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Most of the information you might need, if you’re attending Eastern States this coming weekend (weather permitting), can be found by clicking on this link:  http://www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net/


And, Jordan Sheehan has come out with a website for ESW.  Driver rosters, updates and driver spotlights, along with other things, too.





From above “(weather permitting)”

OK, I’ve been known as “Mr. Doom & Gloom” as far as looking at and reporting the weather – mostly long range (like a week or so).  So far, the forecast for Middletown – at least from what was shown on 10/13/12 at 8:45 PM.  Fri:  Possible showers,  Sat:  Showers,  Sun:  Morning showers.

Now as of 4:45 PM on 10/15/12, per AccuWeather.com for 10940, it is:  Fri:  50% chance of showers,  Sat:  60% chance of showers,  Sun:  Partly cloudy with 20% chance of showers.

As of 9:30 PM on 10/16/12, per AccuWeather.com, for 10940, it is this:

Fri:  Chance of AM shower, Sat:  Possible shower,  Sun:  Sun & clouds.

As of 9:00 PM on 10/17/12, per AccuWeather.com, for 10940, it is this:

Fri:  73% chance of steady rain/showers through AM, until 1:00 PM, then cloudy – 65 for a high  Sat:  Possible showers early, then clouds & sun.  62 degrees.  Sun:  Sunny and partly sunny – 61 degrees.


So, what if it should rain?  The following week, there’s racing at Hagerstown on the 27th and 28th.  After that, on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd there is racing scheduled for Charlotte.

Would they hold Eastern States in November, or wait until the spring of 2013, as has been done, in the past?  In November, kinda puts me in a dilemma, since I attend the Lobitz affair every year, and this year it’s on 10/11.

Or will we get a break and be able to run the scheduled events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday?




ARCA Race at DuQuoin Cancelled

Sunday's ARCA Racing Series Southern Illinois 100 at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds has been cancelled as a result of heavy rain at the race track, and will not be rescheduled.

The event had already been postponed once, from Labor Day, for rain stemming from Hurricane Isaac's progression through the Midwest. Rain again this weekend forced ARCA and track officials to call the race off yet again after determining that at no time today would the track be suitable for racing, no matter the effort.

The ARCA Racing Series season will close in the Kansas Lottery 98.9 at Kansas Speedway on Friday, October 19 - five days from today - with race action starting at 8:30 p.m. ET on SPEED.




I see that the Asphalt Modifieds are done racing for 2012 - basically, and am wondering if that "test" they were to do at OCFS ever came off? Anyone know?





Bill Boyle (Dr Dirt), had another interview with Michael Gurda, owner and promoter of OCFS, like he did last year.


This came out on October 12th, on the Victory Speedway’s Forum:

Another interview with Mike Gurda by Bill (Dr. Dirt) Boyle:


By Bill Boyle

As we approach the 2012 edition of the grand old Eastern States Weekend at the Orange County Fair Speedway during the weekend of October 19, 20 and 21, I once again had the chance to talk with Mike Gurda, the General Manager and owner of the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY about the current and future status of activities around the racing campus.

EASTERN STATES WEEKEND ACTIVITIES – In a nut shell, it is an action packed weekend. On Friday evening, beginning at 4pm, OCFS will run a complete Sportsman show including time trials, heats and a 50 lap feature. Intermixed with the Sportsman, will be the heats and 25 lap feature for the Pro Stocks. Sometime around 5:30pm, the elite Modifieds will take to the track for their time trials, plus the qualifying heats for Sunday’s 200 lap Modified feature. For the top six qualifiers, there will be a Dash for Cash to close out the activity for the evening.

One o’clock on Saturday begins the longest day. On tap is a complete show for the Small Block Modifieds (time trials, heats and 100 lap feature), the Crate Sportsman (30 laps) and the 305 Sprint Cars (25 laps).

Sunday is the grand daddy of them all. At 9:30, a pit party will be open for the fans to photograph their favorites, consisting of the track champions of all divisions, and the top drivers in each class. Then following the Street Stock heats and the B Main for Modifieds, there will be a Vintage Car feature, and a 25 lap main for the Street Stock. As the clocks ticks down to 3pm, the 44 car Modified field will be lining up for the season ending 200 lap classic event.

SALE OF TRACK  - Although available for conversation, contacts with the realtor have been few and far between. Once prospective buyers realize that the annual taxes on the prime property are in excess of $100,000, talks abate.

MINI TRACK – Two events were run in 2012 on Friday evening during the annual Fair. Consisting of Mini Sprints, Quads, Slingshots and other offbeat vehicles, attendance by competitors was upbeat. For 2013, there will be six Sunday events, and two Friday evening shows on tap.

OUTSIDE PITS – When the gates open for 2013, competitors will find that the pits have been moved outside between the 3rd and 4th turns. Spectator stands will be erected in the drive-in section for pit members to view the show.

Access to the track will be through the existing pit entrance . Race cars will be staged in the pits for heats and features. As one group of cars enter the track, the next event will stage in the infield.

Cars exiting the racing surface will be directed to the infield and allowed to cross the track under yellow flag conditions, when the pit gate will be opened.

MOTOCROSS TRACK – A motocross track will be erected in the infield. It will be active every other Wednesday during the racing season for practice. Professional races for the groups will be held on undetermined Sunday afternoons during the year.

RESERVED PARKING – An area will be set up outside the main entrance to the track for reserved season parking. It will be an enclosed area, available for all races during the season except for when the annual fair is in town.

It will be available on a first come first serve basis with a limited number of parking spots (about 20). This will be great news for late arrivals that have to park out in the boon docks. Cost for the season is not yet set, but should be in the range of $100 for the parking pass. Unauthorized cars will be towed from the area and reparked elsewhere on the grounds.

AWARDS BANQUET – The awards banquet will be held on March 9, 2013 at the pavilion on the fair grounds. Unlike the past 20 years where the cost was $50 a head for a sit down prime rib dinner, the new format will be buffet style with carving tables. It will allow the attendees to pick and choose their dinning pleasure. The cost will be much less than the current price, depending on what kind of deal OCFS can make with the caterer. The price of beverages will also be more affordable.

NOSTALGIA NIGHT – Plans are under way to make the 2013 edition bigger and better than the past five shows. Under review will be an early start before the races begin that would include a barbecue for the fans and attendees. An earlier start would allow the fans to enjoy their past heroes while the daylight is still available, and then spend an enjoyable evening of racing without intermission. The effort for 2013 would be to invite past champions from all racing divisions.

Eastern States will be the final activity held on the grounds for 2012. Enjoy the off season.

Note:  Some thoughts on the above:


SALE OF TRACK - Hmm, that’s a lot of dough for taxes, I’d say.  Surely can’t help in the sale.  Would those taxes increase if the track were to be sold, and something else be put in place of the track and fair?


MINI TRACK – What with the pits being moved out of the infield, I was kind of hoping that an actual ¼ mile track would be in the infield, so there would be some other types of racing possibilities, like Midgets.  (Originally, it was said that it would be a ¼ mile track – remember?)  It noted that attendance by competitors was upbeat, but nothing said as to how the attendance was in the grandstands. 


OUTSIDE PITS – OK, so what happens if a driver gets a flat in his heat race?  He no longer can go to the pits to get it changed?   I made mention of  the extra stands (in the drive-in) for the pit people, to Dave Morehouse, who has a novelty stand in the drive-in, as to whether it would help his business, or not.  He wasn’t sure if it would or won’t, but he did have this to say:  How do you think they are going to handle if someone in the Drive wants to go over to the grandstands? There will be no way to get there with out going though what will be the pit area.”

Also, I imagine that with those stands in the drive-in, that for food, the pit folks will use the refreshment stand that’s already in the drive in – and also the rest room facilities, too?  Personally, I’m not too keen on only one entrance onto the track and that same opening being used for exiting the track.  And, will there be any “grading” done in this new pit area?  Those that went to the expense of having pavement put down in their pit areas in the infield, will they get some kind of reimbursement for their cash outlay?  I do have concerns about the pit area outside the track – especially for Eastern States.  We all see what it’s like on a Saturday at ESW.  Will the pit area be large enough?  Oh, and I’m wondering, will there be some new lighting on the front stretch, so that those in the drive in and the new pit stands can see the cars, and not “shadows”?  Presently, lighting on the front stretch is only on the grandstand side.


MOTOCROSS TRACK – I’m really not into Motocross, but I would imagine they might get a lot of competitors.  As for butts in the stands – dunno on that.  From previous readings about this track, it was said that the AMA would be “involved”.  Seems to me that a firm schedule should be made, maybe?  And would the Sunday events be going up against Oakland Valley?  What concessions would be open on those Sundays and every other Wednesday?  Also, keep in mind, Accord has their Summer Series on Wednesday nights, too, while school is not in session over the summer months.



