†††† Oakland Valley Speedway

†††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Novemberfest Results by John Sainz


November 7,2010: What a turnout we had at Oakland Valley Speedway for our annual Novemberfest race weekend. I just wanted to start off by thanking John Diotte and the track crew for the best and fastest track surface that we had all year. He always does a great job week in and week out with preparing the track. It was smooth and lightning fast with the fastest lap times turned all year. Also thanks to all the officials who also did a great job putting on this show. We had 183 entrants with 21 Slingshots and 13 World Formula Modifieds at the show.

††† The features started off with the Lights class on Saturday with 20 entered. Joseph Pacovich took the first feature of Novemberfest in a close race,.5 seconds over Ryan Kendall. Ryan was the first one to get under 13 second lap times with a fast lap time of 12.975 and speed of 55.491. Round 2 went about the same,but was even closer with Joseph Pacovich winning over Ryan Kendall by .1 of a second. Round 3 went to Ryan Kendall over Joseph Pacovich. But it was Pacovich who took the overall win. Good job by Joseph Pacovich. Danny Hoeffner had the fastest lap time in round 3 with a time of 12.912.

†††† In the Senior Stock class, round 1 went to Kein Linton over Dale Madsen with Roger Belanger having the fastest lap time of 13.273. Round 2 went to Dale Madsen in a close race over Chuck Alessi. Round 3 went to round2 and overall winner Dale Madsen with Kein Linton having the fastest lap time of 13.172. I would have been up there in round 3 if I didnít get airborne in lap 4. I just wanted to show everyone the underside of my kart. Thanks to all of you who came up to me afterward to see how I was. Still sore but I should be fine.

†††† Next up were the Animals. Lites and Heavys ran together with Bill Wood winning all three rounds and Geoff Feola winning two out of three to take the overall win.

†††† In the Junior Sportsman Champ, round 1 went to Scott Neary over Paulie Tigue,Jr. Scott was the only one under 14 seconds in round 1 with a lap time of 13.974. In round 2, a great race between Paulie and Scott again with Scott diving under Paulie on the last lap out of turn 4 heading for the checkered flag. I thought Scott got him at the line but it was Paulie winning by just .049 of a second over Scott. Sean Glennon followed close behind them for third. Round 3 went to Scott Neary by only 2 tenths of a second over Paulie Tigue,Jr, and Scott took the overall win. Scott also had the fastest lap time of 13.725. Great job by these two guys and all the Champ drivers.

†††† We had a Super Heavys class at Novemberfest and in round 1 it was Anthony Falanga cruising to the win with a fast lap time of 13.557. In round 2, Stanley Tabaka,III took the win over Anthony Falanga and Ricky Wolfe,Jr. Round 3 went to Stanley Tabaka,III, who pulled away from the field and had the fast lap time of 13.486. He also took the overall win in Super Heavys.

††††† In the Junior Stock class, there were 22 entries, so they were to have a time trial qualifying round. Christopher Sour had the fastest qualifying time of 13.635. They were split into two groups of eleven karts. In round 1 of the A group, it was Scott Neary coming up from his ninth place qualifying spot to take the win with a blistering fast lap time of 12.798 and speed of 56.259 mph.(WOW!) over Christopher Sour and Scott Bentley. Round 2 went to Scott Neary over Christopher Sour and Dennis Mathews. Round 3 went to Scott Neary again as he swept all three features to take the overall win in group A. Connor Cleveland finished second in round 3 with Scott Bentley third. Christopher Sour had the fastest lap time in round 3 with a time if 12.556 and speed of 57.343 mph. Thatís fast! Great job by Scott Neary as hewon the Junior Stock and Junior Sportsman Champ classes. (Good job Art!)

††† In the other half of the Junior Stock class, Stephen Larochelle took the round 1 B feature over Dominick Roselli and Brian Nelson. Stephen also had the fastest lap time of13.201. In round 2, Stephen Kopcik took the win and in round 3, round 2 winnerjust edged out Kyle Smith by .09 of a second in a very close race. Stephen Kopcik took the overall win with Brian Nelson getting DQíed moving Steven LaRochelle into second overall and Kyle Smith third. Krystine Wason had the fastest lap time of 13.010 in round 3. Great job by all the Junior Stock drivers.

