Oakland Valley Speedway

                   Novemberfest  Report by John  Sainz


November 7, 2011: What a great weekend of kart racing at Oakland Valley Speedway for our annual end of season Novemberfest race. People came from all over the Northeast for this event and as usual John Diotte and crew had the track in great shape for the race. Thanks to him and his family for a great season and all the hard work by all the track workers and officials. Job well done. As in all sports, racing is very intense and things happen very fast, so at times people lose their cool and tempers flare, but the track officials did a great job of keeping things rolling along smoothly. Thanks to all the racers and their crews and family members that attended this season and spent time with us here. Novemberfest is a tradition started by the Diotte family almost twenty years ago, not as a big money race but as a bragging rights race. Those that have won this event in the past as well as this years winners can say ”I won Novemberfest at Oakland Valley Speedway” . And it is a victory well earned as I have participated in this race for the past two years, and it is tough to win. At least I stayed on all four wheels this year. Anyway. lots of great racing in all the classes, with some very close, exciting finishes.

   The largest class of the weekend were the Lights class. With 22 drivers entered, a very fast Danny Hoeffner took the round 1 feature with Scott Bentley and Roger Belanger close behind him, turning some low 13 second lap times. In the second feature, it was Steven Gully pulling out to a huge lead and then getting reeled in by cautions several times. Steve had his kart dialed in very well in this race and held on for the win. Eddie Sickles came in second with Connor Cleveland third. In the third feature, Joseph Pacovich took home the win, with a very fast Dennis Mathews, who ran a 12.995 fast lap time, second and Ryan Edwards third. The overall winner was Connor Cleveland for the Lights class. Danny Hoeffner was second with Steven Gully third. In the Mediums class, with 21 entered, Ryan Edwards took home the win in the first feature. Chris Predmore came in second and Dennis Mathews third. In the second feature, Brian Krummel took the win in a very close race with Eddie Sickles and Alex Arndt. In the third feature, Roger Belanger came up through the field in a great race with lots of action to take the win and winning the overall Mediums title. Ryan Kendall took second with Adam Frederick placing third. Ryan Edwards took second place in the overall points with Adam Fredericks third. In the Heavys class, in a class usually dominated by Bill Wood at this event, a very fast Chris Daley took the win in the first feature with Adam Fredericks coming in second and Jason Wolfe, with his black painted kart, third. In the second feature, Brian Krummel took the win with Jason Wolfe following him over the line for second. Adam Frederick took third this time. In the third feature, an exciting race that had Bill Wood bounce back to pick up a win in this Heavys race. A very consistent Jason Wolfe took second again to wrap up the overall title at this years Novemberfest. Great job by Jason. Third place went to Adam Fredericks again, but it was Brian Krummel who took second overall by percentage points over Adam Fredericks. In Super Heavys, Stanley Tabaka,III swept all three features, lapping the field in two of them. Jeremy Todd took second in all three features and Michael Lybolt took third in all three. That is how they finished in the points also.

