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                                         Volume # 115



Special notice:  There will be no column next week, and columns will be every other week, for a while.




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This week I’m changing each topic lead words from bold to regular print and also a slightly larger spacing between topics, to see if that helps any.


Note:  This is what Adam Ross had to say:  Strange things happen with your columns, and I don't get it!”





So, as forecast earlier in the week, “Mother Nature” saw fit to mess up the Eastern States Weekend.  Rain, mostly all day Friday raised havoc with the track, race teams, race fans, and even those that run the place.  Ya know – I’m glad I was not the one running the show!  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not backing up those that run the place.  In fact, I never went to the track on Friday, mainly due to the rain and the forecast.  I only know what I’ve read on the Internet (yes we can believe all that, right?), and what I was told by others that had been in attendance.  My thoughts:  Nothing should have been on the track on Friday.  The entire days activities should have been cancelled and a new schedule for the weekend created, which, in a way was done, but way too late.  Another part of the problem is that the teams have to get there on Thursday, now.  Hey, this ain’t Super Dirt Week, folks!  Per the schedule that was put out, cars that were due to race on Saturday, had to be at the track, first thing on Friday morning!






Part of the problem at ESW, from what I see, is that there are now too many classes.  Why so many?  I can only guess – to get more monies into the pit area to help pay the purses.  By doing that, they can keep the cost - for the fans, as they’ve basically been, over the last few years – maybe?  Talking with a driver from the CRSA, on Sunday, I was informed that the track was going to charge those with the Sprint Cars $20.00 for each Quad.  Really?

And, something else that I noticed, was that in the article about the weekend of racing, in our local Middletown Times Herald-Record, was that the results for the Sprint Car race was listed as the CRSA 305 Sprint Car feature.  Not so.  The CRSA was not associated with that race.  If so, I would imagine there would have been a lot more than just 15 cars.  If you recall, in last weeks column, I made mention of there being 56 305 Sprint Cars a couple of weeks ago at Port Royal and was wondering how many would be at OC.  Had I come out with what I thought, I would have been very close.

No idea as to how the CRSA was getting credit for the Sprint Car race in the write-up in our paper.  Either a failure to ask, by the reporter, or a “failure to communicate between the track and the author of the article, maybe?






I really didn’t get into watching professional baseball and football until the 60’s, but I can never recall so many players being hurt.  Prior to the 60’s I was a Brooklyn Dodger fan, and darn, I still think the starting eight played damn near every game – and most were in the daytime & under the hot summer sun.  Today, it drives me nuts every time a batter has to adjust his Velcro on his gloves.  Bunch of overpaid woosies!




At times all some of us need is a lucky break.  At times, those lucky breaks are received due to someone else having misfortune.

As I was heading to my seat this past Sunday, at OCFS, I came across former race driver Jimmy Maguire.  He was sitting on the very front of the ½ covered stands, talking racing with another gentleman.  This other gentleman was quite fascinated with what Jimmy was telling him – Jimmy’s racing career and some of the races he had run.

When Jimmy was just about done, I asked him a question – “After you lost your arm, and were in the hospital, was it Clint Brawner that came to see you in the hospital”?  (Clint was the mechanic on the Dean Van Lines Indy cars).  Jimmy said yes, it was Clint.  So I asked Jimmy – “Didn’t he ask you -‘who should we put in the car’ – and what did you say”?  Jimmy came right out and repeated what he had told Clint Brawner on that day “Yes, Mario Andretti”.

As you can see, at times one just needs a little break.




Do you go to the Dirt Track Digest’s Forum?  If not, you might want to check this particular thread out –






For some unknown reason, it has been extremely difficult getting MyLaps for certain tracks – one of which was OCFS.  I was furnished the following link from OCFS (via Facebook) and I notice it has also been posted on the OCFS Facebook page, too.





Ya know, if I had a kid like this, I’d be in jail, today.  How in the world can a parent showcase such a brat?  What’s worse, the damn TV people think it’s cool/great/funny to have this trash on their shows!  You gotta read some of the comments under the article!  “Meltdown”?

Honey Boo Boo has a meltdown on 'Dr. Drew'








Since I have more in “I get e-mails”, below, I thought I’d put this message from an e-mail, in here.  True or not?  Who knows?




Always take a small fridge magnet on your

Holiday, they come in handy at the end of it.

Thought you all needed to know this.


This is pretty good info. Never even thought

About key cards containing anything other

Than an access code for the room!




Ever wonder what is on your magnetic keycard?



A. Customer's name

B. Customer's partial home address

C. Hotel room number

D. Check-in date and out dates

E. Customer's credit card number and expiration date!


When you turn them in to the front desk your

Personal information is there for any employee

To access by simply scanning the card in the

Hotel scanner. An employee can take a hand full

Of cards home and using a scanning device, access

The information onto a laptop computer and go

Shopping at your expense.


Simply put, hotels do not erase the information

On these cards until an employee reissues the

Card to the next hotel guest. At that time, the

New guest's information is electronically 'over-

Written on the card and the previous guest's

Information is erased in the overwriting process.


But until the card is rewritten for the next guest,

It usually is kept in a drawer at the front desk



The bottom line is: Keep the cards, take them

Home with you, or destroy them. NEVER leave them

Behind in the room or room wastebasket, and

NEVER turn them into the front desk when you

Check out of a room. They will not charge you for the card

(it's illegal) and you'll be sure you are not leaving

A lot of valuable personal information on it that could

Be easily lifted off with any simple scanning device

Card reader.


For the same reason, if you arrive at the airport and

Discover you still have the card key in your pocket,

Do not toss it in an airport trash basket. Take it home

And destroy it by cutting it up, especially through the

Electronic information strip!


If you have a small magnet,

Pass it across the magnetic

Strip several times. Then try it in the door, it will not

Work. It erases everything on the card.







Hey, before you know it, it will be December 25th.  Here are some links to various websites where you might find some interesting things, gift-wise, for family and friends.


http://www.aarn.com/ (subscription)
















http://www.tbrwins.com/ (Kart items)












Sometimes they’re true, while at other times, they prove to be false.  Some things heard last weekend at OCFS:


Michael (Suitcase) Sanchelli will not be back at OCFS for 2013.


Part of the cause for the very small 305 Sprint Car field was that members of the CRSA were told that they would be charged $20.00 for each quad.  CRSA did not have many cars for the show, that’s for sure.  Only 15 305’s showed up and only 3 or 4 were CRSA members.  More was said as to why the CRSA did not back the Sprint Car portion of ESW – how the track “went at it all wrong”.


During the “action” on Friday, or the lack of it, it was said that the Modifieds would only get one lap in time trials, no heats and no consolation races.  The 200 line up would be the fastest “x” amount, from those time trials.


When that was announced, some “name” drivers announced that they would load up and leave.


Harsh, nose to nose words were made between some drivers and officials on Friday.


A driver/team owner was told he was going to be penalized because he did not help to run in the track, on Friday.  Said driver/team owner could not get into the pit area on Friday!


A driver was “moved down” in speed/time wise in the qualifying time trials because he did not help run in the track.


Really not a rumor, but the purse, especially for the 200, was not as much for those that placed towards the bottom, in the race, compared to some past 200’s.  I don’t know about the other classes.


More not rumors, but my having discussions with others, the consensus is that when, and if, the pit area is moved outside of turns 3 & 4, some extensive excavating and grading will have to take place.  If that does get done, I hope it isn’t a mud hole.








An update on the wife:


Last Saturday, she completed her two weeks on the Chemo pills.  This week she’s off every thing.  She’s due to start the pills again on Sunday.  After that, another two hours of IV Chemo, next Tuesday.  Since she’s been home from the hospital stay, her strength is gradually improving, and there have been no more bouts with dehydration and/or diarrhea.







I see the Inside NASCAR show is back on Showtime, on Wednesday nights.  In my area it’s on at 10:00 PM.  It’s not censored, so maybe it’s a good thing it’s on rather late.  Some B A D words do get said.






Coming up:


Oakland Valley’s Dirt Oval:

Last point race this Saturday, 10/26.

11/2, 11/3 & 11/4 Novemberfest – Karts & Slingshots racing.

Note:  Methinks I had wrong dates, previously!  Novemberfest is held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!



