 laps) - DANNY JOHNSON - Ryan Godown - Jeff Strunk - Billy Pauch Sr. - Ryan Watt

November 13, 2011 (King of the Can 50 laps) - STEWART FRIESEN - Jeff Strunk - Pat Ward - Jimmy Phelps - Justin Holland

June 7, 2011 (Clash at the Can RoC 60 laps) - BILLY DECKER - Danny Tyler - Jimmy Phelps - Duane Howard - Matt Sheppard

August 10, 2010 - (Hot Summer Night RoC 60 laps) - STEWART FRIESEN - Alan Rudalavage - Duane Howard - Bobby Varin - Joey Grammes

June 8, 2010 (Clash at the Can RoC 60 laps) - DUANE HOWARD - Danny Johnson - Stewart Friesen - Brett Tonkin - Ryan Godown




Borgers King Of The Asphalt Race 1


Borgers PR

Media Contact

Bob Snyder



Borgers Garage To Kick Off Champ Kart King Of The Asphalt Saturday April 13.


Borgers Speedway and Borgers Garage owner Glenn Borger will be title sponsor for Champ Kart King Of The Asphalt race number one at Borgers Spedway this Saturday April 13.


Borgers Garage on the grounds of Borgers Speedway offers Pennsylvania State Inspection and Emission services and minor repairs.  With over 30 years in the business only to be set back by a devastating fire four years ago the garage is back in full operation serving the Saylorsburg and Slate Belt area.


Borgers Garage is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and you can even have your car inspected when you come to the races from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


Each race will guarantee $200 to win regardless of car count.  Trophies and a cash point fund at the finish of the series plus the possibility of a higher payout for the last race.


Contingency awards have been secured and more are on the way.  Thanks to the help from Darryl Deemer and the good folks at Rage and Jammer Clutches the following end of series awards are guaranteed.  Rage  $100, $50, and $25 gift certificates to the top three in points running a Rage chassis.  Jammer Clutches $75, $60, $50, $40, and $25 gift certificates to the top five finishers to be used on any Jammer product.


Borgers Speedway has an Open Tire rule for Karts.


Early warm-ups will start at 12:15 p.m. followed normal practice at 1:00 p.m.  Drivers meeting at 1:50 p.m. and heats at 2:00 p.m.


A full card of racing will also be on hand with a complete Kart program plus TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, and AllStar and Junior Slingshots.


For up to minute information check our Facebook page or our web-site www.borgers-speedway.com  Borgers Weather Hot Line 570-992-8131.





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The thread that included some posts about the Aurora model led me to

suggest anyone interested in modeling oval track cars consider one of

the recent Revell midget (Kurtis Kraft) kits. There are two versions,

one for the Ford V8-60 and the other for the Offy. The two kits differ

in the nose and grill, just like the full-sized cars. These kits are a

bit delicate because they are very accurate to scale, so they do take

some care. They did not sell well- few younger modelers interested in

kits of cars that old. So they will not be re-issued. What are on the

shelves now will be it. So take a look at your local hobby shops- there

are still a number available, but I predict they will become collector's

items and much sought after, like the old Etzel speed classic kits.



Several of us talked to Ed Sexton of Revell at the IPMS Nationals two

years ago. He said sales were quite disappointing. This was a test to

see if older open wheel cars would sell, so the fact that this kit did

not sell well unfortunately dooms all similar products. No more vintage

Indy either :-( I suppose a sudden upsurge in sales of that kit might

reverse the decision, but that seems unlikely- the decision has been made.


Note:  I'm surprised that there will be no re-issue.  Heck, the Revell/Monogram 1/18 scale midgets have been re-issued a few times now.  They made excellent slot cars.




I read Chris Kyle's book. Never realized that he gave away all of the income from it. While I was reading this it brought tears to my eyes --- until the last sentance that really pissed me off. JR



No Press Coverage, wonder why?

Some of you will get this more than once, That's how important you are.

