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Special notice:  There will be no column next week, and columns will be every other week, for a while.




Well, for some unknown reasons, I’m having problems with my column on both websites that it appears on.  A different one came up on the New England Tractor website.  A bunch of stuff was underlined, and if you click on it, other things came up.  Hey, sorry!




I’m really trying to figure out where this column should start – be it with “Sandy” and the damage she’s caused, or the election on Tuesday.




Might as well start out here about “Sandy”.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those that were affected by the big storm.  In a way, we were quite lucky, having lost power for only 20 hours.  A few shingles (not fastened properly by those that put the roof on a couple of years ago) blew off, and a brick from the neighbors house – one from the top of her chimney, was blown off and went through the wooden fence between our properties, breaking one board.  Other than that – no problems.  Other family members were not so fortunate, however, with power off for a lot longer.  A sister of mine, in Montvale, NJ, had no power until 6:15 PM this past Sunday.

Somehow, I can’t figure out what was going through the head of the mayor of New York City – with him insisting the marathon would go on this past Sunday.  Eventually, someone must have gotten to him and it was cancelled.  Quite a few were not too happy with him wanting to hold it despite so many being homeless and in need of the bare necessities of life.  Makes one wonder, ya know?




The election:

By the time you read this, we might have a good idea as to who the winners were and who lost out.  Personally, I’m hoping for a change, and not the “change” we were led to believe in, four years ago.  Am I better off today, compared to four years ago?  I’d have to say no.  And as things have been lately, and what I can foresee for the future, we are in need for some new leadership.

Note:  I’m working on this particular part at 11:50 PM on Election Day night.  The paragraph above was started much earlier in the day.  I wonder how many citizens will not be happy campers as I am, now?  Watching the news, it seems that there are “voting blocks” that carried our President to a second term, as of now.  Those voting blocks are said to be Hispanic and African/American.  Need I say more?




Latinos Urged to Oust Sheriff Over Deportations (NY Times)



Found on Facebook:


Unbelievable how the New York Times - in the aftermath of a brutal hurricane hitting NYC - still found space on its FRONT PAGE to run a piece trying to defeat a county Sheriff 2,000 miles away. THAT is how badly the national open-borders elites want to get rid of Sheriff Joe Arpaio this election. THAT is why George Soros, national unions and La Raza have pumped millions into this race - narrowing his lead with lies, and putting hundreds of activists on the ground to turn out the vote against him. We MUST stand behind Sheriff Joe tomorrow. If you live in Maricopa County, make sure to get everyone you know to support Joe, and if you live anywhere else in America, and stand with Sheriff Joe and the rule of law, please help him get the message out in the next 24 hours at http://joepac.org/donate.






INDYCAR: CEO Randy Bernard Fired During Emergency Board Meeting

An emergency meeting by the Hulman & Co. board was convened on Sunday to weigh the fate of Randy Bernard, who was ultimately fired.


Marshall Pruett  |  Posted October 28, 2012 


An emergency meeting by the members of the Hulman & Co. board was convened on Sunday to weigh the fate of IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard, who, at the end of the deliberation, was fired from the role. 

Bernard is being kept on in a token advisory role, but is not expected to be involved with the series during the final two years of his contract.

“We are very grateful for the tireless effort that Randy has invested into learning, understanding and working to grow the IndyCar Series over the last three racing seasons,” said IMS and now interim IndyCar CEO Jeff Belskus. “As both Randy and our organization have reflected on the past season and as we look toward the opportunities ahead and how to best take advantage of them, we agreed that the timing was right to pursue separate paths.”

Bernard offered a rather neutral quote after waiting most of Sunday to learn how the votes by the members of the Hulman & Co. board had been cast.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the entire INDYCAR community, its teams, drivers, loyal partners and fans,” he said. “The last three years have produced some exciting, and some difficult, times. But we have created a foundation for INDYCAR that positions it to grow over the next several years, and I am proud of what everyone at INDYCAR has been able to accomplish since I came on board.”

IMS' release on Sunday, titled "RANDY BERNARD STEPS DOWN AS CEO OF INDYCAR," provides no official explanation--positive or negative--for the board's hurried decision to remove Bernard.

Bernard's position atop the IndyCar Series--and the ownership of the series--has been the subject of endless rumors and speculation of late. 

Behind the scenes, that instability had been highlighted by a failed bid by IRL founder Tony George to purchase the series and, on Oct. 19th, his subsequent removal from the Hulman & Co. board during an emergency meeting when he was given an ultimatum to either relinquish his seat and save face or be met with forcible removal. 

George chose the peaceful option, which was reflected in 
the release distributed by IMS, but the wave of dissatisfaction that had been building against Bernard within some members of the board, and by influential members outside of Hulman & Co., continued to escalate.

On Friday, and after the most recent report of his firing, IMS sent out a thin quote to refute the assertion and did little to calm the waters.

“Randy has not been terminated and his employment status is the same as it was last week and last month,” said Doug Boles, IMS' VP of communications. “At this point, Randy is not fired. That is the case in the moment and in the future.” 

Unfortunately for Bernard, "the future" lasted less than 72 hours.


Sunday's ouster of Bernard also comes after weeks of unfounded stories centered on his imminent firing. 

With enough bad publicity built around Bernard's name since the season ended just six weeks ago in Fontana, and with a noticeable lack of public support for Bernard from his bosses, it appears the board had the justification it was looking for--mounting negative sentiments regarding IndyCar's CEO--to call its second emergency meeting in less than two weeks in order to cut ties with Bernard. 

Belskus said on Sunday that a search for Bernard's replacement will now take place, although no timetable was given, and plans for the 2013 season will continue uninterrupted.

“The organization is full of talented professionals, and we will continue to prepare for what will be a very exciting 2013 racing season,” Belskus said. 

“Once again, INDYCAR is not for 
sale, and the organization remains completely committed to owning and operating INDYCAR.”

After witnessing the gradual public dismantling of IndyCar's most recent CEO, Belskus could find naming Bernard's successor somewhat challenging. 

Marshall Pruett is SPEED.com's Auto Racing Editor, and covers the IndyCar Series. Before joining SPEED, Pruett worked in open-wheel racing for 20 years as a mechanic and engineer. He also contributes to RACER, Road & Track and Racecar Engineering. Follow him @MarshallPruett





And, on the track forum, on this:









Back on October 31st, the racing family lost another member – John Cooper Fitch.  I had seen him race numerous times, back in the late 50’s and into the 60’s.  Not only was he a race driver, but also was quite instrumental in safety for racing, too.








Big changes coming to Kutztown:


Rich Tobias and Doug Rose have teamed up to bring Professional Auto Racing back to the Reading, PA area. The duo, are proud to announce the 2013 opening of their USAC Sanctioned, Action Track USA located in Kutztown, PA. “We felt the Kutztown Fairgrounds was very centrally located for race teams from Harrisburg, Schuylkill County, South Eastern PA, along with Central and Southern NJ to compete.


The headline class will be the Tobias SpeedSTR’s, with $2,000.00 to win – and no minimum car count, either.


More on this can be found here:  http://www.speedwayentertainment.com/


And, I inquired about there being a minimum car count for that $2,000.00 to win, and this is the response:






Thanks for your interest in the SpeedSTR's and Speedway Entertainment.There will not be a minimum car count for the SpeedSTR payout at Kutztown in 2013.It is based on what we believe is a solid payout for this type of racing and the venue we are presenting it at.


The Slingshot payouts are based on car counts at many of the weekly tracks and during our tour races,but the SpeedSTR's will not be based on car counts.


Interest from drivers of all classes and areas have begun to filter in and we are currently building a car for small block modified ace,Craig Von Dohren and 2011 WoO LM champion,Rick Eckert.


Our Posse at the Path winner Jeff Strunk is also looking to expand his schedule with stops at Kutztown during the summer.Long time modified star,Kenny Brightbill has expressed a desire to be behind the wheel of a SpeedSTR and has even suggested a few chassis change ideas that we have actually put to use for our 2013 chassis styling.


We are calling it "Action Track USA",but for many local fans it will always be known as Kutztown Fair Speedway.Track officials,special event races and ticket,pit and entry prices have yet to be finalized.


A teaming up with promoters Bob Miller and Brett Deyo will hopefully be a win-win for everyone.We will not be in conflict with their midweek races at Grandview or New Egypt and there is a chance we will be teaming up with one or both promoters to add more events for the SpeedSTR's at their events.This will give the fans the chance to see both a Thunder on the Hill program and what is being at the Action Track USA without missing anything.


The added clay has been purchased,Rich and Doug have been making regular trips to work on the track surface and surrounding fan and pit areas.


I have added you to the SpeedSTR group email list.



