Going back in time, Vol. 2
By Tom Avenengo

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: Gordon White, in light blue shirt talking about his # 9 midget at Loudon, NH a few years ago. Over on the right is the late Keith Herbst who I went to Loudon with. Keith is the author of the book "Daredevils of the Frontire" about midget racing in Buffalo, NY That book is available through Coastal 181 - http://www.coastal181.com/
The restored Buck Wheeler # 62 midget. The original appeared in part one of this series. with it's sister # 21 car.
ARDC midgets going into turn one at Hinchliffe Stadiium in Paterson, NJ - probably 1946 or 1947.
Ed "Dutch" Schaefer in the Mataka Brothers 3n1 Sprint Car at Trenton, NJ
One of the best in midgets - Len Duncan
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