RESERVED PARKING – Hmm, an extra hundred to park?  And “outside” the main entrance?  Might that be next to the ticket booth – where the handicap parking is, now?  So what if there are not enough fans to go the extra 100, and this designated area is basically empty?  One still can’t park there?  How about Eastern States, where one has to pay to park?


AWARDS BANQUET – This might be a good move.  I imagine a lot would depend on who’s doing the catering.  Maxwell?  And when they say “pavilion” are they referring to the “arena”?   When one caters an event, does one have to furnish tables, table covers, chairs, silver wear and dishes, too?  What else?  What kind of kitchen facilities are in the “Pavilion”?


NOSTALGIA NIGHT – I hate to “bitch” but this years “Nostalgia Night” was a “cluster”, if you know what I mean.  It’s good to see an attempt to get past champions, from all divisions, invited.  This years had drivers that are still active in racing, while someone like Jimmy Johnson, a former Small Block champion wasn’t “invited”?  Face it, it isn’t just the modifieds that draw fans to OCFS.  An earlier start?  Best they have a tent with fans, then.  As for the BBQ – good idea, but where, what kind of “eats” and at what cost?



From a post on Facebook, on 10/15/12:


PLEASE DON'T FORGET GUYS! Pass it around so EVERYONE knows!!! Help Us out!! Its a great cause!! ATTENTION EVERYONE! Are you attending Eastern States Weekend at the Orange County Fair Speedway This weekend!? Well keep an eye out for us!!! Kimmy Force of Kforce Photos, Jordan Sheehan and I Myself Danny DC Carlough will be walking around the speedway with spool's of PINK Ribbon. ALL weekend long we will be selling an arm's length of pink ribbon for at least $1 OR ANY DONATION to any race team who would like to tie a ribbon on their race car! ALL proceeds will be sent to a Breast Cancer Awareness Organization!!! THIS IS FOR A GOOD CAUSE SO PLEASE JOIN IN AND HELP US RAISE MONEY!! We're looking to make AT LEAST $1,000!!! So PLEASE help us out! Make sure to spot us out and get some ribbon from us!!! Thank you!! with Ocfs Sportsman and Ocfs Racing.








Just a few things he hits on:


When the Talladega grandstands are as empty as they were last weekend, this sport has a problem.

When Talladega Blvd is traffic-free at 8 a.m. on race morning, this sport has a problem.

When even rock 'em, sock 'em Talladega, the wildest track on the stock car tour, has trouble selling tickets, this sport has a problem.

When Talladega Sunday those 40 TV sets at the Lake Norman sports bar, in the heart of stock car country, are all tuned to something else besides the big race, this sport has a problem.

When race tracks on Fridays, be it Talladega or Dover or Atlanta or wherever, are only large aluminum echo chambers, this sport has a problem.


Should NASCAR be playing more to its traditional strengths? Can NASCAR reenergize its classic demographic?

If so, how, with whom?

For all its heavy-hitting marketing, NASCAR execs may need to consider that this sport's most poorly served demographic is the blue-collar demographic....people who remember when Richard Petty, after the race, would sit on pit wall signing autographs until everyone in the crowd was satisfied.....

 ...before drivers and team owners took to helicopters and jets and $1 million motorcoaches.  (Do you sometimes get the feeling that some people in this sport have just gotten too big for their britches?)


What's wrong here?

Are too many key people in this sport simply going through the motions, week after week after week?

Are there simply too many races? Maybe less is more.

Does the Sprint Cup tour calendar need some major revisions?

Is it time to drop the 'chase' championship format, as now counter-productive for this sport?

Is it time for NASCAR to get back to basics and limit owners to no more than two teams, to clean up this 'satellite' system of farm teams, to get more owners into the sport? With only five big owners running this sport, there is heavy incentive to keep it a closed shop, unattractive to newcomers. And that's not good for this sport, which needs more owners and more engine builders.


Marketing may complain that it's hard to market this product without better competition out on the track....and yet Competition too frequently seems to be oblivious to big issues?

Like, uh, too many gas mileage races, and increasing costs, and continued hemorrhaging of sponsorships.

For example, the cost of racing is about to go up yet again with the introduction of some new $500,000 piece of laser inspection machinery, that teams are probably going to have to buy.

That piece of machinery will improve competition and put more butts in the stands and eyes on the tube just how?

And with the new chassis rules and body rules for the 2013s, how many of these hundreds of 2012 cars are within six weeks of total obsolescence?

Where is the Director of Commonsense here?

Where is the man, or woman, with a good big-picture sense of this sport?

Where is the next Jim Hunter?

Too many good sponsors have been leaving the sport....and it may be because this sport doesn't appear to provide them a good return on investment -- why?


Lots more can be seen in that link, above.






I received this notice via an e-mail on Tuesday, 10/16/12:


WEEDSPORT, N. Y. - Oct. 16, 2012 - Due to a post-race inspection violation within a DIRTcar 358 "Spec" cylinder head, Danny Johnson, the winner of the DIRTcar 358-Modified Series race at Brockville Ontario Speedway Saturday, Oct. 13, will be fined $4,000 and 150 points.”


Note:  You want to stop the cheating?  Take away the WIN, monies won, and the points, and see how many cheat, then.  Problem is, none of those that run the racing today have the balls to do so!  From that, above, he still keeps the win, whereas the 2nd place car should have won and gotten 1st place prize monies & points.  Yeah, yeah, I know, the fine monies go to the “point fund”, right?  My thoughts, of course.





INDUSTRY: Lola Set To Continue Under New Ownership


In part:


While the future of the British constructor appeared to be in jeopardy following last week's news of the bankrupt company ceasing operations, the Lola brand is set to live on under a new set of owners.

SPEED.com has learned that Lola Group Holdings, owner of the Lola brand and intellectual property not affected by the company's fall into administration, is believed to have reached a licensing agreement with Multimatic Engineering and Haas 
Auto to use the brand's name and intellectual property. 

Additionally, it's understood that the existing assets of Lola Cars that were up for sale by the joint administrators, has also been acquired by the two companies, including the current stock and inventory of LMP parts and tooling to continue production. “


More on this can be seen here: 







Doing this at 7:45 PM on Tuesday – about the debate due in a little over an hour.


A posting on Facebook:


What to expect at tonight's "town hall" style presidential debate? Well, if past is prologue, than we may well see a repeat of past CNN debates, with left-wing activists posing as "undecideds" to hammer Romney and go easy on Obama. Past questioners chosen by the CNN moderator later were exposed as Democrat campaign workers, activists and union officials [SEE LINK from Michelle Malkin]. And to make things worse this year's moderator Candy Crowley, has already said she plans to circumvent the agreed-upon rules not to interfere with the candidates' responses - and take control of the debate. Since Obama crashed and burned in the 1st debate without a teleprompter or friendly moderator to save him, will we see Ms. Crowley "even the score" for him, as the ObamaMedia tries to rescue his failing campaign? Or will CNN rise above our low expectations? What do you think?


A reminder about the last plant-infested, CNN-run town hall debate




And this:


From sidelines, debate moderator Crowley becomes part of story








One of NASCAR’s top three series on a dirt track?  Hmm, could be!  Quite a few have made mention of wanting to see a Cup race on a dirt track, but, really, if it were to happen, where could such a race be held?  Off hand, I can think of two tracks – both half milers.  Eldora and Williams Grove.  I’m willing to bet that if NASCAR were to come out and schedule a Cup race at a dirt track, tickets would sell faster than those for the Chili Bowl.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NASCAR may be considering adding a dirt race at Eldora Speedway to its Truck Series schedule.

Multiple sources within the series said they've been told a dirt track could be added to the schedule in 2013. Sources also said a Richard Childress Racing truck was prepared for a test at Eldora, owned by three-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart.


The test was scheduled to take place Monday or Tuesday, the sources said. Officials at Eldora could not be reached for comment.

Stewart has been asking NASCAR to add a race at his half-mile track in Rossburg, Ohio, for several years. It is the site of his annual Prelude to the Dream charity event.

NASCAR officials declined to address specifically whether Eldora was under consideration for a truck race, but the series is looking at potential venues it hasn't been to before.

"We've made several site visits over the past few months to look at possible future venues for our Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series," spokesman Kerry Tharp said on Tuesday. "We expect the 2013 schedules for both of those series to be finished up and released within the next couple of weeks."






For quite some time now, I’ve been “friends” with the daughter of the late George Rice – Sarah “Sally” Strickland.  We constantly e-mail each other, and she is one of a selected few who I send my columns to, prior to them being published.

