Oakland Valley Speedway

                   Race Report by John  Sainz


September 24, 2011: The weather held out for us tonight just as Denise said it would, so we were able to complete all of our features at Oakland Valley Speedway. Track was in very good condition considering all the rain this week. John Diotte always does a great job prepping the track. Some people stayed away due to the weather, but those in attendance were treated to some great racing action. I just have to start off with my favorite class and my favorite driver. In Junior Sportsman Champ, my son Anthony Wood made it back to back wins this week by running a great race and finally winning against Sean (the Champ) Glennon. They raced hard and clean and it was a great race. Flyin Ryan Quackenbush came home in third. In the Heavys class, JJ Pacovich made his first start in this class and came home the winner over Clinton Mills and Adam Fredericks. Very good race. In the Lights class, Samantha Zucco made her first start in this class and took home the win in a great battle with Dennis Mathews and Chris Predmore. Dennis took second with Chris third. She was also the fastest of the night and the only driver under 14 seconds. Fast!

   In Junior Stock, McKenzie Hasenflue made it six wins this season as she pulled away from the field. Patrick Dempsey came home second with Krystine Wason, in her first trip to Oakland Valley Speedway this year, third. Flyin Ryan Quackenbush was DQ’ed due to age requirement. Rookie Champ had Jake Mason picking up another win over Devin Greer. In Senior Stock, John Wolfe made it five wins this season and back to back wins too. He looked very fast tonight. Scott Thomas was second and Bob Reynolds third. In the Mediums class it was Dan Hoeffner, in his brand new Millenium Impulse from JK Performance Kart Shop (located at the track!!) took the checkered flag first in a good race with Randy McCullough. I’m sure we’ll see him win many more times in this kart as he and crew chief (Dad) get this dialed in even better. A fast Clark McCollum came in third. In Junior 3, the Dominator Dominick Roselli picked up his tenth win of the season in a good race with Carissa June. She stayed in second with Patrick Hayes third. Our Junior 2 class saw Sean(the champ)Glennon take thw win over Jake Lowther. And in Junior 1, Anthony Roselli took the win over new driver Damon Paul.

   In the Junior Slingshot class, Jared Labagh picked up his first win of the season in a good race with Erin Paulison, who took second. Isaiah Masker came in third. In Senior Slingshot, Matt Reiley picked up his third win this season over Fast Eddie Reiley and Joey Massimilla. Great driving by all of the drivers tonight.

  Please stop by JK Performance Kart shop located at the track for all of your racing needs, with fuel, tires, great racing engines and whatever you need to race. Also karts to rent. Make sure to see our track photographers for all the photos from the days events. Becky of BK Photos, bkphotos.net and Ralph Corwin of ralphcorwinophotos.com

   We will be closed next weekend October 1, 2011, and be back in action on October 8. Hope to see you all there!!        Remember…

                              NOVEMBERFEST IS COMING!!!!!!


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1. (31) JJ Pacovich (14.455)

2. (1) Clinton Mills (14.402)

3. (57) Adam Fredericks (14.398)

4. (82) Randy McCullough (14.380)

5. (10H) Dan Hoeffner  (14.442)

6. (6m) Dennis Mathews (14.373) fastest lap speed 50.094

7. (6b) Chris Bogart (14.545)

8. (612) Brianna Hasenflue (14.677)

9. (118) Kevin Morgan (14.678)

10. (611) Corey Wood (14.754)

11. (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.673)

12. (26) Ian Petry (15.041)

13. (28T) Scott Thomas (14.668)

14. (24) Jason Wolfe (14.879)



1. (10H) Dan Hoeffner (14.224)

2. (82) Randy McCullough (14.286)

3. (1m) Clark McCollum (14.163) fastest lap speed 50.837

4. (1r) Thomas Radivoy (14.586)

5. (12) Michael Vigiletti (15.192)

6. (71) Ed Owens (14.821)

7. (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.759)

8. (57) Adam Fredericks (15.011)



1. (36) Samantha Zucco (13.994) fastest lap speed 51.451

2. (6m) Dennis Mathews (14.081)

3. (32) Chris Predmore (14.258)

4. (53x) Glen Varner (14.138)

5. (1) Thomas Radivoy (14.450)

6. (14) Dylan Wood (14.565)

7. (6c) Derek Conrad (14.167)

8. (71) Ed Owens (14.566)

9. (23) Jason Wilbur (14.467)


Rookie Champ:

1. (B4jr) Jake Mason (16.731) fastest lap speed 43.034

2. (17) Devin Greer (17.774)


Junior Sportsman Champ:

1. (20) Anthony Wood (15.261) fastest lap speed 47.179

2. (77) Sean Glennon (15.271)

3. (5) Ryan Quackenbush (15.591)


Junior Stock:

1. (9m) McKenzie Hasenflue (14.203) fastest lap speed 50.694

2. (414) Patrick Dempsey (14.315)

3. (63) Krystine Wason (14.229)

4. (16) Dominick Roselli (14.348)

5. (00) Ben Wilbur (14.745)

DQ (4b) Ryan Quackenbush


Senior Stock:

1. (2w) John Wolfe (14.610) fastest lap speed 49.281

2. (28T) Scott Thomas (14.739)

3. (1r) Bob Reynolds (14.965)

4. (83) Greg Canale (14.942)

5. (20) Dan Ryder (14.999)

6. (10) Dan Sherlock (15.227)

7. (2v) Gary Vandermeulen


Junior 3:

1. (1) Dominick Roselli (14.705) fastest lap speed 48.963

2. (19j) Carissa June (14.769)

3. (4) Patrick Hayes (14.799)

4. (8L) Charlie Lowther (14.811)


Junior 2:

1. (37) Sean Glennon (15.336) fastest lap speed 46.948

2. (23) Jake Lowther (16.418)


Junior 1:

1. (16) Anthony Roselli (15.159) fastest lap speed 47.497

2. (144) Damon Paul (15.808)


Junior Slingshot:

1. (38) Jared Labagh (14.929) fastest lap speed 48.228

2. (37e) Erin Paulison (15.080)

3. (214) Isaiah Masker (15.591)

4. (M17) Daniel Morgiewicz (16.130)


Senior Slingshot:

1. (17r) Matt Reiley (14.385)

2. (10jr) Eddie Reiley (14.389)

3. (2x) Joey Massimilla (14.513)

4. (211) Phil Collins (14.356) fastest lap speed 50.153

5. (37) Jake Schlagel (14.425)

6. (316) Zack Masker (14.728)

7. (240) Trevor Labagh (14.779)



See you at the track!