Mike Feltenberger







Matt Sheppard Three-Peats: Crowned Super DIRTcar Series Champion Third Year in a Row

Young Driver, Just 30, of Waterloo, N. Y., First Ever to Win Three Consecutive Series Titles


CONCORD, N. C. - Nov. 5, 2012 - Two-time consecutive Super DIRTcar Series Champion Matt Sheppard made it to the top again this year, becoming the first Big-Block Modified driver to score three series championship titles in a row.

"It put my name in the record books for a little while. It means a lot to me," said the 30-year-old Sheppard of Waterloo, N. Y. "The first one was great, you always remember that; the second one was remarkable, it was just as good as the first one; but to win the third in a row, just the face that nobody's ever done it before, that's something really special."

Sheppard and the team traveled with the series to The Dirt Track at Charlotte still in a heated points race going into PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals presented by NAPA Auto Parts. Jimmy Phelps and Brett Hearn were both within reach of the points lead, with two 40-lap, 150-point races left to determine the 2012 champion.

In the first feature race of the weekend Friday, Nov. 2, Sheppard finished 12th and Hearn took 3rd, putting "the Jet" within 60 points of the lead and further intensifying the championship battle going into Saturday's finale. Britten took the initial lead in Saturday's 40-lapper, but Hearn was right behind him, and a win for Hearn would mean that Sheppard a 14th or better finish to clinch the title. As a result, Sheppard found himself taking fewer risks.

"When you're down here just trying to win the race, you take more chances and you try to run a little harder," Sheppard said. "I wanted to win the race, I wanted to run up front, but on the other hand, you've got to finish the thing. That's the most important thing.

"When you're in a points battle and you're chasing, you run as hard as you possibly can," Sheppard continued. "When you're leading, you run hard, but you have to be a little conservative too, so it changes the whole aspect."

Nonetheless, in lap 31, it looked like Sheppard might have a chance to steer his JB Motorsports 9s FX Caprara Car Co./Xtreme Lubricants/Bicknell entry to its first-ever win at Charlotte, as he raced three-wide through the turns beside Britten and Hearn. Hearn raced ahead along the front straightaway and kept the lead, leaving Britten to finish second and Sheppard fourth after he was passed late in the race by Jimmy Phelps.

"I actually thought we were going to sneak up there and win that thing," said Sheppard. "It seems the whole season long it takes us 60, 70, 80 laps to get up front. We're more of a long run, long race type of race team. We got in that one long run there and I started running those guys down, and then got up to them. And then we got that caution at the end and it kind of hurt me a little bit. I wasn't going to force the issue too much"

Sheppard said consistency, in addition to speed, is key to winning the series championship. Consistency helped him with the track championship at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, adding 1000 bonus points to his total, and consistently strong finishes in series races helped earn him 1,439 series points.

Of Sheppard's 13 starts in the series, the only timee he was unable to break the top ten was Friday's feature during PEAK World Finals presented by NAPA. "Super" Matt earned eight top-five finishes in the series this season and three total wins, two at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park in Elbridge, N. Y., and one at Autodrome Drummond in Drummondville, Quebec.

"Not many people have been able to put together that good of a consistent season three years in a row," Sheppard said. "That's what it takes. You've got to be consistent, but you also have to be fast. You can't just have one or the other. You've got to have them both."

In addition to his wins, one of the biggest highlights of the 2012 season for Sheppard was a second-place finish - for the VP Small Engine Fuels 200 during NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLI at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.

"Running second at Syracuse, even though it's second, it's still a season highlight," Sheppard said.

Going forward, Sheppard hopes to see a win at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. He may have celebrated three championship titles at the premier venue in North Carolina, but he has yet to reach victory in one of the series races there.

"I sure would like to win one of these things down here," Sheppard said. "I've been second a bunch of times, I've been up front, but I haven't won one yet."

After three great seasons in a row in the Super DIRTcar Series, Sheppard and his team are looking forward to another great one in 2013, starting with UNOH DIRTcar Nationals presented by Summit Racing Equipment Tuesday, Feb. 12, through Saturday, Feb. 23, at Volusia Speedway Park in De Leon Springs, Fla.







Hey, before you know it, it will be December 25th.  Here are some links to various websites where you might find some interesting things, gift-wise, for family and friends.


http://www.aarn.com/ (subscription)
















http://www.tbrwins.com/ (Kart items)








This past Tuesday I received the Fall Newsletter from the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame, via snail mail.  Sadly, their website still is not back up and running. 

However, if you might be interested in nominating a driver for induction in 2013 (which would be held in 2014 at the Chili Bowl in January) here’s some info for you:

Send an e-mail to them at:  Kingdoodlebut@sbcglobal.net.  In the title, put in NOMINATION FORM.  You will receive an application which you can fill out and return, or you could contact them by mail or phone.  Deadline for applications this year will be December 31st, 2012.  Anything received after that date will transfer to the following year’s nominating process.  Only typewritten applications are accepted. 


Those that will be inducted for 2012 will have their induction ceremony on January 11, 2013, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the Chili Bowl.


And, if interested, the quarterly newsletter might very well be sent out via e-mail in the near future.  If you’d like the newsletter via e-mail, use the e-mail address above, and in the title, put in:  ADD ME TO YOUR LIST.






Names.  Some can be complicated to pronounce.  Take my last name for instance.  You can’t imagine how many pronounce the last two letters (goas joAvenenjo”.  Or, they get confused when the see the double “en’s” – and only pronounce one - “Avengo


But, I constantly hear two race driver names always miss-pronounced.  Mike Ruggiero and Rich Scagliotta.


Every announcer I’ve heard so far pronounce Mikes name as Rue jare io.  I think it should be Rue gee air oh.  The “i & e” come before the “r’.  No “I” after the “r”.

As for Scagliotta, I have yet to hear an announcer pronounce the “i”.  I’d say it should be Scag lee ottah, but announcers pronounce it Scag lotta.  Why?





How woman survived brutal Formula One crash

In part:


Maria De Villota, 32, made headlines back in March when she joined the Marussia F1 team as a test driver. In her first test, however, she completed one lap of the circuit and then her car "suddenly accelerated" into the back of a truck.

BBC presenter Chris Mann witnessed the crash: "The top of her car and her helmet seemed to take the brunt of it," he said.”


“De Villota was on the operating table from that afternoon through the next morning, being worked on by hospital neurological and plastic surgery teams. It was then that she lost her eye.”


More on this, including a photo of an MRI of her head and the injuries can be seen here:








Atta boy, Sherriff Joe!  Some good election news, for a change!


Controversial Arizona sheriff Arpaio wins sixth term







After the storm: True scale of Sandy's devastation across Eastern Seaboard emerges as death toll hits FIFTY and damage set to top $50BILLION. 

A ton of photos. 








I really wish that the Benghazi cover-up had more interest in it from the Republicans, and wish they had really come down hard as far as finding out what happened – prior to election day.  I would not be surprised that now that the election is over with, this deal gets swept under the carpet.




Coming up:


Oakland Valley’s Dirt Oval:

11/9, 11/10 & 11/11 Novemberfest – Karts & Slingshots racing.

Re-scheduled to the above dates due to “Sandy”.

Note:  From a posting on Facebook:

Oakland Valley Speedway
The weather looks nice and sunny for this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!! Hopefully mother nature stays on our side this time. 

If you are planning on coming to drop off your trailer early, please be sure to give us a call, to make sure we are there. 




November 11, 2012:


The annual Stan Lobitz Movie party, lunch, auction and sit down dinner, with all of the proceeds going to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR).

Lobitz Catering Hall – Route 940  Hazelton, Pa. – located directly behind the Fairway Chevrolet dealership on Route 309 North.

One never knows who might show up – like Eddie Sachs, Jr. or Arlen Kurtis, son of noted race car builder Frank Kurtis – who have been guests in recent years.  A good time is had by all with lots of bench racing and b*ll busting being done throughout the day.  Vendors are also present.

Things get off to a somewhat slow start at around 9:00 AM, and then it’s an all day thing that ends with the sit down dinner usually a little after 5:00.

When I go, it’s I-84 West to I-81 South.  I get off on Route 80 East, then hit Pa Route 309 South – the first exit after leaving I-81.  From Port Jervis, N.Y. it’s an hour and a half drive.

Best part:  it’s FREE.