The other day she sent an e-mail to me, and after viewing the video, I just had to put it in this weeks column.  Remarkable, to be sure!


“Bird lands on singer's guitar at a Bluegrass concert.  This is fun to watch. About half way through, in this song, a little wild bird lands on the lead singer's guitar and watches the singer. The singer is then able to pet the wild bird. 


Put it on "full screen".  It will be better to see the bird. The bird really looks straight at the singer.”






Coming up:




October 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st: 

Arkel Motors Presents...51st Annual EASTERN STATES WEEKEND




Thursday, October 18, 2012:









Friday, October 19, 2012:








              358 MODIFIED HOT LAPS

              PRO STOCK HOT LAPS

4:45 PM              MODIFIED HOT LAPS


              TOP 6 VICTORY LANE






             PRO STOCK FEATURE 25 LAPS





Saturday, October 20, 2012:














                          TOP 6 VICTORY LANE



              305 SPRINT CAR HEATS



              SPRINT CAR “B” MAIN





             305 SPRINT CAR FEATURE 25 LAPS


Sunday, October 21, 2012:



             PIT GATE OPENS











              MODIFIED B MAIN 





3:00 PM   51st





Note:  The link above also has grand stand prices, camping prices and pit pass prices.


Oakland Valley’s Dirt Oval:

Still plenty of racing scheduled for the Dirt Oval, folks. 

Karts & Slingshots on:  10/20 and 10/27

11/1, 11/2 & 11/3:  Novemberfest – Karts & Slingshots racing.

Quads:  10/19

Bikes on 10/21

Note:  That’s from their website.


The Lobitz affair

November 11, 2012:


The annual Stan Lobitz Movie party, lunch, auction and sit down dinner, with all of the proceeds going to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR).


Lobitz Catering Hall – Route 940  Hazelton, Pa. – located directly behind the Fairway Chevrolet dealership on Route 309 North.

One never knows who might show up – like Eddie Sachs, Jr. or Arlen Kurtis, son of noted race car builder Frank Kurtis – who have been guests in recent years.  Chris Economaki was always there.   A good time is had by all with lots of bench racing and b*ll busting being done throughout the day.  Vendors are also present.

Things get off to a somewhat slow start at around 9:00 AM, and then it’s an all day thing that ends with the sit down dinner usually a little after 5:00.


When I go, it’s I-84 West to I-81 South.  I get off on Route 80 East, then hit Pa Route 309 South – the first exit after leaving I-81.  From Port Jervis, N.Y. it’s an hour and a half drive.

Best part:  it’s FREE.



Found on Jayski’s website:



Dale Earnhardt Jr. press conference transcript: 


#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. met with media to discuss the fact that he will not be competing at this weekend's race at Charlotte Motor Speedway nor at next week's race at Kansas Speedway after being diagnosed with a concussion following the Oct. 7 race at Talladega Superspeedway. Also included in the discussion: Rick Hendrick, Owner of Hendrick Motorspots, Steve Letarte, Crew Chief, and Dr. Jerry Petty, neurosurgeon. The start of the transcript:


Joining us up front we have Steve Letarte, crew chief of the No. 88; Dale Earnhardt, Jr., driver of the No. 88; team owner Rick Hendrick; and Dr. Jerry Petty, neurosurgeon. At this time I'm going to call on Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who has some things he'd like to share with everyone.


I guess I'll just start out with where this all kind of began. We had a test at Kansas about five weeks ago, and we blew a right front tire going into Turn 1, and I remember everything about that accident and everything after that accident, but I knew that I didn't feel -- you know your body, and you know how your mind works, and I knew something was just not quite right. But I decided to just try to push through and work through it. I'd had concussions before and knew exactly kind of what I was dealing with. I felt pretty good after a week or two and definitely 80, 90 percent by the time the Chase started, and by the time we got to Talladega I felt 100 percent, felt really good. And then the accident at the end of that race, I was hit in the left rear quarter panel, and it was sort of an odd kind of a collision where the car spun around really quick and just sort of disoriented me, and I knew that I had sort of regressed and had a bit of a setback and knew -- again, you know how your body is and you know when something is not quite right, and I knew as soon as it happened that I had reinjured myself, for lack of a better way to describe it. It didn't feel -- it was not even half of the impact that I had at Kansas, but it was enough to cause me some concern.
So I went a couple days wondering how my body would react and sort of waiting for it to process what was happening. About Wednesday I was still having some headaches, just that was really the only symptoms that I was having was the headaches. So I took it upon myself to -- I contacted my sister, and we talked about seeing a neurosurgeon, and we ended up getting steered toward Dr. Petty. Met with him, ran through a couple tests, everything was checking out, and did an MRI, everything looked good there. But I was really honest with him about how I felt and honest with him about the whole process from Kansas all the way on.
He spent the night thinking about what we discussed and everything that we did on Wednesday and couldn't clear me to race this weekend. I trust his opinion. That's why I went to see him. He's been a good friend of mine for a long time and has helped me through a lot of injuries before, so I believe when he tells me I don't need to be in the car and I need to take a couple weeks off that that's what I need to do.
That's pretty much the extent of it. I got a lot of support from my team. I'm excited about their opportunities the next couple weeks with Regan, and just looking forward to getting this cleared up and getting back in the car as soon as I can so I can get back to work with my team and getting back to competing on Sundays.(Team Chevy Transcript), see the Full Transcript on my #88 Team News and Links page.(10-11-2012)



Earnhardt Jr. visits concussion experts: 


#88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. met with renowned concussion specialists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's sports medicine concussion program Tuesday. Earnhardt was not given medical clearance to participate in this past Saturday's Sprint Cup race at Charlotte Motor Speedway or this week's race at Kansas after suffering multiple concussions over the past six weeks. He was accompanied to Pittsburgh by NASCAR primary physician Dr. Jerry Petty as a part of the original rehabilitation plan that was put in place last week. Earnhardt met with Dr. Michael Collins, the executive director of the concussion program that helped developed the ImPACT baseline test used in the IndyCar series and other contact sports.(ESPN)(10-16-2012)




Kelley Earnhardt Miller posted an update about Earnhardt, Jr. on the JR Nation website: "Dale has been following the doctor's orders to rest up. The doctor did relax his orders a little last week and allowed him to watch some television and play a little video games. He's not suppose to "stress" his brain, LOL. We spent the day Tuesday in Pittsburgh at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with a great team of doctors led by Mickey Collins. Dale spent most of the day doing different therapies and exercises. We got back yesterday afternoon and Dale has some different therapies to do at home as he consults with the doctors each day. If all goes according to plan, and he continues to improve to 100%, he will test a race car early next week to be cleared for Martinsville. This has definitely been an eye opening experience and one that I hope we don't revisit in his career."(JR Nation)(10-17-2012)



Infield care centers not required to do concussion checks: 


NASCAR vice president of competition Steve O'Donnell said Thursday that tracking concussions of drivers is a "subjective call." Dale Earnhardt Jr. will miss Saturday's Bank of America 500 and next weekend's race at Kansas after suffering two concussions over the past six weeks. One came in an accident at a test in late August at Kansas Speedway; the second occurred during the last-lap crash Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway. It wasn't until Earnhardt saw a neurosurgeon this week, however, that he was diagnosed. Dr. Jerry Petty, who saw Earnhardt, made the decision to sit him for two races. Earnhardt, who was checked by medical personnel at both tracks following the wrecks, said Thursday he understood and "trusted" Petty's decision. "It's very tough," O'Donnell said of NASCAR's role. "It's still a subjective call. It's something we take a look at week in and week out. So we'll continue to do that." Doctors staffing NASCAR infield care centers can  but are not required to  give drivers a Concussion Reduction Technology test or MRI if a concussion is suspected. Drivers with concussions must receive medical clearance to return to racing. O'Donnell said there have been nine confirmed concussions in NASCAR's three top divisions  Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Truck  during the past five years. "We look at (the cars), candidly, as a rolling laboratory," said O'Donnell. "Each and every event, we try to learn something new and make them as safe as possible, and I would say our race cars are the safest in the world. I think when you look at the concussion history that we've had, that's less than two per year. I don't want to minimize that because any concussion is a cause for concern, and we'd like that number to be zero."(Charlotte Observer)(10-12-2012)



NASCAR considers neurological tests: 


