What happened after the SEF Small Engine Fuel 200  

By Tom Avenengo 

October 10, 2011



I had a chance to go up to Syracuse for the racing, but opted to stay at home.  While home, on Sunday, I was doing various things at once – watching the hapless Giants and Jets attempt to play football, and then catching some of the Cup race, while reading on my ‘puter what was happening during the running of the SEF Small Engine Fuel 200, with what Adam Ross was “saying” as the race was being run.  There were some comments said during the running of the race – how some things didn’t seem quite “kosher”, but that usually happens with most races – there are always fans that are not happy about something and vent their feelings on the Internet.  The race ended about the same time we were due to eat dinner, and after dinner, I remained downstairs, away from my ‘puter for some time.  It was later on in the evening when I ventured back upstairs and went back to see what might have transpired after the race had ended.  Was I in for a surprise!  Well, to be honest, I imagine that a lot of people were pretty much surprised, too.  The proverbial sh*t had hit the fan, so to say, with some things that, in a way, were not following the rules put forth by DIRTCar, especially with the car that won the 200 and also supposedly with the car that had the fastest qualifying time, and eventually the win for the Sportsman race.


After reading what was transpiring, I thought I’d copy and save what was being said – some serious stuff, some kind of comical and also how some of the race fans felt about what had or was transpiring.  So, what follows is about 90% of what was being said on the Dirt Track Digest/Adam Ross race report – less, in most cases, the names of those that were posting, since some used “screen” names while others, it seems were using their own.  At times a name will appear in some of the comments, but to take them out might make things more confusing.  Also I did not correct any “typo” errors.


So, here ya go – sit back relax and see what was being said.  Must tell ya though, it is a little long.


“The pace car just picked up the wrong car. The pace car just picked up the 7 of Laubach...he went to go around, and the official told him he'd lose another lap if he passed the pace car. Laubach could really get screwed up on this deal.


Everyone is in the pits...


Friesen gets to his stall first, and he's now off out of the pits..But stuck in traffic...let's see who gets out first.


Friesen, Decker, Coffey, Tremont.win the race off pit road.


115 - penalized for being too fast off pit road.


And how do they know?


How are they checking the pit road speeds?


The crowd is booing like crazy that Laubach was penalized..but it's cuz the announcers don't know why he was penalized. He came in under green at about 90 miles an hour


I'm arguing with media members as i type this. Nobody knows the rules.


There was a pit road speed limit and Laubach blistered it. Wow.


Media members are arguing that there's no pit road speed limit under green, but that's a little ludicrous.


The pit road speed limit was announced as 35 miles per hour.


There should be no pit road speed limit IMHO, BUT there is, green or yellow, hence the need for the EZ Pass.



how do you come off a track under green and be doing 35 ? 


You slow down.


yea read the rules and stick to them duh.media just like makeing waves


THere's heated discussions going on in here. LOL.


You can't let cars run full speed with human beings standing around trying to do their jobs.


Common sense slow the f$&@ down in pit road


How can u make a judgement call with no evidence?




They are entering the cinder track from the back stretch are they not?


They announced how they were doign it. Radar guns and timing zones.


 I have dumped fuel many times at syracuse.they need a speed limit


I think Dirt needs to have these rules printed & handed out to the teams BEFORE the race begins. 


The teams need to listen closer.


This is my LAST Dirtcar sanctioned event. Between the McCreadie deal yesterday and what I just witnessed with the 7, it's clear that if you aren't a Dirt Regular your screwed!


The announcers didn't explain things right, and that's their fault. I feel badly.


I'm goign to lay off comments for now, but the announcers just created a HUGE problem for the officias with the fans. Shame, really.


Adam Ross: FINISH: Friesen, Decker, Coffey, Fuller, Ward, Phelps, Hebert, Tremont, M Flach, Vitale, Haers, Marshall, Perrotte, McCreadie, Bresnahan, Godown, Swarthout, O'Brien, K Flach, Corellis, Scagliotta, Sears, Currier, Heffner, Britten, Varin, Laubach, McGannon, Sheppard, Roy, Murphy, D Johnson, Dunnn, Wight, Hearn, Hulsizer, Steiner, Horton, ,R johnson, Bachetti, Bellinger, Humes,, Storms, Brchmann, VanInwegen.