Found on Jayski’s website:


Bruton Smith comments on many NASCAR issues: 

Bruton Smith, the eccentric billionaire whose Speedway Motorsports Inc. owns eight NASCAR tracks, held court in the Texas Motor Speedway media center on Saturday and addressed a wide range of subjects. Here are some selected notes from his lengthy media session:
• Smith said NASCAR needs to work at "making the racing more exciting." He said NASCAR has made some good moves in recent years - notably double-file restarts - but needs to implement additional improvements. Smith's primary suggestion to improve the racing is to slow the cars down and thus make it easier for drivers to make bold moves.
• Races with too many long green-flag runs are not exciting, Smith said, and he suggested a smaller fuel tank would force drivers to make more pit stops. Fuel-mileage races, he said, are "boring, boring, boring." One solution could be a minimum number of cautions per race to serve as TV timeouts.
• Drivers are "maybe not as eager" right now and NASCAR needs more racers who have a "mean streak."
• Despite a decline in TV ratings and attendance, Smith is still supportive of the Chase. He sounded concerned, though, that the playoff drivers get treated with kid gloves.
• There are no plans to make further adjustments to Bristol's racing surface after a drama-filled night race in August.
• No consideration has been given to moving an SMI race to give Las Vegas a second date, Smith said. He remains hopeful NASCAR will someday see the value in rewarding Vegas with another race.
see more at 
SB Nation.(11-4-2012)


Drivers team supporting those affected by Superstorm Sandy: 

The American Red Cross greatly appreciates the outpouring of support from the racing community. From sharing the "text 'REDCROSS' to 90999 to give $10" message to financial donations to volunteering, your support means a world of difference to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. If you're looking for additional ways to support or you're not in the position to give financially, we wanted to remind fans that giving blood or platelets is an amazing way to show your support and it could help save a life.
Biffle is supporting the Red Cross by helping them offer the chance to win signed racing prizes for those commit to give blood over the next two weeks. Recruit the most friends and family to give blood and you could be attending the Texas race *next* year. More info at the 
Red Cross Facebook page.(Red Cross PR)


The Greg Biffle Foundation is receiving multiple requests from animal rescue groups that have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. These organizations are working diligently to rescue homeless and displaced animals, provide emergency vet care, offer pet food and supplies and provide foster homes until families are able to collect their pets. Please make a donation today and help us offer some much needed assistance to these wonderful rescue groups, more info atbifflefoundationdonation.com.(RFR)


Lowe's announced it will donate $1 million to disaster relief and rebuilding efforts in communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. Lowe's will work with its national nonprofit partners to provide both immediate and long-term support to local communities across the Northeast. As part of the $1 million pledge and to help raise awareness for hurricane victims, Lowe's will match the earnings of five-time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson from Sunday's NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway, with a minimum donation of $250,000 to the American Red Cross. Johnson and Hendrick Motorsports together will donate an additional $48,000 to the Red Cross. In addition to the Red Cross donation, Lowe's will use the remainder of its $1 million commitment to fund local projects in areas of greatest need as identified by its national nonprofit partners. Starting Nov. 1, Lowe's stores throughout the United States and Lowes.com also will accept donations to the Red Cross. The donations will help provide food, shelter, emotional support and other assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.(Lowe's Racing for Relief)(11-4-2012)


Fire destroys garage of Sterling Marlin: 

A fire has destroyed three race cars and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage at a garage in Middle Tennessee owned by retired NASCAR driver Sterling Marlin. Marlin told The Daily Herald in Columbia that the fire that started Friday morning destroyed his 2,500-square-foot garage in Maury County and three cars that belonged to his son-in-law, Michael House. He said he believed that there was a leak on a propane heater and welding sparks ignited the fire. A shop worker who was inside the garage when the fire stared was treated at the scene for minor injuries. Maury County Fire Chief Mark Gandee said that crews had to work to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby buildings and fuel tanks.(Assocaited Press/USA Today)(11-3-2012)


Earnhardt Ganassi switching to Hendrick engines: 

The "Earnhardt" in Earnhardt-Childress Racing won't use the company's engines beginning in 2013. Earnhardt Ganassi Racing will use motors leased from Hendrick Motorsports starting next season, a team representative told reporters at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday. The move is surprising considering ECR was formed as a joint engine-building effort between Earnhardt Ganassi and Richard Childress Racing. EGR has struggled over the last two seasons with drivers #42-Juan Pablo Montoya and #1-Jamie McMurray, and team owner Chip Ganassi apparently felt a change was necessary in the engine program. RCR team owner Richard Childress said he wasn't surprised by Ganassi's decision to pull out of ECR and said he's been aware of the possibility for quite some time. Childress said his team will have "a couple" new customers next season - though he wouldn't say who - and also has an existing sponsor in Furniture Row Racing. ECR will retain its name because the teams "have a different relationship with the engines," Childress said.(SB Nation)(11-2-2012)


Danica still working in 2013 Nationwide, Indy 500 plans: 

Danica Patrick is still working on her 2013 racing schedule. She knows she will be running a full Sprint Cup schedule for Stewart-Haas Racing, but she's still working on racing in two other series: the Nationwide Series and the IndyCar Series. Patrick, who competed in IndyCar full time before moving to NASCAR full time this season, has driven all of her 55 career Nationwide races for Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s JR Motorsports. Whether she will drive for JR Motorsports next year is to be determined. The team has hired Regan Smith to run a full schedule next year and is looking for sponsorship for a full-time team for Cole Whitt. It will run a third car in select races for Earnhardt and possibly could run races with Patrick. "I would love to do a dozen or so races next year in the Nationwide Series," Patrick said Thursday at Texas Motor Speedway. "I would like to do some that are really challenging tracks that are good for just getting laps on to help in the Cup car. Patrick also would like to get back in an Indy car next year to run the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 on the same day. "I love that event," she said of the Indy 500. "I would love to try to do it again. & We've been working hard for months now but we're no further along to say anything right now."(Sporting News)(11-2-2012)


Lowe's Racing for Relief matching Johnson's winnings: 

Lowe's announced it will donate $1 million to disaster relief and rebuilding efforts in communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. Lowe's will work with its national nonprofit partners to provide both immediate and long-term support to local communities across the Northeast. As part of the $1 million pledge and to help raise awareness for hurricane victims, Lowe's will match the earnings of five-time Sprint Cup champion #48-Jimmie Johnson from Sunday's NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway, with a minimum donation of $250,000 to the American Red Cross. Johnson and Hendrick Motorsports together will donate an additional $48,000 to the Red Cross. In addition to the Red Cross donation, Lowe's will use the remainder of its $1 million commitment to fund local projects in areas of greatest need as identified by its national nonprofit partners. Individuals can join forces with Johnson and Lowe's to help provide assistance by donating at their local Lowe's store. Donations also can be made at Lowe's American Red Cross Online Donation Site, or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or calling 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767). Since partnering with the Red Cross in 1999, Lowe's and its customers have contributed more than $23 million for disaster relief.(Lowe's PR)(11-2-2012)


Dodge hopes to return to NASCAR: 

The chief of Dodge Motorsports is hopeful that the manufacturer will return to NASCAR in the not too distant future. "Going forward, we're going to take the year off, evaluate the potential," Ralph Gilles told ESPN.com after a panel discussion on the future of motorsports at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Show. "We also did a lot of data mining. Part of the issue our management team wanted was, what are we really getting out of NASCAR? We only have two cars out of a huge field. Are we getting our money's worth? Ironically, this year we got beyond our money's worth. How you can replicate that? I don't know. That's what we're looking at right now." The matter of returning to the sport, whether that is in 2014 or another year in the near future, is finding an organization as strong and viable as Penske Racing. The lack of such a team left Dodge with little option but to pull out in 2013. "The Dodge brand is interested," Gilles said of a return. "It would be hard to replace Roger [Penske], because Roger has a long-term deal with Ford. The capacity isn't there to have that right now. It's going to be tough, but we'll have to look at it." Gilles said the move toward more brand identity with the 2013 car could help expedite [Dodge's return].(ESPN)(11-1-2012)


New team to debut at Phoenix? with Reutimann: 

Hearing that a new Sprint Cup Series team will debut at Phoenix International Raceway this coming weekend. David Reutimann will run the #44Xxxtreme Motorsports Chevy. Supposedly Frankie Kerr, formerly of JTG Daughtery Racing is the crew chief. The team is housed at the old TRG Motorsports location in Mooresville, NC.(11-5-2012)


Xxxtreme Motorsport announced its entry into the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway. The car, owned by John Cohen, will have veteran driver David Reutimann at the helm on Sunday. No Label Watches will be sponsoring the #44 Ford Fusion, with Frankie Kerr sitting atop the pit box as the team's crew chief. Cohen said the #44 Ford will be finishing out the year at Homestead-Miami Speedway and running a full season next year. "I'm looking forward to the 2013 season and building a solid program."(Xxxtreme Motorsports)(11-6-2012)