NASCAR will consider making neurological baseline testing a part of drivers' preseason physicals, just as the IndyCar Series and other contact sports do, officials told ESPN.com. For former Sprint Cup driver Steve Park, it can't come soon enough. Park suffered a massive brain injury in a 2001 Nationwide Series crash at Darlington. He took the ImPACT baseline test in 2003 on the recommendation of NASCAR physician Dr. Jerry Petty after suffering a second concussion. Because Park never had a test prior to that for comparison, there was no way to determine the full extent of his injury. He has wondered for years why NASCAR hasn't made the test a part of its preseason health exam. NASCAR does not perform baseline testing as a regular part of its preseason physical but plans to consult with its medical staff to see if it should be added after what has happened to its most popular driver. "We are always evaluating and reviewing our policies and procedures, especially when it comes to safety,'' NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp said. "We will continue to work closely and review our policies with the medical experts that advise NASCAR on baseline testing and other medical issues. The test gives physicians a starting point to determine if there is a loss of function after a head injury. It enables them to determine if a concussion has occurred and the severity of it. The test takes about 22 minutes the first time and a little less in future uses. It measures memory, reaction time, mental speed, information processing, anticipation time and other functions of the brain affected by concussions.(ESPN.com)(10-17-2012)



NASCAR signs FOX thru 2022:


NASCAR and Fox announced an eight-year, $2.4 billion extension Monday that runs through 2022 and keeps the prestigious Daytona 500 and first third of the Sprint Cup Series on the network. The deal begins in 2015. The $300 million average annual fee is a 33% increase to what Fox had been currently paying. It includes TV Everywhere rights that allow Fox to live stream its races beginning with the 2013 season-opening Daytona 500. Fox gets the first 13 Sprint Cup Series races under the deal, and the entire Camping World Truck Series. ESPN and Turner hold the rights on the remainder of the schedule through 2014. Exclusive negotiations with NASCAR do not begin until next summer.(AP/ESPN)(10-15-2012)


Sprint confirms talks with Softbank:


Sprint Nextel Corp. says that it is talking with the Japanese cellphone company Softbank about making a potential substantial investment in the U.S. company. Sprint Nextel Corp. said Thursday that it can't assure that the talks will lead to any transaction, but also confirmed that a deal could involve a "change of control" of the company. The #3 U.S. wireless carrier said it does not plan to give any more details unless it reaches an agreement with Softbank.(Associated Press), no word on how or if this will affect sponsorship of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.(10-11-2012)




Sprint, which announced last December that it had extended its sponsorship of NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series through 2016, is in discussions to sell a majority of the company's stock to Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank. Sprint confirmed the talks in a news release Thursday. NASCAR officials had no immediate comment Friday on how a possible sale of the company could impact its partnership with Sprint. If Sprint is sold, it would mark the second time that NASCAR's premier series sponsor was sold since Nextel took over for Winston in 2004. Sprint bought Nextel in 2005 and assumed the original 10-year sponsorship deal that went through 2013. Sprint renamed the Nextel Cup Series to the Sprint Cup Series in 2008. Sprint announced an extension of that deal last year.(Sporting News)(10-13-2012)




Softbank, a Japanese wireless carrier, said Monday it agreed acquire 70% of Sprint Nextel for $20.1 billion, a deal that financially strengthens the third-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. More importantly, the deal deepens foreign investment in the U.S. wireless industry. SoftBank will own about 70% of a newly created entity New Sprint, and current Sprint (S) shareholder will own the remaining shares. The acquisition calls for $12.1 billion to be distributed to Sprint stockholders and $8 billion of new capital to be given to Sprint. About 55% of current Sprint shares will be exchanged for $7.30 per share in cash, and the remaining shares will convert into shares of a new publicly traded entity, New Sprint. The deal, which has been approved by the boards of directors of both SoftBank and Sprint, will require regulatory approvals and is expected to close in mid-2013.(USA Today)(10-15-2012)




NASCAR issued a statement Monday morning saying it didn't expect the transaction to have an impact on Sprint's NASCAR sponsorship. "As our premier series entitlement sponsor, Sprint has been successful using our sport as a platform to enhance its brand during its nine years in the sport," said Steve Phelps, NASCAR chief marketing officer. "NASCAR fans have rewarded Sprint with their business and loyalty, and we don't expect that to change. We are thrilled for our partner that they are getting an infusion of capital and support that will strengthen them going into the future." Sprint chief executive officer Dan Hesse, who announced in December a three-year extension of the Sprint sponsorship through 2016, will remain as CEO of the subsidiary.(Sporting News)(10-15-2012)



Allmendinger Moves Forward in Charlotte:


A.J. Allmendinger was back in NASCAR Sprint Cup action this weekend, making his first Cup start since June. Returning to work after completing the NASCAR Road To Recovery program, Allmendinger joined Phoenix Racing in the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday night. After the team rallied to make last minute adjustments and outfit the #51 Phoenix Construction Chevrolet to fit the new driver, Allmendinger was back in the swing of things as he showed encouraging pace in the opening practice sessions. While his enthusiasm for entry speed cost him on his Thursday night qualifying run and he had to settle for 38th on the grid, Allmendinger knew he had a solid car underneath him. With 500 miles to run and a clear focus on just getting the most out of the weekend, Allmendinger approached the Bank of America 500 as a chance to get back into the grove over the course of a long race on his adopted home track.

After starting 38th, Allmendinger quickly worked his way up to the mid-twenties, staying on the lead lap with his Smiley-Faced Phoenix Construction Chevrolet deep into the night. A late-race pit road procedural penalty saw him losing time to the leaders as he had to make the long, slow way down pit lane at a crawling penalty pace before returning to the pack at full speed. But despite all the variables that come with working with a new car, a new crew chief, and a whole lot of new faces, Allmendinger focused on his job to bring the Phoenix Construction car home in 24th place.

"It was great to get back into a Cup car, and I just want to thank James Finch and everyone at Phoenix Racing for giving me this opportunity--I'm really grateful," said Allmendinger. "I was hoping I could have repaid that favor with a little bit stronger finish. But it was great to get back in the car and compete again. It was a solid weekend all around despite everything coming together so quickly. I want to also thank everyone who has been so supportive through this entire process. It meant a lot, and now we are all focused on building on this and looking forward to whatever comes next."(Sunday Group Management), per his twitter, Allmendinger thinks he will be back in the #61 Chevy at Kansas.(10-14-2012)




After Allmendinger successfully completed NASCAR's "Road to Recovery" program and proved himself behind the wheel of the #51 Chevy in Saturday night's Sprint Cup Series race, Phoenix Racing team owner James Finch will give him another opportunity next weekend at Kansas Speedway. "He'll be back in," Finch said from his boat Sunday. "He did a real fine job before he received the penalty. And he was outrunning Kurt (Busch, Phoenix Racing's driver for 30 of the first 31 races)."(FoxSports)(10-15-2012)




No more Daytona Duel qualifying races? 

Word is Daytona International Speedway is dropping those two Thursday 150s [Duel qualifying races]. Lack of sponsorship.(MikeMulhern.net).


In February Budweiser and Daytona International Speedway announced the beer brand will take on an enhanced role in NASCAR's season opening festivities. Beginning with the 2013 season, Budweiser will become the official title sponsor of Speedweeks the ten-day stretch of stock-car races from the Shootout to the Daytona 500. Budweiser also will secure entitlement of the Budweiser Duel at Daytona, two 150-mile qualifying races that determine the starting lineup for the Daytona 500. These enhancements to Budweiser's partnership with DIS will replace the brand's existing entitlement of the season-opening, non-points Shootout.(Daytona International Speedway)(10-14-2012)



NASCAR announces qualifying & testing changes for 2013: UPDATE: 


NASCAR announced a number of competition changes for the 2013 season, highlighted by a new qualifying format in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series that places a greater emphasis on speed.

Qualifying Format In The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

In NASCAR Sprint Cup competition, the series will move to a 36-6-1 format where the fastest 36 cars will make the race on speed. The next six highest ranking cars in owners points that have not already earned a starting position through qualifying and who have entered the event by the posted entry deadline will also make the field. The final starting position will be awarded to the most recent eligible past champion driver. If there is no eligible past champion driver, then a seventh car will make the field based upon owners' points. Provisional positions in the 36-6-1 format will be lined up by owners' points, not speed.
In 2013, the qualifying order for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events will return to a random draw. However, in the event qualifying is canceled due to rain, the field will be set per the rule book and the starting lineup will continue to be determined by practice speeds.
Additionally, provisional positions in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will be based upon the previous year's owner points for the first three races, as opposed to the first five races in previous years for the NASCAR Sprint Cup and the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and four races for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. 