  In Senior Stock, Mark Beers won the first two features and took second in the third feature to claim the overall title. Mark Stanley took second in the first two features and third in the third feature to claim second in the overall points. Good run by both Marks. Scott Thomas took third in the first two features but did not start the third feature. Bill Wood took the win in the third feature after not starting the first feature and pulling off the track in the second feature on the last lap. Kevin Morgan took third place in the overall points and good job by George Miller, who made his kart racing debut in this event and took fourth place overall. Welcome to kart racing George! In Junior Stock, which was clearly the fastest class of the weekend with speeds averaging 56 miles per hour, put on a great show. A very fast Brendan Finley, driving for Glen Varner Motorsports, took home the win in the first feature over Christopher Sour by .008 of a second. Talk about close!! Steven LaRochelle came in third. In the second feature, Scott Neary took the win over Brendan Finley with Christopher Sour coming in third. In the third feature, it was Brendan Finley winning in a great battle with Scott Neary, who held on for second. Steven LaRochelle took third. Those two wins by Brendan earned him the overall point title with Scott Neary taking second and Steven LaRochelle third. In Junior 3, Christopher Sour dominated the first feature and took the win. Dominick Roselli came home second with Scott Neary third. In the second feature it was Scott Neary’s turn to win and he took the checkered flags first with Christopher Sour coming in second and Dominick Roselli third. In the third feature, it was  dominant Scott Neary pulling away for the win and taking the overall points title. Dominick Roselli came in second in the race and second in the overall points. Patirck Kelly took home third in this feature. Christopher Sour had a little trouble in this race but held on to take third place overall. In Junior 2, two time defending track champion Colin Belanger took the win in the first feature with Ryan Quackenbush coming in second. Patrick McLaughlin took third. In the second feature, Colin Emery got dialed in and took the win with Colin Belanger second. Ryan Quackenbush took third. In the third feature it was a fast Flyin Ryan Quackenbush taking the win with Patrick McLaughlin taking second. Colin Belanger came in third and took the overall points title. Ryan Quackenbush took second overall and Colin Emery took third. In Junior 1, Tighe Sherlock won the first two features but was disqualified in the first one for a weigh in problem. The win was given to David Boiseclair,III who also won the third feature and took the overall title. Jordan Hill had a great run at Oakland Valley Speedway and took second in the overall points. Tighe did not start the third feature.

  In Junior Sportsman Champ, Ryan Quackenbush won the first feature over Sam Neary and Anthony Wood. In the second feature, Sam Neary took the win over Ryan Quackenbush and Anthony Wood. In the third feature, Sam Neary took his second win and the overall title over Anthony Wood and Ryan Quackenbush. In Senior Champ, I just want to thank those guys for coming out to race with me. I had my hands full racing against those younger guys! In the first feature, Joseph Kata cruised to the win with John Sainz (feels funny typing my name) taking second. Kevin Baird, trying out some dirt racing, came in third. In the second feature, Kevin Baird figured it out pretty fast and took the win with Joseph Kata close behind for second. Coming in third was my old Senior Stock buddy Aaron Turner. In the third feature, Kevin Baird pulled off his second win of the weekend to claim the overall title. Great job by Kevin. I held on to the steering wheel, barely, to take second in the race and third overall. Joseph Kata came in third and placed second in the overall points.

  In Junior Slingshot, Dylan Martin swept all three features and claimed the overall title. Great racing by Dylan. Alex Shaffer took second in feature 1, and Erin Paulison third. Tommy Zwart took second in the last two features to claim second in the overall points. Brandon McGill took third in the second feature and Jared Labagh took third in the third feature. Alex Shaffer took third overall. In Senior Slingshot, Fast Eddie Reiley took the win in the first feature with Mathew Reiley second and Tyler Treacy third. Mathew Reiley took wins in features two and three to claim the overall title. Eddie Reiley took third  and second in the last two features to claim second overall. John Mann came in second in the second feature and Tyler Treacy took third in the third feature to take third overall. Our Kid Kart racers were Tyler Rumsey, Elloree Neary, Johnny Diotte, and Ariana Rumsey. Fast Jake Mason drove our only Rookie Champ. The World Formula Modifieds were on hand as they usually are at Novemberfest and it was Kenny Lund taking the in with SuperDave Parker second and Ted Harris third. Thanks guys for coming.

   With the last race of the season being raced, lights turned out, gates locked up, another year of kart racing comes to an end. I am already looking forward to next year and the sounds of the engines running and watching the kids playing together and all the parents thrashing on karts in the pits. Hope every one has a great off season and a healthy one. God Bless. And see you in the spring!!

   Don’t forget our season ending banquet coming up on November 19,2011.