Thanks Adam job great ya kept me in the race since Dirtvision couldn't get the job done. Congrats Stewie 2 in a row 


Glad Stew won,saved a temper tantrum


we'll continue to cover post-race inspection, post-race celebrations, and we'll continue updating the site.


Still waiting for the post race press conference to get stgarted.


We'll have more as the evening progresses.


Apparently Decker was FURIOUS about the gas n go. As speculated the pace car really slowed him up.


The press conference has come to an end. We'll be here for quite a while covering post race inspection. We'll update if anything comes up!


Tech and the Friesen crew are in a heated discussion regarding the fuel cell.


what dont they like about it adam


ok..Scott Jeffreys is the crew chief for Billy Decker. He's in a heated discussino wtih tech.


The top three finishers' fuel cells are sitting on pit road. The cell out of Friesen's car is CLEARLY bulging in the center.


Scott is pointing out that the rules clearly state the angles MUST be 90 degrees at every side of the fuel cell box.


They're taking measurements and debating right now. We'll keep you posted.


What could be wrong wit fuel cell?


multiple tbings


been there done that lol


fuller could be the winner


Well at least we don't have to worry about stewie protesting on the track


there cell are built to max measurmwnt and bulged out in center


Are all 3 bulged out or just Stewie's?


Only Stew's is bowed visually. They're measuring hte volume now.


just got home from races...have we already covered what happened to Laubach? from where i was it looks like he was 100% screwed but Im willing to listen to what WRG says..lol 


Laubach - in my opinoin - was wrong. He came onto pit road too fast, and broke the speed limit. The officials called it right away.


He later pulled off hte race track. Allegedly his feeling was he was so angry he was "a danger to himself and others" according to one person on the scene. 


The announcers made that situation infinitely worse with misinformation.


Suspense at the mile keep us updated Adam kinda putting lil rain on our stewie wins 2 in a row at the mile party


Wow! So where do they go from here? Do you really think they would DQ the top two? How was Stewie's cell last year after making it 130 plus laps?


Adam Ross: oh I don't know what they'll do, but we're about to show you what we know. If anyone has a rule book, I'd like to see the exact rule referenced that explains "no bulging fuel cells".


with all due respect adam...i pitted as the jackman for decker from 04-06 and in 05 when he one on the green flag pitstop he was at least going as fast as laubach was today...plus i cant find anything in the competitors guide about the speed on pit road under green


Adam Ross: But THIS year they told the drivers they were enforcing a pit road speed limit, and they would be doign so with radar guns and timed sections of pit road.


I don't mind disagreeing. The pit road speed limit - to the explanation I was given - was under green OR yellow.


It was hot today and stews had a bad vent....thats y it bulging 


and what was the exact speed that they "clocked him at"....? 


The offical radar said "too damn fast"..it was called IMMEDIATELY when he entered the pits. Friesen even alluded to that in the post race interveiw.


Dirt let's Williams go with tampered bolts might as well stay the course and let Stu go to! 


no rulebook here dont tbey have steel rectsngle gauge. that fits over the cell or am i dreaminf


"too damn fast"..lol im sorry that made me chuckle.... from where i was he was no faster than anyone else who pitted under the same conditions... i wouldve loved to see if they would have called the same thing on TMac 


Hard to say - but the reason I'm in agreement with the officials is they called it before he even came to a stop. They immediately recongnized he was outside the intent of theri rule..It WILL give people something to argue. I'm going back outside to see what's up


What's the verdict Adam doesn't take that long to measure it and fill it


You wouldn't believe how longi t's taking!


They painstakingly filled a number of jugs with VP fuel....then they filed the cell....it was measured, but I don't know what it was measured to.


Then they slowly put more fuel into an additional jug, adn they put THAT fuel in.


From our vantage poitn..which was pretty good...the cell was able to take the additional fuel.



15.2 Fuel, Fuel Cells and Fuel System

A.) All cars must have fuel cells that meet and/or exceed SFI 28.1/.2 and/or FT3 specifications and must be not be older than five (5) years from the date of manufacture. The fuel cell must have a maximum capacity of 24.5 US gallons and must remain in a rectangle and/or square shape for measuring and calculating capacity. The fuel cell must be mounted securely in its container and centered between the frame rails. Pressure tanks on fuel systems will not be permitted. Auxiliary fuel tanks will not be permitted.

