C30 mulching kit
Mulching Kit
The mulching kit consists of special bolt-on baffles and mulching blades which reduce grass residues to invisible humus.
Part N. 009-9592
Hydraulic unlocking system
Allows user to command the unlocking of the mower decks with the tractor's hydraulic system.
Part N. 009-9593
Low lift blades
Ideal for sandy soils, low lift blades have no impact on the soil and allow for a longer wear of blades. Sold singularly.
Part N. 006-795F (for 4' mowing deck)
Part N. 006-845F (for 6' mowing deck)
Standard blades
Ideal for all conditions, standard blades are the perfect compromise for most applications. Sold singularly.
Part N. 006-795 (for 4' mowing deck)
Part N. 006-845 (for 6' mowing deck)
High lift blades
The high suction flaps on these blades lift grass that has been bent by the tractor tires before cutting it. Sold singularly.
Part N. 006-795B (for 4' mowing deck)
Part N. 006-845B (for 6' mowing deck)
Mulching blades
Mulching blades offer a double cutting profile that simoultaneously cuts grass on several levels (Mulching blades are already provided in the Mulching kit). Sold singularly.
Part N. 006-795M (for 4' mowing deck)
Part N. 006-685M (for 6' mowing deck)