November 11, 2012:


The annual Stan Lobitz Movie party, lunch, auction and sit down dinner, with all of the proceeds going to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR).

Lobitz Caterin Hall – Route 940  Hazelton, Pa. – located directly behind the Fairway Chevrolet dealership on Route 309 North.

One never knows who might show up – like Eddie Sachs, Jr. or Arlen Kurtis, son of noted race car builder Frank Kurtis – who have been guests in recent years.  A good time is had by all with lots of bench racing and b*ll busting being done throughout the day.  Vendors are also present.

Things get off to a somewhat slow start at around 9:00 AM, and then it’s an all day thing that ends with the sit down dinner usually a little after 5:00.

When I go, it’s I-84 West to I-81 South.  I get off on Route 80 East, then hit Pa Route 309 South – the first exit after leaving I-81.  From Port Jervis, N.Y. it’s an hour and a half drive.

Best part:  it’s FREE.


Note:  Jimmy Maguire attends every one of these affairs.





Found on Jayski’s website:




'The NASCAR season is my priority' – shoulder surgery for Pastrana







Danica could be cut from GoDaddy advertising:  


Caution lights are flashing for racing star Danica Patrick's lucrative gig with Go Daddy. The advertising future of Go Daddy's go-to girl appears to be in limbo as Go Daddy is about to announce the hiring of a new ad agency, Deutsch NY, which will have freedom to drop the sexy racing star from the Web domain company's Super Bowl ad lineup. Patrick, 30, has starred in more Super Bowl spots - 10 - than any other celebrity, including Michael Jordan and Cindy Crawford. Overall, she's appeared in 22 Go Daddy commercials since 2007 and is believed to earn upwards of $1 million annually for those commercial efforts. But Patrick has not appeared in a Go Daddy spot for months, and the company says it has no current plans to feature her in any spots at least through January. "The question at hand is: Is she in the Super Bowl or not?" says Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer at Go Daddy. "What we're trying to do is redefine sexy to be a small-business owner running a successful business. So we want to explore options of how we make our advertising new." Patrick's Q Score, which tracks likability, has recently been heading south, falling from 29 in 2010 to 19 in 2012. The average race car driver rates a 13 Q Score. "It raises a warning signal to evaluate the strength of her emotional connection with consumers," says Henry Schafer, executive vice president at The Q Scores Co.(USA Today)(10-18-2012)




Danica Patrick is still Go Daddy's girl, though she may not be featured in the company's Super Bowl spots for the first time since 2007. Go Daddy on Thursday announced it had signed New York agency Deutsch Inc. to produce its two 30-second Super Bowl spots, the first time the website domain provider has gone outside for the ads it has done itself since 2005. "We love Danica, our relationship is perfectly fine," [Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer] said. "Danica, for us, is a valued asset and we have her for the foreseeable future. We are very excited for her upcoming first full season in the Sprint Cup Series, and Go Daddy is looking forward to many more years together with her." Rechterman said Go Daddy is interested in discussing opportunities with Patrick for the Indianapolis 500 next season. Patrick has said she'd like to run that race if she can partner with a team that gives her a chance to win. But Rechterman doesn't know if that means Patrick will kick off the year with a spot in the Super Bowl, which is Feb. 3 in New Orleans.(Associated Press)(10-18-2012)




Prelude to a Dream will not run in 2013:


According to a news release issued Thursday by Eldora Speedway, the track will not host the Prelude to the Dream next year. "Eldora's commitment to the best possible experience for its loyal fans and competitors attending the Dirt Late Model Dream will result in a schedule change to Dream Week. The logistics associated with the Dream's expansion for the dirt Late Model teams that supplied the cars for the Prelude, along with speedway officials who must transition the facility, prevents the Prelude to the Dream from being included on the 2013 calendar. Advance ticket holders to the 2012 event will retain their renewal rights for the next scheduled Prelude to the Dream event going forward."(Eldora Speedway)(10-18-2012)


Truck race possible at Eldora:


NASCAR may be considering adding a dirt race at Eldora Speedway to its Truck Series schedule. Multiple sources within the series said they've been told a dirt track could be added to the schedule in 2013. Sources also said a Richard Childress Racing truck was prepared for a test at Eldora, owned by three-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart. The test was scheduled to take place Monday or Tuesday, the sources said. Officials at Eldora could not be reached for comment. NASCAR officials declined to address specifically whether Eldora was under consideration for a truck race, but the series is looking at potential venues it hasn't been to before. "We've made several site visits over the past few months to look at possible future venues for our Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series," spokesman Kerry Tharp said on Tuesday. "We expect the 2013 schedules for both of those series to be finished up and released within the next couple of weeks."(ESPN)(10-17-2012)



Texas offering largest purse of Chase races:


Texas Motor Speedway and the AAA Texas 500 once again will boast the largest purse of the 10 races in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Texas Motor Speedway will award $6,969,209 among the 43 drivers competing in the AAA Texas 500 on Sunday, Nov. 4. The purse increased more than $111,000 when compared to last year's AAA Texas 500 purse of $6,857,822. Since 2005, Texas Motor Speedway has played host to the eighth race in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, which annually features the largest purse and largest-attended race of the 10 races in NASCAR's version of the playoffs. Texas Motor Speedway's WinStar World Casino 350 Camping World Truck Series and O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge Nationwide Series races also will include large payouts. The WinStar World Casino 350 on Friday, Nov. 2, features a purse of $547,978 while the O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge on Saturday, Nov. 3, will award $1,116,776.(TMS)(10-18-2012)



Chevy to debut 2013 car at end of November:


So far, every 2013 Chevy SS NASCAR Sprint Cup car that's shown up for testing has looked like something from a Rorschach test or maybe a psychedelic experiment from the 1960s gone horribly wrong, but that's about to change. Up until now, Chevy has insisted that the SS always run in a bizarre black-and-white wrap to conceal its true appearance. Finally, on Nov. 29 at the Wynn Las Vegas, Chevy will show the SS off in real race trim, minus the headache-inducing graphics. The street version of the SS will be based on Australian Holden VE Commodore, a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sedan. The SS also bears a close resemblance to the late, lamented Pontiac G8, another Holden-based sedan. GM will be the last of the four automakers currently in NASCAR to formally unveil its 2013 car.(SPEED)see images of the Chevy test car and other 2013 models on the 2013 Manufacturers News and Images page.(10-19-2012)



Diet Mountain Dew cutting back sponsorship of Earnhardt, Jr.:




#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. won't have Diet Mountain Dew as a sponsor for as many races in 2013 as he did in 2012, but he's not worried about Hendrick Motorsports finding sponsors for those races. NASCAR's most popular driver will have sponsorship from the Army National Guard for 20 races next year and Diet Mountain Dew for an unspecified number. Mountain Dew sponsored 16 races this year while another Pepsi product, Amp, sponsored four. The National Guard had 18 races this year. Earnhardt is not worried about having an unsponsored car at Hendrick. The organization has had Hendrickcars.com on Kasey Kahne's car for select races this year when it didn't sell sponsorships. "We have more demand than we have supply pretty much," Earnhardt said. "We've got a majority of the season with the Guard and Diet Mountain Dew is going to back off a little bit and that makes it a bit of a challenge to fill that small of a gap. If it were a bit larger gap, it would be easier to fill."(Sporting News)(9-14-2012)

UPDATE: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his Hendrick Motorsports team are losing 15 races of sponsorship next season as PepsiCo plans to cut back its sponsorship, according to the SportsBusiness Journal. PepsiCo committed to sponsoring Earnhardt for 20 races in 2012. PepsiCo is working on a $10 million deal with Hendrick Motorsports that would include five races annually with Earnhardt (Diet Mountain Dew and Amp), two races with Jeff Gordon (Pepsi) and one with Kasey Kahne (brand TBA). The beverage company had sponsored Earnhardt and his #88 team for 20 races and Gordon's #24 team for two in each of the past five years. This season, the 20 Earnhardt races were split between Diet Mountain Dew (16 races) and Amp (four races).(Sporting News)(10-22-2012)



Patrick, Cassill differ on reason for wreck: 


