Rotary cutters

Tornado Rotary cutters are solid, dependable and built to last. Ideal for farms, parks, industrial complexes and more. They can handle the tallest grass and the toughest mowing assignments including bushes. The Tornado Rotary cutters are also used for chopping wheat, cornstalks, sunflowers, artichokes, potatoes, etc., pulverizing the residue for easy incorporation.
All rotary cutters are equipped with floating top link, free swing steel blades, heavy duty gearbox & standard slip clutch. Use the window below to select the Tornado Rotary cutter that best suits your needs.

Select a Rotary cutter;
Tornado RSD (20-60 Hp tractors)
Tornado RMD (30-60 Hp tractors)
Tornado RHD (50-100 Hp tractors)