B.) The maximum capacity of the fuel when measured empty and/or dry will be measured in cubic inches utilizing the standard formula of length (minus 1⁄2”-inch) x width (minus 1⁄2”-inch) x depth (minus 1⁄2”-inch) will be 5,660 cubic inches.

C.) The foam in the fuel cell must remain unaltered. A minimal cut in the foam will be permitted in the shape of a square or a rectangle. The cut may be no more than 1,000 square inches. The foam must retain the factory cut.

D.) The fuel cell must be enclosed completely in a rectangle and/or square container that is a minimum thickness of 20-gauge magnetic steel. An aluminum container may be used as an option and must be a minimum of .060”-inch in thickness.

E.) The fuel cell and/or the container material around the fuel cell must not be able to expand in any way. Tank panels that are bowed and/or bellied and/or positioned to create additional capacity of the fuel cell will not be permitted. Overs


dq or not?? anybody know for friessen.


They're stil fillling and refilling.


just got home from dirtweek myself didnt the pace car keep decker from going any faster on pit road when stewart pitted pace car lost it for him there!


In Decker's post race press conference...I believe his words were "Actually it was a crock of shit"..he feels the pace car held him up. 


Glad I stuck around captivating stuff The Mile hasn't changed since I last was there in 201!!!


They will pull a NASCAR. They keep the win, lose the money and some points. Not paying the top 2 would give some WRG management some nice bonus pay at years end.


randy - i agree; and they seemed to be able to rip that SDS win away from bob mccriedie pretty fast when his spoiler was an inch too high..lol


Happy they have finally decided to pull cells after all these years...there are many ways to cheat them when you know tech wont pull them.


if you have ever dealt with Dini you would


lol actually adam id say its been about 38 min judging the timestamps of your details..lol 


plenty of past winners at syracuse have been busted with illegal fuel cells and were allowed to keep the win, if they take it away stew is going to loose his mind


But we weren't here in past years with video cameras and still shots. LOL


So What was Decker's crew chief arguing with tech about? Or do you know?


Adam are they looking at bully's and freisens


They're looking at each of hte top three fuel cells.


Need to be a lawyer now to figure this out...great coverage Adam and DTD crew


Unfortunately - in my opinion - no law degree necessary.


Section E of that rule: E.) The fuel cell and/or the container material around the fuel cell must not be able to expand in any way. Tank panels that are bowed and/or bellied and/or positioned to create additional capacity of the fuel cell will not be permitted.


That's a visual check, and I saw the cell and container as did everyone else looking on.


It violates the rules.


it was a crock stupid idea to have 2 pace cars and lets have more sweepers on the track every time a caution comes out what a joke I ddint pay to watch caution laps


I'm going back out. Back in a bit.


I am half way home and still don't know who is gonna win


If they are found illegal, shouldn't they lose all of their race points just like Danny Johnson did in Canada when he came up light at the scales 


In theory that's what would happen. It's not so much about the points as it is about the money though.


I like stew friesen but a his cell clear as day when filled was bowed and he should be DQ'ed 


who cars apoints...its about bragging rights, records, and 50,000 USD


agree adam...the pic is worth 50k....its bowed 


We do this in Grand-Am. Tech fills the cell as full as it gets, then pumps it out and measures what comes out. This is a 10 minute deal. WRG maked it look like a monkey humping a football. 


 If they were going to attempt filling the cell like this then they should have done it while it was still in the car Seems to make more sense that way.


According to the rules if the cell is bulging it's NFG.


 the only time out of.our 3 wins the cell was questioned and taken out was 98 dini said dont bring it back because it bulged but the rules didnt rwad like they do now


taking it out is the best way to test it. 


Glad you shared that. I would have thought the other way.


Shouldnt this be a pre tech item?


It is. But what's teched in pre tech doesn't mean something shouldn't be teched in post race.


Adam what's for Thanksgiving dinner?


seriously not picking on canadians but what is your thanksgiving for?


 Don't even joke. I had two donuts 12 hours ago, and that's all I've eaten today...I'm dyin here. LOL


 i always figured you guys were just showing thanks for the hockey season starting


great everybody in thestands pretty much leave and their might be a position change after all great !! 


It's simple enough to do with these cars. I pump my cell out every week. Electric fuel pump, attach it to the fitting in the cell and start pumping. done deal 


According to sources: Friesen's cell took more than 27 gallons.