Danica Patrick vowed to stand up for herself when the time was right, and she deemed Sunday's NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway to be that time. Patrick, in her eighth Sprint Cup Series race, spun Landon Cassill around the midway point of the Hollywood Casino 400 as frustration over what she said were multiple incidents with the BK Racing driver boiled over. "He got into me on the front straight and said I was just in the way," Patrick said. "That's really no good reason to hit me. If it's one time, I can imagine it's frustration, but it's been quite a few times with him. At some point I have to stand up for myself so this doesn't happen with other people. I chose today."
Cassill, though, told SB Nation he didn't slam into Patrick because she was in the way - he moved the #10 car because Patrick was "driving like a maniac making it three-wide on a restart" when others were "staying cool to keep from wrecking." While the leaders were wrecking at the front of the field, Cassill said he and other drivers racing around the back were "biding our time." Patrick made it three-wide but didn't pass him - a move which irked Cassill. "If you're going to make it three-wide and pass somebody, you've got to back it up," he said by phone after the race. "But she didn't. She goes under there, and then she's sliding up the racetrack and then jacks up the field, gets in the way. Then she lets two cars go by, and when I get underneath her, she crowds me. So I was like, 'No! I've been faster than you all day,' so I was going to move her. And I did. I didn't hit her because she was in my way and I wanted to pick on her, I hit her because she was driving like an idiot for 30th."(
SB Nation)(10-22-2012)



Stewart says Danica's 2012 schedule will help next year: 


Danica Patrick's foray into the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series so far has been, to put it politely, a huge challenge. When Stewart planned out Patrick's part-time Cup schedule for 2012, he deliberately chose some of the toughest tracks and races for the former IndyCar star to run. The logic was that it was far better to expose her to the most challenging tracks so she'll have a good baseline for next year than to let her pad her statistics at the easier courses. The results have been underwhelming. In six Cup starts this year, Patrick has not led a lap and has an average finish of 28.17.
Despite the ups and downs of the season, Stewart said Friday that he's sticking by his plans for Patrick. "We picked races that were going to be hard," Stewart said. "They are not supposed to be easy. Her scenario is a little different than a lot of other drivers. She has been very eager to get to the Cup series and I still think more so than some people do that she has the ability to be successful at this level. The learning curve that she is going through has been a lot shorter than what it probably should have been. But with that, that is why Ryan (Newman) and I are here as a support system to her, why Greg (Zipadelli) was chosen as her crew chief for this year." Stewart said picking challenging tracks would accelerate Patrick's learning curve. "There wasn't anything to learn by going to easy tracks this year on a partial schedule," Stewart said. "The schedule she is going to have next year she is going to have to go to these hard tracks. Being able to just have the experience of going the year before even if it's a rough experience you at least learn and get a base of that track anytime you do something for the first time it's tough. The second time is always easier. I don't care what it is."(



Allmendinger taking it race-by-race: 


AJ Allmendinger came back from a workout at his gym early last Thursday morning to find four missed calls and five text messages on his cell phone. He quickly returned the calls and by 9 a.m. had a job -- his first since being reinstated by NASCAR following a three-month suspension for failing a drug test. And after a 24th-place finish at Charlotte last Saturday driving the #51 Phoenix Racing Chevy, Allmendinger got another call this Monday morning. And another job in the #51 this weekend at Kansas Speedway. It's the new week-to-week, race-to-race reality for Allmendinger, who couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity -- a chance made possible because of the domino-effect of Kurt Busch leaving the team and Busch's initial replacement, Regan Smith, getting a seat filling in for Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is recovering from a concussion.
It's the small victories and feel-good moments that count most these days. Allmendinger insists the greatest lesson he learned while serving his suspension was that he needed to re-prioritize his life, to find perspective. He completed NASCAR's Road to Recovery program and maintains that his positive test came after he mistakenly took an Adderall pill -- which is often prescribed for attention deficit disorder. In his case, Allmendinger insists there wasn't a substance-abuse issue. He needed to address his decision-making. "This schedule is so insane, you don't ever have time to fix anything away from the race track,'' Allmendinger explained. "And if you do, all you're thinking about is fixing the stuff at the race track. I'm by no means a perfect person, but I know I need to work on it. Over the three months, it made me realize how much I really do enjoy being here and how much I missed it. When it's going bad, I put so much pressure on myself. And driving for Roger Penske was a dream come true and then everything just wasn't happening right."
Allmendinger knows that his future is tenuous -- both short-term and long-term. He said he is talking with teams about a ride in 2013, but there simply aren't many vacant seats; certainly not many quality vacant seats. He recognizes that his behavior has probably frightened some sponsors but is hopeful his candor and repentance will attract a company ready to capitalize on his second chance. In the near-term, he doesn't even know where he will be next week. Phoenix Racing general manager Steve Barkdoll was non-committal.(



Regan Smith expected in the #51 if Earnhardt, Jr. cleared to race:


Don't expect Phoenix Racing to jump the gun in announcing its driver lineup for this weekend. However, should Earnhardt Jr. be cleared, Regan Smith will drive the # 51 Chevy. Smith posted his fourth top-10 finish of the season on Sunday subbing in the #88 Hendrick Motorsports car. General manager Steve Barkdoll said Monday morning that the commitment had been made to Smith before AJ Allmendinger filled in. Still Barkdoll, who spotted for Allmendinger during throughout Smith's absence, described the experience as fun. "The way AJ performed the last two weeks, he deserves to be in a full-time ride," Barkdoll said.(Fox Sports)(10-23-2012)



AJ Allmendinger will drive the #51 Phoenix Racing Sprint Cup car Sunday at Martinsville Speedway. Allmendinger, who was suspended earlier this season for violating NASCAR's substance abuse policy, has driven the past two races at Charlotte and Kansas, where he finished 24th and 35th, respectively. General manager Steve Barkdoll said the decision to go with Allmendinger was based on how he has performed over the past two weeks. Barkdoll said it remains a race-by-race decision. He said Regan Smith would have been in the car for the rest of the year had he not been called on to replace Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the #88 the past two weeks. Barkdoll did not rule out the possibility that Smith could be in the car in two weeks at Texas. Earnhardt is awaiting word later Tuesday on whether he will be cleared to return from a concussion to race at Martinsville this weekend.(ESPN) (10-23-2012)




Earnhardt, Jr. cleared to race at Martinsville


Dale Earnhardt Jr. will return to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series this weekend at Martinsville, Va., after being medically cleared for competition. Since being diagnosed with a concussion following the Oct. 7 race at Talladega, Ala., Earnhardt has participated in a rehabilitation program directed by Charlotte neurosurgeon Dr. Jerry Petty. Throughout the process, Petty consulted with Dr. Micky Collins, director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program. "Dale Jr. has done everything asked of him," Petty said. "He hasn't had a headache since Oct. 12, and we have not been able to provoke any symptoms since that time. I have informed NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports that he is medically cleared for all NASCAR-related activity." Earnhardt was evaluated by Collins on Oct. 16 in Pittsburgh. On Monday, Earnhardt ran 123 laps in a Sprint Cup car during a test session monitored by Petty at the half-mile Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Ga. Petty cleared the driver Tuesday morning following a final neuropsychological evaluation in Charlotte. (Hendrick Motorsports)(10-23-2012)



#49 team up for auction: 


Gavel Auction is scheduled to hold an auction of the complete assets of the #49 Robinson-Blakeney / American Israel team on October 30, 2012, including race cars, engines, hauler, EFI systems, shop equipment, pit road boxes and more. For more info go to myRacing auctions, equipment, decals, helmets and more news and links page





Regan Smith without a ride at Martinsvile:  


Regan Smith experienced two weeks that most racecar drivers would love to experience, and he will follow that with a weekend few would enjoy. After a two-week stint as the substitute driver for Dale Earnhardt Jr., Smith is without a ride for the Sprint Cup Series race Sunday at Martinsville Speedway. Smith said Tuesday he plans to go to the track but does not have a ride as Earnhardt has been approved to race after having to miss the last two weeks because of a concussion. On Tuesday afternoon, Smith found out that, as expected, Earnhardt was cleared to race this weekend at Martinsville. Phoenix Racing already had decided to keep AJ Allmendinger in the car after a promising two weeks with him as its last-minute replacement. Smith said he held no hard feelings toward Phoenix for not giving him an opportunity in the car this weekend and there is a chance he could race that car later this year. He couldn't commit to the team before Tuesday and the team had to make plans for Martinsville.(Sporting News)(10-24-2012)



