Going back in time
with photos

By Tom Avenengo
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Wow! It’s hard believing that my last article, with photos, was way back on March 26, 2010 and was titled “Three Days at Langhorne”. How the time sure does fly!

This one will consist of photos that are on the Caruso Racing Museum website - http://www.carusomidgetracing.com/ with photos of Caruso owned cars, and of various drivers – mostly in, or with, cars owned by the legendary car owner, Mike Caruso. Along with those photos, there might be others, also from the website, of drivers in other cars. In some cases, you might be able to see who the original photographers were.

As many times that I’ve been to races where a Mike Caruso car was entered, I never did get to talk with the man, himself. The closest I had gotten to him was one time when the ARDC Midgets were racing at the Orange County Fair Speedway, during the fair, and that had to be around 1956, or thereabouts, since I was 19 years old back then and was able to get into the “girlie” show that was at the fair, going in along with some of the other car owners and drivers that were there, that day. Yes, Mike was one of them.

Hopefully, if things went smoothly with this article, I’ll have another for you in another two weeks, or so. I was experiencing some problems with sending photos – weird problems, for sure. On top of that, Jeff Johnson, who is New England Tractor, has had some rather serious health issues and that has slowed him down some as far as getting things done on the website. So maybe in another two weeks, ok?

So, sit back, relax for a while, and see what some of the cars and drivers looked like - from “Back in the day”.

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