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Official Finishing Order:



1.  Jason Wolfe

2. Brian Krummel

3. Adam Fredericks

4. Billy Wood

5. Alex Wanerus

6. Corey Wood

7. George Bark

8. Tommy Brown

9. Greg Simmons

10. Chris Daley

11. Michael Talmadge

12. Scott Thomas

13. Chris Bogart

14. Brad Szuelwski

15. Michael Lybolt



Super Heavys:

1. Stanley Tabaka,III

2. Jeremy Todd

3. Michael Lybolt

4. Jim Cutler

5. Greg Canale




1.  Roger Belanger

2. Ryan Edwards

3. Adam Fredericks

4. Alex Arndt

5. Brian Krummel

6. Chris Predmore

7. Ryan Kendall

8. Alex Wanerus

9. Eddie Sickles

10. Dennis Mathews

11. Daniel Stecker

12. Danny Hoeffner

13. Joseph Pacovich

14. Ed Owens

15. Allison Lockhart

16. Brian Rose

17. Chris Wason

18. Brett Jaycox

19. Chris Bogart

20. Chris Daley

21. Joe Muckle




1. Connor Cleveland

2. Danny Hoeffner

3. Steven Gully

4. Ryan Kendall

5. Dennis Mathews

6. Roger Belanger

7. Eddie Sickles

8. Ryan Edwards

9. Joseph Pacovich

10. Scott Bentley

11. Alex Arndt

12. Geoff Feola

13. Samantha Bentley

14. Samantha Zucco

15. George Johnson

16. Mathew Burd

17. Allison Lockhart

18. Daniel Stecker

19. Ed Owens

20. Josh Ledoux

21. Christian Pedersen

22. Allisha Garner 


Kid Kart:

1. Tyler Rumsey

2. Elloree Neary

3. Johnny Diotte

4. Ariana Rumsey


Rookie Champ:

1. Jake Mason


Junior Sportsman Champ:

1. Sam Neary

2. Ryan Quackenbush

3. Anthony Wood


Senior Champ:

1. Kevin Baird

2. Joseph Kata

3. John Sainz

4. Cole Zungolo

5. Tommy Brown

6. Aaron Turner

7. Glenn Zungolo


Junior Stock:

1. Brendan Finley

2. Scott Neary

3. Steve LaRochelle

4. Christopher Sour

5. Patrick Dempsey

6. McKenzie Hasenflue

7. Toni Shipman

8. Ben Brownell

9. Dominick Roselli

10. Krystine Wason

11. Emily Gaige

12. Hali Vandermeulen

13. Geoff Fox


Senior Stock:

1. Mark Beers

2.  Mark Stanley

3. Kevin Morgan

4. George Miller

5. Jeff Lynn

6. Bill Wood

7. Scott Thomas

8. John Wolfe



Junior 3:

1. Scott Neary

2. Dominick Roselli

3. Christopher Sour

4. Patrick Kelly

5. Patrick Hayes

6. Geoff Fox

7. George Miller

8. Jared Silvernail

9. Carissa June

10. Trevor Jones

11. Hali Vandermeulen



Junior 2:

1. Colin Belanger

2. Ryan Quackenbush

3. Colin Emery

4. Patrick McLaughlin

5. Tyler Belanger

6. Ryan Tani

7. Mathew Jeffrey Luzi

8. Lane Saville


Junior 1:

1. David Boisclair,III

2. Jordan Hill

3. Tighe Sherlock


Junior Slingshot:

1. Dylan Martin

2. Tommy Zwart

3. Alex Shaffer

4. Brandon McGill

5. Daniel Morgiewicz

6. Erin Paulison

7. Zack Weisenfluh

8. Mathew DeRitter

9. Jared Labagh



Senior Slingshot:

1. Mathew Reiley

2. Eddie Reiley

3. Tyler Treacy

4. Wyatt Clark

5. John Mann

6. Danielle Dickinson

7. Carl Bittenbender

8. Charlie Lawrence

9. Shaina Barker

10. Phil Collins

11. Tyler Johnston

12. Kevin Olver

13. Steve Croker


World Formula Modified:

1. Kenny Lund

2. David Parker

3. Ted Harris

4. Don Boonstra

5. Jeff Lapierre



                                     See you next year!!!