Coffey's cell took 24 gallons before it overflowed.


Great job guys,thanks for sticking around for updates 


Time for fuel cells to be handed out like nascar,so they can pick the winne


You have to check it before and after or you would have teams blowing them up with air to get them to expand like Nascar teams used to do 


The metal used in the box around Friesen's cell is visibly thinner than the metal used in Coffey and Decker's cells.


mine is a real tight fit i bet i could get more in with it removed


All they used to measure was hight and width of back panel...and depth of top panel...."asuming" it was actually rectangular.....the front of the cell could have been 2 inches larger both in width and height...and still looked rectangular when it was far from it....the only way to test it and measure it correctly is to take it out.


Right...as soon as it's visualy bowed the inspection can end


how much are you allowed??


The rule states 24.5 gallons maximum.


my question what's taking so long the rule is black and white DQ ste


Two words: Dini.


thats one word but its tru and funny


now we know how he went 131 laps last year


several ways to hold more fuel run a extra fuel filter noo guts alittle more hose. cut the foam down inside all thos r ways to "cheat" .but 27 vs 24thats a huge mistake 


They will ;et him keep the win, and WRG will fine him the money won


If he's illegal that's what should happen. That's my opinion.


the loose strap trick works great as well..allows the top to lift off the can and the cell to expand when packed full...then goes back down when the fuel burns off...can esily get 3 -4 gallons extra in that way


just guessing but probably not a mistake


Sources tell us that Decker's cell also took just 24 gallons.


Glad we don't have worry bout this in our 30 lap sportsman races


For those interested - I just spoke with Joe Skotnicki the race director - the teams were told the pit road speed limit was in effect under green AND yellow.


Rick Laubach was in the wrong.


Was Decker's fuel cell legal? 


Yes. We were just told that Decker and Coffey's cells took 24.5 gallons to be precise.


and WRG will pocket the money and have a bigger Christmas party.


if dirt sets the rules what is the problem with the drivers abiding by them?


u do what u gotta do but keep it some what real...lose strap trick easy fix do what nascar does tourque the bolt and put a seal. very simple fix....in the famoue wrods of cole trickle watch espn ...u would be suprise how much u can learn 


will they include this when they show in on speed or just show the winner? 


Hard to say! The winner of this race is and was Stewart Friesen.


What happens next will determine penaties, fines, etc.


It will be just like Nascar.. keep win and fine him


Jj No but I'm sure the rule exists anyways 


also shame on dirt if they missed that much in pre inspection. but they could have rigged it after pre 


In pre inspection the cell would have been fine. It would only bow once it's filled with a quick fill.


Is Stew a wrg dirt member or an outlaw like laubach?


 Little of both.


how much did stus


Stew's held 27 to 27 1/2 depending on what report you listen to.


My opinion they don't like Stewie and are using everything in the book, because Decker won all weekend and didn't win the big one. Stewie is a great guy!!!! This is totally Nascar crap.


Adam Ross: Stewie IS a great guy. And personable and young and appealing.


Any sanctioning body woudl welcome him. I do'nt see where this is political. Just simple rule enforcement..and that's where DIRT has traditionally lacked.


Tech is now complete. A meeting is being held in the event office.


We'll let you know as soon as we haer!


If it's Nascar crap then Stew will get the win and be fined Denise 


Decker is far from a dirt member, and he almost had a clean sweep of the weekend...I think we should put the conspiracy theories to rest 


The rules are the rules, its not personal.


dosnt the money taken away from dq'ed cars go into the tech fund? if so maybe dini will finally retire!!!! 


We'll find out where it goes. I wouldn't be too disappointed if he retired.


Adam...the tank probably wouldnt just bow from filling unless the box was made from tinfoil...it was either like that prerace...or filled with air to bow it.


It appears quite thin, Dave.


i agree with u push when u can hell the driver may not even know his cell was cheated . so dont blame him unless he knew. 


if this was nascar our ears would be bleeding with DW and kenny wallace...dont insult Adam like that!


Id still vote air


not that I have ever done it...:)


Come on dirt do the right thing


stop with the conspiracy theories. I think they would like to screw decker more than stew because john wight is at direct opposite ends than wrg is. 


officials are people to they can make mistakes unfortunately its up to dirt not us


I love the comments though.


what if the breather malfunctioned and with today being a hot day could it expand? 