Regan Smith and AJ Allmendinger will share the driving duties for the #51 Phoenix Racing Chevy for the remainder of the 2012 season. Team owner James Finch confirmed his driver lineup on Tuesday. Allmendinger will continue behind the wheel this weekend in Martinsville and the following week at Texas Motor Speedway. Smith will finish the season for Phoenix Racing at Phoenix International Raceway and Miami-Homestead Speedway.(Fox Sports)(10-24-2012)





JR Motorsports announced it has reached an agreement with Regan Smith to drive the team's #5 NASCAR Nationwide Series entry full time in 2013. General Manager Kelley Earnhardt Miller said Smith will make his JRM debut this year, as the company will field three teams for the Nov. 17 race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Smith will join teammates Cole Whitt and Danica Patrick in the season finale. Smith has not competed in the Nationwide Series since 2007 when he tallied three top-fives, five top-10s, and a pole award at Kentucky Speedway. Smith's #5 Chevy, to date, is the only JRM entry cemented for a full-season slate in 2013. Earnhardt Miller said the goal of the organization is still to run two full-time teams  the #5 and #7  with addition to Earnhardt Jr. competing in select Nationwide Series races in the #88 car. "We feel it is important for our sponsors, our fans, and even Dale to keep his Nationwide Series number consistent with his Cup number," Earnhardt Miller said. "His brand is associated with the #88. That's what makes him distinguishable on the race track, so it's only natural that he drives the #88 all the time. To do that, we are making our #5 Chevy our full-time entry. We hope to have Cole in the #7 full time in 2013, and we are working hard on securing sponsorship for that.(JR Motorsports)(10-24-2012)



Nationwide Series remaining in Canada? 


The Nationwide Series has perhaps not left Quebec, Canada for good, it could end up in Trois-Rivières, and, starting next year. Discussions were initiated, according to sources, with representatives from NASCAR to maintain a Canadian race on the schedule. The mayor of Trois-Rivières has appointed the chairman of the Grand Prix, Dominic Fugere to conduct these talks. Also, there was some discussion of holding a Nationwide Series race at Mosport next year, but the track does not currently meet the crieteria necessary for a NASCAR race. NASCAR has not disclosed the Nationwide schedule in 2013, which suggests that negotiations are ongoing with various promoters.(Montreal Journal, article in French, translated with Google Translate at edited)(10-24-2012)







Going back, in time at OVRP’s Dirt Oval:

From April 16, 2005.  Only nine, from that date, that I know of, have moved up to more expensive racing vehicles.


Note:  This will be the last, for this section, in my columns for this season.





Going back, in time:


Something a little different this week – kinda goes along with “Fifth”, in this weeks column.  A little known fact about Mario Andretti and his first road race win, along with the first professional race for Mark Donohue.


A story I picked up on the Internet – author unknown.


The Lime Rock Formula Libre (‘run what you brung’) Race was a landmark event. There is an account & photos of the event at coldplugs.com


(Note:  The above link no longer works.)

BTW: A zillion races at Lime Rock & just a few involving Midgets.

But in addition to Rodger Ward’s historic win, Mario Andretti’s 1st ever road race win came in a midget @ Lime Rock.

And, in that same event, Mark Donohue was driving his first professional race.

Donohue drove a Cooper/Offy midget owned by…Ken Brenn. Donohue wrote of Ken Brenn & the first money ($600) he made racing, on pages 22-26 in his book, ‘The Unfair Advantage.

There were a couple of heats & Donohue wrote they were repairing the Cooper-Offy & were going to miss the start, but Dutch Schaeffer put his car on the grid & disappeared.

They were hunting & paging Dutch like crazy, but he didn’t get back from the ‘men’s room’ until the repairs on Brenn’s Cooper/Offy were completed.

So, the great Dutch Schaeffer made it possible for Mark Donohue to win his first pro money.






More racing stuff:


I’ve been reading about some possible changes coming with Indy Car.  Quite surprised at what’s going on, too.  If you’re into Indy Car racing, you might want to check these out:

















News from the AARN:



What with me being at ESW over the weekend, it kind of put a crimp in time spend on the column, so if you don’t mind, I’ll not be touching on any particular AARN writers this week.


The Oxford Plains Speedway, in Maine, has been sold to Tom Mayberry.


Old Dominion Speedway, in Virginia, is closing.  A new track at a different location is being proposed.


¼ Mile Dirt Track Championship Weekend at Five Mile Point is this coming weekend – Friday the 26th and Saturday, the 27th.  On Friday it’s RoC Sportsman for 100 laps, RaceSaver 305 Sprint Cars, Factory Stocks and the 4 Cylinder ¼ Mile Nationals.  On Saturday it’s RoC Modifieds and the Southern Tier 100, RoC Street Stock finals, IMCA Modified Empire States Series finals and the 600 cc Modifieds.


“Brawl in the Fall” at Hagerstown will be held on Saturday, the 27th and Sunday, the 28th.  On Saturday, it’s qualifying races, then on Sunday it’s feature time.  In action:  Late Models, Modifieds, 410 & 358 Sprint Cars.


Note:  Checking out the Internet, it looks like some pretty small car counts for that show, especially in the Modifieds.


Freemont Speedway and Attica Raceway Park have signed up with Hoosier for their track tires, for five years.


FOX Sports Media Group (FSMG) has an eight year agreement to televise NASCAR racing from 2015 to 2022.  NBC Sports Group will televise F-1 races for four years.  GSMG will televise 13 consecutive NASCAR Cup races starting with the Daytona 500.  They’ll also televise the Sprint All Star race, Daytona Shoot-out, Duel at Daytona, the entire NASCAR Truck Series season, including practice and qualifying.


Note:  No mention of FSMG and the Nationwide Series, though.


AARN’s Motor Sports show in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center will be held on January 18th, 19th & 20th.






Former Oakland Valley Speedway (Dirt Oval) runners:


Well, it looks like this might be the last of this section for this year. 

I know I’m probably missing some, this week.


Last week I missed Davie Franek racing at Grandview with the URC Sprint Cars – and his chance to end up the URC’s champion for 2012.  Well, he dropped out of the feature, and was 17th.  No he didn’t get enough points to win the championship.


I see that Kenney Johnson, even with car troubles, managed a 10th place finish at the Lee, NH Speedway in the NEMA Lights feature.


Now for OCFS and the Eastern States Weekend:

In the Crate Sportsman racing, Brian Krummel won the feature.  Tyler Dippel was 2nd, Anthony Perrego 6th, Matt Janiak 7th, Andrew Reeves 16th and Joe Conklin 20th.  Not making the feature were Joey Falanga, RJ Smykla, Kayla Smykla, Brad Szulewski, John Illanovsky and Rich Coons.


In the Open Sportsman racing, Krummel also won that feature, with Perrego 2nd,  Dippel 3rd, Janiak 4th, LJ Lombardo 16th, Joe Conklin 22nd and RJ 23rd.  Not qualifying were Illanovsky, Mike Traver, Kayla and Joey.


In the 358 Modifieds, Michael Storms was 10th, Mike Ruggerio 17th, Billy VanInwegen 21st, Dippel 24th and Danny Creeden 30th.  Not making the feature were RJ, Tom Hindley, LJ and Tyler Boniface.


In the Big Block Modifieds, Billy V was 11th, Clinton Mills 29th, Mike Ruggerio 38th, Danny Creeden 39th and Tim Hindley 45th.  Not making the feature was Matt Hitchcock.


Note:  As you can see, 15 year old Tyler Dippel ran three classes – all on Saturday.  Looking at MyLaps, I figure he ran at least 196 laps.


For anyone interested, here is the link to MyLaps for Eastern States:








Press Releases:


Doug Borger's Big Announcement on October 28...Wingless 600 Drivers Take Note...

On Sunday, October 28, starting at noon, there will be a meeting at the Polk Township Fire House in Kresgeville, Pa. 

Xcel 600 Modified creator and kingpin Doug Borger is hosting the meeting and, while it is open to everyone, the main topic will not be geared specifically towards the Xcel Mod crowd. Borger has a big announcement, though, and he's allowing AARN and this column to break the news first...

During the gathering on October 28, Borger will unveil his plan for a new touring series for 600cc Micro-Sprints. The series will make its debut in 2013, and here's the piece that many have been waiting, and wanting, to hear...it will be Wingless.