Patriotism, Texas and Chris Kyle:

I just wanted to share with you all that out of a horrible tragedy we were blessed by so many people. Chris was Derek's teammate through 10 years of training and battle. They both suffer/suffered from PTSD to some extent and took great care of each other because of it. 2006 in Ramadi was horrible for young men that never had any more aggressive physical contact with another human than on a Texas football field. They lost many friends. Chris became the armed services number #1 sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of American lives. Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams as he had a huge bounty on his head by Al Qaeda. He did and wrote the book The American Sniper. 100% of the proceeds from the book went to two of the SEAL families who had lost their sons in Iraq . That was the guy Chris was. He formed a company in Dallas to train military, police and I think firemen as far as protecting themselves in difficult situations. He also formed a foundation to work with military people suffering from PTSD. Chris was a giver not a taker. He along with a friend and neighbor, Chad Littlefield, were murdered trying to help a young man that had served 6 months in Iraq and claiming to have PTSD.

Now I need to tell you about all of the blessings. Southwest Airlines flew in any SEAL and their family from any airport they flew into free of charge. The employees donated buddy passes and one lady worked for 4 days without much of a break to see that it happened. Volunteers were at both airports in Dallas to drive them to the hotel. TheMarriott Hotelreduced their rates to $45 a night and cleared the hotel for only SEALs and family. The Midlothian, Tx. Police Department paid the $45 a night for each room. I would guess there were about 200 people staying at the hotel. 100 of them SEALs. Two large buses were chartered (unknown donor paid the bill) to transport people to the different events and they also had a few rent cars (donated). The police and secret service were on duty 24 hours during the stay at our hotel.

At the house the Texas DPS parked a large motor home in front to block the view from reporters. It remained there the entire 5 days for the SEALs to congregate in and all to use the restroom so as not to have to go in the house. Taya, their two small children and both sets of parents were staying in the home. Only a hand full of SEALs went into the home as they had different duties and meetings were held sometimes on a hourly basis. It was a huge coordination of many different events and security. Derek was assigned to be a pall bearer, to escort Chris' body when it was transferred from Midlothian Funeral Home to Arlington Funeral Home and to be with Taya. Tough job. Taya seldom came out of her bedroom. The home was full with people from the church and other family members that would come each day to help. I spent one morning in a bedroom with Chris' mom and the next morning with Chad Littlefield's parents (the other man murdered with Chris). Tough job.

Nolan Ryan sent his cooking team, a huge grill and lots of steaks, chicken and hamburgers. They set up in the front yard and fed people all day long. The 200 SEALs and their family. The next day a local BBQ restaurant set up a buffet in front of the house and fed all once again. Food was plentiful and all were taken care of. The family’s church kept those inside the house well fed.

Jerry Jones, the man everyone loves to hate, was a rock star. He donated use of Cowboy Stadium for the services as it was determined that so many wanted to attend. The charter buses transported us to the stadium on Monday at 10:30. Every car, bus, motorcycle was searched with bomb dogs and police. I am not sure if kooks were making threats trying to make a name for themselves or if so many SEALs in one place was a security risk...I don't know. We willing obliged. No purses ino the stadium! We were taken to The Legends room high up and a large buffet was available. That was about 300 people. We were growing.

A Medal of Honor recipient was there, lots of secret service and police and Sarah Palin and her husband. She looked nice, this was a very formal military service. The service started at 1:00 and when we were escorted onto the field I was shocked. We heard that about 10,000 people had come to attend also. They were seated in the stadium seats behind us. It was a beautiful and emotional service. Bagpipe and drum corps were wonderful and the A&M men’s choir stood through the entire service and sang right at the end. We were all in tears.

The next day was the 200 mile procession from Midlothian, Tx. to Austin for burial. It was a cold, drizzly, windy day, but the people were out. We had dozens of police motorcycles riders, freedom riders 5 chartered buses and lots of cars. You had to have a pass to be in the procession and still it was huge. Two helicopters circled the procession with snipers sitting out the side door for protection. It was the longest funeral procession ever in the state of Texas . People were everywhere. The entire route was shut down ahead of us, the people were lined up on the side of the road the entire way. Firemen down on one knee, police officers holding their hats over their hearts, children waving flags, veterans saluting as we went by.. Every bridge had fire trucks with large flags displayed from their tall ladders....people all along the entire 200 miles standing in the cold weather. It was so heartwarming. Taya rode in the hearse with Chris' body so Derek rode the route with us. I was so grateful to have that time with him.

