Three point & pull type tedders
30-80HP (22-60KW)
540 rpm

Befco's rotary tedders come in 3 sizes and 2 categories and are offered with the three point hitch or with the pull type attachment. All tedders are 540 P.T.O. driven for tractors up to 80 hp. Hay crops are fluffed evenly and quickly by wide radius rotors. Each rotor carries large tine arms and tough spring steel tines which allow to follow the contour of the terrain and reduce the risk of tines digging into the ground. Hay crop dries fast and evenly due to the fluffing action and the enhanced air movement produced by the machines.

 Pull type Tedder

Tedders, for tractors with PTO 540 rpm
Model HP Hitch type Working width Weight lb # of Rotors # of Tines Rotors
DRO-330 30-80 3 PT 11' 441 2 6


30-80 Pull 11' 457 2 6


30-80 Pull 16' 738 4 6