Maximum Field Set At 40 Cars For NASCAR Nationwide Series

In an effort to strengthen the ownership base up and create a sense of urgency among teams to make races, the maximum starting field for the NASCAR Nationwide Series will be set at 40, as opposed to the 43-car field in previous years. A maximum NASCAR Sprint Cup Series starting field will remain at 43 cars while the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will hold steady at 36.(NASCAR)(10-16-2012)



There will be no limit to the number of provisionals. NASCAR did not consider heavily just having the best 43 cars in qualifying start a race. "We felt like there always needed to be some sort of opportunity for a guy that has a bad day and points are worth something to make the field," [NASCAR vice president of competition Robin ] Pemberton said in a phone interview. As far as how NASCAR will set the field for the Daytona 500, it will do it much like it had before the top-35 rule was put into effect. Qualifying speeds will determine the front row, then the 150-mile qualifying races will set the majority of the spots with the remainder of the field set by qualifying speed (among those remaining) and provisionals. "The final details will come out with the entry blank," Pemberton said during a teleconference. "But there will be a speed element that's in there along with a finishing order to the (qualifying races) that will be in there. Those final details haven't been worked out. But basically it all wraps around it being the fastest cars and also the ones that perform in the (qualifying races) to set the 500 lineup."(Sporting News)(10-17-2012)



JR Motorsports looking at Regan Smith for Nationwide: 


Regan Smith will step out of the #88 Chevy when Dale Earnhardt Jr. is expected to return from a concussion next week, but Smith's connection with NASCAR's most popular driver could become more permanent. Earnhardt's JR Motorsports has targeted Smith as the team's first choice to contend for a Nationwide Series championship in 2013. "We are in discussions with Regan," JRM general manager and co-owner Kelley Earnhardt told USA TODAY Sports. "That's who we would like for that to be. We've been in dialogue and are just trying to work some of the details out. So it's not a done deal, but that's definitely a direction we'd like to go." The ongoing talks paved the way for Hendrick Motorsports team owner Rick Hendrick (also a minority owner in JRM) to choose Smith when Earnhardt Jr. was forced to miss two races with a head injury. JRM hopes to run two Chevys full time again next year with a third part-time entry driven by Earnhardt Jr. for at least four races. The car slated for Smith is virtually funded in full, and the team still is seeking full sponsorship for a second car driven by Cole Whitt, who is ranked seventh in Nationwide points in JRM's #88. "We're hoping we can get that funding and Cole can stay on board in that car," Kelley Earnhardt said. Danica Patrick, who is in third year with JRM and first full season, still might run some races for JRM next year when she moves to Sprint Cup with Stewart-Haas Racing.(USA Today)(10-17-2012)



Gordon would 'play hurt' if he were close to title: 


While #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. earned praise for his forthright handling of a concussion after Sunday's race at Talladega, 324-Jeff Gordon, Earnhardt's teammate at Hendrick Motorsports, said he may not have taken the same path. Earnhardt sought medical attention for his second concussion in six weeks after failing to do so for the first concussion, sustained Aug. 29 in an accident during testing at Kansas Speedway. Prominent neurologist Dr. Jerry Petty diagnosed the issue this week and opted to hold Earnhardt out at least the next two races, at Charlotte and Kansas. Earnhardt, who qualified for the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup for the second straight season, starts his enforced hiatus 11th in the standings, 51 points behind leader Brad Keselowski. Realistically, Earnhardt would have been a long shot for the championship. If he were closer to the lead, would he have been as forthcoming with his condition? Gordon said that, personally, he wouldn't seek medical attention with the title on the line. "Honestly, I hate to say this, but no, I wouldn't," Gordon admitted. "That's why I say we all play a part in this. If I have a thought at the championship, there's two races to go, my head is hurting, and I just came through a wreck, and I am feeling signs of it, but I'm still leading the points, or second in the points, I'm not going to say anything. I'm sorry. You know, that's the competitor in me, and probably many other guys. And, that's to a fault. That's not the way it should be. It's something that most of us, I think, would do. I think that's what gets a lot of us in trouble."(NASCAR Wire Service)(10-13-2012)



Group launches community effort to reopen North Wilkesboro: 


STS Motorsports Inc. announced they would begin work on saving North Wilkesboro Speedway once again, following the closure in 2011 after the PASS Super Late Models $100,000 To Win Race. While previous efforts to Save the Speedway have been met with pitfalls and mis-management, STS Motorsports Inc. has decided to reopen the issue and ask the community for help. In the renewed effort, STS Motorsports Inc. will begin a donation campaign asking racing fans to join in this time and donate. In return, not only will you help save a historic motorsports landmark, but additionally, tickets, pit passes, and even get their name on a race or drive the pace car during one of the planned events once the donation campaign reaches it goal. About North Wilkesboro Speedway: North Wilkesboro Speedway was opened in 1947 at a dirt track in Western North Carolina by Enoch Staley, and Jack Combs. Hosted NASCAR for 50 years beginning in 1949 with the final race of the very first NASCAR until closing in 1996.(more info at savethespeedway.net)(10-16-2012)



New Jersey Motorsports Park interested in Nationwide race: 


The NASCAR Nationwide Series appears to have an opening on next year's schedule for a road course. Why not New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville? That's the question on the mind of NJMP general manager Brad Scott, who spoke via telephone Monday from the AMA Pro Road Racing awards banquet in New Orleans before flying back to New Jersey on Tuesday. "Once I get back into town, one of my immediate goals is going to be to really get aggressive and at least throw out name in the hat," Scott said. "If there's an opportunity to host something like that, we'd love to." The opportunity could be there because Montreal's Circuit Gilles Villeneuve last week ended its six-year relationship with the Nationwide Series. That road-course race had been run independently of the Sprint Cup Series. Nationwide Series official Amanda Ellis said by phone Tuesday that she could not comment in detail on next year's schedule, which she said likely will be released in a few weeks. "We constantly have conversations with promoters who are interested in having a NASCAR Nationwide Series event at their track," Ellis said. Working against NJMP is the fact that there are several other tracks that offer similar benefits, including one  Road Atlanta  in which NASCAR has an ownership stake. Road Atlanta is owned by the American Le Mans Series, which last month merged with the NASCAR-owned Grand-Am Road Racing Series. "We just kind of got wind of it last week that Nationwide was looking, with the termination of the contract with Montreal, that they were considering running on (another) road course," Scott said. "Mid-Ohio and other tracks apparently have been contacted, but we have been known to get aggressive and go after them ourselves, so that's what we plan to do." NJMP has hosted several major racing series, including Grand-Am and AMA, in its five-year history. But Nationwide, NASCAR's second-tier stock-car racing series, would be the highest-profile race ever for the park. The track does have a history of hosting stock-car races as the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) has come to Millville the last five years.(Press of Atlantic City)(10-14-2012)




2012 Sprint Cup Driver CHASE Championship Points Standings:
[after Charlotte, race 31 of 36]
1) #2-Brad Keselowski [5 wins], 2214
2) #48-Jimmie Johnson [3 wins], 2207, -7
3) #11-Denny Hamlin [5 wins], 2199, -15
4) #15-Clint Bowyer [3 wins], 2186, -28
5) #5-Kasey Kahne [2 wins], 2179, -35
6) #16-Greg Biffle [2 wins], 2171, -43
7) #56-Martin Truex Jr. [0 wins], 2165, -49
8) #14-Tony Stewart [3 wins], 2164, -50
9) #24-Jeff Gordon [1 win], 2164, -50
10) #29-Kevin Harvick [0 wins], 2158, -56
11) #17-Matt Kenseth [2 wins], 2147, -67
12) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. [1 win], 2128, -86


2012 Sprint Cup Driver Championship Points Standings without Chase:
(classic system using current points but NOT the chase system)
[after Charlotte, race 31 of 36]
1) #16-Greg Biffle(X) [2 wins], 1079
2) #48-Jimmie Johnson(X) [3 wins], 1078, -1
3) #2-Brad Keselowski(X) [5 wins], 1073, -6
4) #17-Matt Kenseth(X) [2 wins], 1041, -38
5) #15-Clint Bowyer(X) [3 wins], 1038, -41
6) #11-Denny Hamlin(X) [4 wins], 1037, -42
7) #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr.(X) [1 win], 1027, -52
8) #56-Martin Truex Jr.(X) [0 wins], 1027, -52
9) #29-Kevin Harvick(X) [0 wins], 999, -80
10) #5-Kasey Kahne(X) [2 wins], 993, -86
11) #14-Tony Stewart(X) [3 wins], 965, -114
12) #18-Kyle Busch [1 win], 951, -128
13) #24-Jeff Gordon(X) [1 win], 941, -138
14) #39-Ryan Newman [1 win], 889, -190
15) #99-Carl Edwards [0 wins], 881, -198


Going back, in time at OVRP’s Dirt Oval:

From October 19, 2003.  At least 21 drivers listed in the race results have gone on to bigger forms of racing.