Although Borger intends to reveal many of the details surrounding his tour at the meeting, he spilled some of the specifics in a telephone conversation on Monday, October 15.

It will be an eight-to-ten race schedule; he's already had discussions with several area speedways who are willing to book the Wingless 600's. While no dates have been confirmed, Doug says some of the tracks who have expressed interest include Penn Can, Five Mile Point, Linda's, and Big Diamond (Little Diamond?).

Borger continues to hammer out the purse structure, but he's looking at a winner's payout of $450-500, and $75 to take the green in the feature. Some of the purse structure, he conceded, will depend on car count at each event.

The series will adhere to the rules set up by the U6SA organization, although Borger is emphasizing that any one interested in competing in his new series really should attend the meeting on the 28th because he's going to discuss (and get racers' opinions on) a couple of U6SA rules that his touring group may not adopt...

Borger wants to make his new Wingless 600 series as affordable as possible, and he feels one of the ways to accomplish that goal is to limit the number of cockpit adjustable devices. "I'm looking to cut down on all the knobs and levers inside the cars," said Borger. "I think a limit of two cockpit adjustable devices is sufficient; maybe a panhard bar adjuster and one additional device, but that's it." He believes that cutting back on such devices will not only decrease expenses for the teams, but will also help the drivers devote more of their focus to the cars around them. "I really think that a lot of the accidents in these races are due to drivers reaching down, twisting and turning knobs inside the car and not concentrating on the cars in front of and around them. And it's about $120 every time you add an adjustable device, and that cost really adds up after a while."

Borger is also adamant in his belief that taking the wings off and limiting the cockpit adjustable devices "puts the driver back into the equation; it's not all about motors and who can spend the most money."

Even though he may not comply with every single rule in the U6SA book, Borger will stick to the engine stipulations developed by that organization, and he wants all the racers to know that he will do tech inspections at each event. "I tech my Xcel Modifieds and I'm not afraid to disqualify anyone in that group; we will share that philosophy in this Wingless 600 series, too," he stated.

Borger wants to hear from competitors who are interested in participating in his new series; that's why he is encouraging attendance at his meeting on the 28th. While he will listen and carefully consider the driver's and car owner's opinions, he made it clear that any final decisions will be his, and his alone. "Just like I do with the Xcel Mods," he said, "I listen to everyone's recommendations, then make decisions based on what's best for the entire series."

Regarding any pending changes for those popular and successful Xcel 600 Modifieds, Borger explained that he's switching shocks for next season. "We're changing to Bilstein shocks for next year; we've run Pro Shocks in the past but, after testing the Bilsteins for a month or so, I feel they're the way to go in 2013."

He's also waiting to see what happens at Kutztown next year; his Xcel Sportsman class has run weekly at the Berks County oval for the past two seasons but rumored plans for the one-fifth mile of clay do not include Borger's restrictor plate division. "I've got another track lined up to run the Sportsman," he noted. "But I need to see what happens at Kutztown first...I really think that place, and that night, is a good fit for those cars."

The wingless 600cc Micro-Sprint tour is an idea that has gained momentum over the past few seasons. When the 600 Pro Series ceased to exist in 2012, the notion of a wingless tour gained even more steam; even Borger himself thought about getting it started last winter. He decided against it, however, when he weighed the time needed to develop a new series against all the items already on his proverbial plate. Now, though, the time appears to be right and Borger is ready and anxious to make his Wingless 600 Traveling Series a reality.

The Polk Township Fire Hall is located just off Route 209 in Kresgeville, Pa. Borger says it's just about a mile from his Xcel Chassis shop, and interested parties can call him for directions at 610-681-2689.


Promoter: Len Sammons, Len Sammons Motors ports Productions
Media Contact: Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc.
215.752.7797 - office
267.934.7286 - cell phone


BALTIMORE, MD October 23, 2012 . . . Exciting Indoor Auto Racing is coming to the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore on Saturday, December 8. Tickets for the first time event in Baltimore are slated to go on sale Monday, October 29 at noon at all Ticketmaster locations and the arena box office.
 The show will feature the exotic TQ (Three Quarter) Midget race cars and agile Champ Karts that have put on many exciting indoor racing shows for a number of years under Len Sammons Productions.
 Other Indoor Racing events are scheduled for the Dunkin’ Donuts Center  
in Providence, R.I., on December 31, 2012 and at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J. for two consecutive days, February 1-2, 2013.
 The 1st Mariner Arena is near the very popular Camden Yards baseball  
stadium and in the middle of Baltimore’s trendy Inner Harbor area, a tourist mecca with dozens of shops, restaurants and attractions.
 “Baltimore is a great location for an indoor race,” said event organizer Len Sammons. “It is easily accessible from central Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.  We expect the event to be as popular as our Atlantic City and Providence races have become in its very first year.”
 Each class will compete against the clock in time trials that will determine starting positions in a series of qualifying heat races. The heat races will narrow the entries down to twenty-two starters for a 40-lap TQ Midget A-Main and a 25-lap Champ Kart feature event.
 Grandstand gates will swing open at 6:00 p.m. with racing starting one  
hour later beginning with qualifying heat races.
 Ted Christopher of Plainville, Ct., a many time NASCAR Whelen Modified  
champion, and a multi-time Indoor race winner in both Providence and Atlantic City, is the first official entrant for the Baltimore and Providence races. Other well known drivers such as Lou Cicconi Jr. and Joey Payne are expected to lead the TQ-Midget entries in the inaugural event.
 Previous Indoor Champ Kart race winner Norman Hynes of Linthicum, Md.  
is expected to be a fan favorite as he bids for a home state victory opportunity.
 Competitors intending to enter the Baltimore or Providence events may  
do so now on line.
 Technical rules and race procedures for both events are available on line at www.aarn.com  or by calling (609)-888-3618.
 The entries are limited to 60 TQ-Midgets and 42 Champ Karts.
 A host hotel for the Baltimore event will be announced in the very  
near future.
 The Clarion Inn in Seekonk, Mass. will serve as the host hotel for the  
Providence Indoor race. Located less than ten minutes from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Clarion guests will enjoy the ease of parking their vehicles at no charge in a  
secured area. Guests of the Clarion Inn will appreciate comfortable interior  
corridors that provide safe and easy room access. Reservations, available at a reduced nightly rate of $89.00, may be made by calling l-508-336-7300. With making reservations, ask for the “Indoor Racing” special rate.
 The hotel restaurant, Di Parma Italian Table is open for lunch and  
dinner. Di Parma also provides room Service and a complimentary  
continental breakfast.
 A gala post-race New Years’ Eve Party has been planned at the Clarion,  
featuring beef and turkey carving stations, fruit and cheese displays,  
complimentary beer and wine from 11 p.m. until the stroke of midnight  
and a champagne toast to herald the arrival of 2013.
 Title and associate event sponsorships are being sought for the  
three Indoor Race events.


215.752.7797 - OFFICE
267.934.7286 - CELL/TEXT






all weekend news can be found at www.fivemilepointspeedway.net






KIRKWOOD, NYFive Mile Point Speedway is readying for the biggest two days of racing the 62 year old quarter mile speedway has seen to date.  The National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship will take place on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th. Once again two Modified Guaranteed Starter events will help set the field for the 43rd running of the Southern Tier 100 on Saturday (10/27).


Five Mile Point Speedway and RoC Dirt Series Promoter Andrew Harpell came up with the Guaranteed Starters race concept a few years ago and it has remained very popular with the race teams that support the speedway.  All the Modified drivers that failed to qualify for the recently held Short Track SuperNationals will have an opportunity to race in one of two 12 lap Guaranteed Starter races prior to traditional qualifying for the Southern Tier 100.  The two 12 lap events will start the racing program on Saturday with the race winner in each transferring to the Southern Tier 100.  All of the teams including the two guaranteed starters will still go through traditional heat races to qualify and/or better their starting position in the feature event.


Harpell commented on the concept, “Each year we put these two races on to show our appreciation for supporting our late season events at Five Mile Point Speedway.”  “A driver may have had tough luck at the last event but now has an opportunity to turn that in to a great race day for the Southern Tier 100.”


