Oakland Valley Speedway

             Race Report by John Sainz

August 17, 2013: Another great day at Oakland valley Speedway as the weather was just perfect for kart and slingshot racing. Track condition was fantastic, special thanks to John Diotte, Rick Wanerus and the rest of the crew. Smooth and fast, just how we like it! I had the pleasure of meeting Matt ZigZag DeRitter and his family at the track today. Matt is one of our young Junior Slingshot drivers, driving like he has been doing it for years. Matt took the win tonight in the Junior Slingshot class, with Jake Granacker taking second and Anthony Recchio third. Hope to meet up with these other drivers next week. In Senior Slingshot, Aaron Bush looked to be handling very well and picked up the win. Chris Hall made a great pass with a couple laps to go to take second place away from Dalton Maynard. Thanks to Chris for giving my driver Anthony Wood a test drive in his Slingshot. Now he wants one…Anyway, our Rookie Slingshot driver was Gavin McClue.

 The most intense race of the night was in the Mediums class. Heat races were great battles and the feature did not disappoint. Alex Arndt took the green flag from the pole, with Roger Belanger right on his bumper. These two battled lap after lap, with Roger waiting for the slightest bobble by Alex to get by him. Alex was able to hold him off for about fourteen laps, but unfortunately the race is fifteen laps long. Roger got inside Alex into turn 1, and pulled off a good pass for the lead. Roger held on to take the win with Alex holding on for second. Scott Thomas battled his way up to a third place finish. In the Heavys class, Scott Thomas looked very strong picking up the win over Alex the Axeman Wanerus and Spencer Kronyak. In Senior Stock, Kevin Morgan took the win over Tom Brundage. In our Senior Clone class, Roger Guest picked up his first ever win in this class since it started, after struggling week after week to finally get his kart dialed in. This guy was pumped up after the race! Great to see someone get their first win. Great job Roger! Matt Kamna had some peeks inside Roger on a few occasions on during the race but was never able to get by him. Matt settled for second with Danny Hoeffner, trying out his new clone kart in preparation for next week’s NYDKS race, came home third. Corey Wood was our Animal Heavy driver and Jan Krol was our KT100 driver.

 Our Junior Stock class saw a very fast Colin Belanger take the win over Flyin Ryan Tani. In Junior 2, Tyler Belanger picked up another win, with Derek Salerno taking second and Alan Selemba. Our Kid Kart driver was Kaylin Stanley. In Junior Sportsman Champ 1, Robert the Rocket Mattera took the win, but he had Lightning Mikey Jacques right on his rear bumper, trying all he could to get a pass on the Rocket. Just did not have enough to get there. Get him next week Lightning! Jake the Drifter Mason ran a good race and took home third. Jake drove his new Slingshot last week, and I think it has given him a boost of confidence in his driving. Great job Jake! In Junior Champ, Anthony Wood picked his ninth win of the season, with Samantha Mattera edging out Jessica Mattera for second. Thanks to all of you that support our track. Please check out our Facebook page and don’t be afraid to post up about this great track we call our HOME track. We could use all of you to help to promote our track. Check out 4cycle.com also for posts about our track.

 We are back in action next weekend, so we hope to see you at the track. Stop by the JK Performance Kart shop located along the backstretch wall for all your karting needs. Tires and fuel are available as well as rental karts. See Ralph Corwin of Ralph Corwin Photography for all the pictures from the days events. See you next week!

  Great track, great people, best dirt kart track in New York State! Come check it out!!




1.        (28) Scott Thomas (14.158) fastest lap speed 50.855

2.       (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.331)

3.       (58) Spencer Kronyak (14.519)


Junior Sportsman Champ 1:

1.        (14) Robert Mattera (15.425) fastest lap speed 46.677

2.       (95) Michael Jacques (15.456)

3.       (B4jr) Jake Mason (15.656)

4.       (88) Dominic Abbatiello (15.961)

5.       (22) Johnny Diotte,III (15.758)

6.       (9) Arlen Devantoy (15.877)


1.        (27) Roger Belanger (14.107) fastest lap speed 51.038

2.       (39) Alex Arndt (14.157)

3.       (28) Scott Thomas (14.117)

4.       (611) Corey Wood (14.133)

5.       (54a) Alex Wanerus (14.350)

6.       (4) Pat Hayes (14.263)

7.       (77) Patrick Kelly (14.316)

8.       (28j) Joe Accardo (14.767)

Senior Stock:

1.        (72) Kevin Morgan (14.388)

2.       (28) Tom Brundasge (14.534)

Junior Stock:

1.        (4) Colin Belanger (13.709) fastest lap speed 52.520

2.       (8) Ryan Tani (14.407)

Senior Clone:

1.        (72x) Roger Guest (14.321)

2.       (34) Matt Kamna (14.318)

3.       (10) Dan Hoeffner (14.007) fastest lap speed 51.403

4.       (22) Wayne Utter (14.641)

5.       (20) Roger Swanson (15.111)

Animal Heavy:

1.        (611) Corey Wood (14.076)


1.        (777) Jan Krol (14.169)

Junior 2:

1.        (1) Tyler Belanger (14.861) fastest lap speed 48.449

2.       (4) Derek Salerno (15.359)

3.       (88) Alan Selemba (15.302)

4.       (10) Joshua Gower (15.975)

Kid Kart:

1.        (3) Kaylin Stanley (19.977)

Junior Champ:

1.        (20) Anthony Wood (14.370) fastest lap speed 50.104

2.       (04) Samantha Mattera (14.574)

3.       (02) Jessica Mattera (14.599)

Junior Slingshot:

1.        (03) Matt DeRitter (14.663) fastest lap speed 49.103

2.       (25x) Jake Granacker (15.771)

3.       (01) Anthony Recchio

Senior Slingshot:

1.        (98) Aaron Bush (14.134)

2.       (4) Chris Hall (14.343)

3.       (2) Dalton Maynard

4.       (5) Ryan Neiger (14.567)

5.       (38) Thomas Laga (14.939)

Rookie Slingshot:

1.        (27) Gavin McClue (20.281)

See you at the track!!

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