The services were at Texas National Cemetery. Very few are buried there and you have to apply to get in. It is like people from Civil War, Medal of Honor winners a few from the Alamo and all the historical people of Texas . It was a nice service and the Freedom Riders surrounded the outside of the entire cemetery to keep the crazy church people from Kansas that protests at military funerals away from us. Each SEAL put his Trident ( metal SEAL badge) on the top of Chris' casket one at a time. A lot hit it in with one blow, Derek was the only one to take 4 taps to put his in and it was almost like he was caressing it as he did it. Another tearful moment.

After the service the governor's wife, Anita Perry, invited us to the governor's mansion. She stood at the door and greeted each of us individually and gave each of the SEALs a coin of Texas (she was a sincere, compassionate, and gracious hostess). We were able to tour the ground floor and then went into the garden for beverages and BBQ. So many of the team guys said that after they get out they are moving to Texas . They remarked that they had never felt so much love and hospitality. The charter buses then took the guys to the airport to catch their returning flights. Derek just now called and after a 20 hours flight he is back in his spot, in a dangerous land on the other side of the world, protecting America .

We just wanted to share with the events of a quite an emotional, but blessed week.

And to this day, the WORTHLESS PRESIDENT in the White House has never acknowledged Chris Kyle

This is about the funeral for Chris Kyle, the SEAL sniper with the most kills in the history of war.





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A photo of COSTCO’s CEO, and his explanation of how they make record profits:


“We pay workers $45K/year, provide health insurance, and let them unionize – the opposite of what Walmart does.



Disarming people only creates more un-armed victims. The motivation of government to disarm us is to allow it freedom to do anything to us without resistance. That is one freedom no one should have.



To my racing friends: please do not patronize or support the DIRT DOG TV page in any way, shape, or form. The photos they put up on that site are cool, yeah, but they completely disrespect the photographers who work to get them. They rip off our images, put their own logo on them, and then make it sound like the photographer gave them permission to use the image. They have ripped off three of my good friends, and I'm waiting to be the next one. They undermine all of the hard work that members of the media put in week after week, just to sell a few t-shirts.




Even Obama-defenders admit it: this morning’s employment number was a “punch to the gut“. So said the former Obama chief economic adviser. No way to spin it. Job gains were below even the lowest estimates, and worse was the collapse in the 'labor force participation rate', which declined to levels not seen since the depths of the Jimmy Carter abyss in 1979.

Depressing stats, to be sure. But they also undermine the rationale for amnesty - or as they call it, “comprehensive immigration reform”

Why should we add 12+ million illegal aliens and an additional 400,000 in low-skilled foreign workers every year, at a time when we have 22 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, and a record number on welfare and food stamps?


Devastating Job Numbers Undermine Rationale for ‘Immigration Reform’







Found on the Internet:


Since this was the topic of discussion in some other threads, I thought I'd post some numbers. In the April 2013 team marketing report, the league average ticket price was listed at $27.48. The average Met ticket was $25.30, which was 7.1 percent less than last season. The Mets average premium ticket price was $83.78. The league average was $90.48. So where does that leave the Mets in relation to other teams? They ranked number 15 in the average ticket price category. They ranked 11th in the premium ticket price category. Probably not surprising, the most expensive seats all around were in Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.


Other interesting pricing listed in the report:


Beer: Mets: 5.75. League average: 6.12. Rank: 13th.

Soft Drink: Mets: 5.00. League average: 3.67. Rank: Tied for 4th.

Hot Dog: Mets: 6.25. League average: 4.14. Rank: 1st (most expensive).

Parking: Mets: 20.00. League average: 13.87. Rank: Tied for 4th.

Program: Mets: 5.00. League average: 2.99. Rank: Tied for 2nd.

Cap: Mets: 18.00. League average: 17.38. Rank: Tied for 10th.