†††† There were 22 entries in the Mediums class, one of the biggest classes at this years race. In round 1, Adam Fredericks took the win in a close race with Corey Wood. He also had the fastest lap time of 13.458 in round 1. In round 2, Joseph Pacovich took over the race and won by a good margin over John Hillmann and Danny Hoeffner. Danny had the fastest lap time of 13.336 in round 2. Round 3 went to Ryan Kendall who crossed the finish line first over Adam Fredericks and overall winner Joseph Pacovich, who earlier had won the overall Lights class. Great weekend for JJ. Danny Hoeffner had the fastest lap time in round 3, 12.924. Good weekend for Danny Hoeffner since moving up from Junior Stock.

††††† The Junior 1 class had 6 entries and in round 1, Tyler Kilinski took the win with a fast lap time of 14.351 over Tyler Belanger. In round 2, Tyler Belanger came out the winner in a good battle with Tyler Kilinski, with Kilinski having the fastest lap time of 14.477. Round 3 went to overall winner Tyler Kilinski and he also had the fastest lap time of 13.942. Fast kids! The Junior 2 class was next, and in round 1 with 8 entered, Jr2 points champion Colin Belanger took the win with a fast lap time of 13.645 over Colin Emery. Round 2 saw Ryan Quackenbush run, I think, his best race of the year. He took the checkered flag over Sarah Hoeffner with the fast lap time of 13.755. Round 3 was a great race between Colin Belanger and Sam Neary, with Sam right on Colinís bumper most of the race. Colin got the win and took the overall title. But Sam Neary had the fastest lap time with a blazing time of 13.162 at almost 55mph. WOW!. Great driving job by all these drivers. The Junior 3 class had 11 entered and in round 1, Christopher Sour walked away from the field for the win with a fast lap of 13.354. Round 2 went almost the same as round 1 with Christopher Sour cruising to the win. But then in round 3, it was Oakland Valleyís own Patrick Dempsey crossing the finish line by over 2 seconds to take the win and the overall title. Great job by Patrick and crew.

†††† The Heavys class was another big class with 20 entered. Bill Wood took round 1 over JohnHillmann and Stan Tabaka,III. Round 2 went to John Hillmann over Bill Wood and Vito Iannarella,Sr. Vito had the fastest lap time in round 2 of 13.432. Round 3 went to overall winner Bill Wood with John Hillmann taking second andhad the fastest lap time of 13.135. The KT 100 class was on hand to race at Novemberfest. Nine entered the race and in round 1, Jimmy Johnson,(no, not Jimmie Johnson), took the win over Allan Accardo and Brian Frummel. They were the only ones on the lead lap with Allan having the fastest lap time of 13.071. Round 2 went to Allan Accardo who lapped the field, but Brian Krummel, who finished second, had the fastest lap time of12.533 with a speed of 57.451 mph! Thatís flying! Round 3 went to Brian Krummel over Allan Accardo and Jimmy Johnson, but the overall win went to Allan Accardo. Great job by these drivers.

††† In our Slingshot division, the Juniors took to the track first and in round 1, Danny Buccafusca walked away from the field and took the win. The same thing happened in round 2 with Danny almost lapping the field. He had a fast lap time of 13.942 in this round. In round 3, it was Danny again taking the checkered flag for the sweep and the overall win. Alex Shaffer finished second and Tyler Johnston third. The Senior Slingshots were next with round 1 going to Tyler Dippel in a close racewith Oakland Valley Sr Slingshot points champion Tyler Pirone right on his bumper. Good race. Ed Reiley has the fast lap time of 13.892. In round 2 Tyler Dippel repeated his round 1 performance taking the win over Steven VanValkenburg and Richie VanOrden. Tyler Pirone had the fast lap of 13.963 in round 2. Round 3 saw Charlie Lawrence take the win over Tyler Pirone. But it was Tyler Dippel who took the overall win.

