Johnny Ritter



                    His racing and life with photos and printed material


                                             By Tom Avenengo


                                                    Part Four


Due to the size of this article, I’ve had to break it down into five parts.


A couple of photos sent to me from his daughter, Sharyn, along with a photo showing some of the history of his own # 3 Offy midget and what was said about Ritter by Nat Kleinfield – what was in the program on the night they ran a Memorial race for Johnny at the Hinchliffe Stadium;




I have no idea as to who drove the “Big Car” pictured, below, with his # 3, or what Johnny was doing when this photo was taken, but it’s a pretty good photo of his # 3 Offy in this photo that was in Life probably from 1948.  I’d say the photo was taken in “Gasoline Alley” in Paterson, N.J.






His wife, Nadine, on the left, Johnny on the right and little Johnny, Jr. in the middle – below.  I’d venture to say this photo was taken in the late 30’s, since Johnny, Jr. was 10 years old when Johnny was fatally injured, in 1948.





The Ritter Offy, after his death, found its way to one Mr. Ken Brenn, a noted owner of race cars.  It has been restored – not as the Ritter # 3, but as a Brenn # 24, which it was numbered when Brenn ran the car.  When the restored Ritter Offy is shown, this is the sign that people can see:






I’m not sure if you’ll be able to read what follows, below – from the race program for the Johnny Ritter Memorial Race that was held at the Hinchliffe Stadium on July 29, 1949.