It would be a mistake to allow a clear black/white rule go unpunished in my eyes.


doubt they'll take the win now that there has been a presser and its gone out to news outlets. thanks for the hard work Adam 


They can't take the win because of tv and media coverage.


Damned if they Do or Don't


You have to be consistent with what you have been doing all year..Were people DQ'd or fined??


Why didnt Tobias start the race as was published earlier today ?


He would have had to attempt to qualify.


no way.


an alternative is they could take deckers car and film victory lane again tomorrow :P


What does tv and media have to do with being fair?


i agree kari!


It's just the process...happens everywhere.


stew should get last place money


just on wind tunnel a minute ago...


What was on Wind Tunnel I am watching it, I heard nothing.


Susice:  Dave Despain threw a shout out to stewie for winning again...it was at the begining when they were showing highlights from weekend 


Cheating or not, DIRT needs to let the win stand and send him home with the money. If the sportsman winner keeps the win and money with an illegal engine, Stewie should keep the win and money with an illegal fuel cell. 


you can probably guarentee that next years tech line will just take even longer when they make everyone pull deck lids and measure and inspect all the cells haha..maybe pre tech can start on monday!


just put a disclaimer or something up after the broadcast that Stew cheated his fellow competitors and was DQed. it's that simple 


The thing with tv and media is this- people went to a race and a winner was crowned. anything that happens after that is just a financial thing. NASCAR has done this for decades


Waiting for the meeting to come out.


was deckers cell legal??? 


to our knowledge it was.


If Joe Marotta said it......then there's a 50/50 chance it had something to do with the race being run.


But less of a chance of being accurate..I"m sorry.but he didn't have a stellar week.


you shoulda heard him explain the laubach thing...crowd went nuts


so whats the punsihment casper?


Casper,the sportsman winner was deff caught cheating 


No punishment. The sportsman deal was swept under the rug, if DIRT wants to remain consistent, this needs to be swept under too.. anything else is selective enforcement of the rules


That's cuz he was entirely mistaken with the Laubach thing. It's hard enough to be an official let alone when the announcer throws you under the bus..and i know..I'm an announcer and I've thrown announcers under the bus.


what did happen with the sportsman winner...did he bet dq'ed?


The press release showed no infractions inthe sportsman race.


thanks for finding that out 


80% chance that what came out of his mouth were lap times 


 the people went nuts when they had 1 extra lap to get the sweeper ofhe track..lol


Stewie just posted a picture of the check and trophy in his motorhome and the caption reads take that


THis just in from Dini- Stew dont get comfy with our trophy and check just yet. 


I'm going to hang out outside the production office.


how long is the meeting adam? 


Longer than it should be.


that is the same car and cell from last year it past tech lst year 


With the 'alleged' oversize cell of 2.5 gallons, how many laps did Stewish go on bulgy tank


It may or may not have affected the outcome, but it's a rule in black and white.


All the pit stop did was force every team to have to come down pit road slowly, and then fan out five wide and nearly run over each other...it was still fuel mileage.


the officials are drawing straws to who tells Stu he's illegal. 


Guys, the winner of the most prestigious dirt race of the year was just found illegal. On top of that, theyve fronted 50,000 for the winner of this prestigious race. I think its understandable to work this one out 


The mandatory pit stop was total bs, ruined the race imo


All of this drama and the fans are gone, the stories been written and the winner declared. Done. If you want this type of post race rules enforcement, then don't do victory lane until your done with tech. I'm sure the understanding fans will hang out to the bitter end.


yea i had that diamond ring apprssed a few weeks ago $540 they said it was worth $7.500 lol


The officials are still in the meeting....


What the heck... is this a case of tech on Sunday, release the penalties on Tuesday?


wrg will probably keep the 1st place check and pay decker for 2nd place 


Should be given in cash the day of the race..


we all had to pay in cash or cc before we could get into the event.. 


that cell would have to be way bigger than normal to hold that much more i could see maybe an extra half gallon not 2.5 


does stewey have 2 hang around or can he pack up and leave?


Stew isn't around the building that i can see.


remember Adam..you have to stay put till we all get the official statement..lol


I'm staying put.


