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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Race # 25 Results by John Sainz


October 30, 2010; THE SEASON IS OVER! At Oakland Valley Speedway last night, we ran our last points race of the season. There were a lot of people there and quite a few in the grandstands. One of the highest kart counts of the year took to the track with some new people tuning up for next weeks Novemberfest race. The features started off with only the second Mediums class race of the season and it was JJ Pacovich leading the field of ten, taking the win followed by Joe Rivera and Randy McCullough. The Heavys class, once again the largest with fifteen entries was won by John Hillmann followed by Randy McCullough doing double duty in this class and Mediums, then Stan Tabaka third. Congratulations to back to back Heavys points champion Roger Belanger coming in fourth. In the Lights class, Ryan Kendall picked up his first win this season and congratulations to Corey Wood on the Lights championship.

††† In our Junior Clone class, I have to apologize to Trevor Ross, who won this last race for his eight win of the season. I had reported that he had only won three. He was so fast he blew those other wins right by me. Great job Trevor. And congratulations to Jessica Mattera on winning the Junior Clone championship. In Junior 1, Tyler Belanger picked up the win and the championship over Tighe Sherlock, and in Rookie Champ Robert Mattera got the win over Devin Greer. Devin has been coming on lately. Good job by these two guys all year long. We had two Kid Kart classes this week, with Kyleigh Russo getting to run all the heats and feature and taking the win over Johnny Diotte,III., in the Rookie Kid Kart class, and in the Kid Kart class, it was Mackenzie Tresch taking the win, her first here. Good job by all our young Kid Kart drivers this year.

††† In our Junior 2 class, it was Ryan Quackenbush getting his first win of the season after so many times finishing second or getting involved in incidents that took him out of contention. Way to go Ryan. And congratulations to Colin Belanger on back to back Junior 2 championships. These Junior 2 drivers are running some pretty fast lap times too. Great job by all the Junior 2 drivers. In the Junior 3 class, Brett Romer became the first repeat winner in this class, followed by Kelby Quackenbush and Carissa June. This will be a great class to keep an eye on for next year.

††† In our fastest class, the Junior Stock class, it was once again Danny Hoeffner winning in back to back weeks and in the process turning the fastest lap time and speed of the year with a flying 13.419 time with an average speed of 53.655 mph. Incredible! All that while clinching the championship in this class. I donít think he was going to let that one get away this time. That was also his fourteenth win of the season. Great job by Stephen Reynolds and Brendan Finley for keeping the pressure on. Great job by all the Junior Stock drivers. (and their pit crews). In the Junior Sportsman Champ class, it was a rematch of the only rain shortened event we had this year, (come to think of it, we never got a rainout all year!) when Paulie Tigue,Jr and Scott Neary battled for the win. Paulie got the win in the other race, but the rematch went to Scott Neary in a great race, very close racing over Paulie Tigue,Jr.Congratulations to Paulie on winning the points championship over my son Anthony Wood. With Anthony chasing Paulie all season, it made Anthony a better driver. Iím very proud of how far he has come in his first full year of racing. Thank you to all of you who have come up to me all season and have told me that you have seen him improving. It means a lot to us. And thanks to Pat Glennon and Paul Tigue and the other dads who helped me with Anthonyís kart when I was out racing in my class. Couldnít have done it without you guys. Great job by all the Junior Sportsman Champ drivers. And it was great to meet all of their parents. In the Senior Stock class, something I am very familiar with, Clark McCullom took the win for his second of the season, and I wanted to thank Aaron Turner for the points battle all season. We had a great time with it going back and forth for many weeks, joking that this week was my turn or it was his turn to take the lead. You guys raced pretty clean,(except for this last race. LOL) It was my privilege to have raced with you guys. I had a blast! In the Senior Rookie class, Dennis Lohr picked up the win over Dan Ryder and Gregg Caldara.

††† In the Junior Slingshot class, Danny Buccafusca picked up his fourth win of the season cruising to the checkered flag for the second week in a row. He turned in the fastest lap time this season for a Junior Slingshot with a time of 14.085. Congratulations to Kevin Predmore,Jr. on winning the Junior Slingshot point championship. Great job by all of our Junior Slingshot drivers this year. In the Senior Slingshot class, Charlie Lawrence picked up his second win of the season and congratulations to Tyler Pirone on winning the Senior Slingshot points championship.

††† JK Performance Racing Engines had an excellent season at the track with points championships in Heavys, Junior 1, Junior 2 and Senior Stock, with a second place in Junior Sportsman Champs. Great job John. Thanks for all your help.

††† Thanks to the Diottes for letting me do this race report this year. I had fun doing it and meeting many of you at the track. I feel like I know so many of you because of the many times I have written your names. Some pretty big names too, like Vandermeulen and VanValkenburg, Hasenflue and Quackenbush. I hope you all have a great off season and hope to see you all back here at the Oakland Valley Speedway next season. God Bless.