David Reutimann will attempt to qualify for this weekend's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Advocare 500 at Phoenix International Raceway for a new, start-up race team. Xxxtreme Motorsport is owned by businessman John Cohen, a New York nightclub entrepreneur who owns M2 Ultra Lounge on West 28th St. in New York City. Cohen reportedly has extensive contacts in the rap music industry, and hopes to use those connections to secure sponsorship for his new race team. Cohen fielded a handful of NASCAR Nationwide Series entries under the Xxxtreme Motorsport banner for drivers Josh Wise and Chase Austin in 2009, with sponsorship from ADP Payroll Services, CAVI Clothing, Extreme Sports Performance and Macy's. Cohen has set his sights on a full schedule of Sprint Cup Series competition in 2013. Former Michael Waltrip Racing and JTG Daugherty Racing crew chief Frankie Kerr is overseeing the operation. He and Reutimann have worked together in the past, with Kerr serving as Reutimann's crew chief at MWR beginning in 2007. "Frankie is steering the ship, getting all the basic parts and pieces together," said Reutimann. "They're trying to run the last two races of the year at Phoenix and Homestead to get their feet underneath them for next season." Xxxtreme Motorsport will field a former Richard Petty Motorsports Ford this weekend at Phoenix, with horsepower from Roush Yates Engines. The team is operating out of the former TRG Motorsports shop, a 40,000 square foot facility in Mooresville, North Carolina. Kerr said the team will likely start and park in each of the next two weeks, focusing instead on gathering data for next season.(Godfather Motorsports)(11-7-2012)


Howie Mandel to Host NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards: 

When the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards get underway later this month in Las Vegas, superstar comedian, actor, producer, author and judge Howie Mandel will take the stage in another role he is extremely familiar with: show host. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards, which begin at 8:00 pm/et on Nov. 30 with live coverage on SPEED, Motor Racing Network and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, are the culmination of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion's Week and will honor the 2012 champion along with the rest of the top 10 drivers in the final Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup standings. Other entertainment-related announcements regarding the awards show will be announced in the coming weeks.(NASCAR)(11-6-2012)


Dollar General expanding sponsoring of Joe Gibbs Racing: 

As many companies are trending away from full-season sponsorships in the Sprint Cup Series, Dollar General is moving toward a 36-race commitment. CEO Rick Dreiling said the discount retailer will increase its spending on NASCAR for the sixth consecutive year, backing Joe Gibbs Racing's #20 Toyota driven by Matt Kenseth for 17 races starting with next year's Daytona 500. That's up from 12 races this season. "Our goal is to grow into a full-time Cup ride," Dreiling told USA Today Sports. "But it's a little soon to commit if that's going to be next year or two to four years from now. That's all down the road." Dollar General also will sponsor a full-time car fielded by JGR for Brian Vickers in the Nationwide Series next season. Dreiling, who wouldn't disclose figures but called the deal part of an "orderly, methodical growth," said stock-car racing is the company's only national sports sponsorship because of internal marketing research that indicates its customers are 30 times more likely to be NASCAR fans than average consumers. Team owner Joe Gibbs said Home Depot, which has been sponsoring the No. 20 since 1999 but scaled back to 24 races this season, will pick up the other 19 races for Kenseth in 2013. JGR still is seeking more primary sponsorship in Sprint Cup to expand to a fourth car, but it will grow on the Nationwide Series in 2013. Vickers will drive one of three full-time cars next season on the second-tier circuit for JGR, which fielded two full-time Camrys this year.(USA Today)(11-6-2012)

UPDATE - Brian Vickers to run full NNS season with JGR: 

Joe Gibbs Racing announced that it has signed a new expanded partnership agreement with Dollar General for the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. The new agreement means Matt Kenseth, the 2003 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion, will drive Dollar General's familiar yellow and black #20 car in 17 Sprint Cup Races next season beginning with the Daytona 500 in February. In addition, Dollar General will return to the NASCAR Nationwide Series and will compete with a full championship season sponsorship with Brian Vickers at the wheel. Vickers will return to the Nationwide Series on a fulltime basis in 2013, 10 years after he won three Nationwide races and became the youngest driver to win the Series Championship at the age of 20.(JGR)(11-6-2012)


2012 Sprint Cup Driver CHASE Championship Points Standings:

[after Texas, race 34 of 36]
1) #48-Jimmie Johnson [5 wins], 2339
2) #2-Brad Keselowski [5 wins], 2332, -7
3) #15-Clint Bowyer [3 wins], 2303, -36
4) #5-Kasey Kahne [2 wins], 2281, -58
5) #17-Matt Kenseth [3 wins], 2267, -72
6) #24-Jeff Gordon [1 win], 2267, -72
7) #11-Denny Hamlin [5 wins], 2266, -73
8) #14-Tony Stewart [3 wins], 2259, -80
9) #56-Martin Truex Jr. [0 wins], 2259, -80
10) #16-Greg Biffle [2 wins], 2256, -83
Drivers who have been eliminated:
11) #29-Kevin Harvick [0 wins], 2238, -101
12) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. [1 win], 2188, -151
(ties broken by 1sts, 2nds, 3rd, etc)


2012 Sprint Cup Driver Championship Points Standings without Chase:

(classic system using current points but NOT the chase system)
[after Texas, race 34 of 36]
1) #48-Jimmie Johnson(X) [5 wins], 1210
2) #2-Brad Keselowski(X) [5 wins], 1191, -19
3) #16-Greg Biffle(X) [2 wins], 1164, -46
4) #17-Matt Kenseth(X) [3 wins], 1161, -49
5) #15-Clint Bowyer(X) [3 wins], 1155, -55
6) #56-Martin Truex Jr.(X) [0 wins], 1121, -89
7) #11-Denny Hamlin(X) [4 wins], 1104, -106
8) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr.(X) [1 win], 1087, -123
9) #29-Kevin Harvick(X) [0 wins], 1079, -131
10) #5-Kasey Kahne(X) [2 wins], 1065, -145
11) #14-Tony Stewart(X) [3 wins], 1060, -150
12) #18-Kyle Busch [1 win], 1048, -162
13) #24-Jeff Gordon(X) [1 win], 1044, -166
14) #39-Ryan Newman [1 win], 969, -241
15) #99-Carl Edwards [0 wins], 965, -245
(ties broken by 1sts, 2nds, 3rd, etc)
(X) = a Chase driver.



Going back, in time:


Taking you back to the Rhinebeck Speedway when the Midgets ran there, “Back in the day”:


Rhinebeck, NY

Rhinebeck Speedway




ARDC Midgets

Sept. 9 1. Mike Nazaruk

Sept. 16 1. Johnny Ringger

Sept. 23

Sept. 30 1. Ted Tappett




ARDC Midgets

May 11 1. Ted Tappett 2. Ray Nestor 3. Bob Disbrow

May 18

May 25

June 1 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Stan Disbrow 3. Larry Shurter

June 8 1. Ray Nestor 2. Stan Disbrow 3. Steve McGrath

June 15

June 22 1. Stan Disbrow 2. Bob Disbrow

June 29 1. Bob Disbrow 2. Johnny Rice

July 6 rain

July 13 rain

July 20

July 27 1. Ray Nestor 2. Johnny Carpenter 3. Johnny Rice

August 3 1. Steve McGrath 2. Vernon Land 3. Johnny Carpenter

August 10

August 17 1. Stan Disbrow 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Johnny Rice

August 24 1. Johnny Carpenter 2. Buddy Chase 3. Stan Disbrow

August 31 1. Johnny Rice 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Stan Disbrow

Sept. 7 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Bob Disbrow 3. Johnny Ford

Sept. 14 1. Larry Shurter 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Bob Disbrow

Sept. 21 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Bob Disbrow 3. Art Cross 50 laps

Sept. 28 1. Chet Conklin 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Steve McGrath Offy

Sept. 28 1. Chet Conklin Ford Feature




July 20 1. Bert Brooks 2. George Flemke 3. Cliff Riggott



News from the AARN:


Covering two weeks here, this week, and not as in depth as what has been done in the past.

From the October 23rd issue:

Randy Hannagan had a slight problem – to race or attend a banquet.  What was causing the problem was that if he raced, he’d lose all the point monies that he and his teams owner won.  So, in a way, he was forced to attend the banquet, and be forbidden to “go to work”, so to say.

This also, in a way applies to some of the race drivers from Big Diamond and possibly Grandview, with their banquets being the same night as a racing event at Bridgeport.

Todd Heintzelman:

Makes note that the Williams Grove Speedway will NOT have a banquet this year, with awards already given out at their last racing event.

Note:  Might that be a coming thing for other tracks, maybe?

Lenny Sammons:

Mr. Sammons made mention of two local drivers in his column – Billy VanInwegen and Tyler Dippel.  Mike Petruska was not happy racing at New Egypt, what with the traveling and those tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Now, with no big blocks at New Egypt in 2013, that’s more of a reason for him saying he won’t return in 2013.  He might run just special shows with a “name” driver, or, he could return to OCFS – IF he was able to get a top “shoe” in the seat of the # 66.  As you probably already know, Danny Serrano has been released from New Egypt.

