FMR Racing’s Adam Pierson Takes Win in USAC DMA Race at Bear Ridge Speedway


Ellington, CT: FMR Racing teams have been tough to beat this year at Bear Ridge Speedway and Adam Pierson in the 76M showed that the team is ready to take the championship with a win this past Saturday night.


Heat race one had New England racing veteran Ray Miller in the 1W on pole followed by the 4 of Kevin Chaffee. The race went green and by the end of lap one Chaffee in the 4 took over the lead pushing the 1W of Miller back to second. By the time the field came back around for lap two, the 67 of Josh Sunn was leading with the 4 of Chaffee now in second and Miller in his black 1W back to third. Sunn, in his FMR Racing 67 midget, would take command of the race and lead the field. From second on back the fight was on for position with changes going on each lap. The 47 of Scott Holcomb and the 4 of Chaffee swapped position for several laps to keep second and third place interesting as to who would prevail. After starting last on the field and marching forward with each lap, the 76M of Adam Pierson had moved into second place with one to go which moved the 47 of Holcomb back to third. In the end after eight green flag laps it would be FMR Racing teammates taking first and second with Josh Sunn of White River Junction, VT getting the win, the 76M of Adam Pierson in second followed by the 47 of Scott Holcomb for third.


Heat race two began with the 18C of Mike Chaffee on the pole and the 11 of Alex Rose starting second. Jeff Champagne in the 15 was to start second but mechanical issues kept him from competing this night. On the start first and second rows went three wide coming out of the back stretch and into turns three and four. With fans now on their feet, the 18C of Chaffee took the lead followed by Tim Gallant in his orange 33 holding down second. On the charge was the 64 of Kenney Johnson who was determined to take the lead and by lap three he had succeeded in doing so. With Johnson now on point, it was the 33 of Gallant in second followed by M Chaffee in the 18C for third. Johnson in his 64 showed the way lap after lap while the 33 of Gallant and 18C of M Chaffee continued following in second and third respectively. With the race going green all eight laps, it would be Kenney Johnson from Bethany, CT in the 64 scoring the win followed by the 33 of Tim Gallant for second and Mike Chaffee in the 18C for third. Noted in this race was two new teams/racers who came to take part in the action for the first time. They were Rick Stone in the 10 and Manny Dias in his 42.


The Midget Dash race started with the 18C of Mike Chaffee on point and the 47 of Scott Holcomb in second. The 64 of Kenney Johnson had earned a spot in this race but was not able to compete due to mechanical issues. Before the first lap was done, the 67 of Josh Sunn had taken the lead and never looked back for all four laps. The finish looked just like the first heat race with Josh Sunn of White River Junction VT taking the win, Adam Pierson in the 76M for second and in third was the 47 of Scott Holcomb.


Time for the feature of the night and the 18C of Mike Chaffee had earned the pole position with the 11 of Alex Rose taking the outside front row spot. Under green the action heated up quickly with the 18C of Chaffee taking the lead for lap one and then Tim Gallant in the 33 taking the lead on lap two and by lap three the 64 of “young gun” Kenney Johnson, who fought back from mechanical issues in the Dash race, now had the lead and showed his racing skills lap after lap. Meanwhile, the 33 of Gallant held second while the 47 of Scott Holcomb maintained third. It was not long before the 76M of Adam Pierson had worked his way into second by going wide in turn three and four as he got around the 33 of Gallant. Following in Pierson’s tracks was the 5 of Derek Graham now in third. The 64 of Johnson was still leading as the 76M of Pierson began to close the gap between him and Johnson. By the half way point in the race, Johnson in the 64 still had the lead but Pierson in his 76M was now on Johnson’s bumper as the two began lapping the tail end of the pack. Just when the fans thought the action could not get any more exciting, the 33 of Gallant bounced off the back stretch wall and kept on racing. With less than ten laps to go, it looked like Johnson in the 64 could get the win but Pierson in the 76M had other ideas. On lap seventeen and only eight to go, Pierson was finally able to get by Johnson and take over the race lead. So the top two had now changed position with the 76M of Pierson holding the point and Johnson in his 64 now second. While the top two had battled hard, the 67 of Josh Sunn had moved his way into third moving the 5 of Derek Graham back to fourth. Just when it looked like it might be a podium finish for two of FMR Racings teams and with only two laps to go, the 67 of Sunn spun in turn one which brought out the caution. Now it was back to action with a single file restart and a green, white, checkered finish to be run, the 76M of Pierson kept his lead followed by Johnson in the 64 and now in third was the 69 of Dean Christensen. With the race finishing in overtime, it was Adam Pierson from Bradford, VT for the win in his 76M followed by the 64 of Kenney Johnson for second and rounding out the top three was the 69 of Dean Christensen.


The series will be back in action on September 26th at Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT for the season’s last race of the year. Adam Pierson just needs to start the race in order to clinch the championship.


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For additional information regarding this press release please contact Mark J. Hann, USAC DMA Public Relations & Marketing, at (860) 256-5574 or usacdma@usacdma.com



L-R: Kenney Johnson 2nd, Adam Pierson 1st, Dean Christensen 3rd


Heats Race Results from 9/19/15




Feature Race Results from 9/19/15:

1) 76M Adam Pierson

2) 64 Kenney Johnson

3) 69 Dean Christensen

4) 5 Derek Graham

5) 47 Scott Holcomb

6) 4 Kevin Chaffee

7) 33 Tim Gallant

8) 1W Ray Miller

9) 12 Adam Pierson

10) 18C Mike Chaffee

11) 67 Josh Sunn

12) 1R Jeff Horn

13) 10 Rick Stone

14) David Moniz

15) 42 Manny Dias

16) 11 Alex Rose

15 of Jeff Champagne DNS

17 of Robert Tucker DNS


Heat race 1 Lap leaders: lap 1 the 4 of Kevin Chaffee, lap 2 to 8 the 67 of Josh Sunn


Heat race 2 Lap leaders: lap 1 & 2 the 18C of Mike Chaffee, lap 3 to 8 the 64 of Kenney Johnson


Dash Race Lap leaders: 1 to 4 the 67 of Josh Sunn


Feature Lap leaders: lap 1 the 18C of Mike Chaffee, lap 2 the 33 of Tim Gallant, lap 3 to 16 the 64 of Kenney Johnson, lap 17 to 25 76M of Adam Pierson