†††† The World Formula Modifieds were on hand at Oakland Valley Speedway on Saturday for their twin 25 lap features. With 13 entered, round 1 saw Paul Pairo take the win over Carl Weinacker, with Tommy Kosch having the fast lap time of 13.871. In round 2, Robert Gonzales took the win over Jeff Weinacker and Carl Weinacker. Thanks to all the Microstocks that came out to race with us.

††† Another Novemberfest and racing season has come and gone, and although it was a long season at Oakland Valley Speedway, we should be very thankful to have been a part of this place. Think about the good times we had, the friends we made,( for some, the enemies we made, LOL) those people we helped out and those who helped us out. Thank God for keeping us safe and for letting us enjoy this thing we do. Some call us crazy for racing karts, but itís who we are. We are Racers. See you next year. God Bless.


World Formula Modified:

Round 1:

1. (R7) Paul Pairo

2. (16) Carl Weinacker

3. (42x) Jeff Weinacker

4. (17) Kenny Lund

5. (2) Ted Harris

6. (94) Jeff Miller

7. (60) Dave Parker

8. (55) Don Boonstra

9. (L) Robert Gonzales

10.(10) Noel Scheffen

11. (1k) Tommy Kosch

12. (47m) Mike Scott

13. (99) Fred Kendall


Round 2:

1. (L) Robert Gonzales

2. (42x) Jeff Weinacker

3. (16) Carl Weinacker

4. (2) Ted Harris

5. (17) Kenny Lund

6. (60) Dave Parker

7. (55) Don Boonstra

8. (10) Noel Scheffen

9. (R7) Paul Pairo

10. (1k) Tommy Kosch

DNS (47m) Mike Scott

DNS (94) Jeff Miller

DNS (99) Fred Kendall



1. (31p) Joseph Pacovich

2. (68) Ryan Kendall

3. (3) Eddie Sickles

4. (10) Danny Hoeffner

5. (99s) Jon Schewizer

6. (31a) Alex Arndt

7. (86) Geoff Feola

8. (221) Aaron Doolittle

9. (94r) Brian Rose

10.(9) Brandon Rozowicz

11. (5x) Steven Gully

12. (94s) Brian Smith

13. (99w) Paul Wilbur

14. (83) Samantha Bentley

15. (72) Ed Owens

16. (1) Daniel Stecker,Jr.

17. (55) Allison Lockhart

18. (34) Alisha Garner

19. (32) Chris Predmore

20. (22) John Doty


Senior Stock:

1. (12) Dale Madsen

2. (73) Kevin Linton

3. (27) Roger Belanger

4. (21) Aaron Turner

5. (91) Dan Hennessy

6. (19) Chuck Alessi

7. (72) Kevin Morgan

8. (28) Tom Brundage

9. (60) Bob Clarke

10.(20) John (crash) Sainz

11. (42) Dan Ryder

12. (24) Randy Brundage


Animal Light / Heavy:

1. (86) Geoff Feola

2. (99) Jon Schewizer


1. (5) Bill Wood

2. (11) Vito Iannarella,Jr.


Junior Sportsman Champ:

1. (9) Scott Neary

2. (88) Paulie Tigue, Jr.

3. (37) Sean Glennon

4. (20) Anthony Wood

5. (K47) Kevin Wilbur

6. (7a) Christopher Cavaliere

7. (99) Alyssa Crossman

8. (27) Gary Webber


Super Heavys:

1. (77) Stanley Tabaka,III

2. (2) Anthony Falanga

3. (72) Ricky Wolfe,Jr.