Ernie Saxton:

Ernie, like a lot of us, is not happy with the “fuel economy racing” that we see with NASCAR, today.  The Daytona Beach City Commision has approved the Speedways Planned Master Development Application. Daytona will be adding seats and escalators at the track, along with night clubs, theaters, shopping outlets, office buildings & more across from the Speedway.


From the October 30th issue:

Central Pennsylvania 410 tracks have gone with Hoosier tires.  The tracks:  Lincoln, Port Royal and Williams Grove..  In early September, the All Star Circuit of Champions would go with whatever decision was made by the WoO.  In October, the WoO went with American Racer tires.  But, Tom Deery also stated that once tracks around the country made their decisions, the WoO would re-evaluate the situation.

Ken Kuhlman:

Ken makes mention of the very last race held at the Reading Fairgrounds – that being a 50 lap race on June 29, 1979.  Dave Kelly won that race and can you guess what he won, purse wise?  Would you believe $2,000.00?  Yup!  And, that was 33 years ago, folks!  Today’s purses are not much different. Are they?  How about the cost on racing, today – even taking away those “Stacker” trailers?

Lenny Sammons:

Tells us that Eric Beers will not be a regular in 2013, on the NASCAR Whelen Modified tour.  He’ll be spending quite a lot of time racing at Mahoning.

John Snyder:

Cites the “parity” in racing, today.  (That leads to us not seeing too much passing, folks.  No room left for ingenuity, due to the book sized rule books, folks).

Not only does it apply to NASCAR – as an example – Jimmie Johnson won the pole and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was 20th fastest – 0.117 seconds slower.  Greg Biffle, in 30th, was 0.300 seconds slower than Jimmie.  The slowest qualifier was Scott Speed being 0.522 seconds behind Jimmie.  Mike Bliss, and JJ Yeley, both DNQ’s were only 0.613 seconds slower than Jimmy.

At OCFS, at Eastern States, Brett Hearn time trialed with a lap of 21.620 seconds.  Randy Chrysler, in 28th, was within a second of the Hearn time.  In the race, Hearn had a best lap timed at 21.859, while Vince Vitale, who also ran the whole race had a best lap time of 22.792 – less than a second difference.


And in this weeks (11/6/12) edition:

This Week:

Big Diamond Raceway 
Sold To Jake Smulley

Lucas Oil LM Champ Owens 
Sweeps WoO LM Stars At Charlotte

Hurricane Aftermath: 
Speedways Survive, 
Some Race Teams Badly Affected

Speedways Honor Champions 
As Banquet Circuit Begins

Matt Sheppard I
s First Three-Time Consecutive 
Super DIRTcar Series Champ

WoO Sprint  Champ Schatz 
Stumbles In Finale Weekend

Hagerstown's 'Brawl In The Fall' 
Moved To Late Winter, 2013

K&N East At 'The Rock':  
Rookie Reddick Wins; Larson Champ; 
LaJoie's Prior Penalty Costs Him Crown


Former Oakland Valley Speedway (Dirt Oval) runners:


From last column:

“Well, it looks like this might be the last of this section for this year. 

I know I’m probably missing some, this week.”


Actually, I do have some to report on.


Back on October 20th, Roger Coss was 10th at Wall Stadium.  And, on the 26th, he was 2nd in the 100 lap Modified feature at Mahoning.


At Five Mile on the 26th, in the RoC Sportsman feature, Brian Krummel was the winner with Anthony Perrego 2nd.  Perrego was leading on the last lap when he got a flat tire.  Tyler Dippel and Brand Szulewski were DNQ’s.

On the 27th, in the RoC Modified feature, Danny Creeden was 14th.

Molly Chambers was 3rd in the wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature and 7th in the 600 Micro Sprint winged feature at the Greenwood Valley Action Track.

There’s a Jeff Gallup mentioned as finishing 12th at Waterford in the 50 lap Modified feature.  Not sure it it’s the Jeff Gallup that ran the Dirt Oval, or not.

Billy VanInwegen was 20th in the 40 lap SDS race at Charlotte, wile Matt Hitchcock and Tim Hindley were DNQ’s.





Press Releases:

News from Bridgeport Speedway's 'Poker Series'

Promoter: Doug Hoffman - 610-398-4923
 'Poker Series' Publicity: Brett Deyo - Deyo99H@aol.com or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/Nov. 6, 2012

Interest Reaching Fever Pitch As Wild Card Weekend Approaches At Bridgeport Speedway; Rules Set, Two Days Of Racing Planned Nov. 9-10

BRIDGEPORT, NJ - Interest is running at a fever pitch for the 'Wild Card Weekend' at Bridgeport Speedway.

This Friday and Saturday (Nov. 9-10) the five-eighths-mile clay oval in Logan Township, N.J., lights up with a full-slate of racing activities as first-year promoters Doug and Gena Hoffman close the curtain on their inaugural Bridgeport season. Drivers and fans from across the Northeast have declared their intentions of visiting the South Jersey facility for the region's final dirt-track event of 2012.

Among the weekend highlights, of course, will be the crowning of 'Poker Series' champions in the Crate Sportsman and Modified divisions. Also seeing action during the weekend are 358-Modifieds, Open Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks (in two events), TSRS 305 Sprint Cars and the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club.

Some of the invading drivers who have publicized their plans of visiting Bridgeport include Duane Howard, Doug Manmiller, New Yorkers J.R. Heffner and Bobby Varin (slated to drive the Tom Umbenhauer No. 19 small-block), Billy Pauch Sr., Ryan Godown, Mike Gular, Wade Hendrickson and a host of others to challenge the Bridgeport regulars led by track champion Rick Laubach, Jimmy Horton, Ryan Watt, Richie Pratt Jr., Michael Barone, Eric Kormann and more.

Friday night's (Nov. 9) program is headlined by a 30-lap Small-Block Modified Championship paying $3,000 to the winner, $500 for 10th place and $225 to take the green flag. The only 'small-block exclusive' event to be contested at Bridgeport this season has piqued the interest of competitors in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. A diverse field is expected to congregate for the event.

The following weight/engine rules have been established for the event: Pennsylvania-legal spec head (2,350 lbs.); DIRTcar-legal spec head (2,350 lbs.); Open 339 cubic inches (2,400 lbs.); Open 363 cubic inches or ported spec head (2,450 lbs.); NASCAR-style 363 cubic inches or less (2,500 lbs.). The tire rule is American Racer right-rear 48 or harder; left-rear 44 or harder; 33 or harder across the front. Sail panels are not permitted. All cars must utilize conventional windows.

Also on Friday, Crate (602) Sportsman complete their five-race 'Poker Series' of events with a 30-lap event paying $1,000 to the winner and $75 to take the green flag. New Egypt (N.J.) Speedway and Delaware International engine seals are accepted for this event. The tire rule is American Racer right-rear 48 or harder; left-rear 44 or harder; 33 or harder across the front. Sail panels are not permitted. All cars must utilize conventional windows.

Outlaw Stocks take part in a pair of Friday events: a rain-postponed event from Sept. 22 that will crown the track champion and a second 20-lap feature with a long list of lap money and bonuses coordinated by Joe LaClaire of Black Flagged Racing.

Competitors looking to secure practice laps in advance of Saturday's events will be permitted to do so on Friday night.

For Friday night, gates open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 p.m. and racing promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Friday pricing is $25 for Adults, $23 for Students (with ID) and Seniors (65 and over) and $35 for the pit area. A two-day Adult Grandstand Pass is available for $45 and $40 for Seniors and Students. A two-day pit pass is $60.

On Saturday (Nov. 10), attention turns to the 40-lap finale of the five-race 'Poker Series' for big-block/small-block Modifieds. The fifth and final hand of the series offers a $5,000 top prize should the winning driver post a $20 "gambler's fee" prior to the start of qualifying ($4,000 without). A full Race of Champions purse is set for the remainder of the field: $1,000 for fifth, $500 for 10th and $300 to take the green flag.

Saturday Modified weight rules are as follows for the event: Pennsylvania-legal spec head or DIRTcar spec head engines: 2,350 lbs.; all other small-blocks under 363 cubic inches: 2,400 lbs.; all engines above 363 cubic inches: 2,500 lbs. The tire rule is American Racer right-rear 48 or harder; left-rear 44 or harder; 33 or harder across the front. The tire rule is American Racer right-rear 48 or harder; left-rear 44 or harder; 33 or harder across the front. Sail panels are not permitted. All cars must utilize conventional windows.

