††††††††† Oakland Valley Speedway

†††††††††††† Race Report by John Sainz

October 5, 2013: It was s summer like day at Oakland Valley Speedway today, with warm temperatures and an awesome track surface to race on. Thanks to John Diotte and Rick Wanerus for their hard work. It was good to see some new faces at the track, in preparation for our Novemberfest race in only a few weeks. Great field of Medium drivers as fifteen karts hit the track for the first feature of the night. Great battles up and down the line up for position, as the race ran caution free the entire way. Taking the checkered flags first was always fast Alex Arndt, followed closely by Danny Hoeffner. Taking third place was points leader Roger Belanger, who made his way up from mid pack along with Dennis Matthews, who placed fourth, and Bill Wood who came in fifth. In the Kid Kart class, Tyler Stanley took the win over Christopher Reiss. Scott Thomas took the win over Spencer Kronyak in the Heavys class, as Bill Wood took the win over John Bachetti,Sr. in Senior Stock.

In the Junior Sportsman Champ 1 class, Robert the Rocket Mattera picked up another win in dominant fashion, while Johnny Double Deuce Diotte and Lightning Mikey Jacques battled for second place. Double Deuce was able to hold off Lightning to take second. Arlen the Animal Devantoy and Devin Huber rounded out the top five. In Junior 1, John DeBarber finally had some kids to race with, as he took the win in this race. Visiting with us this week from upstate NY was Patricia and Michael Wiltse. They ran well for their first time here as Patricia held off Michael for second. Spoke with their parents and they said they enjoyed their time here and will return again. It will be great to get some more young racers going in this class. They are the future of our sport! In Junior 2, Tyler Belanger took the win, but not without a fight from Derek Salerno. Derek ran very well tonight, but just didnít have enough to keep up with Tyler. Alan Selemba was our third place finisher. In Junior Stock, Colin Belanger picked up another win with Ryan Tani taking second. In Junior Champ, great battle between Anthony Wood and Samantha Mattera. Anthony was able to finally get by Samantha with about 5 laps to go and held Samantha off until the last lap last turn when the two got together, with Samantha getting under Anthony, and Anthony ending up spinning out. Meanwhile Jessica Mattera, who was running third, passed both karts coming to the flags and took the win. Wild race. Congrats to Jessica on the win. That put an end to Anthonyís thirteen race win streak. Our Outlaw driver was John DeBarber.

In Junior Slingshot, Matt ZigZag Deritter took the win over Anthony Recchio. In Senior Slingshot, Dalton Maynard returned to Oakland Valley and picked up the win. Steve Yankowski came home in second place with points leader Aaron Bush taking third. Bill Reidenbach and Dan Huber made up the rest of the top five. With other area track closing for the season, we expect bigger fields of Slingshots right up through Novemberfest.

We are back week, so we hope to see you all back again. See Ralph Corwin at the track for all your racing photos. Novemberfest information is out! Get your flyer at the track, or check 4cycle.com and Facebook and our website for a printable flyer. See you at the track!!

Great track, great people, best dirt kart track in New York State! Come check it out!!

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1.        (28) Scott Thomas (13.899) fastest lap speed 51.802

2.       (58) Spencer Kronyak


Junior Sportsman Champ 1:

1.        (14) Robert Mattera (15.210) fastest lap speed 47.337

2.       (22) Johnny Diotte,III (15.578)

3.       (95) Michael Jacques (15.601)

4.       (18) Arlen Devantoy (15.846)

5.       (2) Devin Huber (15.772)


1.        (39) Alex Arndt (13.938)

2.       (10) Danny Hoeffner (13.942)

3.       (27) Roger Belanger (13.965)

4.       (6) Dennis Matthews (13.956)

5.       (5) Bill Wood (13.975)

6.       (54a) Alex Wanerus (13.932) fastest lap speed 51.680

7.       (31) Chris Melcor (14.158)

8.       (414) Patrick Dempsey (14.258)

9.       (417) Patrick Hayes (14.406)

10.    (18) Michael Boucher (14.301)

11.     (25) David Crisci (14.107)

12.    (30) Jonathan Towers (14.379)

13.    (31c) Gregg Caldara (14.339)

14.    (72) John Bachetti,Jr. (15.469)

15.    (28) Scott Thomas

Senior Stock:

1.        (5) Bill Wood (13.990)

2.       (72) John Bachetti,Sr. (16.241)

Junior Stock:

1.        (4) Colin Belanger (13.536) fastest lap speed 53.191

2.       (8) Ryan Tani (13.973)


1.        (57) John DeBarber

Junior 2:

1.        (1) Tyler Belanger (14.302) fastest lap speed 50.343

2.       (4) Derek Salerno (14.396)

3.       (88) Alan Selemba (14.386)

4.       (10) Joshua Gower

Junior 1:

1.        (57) John DeBarber,Jr. (15.844) fastest lap speed 45.443

2.       (1p) Patricia Wiltse (17.437)

3.       (1) Michael Wiltse (15.967)

Kid Kart:

1.        (1s) Tyler Stanley (18.419)

2.       (1) Christopher Reiss (19.102)

Junior Champ:

1.        (02) Jessica Mattera (14.204)

2.       (04) Samantha Mattera (14.193)

3.       (20) Anthony Wood (14.163) fastest lap speed 50.837

Junior Slingshot:

1.        (03) Matt DeRitter (14.396) fastest lap speed 50.014

2.       (01) Anthony Recchio (15.216)

Senior Slingshot:

1.        (2) Dalton Maynard (14.158) fastest lap speed 50.855

2.       (33) Steve Yankowski (14.355)

3.       (98) Aaron Bush (14.279)

4.       (50) Bill Reidenbach (14.615)

5.       (22) Dan Huber

DNS (51) Carl Bittenbender


†††††††††††††††††††††† NOVEMBERFEST IS COMING!!!!!!! Sooner than you think!!

See you at the track!!

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