Salute to our Fallen Heroes 9/11 Memorial Race

Oakland Valley Speedway


September 11, 2010; It was a perfect day for racing at Oakland Valley Speedway.  The skies were clear and warm and the track was ready for some hot racing action.  Medium Flathead Go-Karts and Senior Slingshots took to the race track in memory of the 3,317 victims from the tragedy of 9/11/2001.  People came from all over to race, watch, and remember.  Racers competed not only for cash prizes, but for the chance to donate to their favorite causes. 


Racers took to the track for a 50 lap NASCAR style race with a mandatory pit stop at lap 25.  Each racer was allowed to bring one member from their pit crew to the infield for the pit stop where they had to re-fuel and change one tire.  Their pit stop and starting position were determined by a timed qualifying lap. 


Jacob Hendershot from North Warren, NJ started in pole position for the Senior Slingshot race, and was the leader at the halfway mark.  Jacob missed the pole position for the start of the 2nd half as he was beat out of the pit stop thanks to Rob Smykla, pit crew for the #10J of Eddie Reilly from Cuddebackville, NY.  That was not the end of the story for Jacob as he finished 2nd overall.  The #21 of Fred Cannock from Middletown, NY brought up the rear of the pack with the slowest qualifying time but raced hard and clean and took the checkered flag for 1st place overall.  #10J of Eddie Reilly who had the fastest pit stop took 3rd overall.  Fred Cannock walked away with $500 for himself and $200 for the Susan G. Komen for the cure in support of Wendy Mann.  Jacob Hendershot took home a total prize winning of $475  and $100 for the North Warren Middle School in New Jersey.  Eddie Reilly walked away with $225 for himself and $75 for the Susan G. Komen for the cure in support of Wendy Mann.  


Randy McCullough from Walden, NY set the fastest qualifying lap speed and took the pole for the race with Steven Gully from Danbury, CT outside the front row. Randy took the green flag and cruised to the halfway checker flags for the pit stop. Thanks to dad, Herman Wood, Corey Wood from Pine Bush NY was the fastest pit stop and took home $75.  Corey was able to hold off Randy McCullough for a while, but Randy took the lead and cruised to the win for an overall winning of $675 and $200 which will be donated to the Susan G. Komen for the cure in support of Ashlee Babb.  Congratulations to Randy for his great job driving. Coming in second was Steven Gully who won $300 and $100 for a charity of his choosing, followed by Ryan Edwards of Stoneridge, NY who took home $150 and $75 for Juvenille Diabetes Foundation of NY. 


Race Report:

Senior Slingshot Qualifying

1. Jacob Hendershot - 14.807

2. Eddie Reiley - 14.938

3. Steven VanValkenburg - 15.018

4. Matt Reiley - 15.020

5. Tyler Pirone - 15.023

6. Joey Massimilla - 15.056

7. Rob Hocker - 15.064

8. Fred Cannock - 15.170



Senior Slingshot Salute to our Fallen Heroes Final Results

1. Fred Cannock

2. Jacob Hendershot

3. Eddie Reiley

4. Tyler Pirone

5. Matt Reiley

6. Steven VanValkenburg

7. Rob Hocker

8. Joey Massimilla


Mediums Qualifying

1. Randy McCullough - 14.303

2. Steven Gully - 14.664

3. Roger Belanger - 14.671

4. Ryan Edwards - 14.692

5. Adam Fredericks - 14.706

6. Alex Arndt - 14.720

7. Corey Wood - 14.735

8. Stephanie Gully - 14.831

9. Rich Warr - 14.836

10. Jimmy Allen - 14.837

11. Sean Buckley - 14.874

12. Alex Wanerus - 14.933

13. Clinton Mills - 14.959

14. Derek Conrad - 15.075

15. Brianna Hasenflue - 15.176

16. Stan Tabaka - 15.266

17. Bobby Hassenmayer - 15.421

18. Brad Szuwelski - 15.876


Mediums Salute to our Fallen Heroes Final Results

1. Randy McCullough

2. Steven Gully

3. Ryan Edwards

4. Sean Buckley

5. Corey Wood

6. Jimmy Allen

Adam Fredericks would have been 7th, but he chose to not weigh in, losing himself that position.

7. Bobby hassenmayer

8. Brianna Hasenflue

The following racers did not complete the 50 laps

Clinton Mills

Stan Tabaka

Alex Wanerus

Stephanie Gully

Alex Arndt

Brad Szuwelski

Rich Warr

Roger Belanger

Derek Conrad