Any of the non-qualifiers from the Short Track SuperNationals that take the green in either of the two Guaranteed Starter races will get a $50 bill for their participation.  The two race winners will have ensured themselves of $300 by making it in to the 43rd Southern Tier 100 starting field. 


The National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship Weekend will take place on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Racing on Friday evening will get underway at 7 p.m. with racing set to get underway at 3:45 p.m. on Saturday. There will be free camping, free parking and kids 12 and younger will be admitted free of charge.  For further information please phone 607-775-5555 or log on to www.fivemilepointspeedway.net.


Guaranteed Starter Race Lineups


GURANTEED STARTERS RACE NUMBER 1 LINEUP: Glenn Knapp, Jeff Crambo, Elmo Reckner, Brent Boyer, Chris Wood, Jamie Batzel, Don Lawson Jr., Chris Grbac, Joey Colsten, Mike Clapperton, Tommy Meier, Bob Hamm, Tom Collins, Mike Austin, Dan Hineline, Eric Williams, Richard Krum, Danny Bouc.


GUARANTEED STARERS RACE NUMBER 2 LINEUP: Billy VanPelt, Alan Barker, Steve Babicek, Alan Johnson, Nate Christman, Kyle Merkel, Jesse Kline, Joey Grammes, Sammy Martz, Brett Graham, Joe Eisenhauer, Byron Worthing, Ryan Beltz, Nick Rochinski, Richard Smith, Chad O’Hara, Brad Grim.





That time of year is here where champions are crowned and recognition is given. The swapping of racing stories that one day might lead to racing history. Banquet information has been announced by Doug Borger, creator of the Xcel Chassis Series.

"December 1st we will be honoring three divisions within the series. The tour division as always and for the first time we will be honoring Kutztown Fair Speedway drivers along with the Borgers Speedway  drivers, stated Doug,  I can't emphasize enough that drivers must be present to win any and all awards. This will be the biggest banquet to date with the additions of Kutztown and Borgers participants and everybody is looking forward to a great night."

The banquet will be held at the Polk Township Firehouse located on Route 209 just south of Doug's shop. Doors open at 5 with dinner being served at 6:00. Tickets will be $25.00 per person and are available thru Doug. He will have them at Five Mile Point this Saturday and on Sunday at the yearend meeting being held at the same firehouse starting at noon. If you can't make either, please call Doug at 610-681-2689 to reserve your tickets.




Saturday, October 27, 2012 – Candy Bowl VIII Time Schedule

(Subject to Change)

(Raindate: Sunday, October 28, 2012 – Same time schedule)

11:30 a.m. Pit Gates Open: Pit Passes: $25.00.

12:00 p.m. Grandstands Gates Open: General admission: Adults (18 & older) – $15.00; Seniors (60 &

older) & Young Adults (11–17) - $13.00; Children (10 & under) – Free

1:00 p.m. Driver’s Meeting – All Divisions (Turn One Pit Grandstands)

1:15 p.m. Track Prep Laps Begin

Rotation: Sportsman Modifieds

ARDC Wingless Midgets

Lincoln Thundercars

600cc Micro Sprints

Legends Cars

Sidewinder Sprints

2:00 p.m. Welcome, Invocation and National Anthem

Sportsman Modified Heat Races (8 laps)

ARDC Wingless Midget Heat Races (8 laps)

600cc Micro Sprint Heat Races (6 laps)

Legends Cars Heat Races (6 laps)

Sidewinder Sprint Heat Races (6 laps)

Consolation Races – if necessary

Lincoln Thundercars Feature (25 laps) – all cars entered to start the feature

Pro Sign & Design Mini Van Feature (15 laps)

Trick or Treating – All Cars to Frontstretch

ARDC Wingless Midget Feature (20 laps)

Sportsman Modified Feature (20 laps)

600cc Micro Sprint Feature (20 laps)

Legends Cars Feature (20 laps)

Sidewinder Sprint Feature (20 laps)

· Top Three Finishers Required to be in Victory Lane after Every Feature - $200.00 Fine for Failure to Report.




News from Bridgeport Speedway's 'Poker Series'

Promoter: Doug Hoffman - 610-398-4923
'Poker Series' Publicity: Brett Deyo - Deyo99H@aol.com or 845.728.2781

For Immediate Release/Oct. 24, 2012

Two-Day 'Wild Card Weekend' To Conclude Bridgeport Speedway Season Nov. 9-10; Small-Block Modified Championship Rules Have Been Set

BRIDGEPORT, NJ - One action-packed weekend remains for Bridgeport Speedway in 2012 under the leadership of Doug and Gena Hoffman.

The two-day 'Wild Card Weekend' is set for Friday-Saturday Nov. 9-10 featuring a plethora of divisions on the Logan Township five-eighths-mile oval. The weekend is headlined, of course, by a 40-lap big-block/small-block Modified event paying $5,000 to the winner on Saturday (Nov. 10) that will decide the overall 'Poker Series' point title.

Topping the Friday (Nov. 9) program is a 30-lap Small-Block Modified Championship paying $3,000 to the winner and $225 to take the green flag. The following weight/engine rules have been established for the event: Pennsylvania-legal spec head (2,350 lbs.); DIRTcar-legal spec head (2,350 lbs.); Open 339 cubic inches (2,400 lbs.); Open 363 cubic inches or ported spec head (2,450 lbs.); NASCAR-style 363 cubic inches or less (2,500 lbs.).

The tire rule is as follows for both the big- and small-block events: American Racer right-rear 48 or harder; left-rear 44 or harder; 33 or harder across the front.

"The goal is to keep this event open to as many teams as possible," Bridgeport promoter and former driving talent Doug Hoffman said. "We looked into the many combinations of small-block engines and put together a rules package we believe will be fair to everyone."

The event will be the only "small-block only" race held at Bridgeport this season.

A number of drivers have already set plans to participate in the small-block program including Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, N.J., Pennsy star Mike Gular of Green Lane, Pa., former Bridgeport champion Ryan Watt of Boyertown, Pa., Ryan Godown of Ringoes, N.J., Bridgeport Modified winner Eric Kormann of Vineland, N.J., recent Delaware State Dirt Track Championships small-block victor Richie Pratt Jr. of Woodbury Heights, N.J., and many more.

Joining the Small-Block Modifieds on Friday night is the final hand of the Crate Sportsman 'Poker Series' with a 30-lap event paying $1,000 to the winner and $75 to take the green flag.  Crate Sportsman featuring New Egypt (N.J.) Speedway and Delaware International Speedway seals are legal for this event.

Travis Hill of Barnsboro, N.J., has won three of the four ‘Poker Series’ events contested thus far for 602 Crate Sportsman: Aug. 30, June 9 and May 12. Ryan Anderson of Nottingham, Pa., won the other event on July 25.

Outlaw Stocks complete the card with a 20-lap feature. Joe LaClaire of Black Flagged Racing will coordinate special lap money and bonus awards for the full-fender contingent.

Additionally, the rain-postponed Outlaw Stock feature from Sept. 22 will determine the division's overall champion on Friday night.

Competitors looking to secure practice laps in advance of Saturday's events will be permitted to do so on Friday night.

For Friday night, gates open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 p.m. and racing promptly at 7:30 p.m.

On Saturday (Nov. 10), attention turns to the finale of the five-race 'Poker Series' for big-block/small-block Modifieds. The fifth and final hand of the series offers a $5,000 top prize should the winning driver post a $20 "gambler's fee" prior to the start of qualifying ($4,000 without). A full Race of Champions purse is set for the remainder of the field: $1,000 for fifth, $500 for 10th and $300 to take the green flag.

Saturday Modified weight rules are as follows for the event: Pennsylvania-legal spec head or DIRTcar spec head engines: 2,350 lbs.; all other small-blocks under 363 cubic inches: 2,400 lbs.; all engines above 363 cubic inches: 2,500 lbs.

The overall Modified 'Poker Series' payout is lucrative. At each Modified 'Poker Series' event, the winner receives an Ace (A), second a King (K), third a Queen (Q) and so on down to the 13th-place finisher receiving a Deuce (2). Following the completion of the five-race series, the driver with the best poker hand earns $2,500, second $1,500 and third $1,000. The driver with the worst five-card hand receives $1,000. Drivers must participate in all five events to be eligible for a point fund.