Going back, in time:


This week I’m covering the Midget races that were held at the Orange County Fair Speedway (Victory Speedway), when they raced on the inner 1/5 mile track, that started out as dirt, in 1945, then went to pavement, in 1946.  Years covered:  1945 – 1949, when the midgets stopped running on the inner track.  Later on, they’d race on what some, today, consider as being “too big” the ½ mile then 5/8 mile hard clay.


Middletown Midget Records


Victory Speedway Middletown, NY

1/5 mile track at the Orange County Fairgrounds



track was dirt

Sept. 23 1. Bill Schindler 2. Red Redmond 3. Chet Gibbons

Sept. 30 1. Bill Schindler 2. Chet Gibbons 3. Andy DeVercelly

Oct. 7 rain

Oct. 14 no racing

Oct. 21 ?



ARDC Midgets

June 12 1. Bill Holmes 2. Chet Gibbons 3. Johnny Ritter

June 19 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Jeep Colkitt 3. Art Cross

June 26 1. Bill Holmes 2. Ray Nestor 3. Dutch Schaefer

July 3 1. Charlie Breslin

July 10 1. Ray Nestor 2. Len Duncan 3. Jeep Colkitt

July 17 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Chet Gibbons 3. Rex Records

July 24 1. Bill Schindler 2. Bill Holmes 3. Dutch Schaefer

July 31 rain

August 7 rain

August 14 no racing-fair

August 21 1. Bill Schindler 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Ray Nestor

August 28 1. Bill Schindler 2. Jeep Colkitt 3. George Rice

Sept. 4 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Bill Schindler 3. Ray Nestor

Sept. 11 1. Bill Schindler 2. Ted Tappett 3. Dutch Schaefer

Sept. 18 1. Lloyd Christopher 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Al Keller 30 laps, Fords

Sept. 25 1. Bill Holmes 2. Al Keller 3. Art Cross

Oct. 2 1. Al Keller 2. Tony Bonadies 3. George Rice



ARDC midgets

May 21 rain

May 28 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Chet Conklin 3. Ernie McCoy

June 4 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Johnny Ringger 3. Rex Records

June 11 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Jeep Colkitt

June 18 1. Rex Records 2. Jeep Colkitt 3. Chet Conklin

June 25 rain

July 2 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Dutch Schaefer (6/25 feature)

July 2 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Jeep Colkitt

July 4 1. Johnny Zeke 2. Chet Conklin 3. Allen no offy's

July 9 1. Bill Schindler 2. Al Keller 3. Jeep Colkitt

July 16 rain

July 23 1. Ted Tappett 2. Chet Gibbons 3. Len Duncan

July 30 1. Len Duncan 2. Johnny Ritter 3. Henry Renard

August 6 1. Chet Conklin 2. George Rice 3. Johnny Ringger 50 laps

August 13 no racing fair week

August 20 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Ted Tappett 3. Jeep Colkitt

August 27 1. Al Keller 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Johnny Ringger

Sept. 3 1. Johnny Ringger 2. Jeep Colkitt 3. Don Morris

Sept. 10 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Henry Renard 3. Mike Nazaruk

Sept. 17 1. Johnny Ringger 2. Rex Records 3. Don Morris 50 laps

Champion: Johnny Ringger 2nd: Chet Conklin 3rd: Jeep Colkitt



ARDC Midgets

May 9 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Ray Nestor 3. Bill Schindler

May 20 1. Mike Nazaruk 2. Ray Nestor 3. Henry Renard

May 27 1. Dee Toran 2. Chet Gibbons 3. Bob Disbrow

June 3 1. Mike Nazaruk 2. Andy Furci 3. Joe Barzda

June 10 rain

June 17 1. Vernon Land 2. Stan Disbrow 3. Joe Barzda

June 24 ?

July 1 1. Mike Nazaruk 2. Lou Volk 3. Johnny Carpenter

July 8 1. Johnny Zeke 2. Mike Nazaruk 3. Bob Disbrow

moved from Thursday to Wednesday night

July 14 1. Steve McGrath 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Art Cross

July 21 rain

July 28 1. Mike Nazaruk 2. Johnny Ritter 3. Al Keller

August 4 1. Bill Schindler 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Vernon Land

August 11 rain

August 18 no racing-fair

August 25 1. Tony Bonadies 2. Larry Bloomer 3. Johnny Ritter

Sept. 1 1. Larry Bloomer 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Len Fanelli

Sept. 5 1. Bill Schindler 2. Rex Records 3. Len Fanelli

Sept. 8 1. Dutch Schaefer 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Larry Bloomer 50 laps

Sept. 15 1. Johnny Peterson 2. Tony Bonadies 3. Bill Schindler 50 laps

Mike Nazaruk Champion



ARDC Midgets

May 15 canceled, not enough cars

May 30 1. Bob Disbrow 2. Dutch Schaefer 3. Jiggs Peters

July 19 1. Mike Nazaruk

August 9 ?




More racing stuff:


Dale Earnhardt Jr. could face a long road back after concussions




News from the AARN:



Jeff Brownell has delayed the purchasing of Rolling Wheels and Cayuga County due to health issues.  He has a follow up visit with his doctor in February, and if all goes well, he’ll revisit the track purchases at that time.  He has a pulmonary issue.  He’s 99% certain he will remain in pursuit of the two tracks.  After the race at Cayuga County, during SDW, he’s been having second thoughts about closing it.  There is still a possibility that that race during SDW could very well have been the last race there, still.

Note:  More on this later on in the column, in the Lenny Sammons part.


At the Waterford Speedbowl a week ago, they had 19 NEMA “full” Midgets and 22 NEMA “lights”.  41 cars – not too shabby, today.


There were 56 305 Sprint Cars signed in at Port Royal a week ago.  (I wonder how many OCFS will get for ESW?)


Pete Demitraszek is taking over Glen Ridge.  They’ll be going back to racing on Friday nights.  Possible Sail Panels, an “open” American Racer tire rule and possibly 305 Sprint Cars every other week.


The AARN’s issue of August 27, 1964 had the news of the passing of Jackie McLaughlin at Nazareth, on Sunday, after he had won the feature at Reading on Friday night and OCFS on Saturday.  It also noted the passing of Dee Dee Kruger, after having been in a coma for two weeks, from an accident at OCFS,


ARCA will have a race at Road America, in Wisconsin, next year, on June 22nd.  That will go along with the soon to be released date for their 6th annual race at the New Jersey Motor Sports Park.


Lenny Sammons:

WRG CEO Brian Carter says he is actively looking for an investor interested in Rolling Wheels and Cayuga County.  WRG is trying to get John Wight back - with his two tracks.  If WRG does sell Rolling Wheels and Cayuga County, they’d still have deeds to Volusia Speedway Park and Lernersville Speedway, in Pennsylvania.  WRG was unsuccessful in leasing Volusia for 11 months, while keeping February Speedweeks dates for themselves.  Volusia is now closed until February.  WRG would be interested in selling Lernerville.

The Friesen/Deyo promotion at New /Egypt could be difficult, with New /Egypt scheduling some Wednesday shows for the Spec 358 Modifieds.  Also, look for the “Friends of Mike” race to be dropped form the New Egypt schedule.

Richard “Toby” Tobias could be the race promoter at the Kutztown Fairgrounds Speedway.  If he takes it over, he wants to widen the straights 70’, and extend the 3rd and 4th turns out.  He would feature the Tobias SpeedSTR’s, along with 600 and 270 Micro Sprints and Slingshots.  Gone would be the 600 Excel Modifieds.

Look for a possible change in race nights at Bridgeport – from Saturday to Friday, thus giving New Jersey two nights of racing – Bridgeport and New Egypt – on Saturday.  At Bridgeport, they’d run the Micro Sprints early, then start the Modified show at 8:00 PM.


Ernie Saxton:

Ernie would like to see some changes to the “Chase” – like maybe have  some “Chase” cars eliminated – those lowest in points.  Maybe throw in a road race in the Chase, too. (Some are still wanting to get a dirt track race in the chase).

Bobby Gunther Walsh’s father, injured in a pit altercation a while back, is recovering from his injuries and is regaining some sight in his injured eye.

Dover is removing some of it’s 18” wide seats and replacing them with seats that are 22” wide.

Ernie was asking:  “Did it really take six tries and a fuel stop to get the recent WoO Sprint Car race at Williams Grove started?  That was back on 9/29.


Dave Moody:

SPEED will be rebranded as Fox Sports One.  Yes, expect a big cut in NASCAR stuff and more stick and ball stuff.  Expect practice, qualifying and pre and post race shows falling victim to stick and ball shows, too.


