Oakland Valley Speedway

Race Report by John Sainz


July 23, 2011: .It was a hot day at Oakland Valley Speedway and due to the heat we had the show shortened. We were able to run practices, one heat and an 18 lap feature and the show moved right along. The best quote I heard all day about the heat was from Bob Mattera, who said kids, its not if you win or lose but how fast we can get into the pool after the race.. That was great. Anyway, the features started out with the Senior Stock class and after some close, hard racing, Scott Thomas pulled away for the win. Aaron Turner took second and Gary Vandermeulen was third. Good competition in this class this year. May have to dust off the old Millenium and jump back in. In the Heavys class, Brianna Hasenflue led most of the way but a very fast Corey Wood got around her and took the win. Brianna took second and Michael Lybolt was third. John Schoebel made his first appearance at OV this year. Good to see you John. In the Lights class, there was a great race between Geoff Feola, Glen Varner and Dylan Wood. Geoff was able to hold off Glen for the win with Dylan coming in a close third.

In the Senior Slingshot class, Matt Reiley held off Eddie Reiley for the win with Fred Cannock third. In Junior Slingshot, Erin Paulison picked up her fifth win this season over Isaiah Masker and Jake VanPelt. In the Junior Sportsman Champ class, Sean Glennon edged out Flyin Ryan Quackenbush for the win for his sixth victory of the season. Anthony Wood came in third. Devin Greer was our Rookie Champ winner. In Junior 3, The Dominator, Dominick Roselli, overpowered the field to pick up his sixth win in six races hes entered. This guy is fast! Charlie Lowther took second and Carissa June was third. In Junior 2, Ryan Tani picked up his first win of the year. Good job Ryan! Jake Lowther, celebrating his 11th birthday at the track, came in second with Sean Glennon taking third after something broke on his kart. Anthony Roselli wins in Junior 1. The Junior Stock class had Dominick Roselli breaking through in this class with his first win. He was followed closely by Patrick Dempsey for second. McKenzie Hasenflue took third. Our Mediums class had Dylan Potter taking the win over Ed Owens.

Please join us next week for another exciting weekend of racing at Oakland Valley Speedway. There will be a Heavys Money race. Always a great class of Heavys. Expecting a great turnout and race. Check out JK Performance Kart shop located at the track for all of your kart racing needs, including great engines. John also has karts available to rent. Also be sure to see Becky of BK Photos, bkphotos.net and Ralph Corwin, ralphcorwinphotos.com, for all your racing photos from the days events.

Thanks to all who came out tonight. Please check our website for more information on future events and updates.



Race results:



1. (611) Corey Wood (14.125) fastest lap speed 50.973

2. (612) Brianna Hasenflue (14.248)

3. (9) Michael Lybolt (14.388)

4. (28t) Scott Thomas (14.283)

5. (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.396)

6. (58) John Schoebel (14.297)

7. (72) Kevin Morgan (14.567)


Rookie Champ:

1. (17) Devin Greer (17.780) fastest lap speed 40.495



1. (86) Geoff Feola (14.103) fastest lap speed 51.053

2. (53x) Glen Varner (14.160)

3. (14) Dylan Wood (14.154)

4. (32) Chris Predmore (14.164)

5. (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.401)

6. (71) Ed Owens (14.261)


Junior Slingshot:

1. (37e) Erin Paulison (14.598) fastest lap speed 49.322

2. (214) Isaiah Masker (15.666)

3. (112) Jake VanPelt (16.732)


Junior Sportsman Champ:

1. (77) Sean Glennon (14.951) fastest lap speed 48.157

2. (5) Ryan Quackenbush (15.021)

3. (20) Anthony Wood (15.056)

4. (4) Samantha Mattera (15.558)

5. (3) Robert Mattera (15.682)

6. (2) Jessica Mattera (15.511)


Jr. 1:

1. (16) Anthony Roselli (15.363)


Junior Stock:

1. (16) Dominick Roselli (13.927)

2. (414) Patrick Dempsey (13.911) fastest lap speed 51.758

3. (9m) McKenzie Hasenflue (14.020)

4. (7) Brendan Finley (14.325)


Senior Stock:

1. (28) Scott Thomas (14.434) fastest lap speed 49.882

2. (21) Aaron Turner (14.470)

3. (2v) Gary Vandermeulen (14.659)

4. (1r) Bob Reynolds (14.651)

5. (20) Dan Ryder (14.717)

6. (83) Greg Canale (15.082)


Junior 3:

1. (1) Dominick Roselli (14.419) fastest lap speed 49.934

2. (8L) Charlie Lowther (14.843)

3. (19j) Carissa June (14.648)

4. (4) Patrick Hayes (14.752)

5. (27J) Jared Silvernail (14.434)

6. (49) Hali Vandermeulen (15.264)



1. (58) Dylan Potter (14.115) fastest lap speed 51.010

2. (71) Ed Owens (14.283)


Junior 2:

1. (43) Ryan Tani (15.617) fastest lap speed 46.104

2. (144) Jake Lowther (15.943)

3. (37) Sean Glennon (15.846)


Senior Slingshot:

1. (17) Matt Reiley (14.295)

2. (10Jr) Eddie Reiley (14.254) fastest lap speed 50.512

3. (21) Fred Cannock (14.486)

4. (121) John Mann (14.733)

5. (316) Zack Masker (14.713)


Senior Champ:

1. (20) John Sainz (15.139)

Fastest Laps of the night:

Jr Kart: (414) Patrick Dempsey (13.911)

Sr Kart: (86) Geoff Feola (14.103)

Jr Slingshot: (37e) Erin Paulison (14.598)

Sr Slingshot: (10jr) Eddie Reiley (14.254)

Number of entries: 51 : 43 Karts ,8 Slingshots