The overall Modified 'Poker Series' payout is lucrative. At each Modified 'Poker Series' event, the winner receives an Ace (A), second a King (K), third a Queen (Q) and so on down to the 13th-place finisher receiving a Deuce (2). Following the completion of the five-race series, the driver with the best poker hand earns $2,500, second $1,500 and third $1,000. The driver with the worst five-card hand receives $1,000. Drivers must participate in all five events to be eligible for a point fund.

For the fans, the Modified feature field will be staged behind the grandstand on Saturday night: a popular attraction during the season.

Bridgeport will welcome the region's 'Open Sportsman' division for a 30-lap main with $1,500 at stake for the race winner and $100 to take the green flag. Crate Sportsman competitors are invited to take part in the Saturday event under regular Bridgeport rules (see below). Sail panels are not permitted on the Sportsman. The tire rule is American Racer right-rear 48 or harder; left-rear 44 or harder; 33 or harder across the front.   

Open Sportsman weight rules are as follows: open engine with two-barrel carburetor with aluminum wheels (2,500 lbs.); open engine with two-barrel carburetor with steel wheels (2,450 lbs.); and Crate Sportsman under Bridgeport rules, with rev chip (2,350 lbs.).

The popular TSRS 305 Sprint Cars (20 laps) and Garden State Vintage Stock Cars will join the show. Lap sponsorships for the TSRS 305 Sprint Cars are on sale at $10 per lap by contacting mike@bpspeedway.com.

Gates open Saturday at noon. Hot laps are planned for 2:30 p.m. with racing to follow at 3 p.m.

Saturday pricing is as follows: $25 for Adults, $23 for Students (with ID) and Seniors (65 and over) and $35 for the pit area.

Weekend camping is encouraged on the speedway grounds. Post-race parties and bonfires are in the works on Friday and Saturday.

For further information on Bridgeport Speedway, visit www.bpspeedway.com. Bridgeport Speedway, located just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware off I-295 Exit 14, is a state-of-the-art auto racing facility with a five-eighths-mile clay oval and a quarter-mile clay oval embedded in the center.

Stock Cars will join the show.







                They say all sports have an off season except when it comes to racing. Doug Borger, owner of Xcel Chassis series, held a meeting on October 28th at the Polk Township Firehouse to discuss plans for the 2013 season.

                " At the end of each season I like to bring everybody together to go over the rule book and make any revisions we need to. Over the winter cars are being prepped and the guys know what direction we are headed, The way I see it why wait till next year when they guys can start now" explained Doug.

                One of the biggest rule change comes to the air pressure on the right rear tire after the feature. The previous rule was a minimum of 10 lbs when teched. The revised rule is as follows . If the tire is below 10 lbs  the 5 minute clock will start. After 5 minutes  the tire is rechecked. If the tire pressure remains the same you will be disqualified. If the pressure continued to drop you will not be disqualified but given a warning. Only 2 warnings will be given per season. On the third time you are automatically disqualified and no clock will be used.

                Fuel pressures for Suzuki motors will have to be at 43 to 51 lbs. All cars will have to use high pressure blue fuel line and must run 87 to 93 octane with 10% ethanol. Participants are to keep all fuel receipts available for tech inspectors.

                The top 9 will be eligible for the redraw and the previous race winner can start no better than 12th.

                Over the winter Doug informed the crowd that all cars and motors (including spares) must be brought to the Xcel Chassis shop. Cars will be inspected and all motors will be resealed. " It's time to update the seals on the motors. The new technology out today warrants all the motors have two seals and the last seals were over 3 years old. I told the guys if the car is not teched and/or the motor is not sealed you cannot race.  Over the years I have teched at the track on race day but with the new rule the last thing I want to do is tear apart a motor at the track.  We have plenty of time over the next few months to have every car done. The excuse I live far away or have no time doesn't work when the majority of the guys are able to get it done.

                The big door prizes normally handed out by the luck of the draw will go to the top ten. The 2013 tour champion will now receive the free frame and body kit. This now brings the total for the champion to  over $3000 dollars and with the remaining prizes being awarded to the top ten, everybody will see an increase.

                Doug was pleased to announce the addition of Penn Can Speedway to the mix. " Reed Miller and Al Wilcox run a professional racetrack in Susquehanna, PA and is popular with my drivers. They are a home track for the 2013 season.  We have agreed to the following dates. April 19th&26th, May 10th&24th, June 7th&21st, July 12th&26th, August 2nd &9th and September 6th. Reed and Al will be releasing all the needed information soon so keep checking their website at www.penncan.com

                The biggest news coming out of the meeting was the announcement that was the Bilstein shocks would be the official shock for the series. Bilstein is a great company to work with and is a proven shock in the racing community. They have worked with me to build a special shock program for the series. What we have come up with fits the drivers needs and stays within the affordability motto I stand for.  By the year 2014 all cars must have 2 Bilstein shocks and by 2015 all four corners must have Bilsteins. The reps for Bilstein and I agreed to give my guys one year to make the change but I don't expect it to take one year before you see every car make the change to Bilsteins.

                The overall feeling as the drivers left was the series is headed for bigger and better things for the 2013 season. Some dates have already been announced and a weekend in April will not be filled. April 26th&27th will be open so teams can chose to go out west. Mississippi Thunder and Iowa Track will be announcing the biggest show to date for the western division of Xcel Chassis Series. " I wanted to give the guys who run here a chance to travel out west. I know Nick and Brian Mady are committed since they have already went out and can't say enough how good the racing is along with the tracks hospitality. My first trip out there was awesome and everyone should definitely mark this one on their calendars.

                The Xcel Chassis 600 Modified Series is heading into 2013 with a renewed vigor. Keep checking the forum board which can be found on the lower left hand corner of the website at www.xcelchassis.com.




Borgers Important Updates


Borgers PR

Media Contact

Bob Snyder



The Borgers Speedway Starz Of Tomorrow Quarter Midget Nationals scheduled for November 17 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled April 2013. 


Saturday November 10 will be a regular show of Karts, MicroStocks, Quarter Midgets, TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, and AllStar Slingshots.  This show will start with early practice at1:00 p.m.  It will be run as one show the 4:00 p.m. start of the big car portion is no longer in affect.


Saturday November 10 will be a regular show of Karts, MicroStocks, Quarter Midgets, TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, and AllStar Slingshots.  This show will start with early practice at1:00 p.m.  It will be run as one show the 4:00 p.m. start of the big car portion is no longer in affect.



Season Finale Saturday November 17.  We hope to have the OctoberFest Series checks for the TQ, Dirt 600 Sprints, and AllStar Slingshots and the trophies for the Kart OctoberFest Champions ready to give out at this event.


Saturday December 15 Borgers Speedway Awards Dinner held at the garage at 5:00 p.m.  Tickets $20 per person.  Season point award winners must be present to receive their awards.  I will post a list of who is getting awards later this week.  Tickets can be purchased at the two remaining races of at the garage week days from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Tickets can also be ordered by sending a check to

Borgers Speedway

Glenn Borger

397 Route 115

Saylorsburg, Pa. 18353.


2013 Schedule

Saturday January 12.  Open Practice for any racecars. 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  $20 Pit pass per person but no entry fee for cars.


Saturday January 26.  Open Practice for any racecars. 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  $20 Pit pass per person but no entry fee for cars.


These early season practice sessions are weather dependant.  Check on the Borgers Facebook page and the speedway web-site  www.borgers-speedway.com or contact Bob Snyder  bobsnyderphoto@enter.net  BorgersSpeedway Hot Line 570-992-8131.


Saturday March 23.  Open Practice for any racecars. 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  $20 Pit pass per person but no entry fee for cars.



Saturday March 30.  Open Practice for any racecars. 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  $20 Pit pass per person but no entry fee for cars.


Saturday April 6.  Season Opener.  Karts, MicroStocks, Quarter Midgets, TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, AllStar Slingshots 1:00 p,m. early practice with heats starting at 2:00 p.m.


We are working on a full schedule with many special events we hope to have ready by the end of December.  




Path Valley Update

We are currently working on getting trailers in on Friday night and will be checking on the camping on speedway grounds for Saturday night.


The weekend pit pass and grandstand costs for both days are as follows:


Pit pass is $30 for each day.Trade your Saturday wristband in on Sunday and the price is $15 for Sunday.Bonfire and cookout will take place Saturday after all events are completed.The cookout will consist of hot dogs and hamburgers,sodas and snack items supplied by Herr's.If anyone wants to bring an item,it will be greatly appreciated.


General admission will be $15 each day but a Saturday ticket trade-in on Sunday will reduce the ticket price to $10.


Kim Kamper would like everyone to know that she will be accepting contributions for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive.Food,clothing,monetary contributions will be greatly used when she gets back to the Jersey Coast.


The Saturday race for the SpeedSTR's will be a regional event ,the Sunday will be the final National event.The top 4 National races will be used along with your regional finish bonus points.