Gary London:

Hooray!  Finally, someone that goes along with my thoughts – no pitting under yellow.


John Snyder:

Re-hashing the Danny Johnson/Brett Hearn rivalry that was at OCFS a few seasons ago.  It was the biggest and longest in dirt modified racing, starting in 1992.  In 1993, in 358 racing at OCFS, Hearn won 14 and Danny 7 out of the 22 features run.  Donnie Wilson won the other one.  In 1994, track manager Will Cagle, dropped the 358’s as a weekly event.  Between Danny and Brett, they’ve won 17 of the 35 Small Block Eastern States races, with Brett having won 12 and Danny 5.

Note:  There are still some, myself included, that would love to see the 358’s return on a weekly basis at OCFS.  The empty stands show it, too.



In this weeks (10/16) edition


This Week:

Big Changes 
Could Be Coming 
To New Egypt Speedway

Doug Coby 
Is NASCAR's Whelen Modified 
Racing Series Champion

First Time URC Champions:  
Robbie Stillwaggon 
& Fred Kennedy

Old Dominion Speedway 
Is Closing

"The Ultimate" 
At Hesston Falls 
To Long Overdue Tim Fuller

ISMA Has A New Champion 
In Mike Lichty

Ryan Godown 
Is Modified Racing's 
King Of The Can

Earnhardt's Decision 
The Right Move, 
Says Ricky Craven

Rahmer To Debut 
Sell Racing Ride At Susky

Oxford Plains Speedway 
Is Sold


Former Oakland Valley Speedway (Dirt Oval) runners:


Last week I missed Brittany Tresch having a DNQ at Port Royal with her 305 Sprint Car.  Also missed Nick Pecko finishing 9th at Mountain Speedway in the Sports/Modified feature.


At Penn Can, Danny Creeden was a DNQ for the Modified feature.  Kyle Rohner was 3rd and Tyler Dippel 8th in the Sportsman feature, while Anthony Perrego was a DNQ.


At Penn Can, in the RoC Sportsman feature, Anthony Perrego was the winner and Brad Szulewski was 15th.  In the 305 Sprint Car feature, Brittany Tesch was 22nd, while Joe Kata was a DNS.


At Accord, in the Sportsman feature, Tyler Dippel was 8th, Kyle Rohner 12th, Kyle VanDuser 17th and Mike Traver 21st.


Rich Coons was 2nd and Bobby Morris 4th in the Sportsman feature at Bethel.



Press Releases:

Third Annual Remembering Dorney Park SpeedwayReunion  at America 

On Wheels Museum.



The third annual Dorney Park Speedway reunion will be held Sunday November 4 at the America On WheelsMuseum at 5 North Front St. Allentown, Pa. 18102.


Please note the Reunion will be held Sunday November 4 and not on Saturday as in previous years.


An outdoor racecar show will be held starting at 11:00 a.m. and running until 5:00 p.m.

The activities will move indoors at 1:00 p.m. with four new inductees being inducted into the Dorney Park Speedway Hall Of Fame along with driver interviews, chat session, and driver autograph sessions.


All drivers are invited past and present whether you raced at Dorney Park or not.  Anyone interested in bringing any type of racecars please contact Bob Snyder. bobsnyderphoto@enter.net


Registration forms for drivers and cars can be obtained on the museum web-site.  www.americaonwheels.org


This event has broke attendance records each year and continues to be the museums biggest attended single day event.  The year’s reunion promises to be even bigger and better.  Be on hand to enjoy a day of remembering the great days and racing at the Dorney Park Speedway.




Hearn Hopes to Continue Super DIRTcar Series Success at Eastern States

Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds take on Orange County’s Hard Clay for 51st Annual Eastern States 200 Oct. 21


MIDDLETOWN, N. Y. - Oct. 16, 2012 - Just coming off NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLI, the Big-Block Modifieds of the Super DIRTcar Series head south for another historic event, the 51st Annual Eastern States Weekend presented by Arkel Motors at Orange County Fair Speedway.

Eastern States Weekend, an action-packed three days of racing set for Friday, Oct. 19, through Sunday, Oct. 21, hosts the Super DIRTcar Series for the weekend's finale, the 51st Annual Eastern States 200 Modified Championship race on Sunday, Oct. 21.

For this year's winner of VP Small Engine Fuels 200 at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, Brett Hearn, the long-running Eastern States 200 brings back childhood memories.

"As a kid, I grew up sitting in the stands at 11 and 12 years old and watching the Eastern States 200," said Hearn, of Vernon, N. J., whose shop is located just 30 minutes from the speedway in Middletown. "It's got a lot of history, a lot of prestige. I remember going there before I ever drove a stock car, sitting in the stands during the Eastern States races."

Hearn, who recently claimed his sixth VP Small Engine Fuels 200 triumph after a 17-year hiatus from victory lane at the "Moody Mile," hopes his momentum can carry his team to another strong finish at Orange County's 5/8-mile "Hard Clay," a track he considers his "home track."

"I think we have a lot of momentum. Anything can happen, but we have some really strong cars right now, and we're pretty confident that we can do well there," said Hearn, who is currently third in points for the Super DIRTcar Series. "In a lot of ways, even though we only race there once or twice a year, it's our 'home track.'"

Advance tickets, camping and parking permits are available at the Speedway office during regular business hours or over the phone by calling (845) 342-2573. For more information about Eastern States Weekend, visit the Orange County Fair Speedway website at www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net.

For the latest news about the Super DIRTcar Series, including race results and point standings, visitwww.SuperDIRTcarSeries.com or follow @SuperDIRTcar on Twitter.

2012 Super DIRTcar Series Point Standings as of October 16, 2012








Home Track


Top 5

Top 10




Matt Sheppard












Jimmy Phelps












Brett Hearn












Justin Haers












Billy Dunn












Danny Johnson












Rob Bellinger












Pete Britten












Rich Scagliotta












Gary Tomkins












Tim Currier












Dave Rauscher












Vince Vitale












Tyler Siri ®












Steve Paine












Alan Johnson












Kenny Tremont Jr.





Albany Saratoga







Donnie Corellis





Lebanon Valley







Eddie Marshall





Lebanon Valley







Andy Bachetti





Lebanon Valley







Ronnie Johnson





Albany Saratoga







Elmo Reckner





Albany Saratoga







Justin Wright ®












Derrick Podsiadlo












Jerry Higbie





Orange County







Keith Flach





Lebanon Valley







Tim Hindley





Orange County







Matt Pupello ®





Lebanon Valley







Bob McGannon





Orange County







Matt DeLorenzo





Albany Saratoga










I get e-mails:


ATTEN. PATRIOTS! This just in from our mailbox:
My husband and his troops have be told by their superiors that any military personnel or their dependents who post anything having to do with this election or who they want to win the elections will face an Article 15 and expulsion from the military. My husband said, “he has served this country for 17 year defending the right to free speech and now he is being told he has no voice.”




4.1.2.  A member of the Armed Forces on active duty shall not:  Participate in partisan political fundraising activities (except as permitted in

subparagraph, rallies, conventions (including making speeches in the course thereof),

management of campaigns, or debates, either on one’s own behalf or on that of another, without

respect to uniform or inference or appearance of official sponsorship, approval, or endorsement. 

Participation includes more than mere attendance as a spectator.  (See subparagraph  Use official authority or influence to interfere with an election, affect the

course or outcome of an election, solicit votes for a particular candidate or issue, or require or

solicit political contributions from others.  Allow or cause to be published partisan political articles, letters, or

endorsements signed or written by the member that solicits votes for or against a partisan

political party, candidate, or cause.  This is distinguished from a letter to the editor as permitted

under the conditions noted in subparagraph  Serve in any official capacity with or be listed as a sponsor of a partisan

political club.  Speak before a partisan political gathering, including any gathering that

promotes a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.  Participate in any radio, television, or other program or group discussion as

an advocate for or against a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.  Conduct a political opinion survey under the auspices of a partisan political

club or group or distribute partisan political literature.  

3DoDD 1344.10, February 19, 2008  Perform clerical or other duties for a partisan political committee or

candidate during a campaign, on an election day, or after an election day during the process of

closing out a campaign.  Solicit or otherwise engage in fundraising activities in Federal offices or

facilities, including military reservations, for any political cause or candidate.  March or ride in a partisan political parade.  Display a large political sign, banner, or poster (as distinguished from a

bumper sticker) on a private vehicle.  Display a partisan political sign, poster, banner, or similar device visible to

the public at one’s residence on a military installation, even if that residence is part of a

privatized housing development.  Participate in any organized effort to provide voters with transportation to

the polls if the effort is organized by or associated with a partisan political party, cause, or

candidate.  Sell tickets for or otherwise actively promote partisan political dinners and

similar fundraising events.  Attend partisan political events as an official representative of the Armed

Forces, except as a member of a joint Armed Forces color guard at the opening ceremonies of the

national conventions of the Republican, Democratic, or other political parties recognized by the

Federal Elections Committee or as otherwise authorized by the Secretary concerned.  Make a campaign contribution to, or receive or solicit (on one’s own

behalf) a campaign contribution from, any other member of the Armed Forces on active duty. 