FCI (Fan Cost Index): Mets: 223.70. League Average: 208.1. Rank: 11th.




Some non-racing stuff:


Beyoncé, Jay-Z's Cuba Trip: FOX, MSNBC Ask Why They Can Go But We Can't




Note:  I have a pretty good idea as to why they were allowed.






Schumer Sees Deal This Week on Immigration




In part:


"A raucous public debate over the nation's flawed immigration system is set to begin in earnest this week as senators finalize a bipartisan bill to secure the border, allow tens of thousands of foreign workers into the country and grant eventual citizenship to the estimated 11 million people living here illegally."


Note:  Just how many are not employed in the US now?





Stunning New Revelations On Obama Fraud Case


In part: 


"On Friday April 5, 2013 – Carl Gallups of Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups interviewed Mike Zullo, Lead Investigator, with the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse. The interview was conducted over an hour and half portion of Carl’s show. Zullo and Gallups promised stunning new revelations in the case … and in spite of the Obamabot naysayers and, apparently, those incapable of intelligently discerning spoken information – Gallups and Zullo delivered on the promise!


. Within the last 2 days before the interview, Zullo confirmed that brand new information had been received in the investigation which bolstered the legal evidence of the long form birth certificate being a 100% fabricated and fraudulent document. The information came, unexpected, from a professional source of the investigation, and is irrefutable.


Within the last couple of days before the interview, Zullo had several lengthy meetings with VIPS who have promised to soon bring this case forward in an “official” manner. The VIPS are of “standing” and have the authority to bring the case forward. They have promised full public exposure to the case, the evidence, and to the hopeful ends of a full and official “hearing” of the matter.”




Note:  It would be extremely interesting to see if something comes of this, wouldn’t it be?






12 Shocking Truths About Obamacare







5 Ways Obamacare Will Fail







Will Obamacare Cost You Your Job?








Obama's fix would trim Social Security checks








Budget to Include Social Security Cuts








AARP Blasts Obama's Historic Plan To Cut Social Security




Note:  Yes, it was the AARP that was a key supporter of Obamas health care reform - remember?






Signs of Solyndra? Fisker Lays Off 75 Percent of Employees




Note:  As of last Saturday, some real nice comments are with this article.






Mother Of Slain Benghazi Officer To Sean Hannity: ‘They Want Me To Shut Up’








NY Gun Confiscation Underway – Citizens Told to Turn in Pistol Owner ID & Firearms




Read more at Ammoland.com: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/04/new-york-gun-confiscation-underway/#ixzz2Pw1WMZbm





Conn. Father’s Stunning Claim: Son’s School Is Teaching That Americans Don’t Have the Right to Bear Arms







Get ready to start paying sales tax for online purchases








Army Email Allegedly Labels Christian Organizations That Oppose Gay Marriage as ‘Domestic Hate Groups’







Video time – music:

From the ladies:












Video time – racing stuff:


Pocono Indy Car tire test from this past Wednesday:













Note:  The photos are not available on Dirt Track Digest, only on New England Tractor - http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/

One of the best ever in one of the better looking Sprint Cars from back in the day – 1955 – Johnny Thomson in the Sam Traylor Offy.  Sure looked relaxed, huh?  No cage, no wings back then, and they used  knobby tires, too. 

Walt Imlay photo.

Johnny Thomson, 1955. 

Photo by Walt Imlay.


Closing with this:

A 65 year old woman had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.

While on the operating table she had a near death experience.  Seeing God, she asked, “Is my time up?”

God said, “No you have another 33 years, 2 months and 8 days to live.”

Upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital and have a face-lift, liposuction, breast implants and a tummy tuck.

She even had someone come in and change her hair color and brighten her teeth!  Since she had so much more time to live, she figured she might as well make the most of it.

After her last operation, she was released from the hospital.  While crossing the street on her way home, she was killed by an ambulance.

Arriving in front of God, she demanded, “I thought you said I had 33 years?  Why didn’t you pull me from out of the path of the ambulance?

God replies:  “Sorry, but I didn’t recognize you!”




Until next week, folks!


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