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1. (41) John Hillmann (14.084)

2. (82) Randy McCullough (14.084)

3. (77) Stan Tabaka (13.971) fastest lap speed 51.535

4. (27) Roger Belanger (14.157)

5. (2) Anthony Falanga (14.128)

6. (72M) Kevin Morgan (14.328)

7. (88) Joe Falanga (14.171)

8. (33) Mark Stanley (14.351)

9. (9) Michael Lybolt (14.486)

10. (60) Bob Clarke (14.514)

11. (10) Randy Sherlock (14.447)

12. (44) Chris Daley (14.252)

DQ (72o) Eddie Owens (14.489) (DNWI)

DQ (17a) David Allen (14.480) (DNWI)

DQ (20) Joe Rivera (14.377) (rough driving)



1. (31) JJ Pacovich (13.889) fastest lap speed 51.840

2. (20) Joe Rivera (13.984)

3. (82) Randy McCullough (13.989)

4. (26) Ian Petry (13.990)

5. (44) Chris Daley (13.898)

6. (611) Corey Wood (14.161)

7. (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.226)

8. (712) Dylan Wood (14.314)

9. (54w) Dale Wilson (14.742)

DNS (34) TJ Sweeney




1. (68) Ryan Kendall (13.911)

2. (11) Kyle Armstrong (13.988)

3. (39) Alex Arndt (14.041)

4. (612) Brianna Hasenflue (14.007)

5. (94) Brian Rose (13.952)

6. (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.246)

7. (99) Paul Wilbur (14.313)

8. (221) Aaron Doolittle (14.222)

9. (31) JJ Pacovich (13.904) fastest lap speed 51.784

10. (72) Eddie Owens (14.422)


Junior Clone:

1. (00) Trevor Ross (14.529) fastest lap speed 49.556

2. (11) Kelby Quackenbush (14.806)

3. (3) Jessica Mattera (14.783)

4. (4B) Samantha Mattera (15.581)


Junior 1:

1. (9) Tyler Belanger (15.035) fastest lap speed 47.888

2. (10s) Tighe Sherlock (15.604)

Junior 2:

1. (4b) Ryan Quackenbush (14.387)

2. (17) Sarah Hoeffner (14.365)

3. (9) Sam Neary (14.230) fastest lap speed 50.597

4. (17e) Colin Emery (14.402)

5. (414) Patrick Dempsey (14.601)

6. (62) Brandon McGill (14.593)


Junior 3:

1. (88r) Brett Romer

2. (88q) Kelby Quackenbush (14.649)

3. (19) Carissa June (14.833)

4. (8L) Charles Lowther (14.778)

5. (4) Patrick Hayes (14.887)

6. (27j) Jared Miller (15.195)

7. (50) Patrick Kelly (15.112)


Junior Stock:

1. (10) Danny Hoeffner (13.419) fastest lap speed 53.655

2. (1) Brendan Finley (13.598)

3. (9) Scott Neary (13.651)

4. (88x) Emily Gaige (13.738)

5. (09) Connor Cleveland (13.710)

6. (6) Dennis Mathews (13.647)

7. (9m) McKenzie Hasenflue (13.667)

8. (78) Steve LaRochelle (13.580)

9. (13) Stephen Reynolds (13.618)

10. (11) Krystine Wason (13.908)

11. (5) Anthony Ely (13.887)

12. (18r) Dominick Roselli (14.008)


Rookie Kid Kart:

1. (7) Kyleigh Russo (17.641) fastest lap speed 40.814

2. (6) Johnny Diotte,III. (24.805)


Kid Kart:

1. (2) Mackenzie Tresch (16.310) fastest lap speed 44.145

2. (7) Nicholas Russo (16.714)

3. (320) Evan VanValkenburg (17.411)

4. (55) John Kendall (17.660)

5. (9) Elloree Neary (20.896)


Rookie Champ:

1. (3) Robert Mattera

2. (17) Devin Greer



Junior Sportsman Champ:

1. (9) Scott Neary (14.518)

2. (88) Paulie Tigue,Jr. (14.494) fastest lap speed 49.676

3. (26) Matt Addona (14.776)

4. (20) Anthony Wood (15.139)

5. (3) Jessica Mattera (15.251)

6. (99) Alyssa Crossman (15.244)

7. (7k) Chris Cavaliere (15.997)


Senior Stock:

1. (56) Clark McCullom (14.170)

2. (19x) Robbie Lanfear (14.250)

3. (27) Roger Belanger (14.097)

4. (21) Aaron Turner (14.017) fastest lap speed 51.366

5. (3) Mike Robson (14.191)

6. (20) John Sainz (14.067)

7. (51) Tim Hill (14.298)

8. (28) Tom Brundage (14.404)

9. (24) Randy Brundage (15.597)

10. (17) David Allen (17.023)

DQ. (2) Gary Vandermeulen (15.789)


Senior Rookie:

1. (64L) Dennis Lohr

2. (42) Dan Ryder

3. (4) Gregg Caldara


Junior Slingshot:

1. (43) Danny Buccafusca (14.085) fastest lap speed 51.118

2. (10) Jacob Hendershot (14.429)

3. (58jr) Kevin Predmore,Jr. (14.520)

4. (214) Sarah Masker (14.835)

5. (555) Leo Fotopoulos (14.988)

6. (91) Bobby Flood (14.931)

7. (5) Tyler Johnston (14.832)

8. (37e) Erin Paulison (15.013)

9. (3) Cole Hentschel (14.686)

10. (17t) Tyler Treacy (15.301)

11. (69c) Collin Dubois (15.560)

12. (24t) Matthew Shultz (15.621)


Senior Slingshot:

1. (4NY) Charlie Lawrence (14.106) fastest lap speed 51.042

2. (32) Steven VanValkenburg (14.109)

3. (18) Tyler Pirone (14.163)

4. (1) Tyler Dippel (14.383)

5. (316) Zack Masker (14.550)

6. (54) Rob Hocker (14.337)



114 Entries: 96- Karts

††††††††† †††††††††††18 -Slingshots


Fastest of the night:

Junior Slingshot: Danny Buccafusca (14.085)

Senior Slingshot: Charlie Lawrence (14.106)

Junior Kart: Danny Hoeffner (13.419)

Senior Kart: JJ Pacovich (13.889)



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