The Junior National will be run on Saturday with a definite point champion coming from this main event.I will do the 5 point per race and have it there for all to see.Remember you can run as an All Star on Sunday with no Pit Stops.


The Saturday Slingshot National will be the Pit Stop Challenge.It will be done on lap 10 giving 15 laps to the finish.The PSC will see the top 10 change a RR tire and head to the checkpoint on where they will restart as they reach this area,providing all lugs are on and tight.Pitting will be allowed but you will restart at the rear of all cars staying on the speedway.Sundays race will be a Free Pass / Wild Card event with no point deductions and can be used to replace your lowest current race used.To be honest right now there are 35 teams that could swap National spots right now and have a chance at the


Sunday SpeedSTR event is slated as the first A Main and is the deciding race for National points.I will do the regional updates on Saturday night and have the scenario laid out for everyone on Sunday.


See everyone this weekend.

Thanks for your support


Speedway Entertainment
Home of the Slingshot by Tobias
of the SpeedSTR





Race 101, LLC     Press Release

Leaf Racewear provides custom style to RACE 101 program

Award-winning graduate to receive custom race suit


November 7, 2012, DENVER, NC - RACE 101 is partnering with Leaf Racewear to add style, safety, and great value to its Premier Driver program. The motorsports educational program designates one graduating student as its Premier Driver each year, and this year the recipient will receive a custom racing suit from Leaf Racewear valued at nearly $2,000.

"We're proud to add Leaf Racewear as a marketing partner," said RACE 101 founder and instructor Tony Blanchard. "Leaf has earned a reputation for providing great quality and safety, and we appreciate the support."

Leaf Racewear specializes in custom racing suits and team apparel. The company was formed in the 1980s, and it continues to flourish in the competitive motorsports apparel industry.

"I've seen what RACE 101 is doing for young racers, and we're pleased to get involved," said Leaf Racewear owner Colin Grandy. "We try to support young talent, and this gives us a way to be involved with a great group of people."

In addition to the custom racing suit Leaf Racewear is providing the Premier Driver it is also offering preferred pricing to all RACE 101 students.

"It's important that our students maintain an impressive image," said RACE 101 marketing instructor Adam Ross. "It can be costly to achieve, but with the phenomenal support of Leaf Racewear it's much more attainable."

For more information on RACE 101 visit www.RACE101.net, and to see what Leaf Racewear offers visit www.LeafRacewear.com.

The Premier Driver for the Class of 2012 will be announced at the annual Graduation Ceremony and Gala Dinner in North Carolina this winter. Applications are still being accepted for students wanting to enroll in RACE 101 for the Class of 2013. To apply, click here: APPLICATIONS .

Leaf Racewear will be attending various trade shows this off season. For great deals on race suits and accessories, see Leaf Racewear at the upcoming Parts Peddler show in New York, or at the Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando.

For more information contact Adam Ross at adamrossenterprises@gmail.com or 519-212-8632.





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I told you so, again and again for four years. OK, so Obama did not cancel the elections; he did one better, he put the veneer of the "will of the people" on it. Voting is the best revenge...? He never had to say, against whom.

After a hundred years of creeping socialism, the bolshevik revolution in America started in earnest with the elections in 2006, when both houses of Congress reverted to Democrat control. It made a huge leap "forward" (forward from their point of view, not ours) with the election of Obama in 2008. The TEA party counter-revolution in 2010 was but a blip, as even the Republican establishment moved immediately after the elections to defang and sideline the movement.  And yesterday the bolsheviks won again. With the reelection of Obama they are solidifying their hold on the agenda of fundamental transformation from free market to socialism, from freedom to the dictatorship of the proletariat.

I am angry because with this election the American people have issued a death warrant against me and all the other elderly among us. Nobody will ever repeal obamacare, or stop its natural evolution to total, totalitarian universal "health care" -- that is, rule by death panels. Nobody will save Social Security and Medicare by putting them on sound financial footing. They will solve their fiscal problems by hastening our premature deaths with the simple and unappealable denial of care.

I am angry because I am too old and too tired to fight anymore, and I don't see anyone coming up to take up the slack. The Republican establishment went out of its way to purge Ron Paul supporters from its ranks, and thereby the GOP lost the clarity of vision and the youthful energy, enthusiasm and drive that are essential to victory.

I am angry because no amount of explaining the details penetrated the thick sculls of voters, especially the young. Six decades of progressive agenda running rough shod over America's education system has produced an electorate that is simply too ignorant of the basic facts of economics, and especially our history and our founding principles and values. I have spent the past four years writing and writing and explaining and explaining, but even my own sons either refuse to read and learn, or are simply incapable of understanding what I mean. It is as if the purpose of American education has become not only to make sure our children remain ignorant but also that they be unable to learn, or refuse to learn especially from their own parents. The inability to learn is the definition of stupid. The deliberate effort to bring about such a result is the definition of pure evil; yet that is precisely what has been perpetrated against our own children in the name of education. I have fled communism so my own children will be raised in freedom and never know the horrors of ideological and economic slavery; now in my old age I am condemned to watch helplessly as they are dragged down the path of learning all about it in their own personal experience.

I am angry because with this vote the American electorate has displayed unparalleled stupidity, as evidenced by the totally incomprehensible inconsistencies between their votes and their responses to polling questions. For example,
* More than half still blame BUSH for the economy, even though Obama had FOUR years to fix it -- and it was Democrat progressive policies that caused the collapse in the first place.
* Wisconsin decisively beat back the recall of Scott Walker, then went just as decisively for Obama.
* Ohio is doing better than the nation economically, thanks to their Republican governor and legislature, but credited Obama for it.
* Massachusetts selects Scott Brown in 2010 then rejects him in 2012, in favor of a Democrat who even lies about her ancestry.
This list grows as more of the vote is analyzed. It stands as an indictment of the very idea of "democracy," because we divorced the right to vote from the responsibility to be informed and to make a thoughtful choice.

I am angry because too many Republican candidates lost because of their stupid, incomprehensible and indefensible comments about rape. Foot in mouth disease is not exclusive to Joe Biden, and is fatal for Republicans.

I am angry because the Republican establishment still puts "bipartisanship" over principle, "compromise" over principled stand, no matter how many times they get their noses rubbed in the fact that Democrats only want the Republicans to just go along to get along; and even in defeat the Republican establishment persists in this attitude no matter how many of this kind of candidates are rejected by the voters. At a time when the Republican House and the Republican minority in the Senate is called upon to fight a rear guard action against the coming onslaught of further if not final "fundamental transformation," they will be too busy trying to maintain party discipline in the face of the eagerness of some to "get along" with the "mandate" that Obama had just won.

I am angry because Romney could not bring himself to deploy the same kind of ruthlessness against Obama that he has unleashed against his conservative Republican rivals in the primaries -- even when events such as the Benghazi tragedy and cover-up were served up as if on a silver platter. In discussing the economy he kept his focus on "job creators" as if their numbers were at least on par with workers who need someone to give them  job, totally ignoring a century and a half of pro union propaganda and the eternal, natural, personal inclination of people to hate the boss.

I am angry because the vote counts in too many states are only a hundred thousand or so in favor of Obama -- well within traditional ballot box stuffing range.

I am angry because with Obama as president and the Senate still in Democrat control, there is no stopping UN Agenda 21, the UN Treaty On Small Arms, the UN Treaty On The Seas, UN taxes, UN control of the internet, the EPA's war on coal and other fossil fuels, cap-and-trade, "renewable" energy and other "green" boondoggles, etc. -- an endless list of globalist totalitarian outrages against the Constitution, civil rights, freedom and the free market. Iran will build nukes, Obama will veto or sabotage Israel's attempt to take out their facilities, Israel will be attacked if not destroyed, the Muslim Brotherhood will seize power across North Africa and the Middle East, China will be more aggressive militarily -- and Obama will only diminish US defense capabilities. Benghazi will be swept under the rug as yet another outrage that gets buried in endless investigation, just like all the others at least since Pearl Harbor.

I am angry because racism is alive and well --among DEMOCRATS. They have particularly singled out conservative blacks for defeat, and indeed Allen West and Mia Love both LOST. Blacks are allowed to succeed only if they are far left -- if then.

I am angry because the flame of liberty here in America is being turned down ever more rapidly, until soon it will be completely extinguished. When our ancestors faced similar crises, they left Europe to find freedom here in America. Well, this time there isn't another America to escape to. We can only hope that a future generation, many generations from now, might rediscover their roots and birthright, and retrace the fateful steps of our Founding Fathers. We and our children will not be that generation; as we were not present at the birth of this nation, so we will not be there to see its rebirth. The Soviet Union and its paper tiger empire collapsed after 70 years -- three generations -- and even that took unprecedented courage and unrelenting pressure from the last truly American President. This time whoever this is acting as POTUS is working for the other side and will be working against us even harder, now that he does not have to face another election.