4. (61) Lloyd Williamson

5. (58) Don Potter

6. (33) Derek Botticelli

7. (17) Dave Allen


Junior Stock A:

1. (9) Scott Neary

2. (39) Christopher Sour

3. (98) Scott Bentley

4. (6) Dennis Matthews

5. (09) Connor Cleveland

6. (14) Brett Wright

7. (9m) McKenzie Hasenflue

8. (89) Geoffrey Fox

9. (36) Samantha Zucco

10. (88x) Emily Gaige

11. (117) Matthew Burd


Junior Stock B:

1. (21) Stephen Kopcik

2. (47) Brian Nelson

3. (78) Steven LaRochelle

4. (4) Kyle Smith

5. (5) Anthony Ely

6. (1) Brendan Finley

7. (13) Stephen Reynolds

8. (11) Krystine Wason

9. (96) Nick Kopcik

10. (97) Mike Garcia

11. (16) Dominick Roselli



1. (31) Joseph Pacovich

2. (57) Adam Fredericks

3. (68) Ryan Kendall

4. (39) Alex Arndt

5. (10) Danny Hoeffner

6. (41) John Hillmann

7. (20) Joe Rivera

8. (5x) Steve Gully

9. (611) Corey Wood

10. (88) Joe Falanga

11. (9) Brandon Rozowicz

12. (54a) Alex Wanerus

13. (51) Tyler Marsden

14. (56) Josh Ledoux

15. (61) Matt Williamson

16. (55) Allison Lockhart

17. (712) Dylan Wood

18. (6) Chris Bogart

19. (54w) Dale Wilson

20. (82) Randy McCullough

21. (12) Dale Madsen

22. (58) Dylan Potter


Junior 1:

1. (09) Tyler Kilinski

2. (9) Tyler Belanger

3. (90) Trent Kilinski

4. (10) Tighe Sherlock

5. (8) Noah Cutter

6. (72) Stanley Vishwski


Junior 2:

1. (4) Colin Belanger

2. (17h) Sarah Hoeffner

3. (4b) Ryan Quackenbush

4. (9) Sam Neary

5. (37) Sean Glennon

6. (99) Lane Saville

7. (1) Tyler Sherman

8. (17e) Colin Emery


Junior 3:

1. (414) Patrick Dempsey

2. (12) Christopher Sour

3. (88r) Brett Romer

4. (8L) Charles Lowther,Jr.

5. (11) Kelby Quackenbush

6. (19J) Carissa June

7. (4) Patrick Hayes

8. (27) Hali Vandermeulen

9. (50) Patrick Kelly

10. (8) Vanessa Babcock

11. (27j) Jared Miller



1. (5) Bill Wood

2. (41) John Hillmann

3. (77) Stanley Tabaka,III

4. (57) Adam Fredericks

5. (20) Joe Rivera

6. (09) Seth Martin

7. (44) Vito Iannarella,Sr.

8. (33) Mark Stanley

9. (72) Ed Owens

10. (9) Michael Lybolt

11. (33R) T.Rouble

12. (88) Joe Falanga

13. (3J) Jake Miles

14. (27) Roger Belanger

15. (25) Tommy Brown

16. (58) John Schoebel

17. (73) Kevin Linton

18. (12) Jeremy Todd

19. (2) Anthony Falanga

20. (82) Randy McCullough


KT 100:

1. (3a) Allan Accardo

2. (44) Brian Krummel

3. (17) Jimmy Johnson

4. (4) Chad Mead

5. (8) Zachary Mead

6. (66) Joe Mead

7. (32) Corey Herbert

8. (X) Benny Rizzo

9. (420) Tony Rhein


Junior Slingshot:

1. (43) Danny Buccafusca

2. (10) Alex Shaffer

3. (5) Tyler Johnston

4. (91) Bobby Flood

5. (58jr) Kevin Predmore,Jr.

6. (37e) Erin Paulison

7. (17t) Tyler Treacy

8. (69c) Collin Dubois

9. (Z28) Tommy Zwart

10. (214) Isaiah & Sara Masker


Senior Slingshot:

1. (1) Tyler Dippel

2. (4) Charlie Lawrence

3. (18) Tyler Pirone

4. (120) Will Eastman

5. (10jr) Ed Reiley

6. (32) Steven VanValkenburg

7. (54) Rob Hocker

8. (97) John Bockhorn

9. (316) Zack Masker

10. (95) Richard VanOrden

11. (6) Michael Wolfe



183 Entries: 162- Karts

††††††††† †††††††††††21 -Slingshots




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