Any contributions not prohibited by this subparagraph remain subject to the gift provisions of

sections 2635.301-2635.304 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations (Reference (f)).  See

subparagraph for general prohibitions on partisan fundraising activity. 

4.1.3.  Commissioned officers shall not use contemptuous words as prohibited by section

888 of Reference (b) or participate in activities proscribed by DoD Directives 5200.2 and 1325.6

(References (g) and (h), respectively).

  4.1.4.  Subject to any other restrictions in law, a member of the Armed Forces not on

active duty may take the actions or participate in the activities permitted in subparagraph 4.1.1.,

and may take the actions and participate in the activities prohibited in subparagraph 4.1.2,

provided the member is not in uniform and does not otherwise act in a manner that could

reasonably give rise to the inference or appearance of official sponsorship, approval, or


4DoDD 1344.10, February 19, 2008

  4.1.5.  Activities not expressly prohibited may be contrary to the spirit and intent of this

Directive.  Any activity that may be reasonably viewed as directly or indirectly associating the

Department of Defense or the Department of Homeland Security (in the case of the Coast Guard)

or any component of these Departments with a partisan political activity or is otherwise contrary

to the spirit and intention of this Directive shall be avoided.






And, how about this one?


Just got this on 10/15/12 - something to read and heed.


Hi Everyone Read this.....

I have just received this warning and consider it very much worth reading if shopping at stores....

They do not automatically hand you a receipt anymore if the sale is under 30. you must ask for it.


An associate bought a heap of stuff the other day while on holidaying inMelbourne (over $450),

& when he glanced at his receipt as the cashier was him the bags. He saw cash out of $20.

He told her He didn't request any cash and to delete it. She said he'd have to take the $20 because she couldn't delete it.

He told Her to call a supervisor. Supervisor came and said he'd have to take it.. he said NO Bloody way!

Because taking the $20 would be a cash advance against his Credit card and he wasn't paying interest on a cash advance!!!!!

If they couldn't delete it then they would have to delete the whole order.

So the supervisor had the cashier delete the whole order and re-scan everything!

The second time he looked at the electronic pad before he pinned in his number and again cash-back of $20 popped.


At that point he told the cashier and she deleted it. The total then came out right.

The cashier said that the Electronic Pad must be defective. Obviously the cashier knew the electronic pad was defective because she

NEVER offered him any cash after either of the transactions.

Can you imagine how many people went through before him and by the end of her shift how much money she pocketed?

His wife went into a Coles Warehouse last week. She had her items rung up by the cashier. The cashier hurried her

along and didn't give her a receipt. She asked the cashier for the receipt and the cashier seemed annoyed but gave it to her.

She didn't look at her receipt until later that night when back at their Hotel.

The receipt showed that she had asked for $20 cash. SHE DID NOT ASK FOR ANY CASH, NOR WAS SHE GIVEN IT!

So she called Coles who investigated but could not see the cashier pocket the money.

They then spoke with a friend who works for one of the banks; they told them that this was a new scam that was bound to escalate.

The cashier will key in that you asked for cash and then hand it to one of her friends when they next come through the check-out queue.

This is NOT limited to Coles; they are just one of the largest retailers so have the most incidents.

I wonder how many "seniors" have been, or will be, "stung" by this one?????




I've since seen people do just that... SO NOW I'LL START!

PASS THIS ON TO YOUR FRIENDS, KIDS, LOVED ONES - lets not get ripped off.





Found on Facebook:


Interesting facts about last Saturday’s Cup race at Charlotte:


This will be the first NASCAR race without a NC driver since 1961. And it's in NC. Definitely the first-ever Charlotte race without a NC driver, almost surely the first NC race.

Not many mechanics, fab guys, or crew chiefs from NC either.

the last sprint cup points race without an earnhardt in it was the 1979 southern 500, won by earnhardt's substitute driver - david pearson.

I thought this was against some law.

Who would ever have imagined that


And this, too:


Another great job NASCAR !!!!!! Went to Charlotte last night and saw the most boring race I've seen yet. The stands were emptying out at halfway and there was no racing at all. They should revamp their schedule to 10 races at Bristol, 10 at Talladega, 10 at both road courses, 5 at Martinsville and the final at Daytona. The races at the restrictor plate races should be 10 laps because that would be 7 more than they actually race anyway!!!!! It's pretty sad when you pay $100's of dollars to see a race and end up watching a chess match!!!!!!! Winner and half the field driving around at 80 MPH to stretch the fuel.WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!


Too many restrictions .....drivers are all programmed robots not racing, driving. Driving is boring! Racing is exciting. As a wise man called it "Napcar'"...sad to say nut it's true! Harry Cella and I noticed the empty stands. Hard to believe Charlotte went from one of the best to Boring. Yawn Bring back the old days pearson, petty, allison feuds!!!






Some non-racing stuff:


Note:  Just titles and links from now on.


ObamaCare Flatlines: ObamaCare Taxes Home Sales - Clobbers Middle-Class Americans





3.8% Tax: What's True, What's Not





THE HILL: What Really Happened In Libya







Timeline of Libya Consulate attack reveals administration contradictions











Is the Benghazi Attack Obama’s Madrid Train Bombings?





Clinton to CNN: ‘I take responsibility’ in Libya attack





Holder Sues Vermont Over Military Ballots – 19 Days Late





4 tax breaks for parents on the chopping block





Romney Calls Treasury Report Delay Another Missed Opportunity by Obama to Face Up to China



Joe Biden's spirited debate performance against Paul Ryan lauded by friends and laughed at by foes



Dangerous Drink-and-Drug Interactions





Koch Industries, other CEOs warn employees of layoffs if Obama is reelected




5 Things to Know about Open Enrollment

Big changes for health insurance




Cardboard bicycle can change the world, says Israeli inventor



Accusations mount of Hezbollah fighting in Syria



Our Allies May Be Arming the Next Osama bin Laden



Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts





Here's How The Undecided Voters Were Selected To Ask Obama And Romney Questions At Tomorrow's Debate



Battery builder A123 Systems that won $249 million federal grant files for bankruptcy




A Risky Lifeline for the Elderly Is Costing Some Their Homes




Report: A-Rod flirts with female fans during loss in Game 1 of ALCS





Kyle Bennett, Olympic BMX cyclist, dies in single-car wreck





Social Security benefits to go up by 1.7 percent




Ganging up on Mitt







Could this be true:


If it were to happen?  Found on Facebook after the debate:


Alot if talk about cutting taxes and the deficit
U really wanna get rid if the deficit and help turn things around?
Eliminate income tax for 6 months and institute a federal sales tax at around 12 percent on everything and watch what happens
Ul get 2 to 3 times the tax revenue when u include all the illegals that don't pay any now”






Video time:


Hard to believe, but 70% of cars made by GM are not made in the U.S.A.  Is GM becoming China GM?








Note:  The photos are not available on Dirt Track Digest, only on New England Tractor - http://newenglandtractor.com/racereport/


One of the very best to have run, and win, the Indy 500.  Bill Vukovich, in action, heading to his win in 1953.






Closing with this:

Here's your laugh for the day. ---- The sad part is that somehow they get into college --- the sadder part is that they vote.



Subject: Natural Born Citizen


Purdue University:

Natural Born Citizens

You, who worry about Democrats versus Republicans -- relax, here is our real problem.

In a Purdue University classroom, they were discussing the qualifications to be President of the United States .. It was pretty simple. The candidate must be a natural born citizen of at least 35 years of age.

However, one girl in the class immediately started in on how unfair was the requirement to be a natural born citizen. In short, her opinion was that this requirement prevented many capable individuals from becoming president.

The class was taking it in and letting her rant, and not many jaws hit the floor when she wrapped up her argument by stating, "What makes a natural born citizen any more qualified to lead this country than one born by C-section?"

Yep, these are the same kinds of 18-year-olds that are now voting in our elections! They breed, and they walk among US...

Lord -- we need more help than we thought we did!


Wishing all race fans, drivers, teams, team owners and sponsors to remain safe and out of harms way!


As usual, you can reach me at:  ygordad@yahoo.com