‘Poker Series’ winners thus far in 2012 have been Ryan Godown of Ringoes, N.J., (March 31), Jamie Mills of Milford, Del. (May 27), Richie Pratt Jr. of Woodbury Heights, N.J. (July 25) and Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, N.J. (Aug. 30). Pratt is the only Bridgeport regular to have won a 'Poker Series' race this season.

2012 Bridgeport champion Rick Laubach of Quakertown, Pa., won eight races at Bridgeport this season and leads the 'Poker Series' overall title fight with three 'Kings' resulting from a trio of runner-up finishes and a 'Queen' from a third-place result. Laubach is coming off victories at New Egypt Oct. 13 in the 'Rocktoberfest' and the big-block portion of the Delaware State Dirt Track Championships at Delaware International Oct. 20. 

Bridgeport will welcome the region's 'Open Sportsman' division for a 30-lap main with $1,500 at stake for the race winner and $100 to take the green flag. Crate Sportsman competitors are invited to take part in the Saturday event.

The popular TSRS 305 Sprint Cars (20 laps) and Garden State Vintage Stock Cars will join the show.

Gates open Saturday at noon. Hot laps are planned for 2:30 p.m. with racing to follow at 3 p.m.

Weekend camping is encouraged on the speedway grounds. A post-race party and bonfire is in the works post-race on Saturday. 

A release with complete pricing will be distributed later this week.

For further information on Bridgeport Speedway, visit www.bpspeedway.com. Bridgeport Speedway, located just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware off I-295 Exit 14, is a state-of-the-art auto racing facility with a five-eighths-mile clay oval and a quarter-mile clay oval embedded in the center.






            Goals have always been a  part of the life of Abbey Price. What is most important are these goals have always been realistic and within reach. When I first met Abbey I was impressed with the way Abbey was not afraid to ask questions but also listen and take the advice to heart. I asked her what she expected and her first words being 'I want to be Rookie of the Year and the first girl to do it" with such conviction it wouldn't surprise me at all.

          The Xcel Chassis tour division offered Abbey the opportunity to develop her driving skills while running thru out the northeast . One of the most popular drivers in the series was impressed how Abbey improved week in and week out. "Abbey was full of questions all season. Kids her age don't necessarily take the advice but each week I saw her improve and be more confident at each race." said modified driver Brian Mady," She's a great ambassador to the series and racing in general."

          When you take a look at her racing resume and all she has accomplished in such a short racing career makes you wonder how far she can go. In her first year of quarter midgets she accumulated 13 wins and 23 top 3's. By her second year, she was the Pennsylvania Quarter Midget Jr. Outlaw Regional Champ. In 2011 she moved to the sling shots and garnered herself 2 rookie titles, Wyalusing Jr. Champ and the Tobias Slingshot Jr., in one year.

          During the 2011off season Chip, Abbey's dad, and Abbey sat down and mapped out her 2012 season. They decided the 600 modifieds would help advance Abbey in her racing career and still maintain a level of affordability. " Abbey is always learning life lessons thru her racing," exclaimed Chip," As her father I try to teach her you can reach your goals and you will make mistakes along the way. It's how you handle those mistakes that will define you."

          After clinching the Rookie of the Year title with 5 races left into the season I asked Abbey what her next goal would be. "My goal is to finish in the top ten in the races we have left this year. The rest of the year will be to get ready for the 2013 season with the Patios 4 You sponsored #9 and to hit some of the shows over the winter. My dad and I have secured sponsorship with a bunch of companies. I need to thank Signature Structures, N&P-P Co., Huntington Oil Co., Hat Creek Retrievers, Joel Renner Power washing D C Helms Inc., Don's Racing Websites, Dr. Kathleen Fallon Kline, Owl's Nest Gun & Bow Shop and of course my family."

          Abbey is committed in bringing awareness to autism with her involvement with Autism Awareness and is putting together a fundraiser as we speak. School is always a part of Abbey's everyday life participating in all aspects of music while maintaining some of the highest grade averages. "I'm always doing something and keep pretty busy. My racing takes me to different places and I'm always meeting new people. I hope when I'm older I can look back and know that somehow some way I made a difference."

          As far as I can tell she has already made a difference  and look forward to following her career in racing and beyond. To support her charity of choice and keep up to date with Abbey's progress go to her website abbeyprice.com.




Contact: Julia Foy

Promotions/PR Coordinator - DIRTcar NE 
315.834.6606 office 
315.224.2522 mobile 
315.834.9734 fax


Super DIRTcar Series Takes Pilgrimage Charlotte

Competitors prepare for November’s season finale, PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals presented by NAPA Auto Parts


CONCORD, N. C. - Oct. 24, 2012 - With only two feature events left in the Super DIRTcar Series, Big-Block Modified competitors are prepping for one of the biggest dirt racing events of the year, PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals presented by NAPA Auto Parts at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Thursday, Nov. 1, through Saturday, Nov. 3.

Not only is PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals presented by NAPA Auto Parts one of only three events that hosts the three premier dirt track series, the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, and the Super DIRTcar Series, but it is the last event of the season for all three.

"It's almost like the Mecca of dirt track racing," said Jimmy Phelps, of Baldwinsville, N. Y., currently second in points in the Super DIRTcar Series. "You've got the three major traveling series all on the same property in front of a huge crowd. It's an unbelievable facility."

Performing well at the two Super DIRTcar Series features at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, set for Friday, Nov. 2, and Saturday, Nov. 3, is especially vital for Phelps, who trails the series point leader and two-time defending champion Matt Sheppard by just 92 points. Points are awarded for each 40-lap race according to a 150-point schedule.

"It's the end of the year and everything's on the line," Phelps said.

In addition to gearing up for the climactic finale, the last chance for teams to make it to the top, the Super DIRTcar Series competitors are also looking forward to three days of exhilarating racing in front of thousands of fans.

"There's nothing like racing under the lights in Charlotte in front of a packed house," said Sheppard, of Waterloo, N. Y.

"That's a great, spectacular event that we always look forward to," said Brett Hearn, currently third in points and coming off two big series victories at Super DIRT Week in Syracuse, N. Y., and Eastern States Weekend in Middletown, N. Y. "It's great to be part of the three major World Racing Group series all at one place at one time, and Charlotte has a lot to offer besides great racing. It's a great place to go visit."

For tickets and more information about PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals presented by NAPA Auto Parts one, visit the Charlotte Motor Speedway website at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com/dirt. Follow @SuperDIRTcar on Twitter for the latest news and updates about the Super DIRTcar Series, including race results.

2012 Point Standings, after Orange County Fair Speedway, October 21, 2012








Home Track


Top 5

Top 10




Matt Sheppard












Jimmy Phelps












Brett Hearn












Justin Haers












Danny Johnson












Billy Dunn












Rob Bellinger












Rich Scagliotta












Pete Britten












Gary Tomkins












Vince Vitale












Tim Currier












Dave Rauscher












Tyler Siri ®












Kenny Tremont Jr.





Albany Saratoga







Andy Bachetti





Lebanon Valley







Donnie Corellis





Lebanon Valley







Steve Paine












Alan Johnson












Jerry Higbie





Orange County







Ronnie Johnson





Albany Saratoga







Keith Flach





Lebanon Valley







Eddie Marshall





Lebanon Valley







Tim Hindley





Orange County







Billy VanInwegen





Orange County







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I get e-mails:




TOP-10 "Only In America" Observations ~ by a Canadian


 1) Only in America, could politicians talk about the greed of the

 rich at a $35,000.00 a plate campaign fund-raising event.


 2) Only in America, could people claim that the government still

 discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a

 black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal workforce is black

 while only 12% of the population is black.


 3) Only in America, could they have had the two people most

 responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury

 Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and Means Committee,

 BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.


 4) Only in America, can they have terrorists kill people in the name

 of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might

 be harmed by the backlash.


 5) Only in America, would they make people who want to legally

 become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens

 of thousands of dollars for the privilege while actually considering letting

 anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just 'magically' become

 American citizens.


6) Only in America, could the people who believe in balancing the

 budget and sticking by the country's Constitution be thought of as



 7) Only in America, could you need to present a driver's license to

 cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.


 8) Only in America, could people demand the government investigate

 whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went

 up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. oil company (Marathon

 Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).