Victory lane = Pull the top 5 to the front strech after the race and announce "one of these drivers will be the winner, stay tuned"


what ever happens gotta give credit to guys like m flach, vitale, perrotte, swarthout, o'brien, and k flach on thier finishes at the moody mile 


if this was nascar and you cheat you get dq'ed. if dirt doesn't start enforce the rules drivers will pee on them and show no respect. This isn't a $2000 to win race. There is big money on the line and its not fair to the competitors that abide by the rules. If he got caught cheating now you wonder how many other times he has done it. All these profilic winners get excused for cheaters because of their name and its time its stop and examples are set


adam u going to eatern states or agerstown ?


No, but I'll be in Charlotte.


this is adown right shame after a 200 lap race 


I said last year they should have pulled and filled the tanks 


Just like our local track, cheat and get away with it.


on the phone with john wight telling him the will dq stew if his tracks join dirtcar next year 


was a great show at the point last night cept for Stewie's temper tantrum 


if some no name won it i bet they would dq him


If he gets away with this I'm totally done with DIRT


word from syracuse friesen will keep win and have heavy fine


 i lose respect for all dirt racing if no dq. Everyone should of been allowed a bulging tank. If t mac had one just think about the finish he might of had.


I'm lucky.. my hometrack will never be Dirtcar 


its getting ridiculous....and the announcers were totally clueless.....don't they have spotters to help them out 


spotters were drunk like most of the fans


glasses would be a good start..lol


how long has the meeting been going on now?


 too long guest


whoever ran out of gas should protest that they should of ran the same bulging tank. He should also be suspended from ESW if found guilty


Anything yet adam


Adam Ross: I can't say waht happened in the meeting..I don't know yet..but chairs stsarted flying and officials ran to the room. To my knowledge in the room were Joe Skotnicki, Stewart Friesen, and Matt Hearn.




We were all waiting outside and joking and laughing...there was no yelling...there was just the sound of objects hitting the walls. People ran to the room...Stewart and Matt left..the noise stopped..that's what I know for now. No more comments for the time being..


Stewart Friesen just delivered a broken trophy to the hauler of Billy Decker. I literally ran after him wtih Matt Hearn telling me to give him space..just wanted some reaction..to knwo what happened..


"Get outta here Adam"...I can certainly understand that...


Quote from Friesen - "The win is ours. That's all that matters."


We still don't know the exact result, but we'll be here until weknow.


I hope everyone understands that I stopped the comments.


We'll still show thenews from here.


It's heated in the infield building right now.


vic Coffey is HEATEDLY discussing the situation. He's basically saying that they're lucky they won last year. ?They sould.n't be that upset about this year.


Vic is saying "if I was in your position I'd be mad, but how do you not know what was wrong"


This is gonna be interesting


Friesen gets $25,000 for his win. He was basically penalized half.


Coffey is in a dispute with Matt Hearn. Matt is Bobby's son and Friesen's crew chief.


He also had heated words with Friesen's father.


Stewart Friesen wins SEF 200...during postrace inspection violation found in fueling system, car was fined $25,000. [via Twitter]




Dirt is a joke. Basically dirt is saying go ahead and cheat you still get half the money 


As much as I appreciate the comments...I'm continuing to hold off on comments..wish i knew why doctor27j's are still coming through. lol If you want to discuss further, feel free to visit our Facebook page or our forum!


We'll continue to cover post-raceinspection and meetings, and they're still ongoing.


And I stilll have no dinner!


It's all good, Doctor..just not sure why or how...


The sherriff has now told evereyone to vacate...but we're working media.


We've been told the penalty goes intot he points fund.


HOWEVER>..we don't know if that helps pay the pionts fun..or if it gets ADDED to the points fun.


I haven't logged out yet since I left the track not sure if that has anything to do with it


It appears that things are done for the night.


Friesen was basically fined $25,000.


I'm headed to the campground to enjoy the rest of the night. It's been a blast, and it's time to have a beer or ten. Sunday October 9, 2011 9:40


Turn out the lights. The party's over (or is it just beginning?)


Let's talk about it on the forum and on Facebook!”



So ended the nights activities on the Dirt Track Digest/Adam Ross race report and follow-up.  There’s a lot more said on the DTD’s forum -    http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/DTD/

some things that are VERY interesting.  My comments, and thoughts, on the whole deal will be in my weekly column, due out on Thursday.


As usual, I can always be reached, via e-mail, at:  ygordad@yahoo.com