I am angry because the Founding Fathers have foreseen all this, as evidenced by their own writings and accounts of their observations, yet NOTHING in our education has made sure we are familiar with their personal experiences and wisdom as something we all should value and benefit from.

At this point the only rational response to this course of events is to follow the example set forth and explained in "Atlas Shrugged" -- except that Atlas not only has to shrug, Atlas must actually throw off the yoke. Put another way, we have to follow the recipe provided in Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals." As in "Atlas Shrugged," the able among us must stop producing, running their businesses, growing their businesses, hiring or even just keeping their employees. Owners, officers, managers, engineers and inventors must cash out and close up shop. They must simply withdraw their services from a society that
sees them as evil exploiters who don't "pay their fair share." Who will be the real life "John Galt" to tell them that? And as in "Rules For Radicals," the "Atlases" who shrug must also overload the system by putting themselves and their employees on the dole. Let the leaches, who vote themselves endless varieties and amounts of "benefits" and "entitlements" at the expense of the productive few, figure out how to pay for it when there are no more taxpayers, only beneficiaries. This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Doctors are already being driven out of their practices by the laughably low reimbursement rates from Medicare. Insurers are soon to follow. Let's see how well the leaches will do with universal health care when there are no more doctors, and the work of insurance companies is handled by the government monopoly staffed by bureaucrats with the expertise and efficiency of the DMV or FEMA. People who have run out of their 99 weeks of unemployment are increasingly moving onto the disability rolls. Let's see how well the system will do when there are no more makers, just takers.

Until and unless this happens, current and future generations of Americans will never learn the value of freedom and the value of producers in the economy. As befits a culture that worships at the altar of "I have the right to make my own mistakes," people will have to learn at their own expense. The tragedy is that the rest of us also have no choice but to be victimized by the stupidity of the majority.





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From one who works on electric lines


Remember when years ago a storm or hurricane came through and the utility company's would work together and stuff got done within days. That doesn't happen anymore. Oh yea and they actually had a full staff back then too. Not a skeleton crew like now. We are short on help and equipment. These upper management peeps are so out of touch. It's all profits over people. Get used to waiting for roads to be cleared and lines to be raised. They think they are doing a stellar job!!!! You have no idea what a shit storm I walk I into everyday. Unacceptable!!!!”


Some things said by those that are not happy with the election outcome:


Well I guess it's time to stand on the FOOD LINE, thanks NOBAMA.

Was thinking about buying some new equipment and hiring a few new guys...Now I tell ones I have about the 32% increase in their ins cost

Final post today for politics today (maybe!) A FB friend asked me last night what exactly Romney would have done to improve my life if elected. I thought about this question for a while. It struck me as kind of odd, and then it hit me.
Liberals love to quote JFK, but do they really believe any of what he said. This election wasn't about me and my quality of life. It wasn't about whether or not the well-to-do should be taxed more. It wasn't about whether or not we should invade Iran or deter them from nuclear weapons. It wasn't about whether or not abortion or gay marriage should be legal or illegal. It wasn't about creating a society of dependents on the federal government. 
This election was about our country. This election was about our freedoms, liberties, and upholding the very document that the nation was founded on. Unfortunately I feel that too many people (both liberals and conservatives) voted with what was in their own person

al best interest, and not that of our country. And maybe, just maybe that is where we as a nation have lost our way. Maybe we have become a country so consumed with itself that we cannot look past our own selfish needs and wants. Maybe we would rather have the government take care of us and give us handouts rather than working hard for our keep. Maybe we would rather see those less fortunate in our own country suffer while we attempt to spread our version of peace and democracy around the world with taxpayer money. 
The modern political machine has failed us whether it be blue or red, democratic or republican, conservative or liberal. It really didn't matter which one of the two "popular" candidates were elected last night. Because you don't raise $934 million and $882 million respectively from just Jay-Z, Kid Rock, and Oprah. Both of them owe favors, and now that one was elected the paybacks will begin. All we can hope for is that one day soon the masses will wake up and open their eyes to realize that they have been lied to, cheated, and sold to the highest bidder by our own government.

To anyone that voted for Obama please post on this site or message me privately and provide me with a few specific reasons (or at least one reason) as to why you voted for that person. If interested please also go on to say why you did not vote for Romney. For the record I voted for the better of the two candidates, the one with a proven business record of turning businesses around - not the one that has simply done the opposite. I also did not vote for the one that bows before our enemies and was directly responsible for the killing of Americans abroad by not providing them the support they required and deserved as heroic Americans.

My "former fellow Americans" - this country is NOT about what you can get from it, it is about what you can put into it and make it. We are on the road to this Country being just a shell of what it once was and what it can be and what our fore fathers had intended.

For those of you who did no research prior to 

voting for Obama - I now beg you to finally look closer at the person and policies you voted for. AND when you are floored by what you learn and you will be floored - you must as an American press for change for if we continue down the same path we have for the last 4 years there will no longer be a Country to fight for.

Also, take a moment to remember the sacrifice made by every fallen US citizen and soldier since this Country was formed. Remember the courage of those men and women who have gone before you ensuring you of your current freedoms. The price they and their families paid was the ultimate price. DO NOT in any way lessen what they did for YOU by taking your CURRENT and FRAGILE freedoms for granted and by asking for more. THIS COUNTRY HAS NO MORE TO GIVE YOU. It is now your time to ask what you can do for your Country.

A democrat once said: "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country".

How long has it been since you heard that spoken by an elected representative? I will tell you how long it has been (in not exactly those same words). JUST A FEW HOURS. And you know who said it, Mitt Romney.

The US is not your ATM, it is your Country, your Home, you Identify. Take pride in your Country. Improve your Country. Grow your Country. Sacrifice for your Country.

This is YOUR Country. NEVER take it for granted.


Just read Obama is the first president since FDR to be reelected despite a rise in unemployment. Congratulations, Mr. President, your work is done!



The Dark Knight (2008)
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Barack Obama 4 more years!!!



Some non-racing stuff:


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Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney









ABC Refusing to Cover Obama Benghazi Lie



EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say


Power equipment continues to sit in Central Park days after marathon canceled



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Storm-weary voters in U.S. Northeast face delays, confusion




It's a 50-50 nation, give or take




Just before Hurricane Sandy, Obama signed executive order merging Homeland Security with private sector to create virtual dictatorship



Suzuki will stop selling cars in the U.S.



Video time:


Since my next column won’t be due out until Thanksgiving Day, and since Gordon Lightfoot was born on November 17, 1938, I thought I’d put up a few videos of him.  He is one of only a few that I know of that survived a ruptured aneurysm on one’s aorta, that happening in 2002.  Enjoy these videos!








The above link is part one of a concert.  Part two can be picked up over on the right of the video.




Note:  I was not aware of the passing of Terry Clements, the guitar player for Gordon Lightfoot - for 40 years, until I checked out a couple of the above videos.  He’s really featured in the first link above – the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald video.

Lightfoot guitarist Terry Clements dies






Note:  The photos are not available on Dirt Track Digest, only on New England Tractor - http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/

Back in the day, they would race Midgets on tracks up to a mile in length.  Below is the start of a 100 mile Midget race at the mile track in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Rodger Ward is on the pole.  Yes, there are a “few” fans in the stands, too!




Closing with these:



TOP-10 "Only In America" Observations ~ by a Canadian


 1) Only in America, could politicians talk about the greed of the

 rich at a $35,000.00 a plate campaign fund-raising event.


 2) Only in America, could people claim that the government still

 discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a

 black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal workforce is black

 while only 12% of the population is black.


 3) Only in America, could they have had the two people most

 responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury

 Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and Means Committee,

 BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.


 4) Only in America, can they have terrorists kill people in the name

 of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might

 be harmed by the backlash.


 5) Only in America, would they make people who want to legally

 become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens

 of thousands of dollars for the privilege while actually considering letting

 anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just 'magically' become

 American citizens.


6) Only in America, could the people who believe in balancing the

 budget and sticking by the country's Constitution be thought of as



 7) Only in America, could you need to present a driver's license to

 cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.


 8) Only in America, could people demand the government investigate

 whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went

 up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. oil company (Marathon

 Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).


 9) Only in America, could the government collect more tax dollars

 from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion

 dollars more than it has per year - for total spending of $7-Million PER

 MINUTE, and complain that it doesn't have nearly enough money.


 10) Only in America, could the rich people - who pay 86% of all

 income taxes - be accused of not paying their "fair share" by people who

 don't pay any income taxes at all.











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Wishing all race fans, drivers, teams, team owners and sponsors to remain safe and out of harms way!


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