 9) Only in America, could the government collect more tax dollars

 from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion

 dollars more than it has per year - for total spending of $7-Million PER

 MINUTE, and complain that it doesn't have nearly enough money.


 10) Only in America, could the rich people - who pay 86% of all

 income taxes - be accused of not paying their "fair share" by people who

 don't pay any income taxes at all.




And this one, too:


Bill Clinton was disbarred from practicing law in Arkansas and was also disbarred from practicing law in front of the Supreme Court over the Lewinski incident.

He also paid a $25,000.00 fine over the Lewinski incident.

He also paid an $850,000.00 settlement over the Lewinski incident.

He was also fined $90,000 for giving false testimony in the Paula Jones case.

So Bill Clinton, a disbarred lawyer, a President who was fined for lying under oath, asks the American people to believe him when he says the best thing for the Country is 4 more years of Obama.

Just wanted to make sure I had it right!






Found on Facebook:


Three-time Indy 500 starter dies 

The second-oldest living Indianapolis 500 driver, Eddie Russo, died at the age of 86 on Oct. 14.

Russo was tied with Chuck Weyant, the oldest living Indy 500 starter, for having the earliest "500" start (1955) among living drivers.

Russo was born in Chicago and came from a racing family. He qualified for the 500 in 1955, 1957, and 1960, however, he did not finish in any year. In the 1956 Indy 500, he served as a relief driver. His father was Joe Russo, who lost his life at Langhorne, Pa., less than two weeks after placing fifth in the 1934 "500," while Paul Russo was his uncle.

Between 1952 and 1960, Eddie Russo made 21 National Championship starts. In 1960, he ended his career after an excursion into the outside wall in Turn 2 resulted in the loss of his eye.





“The Donald”


On his official Facebook page, Donald Trump posted a letter today (10/24) offering a deal to President Barack Obama. If the president releases his college and passport records to the public, Trump will write a $5 million check to the charity of the president’s choosing. What’s your take on this unusual proposal?


Trump Trumps His Previous Trump




Note:  On NBC News, on Tuesday evening, Brian Williams was publicizing the fact that Donald Trump was coming out with something about President Obama, on Wednesday.  Conveniently, Mr. Williams was touring the country with you-know-who, and was not on the News show on Wednesday evening.  Lo, and behold, not ONE word mentioned about what “The Donald” came out with.  Guess we all know why, huh?









Some non-racing stuff:


Note:  Just titles and links from now on.


Obama’s Inflated Jobs Claim




Mexican attorney general: “Obama more involved in Fast & Furious than admitted!”





CNN's Candy Crowley: Romney Was Actually Right On Libya




Clintons land in Haiti to showcase industrial park


Note:  Read comments under the article.


106 Years After ‘The Jungle’, Squalid Factories and Foodborne Diseases Are Rising Again



Romney could win the popular vote and lose the election



F.D.A. Receives Death Reports Citing Popular Energy Drink



Tension on the trail: When reporters are kept from voters at campaign events



Five elementary schoolers suffer concussions in disturbing Massachusetts youth football game



Hunter Pence’s breaking bat hits ball three times for three-run double (Video)



APNewsBreak: CO conducts more citizenship checks




White House told of militant claim two hours after Libya attack: emails








Palin accuses Obama of ‘shuck and jive shtick’




As trade deadline approaches, expect Tim Tebow trade talk to increase




Seafood Safety: Tainted Imports Are Fishy





Congressman's son leaves campaign in wake of video









Could this be true:


Tropical Storm Sandy could slam N.J. as nor'easter with hurricane-force winds, forecasters say


Stephen Stirling/The Star-Ledger

Posted:  10/23/2012 3:56 PM

If you thought last year’s crippling late October snowstorm was a handful, this year’s pre-Halloween horror show might just make your head spin.

State officials and weather forecasters are growing concerned that a powerful nor’easter, formed from Tropical Storm Sandy and an approaching cold front, could wreak havoc in the Garden State early next week, potentially causing extensive flooding as well as damage from hurricane-force winds.

Sandy formed in the southern Caribbean Monday, and forecasters say it is expected to track up the east coast in the coming days potentially making landfall in the New Jersey/Long Island area early on Monday or Tuesday.

“This storm has the potential to be very dangerous,” said Gary Szatkowski, the meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service’s Mount Holly office. “When you bring a tropical system into a situation like this, it’s like adding fuel to a fire. You  can get some incredibly powerful storms and this one has the potential to be very strong.”

While Sandy is expected to lose it’s tropical characteristics by the time it arrives, Szatkowski said it has the potential to explode into a massive Nor’Easter, the effects of which New Jersey could start experiencing as early as Sunday.

“The fact that it wouldn’t be a hurricane might be misleading to people, but this could be very serious,” he said.

Szatkowski likened the situation to “the Perfect Storm,” a incredibly powerful Nor’easter that in 1991 absorbed Hurricane Grace, killed 13 people and caused upwards of $200 million in damage along the East Coast.

“The latest guidance has got a 946 millibar low off the coast of Cape Hatteras on Sunday,” said Henry Margusity, a senior meteorologist at Accuweather. “That would be a category 2 hurricane. If that’s true and it comes in like that. That’s a very bad situation. This would be a very destructive storm.”

The state Office of Emergency management is monitoring the situation closely and has started warning emergency management officers around the state of the potential threat.

“We’re still in the monitoring stage at this point. Every day we’re going to look at it and we’ll ramp up efforts as needed,” said Mary Goepfert, spokesperson for the state OEM.

Szatkowski was quick to point out, however, that there is a considerable amount of uncertainty with how the scenario will play out. Some forecast models show Sandy getting kicked out to sea, making the impacts on New Jersey fairly minimal.

Regardless, the storm needs to be monitored closely in the coming days.

“Remember that the forecast maps are guidance, not gospel. The storm center could easily track closer to the coast or further out to sea,” Szatkowski wrote in a briefing package issued today. “The takeaway message is that our region could be close to the path of a very dangerous storm.”


Halloween scare? Hurricane Sandy shows similarities to 'perfect storm'


Note:  Looking at the extended forecast, as of 10/24, next week is rain every day with a chance of freezing rain on Friday, where I live.






Video time:


From 10/18/12

Mitt Romney Jokes and One Liners at Al Smith dinner with President Barack Obama




President Barack Obama Jokes and One Liners at Al Smith Dinner with Mitt Romney











Note:  The photos are not available on Dirt Track Digest, only on New England Tractor - http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/


This gentleman, below, wasn’t on the starters stand this past weekend at OCFS, but his son was.   Pictured is the late “TexEnright.  His son, Jerry has followed in his fathers foot steps.  I feel for those that never saw “Tex” flag a race.  You really missed something!






Closing with these:




I changed my I Pod name to Titanic. It's syncing now .


Jokes about German sausage are the wurst .


A soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran .


I know a guy who's addicted to brake fluid . He says he can stop any time .


How does Moses make his tea ? Hebrews it .


I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me .


This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I'd never met herbivore .


I'm reading a book about anti-gravity . I can't put it down .


I did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words .


They told me I had type A blood, but it was a Type-O.


A dyslexic man walks into a bra .



Why were the Indians here first ? They had reservations .


Class trip to the Coca-Cola factory . I hope there's no pop quiz .


Energizer battery arrested . Charged with battery .


I didn't like my beard at first . Then it grew on me .


How do you make holy water ? Boil the hell out of it !


Did you hear about the cross eyed teacher who lost her job because she couldn't control her pupils ?


When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble .


What does a clock do when it's hungry? It goes back four seconds .


I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me !


Broken pencils are pointless.


I tried to catch some fog. I mist.


What do you call a dinosaur with extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus .


England has no kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool .


I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest .


I dropped out of communism class because of lousy Marx .


All the toilets in New York's police stations have been stolen. Police have nothing to go on.


I got a job at a bakery because I kneaded dough.


Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes .


Velcro - what a rip off !


Cartoonist found dead in home. Details are sketchy.


Venison for dinner? Oh deer!


Earthquake in Washington obviously the government's fault .


I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure .


Be kind to your dentist. He has fillings, too .




Again - Special notice:  There will be no column next week.  And columns will be every other week, for a while.




Wishing all race fans, drivers, teams, team owners and sponsors to remain safe and out of harms way!


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