Pierson Best Schrader in USAC Dirt Midget Association Race

Ellington, CT: With racing legend Kenny Schrader in competition on Saturday night with the USAC Dirt Midget Association, Bear Ridge Speedway’s regular Adam Pierson had his work cut out for him. In the end, Pierson would take his famous 76M FMR owned dirt midget to the win.

Heat race one of the night had the 18C of Mike Chaffee on pole followed by the 15 of Jeff Champagne starting second. Guest flagman for the night’s races, Steve Grant, waived the green and by the end of lap one the 1W of well- known racer Ray Miller had passed Champagne and took over second with Chaffee still leading. Kenny Schrader piloting the Seymour Enterprises 29, made quick work of the field and by lap three Schrader had moved from eleventh to third which forced Champagne in the 15 back to fourth. Another Kenny racing this night was series regular Kenny Johnson who went to the outside groove and at the race halfway point was now fourth. The top three of Chaffee, Miller and Schrader ran in a tight pack when on lap eight the leaders went three wide allowing for the 29 of Schrader to take over second and Johnson in his 46 was now third. As the white flag came out a wreck in turn four took place with the 33 of Tim Gallant flipping over on its side. Gallant would need to be removed from his car by emergency help and was unable to return for the night but was fine. Back to green with only one lap needed to finish the race, the action was quick. Under the checkered flag it was the 18C of Mike Chaffee from Cornith, VT taking the win followed by the 29 of Kenny Schrader and the 46 of Kenny Johnson for third.  

Heat race two began with veteran racer, Jeff Horn in his red 1R on pole with the 12 of Adam Whitney starting outside row one. This race would run green flag to flag with three wide action and teammates working to get to the lead. On lap two the 4 of Kevin Chaffee had taken over the point with the 1R of Horn moving back to second and Whitney in the 12 now in third. While Chaffee would hold the lead from lap two to lap nine, position two to nine would change often creating exciting race action for the fans and competitors alike. Josh Sunn in the 67 FMR owned racecar used each lap to run the outside to move forward and pick off each spot one by one. Sunn’s teammate Adam Pierson in the 76 FMR car also wanted to be part of the action and moved his way up the field. On lap nine the 67 of Sunn was all over the back of Chaffee in the 4 and by race end it was Josh Sunn of White River Junction, VT in the 67 for the win followed by the 4 of Kevin Chaffee in second with the 12 of Adam Whitney taking third.

The Midget Dash race started with the 1W of Ray Miller taking the pole and the 12 of Adam Whitney for second. The dash race was a quick four laps for the cash and in no time it was Ray Miller of East Granby, CT in the 1W winning the race and taking home the award. Not to go unnoticed, teammates Adam Pierson in the 76M and Josh Sunn with the 67 would finish second and third.





The feature twenty five lap race had the 18C of Mike Chaffee on pole with the 15 FMR owned car of Jeff Champagne starting outside in second. The 18C of Chaffee would hold the lead for the first two laps when the 15 of Champagne would take control of the race from lap two to lap fourteen. Champagne’s car was running strong in the lead position with the action taking place from second on back. The 1W of Ray Miller was quick and moved into second on lap four just as the caution came out for a turn four spin that included the 21 of Barry Kittredge and Rob Williams in the 96. Back to green with the 15 of Champagne still holding point and the 1W of Miller closely behind in second. The 47 of Scott Holcomb had moved his way into third with the 76M of Pierson on the charge. Meantime the 29 with Kenny Schrader was working his way through the field and gaining positions on each lap. Kenny Johnson in his 46 would spin in turn two on lap fourteen but would keep running and regained control to continue on. By lap fifteen the 47 of Scott Holcomb would take the lead from Champagne in the 15 while at the same time Pierson in the 76M was now second. As the race began to wind down, the action heated up with tightly packed fast action on each lap. With only a few laps left the 76M with Pierson took over the lead from Holcomb in his 47 but not to let the leaders get away, Miller in the 1W held his spot in third. In the end it was the 76M FMR owned car driven by Adam Pierson of Bradford, VT for the win followed by the 47 of Scott Holcomb in second and rounding out the top three was the 1W of Ray Miller. 

In other series news, Kenny Schrader presented awards to Skip Matczak and Frank Manafort for the support they have provide to the annual Boston Louie Memorial Race held each year at Seekonk Speedway.

The series will be back in action on August 8th at Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, Vermont. The series is also preparing for the Andy Fusco-John McCarthy Memorial race at Albany-Saratoga Speedway on August 28th.  

To learn more about the USAC Dirt Midget Association, please visit the series website at www.usacdma.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DirtMidgetAssociation

For additional information regarding this press release please contact Mark J. Hann, USAC DMA Public Relations & Marketing, at (860) 256-5574 or usacdma@usacdma.com


L-R: Scott Holcomb 2nd, Adam Pierson 1st, Ray Miller 3rd    


Heats Race Results from 7/18/15

Heat Race 1:                                     
1st- Mike Chaffee
2nd- Kenny Schrader
3rd- Kenny Johnson
4th- Ray Miller
5th-Chris Donnelly
6th- Jeff Champagne
7th- Alex Rose
8th – Barry Kittredge
9th – Lauryn Byrd
10th – Tim Gallant

Heat Race 2:
1st- Josh Sunn
2nd- Kevin Chaffee
3rd- Adam Whitney
4th-  Adam Pierson
5th- Scott Holcomb
6th- Derek Graham
7th-  Dean Christensen
8th –Jeff Horn
9th – Dylan Duhaime
10th – Rob Williams

Dash Race:
1st – Ray Miller
2nd – Adam Pierson
3rd – Josh Sunn
4th – Adam Whitney
5th – Kenny Schrader
6th – Mike Chaffee
7th – Kevin Chaffee
8th Kenny Johnson

Feature Race Results from 7/18/15:

1st- Adam Pierson (76M)
2nd- Scott Holcomb (47)
3rd- Ray Miller (1W)
4th- Derek Graham (5)
5th- Jeff Champagne (15)
6th- Kenny Schrader (29)
7th- Josh Sunn (67)
8th- Adam Whitney (12)
9th- Kenny Johnson (46)
10th- Mike Chaffee (18C)
11th- Chris Donnelly (17)
12th- Dean Christensen (69)
13th- Jeff Horn (1R)
14th- Alex Rose (11)
15th- Lauren Byrd (21)
16th- Kevin Chaffee (4)
17th – Barry Kittredge (21)
18th – Rob Williams (96)