Rotary Tillers

Till-Rite is a complete range of side-shift, sturdy, versatile and economical rotary tillers. Five different models are available: T30, T40, T50, T60 and T70 for tractors ranging from 16 to 70 HP at 540 rpm.
These machines can be used anywhere from orchards to nurseries, from vineyards to green houses and in all types of landscaping jobs. Working widths vary from 42" to 82".
The built in smooth manual side-shift system which requires no lever to operate allows the machines to work totally shifted to the right, therefore closer to plants, sidewalks flower beds, etc., as well as in central position just like any normal centered tiller covering both tractor tire tracks.
Use the window below to select the Till-Rite Rotary Tiller that best suits your needs.

Select a Rotary tiller;
Till-Rite T30 (16-30 Hp tractors)
Till-Rite T40 (18-40 Hp tractors)
Till-Rite T50 (25-50 Hp tractors)
Till-Rite T60 (30-60 Hp tractors)
Till-Rite T70 (30-70 Hp tractors)